Konstantin Ustinov

Deodars of Light

Those whose knowledge of mind was stolen by maya...

October 2, 1999 – October 15, 2000

1. Those whose knowledge of mind was stolen by maya, those who have snap off flowers of the innermost at the fields previously available for everyone, those whose souls were eaten off by worms of materialism now claim to be prophets. Withdrawal of higher knowledge took place due to the mankind disgraceful behavior and its social pattern. Guru Deva, the divine Teacher Narada, one of seven Angirasas calls to return back to the path of Fiery Knowledge; give back to athirst hearts the sunbow of sincere veneration to the God. The vessel of ancient knowledge is that very chariot which will elevate everybody to the worlds of perfect Beauty, to the worlds of perfect Being where it is possible to dedicate yourself to the full measure service to Higher Forces.

2. Strong are trunks of Deodars of Light. In highlands, in forbidding mountain places, holy grove of ringing cedars stands. Shrine of high cosmic energies is created by Mother Nature. Souls of that grove guardians do not grow old. Grass doesn't fade in these blessed places. Living Fire pulsates in every trunk, branch, pine-needle, connecting psychic power of earth with spiritual cosmos. Immortal is power of giants of tops. Sacred and hidden is valley of mystic sacraments. Mysteries of Belukha and Altai Chalice are performed there. Masters of Light like to appear in this place and send holy calls to sensitive hearts. Sacred grove is nearby. Every step of yours will be directed to it if hearts are directed to fiery labour of perfection.

3. Astral purification will release the world from obsession. Temple of Stone will be in deodar grove. Light is shed by trees and mountains. Seek for blue cedars. Altai preserves its secrets strongly.

4. Scandals and irritation is the mass for darkness and it’s servants. Kali time is the time of spiritual memory losing and of man relations degradation. Locations and settlements were named not at random. The names are mantras that conduct energy of a deity or a spirit after which the place or the river was named. Kali-Yuga energies choke perception of subtle communication with Higher Worlds and do not allow emanations of fiery Deity to break through the shield of tamas. Astral densifying changes forces disposition.

5. Every tree the same as every part of land is dedicated to specific Deity. Cherry (in Russian – vishnja) is dedicated to Master Vishnu. A cherry tree bark is of the God of Gods skin color and fruits are of Krishna’s eyes color. Rishis which abandoned the secular material world made seven-knots sticks of cherry tree as a symbol of following the Course of Narayana. Shiva’s followers did the same; plum tree (in Russian – sliva) was and now is dedicated to Shiva. Color of plums is color of Shiva-Nilakantha, who took poison of the world and that is why His skin became blue. Shiva the God is the mentor of living creatures and has direct link with physical world. Kali’s tree is guilder rose (in Russian – kalina) imbued with fire emanations. Color of berries corresponds with color of everlasting rage and righteous anger in the world where any restrictions and veneration to gods are eliminated. Deodars are Devi’s gift (in Russian –Devi-dar) or the tree of Lakshmi the Goddess, and She granted this tree to the mundane world. Timber of this tree is golden like the Goddess’ skin and fruits are of violet-blue color, the color of Krishna the God.

Kingdom of plants, the same as some spices of animals and humans, absorbs vibrations of cosmic energies of Deities. Every nationality directly originates from Gods but not from apes as formal science insists.

In Mongolian ‘Uimon’ means babel. Formerly a very big (in Russian – uima) army of Aryan tribes was camping in this valley on their way to Europe after Kurukshetra battle. From this point each tribe went back to its country. That is why this name Uimon preserves memory about that babel or about tremendous quantity of various people staying together at that very place.

6. People separation becomes more and more dramatic; and an abyss becomes more and more wide and impassable. Disorder of thinking and lack of control over guna of passion darkens a spirit that flies to the Light. The spirit loses its fiery vision and scrapes his wings against earthly rocks having no time to take off the ground: elevating force slackens, and the earth holds hard. Flesh holds the soul as a magnet. Great force initially put into the spirit alone is able to rend him off the earthly thinking and rise up high.

M. grants a gift of the Light. Do not miss even a word from whispering of space. Ray of Chung Tower shines unceasingly. Light of My Heart never exhausts. Earthly conduits are necessary as capacitors of energy of My Love to poor humanity. Stylistics of expressions may be different, but vibrations of Living Ethics never stop. It is impossible to interrupt a flow of innermost knowledge. It is impossible for anyone awake not noticing the light at night. Wells are used for the Ray energy entering and circulation. They activate both clear-voyance and clear-audience. I measure out for everyone as per his ability. Tension will grow together with development and purification of a spiritual atom channel.

The Worldwide Message Fire approaches. The fire will lave filth of the world. The fire will transfigure consciousness and will give lighter dresses to spirits. Armour of truth is to be forged in fire. The whole power of Fiery World is directed to the earthly spheres. The Earth is not able to accept a message of Future World until stream of flamy Ganges energies purify all nooks of planetary ignorant thinking. Entire universal laboratory is put at our planet’s disposal. Everything is new; everything is for the first time; everything is for the sake of shabby thinking transformation.

“My Fulgent Guru-Deva! Bless my mind with bliss of pure Secret and give Your blessing to remember about You and about Your Great Work every moment of my life! Please allow me to carry even a small share of Your burthen!”

An arch of cooperation will shine like Spiritual Sun. Fireplaces of living culture will kindle along the connecting arch. My Shield will cover devoted ones.

Flame of the Fiery River leaks out. And Master Shiva will take again celestial streams upon Himself.

Space rumbling is clear. Earthly world absorption restarts. Lower nature of the matter and of gunas melts giving best of their forces in order to achieve balance. Kali-Yuga is to be overcome with balance. Rajas overcomes tamas and sattva absorbs both of them to break into flame of new sun of strait knowledge.

7. Meteoric dust oxidizing produces a channel for cosmic energies attracting. Mountains are saturated with Celestial Fire; and it is hard for a timid heart to understand that Agni is seeking after living conduits on the planet.

8. Ego or the lower level of human being, his animal and demonic nature resists penetration of spiritual or divine nature into a body. Gloomy time of Kali-Yuga is a kingdom of distinct and irresistible selfness of a human mind. Blurring leads to spiritual potential losing, to aura memory washing away, and to a soul destruction in the result. Aberration from dharma principles and from divine laws has entire human race degeneration as a consequence. It is not allowed to connive at tyranny in the world. It is not allowed to connive at your lower nature despotism. These notions are of equal volume, and everyone bares responsibility of preservation of peace in the world.

9. Exclusiveness dresses up as unprecedented misanthropic materialism. It is like establishing a club for the race of initiated ones. Common calls, aren’t they? Nationalism is outdated. Isn’t it spiritual chauvinism? He has raised himself to Brahmin status and hotly declares himself as twice-begotten. It is hard to find a true keeper of knowledge, and he never will give away everything that he knows or will know. Advanced ones have very special methodology of comprehension. Information is surrounded with cosmic vibrations. Is it possible not to take in information in such mode of comprehension? Beware of false prophets yelling about their high mission. One who has musk doesn’t scream about it at a bazaar. Smell of musk represents itself.

10. When sexual contacts are not aimed to a child begetting they behead higher energies. Whole power of spiritual achievements descends to lower chakras. If there is no link with the Higher Ray the power of coition is captured most often by the spirits of lust which are watching the time. Lilith likes steam collected by the servants of darkness. The lightful is enweaved into the currents of coition, but nature of the matter inclines to the lower. When astral purifies, sexual relations become pure too. Knowledge of higher tantra supports achieving of divine ecstasy during coition. But experience of contacts with Higher Deity is necessary for this.

11. Messages split upon closed hearts. It is hard for the Ray of Light to break through mist of selfness. Don’t beat your head against a wall. There are many events prepared for every quality revealing. Every star appears in the sky at predestined time. Message comes ahead of a new construction. Ideas are seeking for embodiment. Everyone has his own sphere, and one must not violate an unprepared consciousness with hugeness of tasks. Everyone will answer for the harm from untimely announcing. Sometimes a babbler makes bigger harm than dark one. Children only have powerful credence. Gloomy is hypocrisy of adults. One must not make a waste-basket from human hearts. Do not trust eyes and smiles; these are maya’s bared teeth. Heart current alone is really sincere. Don’t touch stinky souls. The path was determined by the Master and fetters of unscrupulous meetings are harmful.

12. Saturated restraint is a cordial relations support. Titans of Spirit can control their inner world the same as external one. A soul withdrawal from light-minded acts characterizes spiritual potential growth. Not everything may be reached successfully from first approach but growth is impossible without understanding of pairs of opposites. Seeking consciousnesses do not know what may supersede their obstructive imperfections. Maya has invented a lot of tricks, hooks, and baits for catching a human soul. Tackle of illusion is so elaborate that it may answer any human manifestation. Let’s not be a stupid fish and bypass traps in spite of their attractive bright colors. At ordeal we will say: “Maya, keep off!” We will call to the Master’s Face which is like beacon in darkness and we will follow this Titan of Light.

13. When a heart center opens, energies of an essence start to prevail instead of volitional or personalized currents. Then a man becomes his own self. Someone becomes like a wise alderman, the other one – like a teenager. It is impossible to substitute an age of an individual essence. Power of heart forces gives either youthfulness or old age. Grief and melancholy like clouds cover the sun of a body. Joy is a bright day of the soul. Rejoice and love the whole world. The heart never gets tired from love; the higher it’s tension is then love will become more fiery next time. Intensification of the Master’s charm magnetism comes from this celestial force.

14. It is impossible to teach truth to anyone against his will. Everyone follows his own way. The way of own feelings, the way of own thoughts, realizing of the good and of evil lies inside you and you alone. Advancing to the spiritual world is more innermost than earthly love. Finally everyone stays face to face with the God, with eternity, and with karma right along; and everyone has to bear responsibility for himself, for his broods which may tear into pieces or may rise to eternal Light. The eternal, the lightful, and the best are inside us. Impossible to condemn or justify anyone for everyone is living inside own universe which compresses or expands following the rule of pulsation. This alone can explain a spirit’s diving.

Intellect can’t become an implementing force. Intellect is just a tool for comprehension; and Higher “I” that lives in the heart alone leads to spirituality. Divine Plane uses intellect as a carrier for volitional energies for penetrating into the World of Ideas and through it further to the World of Bliss and Peace. Forces of selfness are balanced with fires of hearts. Flow of cosmic power pours into AUM. The Ray is protected with yellow, green, and light-blue fires.

The period of conclusions is over. The process of your forces involving in the new stream of approach starts. Burn away last lower vibrations and strike out boldly into any meetings, but don’t provoke them by yourself. Maya can fling on voile of animal feelings again, and it will repeat until you burn away seeds of maya. Stand on the mountain of non-attachment and non-condemnation and watch attentively over astral guests. There is no need to save anyone, but you may warn. You must lead away a blind man standing on a cliff even if he is a self-murderer. Master Krishna and good karma only create best consequences. Go by the best way and you will find best results. It is not a casual present but correction of a path. The best attracts to perfect quality of life. Magnetic currents of happiness and joy facilitate manifestation of the best. One may feel happy even wearing beggarly rags. Happiness is neither a social status nor political event, but permanent state of a soul. We used to extinguish this state with black ink of spite, discontent, hate, and anger; but there is no such poison that can deprive the soul of sattva nature. It belongs to the eternal and the imperishable. A grain of a monad was created by the world of Sat-Chit-Ananda.

15. Element of water, rains, snow-falls, and wind neutralize imperil exposure and reduce its accumulations at the places of tectonic crust fracture where earthquake may happen.

16. A vessel of body could be filled with either precious myrrh or filth. The mold is made conforming to the divine model. State of consciousness forms inside ourselves. Landscapes, dreams, talks, situations, and events emerge from the bottom of soul. Reaction to life crystallizes and sediments like a drop of tar, in order to melt and release scent of imagination under the ray of consciousness. Everything could be imagined. Otherwise there will be no so many different attitudes towards same event. An iridescent coverlet of maya supports both the good and evil; but creative love alone, without attraction to one particular person, rules in the eternal world. Love can strengthen one who cleared the hurdle of an animal soul and rose higher the human forest. Deodar of Light is in every human being and it imbibes same currents of heaven and same nutrient substance of the earth. The heart processes these energies and produces living gold of feelings – magnetism of cosmic love.

17. Essence hides behind a mask of personality. Essence is like a patient mother who is always in a shade, and personality is like a spoilt capricious daughter who demands satisfying more and more whims; but labor of transfiguration levels up both of them.

Elements are a head, a heart, arms, and legs of cosmos. Creative power was laid in them. Purusha moves and lives like a living man.

18. Whole universe is an infinite ocean of Consciousness, and every spark of a monad inspired with understanding of own forces can communicate with any formation or with any carrier of such spark even if it is very small. Planets and stars, systems and galaxies, stones and trees communicate with each other. A human being alone, mailed in his exclusiveness of king of nature has lost connection with Universal Consciousness. Expanding boundaries of consciousness, becoming subtler and growing up, he will get back this lost knowledge, and will see and hear both spirits of elements and inhabitants of far away stars. Heavens, stones, and plants will start talking like in fairy tails. Fire and water, wind and earth will bring their massages to a purified spirit.

19. Maya should not be considered as a groundless and baseless manifestation. Everything within us is just a reflection of the higher divine reality. Any attempt to imagine maya, even the lowest one, like a self-sustained manifestation, is subject to a mistake. A lower mind rebellion via despotism of materialism and atheism does not release a carrier of human consciousness from responsibility. Dark ones’ falsehood about any spirit insulation is just confirmation of every grain of the evolution preciousness. Either big or small are just facts, just impulses of consciousness which admits one or another energy to a level of vivification and endues it with motion, the will, and development functions. Even dark ones have to develop their knowledge. The truth is that in this case the law of ends and means comes into force. The fact of consciousness is a thought that has captured an atom of creation and has carried it to Infinitude with its willpower. While developing it creates a universe under the law of likeness from big to small. But it doesn’t mean that monotony rules in Infinitude. Uniqueness of creation governs the mind. Creating something new is so exciting. Description of details of creation development could form a whole book. Energies of inspiration give spiritual flavor to a work. A mother and a father are working not for themselves; the sun and stars are shining not for themselves too. Impulses of consciousness uniqueness create a picture of universal creative work in which every thinker participate independently from his potential of thinking. Purity of mental energies supports creative process intensification. An architect, a constructor, a painter, and a Lipika lives in everyone. Records in the Book of Fate appear every moment of life. Our thoughts wright down glyphs on the eternal aura. The aura follows a heart from the very beginning of a monad creation. The divine grain shines with pure fundamental light. A stem is sushumna. The root is muladhara. A flower is in radiant sahasrara. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is a human essence precipitated into flesh.

20. “Verbiage leads away from a meaning, and it becomes impossible to understand even obvious truth,” – Gurudeva’s words penetrate deep into a heart. Because He Himself is everyone’s heart. His memory is like steady flame of a soul that warms life.

21. Iridescent Gate of Sun have been manifested. The way to the spirit’s base has been opened. Mother of the World gives the Sign. Angel of the last hour raised His wings. His Face looks down on the earth. His eyes’ look intently seeks to those who recognize terms expiration. There is karma of a moment and karma of twenty minutes; karma of an hour and karma of a day; karma of a week and karma of a month; karma of a year, of three years, and of seven years; karma of a century and of millennium. Karma of two thousand years, karma of whole epoch expires; and everyone comes here to complete the path of this period and to manifest his best accumulations. New spirits come to life at the end of periods. New power wakes up deep in a monad. An aura flames and flutters like a bird before sunrise, feeling the Light approach. The future becomes the present. Triple key became active. Pyramid of Fate preserves the moment of initiation. Shriek of the world stifled the music of spheres; and Angel of the last hour hears a song of hell only. The pure heart rings with silver laughter. Links of happiness are pure; a sound of life is simple; but bitterness of discontent is rebellion of the soul which was late for oblation at the Temple of Purity.

A human being is ready to make sacrifice like Christ. Self-crucifixion on the cross of living in tamas world is the everyday sacrifice. Heavy load of neighbors’ karmas is like a log on the shoulders of walking one. Love people, but try and don’t take over their load on yourself. It is possible to forgive karma, but it is impossible to make karma easier. Bodiless power which bears heavily on the aura and gives no way to cosmic consciousness is that very force of karma. It is earthly knowledge accumulated through suffering and joy of advancing humanity.

22. Fohat is a supreme doer of the Creator’s Will. The Will is a synthesis of fires that created the universe. One Will is the foundation of the universe and It obeys the Everlasting Father only. The more fiery an action the less it is subject to counteractions of other elements and circumstances created by them. The will of fohat is that very flame which forms the matter by the way of explosions and impacts. Forging of a sword of spirit goes through submerging into the matter and further release. Human consciousness’ assimilation of fohat is poor yet, that is why the Earth is behind of entire Solar System evolution. But the will of the fire can’t act under its own free will. It follows laws of Divine Builders which must put in order external and internal cosmos. Power vibrations increasing causes reconstruction of entire matter. Fohat is the main carrier of impulse of cosmic building work, and he kindles up the Universe Reason and directs necessary forces to an aim pointed out by the Builders. The space inflames from spiritual summits where Divine Light streams from and revives sleeping grains of atoms making them conscious and thinking. The stronger spiritual rain falls, the more powerfully the essences living in the atoms are filled with energy, and their motion becomes more intensive which means vibrations increasing and refining. Spiritual atom over the head starts to incandesce and expand turning into a shining solar sphere. The light that covers auras of saints comes from this particular source, from One Ray.

23. Strive to saintliness and abandon from arrogance of self-aggrandizement and exclusiveness. Grass and a flower are equal at the human field. All components of life are equal for the sun ray. The whole field glisters with the same color from above. Range of human consciousness is so great, that it may contain boundless space, from divine and spiritual down to the brute matter. Compositions of elements, starting from most hard and solid earth up to ethereal energetic vibrations of a soul, are opened to cosmos sounding. The Bell resonates to the music of spheres and universal words which carry energies of creation.

24. Power grows due to attracting living spirits of atoms of the light. They are that very components of astral light. Currents intensification causes powerful vibrations which penetrate through the matter like neutrino, and kindle up the space. Effect of consciousness presence in any point of the universe develops due to these vibrations' expansion. It is a telescope of spirit or an eye of omniscience. Such particle can compress and even become invisible. It also can grow up as big as a huge ball lightning. Phenomena of fire power of such conscious atoms were observed more than once. When a man approaches such atomic energies he starts to shine and to fly.

25. Man's aura with detailed energetic manifestations forms noosphere within nearest surroundings. Even plants increase their healing properties trying to give an aid to an ill person. Emission of disease currents causes appearing of new healing herbs all around habitation. Spiritual currents kindle up fruit-bearing, increase fruits feeding value and their saturation with necessary nutrient materials. A human being can’t live separately even from plant life. Entire nature is tuned for rendering help to human kind which has cut itself off plant, mineral, and animal life.

26. Truth is to be perceived inside thyself, and in private with thyself. When attracting energies related to a main trend of subconsciousness we cooperate with whole universe. Akasha Chronicles, energy of time, light and magnetic energies, sound and fiery energies are billions and billions of living beings that fly towards spiritual core of a thought, answering the call. The sea of universe is overfilled with fires of life; a grain of monad is surrounded with thousands and thousands shells which are currently not called for, but will be demanded in the far future. Everyone considers himself to be lonesome, while he is a carrier of whole universe.

Wind of moments turns into years, and grains of knowledge glister in ashes of the past. Cristal of bliss grows during wayfaring through time. Everyone is a thinker, but it is impossible to touch spheres of spirit with a lower thought. Light attracts to light. Allowable limits are determined individually by everyone. Free will is perfect if it doesn’t lead to obsession. Signatures produced by the united thought power could be compared with a lightning only. It is not without reason that in Living Ethics the thought was compared with the lightning. Every line in the Teaching is true even in mundane literal sense. There are not just silted words in every line, but training of attention and solemnity. You render a service to a heart. Maya seethes with poison dissolved in wine of truth, but the pearl of wisdom does not allow harm. Time of selfness expires. I will turn copper of obstinacy into gold of nobleness. An unthankful one doesn’t hear his heart. Karma's hammer bangs upon the unthankful one.

27. Thousands of years ago Belukha was called Ringing Mountain. Zvenigora (Ringing Mountain), Zvenigorod (Ringing Town), Zvenidolina (Ringing Valley).

28. All diseases of a body are reflections of sorrows of a soul. Sores and illnesses could be treated with divine joy only. Joy is breath of a living heart. Carriers of love aura are of planetary significance. One who can love with entire tension of spirit, mind, and feelings is the carrier of cosmic energies of love already. Dark is one who didn’t experience love for his neighbors. Even a stone at a roadside is full of sparks of energies of the light and with capability of self-giving. One who emits love builds his karma like a strait line. Those whom he touches with the ray of his love become involved into his karma.

Fiery essence of life helps to attract the light of necessary meetings and circumstances. Karma is not just a load, fetters, or a weight on the feet of walking one. These are lower aspects of karma which hold a person on the earth. They are concentrated at the feet. Higher karma is fiery wings that carry to the Shining Worlds, to the Worlds of Love and Good. Karma is like loving mother: it helps selflessly, warms up, and saves if only you start loving her manifestations as breath of living essence. It is light-giving. It is fortune of an hour and of ten-year period. It knows primary need of your suffering soul. If you start loving your fate, its manifestation turns to be not Damocles’ sword but stairs for ascending. Karma itself will take off fetters from your feet.

