Konstantin Ustinov

The Mountain Hermitage

Every inflamed heart mentally strives to the great valley of Tangla...

October 6, 2001 – October 31, 2001

1. Every inflamed heart mentally strives to the great valley of Tangla, to the innermost Mountain Hermitage. The aspired one experiences reverential awe at the mention of the earthly Eden. The Fiery Arrows of the Supermundane World makes a consciousness burn hot with this image. But the one who visited this place just once in his life, even in his sleep dream, continually recurs to the vision of the marvelous place. Not simply creatures, but God-Men inhabit the Altar of the earthly World. Brothers, lets address to the Secret of Secrets, to the Shrine of Shrines, in order to touch the fiery purity of the name Shambhala, at least. And the river Katun is called Shambhation. And white waters were pointed out as a sign of the Brotherhood of Light. Lets not argue with anyone; but lets carefully collect small fragments of mentions of the Holy Place.

2. At the holy memorial day, when Norbu Rinpoche was granted to Urusvati, lets determine the new work for the sake of New Era and purification of human relations.

World Mother the Most-Pure! The Holder of the Ocean of energies of the Universe! I give You my heart! For You is the sacred lotus of the supermundane Magnificence! For You is the glory of primordial Purity and Wisdom! For You is the youth and subtleness of charm of Love! Praise to You for all times, and adoration! Lets honor the Mother in every life form!

3. Mankind is split into debris of wishes. These glittering debris disappear being stolen. Someone may ask, how a clear way to the Subtle World could be found. It could be found through the aspiration of the powerful wish alone. You will consciously enter into the Subtlest World only after you put together all wishes, all small manifestations of dreams and reveries as one magnet of aspiration. Be able to wish, and this greatest power will drive you to the Worlds of Light. Truly I say to you. One who comes through the Gates of Comprehension, opens them with a key which was forged during many previous incarnations; but many people try to open the Gates with a lock pick. Narcotics are harmful because they burn away the phosphor of nerves due to illegal entry into the Subtle World. The unhardened steel burns down to ashes.

4. There is no vampirism in the vegetable kingdom. In spite of general opinion, trees and flowers, which are considered to be vampires, are the healers of various illnesses, indeed. They release our auras from trash, dragging out ill currents of humanity

5. Sri-jantra arranges elements; and the fertilizing point inside is mankind, which is the synthesis of the mundane and celestial worlds. All spiritual sacrifices offered up to gods really gives them the power, although not with the blood of sacrificial animals but with the enthusiasm of veneration. One who succeeded in offering up the greater veneration, always gets the power of fiery respond. The principle of dynamo effect is in everything. The Masters need the earthly disciples as the mediators and conduits of the celestial current of perfection. No one should be afraid of the earthly life, but its quality is to be changed cardinally. Fire will fill the pockets of evil. The flame storms not by a threshold of home, the flame storms inside ourselves.

6. It is impossible to substitute the service with observing the rites. Some people chop wood at the yards of the offices of various societies and consider themselves to be at the service. Performing of ceremonies implies an expectation of a award for the doings, but the service is unselfish and selfless. Someone who drinks a glass of milk with soda every morning and every evening, considers this to be an elevation of his consciousness; but what about a man who is like Milarepa isolates himself at a snow land in a cave, where it is impossible to get even a piece of bred to say nothing of milk?

The path of a human treason is crooked. Betraying yourself, you commit a treason as well. Temptations of evil are more attractive, than the service for the sake of Light. They give pleasures and privileges. While the service is full of hardships, troubles, and mockeries. Lets bypass the one who meditates, sitting on a stone by a road. Lets go to a secret place, and no one will hear our prayer. Reality is full of mystery.

7. Discovering of the ancient Siberian cities starts restoration of most ancient center of civilization. Temples raised from oblivion will join the circle of spiritual magnets again. Holy stones will open secrets to clairvoyants. Chicha is one of the ancient cities.

8. The tensity results from the unexpectedness. But it is time to teach a consciousness to get accustomed to any sort of complications. The unexpectedness is just a consequence of the karma tension; you know, in the world current situation it is possible to expect any sort of a contingency. Lets not stay in breathless expectation of the New Era. The capability to wait is a characteristic of the high inner discipline. Sometimes impatience lets down at the last moment. The Messenger comes, when all lights are out and doors are closed. But the Messenger is not a beggar. He will not knock at the door and wake up neighbors. The open gate is the condition for waiting the Messenger. Be able not to urge on the events. It is impossible to make a fruit to ripe ahead of time. Advancement of the karma is a long process. The earthly viscosity impedes immediate coming of the consequences.

9. Lets not avoid the responsibility of being human beings. After such a long way of the evolution lets not go wrong in minor things. Humanity is named the passionate angels; but the gen that makes a biorobot from a man in the guise of perfection already inserted into blood. It is horrible to see the creatures without any sign of life inside. Empty eyes is one of the characteristics of such bipeds. Even animals may attack such walking dolls. All human secretions serve the Cosmic integration. A man, as a part of a chain that unites all kingdoms of nature, has both keys and capability to act in accord with the Universal laws.

10. Mysticism always brings up an association with demonism. An incrustation of lower psychism is imposed on all spiritual teachings. People are used to see dust on the books. But if a book is in use day after day, it will never be buried under a layer of oblivion. Sometimes destiny of a book is not better than that of a person. Mysticism is the recognition of the Subtle World existence. It is the recognition not of the other world, not of the world beyond the grave, but of the World, which is natural continuation of the ladder of Being. There can not be a single world formation without continuation, which means without the future. Better future should be anticipated in everything, otherwise every criminal should be put to death with no a possibility to reform.

11. The strength of the sword of heart is equal to your valor. Valor is to be forged together with the sword of heart. The more powerful the fire that heats a crucible of spirit, the more subtle the energies of growth. The spirit entrance is more gentle, than the gentlest things and more light than the lightest things; but consequences are more powerful than the effect of radium. The entry of spirit is the incessant process, which goes on up to the full fusion with the Divine Individuality. Everyone is an embodied ray; but one who doesn't understand it, lives according to the laws of the animal kingdom. The innermost boundary is very thin. It is possible not to notice it on the path of life; but the straight knowledge never lets down the carrier of the Warrior of Light, who starts to rise. The precious wine fills a vessel drop by drop; wisdom is collected by a thought or by a holy magnet of aspiration. The spirit of every fiery spark flies to a related beacon.

12. At the holy memorial date of the reverend Sergius of Radonezh lets adore the Master in our hearts. Lets adore the One Who consecrated the area of Russia with His presence and gave it the spiritual rise for many centuries ahead. It is not the memory about the deceased one, but the recollection of the living and making good active teacher of spiritual life of long-suffering Russia.

My Ray is over your Motherland. Not only Altai, but whole Russia is filled with the Light. The whipped foam and bottom sediments will not impede the Ocean of Light to spread over the Land of Verkhniaya Khem. The Egyptian secrets are approaching. Hermes Trismegist's mysteries, his behests come back, finishing the great circle.

Wisdom is there along with simplicity. Let some super-intellectual laugh, telling that all thoughts are well known since the world came into existence, and it is impossible to invent something new. But what is the new? The new is the way of thinking and discovery of never before seen, that is hidden behind spiritual horizon. Lets climb above the mist to the top of the White Mountain and look at the minor things that are visible all around. All our earthly troubles are like sand in a hand.

A prayer is the mystery of the good. If at the hours of praying you do not wish in your heart the bliss for entire world, it means that darkness is behind your shoulders and a tear of such a praying is bitter. Joy and bliss washes the heart of the praying one. Torrent of the Celestial Light washes away your filthiness. The lilies start blooming at the feet of the praying one, and the stones start singing; but grains of evil may yield venomous crops.

13. “Only the light-bearing consciousness of the heart will carry the subtle body into the higher realms”. Isn't it an innermost prayer? Isn't it the mystery of spiritual comprehensions, that is pronounced? Verily, every line of the fiery knowledge is the invaluable diamond. Wisdom of millenniums concentrates on a pen tip. The knowledge, that was gathered grain by grain and from one illumination to another by unknown spiritual toilers, that was well known to everyone in early Atlantis, nowadays comes back as the national heritage.

Spiritual food is like everyday bread. Without inner Light darkness captures a heart. There is no joy in gloomy life. There is no inspired rise without belief in happiness of the future. The Gold Century approaches. The world becomes more fiery. The discipline of flame supports the World of Spirit. The harmony of elements is linked with the fiery magnet.

14. Every formula must sound as a mantram. The perfection of words is picking up cosmic sounds.

The Master's behest is to enter into the Mountain Chamber! The Master's behest is to fly to other worlds! Infinity of Beauty, Love, and Knowledge is the Master's behest as well! Isn't it a royal gift in exchange for your shallow gossips and boring habits? Come to the treasury and take whatever you want. This is all for you! This is all yours! But before you have to burn up the Torch of Heart, in order to illuminate the grey vaults of everydayness. Breathe with unusualness. Think in a unique way, and a wish will come true. The Cosmic Magnet never slows in actions.

15. It was not mentioned yet about a role of twins in travels at the Subtle World. A body of each of them is a battery which carries consciousness from one point to another. People who were either in love or bitterest enemies in former incarnations are chained together with energetic and karmic chains. Twins can even move from one body to another. There were cases, when one of the souls superseded another one. These consciousnesses are so tightly united that they may be considered to be one essence. Such souls may travel in pairs, and, as a rule, they have same sleep-dreams as it was described in Blue Bird by Maeterlinck.

16. No, it is neither exhaustion nor automatic writing; it is intensification of the heart that you feel. You feel the space of milky-white color, expanding inside. It is the color of heart. Many people say that it is the emerald color; the muddle occurs due to difference of colors at the Subtle and Fiery planes and here. The earthly yellow color may become crimson at the Subtle World, and vice versa.

