Konstantin Ustinov

Mountains of Light

Very few people know about Mountains of Light...

November 5, 2000 – February 13, 2001

Very few people know about Mountains of Light, the place of White Waters origin. Let's tell seeking souls about Love emitted by these Innermost Strongholds.

Not just indifferent icy stones but Magnets of Spirit are kept on these Shining Summits.

1. Mountains of Light is the place where Alatyr Stone, the Treasure of the Heart of the World, lies. Prophetic Stone Tables with destiny of the world records are at Mountains of Light. Fiery signs appear on the surface prophesying flourishing to the Stone carriers. Light never seen before, exhales an aroma all around. Columns of Light shine like beams of rising sun.

2. Silt of words clogs eyes of mind. Silt of words sediments at the bottom of soul. Fire living in the word, it alone can kindle a heart and give rise to the Mystery. The world is based on Mystery. Message with divine knowledge is passed from one heart to another as the holy shrine.

Tired wayfarer can have a rest under any tree, but wave of aroma leads him to a deodars' grove.

3. The will of life gives powerful advantage over amorphous human character. Even term of life could be extended under the free will pressure. But karmic laws are to be observed. Striving to long living in dense matter has its value as concentration training only. Arrow of heart will, directed to shining World of Eternal Light, is a sprout of forthcoming radiant humanity.

Fire of aspiration is equal to fire of love. Fire of aspiration is equal to diamond will. This diamond is even more splendid in the frame of mercy and compassion. The will focus power obtains cosmic nature via participation of heart manifestations. Spirit gives supermundane power.

4. Such saying as 'everything is afraid of time, and time is afraid of pyramids' keeps an innermost truth. Even if physical form of the pyramid is destroyed, phenomena of pyramids still manifest in space. Phenomenon of youth exists in those places where pyramids were located once. Whole net of pyramids was built up all over the world according to the map of stellar sky and sacral constellations responsible for time activity. Shape of pyramid itself is not studied yet concerning time currents. Secrets are just slightly opened.

5. Big Sphinx or “Sun above horizon” already existed when eden gardens grew at Sahara, Nubian, and Egyptian deserts. Thread of light stretches from ancient Atlantis, from its forgotten knowledge. For mere mortals it is just a yellow stone covered with sand, but for ones initiated into mysteries it is the greatest shrine of the planet and encyclopedia of spirit-knowledge. Secret guardian keeps Trebly Great Hermes' treasure for generations to be. And a word pronounced about Him or in His presence obtains cosmic significance as if saturated with special energy that overcomes time. At former times Sphinx was located on the roof of huge Temple of Life over the World Altar. It is considered that he symbolized harmony of four elements, and his eyes were directed on Kailasa.

6. Beautiful is the cresset of heart. Its shining is like aurora borealis at polar night, like flash of fire on a sea surface, when energy of waves begets non-scorching flame. Heart purity makes whole world more pure. Woven of light dresses of love are created by the heart, and not a sword can break this fiery armour. Many people considered Atman as fantasy of mad sages, but what can move our flesh, if not lightful flow? What except the fiery thread rules over human fate and generates flow of images born by light? With the heart we will see joy even in gloomy vast of existence. With the heart we will sense a friend and an enemy, and understand that the heart doesn't have enemies. There are clots of the dark will only, which has no access to beautiful heavens. The heart is not a prison for a soul, but a temple of continuous comprehension. It is way of revelations, way of earthly experience accumulating. It would seem it is hard to walk pulling apart tangle of the matter; but aspiration gives rise to such invincible valor and strength that makes the striving one as hot as a missile that overcomes air resistance. We see life from depth of the heart. Secret of humanity is in mastering heart energies. Only they link us with the ocean of spacial fire.

7. Cities of Hyperborea come to light. Titans of Spirit return to the world awakened with relative energies. Pyramids of fire glister at ancient places at night. Capability to talk and to understand any language wakes up in everyone. Phenomenon of glossolalia or gift of tongues is called by ancient matrix. Atlantis was still in germination state when Aryans country already flourished. Perfect tradition came to Shveta Dvipa together with Sons of Light. Chalice of Wisdom knows Its way on the planet. Russia will accept the Innermost Stone. Golden Age approaches.

It is the heart's property to emit good and love. It is not without reason that cruel people are called heartless. The heart suffers covered with imperil stink. Lightnings of the evil-will only flash in auras of such creatures. Keeping the treasure in the heart, let it manifest. Open doors of the heart to let Light out. But don't take coquetry for warmheartedness.

8. Energy of a place is of great importance for spiritual capabilities development. Places saturated with natural power of light have crystallized a dome of psychic energy, which removes unnecessary companions away from a person and wakes up a heart. Phenomena are not so rare at such places. For example, awakening of supermundane feelings or siddhi. We are not going to pick up coins on the road, knowing that we are going to Ali Baba's treasury. Robbers have collected it, but to use them is our lot. Negative incarnations also can accumulate treasures of spirit.

Mobility and activeness are more preferable than tremelloid virtues. Good is Fire of Soul. Good is power of Cosmic Love. Good is Sword of Light. But gray talks about the good is time spending for those who doesn't want to put on a chain armour of responsibility.

Armour of Leader and Teacher is not just the right to give orders to trembling hearts. Armour of Leader is the Will of Light inspiring hearts with valor and firmness. Dignity is forged from the same material as valor. These principles uniting support justice and accuracy of the Master's orders fulfillment.

9. Not every home boasts atmosphere of benevolence. Often imperil stratums on walls provoke recurrent irritation; the same as atmosphere of bliss and mutual understanding makes even poor dwelling comfortable and attractive for a heart. Poison that eats away soul and substance of nerves – imperil – also intoxicates and destructs space, turning it into coal dust that darkens surface of the planet. Brown gas is similar to the gas emitted by gold. Bliss neutralizes all outflows of the darkness. But it is very important to exclude such dark outflows from your own habits. Anger is the darkness Mass; irritation is a channel to the darkness. Who wants to serve the horny creatures? Reaction imperceptibility and instantaniety should be treated with poles shifting. Try and get used to lightful and blissful reactions. It is useful in all cases. Physical health depends on phosphor quantity in nerve tissue. Fire supports the carcass of life.

10. We are fiery birds. We are phoenixes burning away to ashes from love to the Master. We burn away and return back to life. So aeons and aeons of our love pass, and it grows and gradually ascends in this shining Ray. Master and Lord of Worlds lets us into His heart and finds secluded corner for everyone, like for a rose in His huge garden.

Master of Garden! We are Thy roses. Is it possible to love one of them more than another one? We should not be separated from Thee, because we will fade from anguish without Thy breath. We will die if not seeing rays of admiration coming out of Thy Eyes. We will perish as little children if knowing that Thou have torn us from Thy Heart.

Lord of Love! Human garden is single whole for Thee. Otherwise, what for to stay here for such long time, having left White Chamber? Teach us to love stronger. Teach us to be a worth part of Thee. Thou, Shining with Light, look at us from fiery vast, from heavens of purity!

11. Let energy of nature deep inside yourself. Harmony of maternity principle never deceives. Accept any kind of labor mellowly. Labor is a blessing. Labor is participation in divine creative work. Labor is the fiery chalice of comprehension. A worker deserves the pure path.

12. Every word of Light is a gift of heart. Creative vibrations come from fundamental fiery source. From the stronghold of strongholds current of mystery flows. Celestial dew from divine gardens is in every innermost word. Subtlest aroma fills the world. As if flowers of words are covered with musk.

13. Diamond stays cold even if you keep it in a hand for three hours. But a spark of a heart's heat is like a kiss that kindles a candlestick of love. Let's be adamants of fire, not susceptible to evil influence, but keeping Eternal Light inside behind facets. Like World Heart is the kiss; like One Ray focus it is. Our Adamant, the Great Master kindles hearts still able for evolution.

Show to a blind one a diamond of soul, and let him see a palace of heart. Teachers and Gods are inside you, so go that way and pave the path with sparks of love. And make that fiery flower bloom like lightning at night when a storm howls. You yourself keep inside both joy and unhappiness. You yourself is a Master, you are divine and pure.

14. Tantra is a relative teaching, or the teaching directly received from the Divinity or the Great Teacher. It is known that Je Tsongkhapa received his teaching from Blessed Manjusri, and that many other Teachers at Tibet and India wrote their own tantra. And Agni Yoga is the closest trend of Kalachakra or Diunhor received from Shambhala Masters. Method of saturating texts with energies of Shambhala and of Great Master is applied both in Agni Yoga and in 'Secret Doctrine'. Every heart writes its own tantra. Era of direct connection with Teachers has already come.

15. Mystical process of Teacher's Image calling, transferring His Consciousness to the Eye of Wisdom, and becoming Him in full is also tantra, but higher one. Fiery processes connected with imagination should be subordinated to consciousness, same as aspects of anger of deities. Dakini and Tara are just different manifestations of feminine energy in everyone. Becoming Guru means holding higher energies inside yourself, in chakras which have started to rotate and to shine. The Teacher entering into your innermost world indicates a process of lower ego and Universal Ego energies merging. Harmony achieved gives a possibility to act in distant worlds. Merging with Guru is building of a space ship or a capsule of imperishable internal flame that can transport one to any destination in the universe. This is the process of fiery body generating. It is Fiery World that can make a vessel of divine flame from a human body.

Resources of a human being are inexhaustible. It is possible to achieve liberation from samsara on the Earth only. Earth alone gives power to fly in different bodies. Maternal energy that brought us up allows to open cosmos inside yourself. We are educating neither social leaders nor chatterers, but Builders of Truth and Warriors of Spirit. All uncomfortable situations are for panning out gold dust. Garbage and mud are washed away with waves of suffering, and essence of Light starts shining brighter and brighter.

16. 'Language of twilight' are characters of Namig. Language of symbols is so perfect and deep, that it is impossible to replace it with anything else. Culture of signs is a heritage of ancient knowledge. Unclear for anyone else, for an advanced disciple the sign can serve as an encyclopedia of comprehension. Visualization of internal readiness to apprehend truth is 'Language of twilight' itself. A lot from ancient knowledge is concealed particularly in symbols. Mine of wisdom is closed till due time.

So called everyday life alone can reveal full internal potential of a man. Circumstances of life sharpen his spiritual inventiveness; at the moments of shifting from one mood to another it is possible to determine both capabilities to be developed and vices that prevent from ascending. A human being is fiery inside. Sometimes venomous attacks can determine strategy of life; small dose of this is a medicine but for those only who still has essence of snake. Faces of life reveal continuously; and the world is tested continuously as well. You can see color of timber after making fissure in a tree only.

17. Wisdom is not a haste if it doesn't concern one, standing at the edge of abyss. Wisdom is perfection of internal behavior. Reaction that occurs depends on catalytic agent. Wisdom knows consequences but not the process. Often apparent passive behavior hides intensive process of thinking which can change spirit's state. We are not always in time to catch and fix a thought that comes suddenly, like a bird that strikes against a window, like a lightning that flashes in stormy skies. Most intensive are these messengers of moments. More often these are guests from Supermundane Worlds. Bigger half of humanity lives with suggested thoughts. But there are such thoughts that start burning in a heart; and being born there they fly away for ever. These are seeds of future worlds. Birds of happiness fly out of a fiery flower. Isn't it a divine gift, to be able to imbue space with the heart, and gather around your candlestick not only gray moths, but distant cressets too?

18. Spiritual impoverishment of the present world is just an indicator of never seen before possibilities for internal development. The brighter light, the thicker darkness. One shouldn't be surprised with such brutal resistance of the matter: at the edge of two epochs the predestined fire always burns brighter.

It is a mistake to think that suffering hardens psychic strength. Suffering is prompt forgiveness of karmic debts. But worthy life makes a disciple more calm and subtle. Everyday troubles are detonator for imperil stratums exploding. Psychic force decays without due application, same as in case of unwillingness for work. One should not miss celestial blessing - as ancients called labor.

19. Biblical legend about Noah, his daughters, and wine discloses a huge layer. Drunkenness or loss of consciousness and further incest resulted in gradual continuous degradation of nation that has come to life in such way. Infected nations are powerful in material world. Power and gold are guarded by these unlawful creatures. Spiritual religions created could not break down the golden calf influence. Spiritual worship degenerated down to fetishism, which they used to call guarantor of liberty. Karmic enslaving within this sphere is most didactic. It is hard to be lofty basing on material principles only. Providing humanity with reproduction principle has caused illusion of atheism. These are neither clots of energy begetting people, nor sweat of Gods, but adjoining of two origins was made to be the divine act. Sexual magnetism is powerful, but whirl of love alone brings celestial flame on the Earth.

20. Spiritual hunger can awaken inventiveness within fiery researches. Spiritual hunger sharpens apprehension of earthly events. Finding specks of subtlest knowledge, seeking one creates precious stones of thoughts that form a bridge across an abyss. Shining of treasures found is nothing comparing to small sparks of revelations disclosing individual innermost verities.

There are many flowers in a valley, and it is impossible to discern each of them; but aroma came with the wind tells about everyone's blossom time. One who wants to see snow at summer time goes to White Mountain; but one who shivers from cold and needs warmth, makes a fire.

21. Rasul Ibn-Rahim liked to talk to the Great Wayfarer sitting by the fire in the evening. One day the Great Wayfarer asked Ibn-Rahim: “O the venerable, do you know, where did we come from?”

Rasul answered: “Each of desert inhabitants has a camel, but there is non of living ones who has seen very first camel. Dew falls down even on the sand of deserts, but no one can see its flight. I think that your guiding star alone knows the proper answer to your question”.

The Great Wayfarer said: “You have never seen snow, that is why stars light is so close to you. Your heart knows Characters of Heavens; but the North preserves signs of Hyperborea. Even ices can't freeze flaming soul. The Way will disclose itself for the heart soon”.

22. 'Language of twilight', language of Krya, has appeared when first thought-symbols have manifested in the space. Signs of Fire originate from Worlds of Eternal Light. They are like drops of the ocean of subtlest flame; they descend to the mundane world embodying in secret symbols. Energies rushing through worlds spaces of truth are captured by this sign, but this is just immeasurably small part of general knowledge. Even sun beam that pierces through leaves and creates shadows on floating water can serve as writing of Namig.

My Call you can hear in whistle of the wind! My Call you can hear in water's murmur under first ice! Waiting one can hear Voice of My Heart in early snowfall and in silver rain. Low rumble of rolling stones, light of sunrise rays, live twilight in cedar taiga, and play of clouds in the sky – are Signs of My Soul. Sleep dreams of hearts directed toward Me will disclose My Face. Link of centuries hardens with imperishable devotion. I will never reject even drunken pronouncing My Name. Seven times appealing is a protecting prayer. I love secrets of life, and I will guide you to the magic garden of knowledge.

Travels teach illusion of home. Love the Way to White Mountain. With this you will succeed. You will get the good for your heart and for the world. Be the prince of the Way. I will send friends of White Mountain and help for the work will be revived. Hasten to see a lot. Don't be afraid of the darkness; beware of bog's envy. Twilight is best time for meditation. Thinking will disclose a lot. Advance My books. Time accelerates and condenses.

23. Slightest attraction to a man or to a property forms feedback, which is not always necessary and of good quality.

Master of the Way knows when caravan will reach a well; but simoom created with a whirl of thoughts may hide from sight such vital target. Athirst for spiritual knowledge is the food for higher bodies. Gates of Heavens are opening. Fire streams and washes the planet. Fiery mystery of communion of new humanity goes on before your eyes.

24. Spirit's privileges are obvious for awaken consciousness. Waked up one can't understand how he could lose sensation of real world. Morning twilight imbues the world with freshness. Fiery scent of primordial purity is in everything living and nonliving. Subtlest link of union with entire universe pierces hearts. Like beads in Shiva-Shakti's hands are the hearts of embodied ones. God's fingers, Fate's fingers count endless number of life-beads; and some day Wheel of Fortune will rise one soul and will lower another one to very bottom of being. Stars move in line. Snowdrifts consist of icy stars. It is impossible to run ahead of predestination. In this way karma feedback accelerates. Free will that broke restrictions of ascending and descending law, goes down same swiftly as it rose before. Amplitude of life should reach evenness. A cresset will not be overturned on a smooth road only. Stumbling block threatens extinguishing of fires already kindled.