Love all manifestations of the world. Dark ones will burst into flame from a look of your heart. Gray ones will become lighter. Good ones will ascend to the top of the Pyramid of Fate. Love is not just attraction of sexes, but powerful attraction of spiritual energies. Light of Love shines for all worlds. Spheres of impenetrable darkness ruin. Black dust of hatred burns away. Hearts flare up with hope for changes for they sense time of love forthcoming. Even one spark makes fires of good when falling into dry weeds of the darkness. Mutual striving creates an arch of fiery energies which purifies the space and could be seen by Dangma Eye. Love is the key for the Gate to the Fiery World.

29. Capsules of letters and words contain energies of entire cosmos. Capsules of letters and words are parts of the soul of the Fiery World. Capsule is a form that preserves precious essence of subtlest energies. A sound pierces a shell like a needle and makes precious force to emit into the space. These are not enslaved energies but creative forces granted to every word. The word is not a murmur of falling leaves but the key that opens gates of the worlds. Vibrations are stored in Akasha Chronicles for billions and billions of years, and stratums of golden ores are just a spark of universal knowledge. Everyone who opened his heart to cosmos can read these Annals of Eternity. The Pigeon Book is a symbol of wisdom of the world.

30. Spiritual pride is the worst sin. One who stands on a pedestal of deceitful authoritativeness and false sanctity is most devoted servant of the darkness. Development is unlimited; it is development of spiritual light of a heart within Infinitude. Range of pride is just a black speck in the ocean of light.

31. Plants are very sincere and responsive to feelings directed to them. Even their crop earnest may increase. Plants’ thoughts are more harmonious than human ones although they are weaker; they do not tear the space with sharp edges of anger and hate. Plants try to hedge a person with care and help him to throw off a disease or avoid probable illnesses. They may even blossom in undue period in order to bring joy to friendly heart.

32. Karmic situations changing and modeling is prerogative of the Great Teachers. The level of knowledge of Higher Reasons allows to change or more exactly to correct karma of an individual if balance of forces is positive. Inserting hormone of patronage into a human aura which means restoring a link with a Guardian Angel, seventh principle of an essence, gives a person the Guiding Ray which connects the grain of eternity with One Heart of Universe. Love is an essential condition for entering Cosmic Reason. Cosmic Magnet is the basis of karma correction. Patronage exists only if the person remembers about it permanently and doesn’t throw away a guiding thread. Flame sounds with joy of space. Paths join into a knot of meetings. The new is unavoidable like sunrise.

Cedar likes human hands. Genius of trees is prodigal of gifts. You will find the innermost grove which we like to visit. Assembly of Saints will take place before My very last day. When amassment of western civilization will begin to crash all the peculiar will come together. But Altai and Ringing Valley will stay untouched. Be aware and do not doubt. Druids’ flame is pure, and Mother of the druids of the planet is She, Who carries the Supreme Chalice. Pains come from centers resistance to the Ray. Radiation of cosmic power flows onto the Valley. The Pyramid absorbs venom of imperil and transforms it into power of spirit.

33. Avoid sharp angles in behavior, in creative and in building works. Positive charge of radiation forms at the upward top of sharp angles; opposite charge forms at the downward top. Nails and other iron items collect ego energies. One can notice energy irradiance on needles, pins, and knifes. Human body is designed as per Fibonacci principle and doesn’t have sharp angles. Coccyx where kundalini force lies, nose, and fingers only preserve spike of protection.

34. Lightful tension of free will is an attribute of current time. Whole humanity and particular person, both are able to change karma. Forces of Light invisibly support one who decided to deplete karmic debts in short term. Impulses of wishes as aspects of Global Love or of One Will of the Mother of the World can model circumstances and situations. Karma is subject to transformation like wax in sculptor’s hands.

Human selfness is helpless in the World of Spirit. A soul which didn’t take in lessons of humility is not able to enter Higher World shining. Humility is a tool of understanding of self “I” real position in the world of good and love. Conscience of self as a living grain of evolution does not prevent this grain from sprouting. A stem grows slowly, and storms of anger and passions can break this weak newborn life unit. Humility is tenderness and carefulness towards own soul which should be nursed and cultivated as a child. Humility is protection of a growing spirit from the brown venom. Spiritual sparks buildup is a call to forces of Cosmic Magnet.

35. Spirit entry goes on throughout whole life. It doesn’t visit some vessels at all, the other ones it enters very seldom. Entry of spirit means divine inspiration and love to humanity. Sun shines for everyone and warms everyone, and it depends on spirit presence how deep a heart accepts reasonableness of this light and warmth. In its essence humanity is saint. But maya has invented a lot of toys in order to lead souls away from truth and reality understanding. Spirit entering is complete only when a body becomes a temple.

36. Words, sounds, music, and all types of reproducing aids imitate music of cosmic spheres. Language descended from energies allegation. Solar and lunar influence determined vowels and consonants and pronunciation of them. Runes that fell down from heavens were caught by Odin chained to the World Tree, and they are the symbols disclosing language origin. We were granted with all rights and duties from heaven starting from the moment when we were brought to the world as human beings, so being a part of universe we comply, at least we must comply with universal laws. The language was given in order to make notions and meanings explicit and definite and to help those who have lost telepathy and clear-voyance of third race. Unsealing of energies contained in words depends on a thinking one’s imagination and accumulations. During this process he misses or imagines a lot of things. The word is also illusion’s tool, and it often happens that the will yields to pressure of false word.

37. Eyes never surfeit with looking. Flesh never surfeits with lust. But it is possible to close the eye and stop lust. Flow of desires streams down from the rock of lust. Seed of wisdom disintegrates. Cosmic force trifles away. Stop the muddy flow and let water settle.

38. There is no dam for words. There are no obstacles for thoughts. Sounding of seven keys creates music of existence. Eternity starts from eternal sound; and human reason comes back to its consonant ray after completing the earthly way. Silver ringing is a natural state of pure nervous channels – nadi. As if thousands of bells are ringing in the space. The word is the key for vibrations revival. The word gives tone in the world of wishes, creates visual associations, and can attract and concentrate close and far away energies of universe. It means that the word contains energies of the Creator. But chatter is like garbage on a path where gold scintilla of truth sinks.

39. A human being who completed his earthly way and is ready to cross the celestial threshold looks like a flower. Aura at his upper part opens and discloses a grain of a monad at the top of lotus with thousand petals. Subtle body forms behind the human head taking shape of an ethereal human body. This moment is horrible for a rampant atheist. But for the man who has understood spirituality as the higher pole of the matter the pass away is nothing more than falling asleep. Sleep is similar to death. Guardians are strong for those whose hearts are linked with them.

40. Primary sound is a product of Great Breath. Mantras breathy whispering was particularly noted. Essence of knowledge makes a higher essence of a whisperer.

41. Vibration intensifies through repetition. Power grows starting from a grain of life. It is possible to read chronicles of a walking one beginning from the heart, like annual rings of a tree. An aura consists of rings or waves. Repetition of pulsation again and again creates flow of energies which transmits vibrations of the will throughout layers of incarnations. A cross of walking one is heavy, but a stick of kundalini supports any exertion. Perplex consciousness flames with help of the Higher Reason.

42. Whirl of concerns and joys goes with the wind. Tiredness can’t prevail over the father of Fire. Frosty sighs of winter dry the earth. Snowflakes of moments ring with mystery. A heart has affection to a spirit like to its beloved one, and seeks for spiritual shining in the beloved one. But dances of illusion are more valuable than Krishna’s gardens for her. The heart beats and opens the matter for cosmos. Pulsating ether is the foundation of life. One who has pacified seethe of passions within himself can pacify any malicious monster. Apollo’s Lyre plays music of life, but cosmic sounds are dampened with idleness. Labor composes music of spheres, and universal work sounds like an inspired song.

43. Put a seal on your lips. It is impossible to express a heart yearn even in inspired speech. Keep your eyes and ears open but shut the mouth in response to Great Silence. Vidya Gates are open, but don’t break the precious crystal with a hammer of prate. Carefulness comes in useful for a wayfarer walking by a narrow path on a brink of abyss. The more intensive rockfall of accusations and obloquies the more fast and sure the wayfarer’s steps. Don’t be afraid of maya's children; but it is impossible to turn goats into lambs. Let iron words never injure your spirit. Unexpected helpers will come, and labor will thrive when becomes hierarchical. Maya energies intensification is proportional to strength of cosmic spirit-knowledge power.

Eternity nurses the Light Blue Lotus of the Earth. There is a lot of worlds of Beauty and of Knowledge in the ocean of universe; and Light Blue Lotus has its own precious Sapphire of Knowledge. Mountains are sleeping, but echo of ancient Teachings could be heard in their breathing. The key for communications with plant and mineral kingdoms was lost. The Life Tree’s thought is stronger than hunger of earthly passions. One stuck to his pride rolls down like a rock from a mountain. Archly philosophizing one is like a nonbearing flower, like dry needles fallen from a mountain cedar. Any soul accepts red-ripe fruit of the cedar. Tension of plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms is focused on help for humanity. But fog of tamas is too impenetrable.

44. Forces of Light and Great Teachers carry half-paralyzed body of humanity. Struggle between divine nature and asura or earthly nature is a source of forces and energies continuous tension on the planet. Sparks of fohat attract both mundane and spiritual forces. Billions of tiny spirits strain after corresponding magnetism. In flame of light burning hearts call an invisible force. The Chalice of Divine Love is visible in all worlds. It is the beacon which is not darkened with illusion’s covers. It is the destroyer of maya-loka nature.

Fireless hearts start burning from Great Hearts approach. Heat intensifies deep inside the grain of light. That is how you can discern a Warrior of Spirit and a servant of the darkness. The heart is like a lens that focuses a carrier’s ray and responds to it even when darkened with most coarse maya manifestations. The heart is a membrane of strait-knowledge. It contains entire evolution of universal consciousness of Christ. Mind that sprang to the sphere of cosmos is not able to be earthly and material only. The lunar nature threshold overcoming gives wings which can carry you to distant worlds. Rejection means neither atrophy nor tamas nature mechanism breaking, but using this powerful energy for spiritual needs. Physical forces crystallization provides firm basement for mental nature.

45. Keep off, you stained ones! Here is the place of Purity! Take off your shoes and settle down to a course of Light. Road dust is under your feet, but eyes are delighted with purity of morning mountains. Cold of mundane world surrounds heat of a soul. The God’s look is full of happiness when He sees a conduit. Aura of a kindled heart shines like a candlestick of purity. Stainless flowers embrace feet of a wayfarer on the Sacred Path.

46. Trajectory of a karma orbit is very high; but very few ones reach predetermined altitude. Unreason and light-mindedness, and feeling as a child in the huge world (not an orphan, but an entity having Guardians and Mentors) almost deprive a spirit of free initiative. A human being prefers to be unnoticeable instead of exerting every effort.

A sense of at-oneness with nature is the same as the sense of human consanguinity with cosmos; because the Earth is an integral part of the universe and obeys its inviolable laws. The new doesn’t mean karma destruction, but more thorough observation of its laws. Anarchy doesn’t lead to order. The matter insulation doesn’t mean that such matter is a tower of highest achievements that rises above the whole world. The matter insulation is the phase of profound aberration of tamas nature, while tamas must serve spirit as one of the poles of cosmic manifestation.

47. In the fire of ineradicable striving to rise above the world and to be ahead of the darkness the Leaders – creators of the future Earth are walking laying a clear path which doesn’t wink out even at night becoming a chain of inextinguishable beacons that run together.

A host of vidyadhari, keepers of innermost knowledge, guards the universal treasure known as Akasha Chronicles. These chronicles contain history of planets and of every spark of spirit, of all living stars, galaxies, and universes. It can grant according to strength of interest such great comprehension that earthly memory melts from heat of this Great Fire, but a heart’s interest to Vidya should not be contaminated with idle empty curiosity.

48. Polarization has happened already; power of contrariety of two poles of the matter is incredible. Entities of tamas nature are attached to densified existence. They are contaminated with destructive force and are quite successive at the mundane plane, consuming advanced cosmos energies via alcohol and drugs. Force of evil, force of the darkness, force of involution doesn’t hear a call of spiritual summits. Verily, it is sky-high Babylon tower at the astral plane that mixed all languages. People do not understand one another even if they speak the same language, because they assign different meanings to the words and put in implied sense. Words are just vessels that contain one or another energy. The word is charged with energy of one who pronounced it. Be blessed those who have saturated every letter with the light. Ascending streams of love give lightness of flight to their wings. Flame of a soul illuminates profundity of most dark skies.

49. Obtaining experience of discernment at all levels of created world a human soul learns to return back to Divine “I”. There is not a temptation on earth which such spirit didn’t experience and overcome afterwards. That is why it is so firm, wise, and strong; and neither mundane nor astral vain promises can make it lose the way or slow down. Any temptation is a lesson and one who has learned it never gets back. Karma forges the sword of self-consciousness.

50. Poets and musicians are called masters of sounds. In India grammar is the higher science. Correct pronunciation of mantras gives incredible results within earthly and celestial cosmos. Shabda-Brahman saturates the ray carrier with vibrations and grants him the secret of sacral sounds pronunciation and execution of innermost actions.

51. Your money is counterfeit. The link between two principles is interrupted. Banknotes of spiritual values are glued inaptly. No one will sell bread of life for feeding your spirit for such money. Pharisaical chewing gum is not best glue for cordial relations. A pocket of Chalice is empty, and a path of changes and selection looks like a random flight of a kicked roadside stone. Pride of ego trip doesn’t support spiritual growth.

52. Parvati keeps five steps. It is easy to climb up, but heaviness of earthly mud makes stride laboring. Fear to be airy is an obstacle for earthly existence. The Earth is a basis, a foundation, and attracting force for feelings. One who doesn’t learn to overcome his tamas features leaves his body of wishes with difficulty.

Wine of karma could enrich repast of spirit, but venom of the world made it muddy. Just muddy water left instead of wine of wisdom. Christ, who lives in everyone’s heart, alone has to turn water, or energy of lower desires, into wine of higher wisdom. But what will happen when the wine becomes fiery and burning? Wisdom searching means distillation of knowledge inside own spirals of thoughts. Just a drop of wisdom may be extracted after digesting content of many pages read.

Let’s wait out a rain of mockery. False Agni-yogis establish a new church under which living Teaching of Truth will be buried. Look for still alive ones under ruins of false constructions.

53. When turning into a sound, vibrations of Great Breath motion become subtler. When the sound becomes conscious it turns into a word; it crystallizes included sparks of fohat. There are words that affect the universe, but there are also words that act downward and cause consequences. Spells and mantras are degraded remainders of the Great Word power.

54. Lower spirits crowd at human feet. An ancient truth was confirmed unexpectedly. Toxins exude through feet turning out most severe elements of diseases and ill-being. Clots of mud stick to feet. Ablution overthrows the lower retinue’s influence.

Wind that brings snow, knows about winter’s purity. Snow cleans the planet’s pores. Freshness of cosmos comes down together with snow. Mass of snow attracts meteoric dust.

55. One cannot not put evil force into words otherwise they turn into demons which stem the tide. If your tongue is your enemy, then tame sheep of that shepherd.

56. Why your heart is disconcerted? Isn’t it the bird of fear that touched you with its wing? Wind of possibilities blows constantly, but where are fruits of your deeds? Look of one who lost the earthly footing is gloomy. Seek for happiness in the ocean of never-burn-out Love. Shadow of sorrow can’t reduce heat of sun. Children of Surya do not afraid of the darkness. Arrows of evil are helpless against Celestial Fire. Yes, yes, yes! I say, I adjure you with all secrets of the Light: go by the Fiery Path! Chalice will show the way.

57. Tables of fate are stamped into clay of the Earth. Stars repositioning will support reclaiming of divine heavens of a heart. Heaven is tired of groaning under yoke of imperil. Even winds can’t disperse venom of anger. River of life preserves the white flower of immortality. One who feels aroma of Heavens never gets tired from eternity. Gods can’t be angry. Elements become indignant at unreasonable people’s actions.

58. Shukra, seeds of cosmic humanity, rises to the Father’s of Gods orbit. Light of the star of the Mother of the World is bright. Even the Father of Gods looks not so bright in this creative light. All love, all creative works, all crafts and arts will get an impulse from Great Ishtar who was granted with power over kindled hearts. People will stand equal with Gods. Gods will enter temples and human homes, for once upon a time they themselves were men. Joy is saturated with secrets of cosmic love. Wings of labor will grow. There will be no even a day without those who need your work.

59. Sixth and seventh senses penetrate into human consciousness. Intuition and coordination introduces energies of synthesis into the earthly field. The new always mates with the old. But forthcoming time is unique in all aspects and never been before. Verily, it is like different stars shining upon the world.

60. Role of carbon in planet evolution of is of great value. Carbon presents most dense Fohat manifestation. Within the scale of these manifestations oil and gas stays above. Coal mining and incinerating will release planetary Fohat forces from rough matter plane. Coal deposits elimination will bring relief to the planet. It will change the tilt of its axis and consequently will return to the position where Sun distributes creative forces of warmth equally. Those who suffer from heat or frost will get relief. When the planet becomes lighter, its rotation will slow down, hence time will extend. Elimination of hard and liquid forms of combustibles will cause astral densifying. When resources of coal, oil, and gas become exhausted, humanity will start using wave energies. Electricity will become most rough form of cosmic energies.

Densification of astral will cause densification of time. Lifetime will extend. Table of destinies will change records. Authority of iron age will come to its end.

61. Energies of wish churning froths and mixes energies of an aura. The aura can’t settle down mud and can’t let higher energies in for a long time. Clarity allows currents penetrate into monadic depth. World Ocean churning, or vibrations of motion, creates phases of comprehension or stages of this churning. Deadly poison, sacred weapons, such as the chakra and the sword, the white elephant, and the white horse, Lakshmi the Goddess, and finally Amrita – all these are manifestations of creative work during sensual ocean of the planet churning both by human beings and by divine forces of higher spiritual level. Laws of creation and development are uniform for whole universe. Every level of consciousness strays in an individual fold of maya. Aberration is a sort of buffer which can soften or stop energies of Light and not let them in unprepared consciousnesses. It is bad fate to be cindered alive. So, up to some definite time maya is a guardian of a spark of consciousness carrier. These covers are transparent. It is possible to see Worlds of Reality, but it is dangerous for timid hearts to get there.

62. Golden waves with precious droplets are crystallization of spiritual energies of feelings. Crown of spirit has many various adornments; melt gold delights comprehended hearts. Diamond, which is most hard among other stones, is Fohat spiritual energies' manifestation as well. Stones in the crown of every Master and Warrior shine with related colors. Ananda Master knows whose heart is to be granted with pearls of comprehension.

63. Stars are just a necklace of the God. Curly hear of the Pyramid of Space plays with white waves of celestial Ganges which streams through ringlets of Shiva’s hair.

Fiery is mystery of starlight nights; it is like motion of thousands eyes. Fiery is an unknown path of being. Stream of Ganges prattles with silvery sound.

Space vibrations are waves of celestial Ganges which spout down on everyone’s heads and revitalize ashes of thousands and thousands of incarnations sank in aberration and ignorance. Sacral waters resuscitate souls or parts of souls lost in centuries and spaces. Ashes will become the soil of ascending path. Ashes will form a chalice for aromatic rosin for truth service. But proud ones build up a hard lockup for themselves. Inner darkness with no gleam of light is the fate of pharisees and scribes. They are locked in a cell of own ambitions.

64. Vow of honesty is the basis for centers harmonization. Vow of honesty is an insurance of cooperation of walking ones. It is possible to say nothing about a secret, but it is a big fault to pronounce glaring falsehood. Adder of aloofness and ego trip nests in the gap between formations build up with true and false words. Gifts laid on the altar of truth clean spirit from dust. Aura starts glister with its natural colors. Vow of honesty is ludicrous for liars and facts and events mongers. But the Warrior of Light must keep any weapon in readiness when walking through the mundane darkness. Even a dry tree blocking the way couldn’t be cut off with a dull sword. Honesty is a support of a heart in spiritual spheres and it draws nearer dawn of New Epoch which name is Satya!

65. Every soul seeks for its own channel for comprehension, and there are many secrets assigned to some particular grain of evolution. It is necessary to be able to listen to wind and water murmur. Stones on a river bank or forests can bring a message to an awaiting heart. Deodar of Light that grew from a grain of a monad, already bear gold fruits, but there are very few people who have tasted these small treasures of knowledge. Everydayness is like tinted glasses: all colors look dim and people and their activities seem empty and insignificant. But everyone is a carrier of a divine spark, and everyone makes titanic steps going through millenniums. Keen eye and sensitive heart will comprehend the secret of all living creatures. Even stones are alive and their hearts beat.

66. Physical aging of a human being results from permanent oxidation of blood and of body’s tissues. It happens not only due to oxidative processes during digestion, but also results from lack of balance of feelings and thoughts. Negative charge saturates whole body with imperil which oxidizes and turns into poison more harmful than any unacceptable food. One can intoxicate even a vitamin with the evil thought making it pernicious. This conclusion is not surprising. The thought was at the very beginning, and a word the same as Fohat is just irritated particles of God’s Breath. Every word carries charge of cosmic fire. Food blessed with a prayer becomes a balm not for the body only, but for a soul too, if such prayer calls for bliss of celestial fire.

67. Carbon, coal, and soot were used by dark forces for sorcery and invisibility obtaining. Even black paint is made from soot. Balance of forces between the light and the darkness changing is related to carbon recession from the planet. Gravitation becomes lighter, and Atlas’ load will be not so heavy. Caverns of evil will become containers of celestial energies.

