Konstantin Ustinov

Roses of Light

The path of the wayfarer is paved with roses.

May 22, 1999 - September 27, 1999

1. The path of the wayfarer is paved with roses. Thorns are just reminders of imperfections of the physical human nature. Let's call to memory how the Christ's blood that dropped from under the crown of thorns turned into the Roses of Light when touching the ground. Let's call to memory the Great Masters prayers for the bliss of the world reaching sweat of blood in their tension.

Any sort of suffering for the sake of humanity becomes a garden of roses sooner or later. At the East such garden considered to be the source of greatest inspiration both for prayer and for poetry. It was impossible to get irritated or angry in the garden of roses. Subtlest scent calmed down the lowest feelings and tuned the heart to high spirituality.

Earthly roses are so sensitive to the higher feelings that they are trying to find favor in the eyes of a beloved one so they even bloom in unseasonable time. Jupiter is the planet of perennial Spring and of permanent blossom of roses. Many higher spirits stay in roses omitting incarnations as insects and fishes. With its powerful potential of spirituality a rose can blissfully act upon a human aura like emanation of a secret prayer.

Love roses. Love Roses of Light, for they are crystals of fiery knowledge in the shape of flowers. The path of the fiery flowers is the path of the Mother of the World. Space is not vacuum, is not an airless emptiness, and is not a boundless desert. Space is the Mother's of the World garden, the garden of White Lilies and of Roses of Light.

My flowers do not fade without watering. Disciples that came by My side I used to call My flowers, for I am the Gardener of Spaces that are far away or near by. Where My flowers are I Myself is there also.

2. Earthly predilections are deceitful. It is impossible to love a human being the same as the God. Love to the Great Master only never deceives and always elicit response from a devoted heart.

The path of the Warrior of Spirit is the path of loneliness. People burdened with many acquaintances are far from the Teaching. A lot of contacts results in vociferous prate and effusion of wine at plentiful table. Non-attachment must be earned via long-term patience.

There are very few sincere hearts. I am talking not about exclusiveness but about allowed limit of trust. Do not load any one with mass of trust. Humility extinguishes knowledge that comes from pride. Knowledge that comes from the heart alone is the highest one.

3. My Great Guru! The Bird of Happiness wants to sing at my window. It is such joyful for Her to live together with blissful roses! Wind of aloofness will not touch her with its icy breath. The Song of Light is jingly. It reminds sound of streams running down from the summits of the Fiery World. Melody of inspiration will heal the soul of the wayfarer tired from earthly wanderings. The Bird of Happiness Simurgh will embrace with the wings of her love the hearts burning like a mountain peony. Flame with fiery joy, you the keeper of living essence! Flame and create your exclusive forms, casting golden moments in the light of unspeakable Beauty Secret!

4. People of heart are like roses. People of earth are like thorns on the rose's stem. We may admire first ones inhaling aroma of their knowledge and bliss. Second ones only hurt their neighbors bristling up their discontent. The whole world is like that: roses are always accompanied with thorns.

5. Don't dig into the rubbish of alien words. Roses of Light do not grow at a dump. One Love penetrated everywhere. The Ocean of Love is undrainable. Who deserves the very highest? You alone, the Great Guru! You will never betray at hard time. You will overcome heaviness of the heart together with me, and with the smile will send me the Ray of joy and encouragement. Bright waves of bliss will flame with energies of piece and wisdom.

6. Attachments are attributes of karma. Sympathy and antipathy is the basement of the past. Auras - donors and auras - vampires are separated with the same boundary as co-working and opposing.

It is difficult to clean the crystal vessel from stagnant water sediments. Falsehood is a bad protection. Nescience can not be everlasting. One needs to observe the principle of balance and harmony of self accumulations when emitting charges of knowledge and power. Even mice can kill a prostrate lion.

7. Mutual tacit understanding of thoughts and intentions is the symptom of consciousnesses merging. Capability of prompt establishing of telepathic contact determines a disciple's potential.

Conscious striving and love to the chosen Master opens the heart center as well as its innermost accumulations. Even imagination can't work without heart participation. Flush of fiery energies incandesces the heart. Warmth and heat sensation arises exactly from the heart center rotation. But there are very deep and subtle feelings transferred to the earthly heart from deep inside of Subtle and Fiery Planes. Pulsation itself means cosmic energy incoming into the material body.

The thread of being is continuous. The silver thread is stretched through all worlds. The silver thread is the symbol of the Hierarchy of Light steadiness. Rays of love, harmony, and balance are coming from the higher spheres of Sat-Chit-Ananda. They are the only ones that can maintain the cosmic order during endless eons of time.

Evil is spasmodic and produces just a flash of smoky energy. Good streams as an interruptible wave of light. Feeling of Cosmic Love is so unusual and embracive that it may be compared with Master Buddha illumination only. Ocean of creative fire lives deep inside this Love. Any earthly manifestation of this feeling is just a spark of the Mother's of the World Love.

8. When whirl of feelings calms down when virtues of light of every part of a monad fall asleep then everything settles down in routine. Exertion and shocks are those that make the nerves flame. Boiling and irritation is better than growing musty in the bog of apathy.

9. Every part of a monad may develop individually. Masculine or feminine part may be leading one. There may appear disbalance of development between these two parts. Evolution pendulum motion is unpredictable. The monad divisibility may take place in case of the heart heavy karmic load. One part of the monad takes over one of the most heavy burdens to work it out in a separate body. The monad may not bear an attack of tamas energies without such divisibility and may be destroyed irreversibly. The other more advanced part renders feasible help to the suffering part. Often such manifestation is called luckiness or fortune. Coupling of the monad's parts takes place when karma is fully worked out by each of the parts. The monad may divide endlessly. Each part may assimilate and separate to such extent that when meeting the other part there may appear animosity and mutual repulsion resulting from karmic charges difference. No one wants to loose his free will and relative insulation even if it is next to none. Often monad divides according to elements. Monads junction causes fiery whirl of Creation. This is returning back to the Beginning of the Beginnings when every spark was the One Ocean of Light.

10. Suffering is an attribute of growth. A grain feels pain when growing out. A heart alone knows direction of growth. But first leaf is a banner of new energies. Nymph stage is over. A butterfly of light comes out. A soul obtains wings. Fire of the heart clears impenetrable darkness and at the same time it has powerful properties of magnet. Magnet of striving alone advances the soul to the Throne of the Most High God.

11. One half of a mirror is gloomy. What is hidden behind this dark part? Isn't it soot of selfness that covered the pure heart? One full of humility only does not fear to wipe off black blotchiness of the aura. But dirt of someone's karma may stick to the hands. Leave this work to its begetter. Let the ball of fate return backwards.

12. In case of auras intergrowth energy flows from one aura to another restoring joint balance. Even accumulated knowledge transfers from one to another. This is exactly advanced development. But the Teacher takes upon himself full responsibility for all disciple's actions from his thoughts to his deeds. The Teacher and the disciple are as one and whole entity with mutual blood. Love is the highest catalytic agent which accelerates and facilitates exchange of centers' energies. Spirituality fades without manifestations of love. If spirituality is a rose then love is water.

13. It is a deep mistake to think that Living Ethics is subject to some limits. An attempt to establish a new church hierarchy is obvious. The Teaching is mobile and versatile. The Teaching is not a dead dogma, but always developing spiritual value. As any other living formation it absorbs creative power and up-to-date principles useful for the process of evolution.

Fight for primogeniture and succession to the throne among so called followers of Roerichs obtains a criminal flavor. It strongly smells as dirty western technologies. It is easy to sling mud to a neighbour, but it is hard to wash it away.

Illness of search for spiritual authorities begets a lot of forgeries in the environment of spiritual literature. The path to the entrails of human hate and madness appears instead of the path to the light. Even the Teaching became an object for heinous charges and trials.

Both parties interpret quotations from Revelation of Light selecting extracts vindicating their behavior. Aren't they new jesuits? Destructors succeed in their work. There are too many of those assisting to the darkness. One may extract a small semi-truth from the context and insert it into an accurately prepared text, and then the pasquil vindicating mean actions is ready. The broken bow of the meaning burns with dark flame.

Sleek manner of a false teacher hides tiger claws stretched to the very heart. Sincerity is condemned and is always in the limelight. Agents of the darkness are charming and handsome. Their captivating smiles fascinate spectators, but from under the coiffure the false mind horns protrude. Christ was blamed for heresy too, and it is great sacrilege when sanhedrin of Agni yogi screams: "Crucify him! Crucify!" No one can pretend to know the truth to full extent. Otherwise such truth would be killing. Verity is the only one as well as the truth, but one must understand where it leads. Real insight is always condemned by those whose faith is poor.

14. Heart beating is the channel of hieroinspiration. But lower spheres are so much contaminated that psychic energy tarnishes metals. Imperceptible gases scatter waves of new diseases. Dark alchemy produces forces for spiritual striving destruction. The spiral of the light constructing already irreversibly creates steps for all distressed souls ascension. Distinct tense striving is needed to overcome boundaries of these horrible layers. Burning of gathered together young hearts can enlight even bottomless gloom. Communal prayer for the bliss of the world will attract many cressets from the Fiery Spheres. Special state of united energies may cause singular spiritual feelings. Power of Light grows by virtue of co-operation.

15. Tension of wills can be reciprocally destructive. A reason for any sort of enmity is always so insignificant that one must pay attention to any small-fry. This especially concerns everyday life and close relations. Very often a person is not shielded from those who live together with him.

16. Time energies densify incredibly. Big number of events within small period of time, moments saturation with fiery stream of mental images and symbols form new mental sphere all around the planet. Spirit strives to manifest via new way of thinking. Thinking only is able to crystallize the spacial fire forming bud of the aura of the future. Mental images may become the core of spiritual constructions of evolution. Connection to the Higher Will can determine the rate of usefulness of creative energies application. Solemn thinking is the condition for bliss building. Any construction process strives to perfect implementation of the higher idea.

17. From the Heart of Universe a gift was send for the world help. Light emitting from the Stone of Power is bright. Wicked heart can't stand it's ray. But fiery revelation kindles power of forty nine centers. Impulse of the world's will in it is heightened thousands times. Therethrough the keeper increases bliss transmission to any part of the Earth.

The spiritual treasure is invaluable. Secret help is invisible. Hearts kindle inflamed with unspeakable joy agitation. Currents of the Stone are connected with spirit-knowledge and Eye of Wisdom awakening. Stone's location is guarded by the Cosmic Light Forces. Ancient magnets kindled. The Stone's power starts growing. Columns of light rise uphigh striking from under the ground. The magnet attracts devoted hearts that have responded to these subtle vibrations. Fiery spirits guard the promised Valley. Lightful City shines in the World of Ideas as an inextinguishable aggregation. Prana of bliss is emitted. Empyreal aroma streams; precious ozone which revives souls is its basis. It contains secret of life-giving water and living fire, the most subtle substance of spirit.

The Stone Guards are facing the forthcoming. Wind of time has no power over the Spirits that brought the Stone. Utmost secrecy covers their arrival. But the location is known for sure. Cities and countries, where It was for some time, flourished as the garden of roses by the gardener's home. Everything withered and died out after It left these places. New Country will accept the Treasure of Orion. New Country under the sign of seven stars will step on the way of new thinking. Let the Spirit of Great Masters be with Holy Russia!

18. Details of everyday life or the little things of live compose mosaic of Living Ethics learning. Technique of these simple basics learning is important. Very few people could be considered successful in this field. It is everydayness that is the hone for the spirit blade sharpening. Revelations, visions, and prophetic dreams are just consequences of proper application of Living Ethics. Feeding of the spirit is in correct application of formulas learned by heart. But studied doesn't always mean learned. Spiritual favoritism contents with basic education only. Any sort of blabbing on thinking transmutation topics is harmful, for it is based on self-delusion. Spilling a soup over the Teacher's image such people consider themselves to be art and part of service. Such servants turn to be obedient followers of the darkness. Hidden ego trip is their atmosphere.

19. Do you learn lessons of excessive credulity and openness every day? Don't make a dump for someone's problems of your heart. Burning away people's emotional garbage is not as harmless as it may seem. Spiritual immunity alone can protect against illnesses of the rotten world. One may just regret about people's ignorance. Advertising videoclips accustom thinking to parrot behaviour. This is what the darkness counts on. People's habit not to pay attention to what was said plays a low-down trick to them. Diseases of spirit are transferred via a word pronounced or written down. One must set patrol of vigilance; this is the duty of everyone going to the truth.

20. Talking about successful activities during every stage of the process is not a good thing. Discussions at the tea-time with the bored guest are even less useful than rustle of autumn leaves. Live work requires heart tension intensifying. Flamy heart crosses any bridge for the sake of a human soul saving. The bud of striving may be perished by hesitation only. Extinguishers and skeptics are like shackles on ankles of a runner. But wings of the heart can raise the spirit above an unexpected abyss. Work of the spirit is endless. A bird that soars over the summit doesn't hear words of admiration. The heart that perceived the value of the path is Our best reward.

21. River of the prayer flows permanently and its streambed never dries. Spiritual labor requires everyday efforts. Single impulses of exertion are harmful for they tear the space. Spacial sparks crystallization supports gradual entering the furnace of the Fiery World. Live in the present for the future. Let the thought soar in the Fiery Spheres and weave a nest of striving. As an anchor thrown ahead a ship shows the place of its berth, the same the thought determines the future.

22. Obstinacy is damnable but on the opposite pole striving is burning. Fiery nature of striving burns away any obstacles. The earthly will obeys the Divine Will. The same way earthly love transmutes up to cosmic one after coming over the animal phase.

Putting aside physical life doesn't mean breach of household head's duties. There is no positive karma without dharma observing. Light of fire strikes through the walls of everyday life. Fire manifests at homes as a spiritual fireplace. At ancient time the fireplace was a symbol of divine fire and of the sun. Stones surrounding the fireplace were identified with planets of the Solar System. A hole in a roof was the communication channel with the Higher Hierarch. Prayers, calls, and thoughts full of love and gratitude were directed through this hole. Cosmic nature of buildings and knowledge about occult architecture were quite common for the ancients. Effects of sacred proportions of temples and houses made people to keep connection with the divine world putting into practice permanent remembrance about celestial origin of the humanity. .

23. Fiery words annealed in the fire of the heart kindles people even better than elocution. Word of action burned through the space with its ray and inchoate life in it. Pronounced word gives birth to spiritual life in people's hearts. Path of love is to be cleared with the aid of fire of suffering. But it is impossible to learn about joy without this.

Duality was laid as the foundation of the world. Duality but not halfness. Manifestation of pairs of opposites shows polarity of qualities originating from spirit and then densifying into the matter.

Enthusiasm is just poor reflection of striving but it still manifests forthcoming qualities. The will may strain immeasurably in its mechanical striving but without purification of consciousness it will come over sharp stones of vices. But if there is no other building material on hand, the Tower of Spirit may be constructed of these stones only. It is impossible to change yourself without leaving some habitual things behind. The Tower of Spirit will change the scenery but useless stones will be removed from the path.

24. One may entrust his steel only to a faithful armor-bearer. The sword left fast and loose may become a weapon of an accidental murder of an innocent person. The damask-steel sword must not be kept in canvas sheath. It is better to make the wooden sheath of unattachement and cover it with leather of prudence. The sword of striving is imperishable. The blade of spirit is adamant. But it is impossible to win without patience. It is impossible to approach the flame of the Master's Ray without solemnity. The darkness of hate only is impatient. But courage of patience is the stronghold of spirit.

Every warrior is involved into the battle permanently. But it is important to recognize an enemy behind a genial smile. The darkness wears various pretty faces. The Warrior of Spirit has many enemies. But the main among them is he himself. The enemy's fortress protects him well and is guarded well, but it was constructed by your own hands. And the enemy will be beaten by the same hands. Strength of hesitation and self-excruciation are the power of the heart broken into splinters. But firmness forges the sword of justice of them.

25. Everything We have achieved was achieved via sacrifice. We too have extirpated, with pain and blood, everything that has prevented Us from the truth comprehending. The law of sacrifice is severe. It sharpens the point of karma as nothing else. The greater the sacrifice is, the higher the retribution at the Spiritual Sphere.

One must not fluctuate from one side to another. A sharpshooter even keeps his breath before shooting. One must have leonine decisiveness. Be the kings of spirit. Generosity, modesty, and adequacy are three steps of active goodness. Hieroinspiration, prayer state, and humility are the way of innermost light comprehension. What for the bouquet of earthly flowers if the beautiful garden is waiting for you?

26. The circle is gathered not for the tableful. Power of common aura may attract both friends and enemies.

Spirits of grief and spirits of joy suggest people their own moods. It is not always a good behavior to follow these suggested flows of mood. Grief and pity is just regret about lost treasure of time. Sometimes it is necessary to regret also, but let fiery joy nestle inside us. It is the only thing that can raise us over heaviness of gray everydayness. Joy alone contains the ocean of cosmic fires. With joyful heart only one can gain insight into the God, for He Himself is Joy and inexhaustible Love. He will kindle and incandesce your heart because the spirit celebration is close. Everyone refined in the furnace of joy will become imperishable and inviolable in firmness of his service. King of spirit will awake from his sleep. Serving the Light you will obtain power and sublimity. Legion of White Brothers is by your side! Can we be afraid of anything? Victory shines on the point of the sword. Let the Masters' blessing be with you!

27. The heart sword hardening in the furnace of fiery service gives a possibility not to be lost in the Higher Spheres. The wind of change shines with Cosmic Love. Fiery whirl of love is such burning and beyond all bearings that earthly flesh groans with pain. Ozone of joy dissolves in blood. Body of lower feelings pines away while the heart is full of happiness and light of glee. Where from this joy came amidst oppression and diseases? The Teacher has sent His Ray, and dirt of excruciation has fell down to the foot of Roses of Light.

The heart will never get tired with love to the Great Master! It will never seize to raise words of admiration and devotion to the Guru, for devotion is love that never ends! Striving flames with fire of this numinous love. Maya betrays, but Guru's love never does!

Cressets of love nurse the cosmic garden. Whirls of fohat begot by the devoted heart become Roses of the Fiery World. Garden of the God's Bliss is nursed by every heart.

28. Overconfidence and obduracy of the will goad into strong belief in self-inerrancy, is a deep error of humans who used to consider themselves to be lords of creation. Overconfidence is like maya's rein with the help of which it conducts blinded souls. It is impossible to clean your armour if you do not notice rust and dirt on it. Mist of illusion is poisonous. Aroma of self-delusion is sweet. But one who drank from the Chalice of Life is not afraid of pain and bitterness.

Looking into the mirror of truth means seeing the light of Infinity.

29. The Warrior's of the Light path is strait. Shade retreats from his way. Fiery rays cover him with the armour of the light. The stronger the warrior's devotion is, the more powerful the ray that protects him. One who feels himself as the part of the Master unites with His power. The warrior's heart forges the sacred sword. Love is a smithery of spirit.

30. Suggesting enthetic feelings and impressions was used by the dark ones since ancient times. Imperceptible violence is implemented via deforming free will imagination with excogitation of diseased mind. Half of human beings live under suggested thoughts and images. Tremendous clouds of humans' emanations make mentality follow the rut. Television imprints advertising, movies, and various low quality shows into astral cliche of Akasa contaminating matter of ether. Astral formations attacks may cause mass insanity and sclerosal diseases. Fabricated formulas stultify.

31. The heart burns with the fire of success. Spiritual achievement renders earthly success too. Wind of possibilities brings matured seeds of success. Success grows via striving to bliss. Fiery spirit of the New World constructors is seeking for self-actualization. But those rendering celestial fire were belied and aspersed. Isn't it the same story that repeats centuries through? One who carries the fire doesn't announce it. Power of the fire is self-explanatory. Free-load depraves the mankind. Reward is appropriate in case of containment only. A wayfarer dying from cold can value fire, the same as one dying from thirst in a desert can value water. Shallow consciousness knows its own depth only.

32. Where My Name is, condemnation is prohibited. Community is not a prison for juvenile offenders. Volitional constraint of a soul in any community is an offense against free will. We must not condemn or stick offensive labels at one who left the community. Non-condemnation is correct treating of karmic forces. "Judge not" - is the first commandment of the White Brotherhood.

33. Energies intensification provides new possibilities for creative work. Discernment grows together with accepting new notions of Living Ethics. Aura saturation with fiery energies may cause boiling of feelings. Astral sediments burning out goes on under pressure of the fire of the heart that receives spacial fire into the Chalice. Keeping the charge pumped means getting used to new degree of the spirit exertion. Firmness doesn't mean obduracy. Devotion doesn't mean intrusiveness. Friendship doesn't mean expectation of profits. Merit of the spirit determines measure of the new tension capacity.

34. Dark ones spread a thick net of flattery. Dark ones strive to relegate unusual manifestations to banality for it is easy to control an ignorant crowd crying for bread and circuses. Any sort of someone's consciousness understating is the characteristic of the darkness servant. Higher spirit is searching for the higher even when he sees the precious treasure to be overridden. The heart is never tired to remind about life endlessness with its wonderful rhythm because pulsation is the basis of everything.

If the Master's heart doesn't permanently send rays of thoughts to the disciple, spiritual growth of the later stops. The grain of the light dies oppressed with selfhood, drying up without living force. Celestial fire flows out unceasingly. But where are the streambeds of souls which are able to accept rivers of bliss? No one is used to think about Eternal.

35. Roses of Light never fade even if waves of horror try to smash them. Bunches of fohat energy rotate and produce radiation of spacial fire. The light itself never annihilates anyone. The darkness burns away like a swarm of horrid insects when approaching the sacred fireplace.