25. Sometimes just a heap of dry wood is necessary to make a fire burn stronger and rise its flame up high. Just few thoughts from the Fiery World are necessary to kindle a heart. These particular thoughts make an Arhat from a mere mortal. But one should wait for them for many lives, till the heart will be ready for kindling. Flame on the altar never goes out; simply the apparent is taken for the real.

Just a thread of Light, just a string of Fire will remain from a body and a consciousness. Just subtlest string in which Eternal Life energy pulsates. Emptiness of emptinesses - for someone, and light of lights - for the other. It doesn't mean that emptiness must be the darkness; it is Fire, shining Fire of Everlasting Light. And all secrets and secrets disclosing are in Fire and Light. Light is just the ray of Flame. Light may grow, but no one touches Flame. Celestial Waters, ocean of inexhaustible energies only reflect gleam of Great Flame, and transfers it to devoted hearts. Everlasting darkness is for an earthly eye; inextinguishable fire is for the heart.

Fire of joy is always over grief and sorrow of everydayness. Joy is wise. Joy is special wisdom. Fiery heart sings sutras of joy. It sings when guests from afar come at last. It sings because sound is the fundamental energy of creation.

Let those waiting ones be cheerful and patient; and striving to beauty we wish to those who are working; and striving of apprehended heart – to all workers of the good.

Stars in cosmos are innumerable. Resources of a human being are inexhaustible.

26. Dodecahedron is a symbol of the Mother's of the World Power. Formations of planets and of whole stellar systems are strongly attached by this lightful symbol. Rotation of this three-dimensional figure is the basis of phenomenal world manifestations. Let's thrice repeat the prayer to the Mother of Worlds: “Mistress of Fiery Power! This World, visible and invisible, was created by Thee. Oceans of Eternal Life are supported by Thee. What does a spark of heart mean for Thou? It is like golden seed among other seeds. Grant to us Holy Fiery Power mastering!”

27. Thirst for power and for material wealth explicitly characterizes human nature. When maya cover falls down, when mud is washed away with fiery torrent of bliss, then insatiability manifested in behavior will turn into striving of hieroinspiration, which facilitates advancing in the Teaching learning with seven-league strides. Knowledge is assimilated in this way; but Living Ethics assimilation is more imperceptible than grass growth. If every day you move forward even for an ant's step, it is already rapid advancing. Main thing is not to miss details of the way. Even a brunch may lash against eyes of hurrying one. Hastiness doesn't mean rashness. Rashness causes extra energy consumption. One may rush even when he waits, and discharge secret forces in vain. Wisdom is the lot of those who acts slowly. But when haste is necessary they become prompt.

28. Don't tend to wordings complexity. Simple statements are more easily saturated with fiery energies. The Holy Image was imprinted on a simple canvas scarf. Sometimes archaic words better stress meaning of a thought-form put into a message. Grammar may draw away from recording energy of words. Write down as your subconsciousness suggests, otherwise the thought may slip off never to return. Guests from Fiery World are very shy and immediately leave attended places. Don't be confused with primitive phrases. The Teaching was meant for most ordinary consciousness as well. Caravan moves forward according to the slowest camel speed.

Cosmos' energies are inexhaustible and every moment brings more and more new details for apprehension. It is like ocean waves that throw amber of unusual forms or Initiated ones' coins on a beach. Who knows their value, besides value of precious metal? Standing by a river one may think about a mountain top. From first sight inconsistent things inter-grow as mosaic of elements and worlds. Meaning and logic are much deeper than play of words. It is impossible to stop soul's surf with a stone of nonacceptance. Walls of misunderstanding fall to the ground; crushed stones are good for a road paving.

29. The Valley is the bottom of dried-up ancient sea. It's depth was up to 300-400 meters. Atlantes' ships used to come up to unknown today piers. Unknown today temples rose at the country of Eden. People used to come to ancient cities to learn supermundane knowledge. From times immemorial Seven Sages' Dwelling preserved innermost secrets. Fiery Buddha glistened in crystal halls of White Mountain. This ancient sanctuary was named Pyramid of Destiny.

White Mountain attracts with the magnet of inexplicable knowledge. Mother of Altay Mountains breathes like glistering crystal of bliss that emits omni-penetrating charisma. Few people leave this place enveloped in indifference. Love to Her is stronger than love to a woman. Love to Her excludes any other forms of love; it is like inexpressible form of admiration and subtlest attachment seizes a heart. Everyone strives to touch Her snows as if trying to look inside clear magic depth of Her soul. It is mystics, miracle, mystery, living night silence. As if it is not darkness, but substance filled with Reason enters into your “I”, frightening your physical nature and delighting fiery one. It is vast of spiritual world. It is like explosion of beauty, like hurricane of unusualness flying into a human internal world. It is an inexpressible innermost feeling, like a prayer to living shrine. This inspiring feeling never leaves you; and you want to pray again and again, washing this more and more flaring feeling with tears of love. And something unsatisfied wakes up in the heart, something uncalled-for and unfelt before. Just love, just delight, just veneration. She is a mother. She is a sister. She is a wife and a friend. She is a daughter and a grand-daughter. She is wonderfully immeasurable and all-embracing aspect of love.

Program of global meditation of those who have visited Belukha will become the basis of community of people loving this paradisaical place.

Vast of joyful country is lit up with earthly dream; triumph is your harvest at this marvelous country of wonder.

30. One of main roles in cognition development belongs to interest. Consciousness waked up with interest obtains a wish to do by himself something what was done by someone else. Thought gathers related particles around itself, creating a magnet of interest. Process of saturation with theoretical knowledge prepares impulse for earthly creative work. Very first attempt makes a divine spark to kindle a torch of labor. Process of new creator initiation with interest has started. Fiery thoughts repeat whole way of evolution in all manifestations. Not zealous attachment to the work, but creation as creative process is of great importance, like stream-bed of vital energy, which stratifies even on a paper lying before eyes. Eyes are main radiators of psychic energy. That is why the stream of force may be stopped with eyes closing and directing this stream inside. Mirror bends space, but parries blows. Silver of aura is initially of mirror nature.

31. Monad transferring from one kingdom to another is one of innermost mysteries of the Teaching. It is very difficult for earthly intellects, that used to count profits every day, to apprehend evolution due to its unimaginably long duration. Details of transferring of a stone to a plant and further, laws of transformations and metamorphoses are extremely interesting and educative. But as soon as we are fallen angels, it is not always painless for us to observe our own ways of evolution. Descending to the matter both exciting and painful. But in this case the free will law is valid as well. There will be no these long travels for experience and knowledge without the monad's consent. Looking into eyes of any soul, one can see multiple shades of various forms of existence. We see not just a man before us, but a wayfarer walking both through inconceivably ancient epochs and through the future. Mysterious covers of secrets dissipate due to understanding of one or another thing. But law of incarnation is one for all monads. Celestial captain of our beings is so wise that a mind can hear an echo of His thoughts only. That is why entering into the palace of monad is equal to Maha Guru approaching. Because the Master can live at the place worthy of His greatness only. Grains of One God were given to every spark of consciousness.

32. In close world of conventionality, habits, and traditions a great deal of true knowledge was lost. People used to take superstitions for indisputable truth; rituals – for general absolution. Even cosmic mystery of round dances by a fire is forgotten. Soul could be mentioned only in case of disease. Consciousness drawing away from spiritual valuables was gradual, step by step, and led to false recognition of gold and money as fundamentals of life. But what on earth supported the world during billions and billions of years? Servants of the darkness have turned the luminous metal into the source of suffering and brutal lust. Slave labor for few pennies has turned a man into a slave of money. Prince's of the Darkness spiderweb have formed a cocoon of darkness around the world. Rustle of papers is like murmur of autumn leaves; but do fallen leaves have any value?

Mirror of the Earth distorts the Treasure of the World in specific way. Spirits of grief create conditions for people suffering and raven on emissions of depression. But fiery inventiveness seeks for hope. Help may come suddenly. The ways of Light are inscrutable. And karma is just a part of Light although Power of Universal Fate is inexhaustible. Laws of birth and death of planets and stars, of whole solar systems and galaxies, and even of universe itself are ruled and supported by Karma power.

33. It is impossible to tangle a thread of happiness guiding through labyrinth of reincarnations. Samsara is a huge wheel of lives; and being lost means to drown in the ocean of ignorance. Thread of happiness is the sun's thread, every spirit's link with the very center of primary creation and with light of lights; it is a guide for a blind man or a guiding hand for capable of seeing one. Clear Eye sees the way, but who trusts with a heart in what was seen? Time infinite is not a conglomeration of chaotic links. It is rather exact mathematical formula. Value of every word's vibration will be determined in the future. In Amenti a heart of every passed away person was weighted in order to determine its spiritual weightiness. In Tibet they sought for Ringse crystal after cremation of especially spiritual lamas. Power of bliss can't escape in vane without leaving material evidences. Of course, it is important for beginners. Clear-vision as one of maha siddhi is just an attendant achievement, but the gift of discernment should be obtained not only through psychic energy awakening. It is rather a category of spiritual principle. Because where feelings grow faint of tension of striving to the Teacher, straight knowledge begins. Outside boundaries of straight knowledge this quality transforms into spirit-knowledge and develops further by the way of fiery vision. Wings of Alaya fly with streams of time. But a single moment changes advancing even of countries.

34. We will not forget to repeat over and over again about Supermundane at the places where open hearts are. Educative is a conflict of interests, when young consciousness is infected with imperil of present time. But we inhale not only aeroperil, but cosmic ozone as well, without which the suffering heart doesn't exist. Fiery components of cosmos feed a shrine of spirit. It is not without reason breath is considered to be a dwelling of a soul. Breath passes away, and life passes away too; those who gorge on vital force prefer narrow and overcrowded places. We call to breathe fresh air. Musty nooks are most attractive for the darkness helpers. Not demons with horns and tails are coming to life, but quite normal people from the point of view of physics. Let's arm ourselves with discernment and patience.

35. Agonizing evil is charged with fury and activity. It is hard to expel beast nature from social and private relations. The good is a spiritual category and it is fed by different energies. Laws of the good are valid all along universe, they support just proportion of harmony and order. Spite is impulsive. It drains off all strength from an aura of spiteful one and infects another auras. The good is like a fiery stream; it imbues the world with Light and splits imperil to the level of minimum harmfulness. It is like sunlight drying medicinal herbs.

36. Infinity gives us fluidity, like fire melts wax. Inhale Living Eternity, ringing from joyful currents.

37. Often deep and sincere compassion may cause a disease or a wound similar to a suffering one's. Such relief as a part of karmic chains removing demonstrates how much poison and suffering of the planet is absorbed by the world saviors. Can a compassionating heart take up an ocean of howls of despair? But Bodhisattvas agree to these pains and sufferings. Because They do not simply observe, but feel nervous currents of pain and grief even sharper and subtler than a mere person. Let's make a low bow before podvig of those Who Support the World. What will the planet be without unimaginable efforts of these Titans of Spirit?!

38. Goddess Umai put tips of Her swan wings into waters of lakes near White Mountain; and these waters became of milky-white color, color of swan wings.

39. Simplicity is one of attributes of power. It is a curb for feelings and behavior. Simplicity is a mature dignity, like hundred-years-old wine. Simplicity is the key to comprehension. Putting aside complicated formulas we catch main structure of a subject. For one who has got through the earthly way it is easier to enter into higher spheres. It is difficult to become purer in the world contaminated with imperil and hate; but if the heart casts forth earthly venom, then sanctity of such person is great at heavens.

40. Interconnection of various states plaits one hole thread of life. Above rage of unstrained wishes the heart of stars will always shine for us.

Purity means spirit saturation with fiery vibrations - not temporary or spontaneous saturation, but stable and irreversible. Sanctity means cementing space with fiery power of Higher Worlds. It is feeling yourself as magnet of higher love which directs stream-bed of Master's Ray. It is not blame or punishment that guides every working spirit, but help and love to every human being.

41. Gold age is close. Rays of World Altar already shine. Holy lake sings a song of energies about White Kama's city, slowly swinging its waters: “Ak-Kam... Ak-Kam...” Remains of buildings and walls are buried under stones and sand of time. Fiery Pyramid of Destiny flames with White Thread of Cosmos tension, and magnet of mysterious knowledge is preserved in the Heart of Mountain. Contours of sunny horse carrying the World Treasure appears above white waters.

42. Earthly vision wounds souls of Light. Suffering laves wounds of the soul and heals them. Pain of the world enters through wounds of a heart. Soot of vestiges burns away. Crucible of Light flames and never goes out. Don't be afraid to burn off in energies of love. It is not you who burns off, but your old thinking. Flame roars through trumps of seven Angels. The Apocalypse is inside every soul – this is the way We understand the end of the world. Battle of Hierarchies is inside every waked up heart. But do not expect a spirit's waking up from the fire that burns down your home.

43. Love to books is a gate to the world of words. But only one who possesses the key of Living Ethics can perceive sense of thought-forms' energies.

44. Golden Spike of Divine Light that grew and ripened in the hand of One Father, seeded myriads of grains all over endless number of worlds. Every grain is a compact spiral of electric power.

Divine Nagas are that very humanity's first parents and Teachers of Wisdom because they swam in the Ocean of Light, in the Ocean of Infinite Wisdom. Akasha was imbued with knowledge of antecedent universes.

45. Declarative intonation of records is just reflection of the past. The new is to be seen with new vision. Every moment is new and unusual. Moments are grains of karma. You are gathering your former disciples. Abstract phrases are roundabout and hackneyed. Now it is time to apply these phrases to life. Experience of centuries is fire streaming from hearts. Entire knowledge is stored in spacial fire. Waves of permanently growing tension create rhythm of evolution. Hearts grow with love. With love we exercise mystery of life. Double invocation is just a ritual. Let's always be turned to the Master. Even in anger, grievance, and sorrow let's direct our hearts' currents to Maha Guru of Sun. Answer will come back as an arrow of Light.

46. White shamanism handed down to people's hearts a legend about White Burkhan praying about divine mercy for humanity that sinks in the abyss of perversions of the time. White shamanism has established a mechanism of holy mountains preserving from destruction and degradation. Connections with spirits of nature were not just mediumistic contacts, but the beginning of hierarchical links searching. Desire to save the mundane world reflects general purposefulness and careful attitude towards divine creatures. It is this attitude toward perfect and beautiful nature that gives initial lessons of solemnity. White Burkhan – is Master Buddha.

47. It is difficult to approach your higher individuality. We define it as Dhyan-Chohans' or Archangels' level. Recognizing yourself as a carrier of Great Master's potential can make a revolution in behavior, thinking, and in all activities associated with every-day life.

Fieriness of recognition attracts Guiding Ray. Fieriness of recognition makes the bog of lower astral boiling. Flaming sword of Guiding Ray destroys darkness of sediments of many incarnations. One should not think that just one thought about his heart belonging to Higher Hierarchy is enough as a ritual of a day. It is a great delusion to wave away the rhythm of divine energies presence and growing in the heart. Spirit demands regularity of service, like a string that always should be tense in order to prevent out of tune playing. It is well known that the slack string causes dissonance. Let's determine level of tension without overstating own capabilities. Torn strings are to be thrown away and a task of incarnation turns to be unrealized. Let's determine the golden rhythm of entering into the Ray and gradually increase currents flowing into souls. Melting furnace is unbearably hot for a beginner. But experienced steelmakers do not feel uncomfortable near flaming furnace.

Take care of hearts, and do not hesitate to render help when it is possible to display human qualities, but scorch vampires and parasites with flame of indignation. But dresses of anger are not good for a disciple of Light. I will determine individual share in common work. I will give a burden within everyone's power.

48. I teach to understand the multicolored sunbow of life. We are looking not for corky manikins, but for warriors able to suffer privations and hardships in My Name. Persecutions and malicious attacks are the grin of old world. If wild animals do not attack a farm, the farmer always stays sleepy. Laziness of mind is awful. I will satisfy thirst of hearts.

49. One should seek not for tricksters or idlers eager to get to the mass hanging around somebody's neck, but seek for sincere and investigative spirits who had achieved idea of community through much suffering during many lives. Readiness for work and readiness for fiery tasks fulfillment indicates true toilers of spirit. But work is given within a toiler's powers, and executable tasks are given. A mule shall not be loaded with a horse's weight. A burden within powers should be determined due to capability to execute the task.