68. Revelations of Mother of Agni Yoga become more frequent. Different people on their own or together will see Her near the promised place. Phenomenal manifestations of cosmos and of psychic energy of the Earth will grow. It is needed to stay with White Mountain, to live side by side with It, like with higher Teacher or with Fiery Friend. The key to secrets will be given to most patient and diligent ones.

69. The period of Living Ethics Teaching discrediting starts. People that lead to destruction and to horrible forms of deceit become leaders of big and small groups. Satanism makes an effort to destroy every fire kindled up by the hearts of seeking ones. Be on vigil. A wish to cooperate is joyful. I encourage ardent manifestations of heart’s striving. It is important not to shill wanderers. Vital necessity will make them to knock at the door. Do not be afraid of casting off and obloquy. Do not argue with anyone. It is impossible to break a stone wall by a head. The Teaching is the deposit of precious stones of knowledge. One will understand it in his mind, the other one will feel it by his heart; but most powerful energy grows from love to the Light, to the Brotherhood, to the Guru, to every light of the heart that shines in the night. Go ahead courageously. My Power is with you. A tree doesn’t remember about fallen leaves. Accept those who came and give them what they are asking for, but not more. Excessive food may affect intoxication on a hungry one.

70. Mischief of any present state authority is selfness because such authority is accidental and separated from hierarchical principle. Nothing of what was promised to people is fulfilled, because those promising ones are not under the vow of honesty. Hierarchy alone is able to change the state authority influence both on spiritual and material state institutions. Spiritual Teacher as an executive head of a nation could give prosperity and power to every state. Neither a person nor a huge community of people such as the state can do without higher leadership. All and any undertakings may be successful if only they are blessed by the Ray of the Great Master. The leaders of the nations were people chosen by the God, notable for their vocation. And it doesn’t matter whether a man was a plebeian or of noble kin, but the star of the Leader shined on his forehead from youth. A spiritual Guru or a prophet only could summon him and accomplish an anointment for reign. The present state authority degeneration caused people impoverishment both spiritual and material. Intellectual retardation and lack of inquisitiveness is like a bog that sucks in even capable young intellects. Baneful influence of A. supports legal forms of getting illicit gain from everything in contempt of honesty and conscience which they consider to be atavisms and rudiments of a weak nation.

71. “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth,”- so the prophet said. Fury or saturation with fire is inherent for people who can be carried away with an idea up to disregard of self and vehemence. When a person has such quality, even if he is an abandoned villain or the darkness adherer, he will finally settle on the path of Light after millenniums. Channels for energy receiving are on the top and at the bottom; and middle part is transformed composition of sattva qualities or of tamas qualities. Brahmins and Sudras are two poles supporting the world; life is impossible without either one. 72. If fiery friendship and communications with Me are more precious for you than worldly pleasures, it is time to make your choice. Wisdom of Light cannot be stored in an unclean vessel. It is difficult to find another one, as we have passed side by side through many centuries. Lunar life expired. Critical mass of fire grows, so it is impossible to profane shrines with temporal affairs. A spirit requires another form of existence. Keeping ahead of evolution doesn’t mean submerging to the bottom of the matter.

73. Plants and animals are most thankful creatures in the world. Even a stone may shed a tear of joy from cordial touch. Mineral and plant kingdoms are right-hand helpers for people. Vital power of planet would exhaust without them. Plants transform energies of the earth entrails and of cosmos. Stones absorb waves of ether, preserve them, and emit in small portions. Fires of the earth and of cosmos are united in all kingdoms of nature.

74. The Fiery Friend will never betray. A term of rejection depleted. Fire of a soul shines like living gold. There is no spiritual knowledge without strait-knowledge. New ones will come and give uniting force. Pure souls strive to Our home. Suffering is karma venom discharge. A revived heart will illuminate the path. There is no comprehension without self-denial. A dry flower can beautify a snow field only. Saturated consciousness sends sparks of fire. These sparks awake a grain of spirit. Sprouting seed awaking is a phenomenon of cosmic scale. The spirit grows in eternity starting from the first moment on the earth and up to predestined hour. The field of spiritual labor is not even touched yet. Every moment is new. Impetuous events compose unexpected circumstances. Magnet of Destiny attracts co-workers. Put in the core powerfully. Profound solemnity and thoughtfulness will give uniting force. The great grain of mission is conducted by the Higher Will. The spirit’s potential belongs to cosmic cooperation.

75. An aura depositions are like precious stones glistering on a garb of a king of spirit. It is not just decoration but an experience of joyful comprehension. Crystals of fiery comprehension grow together with fiery consciousness. Crystals of psychic energy cement the space. The range of ascending is from a spark up to the Solar Heart of the Master. If stairs are the symbol of Hierarchy then every stair of ascending contains thousands lives. Flame of a soul that has comprehended shines at long range. Even a timid star illuminates a path. The Light is the Eye of the World and Love of the Master. One would think, is it any use to contribute time for ones immersed to the lips in tamas? But drops of spirit shine in darkness also. A seeking one bursts into flames like a candlestick of joy.

76. Athirst souls that rush after new teachings and after every false advanced guru are roaming in a labyrinth; Minotaur is waiting for them there, he ravens their time and energy of feelings. Beware of vociferous false prophets that demonstrate their unicity and monopoly on enlightment.

77. Transfiguration of a sound into an image is an achievement of Aquarius epoch. Cooperation of vibrations and elements will produce new impulse for spiritual development. ‘Indigos’ are mature souls or those who have passed through condensed course of evolution. They will become tutors of forthcoming humanity. More and more of them are coming into the world.

Elements harmonization saturates the space with energies of transfiguration. Worlds could be seen by the hearts. It is an achievement of discernment to hear consciousnesses striving to life transformation. One is looking for a required instrument in a tool-box and doesn’t pay attention to other instruments. Any composition of knowledge is based on this principle. Giants build up strongholds, temples, and dwellings; gnomes decorate them. Cooperation of elements is based on harmony.

78. - Teacher! Why my ears do not hear music of spheres and eyes do not see colors of space?

- My son! Road dust blinds your eyes, and your hearing is low due to howl of wind of passions. Power of feelings, power of time, and the will power will lave the blind and deaf one.

79. Altai is holy. Inexhaustible are spiritual treasures of the blessed land. Magnets of land, magnets of space, magnets of hearts. Temple of Gold Mountain was preserved here from ancient times. Bells are ringing anight. Unseen light illuminates the path. Altai Chalice shines with gifts of realizations. Hearts, hearts, hearts are to be kindled up! Thrice I repeat: hearts containing triad of worlds.

80. Precious stones never dim. Aura depositions are like a heap of earthly treasures. Placer deposits of crystals of fire are beautiful and grand. Energies of heart emit and get together. Pain is just faceting of gems of power. Balm of time treats wounds of the past. Surface of energies becomes a mirror of the light. Mosaic of lives is to be polished by deeds of a spirit.

81. Love moves the will. Love kindles up lightful deeds with fiery impulse, and the will propels either words, or feelings, or thoughts; but complex of these components is most important. The darkness doesn’t know love. It tries to act through force of fear and suppression of any kind of creative forces. The mondial wish is the basis of the will activity; but the Will of the Master’s Heart is one law for entire universe. Shambhala Master lives and breathes in the Heart of Sun. Shambhala Master knows terms of forthcoming events. Shambhala Master is an insurance for striving hearts ascending. The Master’s Heart shines like Fiery Armour. His Spirit shines with creative Light. All living develops and strives towards rays of His power. Shambhala Master is Mondial Love that saturates every atom of life. Moments ring with a melody of new possibilities. The Stairs of Hierarchy are available for ascending. Power of the World rises in energies of Love.

82. Love fills Ocean of Power. Ceaseless radiant power pours down from mysterious hight of bliss. A soul is lazy without love. A heart doesn’t flame without love. Lamps of comprehension and creativeness die away. Inspiration slides by one clouded with selfhood, and someone else gets petals of gifts of joy from Love. The garden of joy exhales fragrance because wisdom made its home there. Rosy flowers of solemnity do not allow sliding to the bog of everydayness. Inimitable is enthusiasm of joy. Moments turn into flowers of discoveries and comprehensions. A cloud of glistering sparks follows an aura of a triumphant servant of bliss. And there is enough staff to forge an armour and a sword for the Warrior of Light. Love is neither amorphous nor sentimental. Love is calm and powerful. It is a column of flame that touches heavens and supports an innermost gate, because link with the Teacher or the silver thread of devotion develops into radiant pillar. Verily, you are the Earth and Heavens Supports.

83. Dissoluteness is sour virtue. Celestial wine becomes stronger when stays sealed only. Gates opened for obsession make vinegar from wine of wisdom. Abstinence is that very sealing of the vessel of wisdom.

84. Moon is the moulder of karma program of humanity. Terms of three, seven, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four years either forge or destroy karma bonds.

85. If you are overtaken by love to the space, it means that the space gives you energy of love. Power streams between two poles.

86. A sin is not an obstacle for sanctity achieving. The sin is that very cage built by a hypocrite who doesn’t want to get into the fiery state of responsibility. Waves of fire supersede the sin and it obtains quality of stable virtue, because tension of forces of the sin is same powerful as tension of virtue forces. Diaphragm is very thin or it is quite absent. There is fear before the God’s power. Hence, the sin is a buffer that softens Fire of Love energies entering.

87. Thought-forms make an astral escort of humanity. Thinking continuously directed to good creates a garden of fiery flowers and shining creatures. But flashes of anger and selfhood beget disgusting monsters. They consume a man’s soul power and affect his will and behavior. Excarnated ones, that failed to get away from earthly evaporations, capture most strong thought-forms. The mankind gives a pictorial example of discipline of thoughts benefits, begetting worst type of obsession with its own chaotic thinking. Be creators of beauty, be gardeners of spaces where thought-symbols conceive new worlds. Be perfect thinkers. The thought is most subtle and powerful fiery force that begets living essences. The thought is the Light’s aid. A heart finds the way with the help of the thought; generated by fire, the thought comes back to its parent when needed. Think in wide, pure, and beautiful manner. Even during earthly life you may learn to participate in cosmic creative work contributing uniqueness and variety in the world chronicles.

88. Poet’s mission is to imbue the space with vibrations of energies of the God. Ocean of Fohat crystallizes and protecting wall arises by virtue of words. Music serves the same purpose causing higher catharsis of a soul.

89. Corpses of slaughtered animals obstruct entrance to Light for human consciousness. It is impossible to get through an animal atavism, but free will must lead to the good. It's high time to stop bloody feast. Flesh-eating depositions on a human aura are uglier than many other negative manifestations. What for carrying a bulk of garbage, when the Master taught us to be shining and flying? Fetters of flesh are already heavy for an aspiring spirit. Karmic burden must be pure. Karmic debts materialization is more horrible than Judgment Day pictures. That is why timely debts revealing and returning are to be of highest priority. Karma is a special concern of the soul. Hot fire of continuous service alone is able to burn away seeds of bad karma. High spirituality only releases from the load of sins. But it is much more difficult to stay in sanctity than to pass through the other trials of a heart.

90. Human loneliness ends in spiritual sphere. When a soul obtains spiritual knowledge it realizes its own inherence from Universal Reason.

91. All debts of the present world accumulated during thousands of years are to be returned at the end of current millennium. Every soul will get fairing for its debts to the world. This milestone between millenniums is a boundary between the new and the old. Torrent of energies of new knowledge flows into human consciousnesses to be directed to minds and feelings. The new and the inimitable arrive. The world manifestations' acceleration is connected with arriving of energies of Fire.

92. Projection of energetic membrane between Yin and Yang in a human body is just a diaphragm separating organs that consume coarse components and subtle components. The membrane belongs to both parts separating and uniting them at the same time. The upper part of a human body belongs to soul and spirit structures, and lower part – to coarse material ones.

93. Meditation which is not directed to higher Spheres of Light due to lack of accumulated energy, or neglect and automatic manner of praying without love and solemnity, feeds satanic layers. It chains stronger than any temptations and enticements. Pray when burning with power of inspiration; and never pray in anger or in indifference of laziness. Praying is a purifying lightning. Revitalizing power comes backwards in accord to your need for rising upward best feelings and words of the soul.

Imperishable love is like an inaccessible rock at the root of which an ocean of time beats. One who realized uniqueness of every moment only becomes immortal. Spirits of time every moment bring gene of immortality to everyone, but it whirls away unopened and uncalled by those who sank in the fog of everydayness. Time is an unusual energy. It is possible to attract or push it away; but it is impossible to avoid it.

94. Inertia of descent acts much more intensively than ascending force. Descending one doesn’t face resistance and climbs down step by step. Venom of bookish knowledge is in its easiness and availability. Epoch of spiritual knowledge didn’t come yet, but power of cosmic knowledge has increased incredibly on the earth.

95. Altai Shambhala is one of innermost places on the planet. It is here, it is near; entire country of white waters is blessed with energy of the Brotherhood. Bipeds are wrong in their self-overestimation thinking that they can clean and save the Valley. Still it is the Valley that saves them. Cooperation and brotherhood of aspiring hearts only will become a power that supports Us. We will call Warriors of Light soon. We will shine rusty swords. The battle will inspire courageous hearts with bravery. Old warriors will come back again. Suffering will purify those who strive to Light. Karma as punishing and scourging manifestations was already depleted. Now it is time for karma of possibilities. Next twelve years are to be used for realization of such possibilities. Flow of energy from universe is so powerful that all levels of knowledge, all levels of mental and sensual layers are filled with Akasha Chronicles. Light-knowledge streams from new heavens which have opened to endow everyone. Most incredible but most high motives cause reaction in the world of wishes. Everything speeds up like in gigantic synchrophasotron. Monads rotate in this circle of forces, and the will of destination imbues striving one and gives wings of joy to his soul. Flow of aspiration intensifies energies of cosmos. Mystery of comprehension of cosmic knowledge is in pure hearts' linkage, in cooperation, and agreement of opinions. Time and a human being represent energy in motion. The Earth and the human being are two cups of the scales of universe.

96. Every mother’s heart bleeds for children all over the world.

97. Flows of cosmic love vibrations imbue the planet with Lucida Matter, which is a carrier of future achievements of the mankind. Modification of rays’ chemistry brings transfiguration of the Earth’s crust and of human bodies. Religion of Light used to call it ‘entering into Santana’. Santana is the energy of wisdom initiated with the mankind’s inner achievements. These are energies of soul regeneration that evoke forces from the bottom of the soul that attract cosmic energies of love. Love and wisdom are components of truth which is reflection of Divine Truth.

98. Life is created with the cross of balance of elements, of time and space, of love and the will, of wisdom and force, of karma and inactivity.

99. The world of imagination perishes. Young minds drawn away with video, TV, and virtual products beget neither bright thought-forms nor creative energy. They consume prepared and millions of times replicated images. Impulses of such forms of sense perception are very low. They stick together billions souls with glue of indifference. Making zombies from young consciousnesses means threading them like beads on uniform perception. Young minds dry like mushrooms in the sun. Bitterness of lack of imagination kills spirits of creative work. Egregores of beauty die under pressure of artificiality and nasty imitations. Art educates souls via vision, hearing, and other forms of perception of universal consciousness mosaic. Life giving water source runs dry.

100. During life on the earth a man obtains virtues of spiritual life got out of thousands incarnation. Merits of labor illuminated with love and wish to create something new and beautiful feed every heart’s dormant spiritual energies. Flame shines with light. Let tiny sparks – spirits unnoticeable for common people – gather around the divine spark and carry a sphere of Fiery Love to the God Christ’s Altar.

101. Suffering is a magnifying glass through which one can see himself more clear than through other circumstances. A mirror of soul is variable, and a dark background makes all virtues and disadvantages more textured.

102. Agni Yoga is a quintessence of entire secret knowledge and a field for researches and discoveries. Many people slipped off flowers but didn’t wait until fruits, and almost no one found gold under roots. Spiritual toiler’s labor is hard; small discoveries are the awards for a heart’s efforts. They compose a fiery pyramid of prophetic illumination. Evil feelings will die away; a sin will become dust. Even most disgusting things will become a prototype of divine virtues, for every fleck of dust contains a grain of gold.

103. Threads of ultramundane knowledge braid our lives. Energy of comprehension strengthens due to consciousnesses uniting. The more close and deep coupling of cooperating hearts, the more bright and variable manifestation of such cooperation. Power of uniting energy strikes sparks from the Chalice of incarnations and allows developing of talents and skills mastered by a person long ago but which are dormant for the moment. As soon as one merges with the spirit of equal consciousnesses, then flow of celestial Jnana pours and fills the common repository of joy. Be closer, stay side by side, and keep one another in your hearts in the Light of Great Hearts.

104. Titans of Spirit guard the Gates of Heaven. It is impossible to stay soulless when pronouncing clever speeches. A human being is not just speaking machine but an instrument of evolution. A word kindles hearts of worlds.

105. Alatyr Stone is substance of the Heart of the World. It is like valerian in plant kingdom and has relative qualities with musk and soda; it soothes and gives psychic power to whole planets and cosmic communities. Russia knows the path of the Stone. Power of magnet of the sons’ of Rha land is being kindled. Sacred caches are being opened; and Temple secrets are impossible to hide now. But mysteries of Belukha protect Altai Chalice. This Chalice contains fire of communion of sons and daughters of Sixth Race.

106. Mirrors have tight energetic links with their owners, the same as stones. They are condensers and expansions of the owner’s aura as well as homes, belongings, animals, and plants. Akasha force contained in mirrors has its own aspect in karmic, sensual, and mental worlds. Energy of time and karma stops inside a mirror sphere.

107. Psychic energy could be transmitted by any type of magnetism energy. Currents of the Heart of the World saturate channels of space. Fiery power of ‘OM’ is like uncatchable neutrino which has no visible or invisible barriers. Even black holes are not able to pull in these all-pervading spirits of Light. Seeds of universes are preserved inside them. Mental currents carry bud of life to unknown spaces. Neutrino is concentrated energy of thought. What physical science has found by feeling is just an external manifestation of this force.

108. Universe hears a song of your soul; the louder it sounds the more powerful responding stream of creative waves of love which are able to turn a desert into divine garden. Every string of your feeling is tuned to the universal wave of Primary Creation. Feelings appeared before the mankind.

109. Egregore of Living Teaching weakens. Aspiration of hearts is weak due to separation of holy and beautiful efforts. Image of truth fades, and tens of years long toiling is necessary to open the new gates. It is work for moments and minutes, it is work for hours and days. Burning must be unceasing. The valley of spirit smelts steel of words and thoughts continuously. Power of the flamy force that protects the heart can melt layers of caked spaces and give other forms to mental signs. Those symbols enfettered with karma curse will join power of other formations when break free. New wine is to be poured into new wineskins only, but their forms are still prepared. Old consciousness is not able to contain future Heavens. Get ready for endless labor, and thought will start working. It is that very thought that has recognized the order of the will. It is that very thought that has come into the world from bottom of the heart, from boiling depth of spaces’ joy. One, who has comprehended the Fiery World by his own heart and has abandoned glistering temptations of the earthly world, will not be rejected by the light path. The Earth is beautiful but it is still a small part of incredibly beautiful worlds.

110. Universe is impregnated with a thought. He is peaceful and quite, that Ancestor of Wisdom. Every human being takes a particle of His reason and continues developing immortal power of the thought. You will see fire of your soul through Fire of Sun. Cosmic creatures come to a man and join his suite in order to help him and to implement his own plan. It is man alone who is able to fulfill Creator’s project in this world. He is only one who becomes a god and Lord's finger during earthly incarnations. That is why universal and mundane fight for people’s souls is so great. All great and small creatures are coming and will come to men trying to realize their great and small ideas in the world of matter. But cooperation creates new entity whose creative and spiritual power tens or even hundreds times greater than even a genial human capabilities. Cooperation progression power is geometric. Collective consciousness of Light carries talents never seen before on the earth and embodied in no mortal one before. Most daring imaginations find power for realization. Healing with hands and healing power transmitting via items and objects are just feeble semblance of these capabilities. Healing magnet of united thought of cooperation is the main thing.

111. A cedar and all its derivative items are sacral and can banish essences of the darkness. It is notable that incense is made of cedar tar. The cedar restores a good aura of space and of human beings. Sacral fire of the cedar essence is related to the Root of the World, that is why We recommend to use furniture and other items made of the cedar, even bed pad should be wadded with cedar needles and chips. They contain living electricity which is the panacea from spiritual and physical diseases.

112. Earthly roots of inspiration breathe ozone of faraway worlds. Chemistry of crossed rays provides karmic meetings essential for whole life. Threads of karma are imperishable, but every soul has free choice. Water of time boils always, but fate’s hand holds us over it knowing the predestined hour. Greens of words bloom with flowers of understanding and after that only fruits ripen. Word pronounced with hope and inspiration is like a snowball rolling from a mountain. Let pure thoughts only adhere to our deeds. But incredible efforts are required to embody thought in a deed. Thirst for comprehension is like a detonator for this huge arsenal of enthusiasm.

113. Not only earthly essences but invisible ones also are learning from men. Some good advices may be perverted by dark ones. Even universal channel of reason is cankered by spirits of lucre. A pure fiery thought alone can be neither eavesdropped nor used for evil. The higher motive, the brighter and loftier the thought fire. Fire of the thought is a force protecting creative seed, a fiery crust of a spark of One God.