17. An expectation can't be unnecessary. If a component of the inner necessity of an event exists, then the tension of expectation appears. One shouldn't wish the good luck too strong, for it may frighten off the bird of fortune. One should wait steadily like a hunter in an ambush, but without assurance in a successful hunt. People should not be contrary to their destiny. Otherwise they may be reputed to be importunate. It is bad manners to ask for something and to remind about yourself too often. The expectation could be provoked by a vampire in order to put the consciousness of one who expects under a short term control. A cord of expectation connects energies. But the calm power of circumspection may become a good exercise of vigilance. Vigilance must not relax. A scream from darkness may call you; but a guard should not divert his attention from the watch and all the more come down from the Tower. The warrior's indifference is a crime, because of this he can miss an enemy as well as lose his armor. Beware of those who schedule a meeting and never come. The power of impatience is a reaction that belongs to the Fire World, where everything happens immediately.

18. Joy has disappeared from TV screens; it was superseded with the intimidation by approaching disasters. Action movies with detailed scenario of murders teach heartlessness and disregard of human values. Even Internet, which was suggested as a mean for spiritual communications and a substitute for telepathy, now is turned into a school of erotic travels. Verily, darkness puts everything upside down. Psychology of the end of the world doesn't provide a fund of optimism. But the wisdom smiles. It hears breath of eternity. Tides are manifestation of the cycling of life.

19. The emerald chalice, the emerald crystals, and the emerald skull were used by Inca Indians for sharpening the clairvoyance.

20. Celestial humanity preserves inside itself both a gen of immortality and DNA of a cosmic man. The limitation of human comprehension are the result of the discontinuity of the earthly and celestial chains.

The time column of energy doesn't mean the departure from the general stream, but the change of the movement vector. This doesn't mean the movement from the past to the future, but from one pole of time towards another. The time washes a body and moves upwards without changing dense structures, but strengthening them. The principle of the movement of energy inside a pyramid is similar to this. The column of energies, which surrounds an aura, is that very Guiding Ray or the White Ray over a top of head.

21. It is a mistake to consider the time to be two-dimensional. It can be three- or even four-dimensional. The heart has power over it.

22. Demons of haughtiness have found a lot of food for themselves. The present is full of manifestations of self-significance. He swell of energies results from the lack of demand and internal motion. The stagnant aura may be powerful; but accumulation of energies doesn't mean simply preserving of some internal forces, but continual improvement and refining of their quality. The simplicity implies understanding of one's own place in the evolution of the universe. The haughtiness forms false images from the dust of self-conceit. Self-conceit fogs with mystery the truth of every aspect of the innermost knowledge. Why I pay so much attention to this imperfection? This is one of the products of the rotting human consciousness. Even animals have the proper pride. But the haughtiness is the false right for exclusiveness and singleness. You know, there are many ways besides snobbery to prove one's own significance.

23. The holy cobra is the personification of Ra the God's rage and power. The stone of rage is more red than burning coals. The columns of Light support your way. The lightnings of evil have no power over Falcon Horus. The lava of feelings can absorb every soul. The mirror of the accumulated good, ringse crystal, repels hordes of darkness. When the power of heart comes back, then the stream of World Love flows to the heart. Anura is more powerful than Mara.

24. A new code of relations is under formation. Achievements of ethics will be in first line of this code. Love is most rational behavior of people. Compassion is most beneficial feeling in the Higher World.

Special aspiration alone releases from the lightweight particles of thinking. The earthly dust goes away, when a bird flies upwards. The particles of ignorance burn away in the clarifying stream.

25. All our incarnations live on the bank of the river of memory. But the great feminine principle alone can guide us to this sacral knowledge. Only one who is able to humble the human pride can touch the secret of reincarnations. Psychology of the king of nature gave rise to haughtiness of permissiveness.

Horus the God, the Solar Falcon, rules the world of our thoughts. And it doesn't matter what is His true name, for one of the Truth's names can throw the world down into demolition. Pronouncing of it causes unavoidable disintegration of elements. And heavens will furl like a precious scroll.

26. It is a rare gift to read between lines or to come into the space of unspoken. When extracting big precious stones, many people throw out almost unnoticeable, but not less valuable truths together with the spent ore. The mosaic is to be composed from small and big stones; a pattern becomes more vivid if many small particles were used. A house vault is made of breaks and stones but there is also grout which consists of smallest grains of sand. There are no trifles in the world. Moments form aeons. So, do not mind to bend over a tiny flower, which grows under a big fruiting apple tree; friends may be big or small, but friendship is to be measured by the strength of feelings, but not by the fleetingness of meetings. If you approach a small star, it may turn out to be a giant, which supports the space.

An image left by visitors should not sediment on a home's aura. Capability to carry away with you your astral escort is one of the aspects of the good. Do not take over yourself somebody's belongings, and do not leave your own. The gift of the heart is the crystal of help; but an accidentally left nail can pierce into most inappropriate place. The home aura folders are like convolutions of a huge brain. That is why it is necessary to clean and keep in order the home aura. Acquaintances bring many unasked guest behind their backs; but a broom of incense sweeps them out, and the fire of heart scorches the boring insects.

27. Make wise decisions. Be a friend and a helper, but not a teacher on a pedestal. If you help someone who seeks to find God in his heart, then praise to you. Time of museums and memorials is over. Build the Temple of Living Mother of Agni Yoga! Cultivate love to the Eternal Life at the summits of the fiery veneration. The meeting will be joyful. Introduce yourself as one who came from afar, and there will be no mistake. Orion is your Motherland. The man-swan is your form. That is why you love these birds so much. Do not take somebody else's karma over yourself. Everyone must bear his cross by himself. You may help if you see a progress; but karma of laziness is heavy.

Mother's Temple should be with a pyramid-shaped roof and a sphere with ak-dorje on the top and with three treasures inside. It is the place where the Temple of Krishna had to be.

28. Mother of Agni Yoga, or White Tara, holds the cross of the heart of space. She is like most high mountain of Light. She is the Guard of the Gates of the Fiery World. There are many people at Her foot, asking for help; but their lifted up hands are directed to opposite side. The splashes of energies spread over the space. But those who come to Her, give the power of heart to Her Lightful Heart. The serpent of envy can't touch those, who are surrounded with Her Aura. Her protection is too powerful. The fiery way of Her thoughts runs to the far-off worlds. The features of the earthly face could be recognized without hesitation; the sound of Her voice is a heart healing balm. Her voice tells you: “The Brotherhood of hearts kindled with the Service aspiration, call Shambation, same as the holy river”.

The new wave of worldwide aspiration will link the seekers. People with burning hearts will be attracted. The net of fluids of love will cover the planet. Master S.-J. have blessed the initiative. But the Brotherhood implies the community. Be the brother among brothers. Be ordinary, and don't try to be distinguished. Modesty is important as an example for the others. The Egregore of Spirit must work. The Magnet of Light must shine. Tense your heart for the good, and the Guru will help you. The missing parts of the chain of the Brothers of Fire must join together. Prepare the tension of hearts for the service. Only work can unite.

29. Mankind's aura is ill. Young people suffer same diseases as old ones. Expression of diseases in young age means that the planet contamination has reached the critical point.

The struggle between labor and capital leads to various negative manifestations. When people are deprived of a regular occupation, then various inventions and fantasies of criminal nature appear. Procuring money by all means is the grin of democracy. Anarchy and permissiveness – that is how democracy is understood; but society of labor is far more democratic, for it teaches the young people that all material and spiritual valuables are the men's work. Christ's principle “by a human hand and by a human foot” is the basis of the communist idea and of the idea of a perfect community.

Diseases result from loss of proper course of life and decline of spiritual searches and aspiration. Young people dream about own houses and rooms papered with green banknotes. It seems to them: just become a rich man and all problems will be resolved. But it is a deep delusion. Problems will grow. The rich man can't sleep well. But a poor man sleeps the sleep of the innocent. The aphorism about the treasure and the heart is well known and true. Where material treasures are, there incessant bearing them in mind is. That is why poverty is considered to be a merit in spiritual practices. But attitude towards riches is important. One can be rich but not attracted to his riches. God giveth and God taketh away. The biblical example about St. Job is significant as the proper attitude towards riches: it is not a burden, but a mean for giving help to poor people.

30. The power of gold Falcon-Horus hovers over Russia. Changes for the better in the country are obvious.

31. Appearing of the greenhouse effect confirms the fact of poles shift. Every year from 20 to 40 meters of the Arctic shoreline thaws out and advances to the land. Global warming comes to Europe and America. The world map changes. Masters know, that the European continent will sink. Masters know, that a new land will emerge at the place where Atlantis previously was. Sphinx, most ancient witness of the latest Deluge, will see Sahara blooming.

32. Only the flame of aspiration burns off the karma. Only the stream of tense work burns off the karma. Only Masters give the Divine Gift of deliverance from the karmic litter.

An inspired prayer is cleaning of the aura. Do not pray with the studied words. Let the talk with God comes directly from the heart. Sometimes the feeling of joy fills the heart, and it is the best prayer. Make your heart hot with veneration, trust, and devotion. The Master will respond immediately. The Master will send the Ray of His Love, and it will be easier to cross Santana along this White Thread.

It is impossible to live without karma. It is necessary to substitute material karma with higher one. When the wax melts, there is a lot of litter on the surface. In order to refine the wax it is necessary to melt it once more. The prayer both strengthens the aura and removes litter from the karma simultaneously. The fire of thought heals.

33. It is difficult to achieve an enlightenment, but it is much more difficult to remain on the achieved level. Many forces are eager to return the enlightened one to the former state. These are jealous spirits in service of demigods, which are afraid of losing their places. These are also essences which are already used to possess this space without any impediments being masters of the situation.

The enlightenment of one person is an event of global scale. Such person purifies three worlds.

34. “Observe the innermost pearl in purity of wishes and purity of feelings!”