Electrization of striving cements space. The more urgent flight of an arrow of striving, the lighter a karma burden. Sometimes striving carries a mental body so high that a gap filled with cosmic anguish appears. Impossibility to get through earthly life instantly causes this manifestation. It is difficult for a spirit in chains of body. Laws of the matter introduce inertness and carefree calm into earthly life, but daring seeks for podvig as higher manifestation of selflessness. There are many of those who are ready to sacrifice their lives in the name of the Master; but it is much harder to get rid of boring habits. A great deed attracts powerful energies, and struggling with insects sucking strength of spirit looks less important. But a swarm of small spirits can weaken an aura even more than a fight with an angel of the darkness. Bad habits are the gates for the enemy, like breaches in stronghold walls.

50. Verbosity is like throwing pearls to mud under feet of those who are roaming in the dark. It is impossible to explain perfect beauty to blind one. Deaf one doesn't understand a talk about music of spheres. A word containing fire of truth is more weighty than murmur of verbal foliage. Chatterer's tongue is an instrument for space structures destruction. Formations of idle talks bury the spiritual ray alive. Run away from the place where dragon's mouth belches out smoke of words. Dead ones pronounce same words as you do, but energy of spirit of word is sucked dry like an eggshell, and there are faded petty paintings only. Fill the world with inspired sentences. Powerful formulas are to be short. One may stick in the long sentence and lose a thread of sense of it. Learn to value words. It is a sword of spirit which shouldn't be used without necessity. Strength of confidence is the spiritual will, carried by the pronounced word. Everyone's speech contains the divine word, as any human heart contains a grain of One God.

51. Presence of Higher Reason and Spiritual Leader requires permanency. Comparing own thoughts and activities with that higher ideal which is able to determine improvement level for every soul, we grow finding inside ourselves details of growth, fiery milestones, and small revelations. Experience of the way facilitates others to find these guiding Beacons. The work is significant and necessary. Not recondite sentences of Kalagia followers, but simplicity and profundity of Living Ethics are most actual now. Simplicity is to become a conductor for Agni Yoga ideas. Understanding innocence of semi-childish soul, it is possible to direct it on creative work. You have seen eyes shining with joy when talking about Higher Worlds. You know that even alcoholics attentively listened about obsession of alcohol addicted people. The good seeding goes on. Not just peculiars will enter through Gates of Light, but workers of spirit that are used to work from dawn till dark. Peculiarity cultivating threatens establishing new Teutonic Orders. Every time opening a heart for rendering necessary help to people attracts new possibilities for the good development.

52. Inventiveness and keen-wittedness indicates mental activity development. When there is no way out, a person looks for uncommon solution. At the edge of hopelessness an unusual solution comes. If the new is just the old well-forgotten, then critical situations are lessons of thinking. There are no ready recipes for life. Clash of thinkings and psychologies under current intensification of cosmic energies requires such great tolerance, that all accumulations of mercy, all experience of peaceableness are to be attracted to achieve harmony. Flame of a fire dances in wind blows, but heat of live coals warms a frozen traveler. Energies circulation causes quickness of mental reactions. Motion is better than stagnation. Bog of idleness stinks. Unusualness of behavior is always suspicious-looking. An average man's habit to fall asleep after substantial dinner is not surprising for anyone. But urgent selfless help is doubtful for many people.

53. O, Guru! You are the falcon of Creative Hands! You are the curl of World Mother's space! You are the precious ruby in the stars necklaces and silver edelweiss at Mountains of Light! Stones under Your feet will become pearls, and wind from mountains will wash Your Face with aroma of cedars, and celestial river Shambation will sing a song sending greeting to You!

In the ocean of people some drops only become flying. Those who live in the clouds should know about hard mountain paths. Tiredness of a body will go away, and everyone who has passed his way will bless it, no matter how difficult it was. The same is human life: one who has passed through, blesses it. Every flower of embodiment brings its individual scent. Bouquet is bright, and garland of higher incarnations is splendid. Don't be surprised if simple feather grass will be together with a rose. It is impossible to make a garland of roses only; but removing garbage of life is the barest necessity. Dust of the darkness chokes, but white inhaler of purity cleans air.

54. We are praying to the higher example of the Master. We are ready to carry out spiritual work. Tension of readiness creates resoluteness. To the ripe fruit of resoluteness we will give the name of fiery daring. Sword of valor is forged. Right hand was taught to hold the entrusted sword firmly. Eye of the Master Rigden's Star is above a helmet of a Warrior of Light. Sun of wisdom shines with flame of love. Heart is joyful feeling the call of the battle.

Fear, maya's product, lead away your gray legions! Warriors of yours will be reduced to ashes by the Eye of Fiery Ray. Heat of the heart is more powerful than napalm. Ground will burn away under feet of the Law of Light violator! OUM!

55. Fiery striving is Arhat's wings. Fiery striving is flame that carries us. Fiery striving is shining summit of spirit. Blood and secretions chemism changes due to strain of striving. Cosmic feeling develops magnet of comprehension and this rises a heart high into skies.

Teacher of mine! My hope and support! Direct my thought to the heart of Thy comprehension. Let the silver thread that links us be the way of imperishable Light guiding to infinity of knowledge and love. Lead us by the ways known to Thou. From Thine I will accept both reproaches and praise, for secrets of my lives are known to Thou. I will share my glory with Thou alone, my Spiritual Teacher. Praise to Moria, the Master of Shambhala!

56. If sufferings and vices sharpen during long period, they gradually become so sharp that the blade of this sword can kill a good undertaking even with insensible touch and with minor effort. When someone gets such arms, he can hardly get rid of it. But any blade could be reforged. Killer's knife could be easily turned into doctor's scalpel. Source qualities often come from one force; but they change the owner depending on circumstances. Fire saves someone from freezing, and burns off alive the other one. Degree and measure determines harmony and balance of elements involvement.

57. Crystal rings with music of ether. Crystal makes sensation of touch subtler, for it itself is the skin of the planet. Breathing of elements penetrates through the skin. That is why a crystal sphere increases clear vision and psychic faculties. But siddhi is just a side product of spiritual power development.

58. Phenomena of healing, longevity, and immortality are based on blood and body chemism changing. Contacts with higher psychic forces create such chemism. Fiery energies support thinking modification; consequences of such changes cure from most complex karmic diseases. Worldly fame impedes spiritual development and is a test and an obstacle sent by evil forces.

59. Let the rose of happiness touch your forehead! The forehead always considered to be the place of sign of the essence. In memory of this, warriors' salute means pointing with a hand or with two fingers to a person's belonging to one of Hierarchical Rays.

60. Crystal sphere was not just a tool for guessing and magic, but a reduced model of cosmos. Crystal responds to energy of thought subtly and keenly, embodying some images and visions. Secret of crystal is the following: it cleans up the mental from bad stratifications when letting through essence of a thought and separating stuck dust. Crystal sphere is one of celestial gifts to humanity. Clear vision and sensations increasing are just small share of siddhi which it may grant. Crystal mirrors even removed diseases from auras and absorbed them. That is why beware to do with old mirrors. The skin of universe, as a membrane of ether ocean, always easily responded to a call for help. So, lets not forget about valuable helpers granted by Hierarchy.

61. Approaching epoch of World Mother will moderate influence of volitional intellectual energies. Masculine complex of strong-arm solutions will be revised, moderated, and transformed. Ages of masculine power have brought the world to the edge of the planet explosion and disintegration. “Might makes right” psychological qualities only were achieved. Pugnacious fellows are not good for New Epoch, but Warrior's of Spirit power will be needed. Not only mortification of arrogance, but acute dignity was ordered; not just submission, but counteraction against evil. Power of fiery forces will not be able to create until finalizing spacial battle for the soul of the mankind.

62. It is impossible to blow up inflatable boat to make it fly. It is impossible to ride cloud horses, but imagination can find an application even for an icicle on eaves. Sleep dreams is a work of impressions arose, but actual Subtle World could be seen after achieving phase of conscious transferring from one world to another. Subtle body flowing out through top chakra is most important.

A spirit that never loses alertness and vivacity stays conscious. Without permanent remembering about Hierarchy conscious transfer to astral prepares for the spirit a lot of a worm for fishing. Purposefulness and a task for heart gives capability to visit distant worlds. But idle curiosity is just chasing for sensations. We don't like sensations. Somebody's secrets spying is really ridiculous. The world of phenomena is boundless. It is impossible to list them, and one should not stay in surprise but clearly understand a reason that has caused the phenomenon. Earthly secrets' time will come some day. Era of Capricorn will bring people back to the matter mastering. But Aquarius if full of new waves of discoveries. Miracles of space omni-filling, isn't it best collection of phenomena?

63. Innumerable quantity of stars gives understanding of fiery levels. It is not contemplation while sitting in comfortable chair, but permanent tense alertness that cultivates fiery armor. Alertness observes the world with eyes of wisdom. Saturated attention is not unnecessary for fiery striving. Work that doesn't allow atrophying of psychic energy begets unusual forms of creation. That is nothing new to think about beauty. That is nothing new to think about distant worlds. But it is impossible to find someone who strives with flame to the Teaching. Societies are turned into institutions where they write directives and issue orders. Living practice is forgotten. Idle talks deafen space energies like a drum, frightening off possibilities of comprehension. Roar of conflicts tears strings of the Valley.

64. Patience is granted to a spirit that passes through long train of lives. A beginner that came recently, is impatient. Everyone may resign due to weakness or powerlessness, but not anyone can overcome his arrogance and egotism. Understanding of volitional influence uselessness gives freedom to a heart. One should not confine an essence. Bursts of the will destroy already constructed situations. It is possible to speed up an event, but not to make it to occur immediately, for it is against material world laws. Waiting always indicates internal discipline accumulations. Impatience introduces turmoil and undesirable whirl of irritation into harmony of elements.

Relations among people change during New Epoch. Forces of egotism are kindled up; energies of cosmos are directed on Divine “I” building. But minor “self” seizes the lion's share of the epoch treasures. That is why We are calling to patience and mutual respect. One may always find a reason for quarrel and anger, but it is not so easy to suppress these inspirations of the darkness. It was said not without reason that a man can become social after obtaining self-control and internal discipline only. Otherwise what is the difference between a talk of Living Ethics followers and a drunken feast? Patience is the gift from Teachers. Let's recall how many efforts were applied to help the ignorant mankind out of the dark. An expected result was often trampled under foot of wild crowds of barbarians burning away Parthenon or the Alexandrian Library. Guile of the darkness has reached even not worst hearts, and poisonous breath of profit intoxicates atmosphere not only in cities, but in virgin lands as well. Philistinism has penetrated into innermost nooks of life. It is sad when people think about spiritual things counting coins in their pockets. Service to higher principle is incompatible with service to riches.

65. Innocence of thinking is the basic principle for eliminating many vices that torment the mankind. Fiery power of modesty gives reviving forces. Victory of cogency will release you from unbearable bans. Benefit of such understanding is absolute. So, lets not spend power of thinking for maya games. Energy saving opens new ways for comprehension. Selection among ready recipes carves the way beaten in thinking. Unusualness opens unknown sides. Learn to discover something surprising inside yourself. Wonder is close to Fiery World for it doesn't contain fear and all delights of mundane world.

66. Capricorn is one of most mysterious zodiacal symbols. Associated with profound knowledge of the Earth, it is in charge of innermost secrets.

Beauty of the Earth is inseparable from beauty of cosmos; it should be taken as a part of cosmos only. Sight of the God is sight from above at entire harmony of the universe, within which all lives are inseparable and interconnected. It is misunderstanding of ignorance to consider the planet to be a focus of bliss and single habitat of the cosmic man. Let's appreciate the Earth as the place for spiritual comprehension, but lets turn our eyes towards stars! Steps for ascending around White Ray are innumerable. As if you are going to the top of a beacon climbing up spiral stairs along gray walls. But there are always landings with windows at the stairs, where from you can see what level you have reached. The higher you climb, the steeper stairs, and the brighter light illuminating your every step.

67. It is necessary to study combinations of plants and their influence on one another and on people. Plants kingdom grants to us inexplicable sensations which facilitate cosmos manifestation. Plants can react on human diseases and help people to overcome them. That is why new herbs appear by houses, herbs that didn't grow there a year before. Activity of plants organisms is selective. Try to visit a rose every day, talk to it and touch it's leaves tenderly. The plant will immediately respond to love with plentiful blossom in order to rejoice the friend's heart. In case of opposite behavior, the plant will be upset and then – wither. Remember about small consciousnesses. There are no friends or listeners more true and patient. Secret help is in every living flower. But cut flowers in bouquets do not live long.

68. Free will is overfilled with egotism energy or with the force of spoilt individuality. Open-minded approach could be observed seldom. Stereotype of thinking appears under pressure of half-measures. Inertia of egotism is so great that it overshadows common sense. It is hard to wash away mud from smeared gates and make them spotlessly clean, but timber stays absolutely clean inside.

69. Our contemporaries are charged with energies of irreconcilability to unbelievable extent. Imperil penetrated so deep into human blood, that small spark of denial from an interlocutor is enough for rising a fire of quarrel. Dark fire spreads over the Earth surface. Liberating from these energies, purification, and non-admission of such manifestations in vast future forges a sword of dignity of a Warrior of Light. Straight knowledge achieving and ascending are impossible without imbuing a soul with power of celestial fire. Many ancient truths were already pronounced, but I continue repeating them even if callosity appears in your ears. Sometimes whisper of Light could be heard better than scream of a crowd. Do not forget to be careful to each other. Wayfarers are members of the Brotherhood of the Way.

70. Fire of evolution flutters between hesitating ones. Dance of hesitating ones is dangerous. Every wrong step threatens falling into the abyss. Wind of influence is strong inside everyone; but it wipes out personal constructions of consciousness, so it is called obsession. Bought devotion decays quickly. Rust of lie appears because of corruptibility. Elixir of Light gives the good, but all ingredients are to be collected in the heart. Sanctity is air of super-effort. But condemnation is like a drop of venom in precious wine. Can a man set to meals knowing that food is toxic? But imperil is strongest among poisonous substances.

Keep secrets. A lot could be read between lines, for clear consciousness has a capability to transfer a thought without verbal accompaniment. Remember about co-measurement. Giving access to secrets is dangerous for the heart. It is possible to shoulder someone's karma burden.

71. One who has understood, can't live without applying the Teaching, for purposefulness makes him go along another road. There are many of those who scream about Teaching at bazaars of spirit where pishacha and bhuta feed; but there are few of those who accurately execute the order in solemn silence. But one shouldn't blame those for whom spiritual discipline is too complicated. Mechanical following of rules learned is even worse. Self-deceit and formal asceticism doesn't allow of spiritual achievements, because bowing to the ground and counting bumps against a floor do not bring a praying one closer to Gates of Heart. Bump on a forehead is the only achievement of the day.

Do not take on your shoulders an excessive burden. Even excess handful of sand may hamper ascending one. But one who is on a mountain pass is aware of purposefulness of the baggage. Get rid of overweight. Most necessary is enough for the trip. We shouldn't take gems and gold with us. Jeweleries are not needed when the World Mother Herself opens the treasury of nature.

72. It is amber, a split of sun, that illuminates a road at the kingdom of dead. It preserves consciousness in wakeful state even during sleep and in postmortem bardo. Many diseases related to gallstones and kidney-stones were treated with amber. Radiation of sunny stone suppresses tumors and nodes on aura. Small pyramid of amber is very strong solar condenser.

73. Youth of spirit gives feeling of happiness. Youth of spirit is understanding of soul immortality. Youth of spirit knows all secrets of Infinity. One who has comprehended the way to the Heart of Light never steps back into the darkness. He has no fear, because legions of Angels support him. He doesn't experience bitterness of grief because the Hierarchy is aware of his life difficulties and resolves them. He doesn't experience anger because he knows that it is inspiration of the darkness.

Don't collect gold dust with pinch, take a scoop of spirit. Magnet of search collects particles of destiny.

Fortune is approaching, just recognize its face in the crowd of many thousands. Sometimes one should bend down under the wind in order not to be broken. Breath of fortune is like a blow of spring wind.

74. It is difficult to jump off the chariot of evil; but selecting of a way is a start point for evolution or involution. Permanent battle between animal and angel principles is the battle for human soul itself. There are elementals and spirits of lower nature on one hand, and Forces of Light – on the other hand. These are not just beautiful words. Forces of Light are the power of evolution; and it's every spark is conscious and carries spirit of waken atomic energy.