114. Suffering and pain is the strait path to the God. When suffering a soul involuntarily turns thoughts to the Ancestor, the Creator, and the ancient thread of the light restores and hardens due to communication with One Eternal.

115. When carrying a woodpile one may frostbite his hands, but same woodpile in a furnace warms whole house.

116. Zoroastrian meditation over a chalice is a symbol of our world’s insularity inside ourselves. A way out is in the feeling of inner freedom.

117. The darkness loses its essence without our anger; it loses power without our hate; it doesn’t exist without our pride. We are within everything, and everything is within us. Eliminating evil inside ourselves we eliminate it in the world. Balance of the worlds lies inside us. A creative heart is our guard and a great teacher. Abandonment of struggle manifestations and negative feelings, thoughts, and behavior is greatest manifestation of the struggle. Victory is a triumph of cosmic love as highest justice. One can become a true Warrior of Light rejecting hate, pride, anger, and other related aspects only. The higher the level of cosmic love feeling, the stronger the God’s Power in human hearts. Getting rid of evil we enter the kingdom of growing Light. Then, the darkness will not embrace us. Everyone must find an Angel in his soul to become a saint; the Angel which brings him to Divine Gates.

118. Attract good essences. A word is a dwelling for millions of energetic creatures. These creatures are like blood cells in a human body, they help words to live and affect the good will. The evil will of words is damnation and imperil concentration. The good will of words is power of mantras and attracting of spacial fire blessing. Grace of God is in prayers and mantras. The human word is not a trap for energies of thoughts but a holy temple. All energies of the world, time, love, the will, and fate are in the divine word. “Be” was pronounced, and Light has spread out from a fiery point inside universe. Power of belief in the word liberates its aura and its plasma. Healing with pronouncing common words means coming back to Primary Sound that created the World.

119. Crystals of creative work bring into being aura of cooperation. Where fires of enthusiasm glister, where strings of the light plait joint armour of love to the Brotherhood, there comprehension of truth lives. New joy fills the world together with energies uniting. New light revives images of achievements dropped into the Chalice. The stronger the magnet of harmonized energies the more intensive manifestations of creativeness and genius. A community becomes a big living organism able to work new tasks which could be resolved by joint consciousness only.

120. Music awakes in a soul conscious associations with previous lives. Perceiving celestial music via earthly one a man perceives his cosmic origin.

121. The magnet attracts hearts. The gift of the Heart of Universe discloses itself not for everyone. It is impossible either bribe or deceive the substance of truth. It is impossible to gain it by violence. The Stone sees the innermost in a man. Strings of its fiery power resound through space. Radiation of the future is saturating the Valley. But the gift of faraway star is not granted to a phraser or to a hurrier. Every human soul is related to it, and heat of the loving heart is very close to the Heart of the World. Fire protects from filth. The place is under the spell of holy secrets, but heart knows the way there. Mysterious joy fills the heart through the mere thought of approaching the Holy of Holies. Time the Severe Ancient thoroughly guards the promised Treasure.

122. Fire of higher feelings have filled vessels of your bodies with melted gold. Light of ardent worlds streams in the hall of initiations. Any meeting could turn to be useful. Music is carried by fiery spirits as echo of music of spheres. Accords fall like invisible snow. The more bright and subtle souls’ forces co-action, the more powerful consequences are. Harmonizing and evening space music imbues the world with beauty.

123. Poisoned timber could be antagonistic to men. Artificial substances for furniture coating smelled by people provoke separating of kingdoms of nature.

124. The soft overcomes the hard. Constant water dropping wears away a stone. Rust eats away most hard sword, but it is possible to rub rust to powder by effort of two fingers. Wind blows up fire and rise ocean waves. But a wall of sound is impenetrable.

125. I surround your thoughts with Fire of My Heart. I make every stone on a thorny path shine with imperishable light.

Emitting peace and calmness from your heart you grant them to the other heart. Light opens spiritual eyes, but the darkness aggravates the spirit’s path because paths in darkness are enweaved from dangerous. At night smallest lamp shines with power of the heart, and all dark forces will never overcome a spark of Eternal Divine Life. Flame lives inside us and we live inside the flame surrounded with Masters’ prayers. We are unreasoning children for the Masters that is why they so much care about us.

126. Transformation of wishes into visible forms can’t happen without mental energy. Force of pure thoughts creates more perfect essences. But it is hard to follow reaction of the thought. Even most fleeting flashes of thoughts produce instantaneous coloring of feelings.

127. In the modern world power of egregores of religions grows weak under onslaught of serials that have occupied TV, radio, and people’s consciousnesses. Egregores of TV serials become stronger and more operative than most fiery ideas. The darkness breaks consciousnesses to pieces and imposes slang words and corresponding behavior. Such predictability is the part of satanic program leading to human spirit’s forces enslaving. Identification with hero of TV serial is worst illusion. The mankind lives in the world ruled by imposed involution. The free will suppression is just one of dark aspects of sleeping consciousness. Boundaries of imagination narrow and it stops working, mechanically remembering prepared forms. TV addiction is so great that people start to believe fully in these empty illusions and forget about their own life of heart, mind, and feelings. A clew of ignorance drags to a bog of fear and despair. Serpent the tempter has changed his skin, and movies full of endless lies even more intensively promote attractiveness of earthly passions. The darkness’ nature comes out explicitly. The future will change functions of TV which currently steals time, strength, and emotions. Spirit will triumph. A screen for communications with faraway worlds will link souls. Global prayers and meditations of Light and Love will create a flow of force targeted for saving of weakened planets and whole systems. Spirit of Universal Community will triumph. Everyone will recall the chain of planets which he has passed during incarnations.

128. Those who are sinless and understand substance of a sin only are able not to condemn. Pharisees and Scribes pointing out sin and blot are worst sinners because similar things attract each other. Energy of sin doesn’t change its nature until it moves to higher force, to loftier essence. Judge not and ye not be judged. Sinfulness and depleting of sin is a potential of a human soul itself. Just bare soul stands before sin. Do not point at a mote in thy brother’s eye when you do not pay attention to a log in your own. Everyone manifests his vital energy according to his own level of this energy development.

129. Be victorious with My Image. You have made certain of the visit realness. The golden library was shown not without reason. It is open for hearts. Gift of discernment comes through My Face visualization. It is important not to forget about this. Success is waiting upon work of sincere hearts.

130. It is not a crowd of false mystics that will advance spiritual development of the country but sincere souls of common people.

131. Roerichs' mission is connected with laying magnets along the way of the expedition. They carried the great Chintamani which kindled fragments of Aerolit spread over the world. Future spiritual state is outlined by carrying World Treasure through countries and lands which will flourish in the future.

White Mountain was marked as the place of meeting of disciples and Teachers with Dhyan-Chohans and Buddhas. String of Light is stretched to the heart of the Earth. Let hearts respond to the call of the Brotherhood’s flame. Let Light of the path illuminate souls, and let everyone carrying the light become living flame. Everyone, carrying the light, walks like a torch of the service. Ray of devotion grows, and flames, and obtains power via connection of the Earth and Heavens.

132. By means of imagination and wishes the will kindles feelings which form physical plane. The stronger the will the more perfect and important what was created on mundane plane. Ants build anthills, and Creators form new universes. But principle of creation is general for whole Eternity and the same forces are involved. An atom of feeling is to be born on the cross of wish and imagination.

133. Spirit saturates space and fills amorphous atoms of qualities with divine energies. A soul is like a mediator between worlds and its function is to attract spiritual energies into physical world for reviving and linking. Visible and invisible cooperation cause worlds to move. Spiritual psychic energy evolves same as the mankind of entire Solar system. Fire of spirit is the ocean of Higher Forces involved in construction of worlds. But mediation of space, where it is dissolved, gives strength to manifest all its innermost qualities. The way of these qualities lies between eternal Light and eternal darkness. Chaos is just a material for Divine Architect. The Sculptor of spirit is able to create all and any unique forms. His creative work is unique and varied. External and internal changes simply confirm truthfulness of infinite development of eternal grain of life.

134. Fury of evil is vehement. We meet any hurricane of hate with the Teacher's shield and do not extinguish with a drop of fear the Chalice of Fire of Service that flames in our hearts. Let's enlighten our spirits with valor. The sword of courage can't be forged at once. The sword hardening is difficult, but fight-tested armor never lets down. We will not be frightened when the darkness surrounds us. We will not be frightened when the path is covered with fog of envy and hate. Vigilant heart can see even the future. It is impossible to extinguish Chalice of Love.

Deodars of Light are cleaners of human forest. Deaodars of Light give fragrance and freshness. Deaodars of Light are the guards of Altai summits. Chalice of Altai is granted to one walking to the White Mountain. Accept it as the Order. Stone of Life will glister with new crystal face of beauty. Stone of Life will illuminate depth of ignorance, and sleep of sad thinking will turn into shining morning of labor. Let's Praise the Creator. Let's swear on Flame of Light to reach the destination.

135. Threads of karma interlace in one aspiration, and strength of aspiration consists of white and black threads. The past is plaited into the present with qualities of energies. Those threads that pull the spirit down will become a part of tissue of cooperation together with fiery striving. A pattern of service will be enriched with threads of the past and of the present. Sometimes karma adds a new hieroglyph of destination. It is impossible to see the future without the past. Experience of consciousness has intuition. Precognition is based on knowledge of the past.

Overcoming resistance of the dense matter we are striving to realize creative potential which is hidden inside every heart. There are no nonbearing human feelings. There are no hearts which are not able to do good, love, and joy. We are leading through mist of lack of understanding; in spite of awareness of the earth inertness we are calling to fly.

136. Embodying people's vices, nursing, and charging them, the Prince of this World is quite sophisticated in teaching evil. He enslaved energy on the lower plane and doesn't allow its rising to higher function which means depriving of improving. There is no evil as such. There are those who keep creative forces at the dungeon of ignorance. The sluggish matter has physical magnetism, but the magnet of thought is stronger than any earthly temptation. Vices overcoming and thoughts liberation is the way upwards. Transfiguration of pairs of opposites is the primary function of evolution. But crucial impulse is creative work of the thought.

137. A torch of evil smokes. It is difficult to wash away fume of hate. It is hard to reach steady burning which kindles human hearts. Burden of work is heavy, but it is impossible to neglect it. Do joy. Creative work of a heart is connatural for Universe of Happiness. This is neither money nor luxury and life full of pleasure and fun, hiding emptiness of souls, but inspired labor that produces energy of joy. The world dances like a snake charmed with sounds of fakir's flute. Sleep of unconcern is over, dawn of podvig rises. It is labor of the heart to advance people's consciousnesses. Kindle flabby hearts. Purify embittered hearts. Sometimes a white baby bird of hope lives in a nest of horror.

138. We create an effective magnet via souls uniting. The Teaching must live. There is a lot of those who shout about devotion, but there is few of those who improve the world. Creative work of service grows. Collect worthy ones in a bunch of devotion. Seek for living souls.

139. A person's thoughts gather at a hind-head in a shape of radiant spirals, ribbons, flowers, and incredible forms of different colors, length, and saturation. Striving to the light manifests as a thin white thread rising upwards. Thought forms can instantly collapse or permanently weigh upon a person waiting at the entrance to the astral world for next impulse of will-power. In radiance by the head it is possible to recognize main acting entities of the astral escort of the person. If the higher spirit or Guardian Angel was driven out or left the person due to his misbehavior, then the other spirits dreaming about power over a human being, take his place. Attracting astral not disintegrated integuments of villains and criminals which are able to affect weak-willed ones or even drive out their own souls at least for a short period, is most dangerous. This explains mechanism of obsession.

140. Cultivate a garden of roses. Mundane path is hard. The vale of suffering gives understanding of the matter imperfection. Power of fiery love scorches fears and horrors on the way. Just feel love to your way to Light, and the rest will fall off like dust from your shoes. What for magic palaces are if entire world is the temple of Truth veneration and of service to It? Venom of days will pass away, and feelings will start blooming with white fire of inspired labor.

Evil and hate cause heaviness and attraction to the earth. Love gives wings with literal meaning of this notion. Love and joy is the arrow of striving. The stronger love the higher the path of striving. An eye of a thought sees far off.

141. The world is full of enslaved souls. Embrace of the perverted world deforms a path of fiery task which lives inside a spirit. Enslaved souls suffer most strong and actively. Physical world is beautiful, but insincerity of human ignorance brought to disfiguration of remarkable ideas of Golden Century. It is possible to destruct armour of maya when breaking out from captivity of own prejudices only.

142. Prayer is a living nerve linking worlds. Blessed link pulsates from divine creations down to earthly ones. There is not interruption between worlds. The mankind fenced itself from the Garden of Eden and constructed a wall of alienation which is hard to surmount. Its saturated black color repulses even powerful waves of holy gas of Jupiter. Astral is encumbered with objects of lust. Animal manifestations penetrate into forbidden hight.

The past eats up us alive. There is no need to retrain the past, but just forgetfulness teaches nothing. Our strength is in love. Hate alone destructs common power. Separation is just an illusion of independence. Love each other and don't allow the darkness to intrude and intoxicate you with its black needle with poison of evil. Disconnection and isolation of every soul is the way to spiritual potential reduction.

143. Creating situations is a prerogative of a free spirit. Rest events and circumstances are just a method to direct humanity onto the proper way.

144. Guru reveals a disciple's character traits. Guru discloses all negative features. Ashes of evil fly away and core of virtues starts shining with fire of new life. It is not rejection but transforming into higher experience that changes out sins and turns them into spiritual merits. Mind and heart are in one team. We will achieve spirit-knowledge only after developing strait-knowledge. The new is manifestation of best qualities within one striving. Crystallization of higher meaning of life can raise high to the Spheres of Joy.

A word wakes up souls. Kindling space, Prophets walk like columns of Light, and verily, Their Word burns anticipating hearts. Entire wisdom is to be conveyed via fire. Mental currents seek for thought-forms container. Whole universe is interlinked with power of imagination.

145. Psychic life of a heart is determined with its ability to contain and to comprehend. The heart is able to hear and to see all earthly and universal manifestations. Not any Secret of the World is unknown for the heart. All universal laws are executed by the Great Heart. And Master of Shambhala also lives in the Heart of the Sun. That is why heart-knowledge is the higher grade of wisdom which could be achieved by a spirit. The heart is infinite like universe. The heart is a reservoir of all energies and all forms of evolution. The heart is an altar of immortality; time flows through the space of heart washing and reviving eternal grain of life. Incomprehensible are secrets of the heart. Incredible is power of Light of the heart. Not a force in cosmos withstands the heart. Evolution of spirit advances with inner concentration by means of Agni Yoga. It is not unfeeling brain but balance between mind and heart that will move away rocks blocking entrance to the future, because they form wisdom of simplicity.

146. You are going through probation with spacial fire. All pains and diseases are of mystical nature. Do not look for physical reasons when the world decays.

Mother's of the World date, Great Feminine Origin date is marked with figure-of-eight, the sign of a mother and a child standing by her side. The Origin is creative and protective; It patiently nurses the seed of divine idea in all kingdoms of nature. The Origin inspires the battle with ignorance and gives courage and knowledge together with mother's milk. The Origin lights up destination and determines earthly and celestial ways.

Thou, Great Mother of the World! Thou, Mistress of Paramaguru and of all Buddhas! Thou know a secret of sorrow and joy. Thou are the secret of keen waiting of sons, husbands, and fathers. Blessing to Thee! Thou are the Force that safeguards Worlds! Thou are the Great Creator of Perfect Forms! I give Thee veneration by the Heart of Love! Thou, Tara, Lakshmi, Kali, and Sarasvati! Thou, Mother of all prophets and Sons of God! Praise to Thee always!

147. I warn you that dark ones use method of depriving of vital force in order to delay next incarnation for most valuable co-workers. The more energy exhausts the longer a period before next incarnation. That is why We point to necessity to preserve psychic force. 148. A wave stands still before going upward. A star as if grows dim before reaching peak of its brightness. Alerting lull settles before most important events. All energies accumulate forces for decisive action. A human spirit is also a subject for the law of ups and downs; and spirit diving rises the top point of amplitude of development. Understanding of own imperfection restrains excessive pride of free will. The crystal of bliss grows slowly. Heart energy crystallizes Drops of Divine Dew and covers the grain of eternity.

149. Onslaught of elements alone determines strength of a human spirit. Most strong wave determines a ship's strength. Is it possible to cross the ocean if take fright at first wave attack? An armour of spirit hardens due to intensification and sounding of energies of opposites. Collision only can disclose grade of courage and valor. There is no peace in the world because every thought is like a squall of approaching storm. But a beach rock withstands even tenth wave. Firmness and calmness opens new breadth of mental vision. Mind that rushes about in fear can't notice obvious ways for salvation. It is possible to give help to a keen soul only. Even smallest flower growing on a summit is full of courage to overcome impacts of elements. It bends down under wind blows but then it stands straight again. But abyss covered with thick fog is more dangerous. Look ten steps ahead. Eagle eye develops due to capability to notice details. Signs are understandable for the eagle eye. Be vigilant on a mountain path.

150. To realize means to start mastering. To become aware of the way means to obtain fortune and valor. Process of realizing is a method used by a soul for absorbing and purposeful application of psychic energies. Belief is realizing as well; without applying forces of belief, or practices, it will be simply buried under ashes of everydayness. Simply speaking, belief without practice is dead. Practices of the soul are difficult. Inward concentration is one of them. Permanent praying surrounds aura with celestial fire. Mystery of communication with Higher Forces is sacral; the darkness blinds eyes without them.

151. Vision of people praying at White Mountain and of giant women on a path to the summit; legends about caves full of precious stones and about meetings with she-guardians of these treasures – all are links of the same legend about Chud tribe which went underground.

Spiritual workshops keep working. Pyramid of Planet's Destiny shines in depth of promised City. Light of United Spirit Ray breaks through astral heaps of ignorance. Brotherhood of Hearts guards the Altai Chalice. Heart of Asia preserves inextinguishable Fire of Wisdom. Heart of Asia is a field of secrets. White Ashrama is nearby. It takes only to wish and take a burden of discipleship.

152. You will pass dangerous marshes, you will avoid abysses and precipices of earthly ignorance. The way is hard. Keen eye and alert heart's carefulness will suggest the right step. It is easy to go wrong, but hard to get out. One who sees an unnoticeable mark of destination will avoid an obstacle. Fiery eyes of spirit can see horizons of the future and there are no secrets in the world of consequences for them. A reason that causes karma is subject to spiritual choice. One can accept or deny. One can descend or ascend. Signs on the way are true, but they are just disturbances for blind ones.

153. White Mountain is one of greatest shrines of the world. Holy city of knowledge has been doing investigations in spiritual science for thousands and thousands years. Laboratory of Light realizations is on patrol.

Do not spend your time for hate and animosity for beauty is around you. One who dives into a dark abyss of ignorance prevents himself from harmonizing with perfect worlds. Even the physical world was created with beauty and is similar to Divine Worlds. The way of one striving to beauty is fiery. Beauty represented in people's relations teaches true relations among worlds. Human and cosmic souls are linked with One Light.

154. America passes the way of individual comprehension or pratyeka-buddha. Russia strives to mastering forces of co-operation, to manifestation of collective consciousness. Idea of community runs in blood of Russian people. Americanizing of Russia is aimed to destroying this national feature which threatens dark ones. United consciousness of the country is always on the alert. Adamant of cooperation is invincible. Attracting spiritual energies to big groups of people changes their genetic, astral, and mental nature. Humanity rises above physical laws and transfers to the other sphere of life under the power of spirit.

155. Iodine is the seed of all mystical forces of universe. Its rotation gives rise to energies of motion and creation. In western tradition of secret sciences it is the symbol of Om-forces. A point starts moving and transforms into comma.

156. Katun and its waters are of the same importance for humanity as Ganges. Along with many virtues equal to holy Indian river, Katun is spiritual energy accumulator, awaking highest human faculties.

157. Spiritual leaders advance evolution but its successful completion depends on most ordinary participant. A caravan walks depending on speed of a slowest camel.

158. Creating of a meta-man basing on a principle of Internet when every entity will be connected with global computer network leads to bio-robots civilization establishment. Depriving every human being of personal mental freedom means breaking the cosmic law of private secret culture.

159. Gates of Light are open always. But are you ready to come in? A field of valuables of wisdom is under your feet; but are you ready to bend down and discern them? Mask of ignorance stuck to skin. How it is possible to take off dark-glasses if one doesn't want to see heavenly beauty of the world? Everlasting fire doesn't blind one walking as a lion; but a small spark blinds weak-spirited one. Light was promised to a courageous heart. Sins are like a baldric for damask steel sword. Don't think about stones under your feet when you see the way to the mountains. River of evil will become small brook for one who beheld Golden Temple on the top of White Mountain. Leaves are falling down from a tree and new ones grow, and it doesn't bother the tree's spirit. We are embodied grains of spirit, and sins are just autumn leaves that feed roots of life. Light is our Father. Earth is our Mother. One must not desecrate either of these fundamental principles.

160. Complex of fiery qualities or cooperative work of accumulations create Titans of Spirit. An atom is like a seed around which combinations of particles gather creating unique variety of elements. In same manner spiritual atom attracts sparks of Light corresponding to energies of individuality. Karana or Primary Reason and particular monad's predestination are in the spiritual atom.