Face of Purity is flamy but Her hands are merciful. Truth of Eternal Life shines in the Creative Mother's eyes; rays of immeasurable power flow out from their's depth. Eternity embraces everything by its sight. And every atom is full of mystery of Great Life.

36. Conscious striving attracts creative energies which are necessary for the New World construction. Spacial fire crystallizes in the upper layers of the aura after passing through the disciple's heart. The aura of one who carries the gift of celestial fire shines with precious light. As if fiery flowers come out in the garden of inspiration.

But the earthly world rejects the living light. It is too bright for gray souls that hide in the holes of their prejudices. It is unbearable for the petrified hearts. It is hard to melt away ice of selfhood and to dispel mist of evil, because the Prince of Darkness has trained his servants very well and has persuaded them that the Earth is the Eden.

37. We are the principles of the Higher Fire and spirits of spacial fire serve Us. They know what takes place and what may take place in the universe. They are responsible for the cosmic events formation. The fiery thread of life, guarded by them, is the World Tree itself which grows through out all worlds.

The carpet of events is weaved of fiery threads of the mankind's striving. The Fiery World is open for spiritual mastership. Fire of the heart is related to Raj-Agni. Fire of the heart even extinguishes waves of cosmos harmful radiation.

Banality emolliates spiritual formation. It is possible to refrain from sliding down from the level achieved only when feeling singularity of every moment of life. Let's meet the new that fills every moment as a messenger sent by the Master.

38. I give the sign for the Holders of the Stone, for the forthcoming Holders of the Magnet of Truth. The transitory is the wind burning away destinies. The transitory is seeding cultivated by karma. The forthcoming Holder is to be selected for the fiery tasks. The fiery task will attract the worthy people. Discernment and devotion to the Hierarchy will be the touchstone helping to discern those coming into the closest circle. There are many philistines trying to approach the Golden Fire, but without centers transmutation such attempts experience is bitter. Do not play with fire. It is impossible to deceive the Flame of Eternal Truth.

39. Under the effect of permanently appearing evil mind gradually degenerates shutting the way for the light and spiritual life originating from the soul. Human consciousness starts to wink out in the absence of higher impulse. Spiritual principles gradually die away. The ray coming from Atma can't reach physical consciousness. Space of Divine "I" crusts with selfness and sun of suns cannot affect the human's inner world. Higher individuality leaves its dwelling. There stays a personality only as the carrier of lower foursome. Vibrations of the Ray stop sounding. The effort of the striving will directed by the heart impulse only is able to repeal the spell from the eyes of the spirit. The effort must be repeated continuously until fiery current of transfiguration takes off the crust of selfhood, until the light penetrates into the soul.

Atma sees, hears, and feels via everything alive and unalive; It comes into contact with entire cosmos and instantaneously determines any event whether it is big or small; how a thought, sent out into the space, flares up and then fades. Atma is the Connoisseur, Knowledge, and the Cognoscitive at the same time. Atma is spiritual substance of cosmos or the Fire of universe that fills every atom of the space. Atmic consciousness achieving leads to the sphere of ultramundane knowledge.

40. Inclined rose croons an ancient Egyptian mantram. The rose knows the secret of centuries. The rose's voice is quite but the heart trembles of touch of aroma of this wonderful melody. Life goes on circle by circle. But the high spirits on their way are always surrounded with treason, and this even heightens the light of ever going one. The Wayfarer of Eternity never stops for the path never ends. Only lion heart is not afraid of far away worlds.

41. Look for peace inside yourself. It is neither in mountains, nor at prairie, nor at sea. It is deep inside ourselves. Peace of Cosmic Wisdom! Peace of Universal Harmony! Peace of Cosmic Felicity! Peace of Karma of the Fiery World! It is Atma grain that keeps it inside us. And while getting closer to this inextinguishable cresset maya vibrations, such as anxiety, haste, fear, hesitation, indifference, and laziness, retreat and loose power over one who cognized the secret of peace.

You are quite water of a shoreless lake. You are the imperishable rock in the middle of this lake. You are the emerald cedar on this rock. You are shining of white moon over the cedar. You are stars in the night sky in great eternity of spirit.

Peace is neither inactivity nor silence, but it is subtlest substance of divine influence. Breath of peace is like scent of blooming mint came with the wind.

42. Carry the light and don't look backwards. It is dangerous to loose an access to Us. Dark shadows grimace behind the back of the walking one, but living Ray is connection with the Hierarchy of Light. Energy of the living Ray is power of spacial fire transformed into the matter. Light is alive in the Ray. Wisdom of the world lives in each Ray. Beginning of every Ray is in the God's hands.

Violation of the Hierarchy principle burdens karma of the walking one. This is fundamental truth of the universe. Hierarchy is the Light of all living forms. Hierarchy is the Heart of every manifestation. Hierarchy is as Inaccessible Steps at the rock of achievements. Hierarchy is the Fiery Sword of service. Hierarchy is the Leading Ray. One who doesn't believe in Hierarchy is the stone of the impenetrable darkness.

43. Moria's Archive or Akasa Chronicles is the fiery storage of cosmic knowledge. All human experience accumulated, all past events, all big and small mental images, all scientific and cultural researches, all investigations and openings, all information collected in books and on other carriers, all this is crystallized in fohat sparks. The whole history of Solar System from the very beginning is recorded in the spacial chronicle densified to atomic particles.

44. Aura is a fortress deterring pressure of alien energies and thoughts. Reaction on a slightest irritator lets the impact in. Interfusion of own and alien thoughts obscures the aura transparency. Cloudy state of aura causes depression and access of feeling of the own life futility. Like a hook with a worm swallowed by a hungry fish, the alien thought not just reduces protective potential, but also intoxicates the aura from inside. There is too much poison in the space. One has to remember about joy and peace. Balance is to be worked out during years of training. Storms of antagonism and enmity may thin the ruby shell of the aura if even slightest irritation is admitted. But contending tension strengthens the spirit firmness. A column of light raises over the bliss formations. Joint striving to the light gives wings to everyone who learns to fly.

45. Power of growing energies of consciousness is oppressed by negative features and circumstances attracted by their magnetic charge. A pair of opposites polarity manifestation is highly aggravated at the beginning when a person consciously decided to follow the Path of Light. The nascent magnet of new energies takes up the struggle with focuses of inertia, doubt, and obsession. Discipline and responsibility are the fire that eats up dry stems of weeds. But it is not so easy to extract the roots of vices. First of all it is necessary to discover your own disadvantages and recognize their destructive impact towards the soul.

Blind ones often lead the other blinds to the abyss. Even strong eye-glasses are not able to improve spiritual vision. That is why early giving of knowledge causes spacial harm. Non-containment gives rise to adverse incomprehension. Snobbery of selfness whispers about a false way. Dark ones persuade many people with lack of discipline in their exclusiveness. Horror of grayness cries out about exclusive position of every soul. Unwillingness to change life and come out from the vicious circle is hidden behind this. A swarm of night butterflies always fly to the light of a candlestick.

46. Persistence in selected desires does not lead to the spirit development. With volitional effort one can make himself to read a lot of spiritual texts, but changes will not happen. Efforts and persistence are useful but only after the torch of the heart kindling. Otherwise it is impossible to notice rubbish and insects in dark corners of own soul. Not self-humiliation but knowing the details of the rout means nice attention. One forms an eagle eye when notices a lot. It is necessary to see rare pearls of signs of wisdom in the gray dirt of banality. Manifestations of subtle feelings are milestones of spiritual growth. The sword of spirit must be forged not only by powerful strikes, but by tender touches of subtle development also. These almost imperceptible blows of celestial wind as if a touch of the Mother's of the World flower. But influence of such energies is much more powerful than earthly knowledge. They contain subtlest aroma of spiritual substance. The spirit augmentation is more silent than the grass growth. My Ray lights the Path if you decide to climb up the summit. But the dance of the fading world is dark and noisy. Tamas of matter is the foot of spirit. Fiery striving is the magnet of life. The spirit development can be achieved with silence and peace, but not with imperative commands or with desire to master the area up to the boundaries of the light. Noise of waves can't stop the swimmer. Spirit raises you over any manifestations. Truth of disclosures is indomitable. And everyone has the right of choice. I can send even a flower as a messenger. The new knocks at the door all the time. Fire pressure accumulates according to people rejection of it. Burst of fire is unavoidable. The light transmits granulas of knowledge of the Higher Worlds. The World of Ideas continues planting for the sake of the forthcoming.

47. Masters of Karma or Teachers of Wisdom can take karma of an advanced disciple upon themselves and burn it away in the furnace of their power. Higher vibrations suppress manifestations of the lower karma accumulations insomuch that the later stops affecting the person. Disciple assimilation with the Master's Ray provides not only karmic advantages and burning away an alien heavy karma, but also full returning to the critical point of karma where its blurring happened. Wearing away or the right of a proper choice is placed on the pan of scales of wisdom. Discipline of obedience gives rise to fiery responsibility. It is impossible to move forward even for a jot without the Teacher. The rate of benefit and harm determines the level of the disciple's karma alleviation. The light burns away the rubbish of imperfection but the heart must flame with grateful devotion.

48. Krya-Shakti is the fundamental spiritual energy that has begot the world and the universe. Most distinct manifestation of this force takes place during morning and evening twilight. Krya is most forceful and active before the world birth and roll back. Krya is the energy of Cosmic Peace and Harmony. Power of the universe rebirth and extinction depends on Krya-Shakti power attracted.

Fohat, the Cosmic Fire, is the energy of eternal existence.

Silence is always more eloquent than words. Silence contains the ocean of all words, their seeds, and crystals of thoughts. Sound crystallizes the thought. Primary Sound or Sabda-Brahman is the foundation of Creation. The Master's Ray energy is accompanied with this sound, from almost imperceptible to roaring one.

49. Containment of pairs of opposites is one of fundamentals of the Teaching of Life. Neither spiritual response nor spiritual work is possible without this powerful basement. Pole of spirit and pole of matter are just extremes of one whole. The core of spacial fire is presented in all manifestations of Great Life.

Fire is the sacred subtlest core of all manifestations. Fire is an eternal and ineradicable particle of a living matter. Fire is the Holy Spirit of everything manifested and not manifested. Even most dense matter contains the divine sparkle of the fire of consciousness.

A personality never can contain fiery manifestations. The personality may burst like a soap bubble if it is necessary to contain real creative energies. The vessel of truth alone can stand the storming flame of Eternal Knowledge. Housel to the light only fills the vessel of wisdom and heats the gray everydayness up to fiery singularity shining.

50. Manifestations of phenomena and various miracles incredibly harm spiritual development of consciousness. Lifting a person to an inaccessible level the miracle gives rise to an illusion of consciousness advancement, of achievement of inaccessible level of psychic forces, and finally depraves and weakens the power of striving. Instead of every day labour of learning the person loose himself in expectations of new phenomenal manifestations. Miracle becomes a drag without which the small consciousness can't live. The wave of spiritual growth flats off. The knowledge already accumulated vanishes. The Master's Ray goes away reflected with ego trip and pride which arises due to illusion of initiation into something unforeknowable inaccessible for any one else. The thoughts of such person are captured not only with spiritual blindness, but with obsession and false belief in self-exclusiveness also. Fiery whirls calm down. Centers stop their rotation. Maya throws a dark cover of self-satisfaction onto the mind contaminated with phenomena. One may put on white dresses of purity, but it is not so easy to become the Brother of Light.

51. Roses of Light fill My world with empyreal aroma. Fire of petals of roses sounds subtler than an euphonic veena. But who will come into My Garden? Who will come to visit this Fiery Sanctuary intrepidly? Terms are close, but the Messenger will come with a modest air and quietly. No one will look for Him. No one will glorify Him. Just blasphemy and slander will follow Him. The heart alone will recognize the other heart and flamy bow of discern will burst into rainbow of Cosmic Joy.

- You Who carries the Message! Wherefrom You know my home? - Heart of Light knows everything. - Can it be true that I deserve to host You here? - Masters' Decision must not be discussed! The Decree fulfilling is My work! - Deeds of sages are the area of the Secret! It is not Me who determines the Path of the Message!

The Message is aware of It's Path!

52. Waves of the rainbow of joy feed the Eye of Dangma. Variety of forms and colors excites vibrations of imagination and clear-voyance. Fiery jets of Fohat strike accumulations from the Chalice. Energy of memory attracts waves of Akasa which match via their structure of manifestation. Power of clear-voyance originates from the heart purity. Hate is not able to heal anyone. Joy and Love are two wings which allow reaching the Palace of Fiery Ananda. And then bliss of Labour and Knowledge becomes easy and accessible. You know, the Earth is just a drop in the great Ocean of Knowledge. Is it possible to satisfy thirst for cognitive work with single drop? Athirst one doesn't know the limit of knowledge extent, doesn't know the limit of serving the Truth. Reaction of thought could be seen in the clean vessel only. The heart transparency is the path to the Light.

The world changes quickly. Bazaar noise seems to be as usual, but the light silently bathes holes of the darkness.

I pay you with Gold of Life. I promise you not the garden of celestials but ploughland of ceaseless labour. A graver and a paint brush, an axe and a plough are good for My Community. But gadabouts are not welcomed, because idleness bewilders the workers' souls.

You can notice how idle talks about higher things spoil the aura of home. It is impossible to get rid of boredom with rubbish of words. Boredom is the fate of ramblers and drones. Beware of babblers and distortionists of the Teaching of Life meaning. They are the thieves of precious time dedicated to the Light service. Accuracy must be as in a chemists shop otherwise the medicine may turn into a poison. Even vitamins of spirit may intoxicate consciousness. Measure of containment is individual, but very few have scales of heart. Net of attachment is sticky and the spider doesn't sleep. Such net smothers. Dust of evil sticks to it.

53. Life nobleness is formed of subtle details. One has to control himself even when eating. Many norms of proper behavior have degenerated into the dos and don'ts of polite manners. Repast is that very thing than highlights features of a person's character. Repast may be life maintenance facility or piggishness as well. It is better to eat less or refrain from eating at all, then display impatience and gluttony. This is one of elements of restraint. I am teaching you the reasonable measure in everything.

Light of balance is clear. Harmony forms not at heavens. In order to hear cosmos vibrations and music of spheres one needs to stay soundless to such level of silence when your soul feels defenceless, subtle, naked, and discalced; when the Master's Ray is your only rule, your only joy and life.

Refinement could be gained through many lives of selfless service spent in cogitation about manifestations hidden behind the curtain of invisibility. Power and refinement plaits the rope of karma. But karma can't be evil. You yourself have accumulated it. Karma can't be unfortunate. Karma is your Goddess! Karma is your Mother! Karma is your highest property which you could gain and probably will gain in future lives.

Love the Destiny! The Temple of Mother Destiny is the most sacred one, most inaccessible for initiated ones. Love to Mother Destiny burns away tamas elements of many karmas. Path of Light becomes clean. Dust doesn't blind eyes of the walking one. You, Mother Destiny! I venerate for You!

Self-will alone leads us on the road of suffering. But don't take off the armour of wide-awakeness even before your friend.

54. One must not suppress or restrain the power of masculine energy artificially. This force, like a fighting lion, myst be kept in a cage, and the cage must be very hard. Sexual energy contains the cosmic force of advancing, engine for striving and creation, the whole wisdom of human experience accumulated. Waste of eternal life balm is inadmissible. It is impossible to ascend to the Supermundane Spheres without krisma force tensioning. This force sublimates and accumulates in subtle centers providing fuel for the higher and the fiery for it itself is the crystallized fundamental energy. The matter germ energy can't be lower. Power of generation can't be lower. It is a mistake to consider sexuality as a sin. The Creator knew what He was doing.

It is our right to dedicate any effort for the benefit of evolution. Let the Face of the Spirit fiery power flame. But His force consists of thousand forces. His Will consists of thousand wills. If only one particle or one ingredient is lacking then the world reaction of Creation may not take place. Let nuggets of qualities remelt in the fiery furnace of Purity. The Gold will melt them all and will save everything necessary removing slag of vices.

55. One must not be a slave of the smallest details. Although there are no just little things, one shouldn't make a persuader of them. Going deep inside the intellectual thicket one may lose the current of the main thought. Mentality ceases to have synthesis and atrophy when paying attention to details only. Following the letter of the law one may not observe the law itself but can hold people to hold the law. This forms pharisaical habit to edify all and any.

The picture of the world diminishes. The path of Gods becomes dusty and unbearable. The spirit develops due to the power of Infinity cognition. Details are good when characterizing the person's innermost. But dust does not allow recognizing the pattern of destination in the great. The fiery sun will hurt the spirit's eyes. Don't look for spots on one another for there are spots even on celestial cressets. Think about Spiritual Sun and infinite Ocean of Light which is waiting for you any time.

Attachment to details can initiate neither spiritual uplift nor needed profundity of thought. Dust of details shades the picture of strategical route. A caravan can't stop because of a stone on the road although such stone may cause a rock fall if it will fall down. Mind that stumbles against details never reaches the prime cause.

Teachers never change their opinion. They forgive a lot of that deserves punishment for the sake of main and bright achievements that have already brought spiritual fruits and have made the earthly life more beautiful. The Master doesn't want to see specks of vices, He sees the growing light of the diamond of bliss which will kindle and burn away the rags of the past. The diamond is always accompanied with earthly dirt. One must not condemn, but also must not justify anyone. Karma discloses deeds value according to their consequences. Every particle of sand dulls the sword of consciousness. The sheath of spirit protects mentality from dullness and rust.

56. Cosmic scale of consciousness, force, and matter determines any levels of subtle and material worlds manifestations and assigns their appropriate level. But one can find his level on this scale of comprehension with the aid of a magnifying glass of spirit only. An artificial eye can't help determining self nullity. Anyway, it is necessary to admit your place and the place of your consciousness.

The fiery power grows and facilitates never seen before refining of spheres of feelings and thoughts. It is like during severe disease: changing of human energy emanation brings changing of the entire structure of human feelings. Evolution can't wait. And these new feelings must not be treated as forcible and premature. Due to karmic and spiritual experience obtained during thousands lives spent on this planet the mankind is already well-prepared for such manifestations. Currents of faraway worlds saturate aura of the planet long since. The scale of consciousness may change after the astral layers will be cleaned from the huge stratifications of rubbish.

57. Humanity is imbued with spiritual crisis. Depraved atheism wore into every life manifestation. Recession from positions of spirituality goes on gradually step by step. If the inner core is not formed, spiritual achievements can't crystallize and can't penetrate deep inside the structure of the essence. When spiritual work is superficial (just information and public rumours receiving and issuing) it becomes mental husk simply. Incoming and decay of information in the shape of rumours and gossip doesn't leave traces in the centers unless adding some astral garbage into the aura. If the fiery body does not respond to the knowledge due to lack of gold grain of spiritual sense in the mess of crazy facts, then the labour of life is in vain. The whole life becomes tasteless without spiritual salt. Master Christ said that you are the salt of the earth. Warriors of Spirit are that very environment where sprouts of future grow out. Capabilities are not equal and conditions of human lives are not equal too, but striving and veneration for the Fiery Hierarchy speeds up advancing. And success will become your Muse.

58. Human's higher virtues awaken from touching the Leading Ray. Subtle feelings kindling and their further fusing with fiery energies form the channel of spiritual stronghold construction. Divine Fire of the heart gives freedom in Infinity to the spirit. Breaking links with spheres of lower feelings and lower mental eliminates hard karmic obstacles. Spiritual fires could be extinguished with fleshliness; but it is so difficult to separate the divine from the animal in human nature. Control over thoughts means control over karma arising. Thought is the seed of action.

Madiam dissolves karmic sediments in the fiery vessel. The Divine Truth plane is not far away from the Fire of Truth.

59. Impulsion of the will can't withdraw a person from environment of habitual thinking. Of course, everything new is the breakthrough of best qualities to their highest tension. The will is good in one team with heart energies otherwise it is not striving to the best but endless bullfighting with uncontrollable forces. Obstinacy of the will is purposeless. Development of the other energies may stay on the same level in case of spasmodic stroke of obstinacy. Spiritual forces mastering requires the heart will. Deformed thinking can investigate endless number of sophisticated methods of bypassing the spirit discipline. None of spiritual achievements is possible without restraint. That's a pity that high spirits destined for helping the planet in its advancing to planes of bliss dedicate their time to pleasure having no thought about their destination. We will overcome not with selfhood of the will but with fire of the heart. Restraint is the threshold of spirit; restraint of thoughts, words, and acts.

60. Non-condemnation is the rule for Our Brotherhood. Besides karmic reasons We take free will into consideration also for it is the sovereign right of everyone. Freedom is the cosmic notion. It is difficult for the mankind limited with earthly conventionalities to estimate the real advantage of freedom. But the spirit which can find the way into any other world either manifested or not, knows the real taste of free flight in the fiery body. Light of comprehension grows together with the heart saturation with notions of liberation and non-attachment. Attachment is the feeling of own captivity. Allow yourself the inner freedom of fiery manifestations and twinning plant of karma will dry away from unbearable heat. Roast seeds never give sprouting. Spiritual karma chokes plant of the past like in the deodars forest. Flame of life blazes in the expanse of the spirit.

61. Knocking of a staff is like knocking of the Ray at the heart. Knocking of the staff is vibration of the Way. The Swan of Light swims by the silver river of the Hierarchy. Flight of Light is unpredictable. One spark can illuminate the whole Field of Life. One may learn mobility, peace, wisdom, and firmness from such sparks. Difference among human consciousnesses is too great. One consciousness touches the Fiery Spheres but the other one still lives in the Stone Age.