Desire to create is not vanity, but necessity to work. Karma is an action and fundamental labor in the process of development. Work makes a man-creator. Work develops thinking and sharpens intellect. Inventiveness and flexibility of intellect together with a heart give wings of spirit. Take-off with striving comes from wish and capability to achieve the supermundane. Daring to understand the incomprehensible brings into state of cosmic magnet. One may extract higher energy even from newspapers. Spiritual essence dissolved everywhere has a delicate aroma.

Scents are connected with subtle worlds and attract related spirits.

75. Mitigating of karmic burden or of sins accumulated displays a new phase of Fiery Forces mercy. A man is just a small ship in the ocean of fate. Sometimes this ship doesn't know where to sail: he doesn't see a beacon, wind of popular currents carries him against his notions. But storms in the ocean of fate are unavoidable. Cloud of sin makes people unvisible; and Higher Forces are not able to render real help until a lamp of soul will start burning. Amorphous image of the God causes illusion that Higher Forces do not hear prayers and asks, but this is not true. Fire makes souls white-hot before lightning of a prayer reaches heavens. It is impossible to see beauty of a mountain valley through gray smoke. Shelter of evil can't contain Perfect Light. Mercy of Masters is inexhaustible. Destruction of the planet doesn't change evolution but throws it far back. Archangels of Light support world harmony.

76. Any motion creates a whirl. Physical motion causes air irritation only, but rotating of fiery thought creates a magnetic pivot of evolution. Steady permanent burning of striving builds White Tower of Spirit from the silver thread.

I confirm not fantasies of sophisticated literature, but actual forecast from those who have already passed the Way. It doesn't matter, how a reader interprets mundane words; it is important what a spark the wind of thought blows up. Thought substance motion creates contours of the future. Looking at the way of every lightning of heart in space, you will see a beautiful picture of formations. Cosmos creates with thoughts. Concentration of thoughts is an ideal basis. All celestial and earthly bodies are Spirits' of Light ideas and thoughts that have revived dead ashes. We are creating with hands. The Higher Ones create with thoughts. It is necessary to find a way of application when thought energies prevail. Give to My Heart wandering forces of your thoughts and of spirit, and My Heart will give back a precious nugget melted out from gray dust of chaotic intentions. Furnace of My Heart will open the Ray of Way for everyone.

Even blind one senses fire approaching. Even blind one knows about heat of flame introduced. Subtlest song of main life element vibrations will compose veneration to Light.

77. Love grants wings. I call you to love each other such as you are. Love alone can heal wounds from condemnation. Remember example of Master Christ, the Great Teacher of Love. Love poor humanity as He did, and sanctimony of unctuous sermons will not be needed. Love sincerely, and this love will set right ill souls. Don't take love for lack of will. Love is powerful due to its cosmic nature and energies endlessness. Mother of Love - the Great Sri Lakshmi, Keeper of Energy Ocean – always sends Her reviving Ray in response to calls of loving hearts. Can falsity or deceit be in love? Can fire reflected in a lake be taken for a real fire on a beach?

If people were able to love one another, then the planet will become celestial paradise. And stifling atmosphere of wars and hate would leave hearts, and sufferings will calm down flooded with light of bliss. Develop capability to love people, for it is the quality that brings you closer to Masters' Auras. Stream of mercy and compassion which burns away earthly bitterness and diseases of body and spirit, pours down incessantly. If it stops its heart vibration even for a moment, then World Heart will become extinct forever, and none of Cosmic Healers will be able to revive It. That is why one shouldn't say that power of love is amorphous and inefficient. A loving one looks at Layla - planet through eyes of Majnun – mind of compassion. And this thousand of compassionating eyes sends current of hope to hearts, kindles them, and in this way moves evolution forward, creating paradise of bliss at distant spaces.

Perfect dream is creative. It makes a path for a soul. Learn to dream fierily, brimfully, and with love.

78. So called light ones often doesn't have enough daring. Courage and valor in the battle for fiery dignity of the mankind is not a final goal, but mainly basic component of striving. Striving one always was a hero of legends and tails. Spiritual qualities searching was compared to searching of a needle in a haystack, for it is so hard to pick out pure spirituality in the matter. That is why the needle as the symbol of silver thread, illuminates essences of legends. Broken needle symbolizes ruined life. Daring and inventiveness were required for travels to a faraway kingdom or to the Moon to obtain initial wisdom from ancestors.

79. I invoke Thou, Aria the Virgin, the Leader of Sixth Race! Fill my heart with striving to fiery service! My heart is turned towards Thou. Treasury of Spirit flames with Heat of Love. Let Light coming out from Thine essence illuminate our earthly being! Let our consciousnesses clear from Thy Name! Thou who has carried Mother's of Agni Yoga Chalice of synthesis, from now on Thou are named the Leader of Planet's Circle. Bless Thy children with Living Light! I fall down before Thou, the Majestic! Let me work for the good of evolution!

80. Meditation is an empiric comprehension of mind nature; whereas vision is a profound comprehension of essence of things. One who looks through maya cover sees mystery of a thought, which acts like a warrior of light among enemies. Entering into deep layers of mind or of subconsciousness, opens Chalice repository. The treasury is locked with gold key, and everyone has such key. One just needs to search thoroughly and find where the casket with the key is.

81. One who drained the cup of Light will never turn away from the Way. Flame of Fiery Communion has purified all seven bodies. Helmet of service is already forged. Kindled bliss shines with noble silver.

Swan Goddess lives on the White Mountain. She is lightful like mountain snows and beautiful like morning down. Her white wings are stretched out and cover entire Altai mountains. White water trickles down from Her quills and washes black stones of the earth's sufferings. And if you hear voice of a swan it means that White Goddess gives you a sign. The sign that confirms fortune of the heart.

Falling down from heavens people's souls turn into milk drops of which white lake Ak-Kem consists. It preserves mystery of forthcoming incarnations.

82. Let the trigger of tension give an impulse for beautiful flights. Spirit loves so much to fly to distant worlds. Support of White Brotherhood can give everyone a possibility to participate in boundless life of Infinity. Heart fills with helium of striving when Master dictates messages. Communication current was established in significant sleep-dream: endless pipe covered inside with words of messages. It is not so important whose name is on a title page. All great poets and writers were and are hieroinspired. Someone will be called an organ of poetry; another one – a horn of space; third one – expressive silence. Ringing silence always contain more than any other earthly manifestation. It contains potential of world-scale striving of forthcoming generations' hearts.

Spiritual striving is necessary even for every-day work. It is impossible to force a slave to create a piece of art. Unwillingness to do something indicates little experience accumulated in this area. Any sort of free-will repression is a prison of spirit. Spirit becomes creative and elevates with joy of work of consciousness. Sword of consciousness sharpening should never stop. The will keeps the blade of consciousness in sharpness of decisiveness.

Societies are good for real work, but idle talks are like billiard pocket for balls of self-deceit. Those who are coming bring big experience. And leadership is beginning of teachership. It is not just power to rule hearts, but responsibility for them. Even slightest falling-away turns into painful stroke against aura. Consciousnesses intergrowth is similar to the process of forming a family or establishing a new state.

83. Penetrating into clearness of a soul, beyond bounds of a shell of consciousness where an earthly body lives, makes it possible to eliminate reasons of many vices and sins which prevent from a spirit ascending both in former and present incarnations. Potala Palace of consciousness has seven floors. Putting in order presuppose cleaning both - basements and white towers. Flat roof means instant comprehension of new infinitude, without tearing off from mandala of planetary constructions. The Earth is an illusion like other stellar bodies. But it is hard to get used to Great Emptiness without guiding thread. Everyone can catch an end of the thread; but it is a goal of meditation to turn it into the Column of Blissful Light. Internal Light kindling is real finding of the essence receptacle.

84. There is lack of energetic link with the Teacher in all comments to Living Ethics. That is why most texts connected with Kalachakra in their sense, serve as a screen. Implications of texts has hypnotic influence. So, trusting Living Ethics, beware of counterfeits. Do not select books at random – choose carefully.

85. We cement space with explicit fire of spirit and impregnate it with fiery formulas. Flaming crystals emit Threads of Light which wrap significant manifestations or events. Disciples of Fire walk under the sign of White Ray Guidance. Go forward, Fiery Warriors, and be afraid of nothing! Go as lions do! M. protects you!

Accumulated critical mass of hearts' tension must result in creative work, otherwise quarrels and discords will steel treasures of spirit. Precious bottles are filled with new wine, and slightest drop of anger may make a hole in a wineskin, and bliss will pour down on the ground. Beast of irreconcilability will gorge seeds of cooperation, if spirits' influences are not united. We cement decisions with hearts' union. Let's understand significance of such move. Let's not force the free will, but understand necessity and usefulness of uniting actions. Activity alone begets fire of karma of the future. Let's join ranks of holy Warriors.

86. Let your thoughts be pure. Now a thought-form is strong as never before and is persistently directed to the future. We build Temple of the Future by our thoughts. Thought-form is a basic point for energies of elements attracting and a seed from which the building rises.

87. The Great Wayfarer often told Ibn Rahim about His previous incarnations. “In the North, in faraway country Lapland there is a lake, in which ancient capitol of the hyperboreans reposes. Ancient labyrinths preserve radiation of knowledge from distant stars. Images of two white silhouettes on the rocks shine day and night. People at that place spontaneously start to speak ancient languages and dialects unfamiliar to them. I lived there at the time when the capitol flourished, and when the great Chief told people about life at the distant star. People used to call it Alcor. All white people came from there, and they preserve Innermost Wisdom of White Flame in their blood. Prophesies about White God birth have been recorded seven thousand years before His birth. Do you remember, I have told you about Essenes. They also have similar legend. The innermost knowledge is one for entire Earth, for it was received from one Source. The Blessed Buddha has predicted My Advent. But I am telling you, that there will be the time when prophets and gods will live on the earth. Time speeds up. Compressed spiral of millenniums may suddenly stretch and release huge energy of transformation. It wouldn't be just a jump, but a flight to New Time. And there will be those who will learn to read signs of Akasha Chronicles and record them. So, our talk is an evidence of that. A lot of people will learn this knowledge. They would be called the spiritually inspired, for they will learn from their own spirit. Cities of ancient knowledge will come to light again. Holy City of White Mountain will rise its walls from under white waters which preserve it till due time. And pyramid of stone of prophecies will arise. Deserts will become gardens of eden, and blooming valleys – seas. Everything will change under My Father's Will. None of prophecies could be left unfulfilled. Cosmic currents streaming from OUM, are not able to stop. Signs of New Time coming were given and it is impossible to ignore them. It is hard for one carrying a load to walk through a desert, but he knows for sure number of steps left before he reaches next well!”

88. “Birth of Buddha inside yourself” is the purpose of all meditations. Through clearness of mind and turning it into universal wisdom it is possible to set ajar gates leading to fiery depth of heart, to the place where Buddha lives in everybody. Human heart's potential is so great that birth-forms laying inside it will manifest for a long time. The heart was given for the whole period of endless evolution. It is necessary to understand boundlessness of the heart as of the altar that keeps holy of holies of the mankind. Verily, we are self-existing.

89. Shamanism is a degenerated form of druidism as the worldwide religion. Positive aspects of shamanism preserve primitive cosmism and rudiments of hierarchical nature of being. Silver poplar as most ancient symbol of World Tree signified underground, earthly, and celestial worlds, in each of which spirits live. This carries inside the basis of space omnifullness. Keepers of mountains, mountain passes, and rivers are main elementals of nature, whose protective functions are directed on places of force preservation. Mountain passes as symbols of obstacles overcoming were of great importance in nations' existence. The mountain pass symbolized a significant milestone in a man's life allowing to manifest internal power while overcoming it. During this energy accumulating and tensioning, inertia of power remained intact for some time, revealing ascending and descending of a spirit. Entire life was full of signs. Superstitious beliefs and omens still have ancient meanings, but explanations were forgotten.

90. Rays of crystal of unity get inside every heart. There are no such hearts which are not able to find areas of contact. Facets of cooperation can shine with light which kindles fire of community. Focus of consciousnesses creates united thought-form. Most lofty aspirations are to be brought to common denominator; and gray dust that chokes divine breath of love under attack of flame of union may turn into a nugget of strait-knowledge. Fiery essence of Brotherhood is much more attractive than lonely meditations of poor yogi. Commensurate yourself and all your actions with higher example – White Brotherhood. Could help be rendered to the world if there were no so many inspired participants? Verily, one with wry face shouldn't go out to a square in order to make people happy. Uniting stem of the community must flame with light of cooperation. Magnet of light alone can attract worthy thoughts. So, lets not condemn a brother and forgive him trespasses voluntary and involuntary. Everyone may become a co-designer for Divine Master through creating brotherly environment. We require not party bosses kisses, but cordial and fiery friendship. Children of One Father can't be enemies.

91. A body is a vessel of spirit; if precious wine of devotion and love to the Fiery Hierarchy is seasoned in this vessel, it becomes fragrant as eden garden. Devotion advances evolution not for people only, but for domestic animals as well, for they offer their freedom for the sake of their master, the higher being. We also get everything from the Master's hands, and all our flights and all the good of life are granted by Him and His compassionate Heart.

92. Feathers, furs, and hairs are accumulators and refiners of psychic energy. Streaming through them, psychic energy leaves information which holds up for one day and night only. Imperil accumulated during quarrels and scandals returns back to a man for burning away or processing. Fire is best refiner and a sweep for astral garbage. Going all over nooks of a dwelling with a candlestick and a prayer or a mantra provides subtle observations besides practical good. Raising the candlestick upwards, one should pay attention to fumes, candlewick crackling, and flame rotation and deviation. Crackling and fumes indicate accumulations of negative energies. Flame rotation and stretching upwards shows channel of fiery presence. One shouldn't wave away reliable helpers. Let's accept them as necessary participants of cooperation. Not just people should participate in a communion, but sensible elements as well.

93. A soul that have passed away from the earthly plane obtains belated significance for the mankind. Ascended spirit is full of power of subtle planes capabilities. Such spirit's heart vision expands, and help that streams through this certain monad becomes real force both for all people and for an individual. Manifestations of this force can be subtlest; but these particular nervous or root structures of space have most strong influence, for evolution is directed from the subtlest to the densified. World of ideas is filled with thought-forms, but energy crystallization alone can impregnate them and impel their activities towards proper direction. Thought is the energy, and formed egregore saturation gives to a seed of idea strength to sprout. This creative process unites in harmony micro- and macrocosm. This creative process indicates Humanity's cosmic belonging to Infinity and its right of the Citizen of Universe.

94. A dream is a sign of a subtle soul. It is not romantic powerlessness of ignorant consciousness, but aspiration to apply beauty to life. Fundamental are mountains of beauty in the worlds' existence. Mother's of the World creative work can't be uniform. Billions of forms of life were created according to the law of beauty. Even physical forms display perfection of golden section. Pattern of constellations is not random and beauty of a landscape is not random as well. Crystals in the basement of the earth are wonderfully beautiful and their strength and firmness are powerful. Dream directs towards higher manifestations of beauty. The best that protects a heart from banality, is the fiery guard of eternity itself.

Inextinguishable flame burns in the furnace of spirit. The furnace of spirit impels towards Higher Worlds. The furnace of spirit breathes with beauty, and it is unspeakable beauty itself. Seeds of the dream are in the inexpressible of perfection. The loftier the innermost expression of the heart: “I wish it were so!”- the quicker the thought-form of the dream starts to attract creative energies. Whirl of motion will indicate beginning of the beginning of new universe construction.

Every living creature is the Temple of Life, and this Temple must not be destroyed without need. In order to save many lives from death lets apply spiritual alchemy. Sufferings of dying animals shouldn't be consumed together with a victim's meat. Time of bloody sacrifices is over. Let's think about necessity of pure way of life.

And this dream is destined to come true.

95. Riches can't be harmful in hands of an advanced spirit. Understanding illusiveness of property the advanced spirit makes bliss from his riches. Verily, a stream of help to people from hands of generous one is inexhaustible. Even a pauper who has just a piece of bread, may have strong attachment to property and desire for profit. Buddha often reproached His disciples for their mental attachment to things. They answered that they are poor. The Blessed One pointed out their internal attachment. At the same time He complimented a man leading life of luxury for his non-attachment to riches. Knowledge of laws of illusion sets free from maya. Flame of fiery comprehension doesn't allow a lower thought to stay in atmosphere of flaming purity. So, don't be afraid of riches. Be afraid to fall under influence of attraction to property. We have come to this world with the only one treasure – the adamant of heart. And this is our main riches. Temptation with riches gives a possibility to help the suffering mankind in the Name of the Teacher.