161. Current of invisible photons was put into words. Writing contains infinitude for the atom of force.

162. Do not turn away from suffering. Accept flow of pain without fear and tension, and you will understand that pain is blessing sent by Heavens. Spiritual ulcers get outside via pains of a body. Concentrate on the point of most sharp pain, call sacral mantra OM, and feel its silver waves streaming through your body. Divine consciousness woke up with this sound activates capability of endless belief and firmness inside yourself. Love of the God, whom you carry inside yourself, treats any disease. Prana and health are in your belief and your love emitted by the God of your heart – Everlasting God Krishna.

Returning back to true “I” means destroying chains of earthly karma. Devoutness is not a sugary picture, but true good behavior. Venom of evil can get out via diseases only.

163. The God inside alone can respond to divine energies. If there is no fire in a stone, a stroke against another stone would not produce sparks. Divine Love is accepted by those whose Ananda breaks outside through substantial clothes. The God sees the God in every heart, and every heart absorbs divine breath.

164. Maya's screen above the world is so impenetrable that a sharp sword is necessary to make a hole for the Ray of Divine Light. A heart opens like a flower towards Guru's Sun and it moves and blooms following the Sun. There is no life for a chela without Guru, without the God. The stronger the fire of love and devotion burns the stronger it involves environment into this play of Holy Fire. Light attracts Light, and there is no other magnet in the grain of spirit.

165. Communication is of energetic nature, not verbal one. A soul talks to another soul.

166. Appearance of phantom human forms and their further materialization is observed near the White Mountain. In places with the most densified and transparent astral a border between worlds can be easily passed. Analogy with early Atlantis is obvious.

167. Do not contact people who have exhausted their charity. They are food for Mara. Recognize them according to lack of compassion to neighbors. I will teach you discernment with simple examples. Avatar is close to the heart.

168. Katun is one of seven holy rivers of the world. Taking bath is like Communion with new life and a mystery of new birth.

169. Desires exhaust a treasure of heart. Where gold starts to prevail there dignity perishes. But the will to profit can't be stronger than power of good.

170. It is necessary to jump into the same water pool to save a drowning man. This is the way of behavior of Avatars when they embody in human bodies. Extraordinary peace and feeling of sanctity exceeding feeling of love determine a man who carries the Grain of Avatar. One should not thoughtlessly jump into deep waters, but it is much worse to miss the carrier of Celestial Power. There is a lot of people coming with extraordinary capabilities, because the term is close.

171. Tengri Temple, Temple of Eternally White Sky, first stronghold of One God was situated at the summit of White Mountain. It was greatest holy place of the world since Atlantis times, when there were neither Himalayas, nor Tibet, nor Pamirs; it presented the stronghold of Higher Feminine Power instead of shamanism and worship of spirits of nature. All epithets originate from there. Allakh, Lord, Burkhan originate from Tengri Temple, which was divided into two parts.

Mystery of the White Mountain means walking clockwise around holy mountain. According to ancient belief this ritual absolves from sins of previous lives and frees the way for future evolution. Altai Chalice facilitates spacial fire adoption by Chalice of accumulations and assimilation of earthly energies to spiritual ones. But neophyte risks to get serious subtle wounds if not having sufficient purity of thought.

Mental energy is a projection of all activities and events both of every person and whole countries. Mental envelope is a sieve that lets related forces in, and a magnet that attracts power of energy of related essence.

172. We ourselves are main enemies of perfection. These are not spirits of the darkness and of elements that impede you from entering internal Light, but your thoughts saturated with selfness and envy.

173. Quality of work reflects internal peace. Rush doesn't mean saving time or understanding value of human life limited with time frame, it means unharmonized striving from unfreedom to freedom. One cannot understand labor as unfreedom. Discipline of systematic work makes an artist from a mediocre craftsman. It is important to feel surge of inspiring energies.

174. Tengrian rite of service is accepted by Lamaism. Ancient prophets of One God are almost unknown for the West, but they were honored by new Teachers of the mankind. Raised hand, which means opening heart and invocation for sending down celestial gifts, was accepted in Islam as the part of religious rite. Memory traces of global religion were almost erased or assumed by latter-day authors of sects. But Temple of One God – Temple of Father-Mother – is still here in the White Chalice of Altai. Cosmos is full of white energies; before appearing vibhuti manifests as celestial milk. White Ak-Kem is the holy place of the Earth and of Heavens. Temple of Initiation into Mysteries of the planet is at Supermundane Worlds. And there is the City of Light over three summits. But it is open for a burning heart only.

175. Consciousnesses uniting gives impulse to formation of a new fluid organism endowed with capabilities of a meta-man. It is possible to win a victory over the darkness together only. Fires of hearts is brighter only when they are together. We are strong enough to open gates of the future when we are together only. But everyone kindles flame of the heart inside himself on his own.

Waves of words beats by the shore of the consciousness; but living flower only enjoys a drop of water. Salt of ocean is related to human tears. It is possible to drown in a deep of sorrow, but one can save himself in the ocean. Seek through joy for like-minded ones, but don't go past tears without words of support. Build the Temple of the Future with your thought, and don't yield to pressure of constructors of ordinariness. Uncommonness alone knows the way. Uncommonness alone teaches to love the way. Not dragging one's legs along the road, but flying above summits is your course.

A form of spirit is everlasting, but its clothes are temporary, and clothes just emphasize the everlasting form. No one stores a shabby suite in a treasury. Parade of the darkness will not last for ever. Changing of forms approaches. New epoch will be integrally new.

176. Spacial energies intensification causes over-saturation of main chakras of a man. Head aches indicate not just a disease but heightened radiation of spacial formations as well. Power of elements' energies can get along together within a body, or may blow it up. But in any case only a small part of the power could be attracted and captured by a magician's spell; but an inexhaustible ocean of energies lies before an Agni-yogi, and these energies are ready to give help any time. Agni-yogi is a holder of world forces power. Agni-yogi who reveres Celestial Father and Mother of the World stands firmly protected with Fiery Heart armour. Pyramid of Fate ascends his energies towards the Inexpressible Altar. Mystery of the service means participation in battles of the Earth and Cosmos. But most important battle is the battle inside yourself. Animal nature must be defeated under pressure of divine Light.

177. A kindled heart burns out all sins of the world. Don't seek after God at heavens or at a temple if you didn't find Him inside yourself, in your own heart. It is impossible to find a pearl if you do not dive deep into the ocean.

178. Sometimes proper location of objects and buildings attracts and accumulates fire in some particular place of the space.

Forces, that shine above us, are present; and spirits of joy bring light. We are just the top of the pyramid of the physical world.

179. There is an ancient prophecy that at the end of times, at the end of the dark period people of all religions and persuasions will come together at the Valley in order to return One God worship to the mankind and to the planet. At the beginning of great migration of nations when the mankind started to develop new lands of the planet, people had common rituals, common prayers, and one clear of mud source of Divine Spirit. As earthly persuasions began to intrude into the primary idea, religions had lost their community in spite of using same ritual up to the present time. Theosophists' effort was not crowned with success. Interreligion discord became the reason of all wars. Irreconcilability increased up to critical mass. Those who believe in Tengri – One God and One Mother – wait for returning and uniting of all branches of One Divine Tree. Shiva-Shakti is one and same through all religions.

Representatives of various ways of spirit comprehension will come together to build Zvenigorod, the Temple of Perfect Power, Creator of Heaven and the Earth. According to the ancient legend, a particle of the World Treasure will be laid down on the Altar of Main Temple – a thread that connects earthmen with the Heart of Cosmos. White Celestial Brotherhood will return status of White Ashrama back to the Valley. Let it be so!

180. Whip of flesh causes pain deep in a soul. Resurrection is possible via suffering and earthly nature crucifixion on the cross of space and time only. There is neither life nor death; there is eternity alone. Fear and diseases never approach one who lives within eternal beauty. Gene of eternity sleeps in every cell of the mankind's body.

181. Cosmos sees with power of the heart. Cosmos sees with tension of Love. A sprout of spirit is subtle but power of joy of the heart preserves it. Knowledge passes ahead time. Energies of the new are continuous; and such mercenary at first sight proverb as 'Live and Learn' reminds about inexhaustible source of knowledge which could be hardly comprehended by a human mind. But mental body knows everything. A way to the own temple of knowledge is not so easy although it is in everyone's heart. Ancient people imagined this temple located over three dazzlingly shining summits with a pyramid of fire protecting them. Light pours since the beginning of time, but where are hands that were able to hold the chalice? The vessel of fate is holy due to this knowledge. The lower will join the lower. But the spirit will bloom with new flowers and will give fruits at the Worlds of Mystery.

182. Ether cities are often appearing over places where powerful areas of culture, settlements of priests, warriors, and monks were located at ancient ages. Communal life introduces special well-balanced order into spacial structure in three worlds. Orderliness of such formations is so great that it extends to Infinitude.

183. An ancient legend says as follows. One day a wood-cutter went to the forest and took his children, a boy and a girl, with him. While he was cutting a tree, children run about at the mountain slope and found a cave. There was enough light and it was dry inside. There was a huge human scull in the corner; it was so old that turned into stone. Curious children were not frightened and came close to the scull. It emitted very good smell reminding about mountain meadows; precious myrrh dropped from its forehead. Children looked inside the scull through its eyeholes which were so big that their heads easily got through. A huge shining crystal glistered inside with life-giving fiery light. Holy Ringse was burning with power of a perfect spirit. One who passed away left the crystal of imperishable bliss.

184. Dignity rises and makes a soul fiery. Superstition dips the soul into darkness of vestiges and fear. First one results from knowledge, and second one – from ignorance. We will overcome many problems consecrating the soul with human dignity.

185. To live for ever is the mankind's potential. It has necessary grounds and rights for this. It is possible to correct any karma and to obtain celestiality. But the earthly is dead without the divine as well as the divine – without the earthly. Celestial power manifestation is blind without an earthly guide. Everyone must recall his life in Eden, Adam's and Eve's life before their expulsion from Heaven, and that is a paradox of self-perfection. Eternity is like a flower field and it is granted to every human heart; and rain of love alone makes this field fruit-bearing.

186. Blue flame of Orion makes a man immortal and ever-young. Mystery of Altai Chalice is invocation of that vivifying Fire. Chalices unite into the Sign of the World and rise like a pyramid. Great Mandala attracts the Light of the Heart of the World. It is energy equivalent to Chintamani. Deity of Immortal Fire may dwell in a pure heart only.

Let's praise the Celestial Father - the Creator of Blue Flame, and the Great Mother - One Who Creates and One Who Protects the Ocean of Love!

187. Shambhala is inside us. The Master of Shambhala is our Fiery Spirit that calls us and involves us in ascending. The Master of Shambhala beats in every heart as Silver Thread of Universal Light. Pulse of Light is power of Shambhala. A moment of enlightenment is Shambhala's step forward. We triumph with holiness and daring. Holiness is protected with armour of valor. Victory over yourself is victory over evil.

188. Every galaxy has its own specific task within the world construction process. These are an embryo of new possibilities and a grain of new evolution, different from other formations.

189. Valor is to be forged during endless number of situations. The crystal of valor grows during its manifestation. Courage doesn't mean rashness, but firmness of own principles protected by a heart. Power of heart energies is a shield and a sword of valor.

190. Liberty of a soul lies in liberating from manifestations of evil only. Non-execution of planned sin causes senses of relief and satisfaction. Novelty and a secret of holiness contains many senses of joy and happiness which are not familiar to a man darkened with evil.

Soul is a cell of universe, and flower of cosmic love must grow in it.

191. A man is not a factory for processing food to manure. Glutton's soul wings can't raise above a table with food. Moderate form of eating teaches divine phase of existence when subtle food prevails. One shouldn't overstep demands of nature, but also he shouldn't encumber a spirit with garbage.

192. Hormone of aggression and hate is generated in blood due to watching thrillers and action movies. Lower astral penetrates even into blood.

193. Prayer straightens a way of destiny. A lot is granted if an ask is true and not selfish. Divine Providence never leaves the mankind without higher care. Good-giving is a reverse side of a good deed. Let Christ be in your heart. Happiness and prosperity will bless you with their peace. Who else besides Christ – Hope of our hearts – knows your necessities better?

194. Spiritual sponsorship facilitates teaching of new Guards of the Way. It is impossible to enter Fiery Worlds without help and assistance in kindling a heart. Mental World is most pure among worlds available for the mankind.

195. Humility destroys many dark ones' designs. A soul becomes almost uncatchable for nets of evil when relieves strains of resistance to karma. The meek soul's liberation opens a way to unknown areas of Divine Joy.

196. Your aura shines with fire of your soul. The subtler and brighter this light, the closer spiritual heavens that are in the heart. Lamp of happiness never goes out in heavens of eternity like an inextinguishable star. Wind of time makes no problem for the sun; and earthly smoke is a constructor of fata morgana formations – beautiful but transient illusory palaces.

197. New sprouts are engrafted on the ancient tree. Detachment of modern religions from cultural and spiritual traditions of the world makes them deformed and nonviable. It is impossible to cultivate a new breed of a plant if there is no analogy in nature. It is impossible to venerate the God if you do not know that the God's Temple is inside your heart.

198. Cleanness of a body is so pleasant. One who just washed himself feels lightness and joy. But what pure rapture feels one who has washed his soul in flows of fiery lightnings! Stream of blissful tears becomes saving and vivifying shower for the internal world. Petals of evil fall down and become snow-white.

199. Listen to My Call in mountains. Words of My Soul are like roar of a waterfall, and sparks of thoughts shine even in darkness. Flowers of thought-forms beautify the garden of your auras. Haste to see and breath aroma of celestial ozone. But disregard dries even most beautiful Roses of Light.

200. Cedars murmur in bad weather, but their shafts and branches give shelter during any storm and under their crowns voices of fear step off the scared hearts. Ossified energy falls into pieces under strokes of fear. Paralyzed will is a colossus with feet of clay.

201. Flowers of secret have blossomed out and their light is familiar to an eye of soul. It is hard to walk by a night road, but one who knows expects morning dawn. The morning dawn will dissipate threatening shadows and arms of mountains will protect a wayfarer. Spirits of Summits know every incomer. Records of the World are before them and the Master of Fate authorized them to fulfill the Order.

202. Touch is one of main and executive functions in the physical world. Not any deed could be done without touch, without addition of the heart energy. Physical involving of the will must be not an act of murder but establishment of creative process. Great creations live in every touch.

203. Sometimes bipeds pour strange liquid into a dark-glass vessel and think that it is the elixir of life. But absent-minded one may get poisoned. One should not pour new wine into old bottles for it may leak out. Meaning of words is obvious and this is the minimum that leads to consensus and mutual understanding. One cannot deprive humanity of last chance for consensus, secretly bringing new discord into spacial structures. It again destroys Akasha cliche because a concrete image, even blurred with time, follows a word. It is necessary to listen to Heaven, and Heaven inside any of us is a heart. The heart has structure of universe.

204. Even slightest unsteadiness of Sun, solar flare, or spot immediately affects a heart. The heart is most cosmic human organ and it is a container for whole universe. Form and location of solar spots can cause one or another event in various spheres of human life. Helioproscopy is real and scientific as well as a lot of ancient knowledge. Superstition darkened consciousnesses but fear of ignorance will become an accelerating charge.

A poet is an inspirer of life; searching for trivial and suppressing events is not his occupation. Heavens hearing skill means bringing down celestial laws of Ganges upon shoulders of Shiva who lives inside everyone. Look for best note within most false performance of Hymn to Life. Light and power of Light are your tools. It is your assignment to do most important things for the Valley; consequences of this activity will form conditions for Zvenigorod implementation. Changing of human relations will attract huge spiritual resources of whole Russia. You will become a component that generates ideas. You will become stronger and capabilities of hearts will increase by the means of embodying flow of Divine Orders.

Praise to secrets of Light and to those who walk through thorns of unexplored ways! Entire vale of life is an obstacle. But breathing of Sun is full of new power. Blood of Sun washes wounds of the past. But take care of your health. Foundations of a new strategy of human relation is laying. Unipolarity of welfare vertical changing will move aside problems of hopelessness and poverty. The Order of Celestial Light blesses the forthcoming labor. We are with you and with suffering humanity.

205. Solar wind signifies ascending of planetary consciousnesses to new spheres of Fiery World. Consciousness is always ahead of a body. Atavism of the body slows down many manifestations of densified astral; but physical law is to be fulfilled. The new is not just a new date on a calendar but addition of new element of relations uniqueness. Consensus is not a fantasy and not a tool of politicians but a wish to sense breathing of uniting energies. Community inhales vibrations of solar breath. Plasma of destiny and new impulse of evolution are hidden in solar waves. The Master's Heart sends aid to the world.

206. Love that creates life! Love that gives energy of inspiration! You rise our spirits to Higher Spheres with Light of Solar Heart! The Earth was washed in the fiery font and those christened with the future will grow wings of consciousness.

207. Advice is an edge of karma. One can follow it and never achieve the desired. Events follow their own way and a heart alone knows when and where you must be courageous enough to go after them. Events are children of destiny; the new doesn't hide in a shade but grows in the fairy forest of opportunities.

208. Common people think about current day only, but sages think about the future. Secret draws a pattern of the future on the contour of every day; who will untie a knot of meaning? Flavor of bread stays even on a roadside stone.

209. A dog follows a master even when he doesn't call it. There is no mundane power in a wild forest. But humanity doesn't want to follow even minor examples of devotion.

210. A moment is as green as melted gold. Tissue of sleep-dream is more dense due to shortening of staying in Subtle World. But shadow of the past doesn't allow shining of light of truth.

211. A soul tries to breakout from fetters of a body, but chains of the earth are strong.

212. Everyone is a God inside the universe of his body, but mechanism of karma is beyond our will.

213. At ancient ages Uimonia was called Valley of surprised Moon, Amazing Sea, city of Divine Inspiration.

214. Everything manifested is solidified energy. Energy crystallization is creation of human hands.

215. Time and eternity are strong enough medicine to treat any psychic pain.

216. Hieroinspiration means uniting of rays of consciousnesses. The more equal level of diversity, the better exchange of creative energies. Cooperation and synthesis of already known energies is the basis of new understanding of the world. Lonely hermit in a mountain dwelling is not a symbol of spiritual comprehension already. Community of equally striving consciousnesses gives power to break through carbonic layers of astral. A heart strives to higher spheres and strength of its fire attracts torches of other kindled hearts.

217. All vices, crimes, and moral lapse result from unsuccessful seeking for the beautiful world. Those who couldn't find the path inside themselves and become this path, feel disappointment because divine laws have no power in this world, and suffering, lie, and violence rules all around. Violated dignity of a cosmic man invokes to justice, but spirit's voice is weak. Suffering and pain only gives him strength for heat of higher feelings. Suffering is a reverse side of love and fiery nature of these manifestations is irrefutable.

218. Mystical crystal of Zoroastrians - the precious stone set on the innermost round cave roof vertex - presented concentrating power of cosmos. The ray that concentrated in the very center served as a bridge to far-off worlds for magicians. Something like laser, but of spiritual nature. Religion of magicians prohibited spirits evocation and other phenomenal manifestations which were considered as apostasy from White Brotherhood principles and as breaking of elements balance code. Later on sorcery or phenomenology turned into knowledge degradation or black magic.

219. Energies of four elements that form a human being are like four sides of a pyramid; they ascend and annihilate higher forms of forces into ether which is maternal component from which everything manifested has been created. A human soul's striving to perfection was expressed in secretive allegoric form which should be understood either from lofty and spiritual point of view or almost literally, and it was confusion for many human minds. They didn't take in account the principle of seven keys because capability to understand knowledge of the past even with the help of the only one key was lost. Human consciousness has achieved such level of energies accumulation and tension that everyone possesses his own secret or the key to the Gates of Universal Knowledge. But it is impossible to say definitely if it brings success to the person or peace to a restless soul.

An occasion for dispute could rise any time, and usually it is insignificant. Someone can furiously persuade that one of a diamond faces shines brighter than the others at the same time forgetting about the holy stone itself. Stressing imperfections of living ones we usually forget about the star of spirit that shines above everyones' heads. One cannot reproach either solar ray that it is not so bright as the others. All of them are agents of one sun.

220. In Zoroastrian tradition a dog was a protector from earthly and subtle creatures that could harm a man. The dog sensed an evil spirit in an obsessed person. In innermost esoteric meaning the dog is a symbol of conscience warning against illegal and wrong actions leading to fate complication.

221. Any human vice is cured by labor. Right are the ideologists of communism that it was labor that created a human being. I ask you to burden Me, for in no other way is the garden of beauty reached: this is the formula for both spiritual and physical following the path of Light. It is not unreasonable that spiritual toilers worn heavy chains on their feet and body and heavy stones in the rucksacks. Physical body requires permanent load, then it is easier for an astral body to take off the earth. People are seeking for artificial way for conscious entering spheres of feelings or pure reason by the means of various potions and drugs; but there is no better way than labor. It was checked by our ancestors through thousands and hundreds thousands years of evolution.

Lets find the way to labor community. There will be no quarrels and mutual blaming among community members for there will be no time for ignorance manifesting. Co-working education brings factor of energies crystallization into earthly activities. Heart rays merge together in one focus and flame of general consciousness kindles drowsy souls.

Egregore of labor will flare up like a torch and whole Valley will become the Pyramid of Light consisting of small pyramids of service with the Chalice of flame of every community member's kindled heart shining inside.

222. Wave of internal voice – divine string AUM – starts to sound the heart again. Success is Our help. But resistance of official authority is unavoidable. That is why try to stay completely independent. Attacks will start when period of arranging and aggregation completes. But a rock stands on a shore for thousands years and storm attacks are not harmful for it. More often small waves destroy a stone with their imperceptible but permanent impacts: there are those waves that create sandbanks. Shade doesn't let light through but transparent stones of feelings focus striving and kindle space. We are learning to work together.