The internal light, which appears, when the eyes shut, signifies certain advancement. Cleansing of the nervous channels provides luminescence of the fiery substance, which strives to its spiritual summit, to the magnetic or spiritual gland, in other words to Chintamani, which controls the spiritual processes in a human being, if they are formed already. Simply speaking, it sleeps until a fiery body will be formed.

The fiery body is the lightning of lightnings. It may be manifested as a white-blue bright silhouette in front of a man. Glow of various parts of the body, starting from lower parts and up to the crown, precedes this.

The sun over a head is an attribute of Egyptian gods. In this way the ancient people have depicted the luminescence of well-developed spirit or of atmic consciousness. This state is not stable and it is connected with the development of Dangma and of spirit-knowledge, which is going to take place of the strait-knowledge.

35. Most high initiation occurs in a human heart, when a man seats by a working table. All initiations performed with theatrical pomp and sublimity are meant for outer effect and incredible impression of a crowd. Everything higher is secret and hardly perceptible.

36. The subtle rubbish, which surrounds physical shells, hinders the development of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and of other aspects of spiritual-knowledge. The subtle rubbish is both the karmic husk and the husk of mental shells of unworthy actions. Spatial fiery waves fuse the lower rubbish. The gold of words of the prayer helps to surround yourself with the Light. It is not the incantation to the spirits, but the call to the Higher Essence. An aspiration must be only of the highest quality. The blade end of the consciousness attracts the spatial fire. The ocean of psychic forces is the spatial fire. The obsessors use the astral rubbish in order to remain by the desirable source.

In the white magic practices there were used the birds' and the vermigrades' eggs for releasing from obsession and for cleaning auras. A homunculus was cultivated through saturating this fundamental life-giving matter with the mental energies. At ancient times humanity have passed the stage of development in the egg. The aura is also an egg-shaped. In many religions the egg is the symbol of indivisibility of three worlds. The energies pulsate even in an unfertilized matter. All living things have a big potential of receiving energies. If an overeater understands it as filling his belly, then the Teaching of Fire sees in it the inexhaustible ocean of the Forces of Light, which can change the inner world of everyone.

37. Someone can live without food. Another one can do without water and fire. Third one can manage without a home. But no one can live without Divine Love. It is impossible to live without compassionate, not thinking about someone, who is in difficulty. Think of those who are under oppression, and may be your thought will help to resolve a problem. Sometimes difficulty is like a pile of stones of circumstances; but a builder's task is to build house walls, or a road, or a protecting fence of these stones. Everything depends on the request of the selfness or of the spirit. The difficulty implies the work, and we are not afraid of the strenuous work. Every strain of the heart leads to a certain result. The more high the tension and aspiration, the more lightful and perfect the consequences. Let's strive to the highest result. The blooming of creative soul complets the process.

38. Degradation of the present society starts from the wish to experience the unknown. But the anticipating ones do not know yet, whether it is the pleasure or the suffering. Darkness forms narcotics addiction in the young bodies, in order to take youngsters away from understanding of their places in the modern world. The dark ones' task is very simple: to implant into the minds of young people the desire to consume the psychic venom all the time. Degradation of mankind is obvious; but matter's propensity for involution is balanced on the scales of wisdom by the spirit's striving towards the Higher Spheres. The way of knowledge replaces the way of destruction.

39. Lets bow in silence before the Gate Keeper. Lets become the basis of the walls in the City of the Brotherhood of Shambation. Lets not afraid of attacks and strenuous work. Lets not afraid to to be on the sacral guard. Lets look over the whole world, like the birds that sit on the rocks. The summits are majestic, but a beast of prey can reach them. But white stones will help us to notice a prowling grey shadow.

Be blessed the one who calls us to the Brotherhood! Be blessed the one who creates peace, but not destruction! Be blessed the one who calls us to the collective work! The cooperation of hearts gives the impulse for the development of everyone's space.

The perfection starts from a clean home. The perfection starts from a clean body. The perfection starts from a clean mind and words. Watch the words that you pronounce. The crystal of spiritual power is in every word. Crystallization of the creative sound is not always necessary.

Let's seat silently. Let's kindle the candles of hearts. Darkness never surrounds those who strive to the Pyramid of Light. The fire of hearts will call down the fires of worlds in order to cultivate the new garden, the garden of Love and Brotherhood.

Shambation is blessed by the Masters. Cultivate the earthly and the celestial gardens. Let the hearth of the soul, that gives hope and trust to suffering ones, never die away!

The good energy issued during the unifying work not just renews consciousnesses, but it is also a source of new currents that pour down on the participants. The composition of links is not random; entire energetic composition of currents changes in case of even one component replacing. Verily, everyone is a carrier of the cosmic power. Everyone is the reactor of unknown radiation. Everyone is the part of the Creator of Worlds. The association arranges the new space.

There is no amorphous emptiness. There are the consciousness or unconsciousness both of living and non-living objects. It is possible to charge stones with the fiery energy, and then build a house of them. But it is also possible to turn the house into the cemetery of ideas.

40. At ancient times initiation was called “a refuge at the Teacher's place”. The new comers, who have passed the path of sufferings and understanding, asked the Guru or the conduit of the Divine Power for patronage. The continuous observation during the trial had to be accepted voluntarily. But inspiration is necessary for such decision. The creature, which had achieved another plane, can't breath in the air of everydayness and banality any more.

The stream of the energies of the Fiery Plane, which enrich the earthly prana, is that very inspiration. It is like a long deep breath of power with higher quality consequences.

Yes, we are simply a tool in the hands of the invisible wise and just forces; the more completely we implement the idea of these fiery forces, the more definite the result. The space reaction will manifest immediately. The elements won't stand disharmony.

41. The initiation is the signatures of the Higher Worlds. Descending of the radiant matter onto the earthly plane is almost imperceptible. But the fiery sound and the shivers down your spine are real. Some people feel the intensification of the heart energies. Celestial flowers fall down on the initiated one's shoulders. The sounds of celestial music are incredibly wonderful, but this beauty doesn't belittle the power of the flame and it becomes even brighter.

The country of blind people is seeking for its guide.

42. Refining of the perception leads to the understanding of the given signs. One may recognize a warning in a stone on their way, but they shouldn't look into a neighbor's coffee cup.

The mediumism and reading signs differs in the quality of the received information, in its transparency. The signs come true. The predicted events come true as well. But the nature of the mediumism implies putting yourself at the disposal of the lower spirits. A man becomes a coaching inn for the disembodied ones. But the clairvoyance is the lot of the hieroinspired people. One flounders in a muddy puddle, but the other one takes off in the stream of the Divine Flame. The Light opens the spirit's eyes. The mud makes the higher vision roily. It is better to be burned away due to the presence of Angel, than perish in the arms of the hungry spirit.

I trust the devoted disciples with the secret! I open the Door for those, who knocks at It! I am the Stuff of the Way for the walking ones! And the White Wayfarer will become My palm! I will show the Way in the darkness! I will stand guard when you are sleeping. And if the light will flash somewhere afar in a wild country, it means that it is Me!

Chain the darkness by your heart! The heart is beyond the power of the earth. I will forestall a misfortune and slake your thirst in the desert of life! I grant the name Shambation to the forefront, because henceforth Altai is the Bastion of Shambhala! My Eye will reject the sons of evil, and the Celestial Valley will become the earthly eden! Yes, yes, yes! Verily I say.

Put your ear to the ground: Maitreya's horses gallop. Look into the heaven: the ships of the Light are flying, sent by Maitreya. The bell of skies is full of the sound of wisdom, and your song is in this sound too.

43. The God's World of Joy is weaved of the Light. The human soul and the net of the human aura are weaved of the Light. We came here in order to rejoice, but not to grieve. Let's accept the Light as Joy.

The Angel of the Way is waiting for us in the darkness in order to guide to the proper path. The higher the path, the less dense the darkness. At the end the path runs upwards to the white summit; and from there it climbs up to the heavens and disappears behind the clouds.

My words touch you spiritually. You can feel the fire and the heat; your heart widens, and there is a burning charcoal inside, and it burns unbearably. It is the explicit sign of My influence. The darkness is unable to create the illusion of fire.

In the Subtle World a material body is just a haze of illusion; the glow of nerves forms an anlage of the Body of Light.

The Spheres of Beauty are in Infinity. The illusion of the emptiness deceives. Everything is full of Life.

44. A brown film screens the Door of Light. Cockroaches scamper about nooks and hide behind various things.

I will cover the aura of life with the golden paintings. The light of non-disclosed secret is in the prana deposits. The pieces of art are the crystals of the perfect energies. The spiritual life goes by within the mental Light. The earthly weaknesses help sometimes to remain in own sphere without ascending to the higher plane. The Mental Light is that very beginning of the Fiery World.

You are going upwards through the gold of feelings. Assemble the Warriors of Spirit. Their accumulations are huge, but the will of fire is weak. The building mortar is necessary to unite them. The attacks are unavoidable. But the persecuted ones are blessed. There will be the trials for the group. The worthy spirits will stand them. Let your heart be vigilant even during night time.

45. A feeling gives birth to an energy. The energy of the will of the heart directs aspiration. The wish gives the predestined color to the aspiration. The intellect considers the world to be hopeless, but the heart says contrary. The intellect whispers about prudence, but the heart reminds about valor. Verily, an endless battle goes on inside a human being. The creative aspect of the elements exerts every effort in order to keep balance of the envelope. The cross of the material world is heavy. But the task of life is to be fulfilled.

46. The target of the expedition was to bring the Stone to the land of the coming evolution. At the places, through which the Stone was carried, the parts of the left before at various places Aerolit began to burn. And Belukha started to drone the Anthem of Joy, greeting arrival of Urusvati. And the City, surrounded with the Columns of Light, appeared before their eyes. The Spiritual Capital of the World waits for the predestined hour. The cosmic current will not delay even for a moment. What was planned by The Masters, will come true. The plan of evolution will be implemented for sure.