96. Everyone is afraid of death. A moment of passing from one world to another seems to be horrible and fearful. Passing away from the Earth frightens with irreversibility and responsibility. But we die every night when falling asleep. Joy and sober striving consciousness should attend transfer to Higher Worlds. Let the Great Master receive our souls at the last hour, and turn our bodies into ashes. This is the only holy death that could be wished to physical body.

97. Let's hide self-conceit at a nook as a useless thing. Dust behind a stove will be a bosom company for it.

98. Imperfection is not always descending that determines invariable state of sinfulness. Fire of a candlestick may die away from wind blow, but careful hand lights it again and protects from wind. It is vital to be saint, but astral nature moves under complicated laws which may open the way to Light even through imperfection. Passing through thorns and sufferings one adds experience of struggling against evil which tears harmony of worlds.

99. The harp of spirit sounds continuously. Sounds almost fade away, but power of sounds collects energy of space. Monotonous melody can't be perceived as a piece of art that crowns creation of music of spheres. Every life is filled with its own melody. Fiery peals may be presented in the melody of most modest life. A moment of tension is not in thunder, but in acute sound of silence.

100. There are many of those who try to stick to temples established for someone else. Attracted with new undertakings that open treasures full of unique energies these forces are like robbers that rush into the stockroom with gold. Vampires can facilitate uniting and display daring in advocating it; but sense of actions unmasks an enemy's spy.

Becoming subtler, signs turn into qualities of the Eagle Eye. Check rightness of the mind by your heart.

101. Hurry is not a haste of a heart responsive at the mankind's sufferings. Hurry is a deceptive state that causes illusion of urgent activities. Ancients used to say: make haste slowly. It is easy to tear a tissue of good karma when the darkness resistance is too strong. An accidental stone may teach a lesson of hurry. Sufferings are given as signs. Walking one will not find right direction until he bumps against all roadside stones on the road.

102. Careful attitude toward every spark of hierarchical power doesn't allow a disciple appeal to this source of Light without strong need, until he strains all forces of his own heart. We are neither parasites nor dependants, so we have no right to spend leading forces of evolution for everyday needs. Let's not ask flippantly to give a sack with gold, blaming a neighbor at the same time. Diamond is considered to be a symbol of a precious thing, so one should not splinter small particles from it under own caprice destroying beauty of glistering and harmony of facets.

103. Elements' lower attributes facilitate earthly imperfections manifestations. A fiery heart can calm down any raging elements. Ruling over them fire of the heart governs them.

104. Evil is impulsive. The good burns with steady fire. In aura of a pure heart even toads of evil spirits turn into blooming roses.

Seven-level subdivision concerns all cosmic forces, including elements. On the Earth element of fire may wound and scorch, while entire Fiery World consists of its formations, but spiritual ones.

105. Energy of hearts composes focus of the spiritual magnet. Energy of hearts rises the magnet to the fiery height where the higher thought acts. Union of souls creates crystallization of spacial fire. Forces are collected like precious myrrh. Intergrowth of consciousnesses can influence upon world events. Sites of underground fire inflammation threatens destruction of constructions built with efforts of many great souls. The Master elevates you to the ranks of Altai Summits guards. White Tower of Spirit is constructed through united striving. Energies of Light will nip the darkness' efforts in the bud.

106. I call those who walk. A deaf heart will never hear even a very loud call. Formations of intellect are really good, but the heart keeps silence very often. With heartlessness it is impossible to build the Temple. Probationary period for everybody without exclusions is necessary.

107. Humiliation of maternity principle always considered to be most horrible crime. Malignant gossips and curses abusing Mother of the World served dark ones as spells flouting most holy things.

108. Of course, your way lies apart from toddlers who just started to walk. There are creatures with extinct hearts which are not able to get moving even their own consciousnesses. People with burning hearts illuminate the way like torches. One shouldn't leave in continuous discomfort. It is a projection of internal disharmony. If centers are not harmonized, if intellect and heart are not linked, the creature can't conduct even it's own energies towards Divine “I”.

Cooperation through newspaper and journal is enough in this case. Transparent relations are possible with equal consciousnesses only. Pessimism never was a creative power. Feeling of nonrecognition by someone higher and mythomania corrupts the consciousness and leads it to a deadlock. But it is impossible to take a soul away from the deadlock by earthly means. The Temple should be built in a human heart at first, and only after that – on the earth. Propensity to idealistic projects and parasitism are not welcomed by Higher Forces. Utopian ideas are good if they direct the consciousness to the future; but not everyone will see fruits of his labor.

109. Principle of equality is good, but one who has obtained spiritual experience, knows that internal discernment is necessary for all undertakings. First steps show a child's viability extent. An idea is contained in a thought-form, and it may exist there for thousands of years. I teach you not haste and harry, but measured tread of evolution. Attacks of over speeding-up can cause many mistakes. Mistakes are most dangerous at the beginning of construction. Not verified plan may distort whole further construction works. Even Mahatmas can't avoid mistakes, but fundamental oversight threaten untimely destruction of entire building.

110. Creating teraphim of power and psychic energy stratifying on it is available for every striving spirit. This fiery guard protects and directs at due moment. The Master's Face is most powerful form of the teraphim, but three shields or Masters' Banner also work.

Duly applied psychic energy organizes space into small and big crystals of light. Do not hesitate to evoke imagination and direct it to the good. Repeat tirelessly that any abyss of misunderstanding and alienation may be filled with fiery substance of the good. One should burn, but not smoulder. One should illuminate and shine attracting small fires with the light of the new fire. Travelers shivering in fog of aloofness know about necessity of the kindled heart fire. This is the only way how hierarchical chain creates – from the small to the great.

111. State of enthusiasm that intensifies psychic energy is close to love. It is love that expresses special attitude of one person to another and brings closer to divine enthusiasm or ecstasy. Because Raj's Fire kindles up labor under the Hierarchical Ray. This is love to all God's creatures and to Masters as well. Man's cosmic right presupposes equality of all cosmic units, but this equality is within like-directed love. Until a monad doesn't reveal itself as a divine essence, a human being avoids performing his duties of cosmic creation and represents another quality of cosmic right. We are not blind ones that go at random. Each of us possesses power of Fiery Forces coming from Boundless Cosmos.

112. I affirm that the Banner of the World is the symbol of Infinity. It is not the sign of Orion and Hierarchy only, but the symbol of cosmic construction of community of creatures in evolution spiral of the Light.

113. It is spendthrift to throw riches into waters. It's cold comfort to think that someone will find it sometime. It would be possible to become a favourite of fortune.

My divine Spirit! Tear a shell of flesh to make your wings sprout out of the heart that flames like Fiery Light reactor! My divine Spirit! The Soul that has risen from ashes! You have felt breath of new life after bathing in the fiery font. One who is tired of decrepit life, strives to the height in order to join with the Ray of his Master. O, divine Spirit of purity! My burned through down to feet body as if shacked off ashes; the aura has started to shine with gold; higher feelings have woven cloth of my temple with flowers of garden of fame. Mind breathes ice. The heart radiates heat. But both can't exist without one another. We will fill the world with spirituality. We will comprehend internal essence of knowledge. Elements manipulation is not for us. Magic spells can control spirits, but the heart can control whole universe. And pomposity is just like book dust. Silence is intensification of the heart power. Thought follows aura of silence and gets saturated with power; it is like a bird that rests on a single rock before flying across a stormy ocean. Great Fire! Come into the heart and clean me from filthiness!

114. An aura may influence another aura after achieving likeness of Sun only. A man of halfhearted measures can't become God's servant. Master's Ray of Light can't enter into an unclean vessel. Light could be seen through a clean glass only. Soot of evil doesn't allow light getting through, in spite of a cresset's strength. Clean secret vessels with prayers and thoughts about uniting with Guru and with Fiery World. Pray more ardently, with diligence and zeal. The more sincere your belief and prayer, the stronger spacial fire that descends for souls ablution.

Power of Spirit is the Lord in the Highest. Man-likeness of the God is just for primitive consciousnesses. For it was said: “You will behold Me in storm and lightning”. New World will allow to see sun-like essences. And Essences from Fiery World who will obtain the Temple on the Earth will create sun-likeness of auras. Don't reject Carriers of Bliss. Think in more pure way. Everything on the Earth is performed via thought.

Love your work fierily and it will response in same manner. Love is the fire that eats up our imperfections. Imperfections are obstacles for hieroinspired work. External constructions never substitute internal discipline. It is impossible to force someone to make you spiritual.

115. Managers of Constellations translate volitional energies through Cosmic Magnets which are heart centers of systems, constellations, galaxies, and planets. The forces can't act outside heart centers. Whole power of synthesizing currents is generated in the heart, and from there it emanates into another lower hierarchical chain.

A man's destination and his cosmic right is not to fall out of the Guiding Ray into external darkness. The cresset of the will is the cresset of the heart. A monad is like a grain from a spike cultivated by the One in the Worlds of Supermundane Light. This is history of entire universe descending to the material world. It is the matrix of births and deaths forming the crystal of Akasha Chronicles, an atom of subtlest spirituality.

Flesh is bulky. Spirit is light like a flash of the Lucida Matter spark. If flesh is not inspired it stays inert and dead. The spiritual atom alone is able to make the matter to be an instrument of the One God.

116. Painlessness of transferring to the new level of evolution attracts people as a certain manifested magnet.

Altai projects onto the Earth processes that take place on the Sun and distributes them all over the Earth. Sunspots influence Altai atmosphere first of all. Electric charge of Altai aura is many times higher than that of another regions. Vital force of the Sun is focused here. Vitality of Altai grows owing to endemic forms of flora and fauna. It is not just atmosphere that manifests flow of cosmic energies, but representatives of mineral kingdom too. Luminescence of mountains, stones, and even lakes at some particular places was observed. Fiery World descending brings unexpected power. Wind brings calls. Flame of a fire shows unusual forms. Clouds display the picture of the world evolution, as if live personages of innermost history. The planet's navel string conducts another portion of conception energy.

The Earth is a germ of forthcoming achievements of the Solar system. Following Uranus, Venus and Jupiter have marked certain phases of our Small Universe development. New round of evolution is prepared for the Earth. Stage of transmutation has already started and now enters into human relations. New thinking captivates incredibly wide circles of consciousnesses which are ready to apprehend the power of cosmic energies with full subtlest palette of celestial gifts. Not anybody is able to extract all components from this resource, but hearts, minds, and centers will take as much as they are ready to accept due to a degree of own awakening. Development is a ceaseless process; and today the new may seem ridicules and absolutely needless. But this small novelties have helped to give rise to the chain reaction of associations which have formed subtle channel in the space. Following revelations may be not impressive every time, but more important for spirits. Consciousness awakening is less noticeable than growth of grass. It is most important that not only weeds grow on the fertile ground.

117. Every thought transfers to internal world after manifesting and joins an elemental - half-conscious entity or natural spirit. An evil thought forms a teraph of hate; a good one – a teraph of good. In this sense elementals are indifferent and weak-willed before the consciousness spiritual manifestations. They obey the will of a directed thought. The more powerful a spark of such will, the stronger an affect through elemental spirits onto one or another consciousness.

118. Stiff consciousness can't produce even a spark of aspiration. Stiff consciousness looks for ways of magic participation in worlds creation work without fiery pivot of responsibility. Tricky escape from carrying the load of the world is a criminal act against an incarnation.

119. Thought-forms imposing is a principle of cinematography. The purpose is to pump out psychic energy. High quality movies, as any sort of catharsis, connect with Higher World. Such lofty pieces of art act as guiding mysteries of spirit.

120. Vowels and consonants belong to masculine and feminine aspects of sounds. Masculine sounds stay separately, they are sharp and explicit; while feminine sounds are soft and tender, they connect all sounds into words and sentences. Mother's of the World tissue is the current of sounding and the chain armour of words; it is creative whirl winding around One Ray.

121. Beware of societies where a union may turn into a container with scorpions. Establishing of spiritual collective farms is dangerous in spite of an idea which they use as a false front. Often formalism blinds eyes of true spiritual labor. Formal collectivization not always leads to souls uniting. Difficulties of the beginning is a projection of the future. If a sprout grows twisted and awry, it is clear that the tree will be ugly. Yet someone loves twisted forms. Don't jump to conclusions. Deeds will reveal a secret intent. Sour basis is doubtful. Isn't it a provocation? Time will give an answer. But one shouldn't question in vain even a lover of giving advices for free.

122. Nirvana is neither rest, nor pleasure, but higher state of activity when a thought reaches such degree of tension and strength that it can act in three worlds. Nirvana is the state of Buddhas, who can render help to any living soul at minutes of greatest affect and suppression. Mercy and compassion, love and forgiveness determine principles of those who have risen beyond fog of material world. Old world's laws weigh upon physical bodies and link to the past. But nirvana and its' energies bring laws that originate in the future and are translated from there for us. Nirvana World starts to imbue mental and astral spheres of the planet with its' energies.

123. Ukok as the land of the future was preserved since ancient time. If to disturb this magnet of densified astral where very first representatives of new humanity will appear, then reaction of World Reason will be horrible. First of all it will affect the state of elements at remote places of the planet. Nature will react on brutal intrusion of technocratic beings. Holy places demonizing and Wheel of Law disbalancing will cause worlds' disharmony. Earthquakes and catastrophes will be a response on negligent attitude toward Mother Nature. No one throws a cradle into fire when a baby rests inside. Mother of the World, Raj-Rajesvari, who has created the perfect world, now suffers from Her unwise children's evil genius.

External riches are allowable for those who are able to control internal riches. Ailments of the world exist due to disturbing balance on the Earth. Depredation of oil, gas, coal, and various ores ruins Earth's interior health.

124. All phenomenal manifestations are of subtle nature. Carriers of the magnet of spacial fire are able to attract waves of higher energies which compose most of phenomenal manifestations. Ether or plasma formations of Higher Reason get into contact with earthly senses on material and subtle planes more and more often. Carriers of Fiery World Reason try to find those who are able to conduct and decode their knowledge which will become necessary in the nearest future.

Modification of social relations, new approach to sciences, religions, and all sorts of creative work will require brand new ways of comprehension and behavior. The world will have to learn living without wars, quarrels, and hate. Beings that are not able to follow Teaching of Living Ethics will not be able to live in environment of holy thought. They will burn away like wax figures. Strong, stable, and harmonious restraining of a spirit from atavisms and vestiges of the past only will open the way for new forms. Time of natural or mechanical selection is over. Free will, full of consciousness and responsibility, has roused a new man to his formation. Roaring of beasts let's leave to those who live out their lunar days. Let's accept flame as blessing of a heart, as prophesy of Epoch of Purity and Truth. Power of the kindled heart will eliminate any obstacles.

Present way of life is over, Being comes to life. Check with small things capability to carry the Chalice of Beauty. Careful handling of a small cresset trains and teaches great service to the Fiery World. Let's think about small and big things as about integral parts of comprehensive whole. One shouldn't consider people to be evil and sinful. This is worst sort of maya and superlative degree of self-conceit.

125. One shouldn't consider spiritual manifestations to be opposite to material life. Even staying in material world, spirit allows manifesting of fullness of Being. Spiritual power fills empty vessels of human consciousnesses with its wonderful unique energies which are able to participate in Higher Worlds' creative work even here on the Earth. Sensing of consciousness novelty is a special feature of human beings. Animals can't wonder. They simply go along a predestined path. Human beings' research promises a lot of discoveries and revelations; and wonder as an aspect of something unique and new is always present in human psychology. It is not just blurry indifference, but almost childish view of the world. If we didn't stop wondering, we didn't stop to evolve.

126. Gold dust, atoms of divine Agni, composes tissue of spacial fire. It is higher uniting aspect of the universe's body – of Space, or of the Mother of the World. Higher spiritual centers kindling and creating the ray of striving, or the magnet stem of thought, attracts this gold pollen from Celestial Gardens. Even on ancient icons halos were painted gold. Golden pearl is considered to be a crystal of wisdom, a root of Third Eye. Surrounded with golden light deities appeared before earthly saints.