223. The personal is always opposite to the divine. Savior, the Child of Light, comes into life in a cattle shed of animal instincts; herdsman, beings of natural intellect coming from the earth, are first who venerate Him. Magi, or magicians, are representatives of higher level of mental world which could be achieved at the earthly sphere. Divine Child is the spirit that has descended into flesh and illuminated interior of the dark cave of earthly existence. He is to be endlessly crucified on the cross of space and time; He dies and resurrects again and again for the sake of the body – the tool of earthly evolution, without which it is impossible to get human consciousness moving.

224. A shadow of one who stands closer to light can screen even the Valley if the shadow is not transparent. But flame doesn't shade.

225. It is the soul of snows; it is the soul of Mountain that is out of sight. White eagles only see us from height of soaring. We opened our souls to Light having received communion of white waters; and It streams from us like snow and uncovers age-old secrets. Light, that is whiter than snow and unbearably brighter than any fire, is ringing laughter of a living soul. It is entire Joy of Fiery Russia.

226. Soul of the Mountain is hidden under eternal snows. It is Keeper of Altai Mountains, Keeper of Global Secrets. Knights sleeping deep in depth of the Mountain, wake up. Sviatogor the Great hid location of His Chamber. But He fell asleep alive. Chains of physical world didn't let Him raise the coffin cover and get outside. Victory over physical plane will remove this burden. Densified astral will change position of many planetary magnets.

Stonehenge stones preserve the soul of White Mountain and labyrinths of Arkaim are paved with Altai granite. What sort of magnetism attracts? What for to carry gray stones for thousands and thousands miles? Druids were aware of fluid links; Great Masters were coming to Ayoush-Khane to receive last initiation.

227. There have appeared a lot of human beings that collect memberships in various spiritual traditions and close sects that claim to possess exclusive knowledge of truth. But as soon as spiritual practice starts to require working on discipline of consciousness which deprives of internal disorder, such creatures start to protect their relict muddy pond and seek for another one tradition. This is a disease of present time. The more diplomas and initiations such creatures receive, the more significant they become for themselves.

228. Consciousnesses that are afraid of losing physical form of life follows the law of seizure or appropriation. Capture of energies, capture of ideas, seizure of material property: it is a rule of any war, including most bloody one. This sacrifice is offered to spirits of the darkness, to spirits of tamas. Defilement of a soul's spark with alien energy, means nothing for the law of seizure. Mfess of consciousnesses and forces produces mixed suspension; and non of spirits who understood complexity of purification, is able to sink into this suspension. But for most of parasitic consciousnesses this is the only way to survive. Last year's separation of consciousnesses is characterized with discernment between the law of seizure and the law of renunciation and sacrifice. The edge was crossed and everyone who has chosen the way of self-renunciation and of sacrifice material wealth, has taken his place in the grid of universal evolution.

The planet entered the phase of the Law of Sacrifice or Donation. Karma displayed its reverse face. That is why acceleration of retribution power grows. All big and small karmic debts accumulated during earthly evolution will be paid without delay. Karmic links untie so urgently that it may cause destruction of egregores, Churches, and spiritual societies if they are based on the law of appropriation and mercenariness. Flame of newest ideas will shine again in the world liberated from executors of old dogmas; adherence to them will not bring comfort and social success any more. The law of spirit elevates and brings souls to invisible areas of purity, at the entrance to which everyone must leave everything misappropriated during long millenniums of wayfarings on the planet. This is the only way for a man to become a saviour of his own soul and of entire humanity. The law of life and evolution as donation is boundless; the way of appropriation, involution, and bad karma accumulation is narrow. The lowest dead point of the planet's evolution is already passed. Time of forces, treasures, and knowledge accumulation is over. Aquarius directs his streams towards the Earth.

229. White Mountain's name was Uch-Ayry and it was an ancestral mountain of one of Altai tribes. It is projection of Orion Belt on the Earth. Constellation of Three She-Marals has sent energy of sattvic energies to the heart of Eurasia continent. This silver string is still perceptible and visible for Dangma Eye. Fiftieth parallel of latitude has played and plays now significant role in the planet's spirituality formation. Arkaim, Kiev, Stonehenge are close to this marked line. Even Island of the Future – Fish-Island – is located at the same parallel. Mahatmas explicitly identified energies of magnet currents at these areas. Aren't there at the higher latitudes the promised magnets of Hyperborean land, which will reveal themselves to the world in the future? The newest history, or better to say meta-history is already going on at the fiery planes of being.

White Mountain keeps not only the Chamber of Sviatogor and sleeping Knights, but also accumulated wisdom of Light. One who is able will take as much as he can. Blind one will pass by. Deaf one will avert his face. A sensitive heart alone will see Light, hear the Call, and come to obtain the treasure granted centuries ago. Fire of Initiation in the Chalice of Altai never dies out. The path of mysteries is grassed but subtle eye discerns its contour. The valley of edelweisses is the place where cosmos embraces the Earth and it grants amazing treasures of beauty. The lake is of swan wings or of swan lightning color. Kucherla is a pearl of Altai. Its stream head lies nearby Katun source.

The country of white waters reposits a lot of legends and popular beliefs, but local people share these pearls of wisdom reluctantly. They are careful not to show association between a legend and some particular place, which may cause a morbid agiotage among tourists and, hence, radically change images and energy profiles of these places. The country of white waters is so attractive to many people, because White Mountain is a spiritual reactor that never stops generating powerful radiation of Light.

White Mountain is an ancestral mountain for whole white fifth race. All attributes and symbolic environment just hide mystical knowledge which was revealed to our patriarchs when they came to this planet. White water gave its color to our skins by sating us with celestial milk. Path of mysteries is almost destroyed, but still exists. It may take two or three weeks to go around the Shrine clockwise. But influence on an aura and karmic debts relief are so great that every soul feels as if washed in a fiery font, in the font of mystic baptizing.

Something ineffably high continually stays in minds of those who live by this queen of Altai mountains. The nearer you approach these summits, the more subtle and stirring a sound of spiritual tension string in a heart, the brighter flashes of colored formations that compose luminous images. Fiery Spirit of Light guards the ether city at the top of White Mountain. One of the Teachers' Ashramas resides in mountain depth like Kitezh-Grad that sank into the water; one can hear an echo of ancient city of knowledge in every name of rivers and mountains: AK is abbreviation of Ayoush-Khane.

Holy of Holies is to be written about in the future. It attracts those who have already visited this place, as a magnet with irresistible power that grants spiritual protection. Mountain gives initiation at the place of power and washes away karmic filthiness with streams of glacial river. Milky water is like drops fallen from wings of Paramahamsa - White Swan of perfection. The Mountain emits invisible light; water and white clay are sacral and healing. Thousands of rare plants grow all around Belukha and they never occur anywhere else. Belukha is the oasis of densified astral within earthly chocking atmosphere. If Altai is the Temple of global beauty, then White Mountain is the Altar with ever-burning Flame of Happiness.

Mistress of Light, Great Mother of the World, be blessed Thy mountains! Be blessed Thy Secret laid down on this edge for power of Purity and Truth flows from there, from Thy World! Cover with a swan wing a nestling who is back home! Bless his way paved with stones of adversity, cover cracks of danger with the holy headscarf! Since the beginning of time Thy wish and prayer was: let your way be as smooth as a cloth! Lets accept with our hearts the mother's parting wish giving us strength and go forward to Summits of Spirit which we keep deep in the heart! Praise to Thee, Mother of the World shining at the summits of the Heart!

230. Ancient warriors polished their helmets to mirror brightness in order to minimize magic and psychokinetic signals affecting the will. Initiated ones, monarchs, and princes worn gold and silver head-rings for the same purpose. Thin hair thread or leather torsade, better plaited of three laces, were enough to protect a head from psychoactive influence. Such effects are always accompanied with sleepiness and headaches like under increased radiation level, and reduced vital tonus like under vampirism and reduction of blood and aura pressure. Mirror above the head is a symbol of higher or fiery protection of a person.

231. Violation of elements' links threatens all living things with disintegration of foundations. Even stone includes water and fire. Even fire includes wind and air; but even air can't exist out of space.

Talismans become inactive due to moral laps. Cosmic man's dignity was violated. Talismans and magnets were hidden from eyes of the avid darkness.

232. In Russian Vedas or Welles' Book celestial beings that have lost their divine principles and became monsters, obtain their former state after bathing in milky river. Isn't it the river that originates from Belukha and is an abode of Master Ulghen, the Guard of Gold Mountain Altyn-Too or Altai? Divine Mother Ak-Ane reveals Herself to people white and naked. Golden Falcon, Ulghen's bird, brings holy messages. Wasn't it the land governed by the great Chud people? Is not it its capital sunk in Ak-Kem lake depths, is ice-cold wind of Ouch-Sumer repeating not its songs? Fiery is the power of edelweiss valley. Silver are mountains and waterfalls and eternal mystery of rivers' and thoughts' birth. It is initiation of White Mother. Mystical light shines above She Who Keeps the Secret of Secrets. Light of Shambhala is the same bright and perceptible. This renewing power washes away monsters from auras.

The path of planetary knowledge will never get overgrown. Rays of Ayoush-Khane are still the same bright; and marvelous chime could be heard by keen hearts. It is not an act of astral animism, but fiery omni-charging of life. One Global Summit established triune simulacrum on the Earth; and isn't it extremely significant that Urusvati Summit is the highest point of human comprehensions? It is like Her Mother Chomolungma - the Summit of the Mother of the World.

Light of the Great Feminine Principle shines. The darkness retreats before the face of invincible power of woman's love and self-sacrifice. It inflicts a defeat on dark manifestations of the matter and It knows ways of cooperation. Unity of spiritual principles will shatter earthly drowsing manifestations.

Karma complication is just aberration. Way of a ray is strait, and where is the summit on which light of bliss descended? Papers rustle deadened spiritual manifestations. A chalice of one who screams about musk of findings is empty. Dinarius servants' stinky humdrum is just reflection of their internal world. Be damned one who broke his oath. The way to White Temple is prohibited to them. An earthly foot will never reach the Innermost Dwelling. The darkness that blinds eyes is incurable.

O Altai, Umai the Swan-Goddess touch your waters with Her wings! Goddess Umai! Goddess Umai covered Altai with swan fire! From golden mountains to unknown land expands snowy breath of Umai!

233. White Column above Urusvati Summit means permanent divine presence of White Lord Buddha-Akshobhya at mundane plane. It is the heart of all Buddhas of the planet. White Mountain is densified astral oasis. Permanent invisible presence of powerful Divine Nous does not allow a heart that loves the Light to feel loneliness. But it is necessary to love and venerate this Altar of Holy Power with entire tension of fiery aspiration. The symbol of Celestial Jerusalem was given long ago. But these are earthly paths that lead to White Mountain. And white waters of Ak-Kem preserve Altai Grad-Kitezh as well. 'Ak' means 'white'; 'Kem' means 'Kemi' which in Egypt language means 'promised land' or 'eden on the earth'. Taking a bath in white waters was equal to bathing in Ganges which washed away all sins even most heavy ones. It is considered that Kadyn flows down from heavens, and one of Belukha's names is Kadyn-Bash. Uch-Ayry means three-body branching or trident and it associates this mountain with Shiva's mysteries which were moved to Kaylas. Walking around the mountain clockwise reading prayers continuously brings a person into special meditative state allowing to obtain cosmic balance which is impossible to upset during the whole year since next mystery at Belukha.

Purifying of soul and body was so deep and piercing that one having passed solemn rite seven times was titled "twice-born" and given white cord with silver edelweiss flower. Such person wears white dress with silver embroidered lilies all over the cloth; he also wears a cone hat like Zoroastrians and of the same dazzlingly white color. This hat is a symbol of spiritual summit approaching.

One should not meditate at Belukha's foot concentrating on mundane aspects of elements, because response was immediate. Elements excitation used to cause either avalanche, or rock-slide, or hurricane, or flood. Concentration on ether field gave to consciousness a possibility to unite with spiritual field of universe.

234. Altai, Altyn-Tuu, Alatyr! These names are like milestones showing the way; and voice of Orion accompanies ether memory about Treasure of the World landing like an energetic background. The place where living hearts talk with heavens uniting with immortal emanation of divine breath, is blessed with earthly protection which is similar to ice wall that surrounds our Great Circle – the Solar System.

Information is just most curse component of spiritual energies. It is just the matter of mind that wove these areas of knowledge, but there is eidos inside every clew which is a spirit that begets and preserves an image. At the moments of inspiration or catharsis of various levels a human ectoplasm tears off and unites with cosmic fire. This produces new image which is absolutely unique essence. It changes proportion of elements' forces and is a preimage of new stars, planets, and universes.

Treasure of heart is ineradicable. Your treasure is at White Mountains and having got communion once of holy white waters you will not be able to live your previous life. This fiery font of transfiguration always calls to three stars above Uch-Sumer, to the Belt of Orion, to three Magi that hasten to meet the new-born sixth race and its Saviour who was already born at the North. Where your treasure is at the same place your heart is, as Christ said. So, lets lay down our hearts on the altar of service and devotion to Hierarchy and to Guru of the World. Let earthly dust even gold one never draw us away from the life goal.

Homelessness is not just lack of home, but understanding that your home is anywhere you are. Travels are most useful from this point of view. Look, how beautiful and spacious your home is. Get out of your small and sultry houses which you turned into boxrooms with a lot of dusty useless things. Think of a room of purity. Let the carpet of adoration, walls of striving and of protection from evil eye be there.

Pray in secret. One should not cry out about the innermost. Hucksters do not like those who draw them away from their benefit and money counting. Let the hearts listen to you. Let spirit's eyes and ears be open. I whisper My Call into a sensitive ear. The innermost message will not be repeated twice. I am not looking for peculiars, but I am looking after devoted ones. Sins are like autumn leaves. They will fall dawn at proper time, and I will grow flowers of secrets and light on instead of them. A sin is high and pure in halves. Just wash away dirt from shoes and you will go forward easier. It doesn't befit anyone to carry clots of dirt into the Temple instead of precious gift.

235. White Mountain knows many secrets and phenomena, but it conceals its knowledge, although Akasha Chronicles remember everything. Deposition method is only one true for any scientific subject. This is the only way for meta-history to leave unprejudiced records. It is Karma's hand that holds a pen. It is possible to delve deeply into times of Arctida and Lemuria but it is also possible to perceive shining of the future. Sometimes a seed of the future is there along with a flower of the present, and it doesn't harm the Tree of Life at all. Predictions are not just a lot of foretellers, but one of subjects of fiery science.

One who carries a torch of striving shouldn't plunge into vagueness. Light of heart is so rare. More often it is a reflection of somebody's else glisten which can only blind an earthly eye. But it is cold for the heart in rays of pompous egotism. A small flower is more useful for Light than false torch of selfness. Lets move forward in simplicity and non-recognition and the way will show the nearest milestone. We will not be tired from bringing healing words of prayers and secret of bliss to everyone. Let everyone himself choose a spark of happiness. We are teaching not knowledge but love.

236. Surroundings of White Mountain was called the Country of seven sages and the dwelling of yellow lamas. Fawn of Three She-Marals or Youch-Myigak, rambled in the wild and grew up at Altai, and white waters were considered to be holy for mere mortals. Having drunk these waters originating from heavens a man has obtained access to supermundane knowledge dissipated with meteoric dust sedimenting on most high summits. White water is milk of the celestial cow; stars and whole universe were created from this milk. Global motion evolves and churns or curdles universal ether which is white like milk. It is not without reason that Sai-Baba's vibhuti manifests at first like drops of milk and after that turns into holy ashes. The white always was the sign of heavens, the sign of higher principle, because light of Sun revives dead fields of the Earth, and Moon light facilitates growth of plants and governs waters.

In Youch-Myigak constellation Three She-Marals are displayed in a rotating circle, running one after another like three gunas of earthly creatures, by turns filling consciousnesses of creatures. And their vehement running is the matter world motion; and we also get drops of milk of those whose fawn grazes at eden pastures, we who have the cosmic right to embody the invisible.

A man keeps living secrets; and he himself is the secret of secrets. That is why searching for true recognition of himself and for his position in world Karma currents is so important for him. Human crops are scant, and whole countries were conquered by gray ones; their vehement rhythm of material development leads to entire parts of the planet destruction. Smog of profit obscured true skies. Constructions of evil destroyed ether temples and sanctuaries; and modern world has no greater mystery than profit counting. No one should use fruits of wealthiness without exerting an effort.

237. Masters do not encourage jumps through time, although They can visit both the past and the future for fiery purposes. Not casting-off but joining of chain links of time is available to us. At White Mountain there is the stone door for transition to different time. It is even possible to get into Atlantis flow but in this case aren't we become like Gulliver in the country of giants. There should be purposefulness, purposefulness, and purposefulness once more, and not cowardice but circumspection. It is not careless one who is courageous but one who cares about every vessel of evolution, every human being. No one should exterminate any living bing until entire depth of mercy is depleted.

238. Knowledge is an armour of a community. It is impossible to build a construction under a wrong drawing. Useless effort is a lot of mere apology of a constructor. Any community breaks up due to false knowledge. Sincere motives and wish to help the world must not become propaganda of false ideas otherwise the community becomes grimacing of selfness of each of the members. Community is a brand new energetic formation and any sort of attempts of selfness and claim to rule over souls and teach them, turns the community into a school of hate.

All good ideas were destroyed by people. Intellect which is not harmonized with spirit is most horrible weapon of bipeds. Beware of slogans and demonstration of belonging to Hierarchy. It is awfully bad that people used to estimate one or another teaching by particular individuals. So, hold high the banner of life because each of you is a representative of the Teaching.

Devoted ones I call the Treasure of Light of Heart. The Hierarchy doesn't have favorites, there are co-workers only. Cinderella image is the way of our disciples. The disciple's task is to clean the matter, to remove dust of prejudices from true vessels, to sweep out garbage of grievance and squabble from the earthly home, and to wash the vale of density and inertia with tears of suffering and sweat of labor. I do not promise you mountains of gold and chambers of crystals. I promise you permanent striving of the heart to the Master and times of adversity and humiliation, because this is not your world yet. Gray ones' ruin is obvious but they are trying to drag off as much as possible weak souls in order to have enough vassals at lower astral layers. Hate and fear are their strength. Love and valor are our power. Everyone's whole life is choice and podvig. Podvig means striving consciousness movement to the goal. Love is the heart. Podvig is the reason.

Spiritual summits are light and invisible in fog. But labor of a soul drives away the fog of avidya and fiery Dangma Eye makes the path and illuminates it as a golden crystal. Strive for Us. We are not soul-hunters and not hucksters; We are the Kings of Spirit. Lets be like Summits of White Island.

Avalanche of fiery energies covered souls with happiness. Luminous matter and astrochemical accumulations deposited through billions years of evolution start to sound and to manifest. Be blessed those whose hearts overcame the threshold of ignorance and consciously accepted the spirit of the age. Separation has already happened. Stink of lower layers doesn't allow the awakened spirit to breath. The way of White Mountain saves right ones. Hearts are kindled with gold of Fiery Masters' banners.

239. Fear of transmutation forces people to betray their principles. Most of them wander in bushes of fear aside from well-trodden track instead of keeping the path found. Spirit sees this path and with all its efforts strives to get higher, but a body is afraid of holy fire scorches. The body is afraid of losing its tamas inertia and lower nature of curse sensations. Psychology of minerals kingdom is strong with tamas. Plants govern water. But bodies are to be transmuted any way otherwise they will burn away like useless remains.

People are released from their vices with an avalanche of fiery energies. Every moment astral snakes are washed away from auras. And it is human consciousness alone that generates creatures of own vices, nurses and feeds them again and again. Understanding of own and of neighbors' purity will change color of gray everydayness. But there is a lot of weeds among good corn-shoots. Corn-spikes of achievements ripens not so fast as weeds. But flame of evolution doesn't simply bakes a vessel for new wine, but grants flight and scope of cosmic routs.

Sixth race means earthly humanity going out into universal space. The spirit's research expands to entire universe. Phaeton's fate will not become the Earth's lot, and Mars deserts will not spread over the whole planet. Shift of the Earth's axis will change not only physical climate but spiritual climate as well. Globe of densified astral was already washed from useless conglomerations; the new humanity has made its first steps. Attractiveness of the future is obvious. Everyone looks into the future with aspiration and hope and knows that best manifestations and achievements are there. The new gladdens an eye always, but unusualness creates masterpieces from the new. Mode of life conventionality becomes the being. Signs of life form a symbol of New Age. Magnet of the Future was laid and energies of the future embodiment get together.

The Stone manifests power. Even fog displays ether contours of Zvenigorod. Rays of light and flashes appear at the denoted boundary. The Magnet is ready; agni-sphere equidistantly hangs above three settlements in densified astral. Celestial power of egregore is strong as never before. Any heart will accept reviving fire.

White Mountain transforms Altai. It is not just earthly beauty but community with Higher Worlds. Supermundane is before human eyes. It is blind one only who doesn't want to see. Earthly body exertion is necessary in order to understand power of close cosmos. It is continuously attracting and inscrutable secret; it is thirst for looking beyond skyline of spirit and have a drink of Amrita of eternal comprehension. It is joining with cosmos flow and community with whole living and indivisible universe; it is feeling yourself as integral inherent part of life. It is understanding of our necessity for the world, and of the world necessity for us as well.