47. The gates to the World of Light are open. These are our own vices that prevent us from taking off to the sphere of perfection. Burdened with the earthly sorrows and concerns, we become the magnets for another troubles. That is why it is necessary to advance the joy. The joy always helps to rise above the fog of prejudices; the joy always protects and gives the valor. The fire of love strengthens the spirit.

48. Sometime the mankind will get tired of hate, deplete it, and turn to the Lightful Way. But the Lightful Way is not just a stone rode; it is the living and merciful essence, which can give a helping hand and can guide to the nearest hearth, and then guide further after the rest. The way is the guide, the stuff, the lantern, and the bag with food. The light can't be indifferent to the walking and striving one due to some portion of evil inside their. The light sees spiritual potential, which may manifest very quickly. You know, gold and diamond are hidden inside soil and clay. Seek for the precious gift within everydayness, for unusualness is enlightenment already.

We are surrounded with thousands and thousands of invisible assistants, which guide us, give us hints, and even encourage us. Every glowing spark is a living spirit, though very small but having certain power of the light. When the light flares, and the waves, flashes, and columns of the light are coming into the Dangma, into the heart, or into the Bell center, one should know, that these are the invisible friends who raise their souls to the new heights.

49. The chain of karma holds everyone in the limits of some certain orbit; but even dogs are let out for a walk. Cruelty is not always the best form of behavior. All karmic knots could be eased with mutual tolerance. It is impossible to improve the human nature with the peremptory shout or order. It is possible to become reputed to be a muleteer but not a teacher.

50. The heavens are open, and not in the figurative but in literal sense. Formation of ozone holes over the poles is that very manifestation of magnetic saturation of the planet. Both climate change and the earth axis tilt change are the results of the solar activity, which becomes more and more conscious and saturated with the mental energies. Raj Star builds the field for the New Epoch. Raj Star saturates every stone with vibrations of the Light. The Master of Shambhala sends to everyone a proper garment. But the armor of the Warrior is good for any case of life.

51. Distortion of the planet's aura brings catastrophes and wars. Distortion of the human radiations threatens unknown diseases. It is time, when the major part of people has to go away to another places of dwelling. There are many attempts to stay on the Earth, where processes of purification and preparation for the new race coming are going on. The home of the new race is washed with the energies. The new faces of Beauty start to shine. The spirits, which didn't understand the Novelty, go far away. The new harbors are prepared for them. Saturn is waiting for the ploughmen for its fields; the planets near by Jupiter are waking up for the conscious life. But higher manifestation of the Consciousness is impossible without humanity. Only a human being has the Cosmic Right of thinking, can combine incompatible things, and can analyze events. Mosaic of scattered ideas and sparks of thoughts may be assembled by a thinker as a powerful magnet, which influences on the weak minds and strengthens their fiery qualities. A human essence is a gatherer of what is obsolete and needless at first sight in the World of Ideas. But sometimes even a glass bead, lost by someone, could be used as a focus in a complex device for having a good look at the Higher Worlds.

The fire fuses the incompatible elements. Some people will talk a lot about antagonism of the elements; but look at one, who insists on this statement. He himself is a collection of incompatible things. The living fires of elements can live and cooperate only in the certain succession. Their mutual penetration is obvious. The fiery steel is hardened with water. The subtle ether will substitute the dense element of water. The earthly fire will become the stream of radiations of the light, and general refining of consciousnesses will allow mankind to clean up the spheres nearby the dense globe, and to move there. The dense cloud of various kinds of lust will disappear; and the higher help to the stubborn humanity will become more real.

The time of supermen expires. Now it is time of uniting the energies. Strengthening of the iron fist is nothing in comparison with the magnet of thought, directed to the good. New time requires new forms of cooperation. A lonesome wayfarer that brings the Teaching to every home is an anachronism already. Television and Internet is the burst of spiritual revolution. When used properly, these are the tools for spiritual consolidation. It is possible to exchange the information about the time and the subject of the meditation very quickly.

The new quality of the currents creativeness will change the world within ten or twelve years. The cycle of Kalachakra is not casual. The Celestial Wisdom knows grins and kindness of every conglomerate of the living elements.

52. The human memory is similar to the bottomless ocean of knowledge. The continent of Memory should be compared only with the Universe. There are many deposits on the very bottom, but it is lightning alone, that can wake up the volcano of former accumulations. There are as many former lives, as the drops in the ocean, because the Earth is not only one dwelling place of a monad. Previous fiery existence at other planets and star systems is real like the present day. Many people partially continue to live there, at the higher planes, or in their sleep dreams. Parallel lives in one body is the subject for the special innermost work. A man is not able to live at an orbit of a planet without spiritual orbital stations. The man can't visit the Higher Worlds without the appropriate bodies. But the bodies of the higher nature are not waiting for their earthly master. They are living their own eventful lives. And the earthly body may know nothing about that, but can feel currents, vibrations, and thoughts of the different plane. We can not be the jailers of our own bodies. If a spark of consciousness or a thought can live separately, adapting to the local conditions, then our bodies are able to be the flying meteors. The highest consciousness is necessary for attracting the higher bodies. The more high our earthly vibrations, the more full our Being.

53. In the old days on the planet there was the Protecting Shield made of the magnets of the Orion Stone. The Heart of the World cherished the sprouts of the new spiral of evolution. Ignorance and envy towards mankind led the Atlantis to the downfall. Sphinx, who has been keeping the Aerolit on his body, remained safe. But the Stone was destructed, although it didn't disappear, but was scattered all over the Earth. Sphinx was the focus of the Shield. The split of the Heart of the World migrates all over the world, and huge parts are kept at the Mountain Hermitage and the White Mountain.

The Celestial Fires flare up. The Stone substance becomes the living flesh. The energies of open heavens inject the power of Orion into the blood; many people walk all over the world like the holy magnets. Being ordinary, modest, and even poor, they realize the work of kindling the space. There is still a good many darkness on the planet, and the Prince's helpers are well trained. The carriers of the Stone are the Warriors of Light. It is they who introduce the radiation of evolution. And very soon the Celestial Shield will start working for the good of the world again.

54. The stones are most ancient inhabitants of the world. They are the condensers of the mundane memory.

55. Not even one living thing, saying nothing about the planets, can exist without the Divine Forces and the Spirits of Order and Power. In the cosmos there is no even a force, which exists on its own, without control and cooperation with other forces. Entire history of the cosmos is the history of joining of new areas of the cosmos with the Hierarchical Ray, as with the conscious power of evolution. Not even one combination of elements or of energies could appear without the Guiding Ray. A stone and a blade of grass, an animal and a human being couldn't appear without the Divine Moulder.

It is possible to create any substance from the handful of dust with the help of vibrations.

56. The stink of irritation is terrible. The waves of imperil corrupt the matter of nerves. Something like that happens due to idleness, when energies become stagnant. The musty air of decay is a bad assistant for a consciousness.

Beware of chatterers and pharisees, which are not even trying to quite one of their habits. They like to be in the chair, to bleim, and to teach; but when it comes to using Living Ethics in the everyday life – it is not concern of theirs. It is their so called peculiarity. Irresponsible vegetation and powerful animal energies unmistakably point out a carrier of such false peculiarity. They used to have a stentorian voice and an appearance of a village priest. If they learn to fold their arm on the belly, it is already a certain success on the way of false teaching.

The whirl of events throws out foam on the surface. The panned out gold dust is unnoticeable. It sediments on a bottom. A river makes a lot of noise at a shallow place. An empty barrel clatters loudly as well. All higher things go on in silence. Corrupting idleness of societies, decorated with exceptional importance and significance, is the worst delusion for the consciousnesses. The internal work implies the internal discipline, which can be achieved with supreme efforts. The cowardice should not be mistook for the intelligence, and the madness – for the valor. Let's differentiate the workers of the good from the loudmouths. They were rejected somewhere and now they are eager to take vengeance on the world for their past. Rudeness is the wost of all manifestations. Someone can take food from a child and brawl with his wife all the time, and at the same time he considers himself to be at service. We do not need a sergeant majors for fisticuffs. Carriers of the higher power influence people wordlessly. The higher life is the great magnet; and the way of such people is solitary.

57. - My friend! What has flashed over the mountain path in the gloom of night?

- It is the Ray sent by the Guide's thought.

- Why didn't I notice this bright shining before?

- Before you was sitting in a comfortable room with electric lights, which blinded the Eye of Soul. And now you are in the wild lands and have quited the habits of earthly comfort. The more dense the darkness, the more keen spiritual eyes!

58. People like a reed wave in the winds of new trends. There are many prepared souls subject to hesitation. These hesitations withdraw best forces of the soul and lead to the dead point. People go to the target not always directly, but if someone reaches the steps, he must not turn aside. Otherwise the ladder may crash down. No Hierarchy, even most patient one, will wait for a gaper, while he is hesitating. Decisiveness determines the Way. The bare necessity of the Way gives the possibility to find the path by a lucky chance. But the events in the world are not of the chance nature. The circumstances of events are combined of many components. And devotion to the Teacher of Light is not last and least among them.

59. Starving, suffering, and thirsty people! Come to the House of My Heart, and I will feed you, give to drink, warm you, and release your suffering, for My House is called the House of Joy.

60. The ocean advances. Volcanoes are waking up. Storms and tornadoes rage. Participation of human thoughts in the rage of elements is obvious. The pursuit of undeserved material goods, plundering of states and nations may result in nothing but a reverse impact. Only the poverty is the punishment for the welfare. A man, who is not spoiled with luxury, gets used to simplicity and manages with the little. Losing his property is not a tragedy for him. But one, who clings to every cloth, can hang himself on a rope in the outburst of selfishness, in order that no one may take it.

The profundity of ignorance is immeasurable. There is no greed in the animal world. Only a hungry animal keeps off a rival; but when it is satiated, it doesn't matter that someone is eating from it's feed-box. The nature is the wise teacher. But a human being constructs a golden cage with the stinginess of his feelings; and it is he himself a jailer, a watchman, and a guard dog. It is difficult to control the mature feelings, especially if they were experienced endlessly. People slide by a well-trodden path easily. It is difficult to follow reaction of the mind.