Fuse of feelings and mind produces power of consciousness or Ojas. Fire of confidence may be presented in every word; and then every word saturated with Divine Agni imprints like a gold stamp on hearts' auras. Striving entirely changes human body's chemism. Blood saturation with Raj-Agni energies can bring humanity closer to perceiving of Higher Spiritual Worlds. Ether as a matter of spirit is already presented in a human being. All formations of internal world created by Solar Pitris are completely ether and subtle.

Potential of spiritual elements could be observed sometimes as a white-silver cloud over a man's head or over a group of people. Pure thought-forms are woven from ether. Developed clear-voyance allows perceiving of these formations in the shape of endless flow of visions. It is more difficult to classify and determine a source of one or another symbol. But a heart thread link with Hierarchy of Light or with White Tower of Infinity can decode a koan of any secret if only the heart were burning and there were purposefulness of such symbol explaining. Knowledge is to be applied; if it doesn't improve human life, then it is just waste of time and soul's forces.

“Do not judge” is higher and primary principle of the Brotherhood and a touchstone that determines a man's compassion and mercy. Madness is infectious.

127. It is difficult to recognize yourself as a divine entity, as an atom of Eternal Spiritual Essence in the narrow and tight world where all planets of imperfection go around minor selfhood. Blindness and deafness have intentionally separated minor “self” from Divine “I”. Consciousness power source of minor “self” and of Great “I” is the same, but there are too many obstacles were made on the way of Divine Light. Old “self” is afraid that constructions of thousand-years old innermost habits and imperfections which make soul obscure and opaque before One Light Face will be wiped off under attack of fiery energies of evolution. And sinfulness which is habitual for human beings will have nothing to catch at. But material nature is not sinful. Mother Nature preserves in harmony everything created by Herself. She preserves everything with the help of divine laws. But selfhood is that very aggravated selfhood of permissiveness which does away with presence of the God in internal and external nature of the mankind.

Fiery deluge must wash away an old human being, all his laws, and everything constructed with petty mind of earthly slavery. A human being deserves rank of a cosmic being who enters into new areas of worlds. Such understanding opens sluice for spiritual fire which has to wash the Body of Christ, the body of Crucified Humanity. Planet washing with energies of Sun is the prophesy of every human being's aura washing with fire of purification. It is like rusty sword that becomes new and shining after being annealed in flame. The same a monad that passes through the crucible of reincarnations and purification will rise in shining of new energies liberated from a lunar human being.

Solar men didn't have mouths. They didn't need physical food. There were eyes only on their faces, the symbol of wisdom and omni-knowledge. A nose and sense of smell are good for Subtle World, but our fiery ancestors didn't need that. But general human features were presented.

128. Any restrictions, any cage, even gold one, can't stop a flow of imperfections originating from old karma. Burning away old idols means death of the past by reason of the process of the new incoming and crystallization. Because the new is the energy of the future that comes to us from the Fiery World. The forthcoming is accumulating of forces of Light by the mankind.

Thinking reconstruction lies within discipline of spirit. Discipline of spirit is removing obstacles for energies of Higher Essence. One who has entered into the Ray should flame with same fire otherwise physiology of a body will be doomed to destruction. Transmutation can't be painless. One who lives without regard for earthly laws must return pains and sufferings for angel wings and Divine Hieroinspiration manifestations.

129. An actor may be caught up in his role, as well as a person may be caught up in somebody's karma. At the times when evolution of human beings has passed half of the way, problem of karma working off becomes extremely critical. Because karma that didn't burn away in celestial fire will force to begin from the beginning human beings' evolution.

Karmic vampirism is especially widespread during the period when celestial forces are wasted for magic tricks aimed on staying on the planet and achieving physical immortality by those spirits which doesn't trouble themselves with fiery transmutation. It is not good to cross sights and look into eyes attentively. Handshakes and kisses are not good as well. Value of energies obtains such power of individuality that every touch and sight all the more, causes storms in an aura and undesired consequences for a separate soul. One may scorch with evil flame subtle sprouts in the garden of joy.

Every torch of life is kindled from the fire of the World Heart. Even smallest atom presents power of the heart that gives life.

130. Nuclear synthesis is an artificial spiritual transmutation of a substance from crude state of metal into solar gas helium. In human organism various levels liberation of atoms of para-fohat under influence of energies of spirit takes place. Mediums liberate cellar energy; monks – heart or atom energy; but full liberation of sleeping in every nuclear spirit's energy gives entire annihilation or physical body turning into fiery or radiation body, as it has happened with Master Christ. It was proved that the image on the Shroud of Turin could appear in case of nuclear explosion. It proves that spiritual transmutation of various degrees is possible. This is what Fiodorov tried to achieve. Saint Reverend Serafim of Sarov controlled light of spiritual atom and shining didn't destroy His physical body. Saint Sergius contacted with Entities from Fiery Plane.

131. Old-believers bury their deceaseds in coffins dugout from whole cedar beam. Such coffins are named domovina (dom = home), and they look very much like sarcophagi of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. What an ancient link of traditions is in it! And what about Russian dolls (matrioshka) whose appearance is alike sarcophagus and domovina. As if it illustrates, that a human body didn't die, and hope for new birth is inside it; and new birth will happen unavoidably.

132. Human flesh forms around monads of various levels. Angel and divine monads descending into flesh has created their spiritual advantage comparing to human beings with animal monads. Angel monads are interlinks and guiding members of evolution on the planet.

The thread stretched across abysses is like red-hot string and it is impossible to walk by it; but it is the only way for us to return from the worlds of descending. I call you to the striving. Heat of fiery striving alone can make a Titan of Spirit from a gray philistine, the Titan that walks in Light of Lights. The striving burns away stratums of thousands years old karma. It is a spark of fire blown with divine breathing that incinerates all rubbish of minor parasites sucking hearts' strength.

133. One Who Strives to Light never betrays. Fiery substance of striving is directed into the Master's Ray. Fiery substance of striving links hearts that are waiting for. Fiery substance of striving crystallizes the bliss of space. And a spirit inspired with striving is full of holy daring. There are no obstacles for him in infinity of truth comprehension.

Angel lives until you love a flight to the Home Dwelling. Angel lives until heart power flames. One shouldn't screen skies with soot of existence. One shouldn't drag himself through routine of days like a hardly smoldering spark. Let's fill our days with power of burning. Power of burning will facilitate striving. Let's leave blaming to those who look for spots on the Sun. But you should seek for gold nuggets even in road dust. With Higher Reason I lay the way to Light. Only one who walks is able to find the steps. And Light radiating like sunbow will become the eternal home of his soul. We have come from Light and we will go back to Light. Lunar passions are to be lived out. A new form of life of a soul will come out of a lunar human being.

Latitude 50th degree North plays an important role in the planet's evolution.

134. Formation of illusive and sunbow body agrees with the system of spiritual synthesis of atman. It is the topic worthy of its researcher-to-be. Balance between science and occultism is of great importance at the forthcoming era. Revolution in science and thinking may happen within few years. Appearing of new energies has ecological effect but positive spiritual effect as well. Time will change the world.

135. Monads that have experience of living in Fiery Worlds incarnate on the Earth. In order to move inert mass of planetary thinking, situation of third race end is needed. Leaders of the humanity should clean their depraved with free-will manifestations minds from stratifications of lower psychism, sorcery, and bio-karmic vampirism.

Living Ethics is the source of bliss originating in the Heart of Master Raj-Star.

Permissiveness became an obstacle on the way of consciousness development. Evolution flight to the New World speeds up swiftly. The year has brought incredible number of cosmic events having influence on the future and on whole evolution of New Era. Looking at a baby's first steps one can determine milestones of his development, his capabilities and disadvantages. Many people were taken unawares by torrent of fiery energies. Small selfhood “self” is not able to contain such treasure of power. Containing wallets are worn out and it is necessary to open palaces of Divine Beauty for worthy accepting and applying of these forces.

Consciousnesses of universal energies have become more conscious than elemental. Sattva matter has fully approached the planet in order to wrap the ripening fruit of unknown evolving essence. Ether as subtlest matter more and more actively forms its structures in the bodies which are magnets of light and attract the flow of new intensity. Milk of the worlds pours down on the Earth. Vac creates new forms of nutrition for new creatures. Such nutrition will change density of crude material body. Goals of crude matter are already reached. River of consciousness seeks for new river-bed. Rapids of passions are dangerous but they accumulate power of energies. One who strives to the future already paves his road with stones of gratitude and thankfulness. But for someone a carpet strip is enough. The heart impels toward the target. Heart energies are the basis for best manifestations. Beauty and love are creative fire.

136. Ardent Spirit! Let the prayer of love never become silent in my heart! Let my striving always be unceasing, solemn, and joyful! Let Living Fire of Ascending show me the way across earthly obstacles to Lightful Divine Dwelling! Don't let the serpent of pride bite my heart any more. Let the flow of striving protect the Ray stretched toward me. I will surround Your home with innermost wisdom, and sacrament of Eternal Prayer will never stop its mysteries inside me! The comprehended heart will illuminate the world with unfading light.

137. One day Ibn Rahim was seating by a stream watching water flow. The Great Wayfarer asked Him:

- O, esteemed one! What have you seen in the water flow?

- There is reflection of my oasis on water surface, but it is still water!

- Verily, the world is just momentary changes of Eternal Wisdom flow. We see what we want to see, - answered the Great Wayfarer.

138. Consciousness obsession with money is horrible. Number of golden calf's servants grows. People are seized with epidemic of financial madness.

139. M.'s Face on Belukha slope have appeared several years ago. This event is connected with New Time beginning. The Master's Symbol is dark, as if covered with human sins. Let's clean the beautiful Face with our work! Let's turn white these dear features by our hearts and with Light of His Rays! Let it be so!

The Watch Tower of White Brotherhood also serves as the Beacon that guides us at twilight of the end of Kali-Yuga. The mountain path is dangerous without the ray. Abysses, clefts, and wild animals are waiting for a wayfarer, but devotion is the guiding thread in the labyrinth of ignorance. Love is light of the ray that dissipates external darkness.

140. I open the Secret of Life for everyone. Monad circles develop swiftly. Growing Fiery Consciousness' forces liberation gives growth of evolution flows or attraction of cosmic creation of Infinity.

Both cooperation and separation are contained in previous lives. Friendship under an order is impossible. I teach you: “Judge not,”- and this is the cornerstone. This is the evolution basis on every planet. “Judge not,”- is the teaching of the Brotherhood which sees the God's grain, His belonging to cosmos, and His value in everyone.

141. Significance of a human personality is great. We are neither gray moths nor ephemerons but carriers of Divine Spirit. And new time is not just shifting from one date to another, but pace of millennium. Depth of soul is unexplored same as remote cosmos. Energies of transfiguration fill the Earth's wounds like healing balm. Energies of transfiguration change horizon of consciousness. One can see farther from a mountain summit. Warriors of Light are called Guards of Summits. Their wings take the place of their summits. Every summit is the White Tower of Spirit, and it is like an end of the Master's Ray on the Earth. But the Master's Ray pierces through all spheres and reaches depth of the planet. Piercing capability of the Ray is like neutrino of a thought. Vessel of a human body is a container for precious wine. One shouldn't churn wine of wisdom until it becomes fiery strong. One shouldn't touch power energies until they become well-established. But motion overcomes stagnation. Rest means motion of the substance of Light in higher spheres due to no activities at lower level. When the guard at the Tower looks at the distance and is calm in outward appearance, a big inward work of the Warrior of Light is going on.

142. Do not exhaust your soul with suffering caused with the thought that you can't approach the sense. This is the false way. It leads away from the treasure of fullness which you keep inside yourself. Love kindles joy of life. Love teaches simplicity. Love cultivates patience for a long way. Love is the state of an angel awakening inside a human being. One who loves the God loves all His manifestations.

143. Juices of plants and berries, same as wine made of them, keep information about each phase such as blossom and fading. Wine reacts on these terms physically. It is also bad to curse someone when taking these drinks. That is why people used to wish health, joy, and benefit to one another, for wine absorbs mental currents immediately. During process of fermentation wine draws in factors of any human imperfections and transfers them to other people. It is an ideal environment for creating any type of life. Homunculus was cultivated not in pure water but in the mixture of juices or in officinal bullion. Earthworms as first moving creatures appear due to contact of fire, water and air elements. Many insects appear at the places of bio gases accumulation. Blood of plants is very strong. It is the life-giver and it doesn't lose it's qualities when transfers to subtle plane.

144. Tension of feelings prepares grounds for a thought participation in physical processes of the universe. Tension of feelings is the link between worlds separated with selfhood of the humanity. Tension of feelings is a synthesis of the Great Creation of the Universe. Love energies ascending and descending weaves tissue of New Space. If grape juice remembers phases of previous development of a plant, then the space absorbs even slightest manifestations of human, animal, mineral, and plant kingdoms. Crystals of World Akasha accumulations may be opened through tension of higher feelings only. Lucida Matter is the matter of Love. Creatures from Fiery worlds were created from it, and there is infinite number of them. Every grain of sand on planets was created from it. Thoughts can't participate in cosmic turnover of energies without energy of feelings. Chalice of Heart we carry by means of Love. All forms of world beauty manifest through Love. The marvelous, the unique, and the wonderful are just smallest forms of its earthly manifestations. New feelings, new etalons of beauty, new perfection of earthly and celestial creatures come together with new energies. New feelings cultivating is one of the faculties of forthcoming humanity. There are many pearls in the boat and they compose the treasure of sleeping wisdom. It is the term to open the treasure of life. You will be surprised how many things you know and can apply at New Time. But the beast of selfhood will always lie by the Fiery Gates as an inescapable obstacle. A chain of mind is strong, but this evil guard training is slow.

My guard! Why did you lower your gaze and look at the surface of the mirror of life?! Turn your face upward and look attentively into stars' eyes! There is power of secret there, there is Light of the New there!

Seek after the essence in every subject. One who finds the essence understands the rest with lightning speed. Lightning of the thought is a flower on a stem of tense feelings. Let's remember it like this.

145. It is not for nothing that podvig of self-perfection creates history. It is not for nothing that countries' memory bases on spiritual pillars indicating the way for the new mankind. Self-perfection is considered as highest form of life on the Earth. It is not self-glorification or complacency but seeking after spiritual targets, striving, and achieving such targets were pointed out as the mankind's mission fulfillment.

All forces of distant worlds get together on the earthly field. All best seeds of achievements are brought here for the New World seeding. And the Pillar which is under creation by Light forces is like growing White Thread protects the mundane world. Navel string of the planet feeds the New Humanity Child. Navel string of the planet is that very Pillar of Truth rising above the Valley.

Mother of the World! Wonderful Mistress! White Mountain preserves Sanctuary of the Earth as the Impregnable Stronghold of Your Power. No one will touch Your Cover before he washes in White Waters of Destiny. You country is pure. Swan wings of mountains surround the Mistress' Throne. Just drops falling down from the wings carry the sound of the Word of Truth. Your Secret's sounding carries Blessing to the World. Praise to You, Mother of Destiny!

146. Beware of people which adulate and play up on every occasion. Flattery is like dust into eyes of one who is walking by the brink of a precipice. Master's wise approval is unlike flatter. Flatterers were taught by the darkness. The silver thread may be torn with flatter which is a fertile soil for complacency.

At the times of snobbery, spiritual blindness, and spiritual ignorance; at the times of atheism and permissiveness let's recall with solemn trembling Great Souls and Keepers of the World and let's write down with inspired fire of a prayer the Name of Urusvati! Let's recall the Name of the Woman who has passed the mundane roads up to the Summit of Perfection and Beauty, up to Shining Face of Aria Tara.

147. Roses also sing their songs. Stars also let out chime of thoughts. Every stone is a living individuality of the matter.

A heart carries the load of the world. The heart releases from this load. The kindled heart is the link with the World of Fire. A human being's communion with cosmic energies goes through the heart and none of external projections can substitute work of a spirit. Internal world advances the evolution and any mysteries and initiations are going on inside the heart. It is self-deceit to pass through formal initiation and continue living as before. Initiation is a vital necessity to change your life and turn to Light. When this necessity matures and becomes unavoidable action, when you can't live without these subtlest changes, then Master's Ray and help of initiation comes. And you who became stronger, you rise on the next step of development, you start living like never before. And your nature doesn't want and can't go back; inspired, it strives to energies of solemnity, aspiration, and perfection; to the worlds where from a fiery bird of the heart originates.