62. It is possible to remember but not to contain. Repudiated ones often try to take revenge. But falsehood of indifference is worst than death. Yogi vibrates on every pain of the world, but he lives in harmony of Cosmic Peace. Pain and joy are two poles of a bare nerve of life. But the yogi chooses the middle way. Mist of mind is dangerous because it may lead to the opposite direction. The path must be clear. Visibility of the next turn is not the least condition for the walking one's safety. It is necessary to notice from afar a stone hanging over the path. Steps of discern are necessity and condition for advancing.

We are standing before the Sphinx of Time trying to guess his secrets and puzzles like Oedipus. Karma crystallizes in the flow of His Breath. Sphinx of Time! Flamy Sphinx! Living secret of terra firma! Puzzle of comprehensions and downfalls! Memory of the Recognized and the Heard, of the Seen and the Imperceptible! Knowledge of the Mundane Eye and of the Spiritual Eye!

The heart knows and rises in arms. The Heart knows and loves. The heart alone can discern a dark face under the iridescent shine of the mask.

63. Attacks of self-will lead to the bedlam. But Higher Will following elevates to the Chamber of Fiery Comprehension. The will of love is stronger than the will of hate. Broken lightnings of vice can't compete with steady shining of Bliss of Love. Hate withdraws forces, but love gives the whole ocean of creative joy. Love is not encumbrance, but feeling of new force incoming into the heart. If people could exchange these higher feelings the world would shine with the resurrected light.

Words are simple but wisdom of innumerable ages hides behind such simplicity. The call must not be repeated twice. Expectations come true easily if the strait way is chosen. It is not pattern of calculation that leads but the voice of the heart. Break forth to the sounding of the Fiery Essence through the voice of pique selfness, through the chorus of false covers of maya. The sounding of the Fiery Essence is the only one which you may trust and follow.

64. A link with spacial fire is living current of the ray. It alone can regenerate and rebuild miserable earthly mentality. One shouldn't estimate people's consciousnesses according to his own accumulations; they must be estimated basing on the essence qualities. Do not haste to put a hall-mark without testing the fineness. Negativism results from fear to join the flow of new energies. Secret Wisdom transfers via Krya-Shakti or spiritual energy tensioning.

Meditation that intensifies the spacial fire flow brings seeds of divine wisdom into the human aura. Conversion of Kama principles to mental ones goes on under the fohat pressure. Knowledge becomes strait-knowledge or intuition. The stage of spirit knowledge is the stage of Arhat. It is impossible to refine and contain the inner cosmos without cogitativeness, concentration, and meditation.

65. The Fiery Ray of Love Is plated from higher feelings and desires! Just call Gurugy in your mind - And your Ray of Love will kindle up!

White Tara sends the message. Knowledge of hearts joins together when souls recognize one another. Karmic plays obtain the form of visible life. Even the innermost externalizes itself. Even the most airy becomes a real force affecting life circumstances. But lower karma is just ballast for the aura that takes wing. Eternal Sun does not burn away the soul that seeks. There is no force higher than love and devotion to the Master. Labour is joyful when it is not back-breaking. Receiving energies that are beyond one's powers may cause aversion to spiritual manifestations. It is hard to walk on the ground for one who originates from Spheres of Fire. There are many of those who are eager to burden the pure aura. Wings of clear-voyance open the way. It shines like a silver thread over the disciple's head. The sun shine intensifies but dark ones are looking for shade to hide from the sacred fire of discern. The warning call gets no response. No one harks the signs of the Epoch that comes. Energy intensification requires greater internal purity. Astral slag melts away. One must not cling to suffering. Fondness of earthly habits does not adorn celestial gardens with roses. True love is the finest scent. One may love painted amphora until he unseals it.

Prepare the armour of spirit. Energy of empty dreams defaces paints of life but fiery arrow of thought conceives new worlds. Force diffusing means hungry spirits begetting and feeding. One may tension his heart fearlessly in the Master's Ray only. The Gardener of Fiery Roses alone adheres to the principles of Honor of Spirit. Hardiness of truth is on the blade of the Sword of Service. Steel of words is valuable. A word glistens with flame of Tejas but murmur of space is not a creative sound. The hand of thought directs the sword of striving.

66. Complex of spiritual forces, as the foundational factor, involves aura saturating with power of morality. Ahimsa always considered to be the most efficient method of purification as the mean for outliving most heavy elements of karma. This is control of own world of thoughts, feelings, and acts. World of ideas is a seed of earthly world and earthly karma building and it needs thorough purification most of all. There are a lot of weeds at the field of thoughts and the weeds must be inevitably forced.

Fohat is the fire of the world desire, fire of manifestation and striving. It is faceless and colorless until someone's active will sends impulse to it painting with the color of own tension. Morality is a balm that purifies internal space allowing fohat into four lower principles and facilitating its further transmuting into Higher Reason or Mahat. If desires were purified, the light of the Higher Cosmic Reason penetrates inside and illuminates the path of Gods. It is the bridge down which the Gods come to us, and along the same bridge our souls go up to the great Neit - Mother Shakti.

The matter transforms the divine into the personal, it transforms friends into masters and servants, into kings and slaves. But mind develops by the means of the soul's higher forces. World harmony synthesis is being violated threatening with tragic break up between the earthly and the divine. Such break up may result in loss of mind which is the only thread linking spirit and matter. The doctrine of a head contradicts the doctrine of a heart. The Great Teachers of Wisdom follow the later. Intellect consumes spiritual forces and turns them into a simple set of information. Steel trap of evil is strong. Maya painted it with iridescent colors.

Cosmic Will or Shakti is the fundamental energy ruling the world via Fire of Universal Will or Fohat which penetrates into every atom every subtlest part of the universe. Desire penetrates the whole Being from top to bottom for it is impelling energy of evolution. The evolution as a whole is fighting between lower desires with lofty and noble ones. Battle of cosmos fires rumbles throughout the worlds and tension of this battle is unprecedented. The desire may be constructive or destructive. The desire may be protective or depressive. Thousands of desires in their gradation similar to play of spacial fire have myriads and myriads of forms and kinds from daily to divine ones. Magnetism, motion, electric forces, rays, and currents, attracting and repelling, all these are manifestations of spacial fire.

67. Every human being has ability for making prophecies, but manifestation of it depends on the time, the place, and energy accumulations. Absence of forces hostile to fire of the soul is not the least condition although obstacles facilitate hidden qualities manifestation sometimes. Buddhi can emit continuously within long period of time and then suddenly stop. Consciousness targeting to phenomena manifestations closes the entrance to Higher Spheres of Spirit. As if road dust that blinds eyes and hides the way from sight: first torrential rain turns it into mud.

68. One shouldn't pronounce tasteless words. Larding of a speech with sayings and proverbs always pleasant for listeners is true oriental manner. Words are like tears of moments joyful or bitter, able to turn either into shining pearls or into toxic mist.

Hearts that do not believe in Our presence among people are mad. The timid heart trembles and fears of such probability, but the Warrior of Light rejoices at the fiery power approach. Readiness to accept responsibility which is not commensurable with the earthly duty is sublime degree already. One who perceives the Master's Ray carries power of the Ray's Fire. He shares the burden of earthly imperfections with the Brotherhood according to his readiness to accept the Cup of Great Sacrifice.

The stronger striving to spiritual achievement is the more tense lower human principles and elements reaction. They are eager to burden with most heavy chains one that learned to fly. Currents of lower senses must be converted to their higher phase otherwise brutal atavism will display rage of its brood. Gentleness and modesty are just cover of the diamond will hardness.

Let the heart burn with love and solemnity from touch of the Divine Fire. It is hard for a cresset to burn inside a clay vessel, but love and compassion to the poor mankind, to its divine nature that became blind motives those who try to enter the path of Titans of Spirit. Any one can develop and serve the Stronghold and the world. Term to enter Ashram is close as soon as current time is specific.

Kindle from Celestial Fire! Become the Magnet of Joy! Attract the pure hearts that feel energy of charisma. Accept the best from them but leave husk to maya for it hides old karma in its pleats. Exert all your strength of kindness and bliss and become the Life-Giving Ray.

There is nothing to take from this world. Spirit of beauty and lightning of spirit give wonderful future saturating the space with new currents.

Pyramid of Light is made of rays of striving hearts, of best feelings and desires, and of subtlest inspired thoughts. Lightnings of thoughts pierce the space. Forces of Fire of Spirit focus at the Summit as parching sun rises increasing its heat. Leaves are falling down in the Sacred Garden but they may do good and come up with new fiery sprouts. Half-measures deceive consciousness beclouding it with false comprehension. Mountain trail is hard, not everyone can overcome such uphill climbing. But the guide knows how to avoid dangerous places and find safe passages. Sometimes bypass is more short than the strait way. Air of summits fills the comprehended heart with ozone. Open of summits flames, and what seemed to be mountains turned to be beautiful garden. Spirit of Summits is alive. Brooks stream from the mundane summits and collect into rivers and seas. Flows of Bliss run from the Fiery Summits. Light of Fiery Labour is bright.

69. A heart living with lower manifestations of imagination detaches from the Leading Ray. It is important to direct to benefit even human vices. Personal relations with the other people create karmic links and aggravate quality of the future. The world does not cease to exist if one of us closes eyes. A fact can't disappear or vanish if disregarded. Living out own vices means cultivating the garden of the future. Although the planet appeared from the heads of unhorsed demons it exhales fragrance of wonderful flowers and yields amazing fruits. Scales of thoughts may hang with extreme deviation but flame of the soul doesn't change but simply deflects. Night passes into morning imperceptibly as well as evening passes into night. Consciousness shifting to the light goes on subtly in similar way. The heart power growth can't happen without hierarchical forces intromission. The fiery whirl of transfiguration can enter the purified heart only.

70. Fiery Pyramid of new Destiny is over the ringing Valley. Its faces flame with never seen before beautiful fires. Tongues of living flames consist of Chalices of flamy hearts. Huge pyramid of sun light, whose top uplifts to cosmos, incorporates crystals of kindled hearts. The Light of Forces is bright. Silver Cup with flamy sun-bright Sphere inside crowns the Pyramid's vertex. Best forces of hearts, most lofty thoughts, and highest feelings are poured into this boiling focus of fiery energies. There is a shining thread above the Sphere of Light and it links the cosmic Focus with the Stronghold. Never one sparkle of a thought of bliss disappears in the space if joins the flame of Brotherhood.

71. Obduracy of selfhood is sophisticated and guileful. Using subtlest qualities of a soul, whispering words about exclusiveness maya plaits a soft net of flattery. Snaky knot hisses at a place of self-complacence. Pomposity and grandiloquence of narcissism are to be treated via karmic abscess only.

One must not allow one and all to the altar of the heart. Not every soul can hear the song of mountains' summits. Hunters' trailways run nearby the innermost places. Initiated ones use regular paths too. Wayfarers covered with dust of roads roam along the face of the Earth.

72. Higher Manas awakening depends on accumulations of imagination. It was said that imagination is the accumulated reality. The richer colors of this cosmic manifestation are, the deeper penetration into the Higher Reason, as soon as it was formed not with earthly lives only, but with existence at the other planets too. Even sparks of fiery lives are sealed into the human consciousness. Experience of mineral, vegetal, and animal kingdoms brings finest flavor of seeming whimsicality and impossibility of dreams and phantasmas. Some of thought-forms may represent the main structure of thinking although it is difficult some times to recognize simple arche-elements within developed imagination displays. Non-ordinariness of thinking depends on variety of unexpected combinations of accumulations. Sparks of Higher Manas are the focuses of spirituality of long ago experienced high feelings.

73. The God imposed a secret seal on a human's forehead and a human's palm. Outline of signs on the body predetermines a pattern of the future. But outline changes from internal fire burning.

74. It is impossible to be fed up with knowledge. There are no limits for dreams and for surf of imagination ocean. Fire of desires can never be drunk to lees. Desires extinction means extinction of suffering. There is just a shell of spirit aimed to infinite worlds creating. Human life is just a drop of dew fallen down from the Fiery Rose of heavens. Human life is a flash of a star falling down. Will you be on time to set a worthful wish?

75. Solemnity is related to the fire of spirit. Solemnity is the subtlest string for the Guru veneration. Solemnity is the cup for the Sacrament and for initiation into forces of infinite bliss. Secrets of the heart are inscrutable. Fire of omniscience alone knows what happens to a soul when a pure face of solemnity shines in it. Truth discloses to one who drank Amrita of devoted veneration to the Master only.

76. Achieving of thorough understanding of Agni-yogi notion means non-condemning of anyone. This is an indispensable condition a threshold which can't be overstepped or ignored. Further advancing is impossible if ahimsa was not fulfilled to full extent. This is fundamental difference between firm approach to the Teaching and occasional light-minded interest to It.

The foot of a ladder of refinement stands on the ground and one must climb up the stairs beginning from the most important things. It is impossible to make first step without self-denial. It is necessary to create a foundation of stairs starting from the very first stone. This is the point where the spirit orbit pathway is determined intended for changing the whole karmic tenor of the ancient mankind. New way of thinking does not allow survivals of time passed. Dry branches of garden trees are to be cut off and burned away.

77. Aroused energy of labour or rajas always finds the field of activity. Inspired labour kindled with striving hearts attraction can do much. Space kindled with love to work shines with creative possibilities. Fiery Roses' flower-buds of happiness of inspired labour burst. It was granted to a heart to taste joy of cosmic creative work. The space illuminated with the ray of the kindled heart builds a castle of beauty from moments of gray everydayness. Everything covered with mist of maya also lives spiritual life but as if a hive inside a hollow tree. Let's estimate labour of the heart as the force that creates worlds.

78. Creative work gives arrogance to unadept person only. Attracting divine energies the earthly creator lifts clear the everydayness insomuch that feels Fiery World incoming which is inspiration or inhale of energies of light. Consciousness that instantaneously rises up to the level of enlightment perceives this state as self-affirmation degree or entering the Teacher's heart.

The plain will whispers to selfness that all achievements must be attributed to the personality alone. Evil's voice is deceitful and sweet. But never a one manifestation in the world can happen without the world substance participation. Neither creature nor manifestation can be separated from forces of the creative Mother of the World. A flower and a stone, a tree and an animal, a human being and an angel - they are so akin. Mutual penetration of forces provides coupling of matter and spirit and creates the secret of the world harmony.

Surrounded with selfness, the person stops to perceive the incoming ray and rejects the God's Hand extended at a pinch. The living fire ray gives everything naturally and invisibly. A subtlest play of spirit colors feelings and their tincture with amazing variety of divine experience. We receive just a spark of the God's play but we feel sated even with such small particle of this play. "I am You; You are Me; a particle of Divine Self,"- this mantra is actual at the time of spiritual changes as it was never before.

79. Notions of humility and patience may be understood in different ways. Patience is a kind of accumulating of energy which is not intoxicated with imperil of non-admission of something. While humility is a state of a soul opened to a boundless ocean of spiritual creation and allowing the spirit into active participation in manifestations of this creative work. Most likely this state is alike the state of cosmic peace or harmony of forces which are involved into cosmic work.

Patience is not just passive observing of the great Karma Law fulfillment, but tuning life in the wave of its proper execution. Humility is that very state of proper tune and of self negative vehement brood mitigation. Patience may blow up or burst under the negative pressure for it is of mechanical and artificial nature. But it is impossible to transfer humility into the plane of emotions as soon as it is nature and harmony themselves. Centers accord with the heart full of humility when wind of faraway worlds brings messages of cosmos. Then wisdom touches human souls kindling a faint fire in a lampad of great veneration for the Hierarchy.

80. Love burns away any filth for it is purgatory fire. It is very difficult to separate the divine and the devilish on the earth. Convulsions of the matter reflexive actions must not be considered as negative ones, because the most beautiful flowers grow on the matter throw-off. The mundane world gives experience of forces purposeful application as it is Higher Worlds analogy.

Dust of maya covers clothes of our thoughts. But cresset of feelings, with its unusualness and tension, helps to remove stratifications and knots of tamas where dark insects and other unasked guests often nest. Unusualness doesn't fall into the pattern of earthly senses and kindles from the fire of the heart. Let the heart love and flutter like a bird hasting to deliver a long-awaited message.

Love is cosmic feeling and a channel to the great ocean of Infinite Bliss of Ananda. One must not quench light as long as the heart flames and as long as the cresset of fiery feeling exerts with striving to help every suffering soul. The whole force of the Fiery World shines in the ray of True Love. Love the same as flame doesn't umbrage. Love is the pattern of revival of consciousness. It may exaggerate significance of a person recognizing a form in which divine spark shines. But it is better than detraction of the person that degrades him to nullity. One who praises always turns to higher principles. One who detracts looks into darkness of night.

Growth of energy of love depends on Anura or on charisma of the heart. Fiery magnet of the heart is flamy power of Cosmic Love. When in love bhakti and bhakta can comprehend plans of the Higher Worlds. Comprehension of fiery feelings of Fiery World is impossible without love. Love alone is the Mother's of the World power. She Who is the higher Leader opens the Innermost Gates.

81. Discord among co-workers may result from one or another creative energy predominance. In families where there are many women attraction to masculine energies always takes place, and vice versa. Harmony and freedom from stresses is a treasure of vital forces. Excess always leads to decay even at the plane of field-related attitudes. Lack of possibility to apply accumulation of some force may lead to burst and space contamination. In such cases obsession and living fire theft are quite probable. Beware of those who call to the mastery of concentration without achieving a degree of not doing harm. Excess of forces without giving them in return leads to irritation and incorrect behavior.

82. Poetry is words churning. Swirl of words or whirl of creative work rotates strenuously gradually obtaining form and meaning of realization. Intent may be deeply innermost in order not to allow spirits-messengers preventing the spark of light embodiment. Fire strives to implementation in any form more and more persistently. Poetry concentrates fohat manifestations into crystals of words which are tools of higher desires. These crystals of meaning strike lightnings of feelings and thoughts from the human hearts according to individual level of perceiving of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual accumulations. This is vibration of higher feelings.

83. Love to an earthly woman whether it is a wife, a mother, or a daughter bears features of cosmic manifestations. Any form of this feeling means love to the Mother of the World which burns away earthly lust and passion. Extending love up to the light throne it is possible to contain all cosmic scales. In the cornue of universe sediment may cover a wonderful pattern. Love to the eternal in a person or finding the eternal in any event is the school of non-attached love. Nature of love is one. Fohat is love itself.

84. The Teacher is by your door. But leave the door open to let Him in.

Be awake! Be awake! Be awake! You know neither day nor hour when the Call will sound. But the heart shut off with dampener of anger will just dirty the Leading Hand.

Disclose yourself! Disclose yourself! Disclose yourself! Divine Teacher is at the edge of your everydayness in order to transform it into endless celebration of spirit.

Superfluities are not inherent for this celebration. Striving of the heart is the best polite manner. Repast of spirit is exquisite. Aroma of bliss is tender. Flowers in celestial gardens always bloom in fiery spheres. Eternal Spring inspires feelings. The Mother of the World invites you to this celebration not as guests but as co-workers of creative forces.

85. Night of Purity is the night of the God comprehension by the heart. The Floor in the Castle is paved with petals of roses. The lampad enlights the Guruji's face. Mystery is sacred and unusual like an inspired call. Purity is everywhere and golden measure is everywhere. Flow of fortunes and misfortunes comes from inside, from the kingdom where the Great Mother Karma rules. Desires create attraction and suffering. Desires make knots on the rope of karma. Getting free from lower desires one obtains wings for flights. Dust of the earth is choky for one who has inhaled air of summits. A soul that came from paradise dreams about celestial gardens.

86. Spiritual achievements are washed away with misbehavior. Slow retreating from the positions achieved takes place. It is easier to run down the slope than to climb up the mountain. The new doesn't hide behind the old, it glistens with bright freshness. Colors of joy start playing as soon as you remove dust of banality. Singularity expresses not in yawning crowd amusing but in original thinking. Vehemence of self-will is as Judas kiss: sensation of bite is on the lips. Sour life is worse than a poison. Any splinter is to be extracted with effort and with pain. But pain is better than indifference.

87. Pressure of the fire is great. Densified astral inflow determines time of races shifting. Consciousness assimilation is a painful procedure if elements of imperfection remain. Physiology displays all features of atavisms. The sun of joy always shines over the rain of grief. Diamonds originate from depth of the earth. But the sun of heart never recesses.

88. Energy losses always result in loss of morality and of internal discipline. Excessive energies always find their way out according to functions of the most developed chakra. Inertia of human selfness affects many things. It can be treated only via consciousness extension. Forming resilient and powerful aura protects thinking from theft of energy. Benevolence of the sages not in roaming through the mist together with people. Clear summits of spirit shine above the mist.

89. Eye of evil never misses even a little thing to do harm. Wedge of estrangement is hammered in a little crack. Words of joy and love are like destructive poison for evil. But unveiled dark ones are better than unsteady ones that reason upon the Teaching usefulness and get into people's confidence. Verily, they do not go through the gate and block the entrance for the others. They are happy with collecting rumours and gossips which they use for cooking digestible bouillon of slander and malevolence. Seeds of bad thoughts come up quickly, take root, and suck out best forces of the soul. Obsessive ideas tumbling about aura are their weapons. The ray of heart understanding alone is able to drive away these gray insects.