61. A thought is a lightning; a thought is a magnet; a thought is light. It was said enough about the power of the higher thought; but it was said a little about the thought-creation and generation of thought-forms. Big and small egregores arise due to the collision of the powerful thoughts and the space. The energetic spirals, which are attracted to the magnet and deposit on it, carry the information of straight- and spiritual knowledge. A part of human ectoplasm, carried away by the thought, forms the soul of thought, and the space involves sparks of the related elements. To the stream of creation the thought-form attracts many layers and spheres, starting from the Earth and up to the Throne of Light. Definiteness is the deep meaning of the thought; it creates the shape of future formation. The new grows like a smallest grain, fed by the bliss of Mystery. The world bridge is built gradually; the thoughts stratify like a precious varnish layer by layer, until the wonderful glare makes the secret forms glitter. Then even an earthly eye can enjoy celestial beauty.

We cultivate the beautiful garden by the thought! We build the future with the thought. Intensification of the thought creation sows the wild field of the space. A man can be a co-creator and a creator of the far-off worlds. The god's image and likeness are not displayed yet; but they have the potential of development. The evolution of thought is majestic and boundless. It can elevate to the Higher plane and to precipitate to the dark stratums. Cooperation of many thoughts creates a stable holographic and full image, as if the form for the maya body. The Masters use these bodies, when appearing before the disciples.

The practice of keeping the mental vision of the Master's Face develops the eagle eye and magnetic attraction of the Master's Ray. You bear Him in mind, He remembers you!

62. The animals react on the situations, and people create them. In this case they are the right hand of the demiurgical mechanisms, which control, create, and dispense Karma. Providence is of great significance for the advanced creatures. The egocentric thinks that the karma is under control of his stubborn will. One, who forces his way through, may be accidentally pressed down by a tree; or he will have to drag himself along with a broken leg, saying nothing about even the worst things. Karma catches a self-willed man. The Creator's order is strictly established, although it is selective. The free will costs much. Even a joke is fraught with a bitter retribution. Do not hurry on to fill the bowl of moment with the mud of flat thinking. Be more serious. Responsibility for life starts from the little things. A recognized wish is already half overcame. An unworthy thought is same strong as a good one. It is impossible to turn off the predestined way. It is possible to delay the due term; but the general line of karma never changes.

63. Creating problems for someone or a thought about doing harm to someone is already the service to Satan. There are many our offenders on the Earth, but their destiny is poor. Even in case of obvious well-being they are deeply unhappy and are doomed to serious psychic tragedies. The dark ones are full of sorrow due to their departure and clutch at the rags of life here, for they know, that Saturn is waiting for them. Meltdown threatens every soul with lack of spiritual centers. They exist as if without the head and the heart. They are the team of walking dead men. A number of them in the dense world grows; and the right to embody was given to evil spirits. The period of twilight between Yugas allows most terrible creatures to creep out from the dark nooks. But the heart is on alert even on the night watch.

64. Any victory is overshadowed with big losses. But the Scales of Wisdom knows the golden mean. It is possible to buy an earthly soul only for an earthly thing. The Flower of the fiery Light was born in the Eden Garden, and It is not afraid of the attacks of earthly elements.

65. The Heavenly Pastures or the Heavenly Fields are the one of most holy places of Altai. They are located between Belukha and Tabyn Bogdo at the Ukok plateau; for the ancient Scythians this was the personification of their idea about celestial country, which is waiting for them in the future. They knew that the death means awakening for the life after death. The subtle feelings of the densified astral exist there up to the present time. The energies manifest as nightmares and horrors. They may come in a sleep dream or in reality. The consciousness of the Subtle World exists in these fields beside the dense world, and is ready for interpenetration.

66. Love and Wisdom are the principal participants of the divine assistance. Compassion of the higher essences to people is manifestation of one of cosmic forces, which cultivate evolution after evolution, growing during the process of education. Learn when teaching – it is the ancient truth, which can determine direction of the spirit upbringing.

The grain of every soul is preserved with patience, which proves greatness of the task, which is to be fulfilled by every seed of the Great Life. That very inertness of matter, with its inherent counteracting force, causes pumping of most powerful energies of evolution. There is an equal reaction to every action. How much good, love, and patient wisdom is to be poured out on mankind, before first spark of understanding of the meaning of every even minor life illuminates the consciousness and develops into the one hierarchical principle, which makes clear to everyone, where their place is! Necessity of every life, value of mutual connections, cooperation among worlds and people - everything becomes apparent in the light of understanding and becomes simple and clear.

Everything great is transparent and simple. But lack of solemnity is the enemy of any kind of formation. Even simplicity is solemn. Great love is not only enthusiastic, but solemn, for enthusiasm is fleeting. Solemnity is enthusiasm, strengthened with devotion of love; that is why the power of solemnity grows in due course and develops into Infinity. Realization of nothing but devotion is already a sacral thread, that connects you with your Mahaguru. This is exactly what links the stream of your thoughts with the Ocean of Hierarchical Light.

67. All cosmic energy, which is given for the development of spiritual principles, is spent for the sphere of lower psychism. Strengthening of selfness and intensification of mediumistic abilities are proclaimed to be the Agni Yoga achievements. Sitting in a comfortable chair and listening to a lecture about lofty matters, we become like medieval signors, who looked at an inquisitional fire with their neighbor on it. Degradation of the inner world, the power of currents spent for discords and quarrels among false community members – this is the full set of so called inner work. By the means of behavior we bring up the monsters that screen heavens from the hearts. Only verbal noise never drives the consciousness towards the clarity.

68. Under the pressure of spatial fire, legions of disembodied ones rushed from the lower astral into the mundane world through the sluices in the space of the iridescent whirl. These events trigger the epidemic of obsession. The structure and qualities of these creatures are well-known. At the same time these spirits-moulders come into the mundane sphere in order to prepare the world for the entry of the dense astral.

The change of magnetic currents, time anomalies, fiery columns and rays from the higher spheres are trying to remove garbage from the coming earth.

The spirits are knocking even from the reverse side of the mirror. The flow of astral shells pours down into the planet's depth in order to be fused. The consciousness sharpening is often connected with the presence of these spirits in our world. They introduce the subtle world's laws, and their ectoplasm saturates the space all around. This causes everybody's fad of mediumism and spiritualism; this causes wars and unsoundness of minds. Conflicting thoughts tear people into pieces.

The spatial fire is the only remedy from the lower psychism. The stream of fire washes away the malicious stinkers. The stream of fire blocks the astral garbage. Everything indecent and unnecessary burns away. Ashes go to ashes. Wiping off the dust from the varnished surfaces of furniture you will think about destroyed shells, which were the containers of volcanoes of emotions.

Evaporation of the astral means removing the element of water from it. It is precisely that muddy water, which conducts the currents of mediumism, while the fire supports true manifestations of the spirit knowledge.

69. These are neither hormones nor narcotics, that give the feeling of joy and enthusiasm at the summits. This reaction is caused by the meteoric dust, inhaled through the lungs and brought to the blood. It is refining of the feelings, when you feel yourself like an imperceptible silver string of the subtle silver light. This substance of cosmos delivers its accumulations to the consciousness, which is able to detect the subtlest manifestations. The precious message of the far-off worlds carries the unknown news, and the joy of spirit is the best one among them.

The joy of spirit is the light of fiery hearts. The joy of spirit is the banner of cooperation. Joy alone releases from the anguish, for it is the envoy of hope. Confidence in the future supports the imperishable joy. Rejoice, you, who climbs up the summits.

70. The time of holy Kalachakra comes. The subtlest and weightless fire strives towards the Earth. The progress of evolution is unavoidable. It is possible to compare it with Christ appearing at the place with worst internal qualities.

The Teaching of Fire from Shambhala Mahatmas will completely transfigure the world. The psychology of mercenariness and profit will leave the Temple of Life. It will be not something secret that is secretly ruled at the mountains; amazing growth of human consciousnesses before the eyes of entire world will take place. It may seem unbelievable, that people will turn to the Teaching of Fire in the short term. But the reason of such reassuring activities is inside people themselves. On their long and full of anguish way of development they already have approached the Threshold of the Temple many times, but always have turned back. And this attempt was repeated not once, not even twice, but thousands times. That is why this lightning speed of understanding is incomprehensible only at first sight.

The suffering is the great teacher! A wayfarer is not simply a word, it is the sum of influences of sorrow, poverty, and oppression. Mankind asked the following question many times: why do the country suffer so much hardships and privations all the time? Why others, who live in prosperity, can't rise on the due spiritual height? Yes, it is poverty! Yes, it is oppression! But this is the only way for humanity to establish itself on the way of spirit. Regrettable are the moneybags, who worry about their reaches all the time and are afraid of losing them. It is easier for the poor to get through the Gates of Light!

71. The wish for permanent learning is one of the man's best qualities and wills. An inextinguishable interest in comprehension and immersion into the spheres of the endless secrets, reminds about the boundless potential of knowledge built into the men and into the cosmos. Whole layers of Akasha Chronicles are waiting for the most worthy researcher. The amount of information, contained in this knowledge, is immeasurable. But besides the envelope or the external knowledge, there are seven keys for every branch for comprehending the celestial science. Some day everyone will approach the holy of holies of the fiery libraries of the Higher Worlds. Presence of the will to reach this knowledge already opens the subtle channels of perception of these cosmic achievements.

The earthly science is immeasurable, but the celestial one is inexhaustible. Spiritual knowledge supports not only the planet, but entire cosmic humanity as well. The breath of Fiery Worlds brings the aroma of comprehension. The flowers of cosmos are really valuable for the open heart. The revelation of world love is for the open heart. The flight to far-off worlds is for the daring heart. Let's learn to fly.