Karma Scales are balanced. There are no debts before the past anymore. Your existence at the present time proves your karma burning away, and it is just ashes which you didn't shake off that stays on your feet. It is time of Saints and Angels. It is time when Gods are talking to everyone's soul. It is time when passions boiling prevent from seeing the promised treasure laying at the bottom of the soul.

240. Do not condemn discipline as infringement of the free will right. Discipline forms an order of life. It is not an army regulations but ordering of time and activities. Lazy chatterers' howling about violence just confirms this truth. Duty and the will helps to overcome the lower matter inertia. All constructions should be made according to accurate design; beauty of a building should be planned on an architect's drawing at first. Discipline is a projection of the world order; there could be chaos and destruction only without it. Hierarchy is discipline of love, but a lash of the will must urge a hesitating one. Psychology of a slave requires a whip, but freedom is creative work under the Ray of Hierarchy. Teacher's Ray looks like constraint for the slave's consciousness only. Go ahead when the way is chosen. Roadside stones have better destiny than hesitating ones. Go ahead with a torch of hope and joy! Those who work are able to build a house of small stones. Mortar of striving links even least consciousnesses. Space cementing is a task of any community. New entity arises during cooperation. Uniting energies form everyone as a spiritual organ within joint labor for the sake of the world. Guru urgently come to the aid of one who strives to Him. Lazy contemplator is worse than a boggy puddle. One should not produce clouds of insects with his thinking. If you sin, then find to this higher application. Highest quality makes a virtue from a vice. Replacing the lower with the higher is the discipline of Hierarchy itself. But don't try to curb an ocean of your strength too early, otherwise a storm of muddy feelings will wash away understanding achieved.

241. Wisdom hints at consciousness' activities on many planes. The higher a thought rises, the deeper it dives into its own depth. Hell of incarnations is cleared with a lightning coming from the God's Altar. Spirit predominates over seven circles. Universal Man's chakras rotate inside everyone.

242. Export of ideology of violence and depravity was elaborated by dark ones. Russia is involved in a stream of conscious decay. If scenes of violence and murders come into children's view every day then a heart seizes to respond correctly on everyday events. Feelings of compassion and mercy become suppressed. Black humor is an encyclopedia of betrayal, murder, and theft. Advertising is aimed to the same subversive purpose. Psychoactive signals can either agitate or reassure depending on a producer's target. Arising sprouts of consciousness mutate in waves of chaos. Dry branches of cynicism, turned into horns of horror, could be seen instead of beautiful flowers. Flame of understanding alone is able to burn away monsters of the darkness and nodes of ignorance. Flame of understanding alone is able to illuminate dark nooks where scorpions hide. It is necessary to save children from achievements of pseudo democracy.

243. Blessing of All-Seeing Eye is like a guiding star, like result of the past, like a milestone. A flight through incarnations can't erase memory about Celestial Motherland. We are guests at the mundane garden. Many qualities of Fiery Plane make uniqueness of everyday life to manifest. Mother's of the World scarf is laid down on the Earth and clairvoyants can see an edge of this Luminous Energy. Blessing and help are sent to ascending souls, as if stairs from heavens, as if the salvatory path. Canyons of hate roars with echo of the darkness; but the ray of thought of joy and love is like a chalice of precious Amrita. The Grail, kept in a heart, began to shine. Ringse was build with labor of praying and inspiration.

244. Branches of consciousnesses are so variable. Circles of working centers create uniqueness of every incarnated one, whose mission is like a flower on the branch. Many forces resist a new magnet of the will appearing. Many forces are eager to tear off the will from the heart, and make mentality hypertrophic and demoralized. But a grain of a spirit grows. Unaccessible before spheres open a narrow pass for time unusualness at first, and then allow one who realizes evolution advantages to step over the edge of the unspeakable. It is hard to carry a burden of the matter for one who has received communion with solar flames.

245. Solar magnet activity has doubled. Global warming, polar ices melting, and Solar system energy profile changing prove that our universe enters into a new era. Heart of Universe has developed fiery power.

246. Burkats and Zaysans when being near death asked their close ones to take them to White Mountain to Eden Fields. There are many burial places near Uch-Sumer. Some of them are buried under stones and gravel, the other ones – under eternal ice. Even hundreds thousand years long history is just a moment in history of the Earth.

Eden Fields or Land of Blessed ones, outspread where white rivers flowed and white lakes glistened with fire. White waters, milky-white abundance reflected celestial white river – Milky Way. According to ancient Aryans' belief one who died in such place goes strait to Eden avoiding lower spheres, purgatories and hells of various levels. Eden Fields started from Mountain Spirits lake in Ak-Kem Chalice where holy city of knowledge Ayoush-Khane located in times immemorial and extended up to Ukock plateau where Ice Princess was found.

Transformation of horns into flowers on the tattoo of Altai Princess means transformation of animal or instinctive energies into cosmic vigor. Flowers always symbolized supermundane or celestial knowledge. Horns were symbols of sexual power which should be sublimated into spiritual comprehension. All the more, those fairy-tale animals were marals and indicated belonging to cosmic totem Youch-Myigak – constellation of Three She-Marals or Orion's Belt which is associated with White Mountain.

Ancient people knew more than we do. And their hearty power of intuition was by order higher than ours. They were a part of nature and lived as its true children, not separating from its manifestations with institutions of power, mass media, and computer technologies. Nature was in close unity with them, as Mother nursing her babies. Teachers of Eternity always knew that nature is Mother of the World, Great and Always Manifesting new multi-forms. Billions of forms demonstrate unique creativeness of Feminine Principle.

247. Fall of nine debris of Shoemaker-Levi comet on Jupiter surface shook the whole system and intensified energy of Raj-Star which has sent Hierarchy forces to balance our universe. Consequently Solar activity doubled. This sign of new time beginning was predicted as far back as in ancient Egypt. The phase of Aquarius cosmic wave and entering into spiritual power of Arcturus has started. Bootes reunites Fiery Brotherhood of Universe. Pieces of Oros are the essence of the comet. Power of Hierarchical Thought alone can break a hole in the ice wall and send a missile for future planets initiating and making records in Akasha Chronicles of Solar system.

248. At ancient time Belukha was named Country of Eternal Happiness and Dwelling of World Joy. Feeling of holy delight and bliss rises a walking one. Sensation of significant spiritual power presence doesn't leave a heart. As if meditation and spiritual striving have lasted for a long time and then you have achieved Satori. Suddenly the world brightened. Fog of ignorance has cleared. The world became clear, simple, and beautiful. Power of cosmic love emits from this Diamond Crown of the Master of Mountains. Love is sensed with every breath. It is impossible to do something with ill will. Radiation of flamy purification and transfiguration sounds at Urusvati summit like a bell fastened to an ice axe. Sense of mystery and of ever living Higher Reason presence gives an outlet for such feelings which could not be expressed in other circumstances. Artistic and literary talents are just a little bit of these new feelings. Circular or prismatic view with the Bell center starts to disturb a consciousness. Communion with Truth, with Eternal Wisdom as if crashes a human earthly shell. As if you consist of Light only, and white waters shine with white fire, and voices of mountains are your own voice, but you are very-very high. The gates were passed. The way goes upwards, to the home where the soul feels comfort and peace.

249. What Celestial Mother whispers to us at moments of revelation? Unreasonable children just making first steps can smile only when hearing low tender voice. Any innermost secrets can't be understood by a soul which didn't rise yet to its fiery sphere where from value of what was given could be realized. The innermost is passed on with simple earthly words. Dzyan stanzas are simple and beautiful, but how deep roots of such simplicity! When ascending you need not to take the unnecessary with you for the necessary burden is heavy enough. Our secret is the secret of cosmos inside ourselves.

250. What Mahaguru tells to your heart? Just marvelous tremble with admiration is in the treasure of feelings! Just scorching flame of purifying energies streams from the shining sun of suns! The Innermost Shambhala, which we are seeking life-by-life, is not far off. It is inside us, in the sun of suns, in the grain of divine Light, where the chamber of spiritual mysteries is, where mysteries of perfecting and striving to the truth are, and which couldn't be entirely realized. Everyone lives due to the Light of Master Raj-Star; and thread that links us is yoga itself. Yoga is the link and strengthening of this subtlest link.

The world is closer than we expect. Distance is an illusion, one of maya's seven covers thrown over world's eyes. We are alongside like loving hearts. We are closer than one can imagine and Our voices are most soft. And We tell every heart: “Enter into different life”. We call, and the space is filled with this Call. But who is able to hear it in bazaar rush of crowds where it is possible to buy dirty cheap or steal a neighbor's purse?

Bacillus of market is contagious. At first they deprive of conscience, then of vision and hearing. Beware of hucksters selling their spirits; their clothes stink because of many sores. It was ordered to drive out those who sold in Temple of Life. But it is most important not to become like them. Dignity lives alongside with non-identification with tamas nature.

251. The Most Holy Mother of God of Ak-Kem is painted in white clothes, holding two chalices in Her hands. Fire burns in these chalices. Holy Mother stands on cathedral dome of city gone under water at Ak-Kem. The cupola is slightly visible above the water surface, like a white stone. Belukha is behind Holy Mother, the Saviour child laying in chalice is encircled on the breast. He is naked. Orion constellation and a ruby column of Light is over Belukha.

252. The place of Buddha initiation at White Mountain is kept as the innermost secret. But He was not the only one among Teachers who passed through initiation at Northern Meru. Three consequential steps with definite time periods and at proper astrological periods gave full entry to a section of spiritual knowledge. Great Masters of the mankind used to come here in order to join the Ray of Cosmic Hierarchy dwelling on Orion, where from the White race descended. Orion Hierarchy, under whose protection our Galaxy develops, has sent a new gift together with first people of white race, a talisman for people of Silver Age. And this gift is associated with White Mountain.

253. The news tries to represent the modern world as the world of catastrophes, wars, and collapses. Every day journalists try to find out a sensation with maximum victims. Aren't peaceful events and even events of holy character matter nothing? Spiritual hunger requires not thrillers and terrorists on TV screens, but love and noble aspirations. TV doesn't fulfill its mission even for one per cent. Shadows of the past can't express sharpness of up-to-date vision. Sliding on the surface of life begets morally depraved persons. Callousness of the news forms psychology of the modern world. Young people used to think that the planet does nothing but explodes, ruins, or tries to escape typhoons and floods. Wind of evil sings songs of destruction, but sun of joy is above the roaring darkness. Flame of life burns in everyone. Isn't it burning beauty which is not consumed with fire?

Optimists rule the world. They advance the evolution. These are not bulks of dollars, but modest titans of spirit that live in Innermost Valleys. Boundary lies between these two notions. Descending we are improving something with such falling down. Even experience of suffering is useful, although it is not so necessary. Climbing down from a mountain we pick up healing herbs in order to ease pain of somebody's soul, there high up in mountains, because a lot of good was left at the foot of mountains. The Creator has invested so much Light and so much Heart into every world, then it doesn't befit anyone to kick the footing of being. Great Souls descend to us in order to help the blind humanity. What the world would be without this Fiery Help?

254. Those who come will rise the dropped banner. Bookish knowledge is just trying to dazzle. Spiritual knowledge is invisible here. It could be perceived as presence of a special energy or ether substance which surrounds Ringse crystal.

255. Pray not with tenacity but with fiery heart. It is hard to quit the matter habits, but beautiful flowers grow on bare stones as well. You, who carry the chalice with fire, don't stumble! The will is not coachman's reins, but a string of a harp. Seek for the subtlest melody of life, but don't replace a work wear with rags of idleness. Chariot of evil has a luxurious decor, but the way of a disciple of fire is simple. Roadside stones serves him as a haven. Homelessness doesn't mean lack of home, but recognizing the whole world as your home.

256.White Summits of Light are Beacons of Spirit. All kinds of Light worships originate from Asian vast. Kalachakra flower became Agni Yoga. Living Ethics is a hammer for labor and a sword for a battle, but not a pottage for pastime. It is severe discipline of spirit, but not noise of baby talks.

Flame of Light will determine the Leader by granting him the talent of kindling lights. It is unalterability of New Era to partake a fruit of Tree of Truth, but not temptation. Initiating words are whispered into a sensitive ear. Sometimes it is just a syllable. But it is Builder of Worlds at fields of Eternity. Our best thoughts seed space of universe. No one should cultivate weeds. Lets think in more pure way and lets thank the Creator for the possibility to fulfill part of His work. Higher Forces and we serve together. The darkness infects with envy. Even advertising propagates betrayal to please delight.

Do not allow holy words wandering without reaching your consciousness; put them into the crucible of the heart. Your own spirituality alone can teach a neighbor. Firmness should not be beyond measure, otherwise steel will be overheated and blade edge will crumble to ashes. Kali-Yuga is over for you, but it is much harder than one can imagine to enter into the New Era. Karmic tails burn away, but routine of habits stays the same. It is not so easy to change behavior. Let your heart be on watch permanently. The heart never betrays. Mind is able to think of various excuses; but the heart is Shambhala inside you. Sensitive spirit hears the heart's voice. Sensitive spirit is aware of urgent and right decisions. Sensitive spirit is aimed on fiery recognition of people and events. Sometimes it is just a trait of behavior that defines whole way of one who approaches.

257. It is not without reason that I teach you to pray with Chalice. A heart's voice is silent, but the Chalice is the Innermost Temple. Praying could be fiery trembling of the heart; the subtler it is, the more powerful results are. Bliss of the world is not a presidential candidate's formula, but it is an every moment work of a soul. Spacial fire stratifying gives an armour of invincibility. Such invincibility is necessary to do active good.

258. Spirit of Higher Individuality entering may happen like a flash as soon as a fiery body is built. Urusvati suffered from White Tara's energies entering. At the end of earthly being She became full embodiment of this cosmic Beacon of Evolution.

It is not very hard to intensify power of cosmic energies, but it is hard to find a condenser of Light. Powerful stream can wash away even a mountain at the foot of which a city locates; but destroyed buildings is not the best way of elements' forces application. Swelling of elements is dangerous for praying one. I repeat not without reason: give Me excess of your energy, and I will return it hundredfold at due moment. Direct to Me all disadvantages of yours, and I will fuse them in the crucible of fiery work. Gold looks like a gray sand, but after melting it glares like afternoon sun. Don't make same mistakes. New possibility is given to everyone.

Take a wayfarer's stick. Vigilance of an eagle and meekness of a deer are not just random symbols. Spread wings are the symbol of regal qualities of spiritual knowledge. Horizons are more distant from above. But gather flower by flower at your feet like a deer of Light in order to find out details of life experience. This is the only way to fill your heart with the secret. Steep mountain slopes teach to overcome difficulties of descending. Roots lying in the earth heal even psychic pains. Do not turn your face away from the Creator. Look for the best sound in cacophony of dens of iniquity. It is possible to hear a low song of flowers in the middle of bazaar noise. Work will come and earthly fortune will come then. It is important to fulfill what is predestined. One may carry a diamond of valor even wearing rags of everydayness. OM RAM!

259. Mountains of Light will never look like earthly abundance of stones. Take innermost legends from Akasha Chronicles and wash athirst souls in fiery waters of these legends. Number of such souls grows. Many people sought for consolation in gold, but then became disappointed. The other ones, enraptured by domination, came to internal order destruction; those who heartened up seek for another power. Another ones, who flit along surface of religions, came to a deadlock of ignorant atheism, and squall of disbelief deprive them of any ethical rules. Let one knocking at the door in; but do not allow a drunkard to enter into a shrine; an anteroom is enough for him. Ashes of empty words is bitter. Torrent of silence alone can wash it away. But it is impossible to remove emptiness of idly curious eyes even with Light of Summits. It is too bad when eyes start shining at the sight of gold only.

260. It is impossible to get the Stone through slyness. The place of the World Treasure landing is not mentioned in any of the legends. Altai alone knows about Alatyr-Stone. White Mountain lost one of its peaks due to Masters' Gift landing. The Stone is granted to open hearts. No one will discover the secret. Where is It? Who keeps It? It is possible to ask space endlessly. But one who hears voices of flowers and stars knows the answer. Sunnyasi rags may cover the Holy Casket as well. A silver bell on a stick could be heard from afar in the night. Devoted hearts kindle up sensing current of the Stone's power. Unintentionally wind sings the promised mantra. Light never seen before began shining above the wayfarer's shelter. Fires are multiplying above the Valley. Magnets of Light are growing, having felt the mightiness of fiery nature. Agnispheres are flaming in the shape of the sign of Three Gems, and rays are forming contours of City of the Future. Temple of secret rises from fog. But eyes of sleeping ones are shut. Even sunrise will not wake them up. One who keeps the Stone will knock at your door, but who will let a pauper in? Wait for the Stone with your heart!

261. Master a work of intensive rhythm. Not discordant crowds are needed but workers of spirit. Learn to work together. Many formations of the future depend on this. Concentrated tension of hearts can pacify even flame of wars. Seek for co-workers. Consciousness expanding gives good fortune. Possibilities of common work rhythm were not experiences yet by mundane world. Valley is the ideal place for spiritual forces application. Mockeries and isolation from society shows rightness of the way chosen. The world is not far-off from ages of inquisition; but cold of aloofness just hardens the sword of striving.

262. Exertion on the way nobles a soul. Exertion on the way is a treasury of possibilities of creative work of a heart. Sparks stroke by a hammer of labor fly far away. May be one of them will make fire in a hearth of one who suffers from cold of the darkness. Be Lamps of Desert. Time of those who gaze round and hesitate is over. Heart has illuminated the Way. That one is chosen who has chosen the Way. The Light will grow, but it is so fascinating to go towards flame of joy. Milestone on the way will not allow to misroute. Carpet of podvig will cover canyons of evil. Advance your consciousness to the mountain dwelling. Kindle up your hearts like torches. It is perfectly well to stay in a circle of shining hearts! Eyes of spirit get used to Light tension quickly; but even smallest arrow of the darkness kills Eye of Life. Be blessed the Brotherhood of Fire! Common work shines due to auras fusion. Brotherhood of shining humanity is beautiful! All treasures of hearts are given for the good of the world.

263. Urusvati and Fuyama had a task to lay magnets or stimulate ancient ones for the work. Milestones of Fiery Way are waking up everywhere from Uimon to White Mountain. Knights wake up and come out onto the path of Light to give help to the world. Uranus pours streams of fire. Sun of Suns doubled Its power. Heart of every new man keeps a splinter of every small piece of substance from Orion. Spark of evolution of the future is kindling. Hearts are radiating light like cosmic magnets. Spirits from Orion embodied in earthly bodies enter battle with gray ones remaining on the planet. Fascism is not defeated yet, and struggle between Hierarchies goes on at all planes of being. We are writing new scenario with our hearts. We shower an achievement of clear-voyance with blood of our souls. Coal-black wave floods astral. It is hard for pure fire to break through.

Keep in your heart the Precious Stone. Gift of Orion is inside of everyone. Gather Brothers of the Stone. Surround the Stone with treasures of hearts. Do good with the Hierarchy of Light. When doing something, call to Higher World of Hierarchies and close the circuit of worlds. It is not selfhood “I” that creates, but the finger of Master of Universe.

I will call fires from space. I will gather solar people of Phaethon destroyed by the darkness. Son of Sun rises again from his ashes like Phoenix. I summon with Flame of Eternal Secret! Reunite. Fragments of the crystal of universe create New Race.

264. Fair attitude towards reality, factuality, and evidentness is a headstone attribute of a disciple of Fire. Juggling with facts, guesses, and fictions prevents consciousness development like rock-slide bulking a path. Even if a rock is white it still blocks the way.

Consciousness development is subtlest and deeply intimate process. Everyone receives his own signs of understanding; although there are common manifestations of growth. Murmur of leaves sounds like a wind blow. Rock-slide thunders. But My voice is lightning and silence. Even a roadside stone may be a guide sign. It is necessary to look with eyes of heart. There should be not goggles with black glasses of mystery, but open smile of understanding. If your level is higher than that of your neighbors, don't try to teach, don't spurn with grimace of superciliousness. Simplicity is a feature of king of spirit. Not anyone knows his position in Fiery World.

265. Carrying the Stone by most hard paths of the world is the mission of New Era. Moscow and Uimon shone due to Solomon's Casket presence. Summits of Belukha flamed with never seen before sun-bow. Great Masters' Gifts, laid down at the doorstep of White Temple, responded to Heart of the World. Voice of Secret is heard now. Treasure of Heavens opens. Torrent of knowledge washes away filth of the world. Lungta brought fiery Gift from Orion Masters. It was hold by hands of World Leaders from Kurnovoo and Jason-Hierophant to Urusvati and Fuyama. But who knows about main monolith or Aerolith preserved deep inside White Mountain? Buddha and Urusvati, Christ and Zoroaster were coming here in order to receive Great Light from the main Stone.

Awe overwhelms a heart that enters the Valley of white waters, as if it enters into the temple of its dream. Joyful and cheerful is your spirit! As if it incessantly prays in its secret dwelling and never stops even for a moment. Voice is felt as a carrier of internal shrine of your precious coffer, and is not it reasonable to lave before entering the estate of White Mountain? Ferric cord is like a link between eras and an aspect of Kali-Yuga leading to the Mountain of Sun Rise. Icy waters of Ak-Kem are healing and milky-white. In Russian fairy tails Ivanushka becomes a picture of beauty after washing in boiling milk, the same a face of unearthly beauty reveals itself in every man.