The Path of the Warrior of Spirit doesn't always mean conducting an attack. Meaningless attack leads to death, but when retreating don't fall into a trap. Circumspection, vigilance, and attention form three-eyed guard of the soul.

90. Occult bohemia introduces spacial harm. Besides annunciation and disclosure of most private secrets this harm is in frivolous attitude towards the great treasure of Living Ethics Teaching. Chatting about the eternal - isn't it the worst sacrilege and violation of cosmic behests and rights? Atmosphere of endless repasts and savouring of idleness is disgusting for the Masters. Everyone pays his time for the labour of life comprehension. But morning never comes for the blind one. Eternal sleep may turn into spiritual blindness. Lubricity and foxery of these lovers of repasts is great. Their awareness has the one and only target: take the lead of a group of men and use the fruits of cooperative labour. Jesuits may be proud of such disciples. They start with steeling firewood, and at the end come to justification of dissentients killing. New inquisition comes up.

91. Some notions related to spirituality can't be explained in earthly words. Their crystallization can't be performed within available knowledge. Such notions can be transmitted from the Teacher to a disciple as vibration only. The passing away race murders ambassadors of new time. But fine sprouts of the light growing from deep inside of humanity become fiery plants of the forthcoming epoch.

Heat of cosmic energies is incredibly strong. The Call of the new rotated by the consciousness of the heart intergrows with new space and new time so that this forms a new essence of the planet. The Call is so strong and irresistibly powerful that it is possible to hear fiery transmission of heart currents of the mankind Teachers and of their disciples. Sounds of flame obtain crystals of words.

92. Complication of earthly thinking, as a matter of fact, is struggle for revelation clarity. Finding the object of the life by every soul is making the predestined way straighter and shorter. Eternal wanderer never gets tired from the mundane road for he knows that it is just a small portion of eternal way. Earthly sojourns are short but they also give the spirit an experience of positive manifesting. Wonderer's silver stuff is bright. Look at him attentively, sweep your eyes over his dusty dress and you will see the Warrior's of the Light armour under it.

93. Kama's arrow sprouts with wonderful roses. Shiva the Great transforms flame of rejection into the flamy love. Love can purify and help. Amplitude of the spirit's falls reduces. Non-attachment is just an opposite pole of spiritual love. Key is not just a symbol of a prison where souls suffer. The Key of Secret fits the Gates of Destiny. Heart guesses signs on the way like a hunter following traces. What can't be explained by the means of the earthly language can be clearly explained with fiery hieroglyphs of love. Stratums of cosmic knowledge in the great books of Akasa Chronicles are charactered with them.

Flame sounds as music of spheres. Flame of light evokes the innermost and sacred feelings. Flame of light is our preceptor on the spiritual path; the guide and the qualifier of our good destiny. Light knows direction of the innermost life arrow. It can discover a true predestination of life even in a vice. Not anyone can contain the Fiery Path of predestination, but the gold grain of the heart trembles showing signs at the correct direction.

94. Expectation of the end of the world and new time coming is one of the most implausible aberrations. Instead of submersing into fiery work those awaiting ones behave themselves as lazybones bargaining for the Saver who will transfigure them. But nothing else than ashes result from the earthly dust. If everyday spiritual labour is neglected and forgotten, one must not await for miracles and metamorphoses. Spiritual experience and augmentation of sparks in the body of light are to be achieved with familiar notions continuous repeating. Repeating polishes the own method of comprehension, opens new unnoticed before details of the knowledge and new research energy manifestations. Repetition makes tunnels in the matter of space through which current of new forces of perceiving strives.

In order not to fade away the eternal Flame must be kindled up again and again. Ever-burning inner fire is the basis of any kind of creative work and labour. Ever-burning inner fire is Agni Yoga service on the altar of the striving heart. Flame becomes stronger from constant fire in the Chalice of energies.

95. Subsequent instructions do not cancel previous ones, but append them. And they are indispensable. The new never appears from nothing. The new is like stratums of old knowledge which are transformed for today application. But patina of time never covers eternal truths. They are always bright and fresh, and glister like precious stones and annealed gold.

96. Radiation of the Heart of the Universe tries to cure the mundane world diseases. Every disease is a cavern on the planet's body. Any kind of space deflection is to be treated with fiery pyramids.

Crystals of aggregated thought-forms obtain effective force. Power of thought increased to the upper level of tension. Impact of the thought structure, that stores sparks of cosmic fire, today is stronger than some physical effects. Purified space becomes superconducting and sensitive. In the past it was hard to imagine fohat so concentrated and condensed within the Earth boundaries. New souls came to accept the new fire for the Earth.

Human body is like an anchor at the bottom of the matter. But human being is Infinity itself. New formation of humanity only can assimilate energies that flow down on the Earth.

Teachers of the mankind descent from the representatives of the Heart of the Universe. Earthly beings submersed too deep into the matter and astral became an embodiment of their dreams. But seeds of new humanity come together with new force of fire. These are seed of spirits of the Sixth Race. Their task is to find and raise delicate flowers of the future in the sleeping souls. Wind of human rage can cruelly break these messengers of the New World, but flame of the Heart of the Universe protects them with the fiery armour. They shine as lampads in the darkness of desert.

97. Ancient Rishis who wrote the great books of the world incarnate again like at the beginning of Golden Age. New legends and new wisdom open their vessels. Stratums of Akasa Chronicles unclose. The unknown and incomprehensible become daily features of being. Ancient Rishis which received dictations of legends directly from Gods, now returned back for the new tasks fulfillment. Stream of conscious energies from the Heart of the Universe is so dense and great that knowledge sediments and accumulates in precious stones and crystals. Rishis were able to listen to heaven and stones and talk to them. Ancient oracles knew language of stones. Let's not take for madness and delirium when somebody asks elements about secrets that they keep for every soul. Those who can wait and abide can understand life of any grain of sand.

98. Power of fiery layers of the space is intensified with new knowledge. Force of light differs from earthly emanations so much that phenomena of these energies internal and external mutual penetration and intergrowth takes place. Earthly ashes transform into crystals and even into whole areas of densified astral which is condenser of Cosmic Wisdom. The term of getting information from hidings which are stones and metals is connected with the forces intensification in the space and with conscious transmutation of hearts via these forces.

Principle of thinking kindling acts apart from striving. It even urges striving towards intensive comprehension of truth which consists of negligibly small grains of the light. Thinking kindling is like lightning that wins through the space of tamas. But ashes of tamas are the wings of theros. It is impossible not to lave yourself when fording a river. Submerging into kindled thinking one surrounds himself with spacial fire imbued with sparks of knowledge. This knowledge is not verbalized yet and not implanted into human minds via the words. Knowledge is power which is still imperceptible on the mundane plane, but in the Subtle Worlds it is vigorous environment of bright light. Knowledge densifying manifests as discoveries which provide the basis for new technologies.

99. Interrelations among thought-forms and energies, that give direction of striving to them, create stream of materialization. As if a pupal chamber that is winded around the main spark keeping the thought.

Initiations of new worlds within Infinity fields are numberless, the same as variety of life forms manifestations. Mother's of the World creative work is limitless and inimitable. Focuses of power - origins for future star systems - are clots of thought-energy impregnated by semen of fiery ideas. The Great Architect of Cosmos creates according to co-measurement, measure, and beauty. Majesty and solemnity are always presented in a structure of every atom which is intelligent and conscious and carries inside itself developed model of future construction, like a seed of lotus.

100. Vibrations of the Heart of the Universe are test impulses of spiritual forces for perceiving ones living on the earth. Mahatmas determine radiation dose that a physical body can stand. Example of the Mother of Agni Yoga showed the allowable extent. Energies of Orion flowing through the hearts that vibrate in response to the energies' rays irritate the fiery magnets at the Valley. By the means of forces coming from the Heart of the Universe the Orion energies make the magnets emanate their own power stored till the predestined term.

Pyramids are the earthly space straitening facilities and receivers of spiritual forces that transform the matter energy into spiritual emanations. Proceeding from the fact that pyramids were brought to the Earth by Orion inhabitants, the pyramids' power is not less than the Treasure's of the World power. Architecture items of the Universe are aware of laws of initiated ones and follow the law of purposefulness when disclosing and giving the key of knowledge. Energies attracting via golden section application in earthly items building is the basis for conscious perceiving of the Heart of the World energies. Physical form becomes a source of high radiation if it is constructed according to the rules of harmony.

101. Tension of sanctity must correspond a level of a soul development. If force of sanctity and moral perception is lower than its potential then the soul gradually loses divine brightness and tarnishes under strokes of earthly imperfections. The more dense clouds are the harder the sun ray breaks through them. Conscience and spirit suffering detrmined as twinges of conscience most often are the soul's voice. When a person achieves the higher level of sanctity the inner voice becomes stronger, more pure, and more conscious. Via this voice the spirit contacts the animal reasoning with which the most of the earth inhabitants stay. It is important to discern the spirit's voice from other nectarine voices and whispers. Flattery and fulsome praise are the best methods of dark ones for capturing and obsessing the soul. Fiery forces of sanctity are the shield that can protect the soul. Even one sixteenth part of virtue must live and look for the source of inspiration. Light of the unusual is bright that is why earthly eyes are trying to discern its sparks in phenomenal manifestations of nature and of the human soul. Let everyone look for the light inside himself no matter how enigmatic it may seem.

102. The Valley with the current state of energies, qualities, and spiritual capabilities is the place of karmic meetings. Those who lived here long ago or visited this place before come again and again in order to feel currents of the magnet aroused which transforms the physical world. The whole regions of Altai are in the area of densified astral. Primevalness of this place didn't change since Lemuria and Atlantis times. The place where Gods set foot on the Earth is sacred and preserved by the Higher Power. Paths of reincarnations often lead to the innermost places where a spirit felt necessity in daily life participation most intensively. Every overstatement is a raising dream. Let a comer think that he lived here and comprehended spiritual values. Let's not take away the dream from the heart which is tired from vortex of cities.

103. Let's strive with fire in the heart via the own Ray to the Teacher even through sorrow, feeling of fall, and self-sinfulness! It is not a healthy one who needs healing, but an ill one. It is not spiritually rich one who is seeking for salvation, but a poor one. If we were looking for saints and sinless people, two-bit would be our only return. We should not aggravate the net of self-dissatisfaction, because the web is already too firm. The ray of purity is inextinguishable and nonspottable always. These are eyes of the heart that blackout.

Despair is a bad helper and sorrow is not an ally in spiritual work. It is not for nothing that despair is considered to be one of seven deadly sins. Congealed energy of despair is like impassible swamp. Fire of one divine love burns in the heart inextinguishably but it chokes and fades under the cover of gray fog. There is no such despair that could not be healed. In fog objects seem to be bigger. In sorrow all problems display exaggerated images bore by gloomy consciousness. There are no hopeless situations. Bird that throws down its wings becomes an easy meat for predators. The sorrowful is not always the spiritual. Wings of darkness cover the soul when it forgets about the cresset of the heart where love and eternal joy are. Very often sorrow is just a witness of egotism and exclusiveness. But offence is just a grin of ego trip. Let's not lay down the carpet of rancor.

104. Follow the banner of the battle! It will lead you ahead. Create new Destination For people who came to the Valley! There will be neither fanfares nor drums, Just cosmic work of spirit. Without rest, glory, or laurel wreaths They will accomplish the work. Flaming with celestial fire The dawn of awakening rises. The Great Master Maitreya Comes burning with Fires! Wait neither for sidereal hour Nor for the crowd's praise; For Kailasa suffering only At the end of the human path. But one who climbs the summit Perceives the different worlds Joining with the One Master In the rays of golden Shambhala! Celestial Joy is to be forged By labour on terra firma of the Earth. The Sun flames in our breasts And we hear the voice of Day-Dawn!

105. Free will often makes monkey jumps. It is hard to trust mood of frisky feet. But looking attentively at a person, see through a shell of flesh. A heart is the essence of a human being. Shut heart is as the closed book of life. Callousness is as a sword sphering round chaotically. Flowers can't grow on bare rocks, but cracks are filled with celestial dust. Wind of co-operation may bring seeds of wonderful flowers. The crack in the rock only can give birth to flowers. Quarrels and offences is a field of future relations. Love and hate is the strongest glue of fate. Spirit labor moves forward slowly. People often take dust of vanity for upward motion. Idleness blinds eyes. It is harder to wear work clothe than an armour. A warrior may seem to be idle but his spirit flames with fire of readiness.

106. Even most lofty and correct teaching needs to derive inspiration from the primary source. Ideal included into every higher revelation of a spirit is the heart magnet itself which attracts seeking hearts. Dissonance among all religions is the gap between ideal and practice. The more lofty ideal is the more solemn veneration for it; the more high and perfect assonance of the soul and the spirit; and heart current most powerfully lead to proper donating of prayers and physical gifts. The gap between these two poles of religion destroys any religion making it mechanical and transforming it into rituals and ceremonies only. Verity alone always stays non-cloudy as the source of the spirit's united knowledge.

Every time disdain and inapprehension of ignoramuses that are yelling about violation of canons and foundations, just prove rightness of the path selected. Foam at the mouth characterizes fury and obsession. We do not scream at bazaars that our verity exclusively is true, but lightning of Our thought can stop any stream of falsehood. The sword of spirit is always at hand. Power of rightness and truth intensifies Forces of Light. But one shouldn't get into argument with dark ones. Trap of evil is on alert and is waiting for the wave of irritation. Silence of verity is stronger than screams of maya which tries to lead away from the narrow path of striving. Light is right because it gives clarification.

107. The mankind evolution leads science to artificial immortality creating. Self-willed experiments on biological spices, antagonistic elements, and incompatible items medley is blasphemous implementation of most horrible and wild dreams of dark magicians of ancient times. Up-to-date frankensteines that sucked the essence of electronics and human engineering achievements are even more dangerous than single bio-monsters from palaces of Atlantis. They threaten to wipe out human race as a biological spice in case of extensive breeding. Heartlessness can't give positive output. Destruction and death is destiny of mechanical immortality searchers. Living creatures cloning doesn't reproduce entity to full extent, even DNA chains. Clones breeding is the cherished dream of dictators eager to govern the whole planet.

108. The mankind lost feelings of unusualness and singularity immersing its consciousness into mist of dull banality. Sense of unusualness and singularity is the very joy of the everlasting. This is fiery perceiving of a new moment never been before on the Earth, the moment of eternity that flows inside you and inflames a gland of time stimulating it. Permanent bearing in mind the perennially young eternity and inexhaustible verdure of perceiving accumulates crystal of immortality. Singularity gives youth and beauty. Perennial memory about everlasting is cosmic forces pulsation in your energetic field. Singularity erases heaviness of every day life and optimism becomes the only one philosophy of a soul. Power of charm emits unfading and inexhaustible flow that creates an image of youth.

109. Erect posture may cure not only many diseases but bad thinking also. When spinal column is most strait celestial currents receiving is most intensive. Flowing energies bring health and harmony and knowledge contained in these emanations. Any sort of bends and whirls of these currents cause stagnation of thinking and even bad habits.

110. Karmic difficulties push a soul to a strait path. Like a stone falling down from a rock an event makes a person step aside from danger. Hazard area is so to say marked with acute premonition of danger. Heart whispers "Don't step over the mark!", but the will strains at the leash rumbling with curse thought: "Why should I dread?!"

111. Mentality is classified according to elements as any other human manifestation. Fiery and aerial mentality is light and presureless, whereas aquatic mentality bears hardly like water on a dam. Words are dimple on the surface of a mind. But deep thought rushes forward as tenth wave. Don't try to extinguish the fiery thought, just let the bird of golden fire free. It will find its dwelling itself. Even the thought belonging to aquatic element can't extinguish the lightning of spirit. It pierces even thickness of ocean. Akasha wavers but these waves are subtle and light although they affect other elements significantly. The space knows how to preserve created harmony. Seven covers of maya are seven levels of knowledge accumulating.

112. Maya, back off! And look becomes brighter, and sparks of the Third Eye become the Ray of Omniscience.

Maya, back off! And Fiery Ray of Shabda-Brahman rushes burning through the space.

Maya, back off! And emitting Light, the heart pores Creative Love for it can't live without love.

Maya's covers are permeable for a sage for there are no obstacles for clear voyance. The world is a shell through which life of spirit streams. Bliss radiation is invisible, but strait knowledge detects these subtlest currents. Transforming light melts astral nature of ignorance. The Mother of the World alone knows how to throw off these seven covers.

113. Shabda-Brahman's creative flute sounds primordially and endlessly. Consciousness emitted by Primary Light is the life-giving melody for many Eternities and for One Infinity. Lilac covers of the Mother of the World glister with living fires. The Soul of Space comes to life under subtle sounds of limpid energies. But who can determine a measure of a secret? And what singular form will manifest in a perennially new universe? Pleasure of creative work is inexhaustible. Mother's of the World creative work is born by inspiration of incomprehensible manifestations.

114. One who knows nothing can't misdeem. Nature of whirls of comprehension lies close to the object of comprehension. It is not a rare thing in the world of misdeems when people take a shadow or nebulous image for the object itself. One who learns can't learn without making mistakes. Mistakes are like stones by the road side. Even Arhat can't avoid mistakes and their consequences.

Space is the field where the Seeder and the Seed, the Comprehending one and the Object of Comprehension come together. Akasha vibrates responding every thought and piercing the far away worlds according to its power. Flow of related energies strives to it and enhances it. Flame of thought grows like a snowball. All aspects and potentials display inside its densification. Pressure becomes so strong that sphere of these energies starts shining. New planet or new sun comes into being. Pure thoughts seed universe.

115. Sparks of divine fire flash among lines of records. Crystals of words preserve energy of knowledge. When traveling in the worlds of illusion we hear divine whisper of celestial words everywhere. Melody of silver bells dresses Shabda-Brahman sounding. Primary Consciousness blesses every heart with Its ray, but not everyone responds to Primary Consciousness' call. Earthly hearts keep silence but terra firma spiritualization was taught to the bearers of One Word's living rays. Beating of every heart is like awaking knocking at the door of matter.

116. Space deflection causes irritation of elements. Reasons for natural disasters, catastrophes, epidemics, karmic difficulties, and decay concerning the whole states are connected with excessive swirling of negative energies proceeding from sunspots. Sun is the heart of our system and it absorbs poisons of the space and reacts to mental, material, and physical activity of planets and their inhabitants. Pyramids straiten swirls of negative forces and planes mirror of the space living matter. Even imaginary pyramid affects caverns left after negative impacts.

117. Active implementation of diabolism into human consciousness in all conceivable spheres imbues the planet's envelope of insulation and abruption from Higher Worlds. Individualization and lack of responsibility before divine forces produces mutation of consciousness and depriving of cordiality and harmony. Willful obduracy of consciousness leads to a personality and even an essence destruction in a human being. Loss of spiritual guide is the path to banishment of higher presence in the humans' world.

118. Voile or cobweb of illusion is almost transparent. But who can see through it? Pure heart only has spiritual eye. The heart alone can see through these covers. The heart determines the urgent way. Don't wait for the world savior; make spiritual work saturating every moment of yours with fire of bliss. Measure of comprehension is inexhaustible. Measure of love never becomes poor. Forgiveness and mercy supports the tissue of the world. Be able to forgive thousands and thousands times. People are just capricious and flighty children thoughtless of what they are doing. Punishment for a child must not be cruel. Young generation exasperation, its disposition to rudeness, and irrational self-willingness is exactly growing energy of the future capturing by the spirits of darkness.

Flame of the world desire builds the universe. Before their realization, ideas carry potential of undrainable possibilities. But when implemented, the fires of higher karma fade due to lack of care, devotion, and enthusiasm of striving. Instead of inhaling aromas and enjoying fruits of karma gardens, humanity gets down in the caves and sneezes from dust of banality. Loss of feeling of singularity deprives receiving of energy of the current moment exclusiveness. Gray stone can't play in the sunbeam. The new is a containment of forthcoming illuminations and constructions. Seeking for the new is pleasure of the heart.

Thought about the source purity never muddies it, and its salubrity doesn't disappear. Stones at the entrance move apart. New magnet will start shining. Seal of my words is irreversible. One living under My Ray for centuries long can't question the truth. It is everyone's right to stick a label to a neighbour. But current of truth alone knows the true essence of every being.

119. Heart's of the Universe energy penetrates through invisible channels. Column of Light over Belukha is connected with an umbilical cord of the Earth. The planet receives cosmic energy here. Force of the umbilical cord of the Earth, which is Ged force, lives in Mother's of the Mountains currents. Urusvati summit was promised from ancient ages. Great veneration, solemnity, and adoration are necessary when approaching the sacred mountain aura. The Heart of the Mountain preserves the secret. Timid one is afraid of any rustle but courageous one walks forward like a lion and doesn't pay attention to broken bushes. The Magnet can't loose its power for its essence is imperishable. Ak-Kem shines as lakes of bright eyes and as fires of hearts of visitors. Every spark of the fire of hearts settled on the gray stones of memory and kindled them. Sacred waters are white. Magic mirror shines with reflection of the Stronghold of Spirit. Castle of the Invisible Master is hidden in eternal ice. Sacred City of Knowledge is covered with gravel of innumerable centuries. But Face of the Great Mother is lightful. Her breath enweaved aura of peace and vital force from the space. Pure streams are full of wisdom. Song of winds sounds like praise. Rustles in the night are full of voices of Spirits of the Light. Master Sviatogor is on the watch.