72. “Even the human wordlessness is clear to me!” - A.T. said. The phenomenon of reading thoughts is necessary for an investigator or a policeman; but the privacy of the free will is observed. Reading of the wordlessness means understanding the flow of mental energy. The more thinking is organized, the more the thought is audible for other man or device. People, that have accumulated enough Ojas in their “golden peas”, are magnetically attracted to other world, which is more close to the World of Thoughts. The light of Fiery World illuminates the core of the thought-form, which was created and is ready to fly away.

Original thinking is not a bookish branch of learning. People read books in order to wake up the former knowledge, which usually exceeds the present one. The thirst for reading and knowing comes from the huge inner potentiality of the preceding knowledge. The satiety never comes. Extracting of a new image by the mental energy from the fiery storage, is the touching to the Ocean of Imagination.

The more hazy the thinking and down-to-earth the consciousness, the more difficult to detect the thought-form. All fish are yellow in the muddy water. The phenomenon of reading thoughts is simply the celestial siddha of the spiritual development. Let's advance farther ahead the siddhi mastering. If a man dreams to become the king of spirit, what for a free of charge place at a market for him? Accessibility of the source of phenomena must not allure a disciple. It is the distractor of Maya.

73. When someone falls out of the Teacher's Ray, he loses a link with the success, as if he forgets the warmth of home hearth. As if he doesn't hear his mother's lullaby. As if he doesn't feel the warmth of dearest heart.

Beware of the presumptuous people. They are blind and lead the blind people to the abyss.

74. Fragmentation of the magnetic power of the integrated heart and pulling these fragments apart to various dark nooks, is the target of all sects of the present day. The efflux of energies towards the founders is the only benefit of these formations. A bit of mysticism, a bit of magic, a bit of charlatanism – and the bouquet of the spiritual fraud starts blooming.

75. Christ's Signs start blooming all over the Valley like the celestial flowers; and the White Mountain discloses the mystery of permanent presence of the Great Teachers. The World Focus is directed to the Heart of Altai Mountains. The Keepers appear before the people. The Keepers came to the world, and the fiery stream of knowledge became like an indistinguishable fire, where everyone gets warm. The heat of Heavens is great. But the Keeper is waiting for the expert. Wisdom knows the innermost link between them.

76. The teacher is not simply for placing one's trust in him, without even lifting a finger. Many people think, that when they find the Guru they may do nothing for spiritual improvement. It is a bitter error to become a spiritual dependent. Parasitism ate through all the ins and outs of the present-day consciousnesses. But only hearts, washed with blood and sweat of the incessant toiling, come to the kingdom of God. The ray starts shining not with a wave of the Guru's Hand. Guru is your Place of Refuge, your Protection, and your Shelter. But in My House I welcome only a tired wayfarer, who carries a secret beacon. I welcome such wayfarer not because of My own need, but in order to release the world from the needs. The gold of daily good is more valuable than all diamonds in the world.

77. The time of theoretical comprehension or of filling up the Chalice is over. The Agni Yoga practice requires activities: activities of the heart, activities of the mind, activities of the hands and feet. The deed was always more valuable than the idle talks. The gap between words and activities have created that horrible abyss of barbarity, from which the inquisition, the jesuitism, and the fascism arose. When the words are separated from the ethics, which means from the consequences, destruction of the subtle structures of the energies of Shabda Brahman occurs. If the sound is pronounced, it should be fulfilled to the very end. The creative word, which creates life, knows the value of every pronounced word. The words are the oath of a human being. That is why any promise connects one, who gave it, to a thought-form, released by the consciousness into the karma space. The vow of truth is one of most ancient ways to eliminate consequences of the hard karma, created with the word.

78. A white helmet was always a symbol of the higher protection. The White Ray descends on it. A sphere on the top symbolizes a spiritual atom, from which a spike of the silver thread stretches upwards.

79. Pray not with the persistence of will, but with the love of heart. With the help of intellect the will suppresses the heart energies and closes the spiritual communications. The White Ray goes through the heart. The heart is the entrance into Eternity. Infinity lives in the heart. The will is a powerful tool, but only the power of spirit can control it.

80. Idleness causes most heavy manifestations of the karma. Even quite good people lose the right for success, when they give way to laziness. Laziness is followed with seeking after pleasures, which are undeserved benefit of the morbid fantasies of selfness. The energies destruction results from the cessation of activities and leads to psychics stagnation and atrophy of the feelings. It is instinct alone, that remains.

The tension of thoughts produce consequences in the space, which exceed consequences of the physical work. Physical work often requires simply tension of muscles, but it is also like a shower, that cleanse from filthiness and unasked guests. During physical tension many unasked guests try to jump off the worker's shoulders. The fire scorches the creatures of the lower plane. If someone whispers into your ear: “Have a rest!”- you must know, that Maya's servants are coming into your house.

81. The flow of knowledge is incessant. The flow of Santana forms the fiery body of mankind, like the river Shambation rolls stones.

The methods, applicable in the earthly life, are not needed in the Subtle World, although in the other world a human being will still act and think in the earthly way under his own inertia, until he is able to understand the world and to live in the new way. The process of habitation to the Subtle World can be compared with learning of children to talk and to walk in the mundane world. But the knowledge of heart is valuable for every world. The heart energy is so much like the subtlest gases, that such spiritual manifestation as ascension of the heart is not of great surprise. The fire of heart can elevate even a physical body. Phenomena of levitation and walking on the water are connected with the ascension of heart.

82. Both the resistance of will and the dead heart counteract the psychic experience. Development of the heart manifests itself through the sharpening of the earthly feelings, for the spiritual experience starts from the purification of heart. The human consciousness loses the way of synthesis of two principles, the way of cooperation and balance, because of screening the tributes of the heart with the will actions. Harmonization of the fiery processes is penetration of the higher energies of the heart into every fiery center, in order to kindle it. Only the heart energies can do this. The spirit works inside us through the manifestations of the heart, because the spirit grain dwells in the heart temple. The silver thread runs through the fire of the heart. With the help of the fire of the heart we can see the Master's Face. The heart fire illuminates every nook of the soul, and the roses of happiness grow on the dust of dark ignorance. Kindle the spirit with the inspired aspiration! Listen to your heart! It never deceives. The Shining Shambhala is inside you. And the Masters of Light are inside you as well; and Fiery Initiation too; and White Mountain too. The human heart is the focus of the cosmic power and of the world love.

83. The fiery friendship never extinguishes during centuries. Millenniums are like the garden cultivated by the loving hands. Every plant is doing its best to please the loving heart. The fiery garden propagates with the seeds of thoughts. Our perfect thoughts are the seeds for the future universes. Your garden grows in the far off spaces and fields. The lilies on the Helmet of Light are from there.

84. Through whole its life, full of sufferings and hardships, mankind strives towards the purity that was lost, towards forgotten Gold Ages, when the Truth, the Good, and the Happiness were the highest values. The state of holiness, the state of purity and love to everything living and non-living, once experienced, makes humanity to seek for stability within such holiness. The sun and the stars shine with the divine ease, and it is the part of that perfect world, to which the hearts strive with nostalgia and hope, because One Fire, that has created the universe, is the motherland of all hearts.

The monadic way of every human being is so majestic, that it is doubtful, that someone will be able to admit the unworthy actions, being aware of that. Yearning for the Beauty and for the perfect relations, together with the contradiction between own internal ideas and external moral degradation, results in the tragedy of the meaninglessness of efforts, directed on changing the present condition of the consciousness. Mara penetrated deep inside the skin of thinking, and the idea of the finiteness of this world disturbs minds. Obviousness and sham reality bewilders even the firm disciples. But the heart, that has come from fiery depth of the One and keeps safe a chronicle of its entire way, believes in the eternal Future, for it knows that it was like that before. When the planets, entire systems, the worlds, and the universes collapsed, the heart went on its life and its predestination was coming true. Initiation of the heart means confidence of immortality. The heart itself has neither beginning nor end. The destiny of its deeds is Infinity. It is that very Phoenix, that rise from the ashes: from the ashes of time, from the ashes of thoughts, from the ashes of the past.

We live eternally. The transfer to another plane is falling asleep and waking up. There is no death. The delusion of death causes the paralysis of centers, horror and fear, that oppresses the vital forces necessary for the positive transfer to another life. It is simply the step on the ladder of evolution. The fruits of lives grow ripe slowly.

85. Such quite ordinary expression as “Your life is hanged by a thread!” contains the incredible depth of secret sciences. The question of spiritual connections, which exists within many situations and circumstances; the question of life and death of the mundane and supermundane bodies; and, finally, the hierarchical continuity and unity of the separate parts of consciousness – all these issues are hanging on the end of this expression. The thread by which life is hanged is the white string, the beam of light, or the silver thread – the connecting link among the worlds, which stretches from the One to every monad. Even an animal soul has sprouts of that. The white string creates the fluid connection, that saving web, which is known as the protecting wall.

The last year revealed both strengthening of the Lightful Hosts and concentration of the dark forces. When separation is over, then the crystallization of monads into the one magnetic essence, headed by the Mahaguru, starts. It can resolve the planet-scale tasks of harmonization of the elements and the consciousnesses. A female bee can give birth to the worker bees, but it can't bring nectar into a beehive. The coworkers of various levels are needed. The Pyramid of Light is based on the power of four elements, but it is supported by the fiery stones of thoughts. The construction may crash down if even one stone falls out. The Hierarchy's Ray over every beneficial formation is like the stem of the Tree of Comprehension. The spatial fire is issued by every divine spark of fohat and flies, attracted by the pure flame of the flaming Chalice.

86. Killing the living creature, you become integrated with it. The victim's karma transfers to the hunter. Same happens with the murderers, with the corrupted judges, and with the rest spiritual bribetakers, who are able to step over the rivers of blood and the hills of dead bodies for the sake of momentary glorification and riches. A worm who eats soil is much worthy than these bipeds. The race, that passes away, doesn't think about the value of life; but the disciple of Light and the Warrior of Spirit are aware of appropriateness of cooperation with minor lives. What for to create legions of enemies if we can be brothers. Mankind must start to see clearly after it comes up from the puddle of blood.