148. Beauty of thinking connects worlds. Beauty of thinking is like a ray that leads to understanding of own destination and meaning of existence. Beauty of thinking is open for a heart that strives to the future. Such heart knows no fear before Infinity. Such heart can shine as a beacon in darkness of Kali-Yuga.

A drop of sea water contains all ingredients of entire ocean. Any thought carries energies of cosmos and accumulates power of divine creation. As a part of your heart it has a potential of omni-knowledge and omni-power. Bog of everydayness is not for one who flies to Infinity.

149. It is impossible to resolve internal problems by external means. Beating about the bush, creating new societies, and carrying these problems outside points to stagnation in the sphere of truth comprehension. It is possible to unite on external plane, but it is much harder to achieve internal accord. We are doing wisely when teaching simplicity. Only one who has internal significance and power in other worlds can be simple and modest; otherwise every single striker with a slogan in his hands would announce himself as a Teacher of Light.

Suffering of a restless soul is immeasurable. Temptations that obscure Divine “I” consciousness are innumerable. Selfhood's inventiveness is inexhaustible when it excuses it's big and small imperfections. But sooner or later we will have to stand before the innermost altar for penance and purification, for washing in tears of understanding of own life unrighteousness. At the hour of own imperfection admitting, at the hour of tearing off clothes of the darkness the way of new ascending from a man to an angel starts.

150. We drain the world's sufferings by wounds of our open hearts. And everyone tries to hurt these wounds with his rage and cause new pains. We are crucified again and again on the cross of time and space. The new mankind must be the same.

151. A pyramid was considered as the House of Life or the Temple of four elements reviving divine nature in a human being. Knowledge of Hyperborea or Arctida was passed through millenniums to Atlantis and Egypt. Pyramids have turned some part of earth into eden by the means of aurora borealis energies. Even seasons were similar to tropical climate ones. Form of the pyramid attracts ether formations. Psychic energy of the earth entrails contacts solar energy and burns like a welding arch. Work of the arch of the teaching is based on polar powers joining.

152. Attractiveness of the good is indisputable, but understanding of the good is to be confirmed all the time. No difference between everyday behavior and service to the truth is main idea of Living Ethics, and it runs counter to generally accepted opinion which easily leads to Jesuitry. Psychism of evil is so much strong with permanently sensible phenomena. While manifestations of the good are almost unnoticeable. Specific feature of the dense world is to establish own laws even in minor issues. But nature has divine basis. Evil exists outside world rules and laws and stands on disharmony which produces by itself. Turbulence of evil may involve even not bad person into it's whirls, but it means that he has a sin by which the darkness can hook this person. Bleeding of grief helps a suffering spirit to get rid of microbes of ignorance, but one can not rise from the gray bog without exertion of super-striving.

153. There is no aspiration without work of a heart. Permanently burning cresset gives a channel for purification. Every day aspiration or service becomes habitual, but power of solemnity, this fiery force of love and veneration to Light, makes every our invocation to the Master new. The higher understanding of own brutish nature the stronger destruction of selfhood crafty designs with humidity. Karmic tissue is strong but if threads are old they can't keep a captive with the net. Enjoyment and suffering are two poles of karma.

154. The Great Wayfarer asked Ibn Rahim:

- When earthly delights pass away, when people become satiated with bazaar noise, what will be able to preserve joy and purity inside human beings?

- You are waiting for a sign of stars. And beauty of distant worlds alone brings us closer to the skies! A thought is faster than an arrow! - Ibn Rahim answered.

- Truth is coming out of your mouth. Snow of stars enraptures hearts with its inaccessibility. But the abyss between us is not too big. Just one step of a daring heart can open the way. The Earth is the foundation for the God, and the sky is the curtain at the Temple where Altar of the World is.

155. Diseases of a soul are like tips of power. Hate is the opposite pole of love. Unbreakable thread connects suffering and happiness. Whirl of desires has formed a closed circle, but a sage calls it a wheel of life.

This millennium has started with the sign of tamas nature suppressing by the Sun, but psychic structure sharply reacts on early violation of principles balance. Physical nature rushes into most incredible perversions in order to throw off a flow of divine energy. Concentration of this energy in an aura forms great responsibility of a cosmic man. Fiery flows scorch the guards which doesn't allow forces of souls to manifest stronger. Gates of Heavens and Gates of Monads are opening toward each other. Shining of the sunbow of evolution manifests its nature.

156. Telepathy as mental visits to various places, planets, and stars is known from time immemorial. Lemuria inhabitants communicated by the means of telepathy. Modern world is saturated with desultory thoughts, with evil and lustful thoughts which makes this way of communication difficult. Spirits with high level initiation only can communicate in such way without harm to themselves. Mental garbage clings to a thought like shells to a ship's bottom. More often it is hard to recognize such call. Fiery strong will alone is able to form and give enough power the thought of good to be sent to space.

A struggle of thoughts and ideas is much more tense than it may seem. Arrows of thoughts carry power of hearts. A lot of such messages break down in space not reaching the waiting heart! A barrier of the darkness is big. Power of thought creative work is great. New Era doubles and triples power of the thought; in case of hearts union this power becomes seven, and even fourteen, and sometimes twenty-one times stronger. Verily, the mankind must take upon itself responsibility for the sphere of thoughts, where main load of crimes transfers, and where earthly laws are powerless. Masters of Karma only know how the thought kills and how the thought rises whole tired nations. In the future people will be judged and punished for evil thoughts. Imperfection of legislation doesn't mean that such cases do not exist.

Astral burns away and vacates the space for transparent pure communications with distant worlds. Legends about ancient Rishi communications with inhabitants of remote stars have real basis. Harmony of worlds will restore. The thought transmitted by the Master of Raj-Star will be not only audible but also visible in any space of the Solar system.

157. Pray with a heart not with words. Fiery trembling will prompt the right way to Me. Accept the load of earthly problems as a cross for every embodied one. Formulas worthy of a subject are contained in vibrations. Take off astral dust layer by layer, and gold of a thought essence will start shining with brightness of uniqueness.

158. Beauty of a thought is the key that opens any world. Beauty of a thought is solemnity of communion with mystery of service to Light. Beauty of a thought is the force that carries aspiration of consciousness. There are no big consciousnesses or small ones. The smallest consciousness contains all manifestations of cosmos and interprets them in individual way. Every man is a keeper of a part of truth. Every man becomes experienced in mystery of life while passing through centuries. Even sufferings are unable to extinguish a fiery star of a heart. Clouds may fully cover the face of sun, but heat of sun doesn't lose it's immeasurable power due to this.

159. Smoke or volatile carbon doesn't allow fiery energies to reach the earth; it turns into crystallized clouds of smoke that act as traps absorbing psychic energy of cosmos. It looks like a two-way dam that repulses forces with both sides. It is hard for praying to break through to the ocean of Light. It is hard for Light to penetrate through carbon darkness. Astral burning away liberates the sphere of the earth.

160. Karmic tail is not just an idiom. Lower elements of karma, or better to say spirits that carry them, stick to coccyx creating a wire of energies that binds a man to the earth like earthing of cars and constructions. Sometimes such tail may go deep inside the planet and even reach it's entrails. But heartfelt invocations and fiery air of praying can rise a toiler above earthly vanity; in this case the karmic tail tears off. The man doesn't belong to the earth any more, and the tail of his lower karma burns away or falls away under divine forces pressure.

161. Death of a body is birth of another more perfect one. A pupa stops existing, when a butterfly flies out of it. There are many analogies and colorful illustrations of lives shifting in nature. It is not fear of death that should pursuit the mankind but joy of endless life should support it. Late Atlantis time has dis-balanced the worlds' harmony via creating a gap between the mundane and the spiritual. Returning to the worlds transmutation will provide sense of confidence in endless existence. Human being's similarity with the God means that immortality is one of his attributes.

162. We are seeking for light of beauty in the labyrinth of destiny. Power of a word grows saturated with universe. Fire of life strives to fill any form, to make even a stone to be a magnet of bliss never seen before. Research the secret of secrets. The secret of secrets which name is a man. Manifestation of Cosmic Magnet is in the depth of a heart. Sounding of subtle strings is in the depth of the heart. Cosmic fire is in the depth of the heart. The shortest way to the Fiery World lies through the depth of the heart. It is time of the Heart and of the Eye of Wisdom. It is time of clear-audience and of spirit-knowledge. It is the era of aural memory and of visual images teaching. It is the era of veneration and solemnity. It is the era of heart emanations and of gaining victory over energy of time.

Too much was given up to insensibility. Time of fiery union is waiting for flaming workers and warriors. Earthly fields are prepared for ploughing. Possibilities are prepared for every spark of consciousness. Every spirit of the spark of fire desires to manifest and to be useful for the work of evolution. Even a drop of water dreams to help to rise someone's enthusiastic sigh to heavenly spheres. Now elements are inspired and conscious as never before. Now it is the only chance for every heart to join shining mosaic of worlds creating. Humanity's ascending is impossible without cooperation with elements.

163. Agni Yoga gives seven keys of wisdom. Those who come by, try to pick up cautiously first one. But they afraid to be scorched, and after picking it up they fearfully throw it to dust and dirt of everydayness. Often they do it unconsciously and then forget about the key.

Kindle your hearts, My dear! Flame with your hearts! Make Light from your hearts! Let Light of fire of your heart gain more and more of spheres inside you transmuting selfish nature of flesh and self-preservation instinct into flame of devotion and valour. Breathe in Light that comes during the minute of veneration to the Guru, of triumph of love and thankfulness to Him, the Master of the Way Who Leads billions of souls through the desert of time to the Promised Land of Spirit. Be prophets of the New Time! Hearts kindled with your word will illuminate new windings of evolution path which are not yet touched by the Ray of Divine Flame. With Fire of My Heart I bless everyone who is sincerely fired with love to the truth. Belief in the Master and confidence in executing by Him the will of your destiny determines successful resolving of your evolutionary tasks. I am the Way! Follow Me, those who came to believe!

164. Flame of active wisdom will gain a victory. Learn to invest your spirit into words and kindle human hearts. To be a prophet is a poet's mission. No one can prophesy and lead to big or small lightful objective without gift of inspiration. Inspiration is a look that can embrace entire universe in a twinkle of an eye and put together inconsistent events and manifestations. Angels have a Rope, and human beings are endowed with the free will that gives right for daring. One who imagines himself to be a god is not crazy. He is not far from the truth. But such self-opinion comes out rather of potential capabilities of a soul than out of present qualities of this soul. It is hard to receive waves from internal world, that is why there are so many charlatans passing themselves off as clairvoyants. Small Buddha born in the flower of heart Light may seem to be an unrealistic fantasy, but false teacher teaching how to become rich brushing away conscience is treated as a saint. Verily, earthly notions are so far away from truth.

We are working for handful of seeds of future mankind that already matures at the field of life absorbing special spiritual features of earthly evolution. They are carriers of physical and subtle knowledge. The element of earth presupposes obtaining secrets of the matter and applying them for the good of the world.

165. Wings of Alaya are growing. Spirit is overfilled with energies liberating from Akasha Chronicles; it is like mountain stream that assimilates qualities of stones washed with its waters. Alaya doesn't require initiation or rituals. Alaya is a substance presented in energies that support life. But is the knowledge given to the world applicable? Is there any purposefulness in opening Gates for not initiated ones, having the only aim to astonish their weak souls?

Idea of perfection is in a monad itself. It is necessary to kindle a cresset of searching of those who have lost hope to see even a spark of Light, and one should do it to the extent of his abilities. Fire is magnetic, and life itself manifests magnetic nature gravitating to one or another idea and trying to embody even smallest one. Related sparks are flying to such magnet from all sides of universe. Verily, the heart is the Cosmic Magnet; and White Mountain of Light that we often see in our dreams, is a stronghold existing in every heart. The heart alone will never belittle splendor of the greatest Shrine of Being.

166. Bonding of fiery atoms of a soul that receives the Guru's messages supports intergrowth of consciousnesses at subtlest levels of being. Energy of mutual penetration cultivates a bud of mahatma capabilities in the soul. It doesn't concern ordinary siddhi but those non-erasable qualities that are stamped into holy of holies of a heart as a fiery knot. Compassion and mercy – these are two eyes through which Guru looks at a physical shell of a disciple. It is not without reason that flamy words of the White Brotherhood's prime order are “Judge not!” Blame throws a net upon an aura and doesn't allow to walk freely. Beware of infection of blame. It cultivates lower qualities in a human being. Energies of egoism are dangerous if not directed into spiritual channels. Empty passions produce troubles only.

167. The song of Eternity is endless. And a spirit knows beauty of every sound that flies into quite of silence. Interminable Shabda-Brahman alone unceasingly sounds with a string of energies saturating every moment that carries them. The World Heart pulsates emitting divine elixir of ever lasting Life. The World Heart, the Sun of Suns is the head of all forces and hierarchies of elements. And no force can exist without the foundation of Cosmic Magnet to which it gravitates and where from it flows.

Power of the secret is preserved until the predestined hour. And untimely initiation can't be entrusted even to one who calls. These terms are established by the Hierarchy of Karma Masters.

168. Even hate has no right to break cosmic laws. Whole universe is supported with execution of this Divine Order. Every moment is recorded on an aura of a person like a film about his life. This movie may become more horrible than all most sophisticated horror films taken together if the person doesn't observe Laws of Light exterminating his soul with willfulness of selfhood. Remember a human being's dignity, his high spiritual nature, and purposefulness of his incarnations. One may consign himself to perdition which ends with full destruction of the monad because suffering kills life wish which is incentive for embodiments.

One may become “eternally walking”, or the Great Wayfarer; but this podvig of homelessness is so great, that even not every Adept approaches it. Fire of love should burn inside a body vessel otherwise stench and smoke will choke breath. The soul is the subject for changes, as the Blessed One said; and one should follow best examples in order not to fall into the abyss of hopelessness and madness. Seek for pearls of Light in the road dust. Seek for carriers of good among assaulted and discredited ones. Do not shun common people. You know that Master Buddha and Master Christ called to cancellation of casts and race differences.

Tunnel of Light is open for walking one. Steps are indicated and guide bars are reinforced for ascending. A shell of a soul is a moulder of karma. It perverts the matter of fiery ideas. The body is blind and lazy; feelings are hot and light; but astral brings flesh to great heat and makes it do obscene things. Being a conductor of personal ego the soul may be infected with all diseases of karma and this exhausts it.

169. You know as much as you see. Mental outlook implies extent of knowledge. Unconsciously everyone gravitates to his likeness. It is too primitive to explain sympathy or antipathy only through previous incarnations. Sphere of mutual interests may bring closer even outright enemies; while contradictions create a conglomeration of stereotypes that separate loving one another souls with misunderstanding like the Great Wall of China. Even parts of a monad may be hostile toward each other.

170. Do not grieve and cry for tears wash away good luck. One should not consider life as the vale of woe and suffering. The mundane mosaic can't do without black and white pearls.

171. A Pyramid is a dam at the Time river.

172. Evolution creates magnets of activities for new constructions forming. Polarization of forces takes place: of those that uphold development of consciousness, and of those that resist to it. Energy of ideas intensifies between these formations; energy that breaks lances and arrows of thoughts. Storm of ideas creates voltage and the field of activities becomes electric repeating stages of magnetizing. Not a single point of activities, not a single society can exist without fiery magnetic grain.

By the structure fire is the matter of knowledge. The cosmic fire is one who cultivates crystals of knowledge. The fire alone creates palaces of Akasha Chronicles. Atomic eternity of knowledge connected with entire universe rotates around every aura.

173. Forming same as destruction of an animal soul goes on during the process of various forms of life development. A stone, same as representative of plant kingdom, during billions of years forms instruments for the world perceiving. Similar to the process of human spiritual body creating, the animal soul is created on the basis of selection of many mental currents valuable for evolution. The stone and the plant has a glimmer of fire and this indicates presence of these energies even in most primitive formations. Meteoric dust carries spores of life all over universe. The swarm of these fiery messengers gives start to every living thing.

174. Adultery, churning of erotic thoughts is mental onanism and begets pishachas and bhutahs feeding on energies of a begettor. Understanding that crisma gives birth to monsters and contaminates astral with products of evil may lead to the edge of contrition and purification. Crisma destroys structure of a soul. Don't think that the soul is everlasting and unchangeable! It is a deep delusion of those who excuses own secret or evident sins. The soul must either develop within Light and grow, or decay and carry along a monad left without protection. There is no third way.