120. Imposing extraneous way of thinking, digression from spiritual values, turning people into breeding material - these are the targets of technocrats possessing psychotronic technologies. Indoctrination of own opinions and understanding of freedom all over the world deprives any nation of its own wisdom assets and reduces entire spiritual potential of the planet. Example of one wealthy country parasitizing on the body of the planet and consuming best resources and forces of the planet is just a part of the empire which Prince of Darkness tries to build turning humans' hearts against Higher Worlds. This is illusion of earthly heaven and seeking for physical body immortality within unbelief, self-will, and worship of violence. Isn't it blasphemy and challenge to the Divine Principle?

Lack of sattva principle burdens false paradisiacal life. Attachment to material wealth dooms the world to existing in lower layers of earthly karma. Pushing consciousness into lower manifestations does not allow even a spark of the spiritual ray find a way into dense atmosphere of golden calf worship. Cutting off spiritual accumulations that raise the human life and building up industry of temptation and sin is the heritage of last days of Atlantis. Just as Atlantes conquered almost the whole planet, besides Shveta-Dvipa which was out of their power, so present-day magicians and dark leaders dictate their will to the whole humanity. The richest country decay is determined by export of its earthliness and mode of life where moloch of gain alone rules. This earthly heaven stamped with the character of wealth, wouldn't it become one of the lowest layers of the hell, for it skulks its ugliness behind good targets?

121. Joy is a root of life. If roots are healthy and firm and goes deep into the ground, then the tree is also firm and sound. Winds and storms do not harm it and fowls of the air hide and nest in its brunches. Joy strengthens a heart and waiting seems to be not so hard. Joy is light as a sunbeam and firm as a diamond in which the sunbeam plays. Joy makes us firm in perfect and good feelings which are the source of good actions. Labour welcomes joy. Joy blesses labour. Any creative work is full of joy and can't breathe without it. Accept joy as the basis of the world.

122. It is a thankless job to pull forcedly anyone to heaven. In the result you may run out of force; or you may stumble and fall down lugging away the follower; or the leaded one may go mad from early learning of secrets. He may even betray you and become the most rabid adversary falling into agony of madness due to abundance of feeling. When you have established in self-rightness and you have build up your power of wisdom in silence, then you become a living magnet. There is no need in new crusades in the name of new Teaching. Mosaic of the world is so brittle. Taking away a black stone from the wall you may crush the whole building of the already constructed temple.

Light of best feelings gives birth to smile, but grin of evil is horrible. The world of human deeds ought to rise from joy. Speech arises from abundance of the heart. Let us not be like home dictators who, in furious envy to higher entities, dreams about lordship over the world. One passing this way deserves pity. Result of such striving is miserable. Any sort of jealousy and envy strangles the heart like a serpent and blocks selected path.

It is impossible even for hurricane to tear apart braided roses of souls. Not just their tissue grew together but thorns also. They are one stem of senses like a twin crystal of joy. One hand can't live without the other one. Wings can't raise you uphigh if they are not equal in their strength. The same way masculine and feminine principles of the world are one whole. They can create light of harmony and splendor of worlds together only.

123. Book-learning adopted by a mind is as good as declaring yourself to be the author of an art reproduction found at a square. Book-learning gives an impulse to the world of imagination. This is a lightning of illumination striking a spark out of the own Chalice and lighting nooks of knowledge obtained once upon a time. Waves of spirit can't beat against granitical shore of intellect endlessly. If there is no even slightest response the light of spirit fades in the abyss of incomprehension. Clarity of water of life depends on solar energies. Horns are the symbol of lunar wisdom, the symbol of the mind far-out from spirituality. Horns holding the sun display balance between the mundane and the celestial knowledge. The sun of spirit must illuminate horns of the false mind. Intensification of energies of intellect provides precondition for the will crystal formation. Mental, the reason of the universe, counterbalances to spiritual illumination. Silver of words in the frame of golden silence is like gems of Cosmic Wisdom in the frame of mundane knowledge. Amber of a soul lets the ray of illumination deep inside if the amber is limpid.

124. Madness of love is a law of divine behavior. Love is quintessence of higher desire. Strait knowledge is a path of love. In order to comprehend something one should love. Bitterness of unrealized desires is an earnest of similar situation return in future. A butterfly of soul flies to the light of the heart secret again and again and burns its wings again. Forces of the soul burn away, lava of feelings boils, but it is impossible to comprehend the beginning of everything without realizing of the forces boiling. Striving, interest, and enthusiasm are the aspects of that divine ecstasy, of that creative rupture which is named love.

125. Energy of imagination with lack of sensation conducts currents of the World of Ideas power. Tvashtar, the Great Architect of the Universe, imbued the world with wonderful images, with projections of the Higher Worlds which are the drafts for future building. Imagination is a cord thrown down from the Tower of Spirit. Following this cord it is possible to comprehend aerial nature of spirituality. Dark ones stuck images of lust and lucre all over imagination which is creative force and mover in the World of Thought.

Not any consciousness can perceive the imageless, but thought-forms are the language of sages. Colors and forms are the language of universal communications. Mud at the bottom of the ocean of life hinders from clear perceiving of higher thought-forms containing universal knowledge. Every moment we produce tremendous amount of chaotic images which then drift away to Infinity. Clouds of these forms float to far away fields where stars are not formed yet. Sparks of fohat attract these thought-forms and make models of future formations from them.

126. Energy of love can transform even an abandoned villain to a Warrior of Light. Internal burning existing in every principle could be re-forged easily. Silver armour can be smelted from dark iron. Most wonderful diamonds are extracted from blue clay.

127. Rituals and ceremonies in any religion without due understanding and solemnity of the process are just displaying of degeneration of a cult. It is impossible to save the world with ceremonies. It is impossible to save the world by recumbence on Maytreya-Christ. But one can save him by himself.

128. Elements dilatation and various qualities energies intensification are the attributes related to days eclipse. Pyramid of Light helps to break through dense astral layers. Pyramid's Ray is help for the ill Earth.

Fire growls upon the terra firma. Flamy waves uprush. And there is no salvation for souls sleeping in the caves of selfhood. Currents are thorny and powerful. Light cuts the astral envelope as cutting edge of a diamond. What kind of pattern the Master ordered to design for the predestined hour?

Raj strives to the aid of the Earth. Raj encompassed devoted hearts. Raj creates a mirror of new aura.

Ashes of life deposit moment by moment. But sparks smolder even under ashes. Drain the cup of the hour. The housel cup will become the fiery laver. Sparks of souls kindled. Flame is inside and flame is outside. Roaring, rumble, and murmur of the ocean of fire. And power of incredible tension. Heat of spiritual fire raises flesh. Spiritual heat inflames the space. Mind will not find salvation in muddy water for the Fire is coming!

129. Vedic gods are usually displayed with four hands, which means their capability to do with four elements simultaneously. Spirit divisibility gives possibility of even more extended concurrent participation in eternal creative work.

Lotuses of cosmic forces grow from the bottom of life. Seed of serving the mankind grows from the bottom of life either. Muddy water may blind even a keen eye. Achieving of purity is hard process and it requires super-effort. Aura's retinue must be of fiery-white color. Gold of roses and silver of lilies are inweaved into ornament of the tissue of life.

130. Pressure of fire is unprecedented. Intensification of these energies brings to light internal vices and aggravates them. It is like rats leaving a foundering ship; like cockroaches and other insects trying to escape from the house enveloped in flames. It is impossible to combat the vices without detecting them. Psychic elements of imperil are coming to the surface under the influence of fire of labour, fire of prayer, and steam baths which is one of useful inventions for the humans' benefit.

The picture of the world being is composed of great number of sparks of life. Everything is governed by the law of great purposefulness. Not an event, even insignificant one, can happen without the sovereign plan. Every drop of divine dew imbues a part of land with vital energies. Ocean of the universe consists of smallest drops of light.

131. World of psychic phenomena is very attractive for a spirit which is afraid of achieving spiritual summits. Psychism provides tinge of mediumism to the soul. Nervous channels become fatty from sense of everydayness and banality of existent. Vehement psychists become a bonne bouche for satanists. They are like battering-ram for dark ones. Falsehood and treason are hiding behind their backs. Lack of discern and attentiveness often make allies of involution from not bad people. Beware of joining the circle of such entities. Surface caress and hospitality are just traps for week souls only. Beware of idle talks and plentiful repasts. Entertainment doesn't tune heart energies to harmony of labour. Spiritual leaders' conceit and their sectarian manners indicate that the path to the edge of Light is closed for them. Their vociferous proclaims about common good is nothing more than parrot's habit to attract the master's attention.

Spiritual striving category is subject to laws of secret. Hearty gifts and devotion to Masters of Light governs the life dedicated to the service. Be the point of Moria's sword! Be His Word and Deed! Master, don't let me pass by Your work!

132. Listen to My voice! And there will be no obstacles or suddenness on your way. Voice of heavens hearing is the gift of prophet. Long ago dreams come true. Milarepa heard voices of deva, of stones, and grass. He understood language of animals and birds, of mountains and trees; he could whisper a word to the wind and it carried the message to the keen ears. Many things can be discovered in the past when pride leaves its dwelling and the will turns to the heart, and the heart turns to flamy love.

The world is full of singularity. Miracles of new times are coming. But miracle is just knowledge of laws of wisdom. Magnet of happiness charges. But creative love is like a secret under seven seals. The wave brings fortune. The heart knows the flamy current. Flame makes iris of talent shine.

133. Light-mindedness often blasts even most good undertakings. No power of fire tension is enough to destroy disharmony of a wily heart.

Golden light, that fell down on the tops of cedars, enlighted the ripe fruit of the world. Seeds of comprehension hail from under open scales. Form of the fruit stays the same but without seeds it looses the content. Human essence that leaves flesh is that very fruit for celestial wayfaring and physical body is just an empty vessel for wine of wisdom. The vessel is empty and few drops left on the very bottom grow musty. Wash the vessel with fiery water and fill it with new wine. If wineskin is not shabby it mustn't be thrown away but filled again. If only worm of self-conceit didn't eat it away and make it useless.

134. A gland of spiritual growth is implanted into the earthly body. Seeds of the Heart of Universe sprout on the planet. New wine pours into the new wineskins. Race of Teachers of the future is to grow up. It is possible to see the diamond of supermundane light with spiritual vision only. For an earthly eye it is just obscurity of the Absolute. The mundane heart becomes blind from such flame. Sacred fire brings scorches, ulcers, and unknown diseases into a shabby body. It is dangerous to overestimate a level of consciousness. Fermentation of Agni Yoga wine goes on. Mud already sediments and crystal of new spirituality plays in the light. Eternity and flame are one.

135. Iridescent dust of conceit falls like farina from a butterfly's wings, and carcass of life constructions becomes visible. It is good if conceit is justified and constitutes just a protecting shell for a vulnerable soul. But if the soul ossifies due to selfness, the shell becomes unbearable for the grain of spirit. It is hard for a seed to sprout through asphalt. But one whose seed of spirit have already sprouted is not a human anymore but a god-inspired entity. Lotus sprouts at due time. Seeds scattered throughout the mundane space will never be lost for naught.

Vitalizing power of light heals the mundane obscurity. Balm of higher hearty thoughts treats wounds of the world. Phenomena are illusionists' share. Most wonderful things are hidden deep inside a human. Not a spark falls out from the imperishable treasure. But a person can't see the sun of joy when enveloped with mist. And reflection of mirage only leads a sore mind.

Beware of those screaming about truth serving at crowded squares. Truth is silent. It is dissolved in everything. Tense peace alone can help the heart to hear a secret word. Dark fire scorches souls with knowledge easy comprehension. Haughtiness doesn't help to leap over many lives. It is impossible to make a servant to be a master although he is aware of master's manners and behavior. Dull steel glitters more often than a sharp sword which leaves its sheath seldom. Sympathy and antipathy shifting reflects the law of energy afflux and reflux. Feeling yourself as an inviolable particle of the Eternal One gives firm basis for balance. The heart flying to his Beloved shouldn't be confused by casual bypassers for they are unasked guests at the mundane garden.

136. Many of you even didn't set foot on the path of higher destiny yet. Heavenly paths converge upon earthly ways. But heaven is for wings and earth is for feet. It is hard to get on a firm land when sinking in a bog of prejudices. But space sounds more and more insistently. As if all kinds of rays and divine flamy currents pore down on the astonished earth.

The Earth's heart activity grows responding to solar spots radiation. Human mind seethes intoxicated with miasma of false civilization. Chain reaction syndrome overtook all elements. Wars are just reflection of cosmic battles. But earthly heart can't live with hate. Even earthly fire is not just ashes, smoke, and chars but warmth and admiration also. Finest particles of admiration are absorbed by the heart. Light is a food of hearty joy wherever it is: in cosmos, in earthly manifestations, in poet's or politician's words, in pictures, in any other piece of art, or in other visible images. Inexhaustible inspiration was put into the great Mother Nature which emits Mother's of the World substance of creation. Honey of bliss finely leaks from all Her creatures. The mankind was promised to become the finger of God implementing the divine will.

137. A canary-bird learns songs from a nightingale. None of warble, no matter how wonderful it is, belongs to the canary-bird. Approaching a generator of inspiration gives a lightning that kindles an aspect of spirit creativity independently from a sphere of its manifestation. Words learned by heart often detain a speaker. Excessive citation of somebody's thoughts forces the mind to the cellar of nullity. Thoughts are like stairs which we use to reach the sense of own life. But when the alien thought comes to its end we use it as a basis and build new stairs of comprehension.

The stronghold of the spirit is to be constructed with the help of prayer and lofty striving to the divine ideal. Triumph of divine ecstasy is like transferring of Eden to the Earth and restoring of power of spirit over the matter. Taking away celestial laws of harmony and cosmic knowledge from the mankind turned existence into eternal pain of soul, suffering, and grief which intoxicate fiery Chalice accumulations. Absence of demand for higher knowledge on the Earth is the major deterrent for evolution and the main ally of the darkness.

138. Earthly and lunar sciences give way to the solar science. The planet enters the period of fiery aura expansion. Comprehension of achievements of the past stays in Akasha records; wave pulsation takes major position in all scientific achievements as the basis of cosmic space saturation. This particularly determines vital necessity to develop higher spirituality in order to perceive rays of discoveries that change New World understanding. Without moral and internal discipline none of scientists is able even to learn the grammar of the science of the future.

Time changes direction of force of pressure on the humanity; like an arrow winged at a saint changes its flight path. Clot of time plasma may just flow around the rock of somebody's flesh. When a spirit carrier exists and works mainly in Higher Spheres it makes him immortal. Physical body is like a lab gown or like scientist's protective suit for working at dangerous area.

Souls athirst for knowledge are knocking at the locked doors. The locked door is most mysterious. What is behind it? Interest to a neighbor's secret is still strong. Desire to discover drives both a scientist and a scandalmonger. Polarity of interests creates the magnet of comprehension.

139. Mysteries of Belukha are hidden. Summits of Altai, Caucasus, and Himalayas were indicated in ancient prophets. Treasures of the Heart of the World are waiting for the predestined hour. Pyramid of Destiny calls spirits which are ready for evolution. The Valley is the place of forthcoming exodus. New humanity will crystallize through the lens of the Valley. According to statistical data from the karma world there is not a one awaken spirit which never visited or doesn't want to visit the Valley. Uimon-land breathes with ozone of the future. Fiery breath releases before transfiguration. Earthquakes and hurricanes are the first signs of the world change. Children of the Stone are coming. They have developed gland of spiritual knowledge. The ray of the Heart of the World guides them. They are strangers in this world. Difference between celestial and earthly auras vibrations is too significant. Devarishis are incarnating. Celestial Brahmins are entering the mundane doors. Spirit of Gold Thread leads them. Master Christ is with them.

140. Niche of incarnations never stays empty. 20 billion souls are circulating in samsara. Twinkling divine sparks take turns in embodying and then getting free from the body. The Earth is overcrowded by those who wish to incarnate while Venus and Jupiter are less loaded in this respect. Many souls are fastened to the planet with heavy karma bonds. Many evil souls incarnate immediately for they do not have any spiritual illumination or experience which could keep them in Subtle Worlds. Turn of the worlds' purity tide and release of the planet from imperil depositions and astral encumbrance will make incarnations more seldom; as Master Christ said: "Only one will be left from one thousand." Souls that have found the path to the Light only will step across the fiery threshold. Life will become longer. Souls that didn't realize the Life Teaching value will go to Mars and to the other planets congenial to the Earth in its current state. Times of early Atlantis will return. Every soul will see inhabitants of Higher Spheres and communicate with them without shock or centers paralysis. Language as a communication mean will recede into the background. Thought-forms will be used for communications. Third Eye developing will give back spiritual vision to the mankind. Death anxiety will leave people as they will see the spirit embodiment and its further release. Dropping-off to blissful sleep and the Subtle World viewing will return joy to the Transition.

141. Guards of Summits are angry. Crowds of leisured and curious people defile the innermost path. European principle of entering Holy of Holies in dirty boots acts here too. One should not take curiosity for a day for a moment of solemnity. The Mountain of Light will close soon. Higher Forces' patience runs low. Magnetism of mountains and valley changes. People infiltrate by all means. But few ones only find what they were looking for.

Fiery power band expands upwards. Celestial arrows conceive new thinking in the hearts. It is time for hermits and communities. It is time for cordial prayer and mantra of cooperation. It is time to build and to create. It is time to surprise and to be surprised. It is time to forgive and not to feel aggravated. The new requires new means of perception and containment. Nucleus must not be big. There must be two or three people to whom Higher Forces will hand secrets of Belukha mysteries. The Stone gushes power. A particle of the Heart of the World is to be presented in everyone, otherwise it is impossible to comprehend the mystery of the Altai Chalice.

142. Bearers of damnation assume a similitude of human beings. Very often they contain all negative karma manifestations. Meeting with them is heavy like a stone hanged to the neck for it may cause contamination. Beware of people with the imprint of damnation. Ask your heart and elevate your discernment. Epidemic of intruding into people's souls is most dangerous today, because the fire makes the dark insects look for reliable shelters.

143. Transfiguration of the planet has started. Lava of fiery energies pours down from the Chalice of Heavens. The Earth soaks in spiritual power. Lower chakras attenuation lifts kundalini up to manipura. Anxiety of the fire of transfiguration drives people to cities where relics of energy of the past will be preserved for a long time. But the fire fills the whole space, all kingdoms, and elements. There is no other way than to transmute with it. Celestial Alchemy transforms blood composition. Ferrum and copper dissolved in blood should transform into noble formations. The Flame is coming forth. Souls dispensation from karma burden will ease earthly being heaviness. Vibrations create coziness. We know a lot of luxurious palaces where splendor emphasizes ugliness of the darkness. But the chamber of purity of fire worshipers is empty and comfortless according to European standards. There are just carpet on the floor and pillows by the walls. It is fire of the heart alone that stratifies and fills the earthly home with warmth. Fire of cosmos enters the pure vessels.

144. Hermitry should not transform into egotism. Self-sustainability is dangerous because it doesn't allow to see own defects and eliminate reasons that caused them. Magnet of a family is a powerful tool of karma. Many people try to use someone's source of power. Desire to have a family is a bond that attaches us to the mundane world. Humanity is also the family. It is a community in spite of non-extirpated forms of negative interrelations. Community and communications display the magnetism of attraction of living beings of the same biological spice and physical nature conducted by the instinct of senses. Love and fear, which are displayed as self-preservative instinct, are the poles of sensual magnetism and lightnings of various manifestations flashes between them.

145. Feeling of singularity and unusualness is named the hormone of immortality. Feeling of gray everydayness causes pessimism which is inspiration of the darkness. Unusualness is perception of the Fiery World nearness. Feeling of joy and light comes from comprehension of breath of the Eternal inside yourself.

146. Divine potentials are stored in every atom. The Ray that awakens consciousness comes from the Sun. Creative Brahma Himself was named Divine Atom in ancient writings.

Human mental energies become excited via a heart, they come from the sun and reach every atom. The heart kindles surrounding space with a flow of sunny thought-forms. Shiva's Hair or living spirals of cosmos which form the space, accelerate the thought force incredibly. The thought reaches most distant planets and nooks of the Infinity immediately, and it educates and impregnates all spheres of universe with force of reason. Force of imagination gives clothes to the thought. It is possible to put white or black clothes on the same force of thought. But creative process dresses the thought in iridescent clothes.

Illusion endued us with functions of creator of our small world and gave us an instrument to fulfill the unforeknowable job. Experience of creation is similar in all worlds. Methods of physical and mental work are the same, but rate of thought force and of subtle spirituality differs. Every stone, every plant accumulates force of consciousness up to such level when its power is enough for the next evolutionary shift. The mankind is capable to speed up these processes both inside and round itself.

147. Substance of the Universal Fire can't manifest without mediator. Divine Reason and thought as It's element discerns just some kinds of energies and flames from infinite set and variety of those. Thoughts are using cooperation with other elements for thought-forms creating. The saturated thought which is endlessly churned with vibrations, creates images and then densifies them to visualization first at subtle level and then at physical one; it attracts mind and the will to the circle of its forces, kindles and whirls them up to the higher level of incandescence, attracting currents of the Fiery World.

Cosmic Love which is conductor of Higher Worlds' energies and which is the reason of the material world creating, is the highest phase of cosmic feelings. Love causes the world desire and enthusiasm through which the multicolored fiery feelings manifest. Energies at the positive pole gradually densify and involutionary change from sattva state to active state or rajas. Tamas is a reservoir of the coarse matter, and is the most inert phase of a soul development; it forms the negative pole of the magnet of the Great Life. Tamas feelings manifestation is complete but opposite reflection of sattva feelings. Pairs of opposites are binary while qualities manifestation throughout the whole universe is ternary.