Food is a conventionality. But the possibility always dictates non-violence. But food is not the main point; the main points are the human insatiability and impunity. We are not predators. After crossing the border of fiery transmutation, everyone will choose the way of pure nourishment.

87. The stars are the flowers in the world space. The stars are the drops of the hearts, that preserve the World Fire. The stars, or the diamonds of Eternal Peace, know limits of their orbits. Like the tied birds they make a circle and then start it from the beginning. Free and fine human thought flies to the Eden Garden, to the Promised Hermitage again.

Whole Infinity, entire cosmos visible and invisible, all mundane and celestial worlds are the vast fields for the birds of joy. If one of them stays on a far off tree, there will be no less of them in your world. The one, who have heard the sounds of stars and the music of spheres even once, will not be able to live without the angel songs of space any more. What is hidden in these magic sounds? Perhaps, these are the Harmony and the Order. You know, the beauty keeps the world in the state of peace and happiness. The music of worlds is the power of heart.

88. The one, who has extracted the thorns of pride and selfness from his heart, will see the garden of roses of pleasures. The spiritual wisdom is the White Summit. The reason is It's gift. But the path runs by the brook with white water. Why the water smells of roses? The petal from the Celestial Garden fell down. Who is the Gardener there? Who has appeared for a while and showed His Face slightly? It is the Fiery Friend of your soul! It is the Holy Teacher of Love! Walk by the path of reason up to the Summit of Spirit, keeping in mind His Image. Your Joy is there. Your Love is there. The innermost strings of your heart sing there! You know, even the reed sings under the waft of wind! Forget about the place at the bazaar. Forget everything, that screens the Eye of Wisdom. The heart will not allow to live unworthy. The Teacher never leaves His disciples, when they are in need, like the gardener never allows the roses to fade.

89. We are simply flowers, that bloom in undue time. We are only guests at the mundane garden. But when the flowers fade, what will remain? It is the aroma of spirit. The world was created by the music of spheres and by the aroma of heavens. And we are simply drops of the attar of roses.

Your Hermitage is mysterious, my Guru! It is innermost and secret! But how can I find It if no one can say even a word about It? How can I find the unknown path? I will send the ray of my thought, and Your Heart will become the guiding staff for me.

Only the walking one can discern the stones on the road. Only the walking one can notice every flower at the roadside. But the technocrats do not like to walk on foot. An automobile windscreen reflects only the grimace of civilization. But the future shines with the smile of spirit.

90. Wherever the gardener lives, he cultivates the garden. Adherence to one way is the divine destiny, not the mundane one. The one who can build constructions from a word can build a construction from stones as well. A poet is a poet in any case; no one should blame him for the helplessness in his mundane life, because heavens are his destiny. The new is unique for him. He measures moments with the flow of words. They are like white butterflies fly to the light of his heart. Cold glitter never attracts even a gray moth. The Earth presents strange clothes to everyone. It is difficult to recognize the Warrior of Spirit under a work wear; but the toiling of soul turns an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

91. The words are the breath of God; and only the grace of God is to be conducted by the words. They are the arms and the shield. They are the knowledge and love.

After Lemuria times the densifying of mental apparatus took place; the roots of the tongue and of the vocal cords extended downwards from the Eye of Wisdom. First pronounces of “Ma!” and “Mu!” were the sacral mantras. The hearing, sharpened up to the level of clairaudience, started to lose its purpose. The music of spheres, which contains conscious information, ceased to be the instrument of teaching. The words flew over the dense world. That was not the roar of beasts already, but the reasonable control of the sounds. The divine sanction entered into the mundane space.

The curses, filthy and rude words were used only by the black magicians for calling the spirits of darkness. Every dark word begets an essence of ignorance and a servant of Mara, which blocks the way to the Summit. We construct obstacles by ourselves. We create enemies by ourselves as well. But the music of spheres sounds more and more distinctly, and the fiery signatures come down on the earthly field.

92. The value of the human incarnation is determined through the capability to conduct the higher currents and the spatial fires into the human society. The inspired work and ability to create something new tells a man from an animal. The animal is an observer, which fulfills the law of providence. A human being is a creator of own karma not according to arbitrary decisions of ignorance, but according to the inborn higher power. The animal can't feel solemnity and ecstatic state; but the human being strives to experience that by all legal or illegal means. The necessity to set contacts with the Higher World, that have already ripened inside mankind, spills over into hard drinking, narcomania, and television perversity. The human beings have got used to consume everything without applying any effort as the kings of nature, so they hope, that the Teacher will come to them from TV screens, while they are sitting in the comfortable chairs. Of course, this will happen in the foreseeable future, but the consciousness of spirituality must grow up before. No one will approach the threshold of initiation without striving and growth.

93. The wind of fiery love makes flowers dance at the valley and at the summits. Even the cold stones get hot from the love of Sun. Even the dirty paths become dry and start glitter with the sparks of gold sand.

Everyone is the path and the sparklet of divine gold. All of us are walking towards the same target, however hard we try to avoid this. We are going to the place, where the Mountain Hermitage stands at the high mountain pass amongst the Lilies and Roses of Light, and the Ringing Deodars. The Mountains of Light are waiting for everyone who is eager to inhale the happiness of presence of the Masters.

And it doesn't matter that the beauty controls the hand of one who records her words in a gray account book. He paves the road not just for himself, but also for those, who will open their hearts before him. Even stones have their river Shambation, which washes away the mud from them, and whose stream protect them from collecting the clay and sand of indifference. Spiritual leadership is a heavy cross; but without it the Earth never moves a step forward towards the Summit. Accept the work from the Hands of the Calling ones. The Guru will render a help. The Guru will strengthen the heart. The Guru will bless you with the celestial love. The white helmet is the sign of the Warrior of Light and of the new armor.

94. The dream is the holy magnet! The dream is the innermost secret of heart! The dream is the shining sword! The dream is the key for the Gates of the Future! Be able to dream, and the future will become more fiery.

Warm the newcomers with your heart. They are the carriers of the centuries long experience and of the notable meetings. Teach with love, and learn the best from everyone. Looking into the lake of soul be able to see not only the shore slime. The golden nuggets are on the bottom. But the water may be muddy. The song of white water is incomparable with the gurgling of swamp. The stars' voices are acute as the sound of the violin's string, and the reeds can repeat these sounds. You know, people used to make flutes from the reed stems.

95. Someone is crazy about the riches, and the Earth inhabitants understand such people. Another ones are fond of women, and no one blames them. Third one strives to the beauty and creates the eternal treasures of beauty; and he faces disrespect and suspicion. But if you have lost your mind due to love to the Teaching of Light, to the Shining Shambhala, and to the Masters of the Fiery World, then a place in a madhouse is waiting for you, because the majority still can't embrace such notions as Truth, Light, and Wisdom. The cunning pompous words, aimed to deceive a neighbor, is their wisdom. Eyes, that shine with the madness of misappropriation, is their light. But let's judge not those swimming across the Ocean of Life. The one, who had crossed Santana, should not remember the stones on Its bottom. The process of separation is over, and his own path is prepared for everyone. The one who doesn't make headway, fails to keep pace with the times, and those, who move forward, do not hear his voice already. It is possible to help, but it is impossible to force to love the Light. We are not the guides for those, whose look is turned to the past.

96. The one who went deep into the Discipline of Spirit will never allow of losing a precious moment. Every particle of Being contains the time, the efforts, and the creation of thoughts as well. And the power of fiery feelings is in there, too.

How can you come to the threshold of the Temple in order to stand before the Master, if you can't get rid of the decrepit thinking, if the dust of gossips blinds eyes? If a crimson flash of an unworthy thought appears in the aura, why go to the White Temple? We must leave here everything, that hinders us on the Way. Then our striving towards the Summits will be more successful.

97. Only the consistency of activities builds the steps of ascending. The consistency and the continuity of efforts accumulate the energies of Spatial Fire and cement the space. Only the consistency constructs the Fiery stronghold as the stronghold of the Warriors of Light.

Zvenigorod will begin from the fusion of hearts, from the aspired power of cooperation of the auras.

Do not suppress any initiative; be as if neutral, or “Invisibly visible”, as Akbar said. The power is the sacrifice. The power of spirit is most heavy, due to impossibility to make a mistake or to go wrong on the way of Service. No one takes notice if a lame jade stumbles, but if the best fast horse begins to limp, it is an alarm signal. A man is more complex in his manifestations. There are no activities without mistakes. Even Ur. made mistakes. But the way of Spirit will not let anyone to lose the contact.

The magnet of Light is powerful. Its Dwelling is beautiful. Pick the Fiery Roses in the beautiful Garden and bring them to the darkness of the mundane world. But there is no darkness for you any more. For you, who had enough patience to wait for the Sunrise, the Sun is close.

98. Maintain your dignity. Severity is the attribute of inner discipline. But encourage every ray of the devoted heart with a warm shining smile. We esteem devotion. The magnet of victory is its power. Let's unite the power of hearts and send the ray of gratitude to the Master. The gift of heart is the rose on the Altar of Light.

99. The feeling of superiority doesn't exist among Us. All of Us are the workers of the good. Shifting of the Sh. Teachers is not of great importance. We are present in the mundane world all the same.

100. A time machine, or rather a window to any epoch, will be invented not by a scientist, but by an artist. Artists in Egypt used to be called the revivers. They knew how to return a soul into any of the pieces of arts created by them. It was enough to paint a landscape or to create a genre painting, applying secret methods, and a picture revived. Television is somewhat similar. People could interpret, what they have seen and correct something unworthy in the past. But these were hieroinspired masters.