Eternity leaves a trace of fiery beauty on human faces. Green blood seethes, and spirit of flaming Mountain of Light streams like lava of communion with breath of the Stone. You are transparent before the Eye of Omniscience. There is no need to hide what could not be hidden. Rays of Omniscience pierce a heart like X-ray, and incredible joy laves your bodies like celestial Ganges descended to the world of the darkness, it resurrects you fiery from earthy dust. Baptism by Universal Fire is accomplished and transfigured you ascend over vanity of vanities, over ignorant emptiness of the modern world. Ocean of blue flowers forms cupola of skies. It is a garland for your initiation. There are three white roses on this carpet of the blue, because from long ago roses were the symbol of mystery. You only had one sip from the mystery of mysteries and from holy of holies of the world – the Chalice of Purity, Light, and Love. Communion is accomplished and Flaming Fire burned through your heavens and hells. Now the path for ascending is open. All incarnations of yours are ascending showered with Vibrations of Great Masters.

266. Universe of knowledge can crush every person with inaccessibility and greatness of Infinity. One may think: “Why strive to learn the new if it is impossible to know the incomprehensible?” Whispering is arms of dark ones. This is what dark ones stand on: as much as possible consciousnesses must stay with ignorance of earthly life. Clearness of the way is the target of Jnana. One should not push away the guiding thread. Heart knowledge turns into love. There is no discernment without strait-knowledge. It is doubtful whether blind kittens' life is good for anyone. One who knows a ford-way never throws himself into deep water. Ignorance is akin to madness. Denial of any education which is discipline and methodology of comprehension demonstrates psychology of a swine only. Curiosity and interest are most strong manifestations of instinct of comprehension. Then desire to do something arises which means that work of comprehension has started. Holy Fire has kindled the Chalice which produced a lightning of accumulations. Does knowledge make life worse? No! Because the Master of Love is the Master of Knowledge! Parallel lines never cross; but Love and Knowledge are brunches on one Tree of Creator's Holy Will.

267. Rapacious personality bares its teeth, but essence is pure like a smile of a child. The essence could be linked to Universal Heart. The personality with its roar of willfulness is a root of people's misfortunes. It is possible to become a walking dead-man when gaining an object by hook or by crook. The personal is valuable as an experience of incarnations for experience of every man is unique. But everyone's rightness will be weighted on cosmic scales. Dignity and personality are close, but later is inclined to betrayal. Beware of those who tell everybody about their exclusiveness. They are an easy prays to satanists. Keep up dignity of a guard. The heart can't beget ugly words. Aura of love never betrays, but teeth-grinding is a lot of the personality. The heart says: “Let it be good for the whole world!” Selfness moans and groans: “When I will have all the luck?” Lie's paths twist. At what canyon the heart will whisper: “Stop”?! Listen to it like to a sage that has walked by many roads.

268. Thread of celestial fate is white. It weaves clothes of the future. Moments of perfection like thin fibers of light interlace with it. Straw of days burns away immediately. Ringse alone stays imperishable.

Auras of thoughts are powerful as never before. Words are crystals of thoughts. If a thought is a flower, then a deed is a fruit. The word is that tree on which destiny of the world ripens.

269. Astral coal layers rupture produces lightning of incredible power. Manifestation of supermundane fire is immeasurably subtler, otherwise people will fear for their homes safety. Subtlest neutrino is nothing in comparison with all-penetrating power of Celestial Fire, and its consequences are more blissful for earthly vast. Conduct spacial fire down onto the earth. There are many people that wait and hope.

270. Astral boiling out is accompanied with outbursts of violence. And no wonder, because it is time when animal feelings must turn to spirituality. Foam of fury accumulated during millions years of evolution now beats at the gates of everyone's consciousness, and it is hard to avoid splashes of ignorance. But legions of Light are behind every disciple. At a moment of danger simply remember the Master's Face, and helping ray will not take long to appear.

271. Property makes a guard dog from a man. Attacks of appropriating illustrate lack of knowledge of global laws. Personal belongings form a part of a human aura as they are saturated with an owner's energy; but one should not carry own astral wardrobe everywhere. It is not so easy to part with what was fairly earned, but purposefulness of being shows that the left may serve anyone else. Don't make your consciousness similar to a bothering bur.

272. Vibrations of Universal Magnet is salt of thoughts. Thoughts strive to their magnets like a swarm of butterflies to a burning candlestick. Some of them burns out leaving subtlest light remains, but the other ones form the flaming swarm. Earthly examples are explicit and instructive sometimes, for as above so below. That is why development of an eagle eye indicates attentiveness refinement. Be sharp-sighted. Imperceptible signs are signals of great events. Criminalists can identify a criminal with the help of one thread from his clothes; a lama can see structure of whole universe looking at a clot of clay; and clairvoyant can see a fire of event via one accidental spark. A flower of light is full with same energy as galaxy circle.

Moments are just flashes of time, but aeons of evolution are formed of them. All mistakes start from small things. One who didn't notice a stone falling from a mountain risks being buried under rock-slide. When a tree squeaks it doesn't always mean that it will fell down, but snapping of brunches requires to manifest swiftness.

At the beginning of new era everything changes with lightning speed and karmic debts return immediately. There is no need to wait for millenniums to free from heavy burden for it is possible now to do it at once. This possibility to ease people's lots is connected with genefond selection for the future. Separation of workers of evolution from drown ones is over.

273. Appealing to new energies begets explosion of elements. Meditation and a prayer intensifies spacial fire which is father of elements. That is why be careful sending personal asks for if even slightest grievance colors the prayer, it turns into the act of black magic.

The Master said: “Close the door when praying and do it secretly, and the God living within mystery will give you your due manifestly”. One should pray secretly or in secret which means strive to the God's Palace, to promised higher spheres. In this way all mental scum burns away under pressure of fiery forces.

Surround yourself with Purity and Light. Turn to the Master's Face. Fuse with His Heart. Become Him Himself. The closer contact of energies with the Guru, the less danger to cause hurricane or volcanic eruption somewhere on the planet. Underground fire is very mobile. It is not without reason that a dragon and a tiger are its symbols. Slightest shade of betrayal or hate changes mixture of energies in a retort of an aura; and it is possible to get detonating gas instead of elixir of life. Beware of hate. Now it is strong as never before. Magnet of hate is an instrument of the underground world. That is why Love is the service to Supermundane. One who didn't learn to love, to forgive, and to compassionate will be more helpless than a newborn baby in the World of Light.

274. Now Karma of potential is granted. Old debts are paid. The new glisters as a diamond of usefulness. Everyone's heart is a petal of lotus of spirit. Everyone's heart is a precious stone. Don't give the stone to evil hands. Cover yourself with scarf of modesty and put on dress of simplicity. Lower your gaze of perspicacity. Don't try to cross gaze with one infected with easy money rush.

Capability to love is granted to everyone. Loving hearts are illuminated with Light. Purifying lightnings pierce the space. These are Brothers of Fire who came to the world, and their Hearts weaved the saving net of Love.

Lets protect children of the Future.

275. Workers of spirit live in simple dwellings. Madness of the world doesn't touch them. They are like oasis in a desert. One may come to them to get a sip of an Elixir of Life and to warm up by the hearth of Living Heart. There is no luxury in such homes and claws of evil have nothing to hook on. Lack of money and poverty is their permanent state, but they are hospitable and friendly. They share last crust of bread with a visitor. But joy never leaves their home. Every flower that opens on a windowsill causes joy as if a newborn baby came to life. Mother of the World, save the home of Secret, for mysteries of spirit kindling up go on there.

276. Arrow of swiftness is for striving one! Sword of Valor is for striving one! Fiery Armour and Shield of Secret are for striving one! Helmet of spirit is forged with three-repeated call “Kalagia!”

One should not announce his power over time, but should work extracting sacral Ak-Dorje from every moment. We transform auras with spiritual power. We do not disclose Way of Search ahead of time and do not indicate exhausting mountain passes being concerned for despondency and hesitation appearing. We will just whisper about holy map of flaming heart, because Shambhala of Light is inside every heart. Come into your own Temple and you will see Great Gurus, Dhians, and Perfect Buddhas there. Whole universe, myriads of suns and galaxies, and thousand of thousands of various future shells are inside your heart. Fiery Pitris made a hotr priest from every soul, and they keep fire on the altar.

Keep Light! Don't cool your hearts! Torrent of evil is vindictive.

277. Gold Mountain, gold of feelings, pure gold of prana accumulations – this list could be continued endlessly. Fire of the good is not colorless, and flaming signatures of meditations are accompanied with cosmic lightnings flashes. They look like flowers from gardens of unearthly world. Special concentration of gold prana densifies and cements space. Fires are like glistering crystals, they become more intensive and grow. Magnetism of these fires attracts people, animals, and plants. They strive to the place of gold accumulations' concentration. Akasha Chronicles are same layers of energies.

Every thought and every word has its own aura. Wisdom of books is cooperation of auras, union of words' consciousnesses. That is why libraries, as keepers of spiritual atmosphere, are so much important. Selecting books is like explosives expert's work. Inconsistent things should not be mixed up. Lie must not be there along with Light. Random collection of books can destroy even natural vibrations of a place.

278. People often rush after a man who expressed someone's truth, shouting: “Prophet! Prophet!” It seems they are flattered to consider themselves as followers of live disciple of Light. But delusions may perplex or even upset such apologist of false authorities. To find true keeper of knowledge is as hard as to find a diamond on a mountain path. One who loses his breath from rush after the false prophet can die of asphyxia. Look attentively into the hearts of coming ones with your own heart.

279. A heart trembles before Guiding Ray. Currents of worlds cross. Battle between Light and the darkness thunders in universe. How it is possible to withstand? How it is possible to save the heart? It is possible with Guru's Face only! Lets strive to Him at the time of intensification of crossed currents. Explosions of elements hurt most sensitive auras. Is it possible not to suffer if the world is ill? Is it possible to stay senseless when blood and tears overfill ocean of feelings? Hearts of guards could not help reflecting bitterness of the world. Vigilance requires tension. Devoted warrior never sleeps being at the post. Guards of Summits know not a rest.

280. Discomfort of internal lack of freedom is caused with aura overloading. It is uncomfortable to walk with parasites hanging upon. There are young stickers, but there are also those who ride a person from his very birth. Leaking through cracks in energetic shell, the valuable current feeds larvae. Ectoplasm is innermost, but we ourselves let these vampires in. It is never too late to feel yourself free. It sounds paradoxical, but discipline gives more freedom for spiritual creative work.

281. - Guard of the Gate! Why You are here? Your time is over long ago, just gray stones left of the Entrance to Mountain Dwelling.

- Earthly eyes see contours of coarse objects only; but shining of Fiery Edge didn't fade! My service just started, for souls of elements moved to Higher Planes of being; and the Dwelling rose more higher!

One can often see a silver-white cloud over the mountain ridge. Isn't it fog? No, these are white locks of the Gate Guard's hair by ancient summits. And a trace of White Path climbs upward.

282. Urusvati is Embodied Light! Urusvati is Good Fire! Urusvati is Inspiring Mother! Thy Voice is in the song of rosy fires! Love that illuminates nooks of souls is kindled up by Thee!

Teaching of Light shows the way. Milestones are set, but vast is empty. Many amusements were invented, much noise was produced to divert people from going ahead. But wind of the Way knows a secret of every heart. Way makes swan wings grow. Walking one was ordered not to turn backward.

283. Element of water participates in all organisms purification. Mucous membrane washes away not only microbes but also alien leptons stuck to auras. Lave facilitates consciousness development very much. Creative work and help of elements are measureless.

284. Keepers of the Stone gathered in Mountain Abode. They started to ask one another: “Discord and the darkness are in the world! The mankind doesn't want to replace earthly treasures with spiritual ones! Whom to entrust carrying the Stone?” The senior sage uttered: "Let it be disorder and decay of fundamentals, but spirit will detach from Earth easier. Disaster and benediction are links of one chain. Find most poor and modest wayfarer and entrust him these holy gifts.The Stone itself will choose most worthy one. When a heart is tired from burden of the world, a man turns to internal world. Worthy one could be found among deprived people only!” The other sage objected: “But rags will not hide the holy casket. More proper place is needed”. Senior one answered: “Rags is an evidence of illusion's rule over the earthly world! Let's find one who is poor, but tidy and pure. Poverty of household doesn't mean poverty of a soul. Poor person may have clean and worthy home free from grimaces of vulgarity. Holy Gift's place is at a modest dwelling. It will be the only sanctuary for him to keep. Glister of luxury blinds eyes; and one may not notice True Light when surrounded with tinsel”.

Signs of Gods come into paupers' homes too.

285. Mountains mourn the world's suffering. Tears of rain turn into purity of snow. Suffering purifies the world.

286. Gray ones occupy more and more of new spheres of astral. Aiding and abetting of gold and currency reserves holders made humanity money-addicted; but every hunter knows that there is no need in gold on a mountain path. It lies under feet and serves as a guide of Light to depth of the planet. It is not so easy to return past time when gold disk with image of Sun indicated a privilege of kings for saints. New metal already accumulates deep inside the planet's aura. New metal is an envoy of Arcturus.

287. Epidemic of psychosthenia, general obsession with anger, is infectious. Psychic energy outbursts feed monsters which provoke chronic anger and wars among people. Forces of the darkness use human selfness. Cultivating of the idea of a person and this person alone exclusiveness, sets not bad people at loggerheads. All people are exclusive and peculiar in their own way. A sage carries most heavy burden, so along with this he can't work as sherpa that carries loads. Remember and tell everyone: there are no peculiar ones or uninitiated ones at new age. Only those who were selected during billions of years of evolution have approached the new era. Defect doesn't indicate low caste. Deficit of education doesn't indicate low rank. There is time of Shudras and time of Kshatriyas. Speak so that everyone might hear what he wants. The summit is only one, but there is endless number of paths leading to it. Different flowers bloom on the Tree of Way; and every walker approaches the milestone at the crossroads. And this is the point where it is necessary to choose, where are you going!

288. The Valley and Belukha phenomenon of attraction could be explained easily. Some souls, that were incarnated at times of Chud, now come into life again. Their ancestral home, a sort of fiery archetype stamped into their hearts, call them to come back and stay by the Mother. White Mountain is their Foremother; from there they came down and dispersed all over the world. Call of soul is not just a sentimental literary expression. Call of soul is related to imagination which is accumulated reality, as we know. Call of soul is the attracting reality of a heart. It is pre-sensation of the secret and knowledge of the future.

Knots - terms are predetermined with karma, but there is a thread of free-will between them. Karma gives a task, but a man fulfills it in his own way. How many of those who didn't achieve the higher predestination although it was one step left! Corrections of the will caprices lead to deplorable results.

289. Densify a word's energy. Fuse rays of the will and intellect into the words' canvas as silver pattern. Time of idle talks is over. Every word is a missile of destiny. The word is a damaging weapon. The word is a healing power. Its power increased due to power of cosmos growth. Soon palaces will be constructed with the help of words, not with spirits invoking but with elements cooperation.

290. Every heart that has comprehended Everlasting Light becomes a stone in the Protective Wall for the mankind. It is good that somewhere on very top, in White Tower Master Sanat Kumara is on the watch, and Truth Keeper's work is a part of His work. Master knows every single Stone of Power, because living power of hearts was put into the protective wall. Master of Shambhala shines with Fires of Podvig! Master of Shambhala sends us Gift of Heart! Master of Shambhala lives and breathes in the Heart of Sun! Devoted hearts flame with fiery valor and joy because Shield of Hierarchy is over them. Striving of the heart to Master Raj-Star is an inestimable gift. It is great honor to be one of the Master's Warriors. Firmness of hand results from firmness of heart.

291. Idlers seize power in spiritual societies. Having none of internal experience, they try to use their official positions and social aid programs aimed for noble purposes. Empty is the chalice of those who talk profusely about common good and secretly hate those who attained more. Their ignorant sensitivity is high. They know messengers and emanations of imperil of hate is their weapon. It was told about time when dark ones and their accomplices will enter into homes with your prayer, will have sacral signs on, and will perform initiations. Beware of those who don't want to work. Idler's wallet is empty, but not because he was not paid for worthy work. It is empty, because he doesn't want to work saying that it is impermissible for him to work due to his spiritual services. Such 'advanced' idlers are as dangerous as violent fanatics. Grievance for non-recognition of their false authority is their sore place. Look into emptiness of their eyes and you will see darkness of infernal fire. That is too bad that such people guide pure ones. Ways of people's delusions are inscrutable. Lack of discernment is destructive for a heart.

292. Horus' Sword, Master's Stick, Master's of Mountains Spear are forms of spiritual arms for psychic protection. Striking ray of a heart has a shape of sword, but sometimes concentrated fiery crystal of prana is enough to scorch dark ones considerably. Techniques of protection are simple. But methodology should be executed every day like praying. This is the only way how the fiery armour builds up. It is mistake to think that celestial beings will grant the armour of strength and sacral arms to a Warrior of Light in a twinkle of an eye. We forge the sword and the shield by ourselves. We ourselves create the holy armour through all life proving devotion to the way chosen. Devoted Warriors only could be trusted.

293. New schools of concentration are aimed on disciples' wallets only. The way is simple and easy; give thanks to celestial destiny that allows you to part with home full of personal property, and with the world where you have nothing. Jesus' saying about richness is well known. It is not without reason that St. Francis has chosen the way of poverty not knowing that he has repeated the Blessed One's actions.

Patterns of days are washed away with torrent of time, and one has to draw a new hieroglyph on canvas of being. If you managed to think powerfully and beautifully about world's bliss rendering real help to somebody, then it was a moment of good luck. Despondent one livened up, despaired one obtained hope, and someone escaped from an abyss. What we are doing today is most important. Don't say that you will do something tomorrow, that tomorrow you will comprehend and learn.

Birds gather their food grain by grain. Sometimes it takes long time to find one grain. Precious thought searching at the field of time may last sometimes centuries long. Efficiency of new era thought could be compared with strong electric discharge. In the world of causes and effects these lightnings remove karmic conglomerations from someones' lives.

294. Determine usefulness of abstinence or temperance taking physiology in consideration. It is not a big merit to starve, but to abstain from food without physical balance violation is an achievement. Human nature knows allowable measure and recommends not to harm health, otherwise a vessel of consciousness may grow weak and become a victim of obsessors.

295. Brothers of Light! Let's strive to the Future! Beauty and peace, calmness and knowledge are to follow! There are no milestones on this way, but a heart knows the promised path. Let's strive with fiery tension of hearts, with sharp minded research, with eternal wish to become saint and perfect.

A cedar stick I will give to one who will be first to decide and come earlier than the other ones, for toil of a wayfarer of Light is beyond human strength. I promise you a stone as a pillow, a bed of moss, and taiga as home instead of musty air and sultriness. There is no strait way, and summits in fog are dangerous. But My stick will illuminate the way. Dwelling of the Future is behind White Mountain.

296. I teach you exactness of formulas of life. I teach you strict observance of Orders. I teach you Warrior's fearless strength. I teach you firmness in decision-making. If you put your arm on a sword, then be on watch. I need devoted guards. But it is so cold to stay in dank wind. One who closes his eyes becomes a betrayer for the enemy doesn't sleep. Enemy's tricks are not so simple. The darkness' creativeness must be admitted; but it is difficult to deceive Solar Eye. Mixing colors doesn't mean creating beauty. Some colors eliminate each other. But glowing skies are full of colors' harmony.

It is difficult to leave the summit, but a shift has already come. Time of new forces accumulation approaches. The guard sees with his heart the way of one relieved him on the watch, and will save him in case he becomes tired.

297. Don't forget about necessary hastiness. One calling for help needs immediate aid. Worker of evolution can't stop, except for a short rest. But his spirit still strives ahead and looks at Beauty of the vast that opens beyond clouds. Fiery nature often leaves behind physical one.

298. Egyptian mysteries return to spiritual space of the world reminds about ancient Egyptians' souls migration to Raseya (Russia) or Verkhniaya (Upper) Kemi as it was called from time immemorial, before Aryans have come there. Aquarius vibrations draw Kemi back due to failing of strength of the cycle of prophecies before 1936. Gold Age does not complete within one great circle. Spiral doesn't close a ring, it goes up high. Egypt developed under Orion Hierarchy guidance, that is why time of secret Teachings return is connected with intensification of pyramids influence on human and earthly natures.

Space is pitted with craters and caverns. Negative energy is a consequence of the space mirror curvature. Pyramids straighten this mirror and transform lower manifestations into spiritual currents via attracting subtlest components of elements and cosmic currents. Pyramids draw out venom from the planet; they purify and ozonize even most contaminated areas. It is necessary to build pyramids at the places where nuclear wastes are stored and bacteriological weapons are utilized; at the cities with bad criminal situation; near prisons, hospitals for insane, exchanges, and storages of gold.

299. Who can see plenty of signs on a rocky path? An alert eye only. Signs are presents from Great Guru for a heart. Sign of trust is a consequence of the Teacher veneration. Read the Order in His eyes and join ranks of street cleaners. One may enter into Gates of Evolution if he doesn't loathe any kind of work or despise any worker. There are no shirkers among those who strive to Lightful Spheres. When necessary Our Brothers may work as carpenters, smiths, and shoemakers. There is no such labor in the world which could be considered as needless or ridiculous. The mankind is always proud of work wear. Work never abase. Welfare of any country have been achieved due to people's work. And balance of the world is a fruit of tension of many souls which are able to participate in underground currents pacifying.

On the threshold of Great Chintamani holiday lets direct our best thoughts to Holy of all Holies.


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