The Fiery Plane is not devoid of feelings. One should not imagine lightful creatures as computerlike forms. But power of their feelings and the will is so great that human manifestations of those are like glowworms in comparison with the flaming sun. Even a small thought of love well-directed to the human heart is able to kindle and inspire the person, change his aura, and open an access to the sanctuary of cosmic knowledge which could transfigure the planet as quick as lightning. But gray mist of karma formed by the mankind is too dense unfortunately.

Offer prayers to the fiery creatures! There are always time and place for joining the spirit. It is never too late to enter the current of the purifying Light.

We are the adamantine warrior-host! We are the ocean of fiery swords! Urusvati the Holy Mother leads us, She never takes away a look of Her flamy eyes! From the Summit She looks at the Battle Field! As a chieftain She directs us Where the battle boils, and above the sounds of the battle The star of exertion flames! The Masters with incredible power of striving Have forged the Sword of Victory, From our souls, They march as the Wall of Fire, And we follow them like unconquerable flow! We'll not retreat or disavow! The star of destiny has called us to the Stronghold To kindle sun of Victory in our hearts The sun whose name is SHAMBALA! Shining! Wonderful! Dear! The citadel of Sons of spiritual Changes! Your Armour shines on our shoulders! And the Shield forged by Rigden is over our heads! We are the adamantine warrior-host! We are the ocean of fiery swords! Urusvati the Holy Mother directs us, From Her Fiery Omniscience Summit!

Forget quarrels for the sake of common work. Step across the stone of stumbling. Cooperation makes the spirit strong and makes the work of Light imperishable. Discipline always must be ahead knowledge. The free will is strong, but the river-bed is to be straitened in order to build a power plant of energies of light.

148. Power of fiery tension pours like ceaseless torrent. Previously charges of the Higher Worlds were accepted by the Great Masters, their disciples, and nearest zealots, but nowadays spiritual fire penetrates into every heart directly without higher mediators. The boundary of evolution that has separated initiated ones from not initiated has been effaced. Chalice of accumulations, which is the only one measure of containment, is full-brimmed. The higher the quality of the content is the more subtle and keen sensation of far away worlds' currents which change the planet's chemism. Many hearts rupture due to their inability to accept even a drop of cosmic housel.

Mother's of the World Knowledge outpours. Father of One Wisdom opens His Heart. But vibrations are just the most coarse part of encrypted knowledge. Admiration caused with fiery currents accepting is just a component of Cosmic Bliss which emits from the heart of Cosmic Love. Knowledge is just the start point of the link with the silver thread stretched to every heart.

Flood of Zodiac energies makes the elements boil. Elements obtain sublimated forms. The Fire becomes the Light and the space becomes Akasha, the water turns into cosmic steam, and soil turns into interstellar dust. The material gradually leaves the planet giving this globe to the other creatures which will come after us. Transition to the new globe will happen under the fire pressure, when the mankind will learn to live in two worlds simultaneously, as it was at early Atlantis ages.

Headaches and subwaking state of consciousness may be caused by the Subtle World currents influence. Experience of living in two worlds can facilitate densified astral approaching and its gradual assimilation. But cataclysms are unavoidable. Elements balance is too unstable. It was the mankind who made the Earth to be a ball kicked by a random case. New plane is near. It already exists, clean and free from humans' garbage and miasma. Stratums of wastes and sensual dirt, astral disposal field becomes ashes which will fertilize the fields where sprouts of the new humanity come up. Great Mahadeva Shiva's labour gives the results. Shiva Mantra is most actual nowadays. A dance of development is severe, but Higher Forces protective Ray is powerful. Nothing can soil the silver belt. The most obscene will be a teaching aid at the school of behavior.

The Masters of Karma always notice the seeders of good thoughts. Energy of spiritual seeds sprouting will kindle the Earth with a burst of Creative Light. Clear dreams are the birth of the gift of prophet. Link with the Hierarchy should not be accompanied with idle talks and yellow advertising. Even a rose's thorn may become a weapon. Oriental type of behavior is relevant at the East. A soul is not a shirt. Don't fling the door of the treasury open. The athirst ones will see the golden light, running through the interstices in the wall, by themselves. The lower astral boiling off will provide transparency of fundamental light to the auras and will give a gift of discern, which is the most difficult in the present world. Mechanisms of casts are turning on already. Celestial Brahmins will take their original place. The Castle of the Forthcoming is already built at the Higher Planes. Hurricane of happiness rushes toward us.

149. True face of a man is hidden under face powder and rouge; words, gestures, and grimaces of an actor hide the human essence, if it is manifested at all in the current incarnation. Personality, as a tool of self-affirmation, manifests itself as a center of a human's universe, while the essence is aware of the alliance of all monadic sparks. A seed can't envy the similar seed. It simply knows that it is necessary to grow and increase crops: one can decuple the crops, the other one produce fifty times more, and the third one - a hundredfold. It depends on the seed's power and environmental conditions. The seed of manifestation is also hidden until events happen that uncover the hidden meaning.

One should determine a level of own achievements, own invisible point in the universe without over- or underestimation. Let's try and strengthen light of hearts. Not everyone has enough force for a shoot forward. As a rule exinanition and necessity to recover follows outstanding phenomena or achievement. One climbs a mountain slowly. Stable burning is preferable.

150. There may be not only elements' irritation, but elements' joy too. Such state of harmonization is very rare and as a rule it follows cataclysms and storms. Human consciousness is capable to control the elements. But purposefulness is darkened and rolls down to black magic due to self-will. Selfish abuse of power is immeasurable.

Fiery waves roar over the planet. Storm of broke through flame is very dangerous for the material world. It is impossible to hide from the Judgment Day emission. Angels discharge the Cups. These are the Cups of pain and grief. These are the Cups of ignorant humanity calamity. These are the Cups of purification and transfiguration. Power of Cosmic Magnets is unimaginable. Responding to the call of spacial fire they deliver the innermost which was stored since the down of time. In this respect every human being is the magnet.

Broom of elements cleans up the mundane space. Flows of new energies enter the channels prepared by the Great Masters. The predestined hour has struck. Every day is equal to a year in its power of tension. Times heaviness is densified. Earthly consciousness assimilation with new time currents enters the initial phase. Be blessed those who have accepted Celestial Fire! Be blessed those who have purified their vessels for the New Fire! Guards of Fate have directed their swords down to the Earth. Impacts toward the Earth will be of permanent rhythm.

151. It is property of water to take away negative energy of the earth, of cosmos and of humans. It extracts negative quality psychic energy from environment. Due to its nature, it easily responds to thought-forms yielding to their will. It is possible to trace love or aggression manifestations when freezing water in a vessel. Conducting the astral light ice crystals take beautiful and perfect forms, and under pressure of thought-forms they take ugly shapes. The planet's memory is stored in the water, like memory of space - in Akasha. Life-giving element has all attributes of consciousness and mind. Rivers and oceans carry waves of purification. Vitality of the planet depends on water which is vital both for plant and animal kingdoms. Light steam of Akasha of future levitates over water.

Clouds are subject to the humans' imagination influence and they take shapes of concentrated emanated thoughts which reach the higher spheres. Prayers and mantras make water curative and consecrated. It was known since ancient time.

152. Celestial Jerusalem comes down on the earthly firmament. Angels are walking among people. Fiery roses start blooming in the space. The Earth becomes a garden of blissful ones. But do bipeds deserve these miracles? Rage of the darkness is too great to release a bridle of hate and fear. Purification of thinking alone can break toxic fetters. The space purity manifests in purity of sleep dreams. The fire pressure squeezes out smoky formations from auras. Purity obtains a status of vital necessity. Purity as a spiritual bred is necessary for everyday life.

Treating of an ill consciousness burdens not a few of hearts. Poison of thousands and thousands incarnations in the course of wars, robberies, and genocide is burning out. Human rights trampling called monsters of the planet diabolizing into existence. But pure ozone of the thought burns out these ghostly strongholds and castles where servants of the darkness ensconce. The world of feelings overcomes the world of animal instincts. The Heart of Raj-Star brings transfiguration of the world. The solar focus whose name is Sun is just seventh reflection of the Spiritual Sun.

Spirits of elements which are not contaminated with human lust will become good assistants for the new mankind. Now it is time to learn to recognize the signs. Any flower may become the finger of fate. The World's of the Light help embraces the humanity, but earthly eyes are blind. Warning and directing signs are like milestones and they appear suddenly. The Great Akbar has pointed out importance of even insignificant signs. A blind man needs a sighted person and a stick. Even clouds may draw signs on the firmament. A ray enlighting a split in the rock shows the way in twilight. An abscised leaf on the water surface shows direction of flow. Look forward with an eagle eye.

153. Someone's pains and aura stratifications burning out is a thankless job. But some times it is necessary to put your hands into liquid mud in order to find a lost diamond. The fiery armour just hardens due to the contact with alien environment. There is no suffering if there is no desire to possess something or somebody. Ingratitude is the property of a low nature. Tamas natures strive to abase and deaden most outstanding manifestations. Poison of everydayness is bitter but it contains life medicine. Harmful and useful components are shared equally. When someone drags a channel surroundings become soiled. But the muddy one has an opportunity to wash himself in the fountain of Wisdom.

154. Do not deny love to anyone. Do not deny hope to a soul. Unfulfilled promises increase karma clot of debts. Confession links bewail souls with unbreakable thread. Master of sincere life is responsible for every small wrong-doing of his own much more than a person that is not aware of cosmic rules. It is possible to tear off the fiery thread of responsibility, but what is to be used to fill up an empty heart? Aren't there spite and hate at the edge of our self-will watching thoroughly every thought of rage in order to drain our force? The allowable measure was determined and crossing the frontier means pulling own soul evolution tens incarnations back. An hour of a secret reveal is sacred.

155. There are software programs aimed to human's soul destruction and decay. Computer drags such as virtual helmets which cause lower plane hallucinations and hold consciousness in this stream for a prolonged period, make people mad and super exited. All video plays are working like black holes pumping out psychic forces from children and adults. Attractiveness of debauchery and murders encouraging with showing these as usual practice propagate the lowest rate of permissiveness and cultivate a worship of physical strength as the only one possible on the planet. Producers of video plays captured with diabolic idea of "supermanship" intentionally forgot to change the sign to the opposite one. Spiritual man only is all-powerful and omnipotent for he is linked with Divine Forces and he, protected by the laws of Higher Ethics, can act throughout the whole universe. Ethics alone can facilitate power of the thought. Ethics alone can form fiery intergalactic body which gives true freedom and true happiness of Great Life. Level of spirituality determines the volume of a magnet which attracts to the Cosmic Magnet. The more powerful spirit accumulations, the greater striving and more clear a picture of the future which is nothing else but entering Fiery Spheres by the soul.

156. Case of instantaneous transfer of a person's consciousness after his death to another person is explained by monadic interlinks. Parts of one grain shared among several souls can live separately and in parallel at the same period and even in different places of the planet. Parts of one monad only can merge together and co-exist unless intense desire to live pushes an unconscious animal soul out of it's receptacle. Method of monadic relations allows merging of the parts without disadvantages connected with karmic burden. The principle of the Great Masters' earthly incarnations is the basis of this phenomenon. A human illuminated with the Ray of one of the Masters can accept the full power of the Higher Spirit at the end of some certain period of life, as it happened to the Mother of Agni Yoga. After finalizing Her mundane lifetime She accepted the whole Spirit of White Tara and became one of the grates leaders of the mankind.

157. We are bathing in the Fiery Sea. A body senses these burning hot touches. But a spirit alone can hold the body in balance which is related to the Fire but surpasses it in higher manifestations. The light of spirit is incredibly pure. But substance of purity volatilizes if it is not absorbed by the fire of the heart. As oil holds a precious aroma the same fiery Akasha, that supports life of the heart, holds the Light of spirit. Fire destroys astral hovels. All wretched constructions melt as if they were made of wax.

The Great Mother's field is available for sons of soil. Consciousness ascending to densified astral is open, but people are like unthinking children there. Every soul will have to learn from the very beginning in the New World. Magic techniques of the past are useless at the Home of Future. Gifts of the heart only are useful. Small adamant of joy and good is more valuable than whole belongings collected. Lets open the Fiery Path for everybody by collecting diamonds of spirit for the own heart.

158. Physical body saturation with fiery energies leads to material food quantity reducing. Spacial currents make food more nutritive. Gluttony is the worst type of animal atavism. There is never a one advanced spiritual person to be like new Lucullus. Center of belly swelling blocks the way to energies of light. Eyes of the glutton look like tin saucers. Food is a kind of a drag besotting consciousness. Very often a glutton becomes a vampire surrounded by hungry spirits. In astral he looks like a table with remnants of the pleasures of the table surrounded with gray thought-forms.

159. Ring of Wisdom is imbued with the Master's Heart energy and with His Fiery Will. The Al-Man-Azore Ring may be made of silver or even copper, but bronze or alloy of nine metals are the best. Treat it as the Solomon's ring: via this ring the sun outpours heat of the new mankind and new knowledge which passes from one heart to another.

The Earth already bathes in energies of Satya-Yuga morning. Elements' onset is connected with their refining. Vivification always starts from suffering and pain. It is impossible to reborn without psychic pain. Renouncing of the obsolete is painful, but there is no repentance without it. Roots of habits hold too strong. But burned out habits are good substrate for the sprouts of virtues. Universal religion of Good is the mosaic of the starry heavens. Every star is manifestation of one of the religions. Unity is determined by the One Fire which governs the whole world. Unity is the Chalice of hearty serving the ideals of Universal Evolution, the laws of Good, and striving to the transfiguring Light.

160. Higher planes of being are the planes of accelerated evolution where people that are able to live in the environment of ordinary human society and can influence upon it via their own energy, speech, right behavior, and spiritual labor are prepared. These are channels of spirit or incarnated Rays of the Great Masters, Divinities, Fingers and Hands of the God. These people conduct flow of energies for accelerated growth of the mankind.

Magnetic power of Joy reigns over the nascent planes. Manifestations of the Light are approaching. People carrying sparks of the Light plant the garden of Love.

161. At most channeling is simply low mediumism. But there are true pearls in the garbage of such writings. Masters of Light warn that ninety nine percents of contactors receive messages from one and the same spirit that just is having fun and misinforming the whole schools and groups of spirit-finders. Distortion of facts, terms, and dates of world esoteric history takes place.

Sanat Kumara, Ra, Archangel Michael, Helios, and many other manifestations of Divine Reason in our small Solar System represent one and the same Greatest Individuality.

It is hard to detect whose vibrations imbue the message because translations are of low quality and made as rough-and-ready. Any communications with the Higher Plane of Infinity are going through the Dwelling of Light - Shambhala. Seizure of the right on one and only spiritual license by some personality omitting the Stronghold is false and harmful. Channeling is impossible without Leading Ray and link with the Brotherhood of Light. The Ray of Stronghold opens a window to the universe for a heart and provides protection from the channel capturing and spiritual information distortion. The Hierarchy alone can give blessing and guarantee the channel purity. Never a one communication channel to supermundane source of Knowledge can work without the Hierarchy supervision.

162. Touches of moments are sharp. Currents calm down and leave time for energies crystallization. Crystal obtains diamond qualities under the influence of Orion rays. Structures of crystals and cells change torrentially. Billions of years are pressed together forming results for the last hours of transfiguration. Souls that have passed a long way of awakening rise to higher level in comparison with the former mankind; those who are late will vacate the earthly field and go to the red planet where their experience is necessary. The Earth in the current state represents the lowest dead point of evolution. The Sixth Race which was predestined to push the pendulum of life upwards has already come into the world. Earthly labour is important for entire Infinity. Rays that impregnate the lower matter are charged with force of manifestation. The Earth is the field of researches and new constructions for the Global Architect.

163. Tension of spacial fire grows. Even weather changes do not bring coolness. Astral heat descends on the earthly plane. All manifestations of the matter, feelings, mind, and the entire picture of the current events are saturated with special magnetism of high mental energy. Power grows and it obtains qualities of the Fiery Plane. Karma depletion speeds up. Only those who have depleted karmic debts will stay in the waves of new times. Everyone has reached the point with his own spiritual baggage earned on the earthly roots. Celestial Brahmins are teaching the human souls via sleep dreams and mentally. Cosmic warriors or kshatrias form up to protect the planet from dark intruders. The Earth as an embryo of a new universe contains new spiritual achievements never reached or tried before on similar planes. Souls partition border is fixed. Left and right sides form urgently. Faces of many embodiments are opened. Masks can't help to hide sediments of dark karma behind a smile of a scalp. Fire concentrates at the place of dark forces muster. Fire is like a multi-channel radio responds to great variety of human hearts. Everyone hears what comes near his heart.

164. Energy of the future streams down from the North Pole of the planet and changes climate in all regions of the Earth. Force of the new awakes sleeping continent Hyperborea, the arch-motherland of Arians.

I give you the stick for wayfaring. The way will show the predestined not for the sake of daily bread but for the sake of job of a soul whose light grows. Flame of search will sprout with fiery cedar of comprehensions. Everyone gets a small seed. One seed dries neglected; the other one waits for its term in a dusty nook; but third one falls on the good soil brought by the wind of fortune and starts its predestined work. Forest of spirit grows invisibly. Slopes of arduous hills are not a hindrance for it; winds and frosts just stiffen it's determination to climb uphill.

Very often a last burst of magic behavior leads to its exhaustion. Grimaces of Moon will still torture the poor mankind for a long time. It is impossible to remake Nature in a twinkle of an eye. Rain drops fling off astral dust. Elements disclose new qualities.

Flame! Flame! Flame! It will clear our souls. Flame of creative work will give an impulse to reach the Higher Worlds. Particles of universal inspiration will enter the human hearts. Sanat Kumara's Palace will become visible when the gloomy cover of maya falls down. Ignorance will be fused into strength and thirst for learning. Knowledge will ascend a mountain surrounded with light of spirit. Liberated worlds will rise. Kings of Spirit will complete their long term wayfaring and take their deserved places on the Masters' throne. A palace of never seen before labor descents on the planet. All the best ideas which are not irrelevant and were not implemented come back. Sons of Light look with hope at this delicate and tender sprout.

165. Adepts of Clear Knowledge start teaching the New Race. The Great Wheel Method is to be restored at Altai. Merkaba of knowledge brings unusual findings. But not everyone can listen to heavens. A heart cognate to cosmos beauty alone hears currents of fiery light. The heart and cosmic love intergrowth gives clear knowledge. In comparison with clear knowledge intuition is like look through mist. Sirius mysteries will become available for every inhabitant of the planet. The Earth is the focus of universal advancing. Fiery Forces of the universe direct all the best to the Earth.

Development of the Earth means development of new forms of comprehension. Mundane laboratory methods will be applied in near and far cosmos. Intergrowth of hearts and united creative process replaces apartness and abruption. Abruption is an outside point of view from some distance, while intergrowth means participation in work in the very thick of exertion. Abruption means searching of negative features in a partner. Coming close together means contact of the very best and in the most perfect way. First one understates human's qualities and extinguishes a person, but the second one raises the person and kindles treasures of the heart.

Consciousness raising to the level of cooperation is thankless job but necessary one. Great Teachers are busy with this very work and they do not seek for sterile conditions for their everlasting labour of the mankind liberation. Sacrifice of mastership is most hard. Let the silver belt of labour never tarnish from dust of earthly roads!

166. Works magic is pretty good developed at countryside, a sort of mix of black and white magic, and people there do not even make an effort to discern them. Some of them wear a mask of old-believers, the others appeal to shamans. Methods of harm infliction either psychical or physical are thoroughly staged.

Pursuing every day objectives, magic set even prayers on the evil track as soon as magic contains a grain of human's will enslavement. Many souls separate themselves from the processes of evolution and become subject to obsession of advantageous sorcery, and it is a worst left-over of gloomy times of dark paganism and late-Atlantis. Forcing a weak will to do something advantageous for the other will is a guilty act against Holy Spirit. Energy of hate accumulated and refined during millions of years of the mankind existence produces more and more sophisticated forms of destruction. Even simple ribaldry contains appealing to lowest spirits of the darkness to get help in intentions implementation. Ignorance, drunkenness, and mental imperfection form good environment for involutes and damnations. But even this lowest level of psychotronic can't resist conscious service to Hierarchy and hearty link with the Teacher of Light. His Ray alone can blind evil eyes of dark peepers. The stronger disciple's devotion is the more firm protection is. The vigilant heart on the watch is your Guardian-Angel.

167. My power stays with those who remember Me. Those following the path of earthly suffering ascend to Me. Anchor of pain lies deep on the bottom of the ocean of flesh.

I have affirmed Creative Flame! I give Treasure of the Secret to those who have realized value of silence!

Early giving of knowledge likens to guilty act. Divine Dew of Fire carries aroma of the God's Rose. Altar of cognition is clean. Mysterious inscriptions cover the bowl with Wine of Divine Wisdom.

168. When a soul adopts methods of magic, this takes it off the control over feelings. Magic forms energetic cage which locks most spiritual manifestations of the soul. Uncontrolled internal self-will leads to the worst type of slavery; dependency on spirits-executors arises instead of freedom of action. These spirits-executors require more and more sophisticated intrigues against divine and human will. Elements swelling causes world catastrophes, earthquakes, and hurricanes with big number of innocent victims. By destroying harmony of the worlds and strength of constructions and aggregations, by violating laws of the Great Mother of Beauty, the magicians tear spiritual tissue of Assurgin breaking One Will of God.