175. A pyramid accumulates energy inside and due to this produces multiple phenomena such as mummifying and also sharpening and hardening cooper swords of Egyptian warriors. One of most important visible phenomenon is stoppage of aging process in a physical body. Several pyramids located on the earth in the shape of well-known constellation keep balance of entire hemisphere, and all together – of whole planet and of its noosphere. Condensers of eternity are related to Mercaba, Sri-Jantra, and many other spiritual symbols given to the mankind as help for spiritual ascending. Pyramids Valleys are energetic oases of universe. They exist on every planet of solar group.

Ancient Aryans constructed their temples-homes as a blockhouse with a pyramidal roof on a square basement. People lived longer with no diseases and conflicts in such houses. Cloths, furniture, and the dishes served longer; food didn't decay in such houses. Sickles, scythes, and other tools were sharp and always ready for work. The blockhouse itself served longer because the roof was a visible top part of invisible pyramid covering whole house. Such house was warm and comfortable. If it was made of dead standing cedar, then it was outstanding from any point of view. Cedar scent treated and made inhabitants to be prayerful. Spirit of perfection lived in such house-temple. On the top of the roof there was a five-ended cross, which is mahavajra or the symbol of spiritual power in Buddhism.

A coffin, or domovina (dom = home) as old-believers used to call it, was cut of whole cedar or pine-tree log and very much reminds timber sarcophagus in which Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were burred. Form of the coffin is very much like matrioshka (Russian dolls, several pieces put inside one another) which contains another one. It is known that matrioshka is a visual aid illustrating bodies or seven forms in which a cosmic man lives. And one more thing: sarcophagus symbolizes undecayableness of the soul. Burying a body in the domovina with no individual features on the face, people believed that this person will be reborn and rise from the ashes. A mound symbolizes a belly of a pregnant woman. But saints and leaders only were buried in the ground. The rest were committed to the flames. This saved the world from phantoms and facilitated transfer to the other spheres.

176. Ocean of Light sends waves onto the mundane world. Ocean of Light which is hidden in a shell of a body. Your defects are just foam on the ocean surface. Only fiery fullness of a heart, only cosmic love can discover the spark which kindles an answer not of a human being but of the God inside the human being. It is not you who is waiting for Spring during severe cold of bitterness and ordeals, but Spring inside you is waiting for the term to come out and give powers for the planet's blooming. Power of heart love can melt ices and drive severe cold out of your consciousness.

Acquisition of unity of the mankind and universe is that very union of hearts burning with one target and one task. Harps of souls shouldn't sound apart, because these sounds will not reach heavens. But cosmic symphony of sounds can correct delusions of entire planets. Music of souls makes the way to Eternity.

177. Legends about Seven Keepers of Mountain Altai are partially true, but Guards of Summits stay much higher than most high mountain top.

When foam of words will melt, when mist of chatter will disappear, when effort of human hand and human foot will be applied, then I will come. Wind still carries away what was promised to the Valley, but the term is close. And idea of the home for suffering ones will be implemented. And work will unite wondering ones. Construct the Temple of Agni Yoga with fullness of hearts. Because one should speak due to excessive love only. The pattern of formulas is the magnet power.

Master of the Way! Our way is indicated with the Path of Light. I see Your silhouette ahead of me. My trip is safe under Your protection. Neither darkness, nor creature living in the darkness, nor wild beast living in a forest will break what was ordered by You. Even a stone will never fall on the path without Your permission. For I know that You are by my side! For I know that You protect and guard us! You are as much in our hearts as we are in Yours! Your Will is Light for our way!

178. Discipline of submission to hierarchical conduits in the mundane world is a mirror of every walking one's soul. One may go alone and inspire crowds with his holy loneliness. Service is free from loneliness, same as life is free from death because they are indivisible single whole. Relations of the past and the future are the same. A moment “now” is just an instant of energies flow from one state to another, from the sphere of unconsciousness into the sphere of consciousness and of manifestation. The magnet is one but polarization is different.

179. The power of fiery sword risen calls to the battle. Stagnation and backwardness of thinking begets darkness childs taking shelter in dusty nooks. Every formation like that is afraid of the sword. Tense battle goes on in all spaces. The word “space” itself means endless future or wayfaring in the future. How it is possible to ascend to Fiery Spheres having gray companions? Sun of purity will melt all our low qualities that have obtained a smoky form. It is the life-and-death struggle. The struggle that has incredibly high significance, cosmic meaning of which will manifest in far off tomorrow. The power of fiery sword is the Light of a burning heart and looks like flaming column in predawn darkness. Battle, battle, battle! Let's not be afraid of tension of the fiery blade of evolution. Let furies of fear run away and take with them old properties. The Ray of the New will burn to ashes a secret servant of the darkness hiding behind someone's back. Holy and Pure Fire! Come, come, come!

180. So many Gates are opened before the mankind! But clumsy thinking prefers to peep at the neighbor's fence, watching details of his life. But fiery eye of the future blinds squalor of notions. It is the fault of neither way of life nor of current everydayness for they are just tissue of time. Fearless look into evolution's face means rejecting spider net of the past which holds an admirer of musty houses. Sleep of a philistine is so deep and calm and nothing short of Fiery Gates disturbs him. God forbid, a spark from them may cause a fire. They prefer mist that hides all their secret sins. But an aura of ignorance is more black than a coal. Ashes of days fall down on a bed of laziness. But a torch of time in hands of a walking one turns into the fiery sword.

181. Days increase slowly. Nights fade slowly. Grass grows slowly. Can't a spirit rise with lightning speed? Yes, it can. At the moment when it leaves a perishable body. Every chakra has its own magnet. Every chakra is a universe that has its center. Fiery body has a heart in each chakra. Atom also can't exist without a heart ray.

182. To posses accumulated knowledge being not able to find a key that discloses mosaic of things in existence where every colored stone of comprehension has its place in the picture of being – this is a disaster of present time. Flow of useful and useless information has screened that necessary strait-knowledge which is like breathing and heart-beating for humanity. A human being becomes defective, becomes spiritual invalid and imperceptibly degrades to a mutant that juggles with high notions and leads mates to the maze of knowledge, and it is impossible to get on the right road out of it without a guide. Knowledge that encumbers the space with useless constructions and products of sophisticated intellectual practices separated from heart fire, turns comprehension into a waste dump where precious things necessary for a spirit are buried under layers of rubbish.

The casket is already forged. There is gold inside it and unique pattern secures the casket with signs of Keepers. But the key became rusty and the lock doesn't work making the sense inaccessible. The eye of intuition prompts true decision, but time, the granter of possibilities, irreversibly runs out leaving just salt of evaporated moments. Books are just a guide for a blind one, just a stick groping for the door to the Home of Life. But one have to open this door by himself hoping not the get blind from sudden Light of Wisdom. Synthesis of comprehension and experience alone gives this inexhaustible gift.

Listen to the voice of heart. Be able to understand it. Learn to do this with trial-and-error method. And experience will give you access to its innermost dwelling. Every comprehension is an inspiration, a call, and an order to act. Banners of Light droop if there is no wind of actions. Action and action alone can reveal accumulations of centuries and millenniums.

183. Signs and symbols are milestones on the way of human history. Meaning of secret knowledge could be understood via symbols and capability to decipher them comes with spiritual experience. Superstition beliefs and attention to particular dates and numbers have the same nature of signs understanding. Image as a reference signal of a consciousness is such capacious that deciphering requires significant effort and inventiveness even from most developed mind. All kinds of knowledge are hidden in symbols like time course – in clock's hands. Of course, clock is just the symbol, but no one rejects to use it to know the time. Details of comprehension is a torrent of signs. Numbers turned into symbols rule universal evolution. Everything develops under the cosmic law of the septenary.

184. Any society should be established for spiritual development. Any sort of aberration from spirituality and attempts to resolve spiritual problems with external means are doomed to failure or even to full collapse. Parties and milling the wind are just escaping from boredom and time killing. There are lots of much more fruitful and interesting activities in the world. It is not a surprise that one calling to spiritual activities could be declared to be an enemy of evolution. History of calumny has a lot of examples when higher spirits were blamed as the darkness servants. Very often vanity's devices are so unexpected and tricky, that one can just be filled with wonder. Beware of pride of unaccomplished geniuses. Any sort of false leadership is a psychic disease. One shouldn't consider a delusion as weakness. One shouldn't consider an intentionality as a mistake. One shouldn't consider petty intrigues as demonstration of spiritual power. Everybody should know his place. It is possible to get tired from giving free advices if a listener's consciousness doesn't want to rise. A deaf man doesn't need a talking parrot. There is no one to teach the parrot to talk. A tired one needs rest only. Ants also build giant constructions just under speechless order. Comprehension could be compared with honey gathered from multiple flowers of thoughts.

185. Methodically cultivated exceptionality is the way to the labyrinth of delusions. Master's silver thread only can help there. Labyrinths are always dark and full of monsters, but the thread of happiness shines with light of belief. Belief is not just hope but understanding that Light exists. If it is dark at some moments of your life, you should know that Light always shines and it is just your grief that has thrown an impenetrable cover on it. There is always sun above clouds. Our soul's mood may hide the God's flaming seed, but it never grows deem due to this.

If no one heard talks between the Great Wayfarer and Ibn Rahim, it doesn't mean that there were none of them. Their six years long travel couldn't be silent. And none of precious words could be lost.

Entire reality is woven of symbols.

186. The stronghold of heart is invincible. Someone tries to break crystal mirrors, but White Tower of Spirit stands imperishably above the boiling waters. Events that create karma develop according to a clew principle. In this case time continuum serves as a yarn. Moments get together and spin the yarn, and then it winds on an aura like on a spindle and creates a sort of cocoon for a soul-pupa maturing. It is not without reason that in some cults the soul was displayed as a butterfly. Spiral of energy or the clew can instantly transfer information from the future and from the past to the nearest spiral or to one separate point of time and space. Everything that was spin and winded was related to destiny.

God of Time Kala or Shiva Nataraja the Great performs his eternal everlasting dance creating whirls in galaxies, in empty spaces, and in every atom. Shiva creates the whirl of the space matter which produces power of densifying energies joining for creating new worlds. Spiritual alphabet or Vseyasvetnyi (entire world) written language could be understood in spacial projections only, using spiral formations.

187. Every finger on a palm is an antenna for individual kind of energy. A mudra or a gesture attracts not only specific cosmic wave of a constellation or a planet, but it is a magnet attracting atoms of specific elements or substances from space, air, water, and ground. Volatile state of elements is well known and accepted all over universe. For example “Mudra of Wisdom” attracts atoms of active iodine which sharpens consciousness and makes intuition stronger. Dense matter requires physical medicine and substances that may stimulate certain process. Spiritual power is dissolved in the world. Spiritual power is a carrier of physical strength for it is firstborn and closer to the basis of basis.

188. We are victims of evil which we carry inside ourselves. It is unjust to blame the world for cruelty and inconsistency. Everyone creates the world which is living, horrible, beautiful, joyful, and sorrowful. But Light enters inside us through wounds. Life experience could be achieved through much suffering, through pain and offenses. Evil burns away with every spark of suffering, leaving our souls. Blessed are the obstacles for they help us to grow. Sages knew about purification with internal fire of suffering; particle of celestial man liberates from rust of everydayness in this fire. Sleeping mankind wakes up from pain attacks. Life always begets a new life with pain and super effort. Why an average man seeks for irresponsible existence like for the model of happy life? Earthly delusions are great!

189. Instinct of own rightness leads a lot of people to fanaticism or to death of own convictions. Upholding the truth people unconsciously saturate it with a venom of rejection of another opinion, killing through this most high sense of struggle for truth. Selfhood fights for power by all means; ethical and moral restrictions on their way are just like an obstacle to be stepped over. One shouldn't patent the truth. It is dissolved in everyone. Everyone is a carrier of a particle and of a grain of general knowledge. The God living in everyone still doesn't manifest to the extent of the all-seeing. Just a small sector of omniscience is in every consciousness.

“Fill with My will!”- is the call of a Fiery Creature compassionating with every living soul. And this is one of fundamental truths of spiritual practices. Filling with the Guru's Will means finding inside yourself that life-giving power consonant with level and vibrations of the Planetary Spirit, Bodhisattva, or Christ-Consciousness. Perishing souls are looking for someone to rely on, for one who is able to save them; but more often they themselves prefer to come to nothing more than deceptive words and twaddle. Everyone who pronounces: “Fire, Teacher, Shambhala,”- believes that he is already saved and needs no spiritual efforts for internal transfiguration. Lie ate not only into flesh but into thinking as well. Only one thing may excuse these people: they know not what they do.

190. The space itself is suggestible as a carrier of conglomeration of memory and human thoughts. One who stands above dense thoughts flow touches ocean of Masters' thoughts. Neither fear nor lie threatens him. He is more powerful than any power or any weapon.

Mother the Bright, we will meet Thou above mundane vanity, above zigzag of everydayness at the fruitful field where the Bread of Life grows! Thou, the Great Mother of Agni Yoga! At the great date of Thy nativity we will praise the Great Spirit of Light for sending Thou to us as the Inextinguishable Cresset, as the Secret of Inexhaustible Wisdom, as Aria Tara who leads the world to new achievements of salvation!

Epidemic of lust for power and of authoritarianism reflects anarchy and chaos committed in the country.

The Valley which is going to play most important role in the planet's spiritual life, needs a new impulse that can upgrade people's around thinking. It is neither a bog with decaying thinking nor gnat vampirism that should see a living eye, but a new word of spiritual culture of the world. The source of culture will breath new life into beauty of interrelations. If you feel bad and dull in some society established for the sake of something or in the name of someone, does it make any sense to get consciousnesses together just for having tedious time and gossip? I say verily: one who steals his brother's time, steals this time from himself. Water in a mortar may turn sour, while churning of the ocean bears fruits. But deadly poison was first fruit of churning, and it was taken by Shiva. Let's not attract with our talk the guests that bring venom. If there is no time to think together about beauty, then simply stay quite in silence. These liars and power-hungry men leave the party with a sense of fulfilled duty after condemning all and sundry, thinking that they are more lofty, more pure, and more lightful than the fallen darkened creatures that carry the load of earthly labor. This is the way how new orders of the darkness are established.

Fanaticism has killed a lot of human generations. Crops contaminated with ergot should be burned in full while they stand.

Let's not impose our understanding of truth. Diversity of ways of understanding is so beautiful. Faces of beauty are turned to everyone. And it doesn't matter in what kind of light one sees a pattern of a secret. Because beauty can't cause an aversion. Only a pervert and a mocker can confuse Gioconda's portrait with a picture from glamor journal.

Tiny streams of small discoveries and achievements form the river of consciousnesses evolution. Let's write a book of miracles consisting of most bright moments of every earthly heart. Wisdom is not a mask of mystery, but burning flower of the heart.

Mountains of Light are covered with fog, but clouds are just sediments of mental currents. Calling Summits are ever-burning over the gray mantle, over offenses and misfortunes. Let's repeat a prayer to Mother of Agni Yoga while ascending: “Thou, the Great, warm up children walking through ice of hardships with the Power of Thy Fiery Heart and cover with the mantle of Thy Greatness giving back to them lost joy of love to Thou! Be blessed Thy life's mystery that turns waste plot of land into Beautiful Garden of Fiery Consciousnesses! Praise to Thou, Mother of Agni Yoga!”

191. A Warrior of Spirit stands above life and death. The Warrior of Spirit knows that he lives forever in spite of victories or defeats.

Earthly days charm with easiness of attainability and permissiveness of selfhood. Fight with own shadow is the fight with evil itself. These are not demons or servants of the darkness that disturb us but we ourselves, our parts poisoned with power of selfhood.

Time of ceaseless battle is not over yet. The Warrior of Light lives on the White Summit. His stronghold is surrounded with inaccessible wall. Following lower nature is betraying higher essence of life. Wishes can give delight depressing the heart at the same time. But the stronghold stands firmly. Not an enemy's arrow can cross the promised boundary. Mountains of Light protect one walking with the sun in his heart. The heart knows the way of sun. The stronghold will show the steps to the ascending spirit and will prepare a handrail. Time of the battle is close. Close is the predestined hour of triumph over the darkness of selfhood. White Summits of Spirit will ever shine for those who come to the border of Holy Dwelling. Mountains of Light preserve the Innermost Dwelling.


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