169. In Kabbalah Merkaba means the body of fame or human's fiery body which people usually have in unconscious state. Modern alchemists and occultists consider Merkaba to be a chariot or vital principle carrier. Constructed models produce artificial pressure of psychic energy or of spacial fire when rotating to opposite directions. In such capacity they are used as time machines which can carry the vital principle to the past or to the future. This is particular way how leaders of western sects try to insure themselves and their followers from the end of the world and from the world-wide physical disaster. One more juggle or magic trick is suggested instead of consciousness ascending. To say the truth the chariot was mentioned more than once as a transportation mean for traveling to the other worlds, and it was used by Atlantis inhabitants for moving to the other planets in physical body. But in the time of current intensification of imperil hurricanes which cause epidemics of madness and obsession such torsion tools are disastrous for the whole parts of the planet. Such forced fire energies can cause not only fires at some places on the Earth, but also unfamiliar lung and heart diseases. Even folklore proverbs that contain seven keys for the one Mother of Truth understanding used to warn from playing with fire. It is useful for advanced ones to have such spacial model of Fiery Plane.

170. Long term mutual sympathy and love between bhakti and bhakta preserves appearance and makes people look well. Look full of admiration and adoration has special magnetism with healing properties, as if varnish of love protecting from senility.

Life-giving power of fire determines the rate of beauty and fadelessness of the flower of wisdom. Beauty of the inward man shows-through. It is not for nothing that sacred call of the striving heart is: Behold me, my Lord! The God's look makes Mahatmas perennially young. Time doesn't exercise dominion over those whom the God loves. The Great Sanat Kumara's look is like a whole ocean of creative energies. His look makes the planet bloom and beget beauty. If the mankind were not like brakes for spiritual manifestations of higher creatures, then our world would be much more joyful and happy. You know, joy is an air of the Fiery World. Neither big nor small formation in the great universe could exist without sattva.

171. Awakening of the new thinking is the basis of the souls teaching in the forthcoming epoch of Aquarius. Wave manifestations especially will be intensified. Penetration of energies of the carriers of knowledge will become a new methodology of teaching.

Celestial music imbues the universe with permanently increasing flow of wisdom. It is almost silent, and sensitive soul only hears ring of its astral bells. Wisdom can't reach dense spheres without these sounds.

Every principle constitutes intermedium of fundamental knowledge.

172. Merkaba acts as the Cosmic Magnet. Its magnetism just starts to assimilate with human consciousness. It is most ancient tool of Orion inhabitants and can transport consciousness through time and space when you are inside it. Merkaba liberates accumulations of knowledge. Orion inhabitants used to call it Chariot of Fate. It is somewhat modern car and every entity has it. It moves through space tunnels which are called Golden Thread. Feeling of flight overcomes terms of fate and space. But every moment that one stays inside it is of great responsibility. It is necessary to be harmonized and collected at most while staying inside it. Even slightest flash of discontent may automatically throw you back to animal incarnations. It is better to think about Guardian-Angels (and we are that very Angels for ourselves) than thinking about devildom.

Struggle for souls is very serious and great for status of every soul grows every hour. One may not notice obvious things or brush off spiritual battles, but one way or another every human being has art and part in them. Time itself incandesces, time itself experiences the battle between overage deposits of ignorance and of shining of the future knowledge. Addressing to your inner world means choosing the future, choosing the cosmic path of fiery comprehension. Let's put aside old-maidish declamations of hapless actors and admit new performance of the life mystery.

173. Robbers and highwaymen may warm up by the fire. Pishacha and bhuta also may warm up by the fire of love. But fiery flame scorches everyone who comes too close. The way of one who roams to the darkness is empty. It is empty and dangerous. Altar of the secret determines illumination for everyone who saw the light. Heart alone can see a picture of synthesis. But coffee-cup bottom is a telescope for a medium.

Sky is full of signs. Earth is full of signs. Step over offences, abruption, and a lot of other troubles suggested by playing of mind and go ahead as you are going to your home. The future is waiting for us to do the work. Kindle, when opening the heart. Exercising love one achieves new levels of Knowledge of Light. Fill souls with the light and even silence saturate with charisma and benevolence.

Events are strewed with ashes of offences in order to break the wave of high energies. One can stand neither ash nor dust for it is hard to breathe when walking. Spirit ascends via victory over shallow events. The light obstructs multiplicity of deceitful presents. True gifts and comprehensions are silent. Let's leave madness for mad ones. Love is marked with a seal of happiness. Home of love smells roses.

174. Beginning of the new life is an omen of the hour. Separation has happened and everyone has chosen his path. But it is hard for the body to hold power of the currents of the future. Mutiny of lower chakras is an animal energies obstacle for penetration of spirit. Hormone of immortality is provided within every moment. Holy Spirit recognition is accomplished. Never a spark can disengage from aggregated shining. The hour enfolds with unforeknowable secret. Those carrying love shine with supermundane light. Currents of hearts assimilate power of lower chakras. Psychology of shamelessness is rejected. Every soul's position in the cosmic range of the Hierarchy is determined. The magnet accumulated by the heart gives a pass to the future. Flash of realizing of self position and of keen love to the Great Master opens the Gate. Devotion to the Great Image gives protection and immeasurable strength, so that the cause of evolution advances. Pearls of Light are born in the dirt of everyday life. Synthesis of sunbow finds Chalices prepared for new sacrament. Banner of wonderful Wisdom waves over the earthly knowledge. Solar serpent winds around the planet as the Hierarchy of Cosmic Forces. But the past is not subject for corrective actions. The Great Karma pulls back or gives wings that elevate the soul. Liberated swan of the soul flies. But dark one hides in deep holes from the scorching sun. The new chapter in the planet's history is completed. It is not for nothing that Atlantis times were pointed out as similar to the current period. Striving of spirit inaugurates counter-motion of the pendulum of evolution. Spirit starts to weigh upon flesh. Fire opens all cosmic locks. Fire determines the day and the hour of the heart's job fulfillment. Fire allows reading of the Book of Life.

175. Love to the Teacher carries over the fiery wall. Love to the Teacher is like reliable armour. Soul's scorches from the cosmic fire are painful, but life saving surgery is not less sore for the earthly body. Bygones are the dust on the mirror of time; but we are not going to look into the mirror; we will look forward, wherein joy discloses, and wherefrom the spring of the Forthcoming flows. Keep Joy in memory! Stay with Joy! Live with Joy! Do not deprive yourself of healing spring.

176. Surf of feelings beats against diamond beach of an aura. Every boiling fiery wave tries to break through the limpid cupola under which furnace of a soul flames. A sacred altar is by the furnace and the Divine Teacher's or Fiery Friend's throne is on the altar. Fiery fruit of Cosmic Love shining like ultramundane light of thousands of suns is at the top of the aura. So, when flood of feelings will become a hurricane and will turn into creative storm, then a casket with precious gift will fall down of itself to the footing and rushed away waves will disclose its magnificent and beautiful content.

Observe attacks of elements but don't try to stop them or let them in. Be able to distance feelings of your divine nature from external senses roaring. Listen to the fiery wave directed to yourself and with the help of sober thought keep composure. Do not allow alien feelings mixing with yours. Wind, fire, and water churn power of natural forces; but you stay calm and keep watch over the events from your tower. Energies that beat against the aura rush away in order to come back. This will go on thousands and thousands times until pressure of forces reaches the highest tension which raises the rock of aura above boiling elements and stirred thoughts. Fiery tension of striving alone can bring earthly nature to subjection of kindled heart spiritual freedom.

177. Smallest impulse of energy of anger or of slightest discontent causes immediate back impact due to general intensification of fire. It happens for the reason of total intensification of the fire, which strives to facilitate karmic debts depleting due to growing subtlety of spirituality of function of purification. The retort with boiling world energy responds the impulses violating general harmony and extinguishes them so urgently as so far potential of the spirit awaken is able to participate in the world spiritual processes.

Spiritual fire scorches are very painful in case of unrefined consciousness. Whole power of perfection concentrates on the focus of human's nascent ulcer. Karma fulfills its measure. Its persistency and neutrality are enweaved of our thoughts. The promised knows the term of execution. One who knows verdict of tiredness is not able to feel sad. Exhaustion takes away forces and blears thoughts. Inner vivacity alone attracts flow of joy. Inner vivacity alone knows about inexhaustible source of optimism begetting imperishable credit of life. Lasso of fate knows its orbit.

Keep smiling facing external world messages and whisper praying to the Great Mother Fate: "The Great Mistress of the big and the small! You who gives life! The sword of spirit is forged by impacts and it strengthens in the streams of cold disdain and of hot praise. Fame and namelessness; elevations and depressions; richness and poverty - these are Your Heart's gifts, created by our thoughts. It is You, the Great, has collected and stored them to give them back to each of us at the predestined hour! Thy Will be done in our lives! Not like I want or anyone wants, but as You know and see, let the circle of life go on and on! The Light shows Your Path to the heart!"

178. Transfiguration expands from top downward like incredibly rapid chain reaction. Power of nuclear explosion is negligibly small comparing to transfiguring saturation of the planet with high fiery energies. Empyrean forces do not drowse in the gardens and pastures of Heaven tired of everlasting idleness. They are in the flame that acts in the space of Infinity; they are in the flame that creates new universe and new time. It is not cold that freezes souls, but karma that holds the reins of free will. One who disrupts the reins falls down to animal canyon. Self-will doesn't mean the God's Will.

Transfiguration Cathedral cupola looks like a top of pyramid. It is a flow streaming from the Fiery Ocean, and as the great Shiva, the Head and the Master of the universal idea of transfiguration, it is subject to influence of all elements and must stay firmly for this flow absorbs power and strength of the river of Forthcoming, and contain it's rush sending to the earth just creative drops.

The Light limns patterns of happiness in your hearts. Signs of the future are open for every soul.

179. Heart of Infinite Love is sacred and mysterious. Reason of new beginning started to exist emitting grains of potentiality. Liberated energies of cosmic feelings began to crystallize in their innumerable manifestations of the Plane of Light. As if sparks of the infinite Wheel of Life they started to emit their highest qualities established by divine potencies. Crystallization of seven main qualities begot the Universal Human - Purusha.

180. New ones approached. Consciousnesses that are ready to absorb divine dew drops came to the edge of the Valley. Go with new ones for the new ones are the old friends from previous lives and not only on this planet. Do not examine dust of imperfections but look for diamonds of virtues. It is necessary to discern face of great advantage behind seeming mist of misfortune. In the mist you can find a fire quite suddenly. Covers of great nescience make the play of life more mysterious. Eventuality is formed by a chain of imperceptible events induced by a soul. Destination, when it is conscious, certainly leads to the inner task, or personal assignment in modern terms.

Wells of eyes tired of not sleeping, Reflect the fiery heavens just the same. Spiritual spring lives there only Where Merkaba carries Vijaya of the worlds. The Lord fixed the day and the hour Of every earthly event. But we hasten forward having our eyes Glued to the golden sky of our secret. We perceive the world in the most subtle way, We hark sounds of cosmos by our thirsty hearts. From sultry air of our earthly rooms We strive to the ozone in order to kindle up.

181. Good message easily flies into ears. News are coming from the bottom of the heart. Cosmic Love is most important in this world. Canvas of the world stays gray if not decorated with flowers of love. The whole world was created by love. Everlasting love rules all manifestations of joy and happiness.

Sri Lakshmi! Sri Lakshmi! Sri Lakshmi! I call You thrice by My heart in order to illuminate life! You the Supernal! You beautify the Universe of Love! And You reign over It!

182. The world sinks in energies of sorrow. Feeling of unrealized possibilities causes discontent with surrounding world. Distorted eye sees everything to be distorted. But it is self-discontent first of all, discontent about time and capabilities treasure spending for nothing due to selfness of thinking.

Poison of days of sorrow causes dark fire. Grief closes a heart. The darkness is on the watch for one who put out the cresset of joy. Despair pushes to the abyss of hopelessness. Lucre and its broods are like blindfold on the eyes of the world. Life is multiform in its manifestations, but a human aggravated it and narrowed to ignoble manifestations only. Force of the desire is an instrument of free will. Force of the desire is power of striving and advancing toward evolution of spirit. Aren't you falling down to the well of suffering directing this force toward the darkness?

183. Create with the magnet of heart. Joy, the same as love, can fill any abyss of aloofness. Moving of consciousness from the head to the heart provides reign to Cosmic Joy. Spiritually skilled one acts outside borders of the earth. Strait knowledge outpours unceasingly. Any brunches of this knowledge suggest improvements of the earthly life. A soul teaching is conducted with heat and cold flows. Cosmic energies shifting gives an effect of aura strengthening. Fiery energies crystallization makes aura to be the diamond stronghold of the spirit.

184. Ego tells fairy tails limned with paints of feelings. Light of reality is distinctly different. Do not trust imagination if it is suggested by vacuous fantasies. It is heart polished from rust of suffering alone which can become the mirror of spirit. Only this mirror can show you true reality. Influx of feelings is mist of a soul. The mirror of spirit knows the truth which is one and only. All the rest are desires, whishes, and fantasies of sophisticated imagination which is full of ghosts of false images. Ghosts chasing may result in death of mind. Let's leave these meaningless games to maya and ask the Fiery Friend for an advice.

185. The more heart fiery, the subtler and deeper feelings of joy and suffering. Feelings refinement doesn't mean weakness of spirit. Somewhat hysteria and explosiveness of sincere reactions doesn't mean weakness of spirit either. Most likely it is facility for hieroinspiration. One can't enter the secret sanctuary having a coarse soul. It is impossible to feel higher vibration currents having the coarse soul. The more consciously and correctly a person receives celestial messages the more subtle his body becomes and allows richer palette of spiritual forces manifesting.

Fire writes new tables of the covenant. Fire burns away locking seals. Invisible brand is visible at the Subtle Plane for everyone. The World Karma drew a line. A lot of people will go mad of the spacial fire intensity. Result is predetermined. One in ten only will stay.

186. Better to love than to execrate. Execrator attracts fire from the planet's entrails while loveful one embraces entire universe. Fruit of Love, bhakta, has merged with world substance Shakti. Magic of Higher Love produces blessed karma. Bhakta rises even when experiencing suffering. Earthly feelings transfigure when they come through crucifixion of suffering. Clouds of dreams carry prophets about New Earth.

187. Having no attachments is like standing on a scaffold before execution. Vanity runs about and weaves a web of obsolete life while remarkable flowers of Satya Yuga burst into blossom uphigh. The web hanging at the nooks of consciousness provides shade of ignorance. Spider of low passions lies in wait for a toothsome victim; but fiery desire scorches any insect. Burning in hot currents of love is better than boiling in black foam of hate. Moments of higher joy flash in this flame.

Experience of inimitability was granted to the Earth. Lightnings of love purify aura of life. Unblotted incentives bloom in the fiery gardens. Picture of the world consists of details of service.

188. Syrinx of the body is dead without Your breath! You who breathed life into me, You alone can play the melody of destiny with this syrinx! I don't know whether this melody will be joyful or sad. That One who plays the syrinx of my soul knows this. Sacred excitement of joy doesn't leave bhakta's heart. It is impossible to tie together threads of two roads, but it is also impossible to tear one heart into half. One who knows nothing about his half of the soul does not grieve for it, but one who knows weeps like the syrinx of love. I know that wind of fire will bring me the flower of your adoration but while the wind will reach me the flower will turn into ashes. The cresset of Love can burn unceasingly but hands that pours oil of secret into it are necessary. A dove grieves about her beloved locked in a cage. She is glad to share prison with him. She doesn't need freedom when alone. The soul grieves about heavens of Infinite Love, about beautiful perennially young Sri Lakshmi. Thou Mistress, grant me a possibility to satisfy passion of my fiery inspiration!

189. Every human being is subject to the feeling that he is the center of the world; he senses personal significance as if the whole universe orbits around him. The fiery task entrusted to the human being, which is essence that contains understanding of Infinity, immortality, and eternity, was put in the divine spark of the monad that detached from One God. Potential capabilities of the Global Spirit are manifested in people's behaviour with all details and peculiarities. Ambitions and self-conceit is just ugly distortion of this idea. Even fallen angels think that they are gods. But humanity is the planet of fallen angels that agreed to live in dense bodies and perceive illusion of earthly life as Gardens of Eden.

Custom to live as if we are immortal is an atavism of the soul which is aware of Fiery Worlds treasure. Search for freedom and touches of unusual sensations are just an attempt to get back to the spiritual motherland even for a moment. The heart knows the ancient secret. The heart cries out about this knowledge. But earthly flesh dampens any sound like a concrete wall, all the more this sound is so subtle and almost inaudible. Whisper of grass compared to the voice of heart seems to be roar of a hurricane. Those who are able to listen to their essence are enlighted sages already.

190. Roses of Light send their greetings. Beautiful flowers accumulate and emit fiery signs of attention both of people and of higher entities. A person who loves flowers can't be bad. Every human being passed the stage of flower incarnations.

Love is like a whirl in the garden of roses. Aroma of bliss is tenderly subtle. Embracing a flower you catch your star And can admire it as a child. We are children and the entire world is our toy. We are playing destination game. And life goes on moment by moment Now flying with joy then dragging in grief.

191. A poet turns cobblestones of words into exquisite rubies of poems. A prophet makes a fiery necklace of clairvoyance from them. Souls of words crowd around every head willing to be embodied. Thoughts externalized in words can make worlds move. A sword of words is unbendable. Firmness of words is greater than firmness of Jericho vallum. Divine logos created the world. But silence is a dam of power and a dam of karma. Words are more harmful than poison when pronounced by intemperate one.

192. Energy of mondial charisma flows into a heart. Fiery power of Joy flames on the altar of a soul. Chalice for offerings glistens with flames of gifts. It is the handle of the sword of Belief. It is the key for all gates. Joy can't betray. Joy can't deceive for it is inspiration of the Fiery World. Its waves attract to the Earth waves from the spheres of Global Happiness. Rising Sun makes even smallest particles of dust dance in its beam. But people use to turn their face away from the sun. It is hard for them to bear looking at the face of Global Joy.

Joy is lightful but severe. One should not treat connivance and sentimentality as joy. Diamond of joy shines from inside, but it is hard and invulnerable. Sharp edges of the King of stones may scratch a mirror of soul. Energies of sun deflect through glistering facets and permanently emit fiery power. We used to call great toilers adamants of spirit. They carry the cresset of inexhaustible Joy of the God.

193. Terms are expiring. Last particles of sand are dropping down in Star sand clock of old times. How one can stay up in the sea of boisterous energies? How one can obtain calmness and certainty in this always fluctuant world? Rescue anchor chain that links us with Higher Forces alone can infuse immovability and feeling of spiritual events conformity with laws.

Fiery praying is the boat of salvation. It doesn't matter that lunar necklace of material body bears heavily on. Labour of a soul transfigures even worst vices replacing them and applying them in good manner. Lofty praying consumes ribaldry, cosmic power of love - animal lust, bounty - pasteboard avarice, and many other things. Mentioned above are polar states but they balance on the same axis. Black, white, and red threads are winded on the spindle of life equally.

194. Spiritual selection will substitute natural selection. The line was drawn and it is impossible to overstep it, for crystal of bliss was accumulated for centuries long via incarnations. Pearls of energies stay safe in their shells until they achieve the degree of high internal comprehension of that very secret peak of fiery mysteries which discloses meaning of humanity cosmic destination and gives abilities and power which poor yogis are striving for. Thought of the achieved one becomes the one and only real power because he found the God in himself.

195. Flecks of dust dance in the sunbeam. Dry leaves fly uphigh with the wind of inspiration. Corky manikins go up and down. But for the spirit there is lower limit for diving and no one must violate it. The closer to the surface of water this limit for diving is, the stronger the magnet of spirit attracts the stray soul. Physical debility doesn't always mean spiritual infirmity. Diseases of material body often release spiritual functions.

196. Life flows through us like a river of cosmic power. A boat of body heaves and sets on the waves of Being. The world is the ocean of tremendous amount of energies and states that fills the entire universe. We are sailing through cosmos without start and end points. Steady state of consciousness and steady burning of striving thought, these are two things that join consciousness with the Eternal Cosmic Reason which absorbed the essence of the highest matter of spirit. Shifted earthly state is like a reed fluttering in the wind of maya. The eternal and the infinite are exteriorly quite but internally they keep highest fiery exertion of spirit which flows all the time and enlivens every atom, every star, and universe. The heart that flames with light of immortality knows and preserves a particle of Divine Self.

Magnet field of the Earth and aura of every human being preserves memory of the humanity. Magnetic potential losing means losing common memory and general methods of 'know - be able' principle. Spirituality is the highest degree of fiery magnetism. Spiral of time is so tightly compressed that making even a pace out of the path one may find himself in the past or in the future. Projection of the future already exists at the Fiery Planes of being. And it is small wonder that time travels happen more and more often. A serpent that bites its tail illustrates initial time point where the beginning and the end is one, the same as birth and death.

197. Gate of Orion is real in spite it seems to be unrealistic and super fantastic. Gate of Orion at the frontier of the Great Darkness and the Great Abyss is one and only lightful formation and aggregation of developing stars and planets. The Great Emptiness lies behind it or the space which is not occupied with any cosmic formations, a boundless field with no seeds of fiery life.

Best thoughts can embody at the immense space of this infinite world. There are inexhaustible possibilities for creative work of hearts and intellects of billions and billions of civilizations existing within the great universe. It is tension of inspiration and striving of spiritual forces searching for implementation and manifestation. It is mastering of thousand billions light years of undeveloped worlds or boundless spaces which are in the state of cosmic rest. Most high civilizations can implement their skills of creating celestial bodies and live creatures never been before and never could be repeated.

The Great Darkness is not that conscious self-destructing chaos of satanism, but the virgin matter in the state of coming out from Great Pralaya.

198. Sword of Victory is to be forged every moment. Forging of the Sword of Striving means transfiguration of tamas consciousness into sattva one. Mistakes and hindrances are unavoidable: dust rises up when someone sweeps a road. The higher a spirit rises, the more tricks and hindrances appear. Thorough refinement allows figuring out more details of vices, it is like looking into a magnifier with cumulative zoom in. Animal emissions draw back, but light of the heart calls to summits. A narrow path of interest becomes a ray of service.

The Master enlights your way with His look. Leading principle is presented in all lightful events. The entire evolution is constructed on the foundation of leadership. One who has achieved understanding leads the others.

Don't shout out words of the Teaching, it is enough to accumulate understanding of the treasure of bliss of fire, of bliss of love and joy. Comprehension and understanding on the level of consciousness that is higher than regular one, kindles the magnet of consciousness which attracts new possibilities of enlightment. Rising to the higher plane a person assimilates new magnetic currents getting used to them gradually and absorbs energies of the new knowledge. A pilot, who has experienced joyance of flight, strives to fly more and more uphigh.

199. Changes in the pattern of the mankind evolution may take place after correction of correlation between masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness. Cosmic genetics underwent such changes in the structures of an earthly soul that restoring of spiritual purity of the firstborn humanity level is necessary. Madness of contemporary people is assigned to presence of several spirits in every human aura which determine alternated state of mentality and behavior. The monad alone can estimate if the soul can continue its evolution on the Earth. Substitution or kick out of one spirit by the other looks like obsession or multi-level structure of being when several souls inhabit one physical body. The space is overcrowded. Many spirits do not want to leave this cherished earth. They are on the alert waiting for their turn and appropriate condition for capturing some body. The space contamination with imperil and brown envelope makes this quite common because spiritual vigilance was lost. Flow of fiery energies scorches the spirits which are most close to the earthly spheres that is why they used to hide themselves in the shade of somebody's aura. Everyone has his own escort, but the higher mental and fiery tension is so much strong release of power of angel incarnations.

200. Poles displacement will cause short term loss of planetary memory due to change of directions of magnet fields. As it already happened more than once even most simple knowledge about techniques and electricity will be forgotten. The mankind will submerge into renewing oblivion for some period in order to restore lost spirituality. Somewhat of short-term sleep will last not long. It doesn't mean turning back to the Stone Age. Even some technocratic achievements will be available. Directionality of consciousness will change fundamentally. Tremendous amount of blooming plants will provide food for new creatures, because scents will become main nourish source.

201. Roses of Light are spiritually higher than many of human beings. Roses are pure, delicate, and mysterious. It is possible to discern their voices in lisp of thousands of unfurling flowers. Thousands lips of the space whisper words of unfamiliar knowledge. Fiery communication link connects the flowers' hearts with hearts of faraway galaxies. Voices of grass are like blessing to a restless soul. One who hears these voices is able to hear all live creatures, from heartbeat of a stone to subtlest sound of divine thoughts.

202. Golden capsule of time preserves aroma of the future. It is impossible to compare influence of substance emitted by a special gland with any other effect. A finest drug is like a coarsest stuff in comparison with it. Aroma of the future is the substance that stimulates and accelerates spiritual advancing and protects from negative impacts those who consciously embarked on the path of self-transfiguration. In secret schools of Tibet and India this substance was used long ago, and is used now. Priests in Atlantis, Hyperborea, Egypt, and Babylon used it extensively for rising disciples' consciousnesses. It makes God from a human being. This scent was brought from Amenti gardens. Higher Spheres are impregnated with this sacred ozone. Housel with this aroma changes structures of centers and of blood and also purifies and intensifies human aura emissions. Aroma of the future surrounds Divine Teachers and presages or indicates their invisible presence.

Every human being has such gland in the shape of golden pearl at the area of the Third Eye, but usually it is in latent state. High spiritual exertion alone can awaken the fire that arouses the sacred reaction. The fire alone can find in coarse material a substance that is able to inflame quickly. The same is fire of spirit; when it approaches prepared consciousness it enforces such consciousness to go up in flames. The consciousness itself may not know what it carries within itself. More strong and powerful flame is able to kindle best manifestations of the responding spirit.

Be devoted friends of those who kindle you, and kindle sacred fires of comprehension by yourself. Maitreya sends light to every soul. Maitreya is sorry for those who are late. Maitreya is the Friend of our hearts. Ones who have approached the fiery border must cross it and step into shining Flame of Transfiguration.

203. Orion sends spears of power. Banners of Universal Shambhala illuminated the darkness. Unbearable Light of Purity blinds gray ones. Purgatory descended at the earth. Inspirations of evil burning-off is going on.

Flame! Flame! Flame! Gale of light rampages and it is impossible to turn a face away from the approaching Truth. The Light, the Path, Life, and Truth are one. Guru Deva and Truth are one. Qualities of lunar human, that tortured infinitely many generations of humans, will fade away. The new will take along all the best, purified, and inspired. The spirit never rejects the most precious what the heart contains. Even most prepossessing grain of knowledge it turns into a ray of force. Astral is like a puddle that infests with bacilli of various kinds of lust, but go ahead courageously. You will lave in the fire.

204. Spiritual wave of love illuminates a heart. Ability in universal mysteries of love is a quality of growing consciousness. Love brings a human being closer to the spheres of pure spirit. Love arouses the Chalice accumulations. Love calls qualities of perfect being. Loveful labour is illuminated with light of hieroinspiration. Spike of the light corns up. New seeds will fall down on the fertile ground.

205. I send light to illuminate your path. Let it be visible even in predawn gloominess, which is most dense at this time. Never quench a night candle-stick. Let the light of your soul guard the live fire. Even evil thoughts burn away in this small cresset, for a smallest spark contains the whole potential of Fiery Worlds.

Roses bloom out of season, and gloominess can't hinder them from emitting subtlest scent of Truth. Even tiny sparklet of light could be noticed from afar in darkness. At the hour when sky and earth merge together it represents a Lampad of Desert. Many strayed wayfarers strive to it when espy shining of fiery color. Small spark can kindle a fire of capabilities of the whole nation.

Currents of hearts collect in the Pyramid of Destiny in order to burst into dazzling sun over the head of the ascending one. When depression bears heavily on the heart, when grief consumes the best forces of the soul, when feelings are like sour grapes and juice of suffering leaks from the wounded heart, one must know that this is beginning of wine fermentation. Pain of comprehension opens eyes and disillusions the soul. Pain makes to see shaded sides of karma which one has neglected or tried to avoid forgetting to solve every dark knot. A messenger who has experienced bitterness and delight of the earthly way comes back to the earth again and again in order to take with him to the country of joy those who have understood usefulness of blackblows of fortune and have recovered poise in this severe opposition. One comes against stones of obstacles on the impassable spiritual roads. Not everyone can see in darkness of night. But even gloominess shines with torches of light for keen eyes.

206. It is necessary to sharpen the axe of labour. Sharp instrument of spirit is needed for advancement. The soul rejoices the permanent labour. The soul perceives world via labour. Even lowest rate of creative work responds the consonance of universal tension.

Mountain cedars give peace and dwelling. They emit ozone of spiritual freedom. As parts of Mother Nature they charge with profound love of life.

Perception of cosmic significance of the own soul and perception of yourself as the Lord of Creation leaves none of incarnated ones. We feel ourselves as the part and extension of this live variable world existing in incredibly harmonious union based on the great cosmic law. Perceiving yourself as the universal creature determines way of behaviour. One who has perceived used to harvest most bitter fruits even for minor fault occurred due to light-minded attitude toward earthly laws of being.

207. False images dissolving is struggle with lower stratums of imagination. True imagination reality belongs to the sphere of clear vision. Imagination is to be defined as accumulated reality. Often earthly fudge is folded into forms of hasty judgments balancing on a loose pivot of a wrong thought. Many spirits play this game turning the world of thought-forms into kaleidoscope of phantasmas. Wrong thought causes bad after-effects for it tumbles within this illusive kaleidoscope. Consequences of a decision suggested by such thought are even worst. Lightning of purification alone can cinder this false construction. Eyes of a secret look into hearts through the begotten thoughts. But the imagined constructions rule the mankind. Perceiving channels cut by advertising and television draw us away from real mental creative work where imagination represents motive force of connection with entire Infinity.

208. Weeds are to be spuded out before they grow up and choke good sprouts. The more thorough spuding of early crops, then fewer weeds take away good forces. It is too bad to nourish the weed with juice of bliss. Youngsters easily get used to delights due to accessibility and attainability of those. Sinking in delights a soul becomes blind and perceives the other manifestations of life like a sort of needless appendix. Subtleness and sharpness of feelings die away. Stupefying shrieks of modernity rudely break golden chords of intuition. Young people besotting with such properties of present time as various types of drugs breaks nervous structure leaving self-destructive forces only. Pure life alone makes the soul limpid. Pure life alone expands horizon of consciousness. If it is clear what notions are in the sphere of a human's mind, his inner nature become clear also. Obsession is like a personal religion. But when turning back in order not to miss a tit-bit of delight, one always occur his back to the future shading it's healing light with his own shadow.

One may spray jimson weed with rose oil and wonder why it still smells bad. Smell of an essence is unchangeable in spite of any efforts to embellish an outward or inward man. It is impossible to escape from own formations, stereotypes, and fantasies. The inward man is like a whole universe. Good will of the man alone can make decisions and reconstruct this universe. Reflex of free will nature is unconditional and hardly could be changed, but mayest should not go over the line of karmic burden. Needless things do not answer purposefulness. Mistakes must teach the soul but they must not be the only one educational system for consciousness. One must learn by best examples of others.

209. Every good new beginning could be turned into a holding cage with scorpions. High energies degenerate without permanent renewing and purifying by the Leading Ray. Radiation of spirit brings people myriads of possibilities to manifest themselves at the earthly world. Sand of moments becomes a limpid drop in the jet of burning gas. A lot of useful things could be made of softened karma, and the vessel for Celestial Bliss is the best one. When grape is red-ripe and juice is prepared then wine will ripen in the new vessel. Fruit of exertion and striving doesn't vanish.

210. Conjunction of arches of persons' consciousnesses produces moment of mental constructions union. Not everyone can sensate these creative currents of life, but energies of cooperation have joined in the space and have started joint activity already. For cosmos these moments are like a kiss of the Mother of Happiness. So much beauty and joy are in these concentrated thought-forms! Construction potential of powerful thoughts exchange process has repercussions both on the Earth and in cosmos. If concentrated thought-form of bliss can stop a war or cataclysm in incipient stage, then a cloud of such formations becomes a germ of a new star in Infinitude.

211. Fiery stratums of Akasha will be partially disclosed due to time shift and change of the direction of magnet flows on the planet. A period of spacial apparition of Higher Worlds and also of the future, and of the past may come. Similar events have been already observed in the early last century after Tunguska bolide ground impact.

Transfer to densified astral will cause temporary anomalies which will entirely change structure of time current and measure of human life. The world of sleep dreams and the real world will merge together. Seventh principle, spirit of Guardian Angel, will return to the mankind. Every aura and its escort will become visible. Signs of essences will start shining on foreheads of all incarnated ones. Lower chakras atrophy will lead to human organism reconstruction. Some organs together with their functions will disappear for they will become useless. Early Atlantis time is analogous to what humanity is going to face. Everything runs in circle course. Human evolution ascending from the lowest dead point will gradually recover spiritual power.

212. Orion is most active in combination with Jupiter and Venus. Venus orbit changes for zenith distance increases. Belukha vibrates responding to cosmic currents concentration. Underground city works. Bells of invisible castles ring at night time. Never smelled before aromas flow. Eternity grants a possibility to everyone to become a celestial brahmin. There is no gift above righteousness. There is no happiness above compassion and love. There is no cognition above Truth. A path of earthly destination waits for everyone ascending to the castle of secret knowledge. Time of earthly passions expires. Last source of mercy was depleted. It is time to repay old debts and find new friends.

213. Master of my life! Thank You for every new day granted to me for love, work, and cognition! Every step by the path of comprehension brings my spirit closer to purifying mysteries of baptism by fire. Some day I and each of us will pass this way to the very last step. Life glistens with crystal faces of incredible possibilities. Perfection surrounds my heart with fiery sparks. Joy flames in the chalice of days. Joy of being a part of Your great universe, of being granted with a spark of Your Divine Mind; and I strive to get back to natal fire and join You to become one whole. Master, give me Your blessing for the day forthcoming and let me never miss Your work!

214. Mental formations use Primary Sound as vahana. Mental sound has fundamental magnetic force, so it covers physical distances almost in no time. This very principle is used for mantric intensifying of energy. To achieve a result of concentrated whispering of mantra, the force of subtlest sound is to be involved. All constructions in the World of Ideas, all thought-forms ever held may be extracted with the help of Shabda-Brahman. Using prayers and mantras we enter the stream of cooperation with entire immense universe. Every inspired thought drives us to not cultivated areas of cosmos for new worlds constructing. Cosmic constructions development is based on principle of cells: from one center to six directions. Flower of Life is just two-dimension projection of comb cells.

215. Ways of search and methods of investigation are individual for every soul. This expresses a spirit's creativity and its immeasurable variety. A soul learns to be mobile and responsive. There is no feedback between forces without responsiveness. Suspiciousness is harmful because it sees enemy in everyone and prevents consciousness from obtaining particles of subtlest experience, and sometimes such particles are highly precious. Suspiciousness is like a dusty bag on the head. Full blindness and sneezing are the only achievement of such creature. Suspiciousness doesn't know measure; cavilers know nothing about nobleness; denunciators never live in peace. Thrilling wretch emitting waves of fear is a subtle food for evil spirits.

216. Winged horse Lungta brought the stone from Orion. A lot of images of this sacred animal could be found in most distant nooks of Tibet and Himalayas. It is presented even at Altai on the northern wall of an ancient destroyed city, together with the other Buddhistic images. Europe knows Pegasus, the winged horse of poetry. Isn't it the same symbol inspiring and directing to that very source from which the fire of inspiration streams? Prophet Muhammad ascended to higher spheres of heaven riding the winged horse with beautiful human face. This could be a travel to Orion, to our faraway spiritual motherland.

The hidden tends to be disclosed with the course of time. The unknown tends to be comprehended. What was discovered stays behind and crystallizes in the Chalice of achievements. Single glaringly pure spark of spirit remains from myriads of incarnations.

217. Molten wax is able to catch vice spirits which cause human frights and neuroses. Being the Venus product it has special protective power. People used to call it the soul of honey. In order to get one part of wax three-four parts of honey is needed. It is possible to determine the reason of terror (especially for children) from the form of molten wax poured into water. Images of faces or animals may appear; spiritually advanced human can see faces of Saints and of God's Mother, or of higher entities to whose religious tradition such person belongs.

Fragrances and fumigation facilitates praying to reach the throne of the One. Various oils help mankind to improve surrounding space from long ago. Oils spraying and incense sticks burning work like an astral broom for unasked visitors driving out. In choky atmosphere of cities these means help to create an environment for spiritual ascending.

218. It is hard to grow wings of spirit, and even more difficult to support their purity and fiery force. Strait knowledge puts feelings under supervision of mind and fuses both of them together. Such harness allows pulling most heavy load of earthly destiny. Often this load heaviness depends on element densifying but not on negative stratifications only. Ardent heart is always mindless in its desires. Mind is almost always heartless. But fusion of comprehensions leads to spiritual knowledge.

One who seeks happiness in earthly thicket of permanently growing desires can hardly feel spiritual bliss descending into sanctuary of a soul. Wings of inspiration are light. Power of the light is pure and it sounds in the castle of the heart. One who didn't fold cloak of maya about himself only is able to hear divine rhythm of life inspiration. Tramping through the chain of days is sad without wind of inspiration which brings scent of faraway summits. Voices of grasses and flowers are inweaved into these charming scents, and breath of ancient cedars imbues them with patience and power of expectation for long-term period of earthly wisdom comprehension.

219. Deaf one doesn't hear. Blind one doesn't see. Lazy heart sleeps at a wrong time. It is possible to miss signs of Great Advent but this does not stop the fiery evolution pace. Eyes close from indifference towards life but not from weariness. One who is ill with idleness is a stranger to weariness. But path routes to mountain snows. Scent of juniper is over the slope of elements balance. One who hastens to fulfill the mission is close. The message knows the way to the heart. Entrust your friend with a part of the secret. It is impossible not to love one whom I have sent. One who goes forward does not afraid of impenetrable darkness. Light of secret fire surrounds the Messenger. And the heart full of ardour for waiting will hear quite steps and in noise of the night wind will recognize the Great Tacit's voice which is clearer than thunder in heaven. The secret has folded about the world, the secret of the promised hour approaching.

220. Buildup of consciousness is more unnoticeable than growth of grass. Every small spark of knowledge that rouses the universe of soul begets new way of thinking. New paths of comprehension that lead to the unforeknowable routs are threaded. This way of comprehension is verily of great power and significance. Not boring sitting by the school desk, but thrills of life learning was taught. Live example before one's eyes always has most strong influence, it teaches better and increases striving. If thirst for knowledge doesn't fade, if desire kindles fiery imagination of consciousness and mind captures sparks of thoughts that flies towards the magnet of the heart of comprehending one, then labour of such soul is the universal achievement that kindles the neighbors by drawing nearer the Flame of Wisdom.

Be able to look above the clouds of everydayness, not paying attention to grayness of consciousnesses. Mist of grayness is not just single manifestation of the plane of being. There is always sun over the clouds. White mastership is the fiery hammer of spirit. Creative hand is powerful. Threads of help are stretched from thousands hearts in order to share burden of unmeasured work. Higher spirit can hardly bear earthly density tension, but who will bring My Word to the sons of men? Arch of consciousnesses unites carriers of the Ray. Fire of love flames without notice of distance. Fire of love protects like the shield of the light. Deodars at their sacred forest are waiting for the wayfarer.

221. One seeks for knowledge in order to get rid of the world imperfections, tear chains of dependency from these imperfections, and go deep inside the infinity of fiery soul. The other one seeks for knowledge to lug away disorientated crowds of people with false speeches and recruit followers. What was read and learned may be the same but purposes of application are opposite. The way of heart and the way of eye are represented here. Usage of the knowledge for personal purpose is the way of the left hand which leads to sorcery and the darkness. The way of the right hand is the way of self-denial and granting help to the mankind in its distressful comprehension of truth. All ideological searches are divided into these two ways. Evolution and involution are similarly displayed as spirals, but one of them goes to the right and upwards, and the other one - to the left and downwards.

Humaniformness muddles many consciousnesses depriving them of determinantal level of discernment. Number of the lampad of reason carriers is very little! Majority welters in the puddle of its prejudices. Level of conscience is circumscribed for everyone. Silty reaction of comprehension and cloddish mind allows penetrating deep into own darkness only. Imagination deprived of its imagery attributes, keeps silence. Signals of stereotypes of thinking are like a fence insurmountable for any fiery thought. A philistine considers everything outside to be savage and nonentity covered with gloom of Pralaya. But human universe can receive without measure. False constructions must be destroyed before building perfect constructions on their ruins. Lie is a palace made of sand. One firm step of truth and just a formless mass will be left of this useless agglomerate.

222. Every human's aura consists of spirits related to his essence. Even lower chakras are surrounded by lightful spirits. But hordes of dark insects here also are trying to capture every drop of human's energy in order to bend it to their will and further to obsession. This is the field of continuous battle too. Sparks of energy are tiny spirits, small live creatures flying toward stronger related magnet. Every thought, desire, and incentive is transferred by these great toilers.

223. I will saturate with immeasurable power. Flame of the heart will be kindled with unknown force. Joy will not allow suffering to dominate. I will reveal joy of the spirit. And unknown will appear to be a comprehension of the toiler of light. I will give understanding for reading signs of secrets.

Put a curtain of understanding on a window of external passions. Everyone seeks happiness in his own way. The Earth is imbued with happiness but people do not resonate to the healing stream. Old thinking tries to find rejoicing in lust. Lilith is long for sacrifice. Clew of damnations winds on the home of tribulation. Keep your heart pure. Do not touch the dirty gate. Term of disclosure expired. Ardour of striving is over. Lower tetrad wins. Pearl of wisdom is corrupted with mud of selfness rule. Flush of selfness creates a bog. Forget about this path forever. Feminine auras saturation with energy power supports independence; but these forces of light are not always applied for proper purposes. Everydayness extinguishes celestial fire. Healing power of spirit turns into battles in family circle. Bared teeth of the darkness are obvious in every grimace of banality. Grayness of life begets just grief of depression.

224. A path that leads to the mountains ends at the preserved forest where area of Deodars of Light begins. Wind of summits brings scent of mountain glens. Prayers of the heart fall from the lips. And inspired mystery of silence is on at the cedar forest. Staying there supports purification, goodness, and peace; as if you are standing by the inexpressible altar at the full of light castle.

Deodars of Light - ringing cedars that preserve power of cosmos and knowledge of millennia - will serve aroused human soul. And gloom will never eclipse shining of the fiery tree of happiness. Perennial symbol of Global Life is on the guard of our world, purity, and service.


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