N.K.R. almost recovered the ancient methods on his paintings. Up to now in Tibet there are paintings on silk on which Moon shifts its phases, and Sun moves along the silk heavens during daytime. Many old methods will be discovered all over again as it was with damask steel. What for Wisdom of Alcor was preserved, if not for restoring lost things for those souls that need it?

Transfiguration of the planet is not a myth or a science fiction. Strengthening of the solar activity gives to the Solar system an opportunity of giving a powerful incentive to evolution towards the new time and new dimension. The cosmic stream washes away the planet's bloody karma, clearing the mundane fields for the new seeds.

There are many rose bushes in My Garden, and all of them exhale aroma before a thunderstorm. Whole Garden is dear to Me. It is impossible to say, that one single bush is the Dwelling of Inspiration, although some flowers are of rare beauty. Transfiguration of the Earth is neither in storming elements nor in earthquakes and explosions, but in the human hearts. Only they are the masters of the power of elements.

During one year as much power was given to you, as only the disciples of third level has. Neither those who gaze around, nor hesitating ones, but the Lamps of Desert illuminate the horizon of spirit. The power of mutual aspiration grants you the rise to twenty- and thirty-fold growth of the energies. It is possible to hove over the earth together hand in hand; but intergrowth of the hearts is such subtle and painful state, that not everyone dares to taste the amrita of cooperation. Due to refining of perception, every member of the Brotherhood feels blows against the common aura. Slightest disharmony and discomfort affect everyone. The feeling of consolidation is of great responsibility. It is like a ship screw in a stormy sea. But without this it is impossible to step over the thistle of selfness.

101. For such a long time we are looking at the form of a body, forgetting about the secret of secrets preserved in it! Don't look at a jug, even if it is decorated with fretwork; all the same you will not feel the taste of wine. Look deep inside the divine vessel. The thousand years old wine preserves the gold of feelings. One sip will make you blissful.

102. The way is the only one, but there are many methods for achievements. It doesn't matter, where you will face the Gates of Initiation: in a wild field, or in the Temple of Magnificence. Because you yourself are the Temple, the Field, and Absolute Being. Because you are containing the secret of the worlds and the universes. Because God, who grants the power and humility, the will and love, the work and thoughts, activities and contemplation, the secret and knowledge lives in every heart. Realize your “I”, which is One and High, Divine, Angel, Celestial, and Fiery. It alone flames with life and illuminates the Maya's body with the specks of light of the Absolute Life.

103. In every speck of Light I see Your Shining Face. Oh, the Great Mother of Agni Yoga! Your crown shines with silver rays. The ruby belt is on the golden garment. The Stone of Light is in the ring of Initiation on the finger of Your Blessing hand. You are the Rose in the Garden of the Supermundane World! You are the Snow-white Lilly of the secret of Perfection and Beauty! Your breathing is fragrant; Your look is tender as the Ray of Mercy. You compassionate, when carrying the Chalice of Holy Life. The Temple of Your Heart shines with the fiery ray. And White Tara displays Her Face over Your Head. Be blessed for centuries long! Praise to You, the Holy Wisdom of Perfection!

The Sword of Unity shines with the fiery tension. The Pyramid of inextinguishable Light is over the Blessed Valley. The darkness' efforts are unavailing. Not a shaggy and crumpled heart can live in the Light of striving. The snares of evil are hidden in the dark nooks.

Let dry flowers fall down under the look of the Eye of Omni-knowledge. Flaming with silver flares, the lance-bearers walk. Their armors are shining like mirrors. Their auras are as dazzling as the sun at noon. The Shields of Hearts glare like pure gold. The awoken Knights carry the Flame of the New Epoch. The Holy Hosts come out from the mountain shelters. And Master Sviatogor have risen from the crystal Chamber of Nonexistence. The Sword of Light began to shine over the White Mountain, and three Celestial Masters are like the columns of inextinguishable lightnings. The King and the Quinn bless the Warriors. The Way winds like a spiral.

104. The new epoch brings both the new phenomena of Light and the new evil deeds. Heavens, which are now closer to the Earth, allow the spirits of darkness, that are passing away from this plane, to bring people into the state of perception of the negative world. A man escapes from the face of the Earth and travels through the looking glass. The legends about the iridescent whirls are quite realistic.

105. Many disciples learn how to work with the principle of pump, absorbing all not used energies. An aura allows a limited stock of energies, accumulated according to the extent of opening of the heart center; that is why, when you feel pain and pressure, direct your thought together with the excessive energy to the Master's Heart, having His Face before your eyes or before your Eye of Wisdom. The secret power will release you from the excessive tension.

The fiery body leaves the earthly one behind, and while the conductor tears off the astral bandages, the body of thought rises to the Summits of Light. A gap between the bodies is too big. Be utmost careful. Exhaustion is not permissible.

106. That time node, that point of evolution of the planet is reached, when it is impossible to postpone the development of conscious spirituality of mankind any longer. Many people will be very much upset with the fact, that they have no time any more to join the circle of peculiars; but they did have enough time before. Separation of the wheat from the chaff have lasted too long. Nothing can stop the progress of Light, otherwise the planet will fall to pieces. Phaethon was used for the edification of mankind.

All guardians of souls strove and strive now for uniting Hearts in one Lightful Magnet in order to withstand the disintegration of elements. It is only the cosmic magnet, that supports the orbits of spirit. It is only the power of Great Heart, that can keep the world from the collapse. Let's accept the Masters' choice. We are like multi colored fishes in the aquarium of life for Them. And only They know, which of these fishes will stay in the House of Life, and to which of them a long way is fated. A monad can't disappear, but there are schools for the gifted children and tough ones. Let's be worthy of the golden mean.

107. Let's learn to understand the high quality of work. It is the high quality of a product, that turns it into a piece of art. The human nature is inclined to excellence, and the physical world – to involution. The life time is the main point. You know, the inner man lives longer, and the vasts of heavens are accessible for him. It is easier for him to understand life in far off worlds and life in every spark of cosmos.

108. If someone says, that Living Ethics is one-sided, tell that fancier of popularization, that Living Ethics is the basis of bases, and no one can enter into the Temple of Light without applying these fiery principles of Life.

We are not a pack of dogs, who take away a piece of bread from one another. We are the Host of Light, which is ready to suffer and endure privation together with humanity. We are the White Brotherhood, which rejoices at every gleam of mercy and compassion.

The canvas of human thoughts is woven from many threads. And every aspiration for the good is welcome. We are able to send the Helping Ray. We are ready to illuminate the darkness of hopelessness; but Our help is secret. Do the same way. We can't beat our breasts and proclaim ourselves the only keepers of Truth. Such behavior deserves only a puzzled smile. But We value the workers of spirit as real coworkers, which can display the energies heart in the straitened circumstances. The New World can be constructed only with human hands; and the Supermundane Summits can be reached only on human feet. Let's overcome our inner evil with joy. Benevolence often helps a man better, than a strong fist. But the will must not be idle as well.

109. An astral escort, thrown off the upper part of an aura, can annoy a carrier for a long time after that. The essences, generated by the ignorance and by the moments of misbehavior, do not want to leave their home for many years. They are like a swarm of minor insects; but it is necessary to get rid of the unasked guests and repel them with the ray of thought, like with the fiery whip. Vampires, who suck energy, leave the house, which is full of Light and Love.

110. Immeasurable is the power of Endless Reason, which grants existence to every atom, to every piece of inorganic matter. The Spirit, with no end and no beginning, can't manifest itself without matter; and the reason is the mediator or a bridge across this boundless abyss. Matter accumulates the spirit's experience. That is why it is wrong to treat it as something low.

Without a conduit, which is a man, the spirit can't use even a spark of its potential. He is not able to display the creative multiformity and create billions and billions of forms within Infinity. Endless diversity doesn't mean simply certain biological species; it is the form of Life, which eternally changes and becomes better through investigation and application of the spiritual energies. When these energies flow through the hearts, they makes matter more inspired. The fire of higher worlds, which are of infinite number, saturates the blood. But there is envy of the lower gods, whose karma expires, and they will have to leave for other planets.

Spiritual potentialities of a human being are so great, that not only jinns may serve them, but the angels of higher planes as well. The cooperation of words is displayed so explicitly, that there is no need to mention it again. The angels have assisted the saints and spiritual toilers as servers during the divine offices. And it is not without reason that the Aflame Chalice was chosen as the symbol of the White Island and Mahatmas.

Let's accept the new gifts of heavens. Let's slake the thirst of spirit. Let's build the White Tower on the bank of Shambation.

111. Let's stop to declare the words of the Teaching and feel the fiery thirst for love to the Great Truths of Being, to the Masters of Light, to the White Universe. The words are the man's swear before God. The ignescent fire of hieroinspiration makes the steel sword from the words, because “And the steel of the word flashes in the furnace of Truth”.

112. Siddhi is simply the power over the events; but to fathom the essence of every event, means to become the root of the world. The necklace of spiritual powers is granted only to the devoted heart. Knowledge may be forgotten, the words lapse into silence, but the speaking of hearts is eternal. The root of all worlds, all lives, and comprehensions is exactly in the hearts. Knocking of the heart at the Gates of Spirit is repeated again and again, until the Gates open. The word “revelation” comes from the word “reveal”.

Continuous striving lights up the world. Only the striving carries you over all abysses of the world; and the rusty fetters of karma become more light than the swan's down, if the continuous efforts expand the aura. The aura grows from the efforts.

The hammer of labor is heavy, but it strengthens muscles with understanding of the duty and creation. But the hieroinspired work is the lot of peculiars. The soul grieves without worthy application of the strength. Containing of such strength reveals the mystery of discipleship.

113. Without going from the extreme of approval to the extreme of denial, let's find the way of the golden mean. Without overestimating or underestimating own capabilities, let's live at the place and at the time predestined by the karma and the Teacher. We can estimate neither own deeds nor own words, for it is not so easy to be the finger of God. Dignity and humiliation are the scales of wisdom, and which cup goes down? The self-will demands the right of the lord of the world. The divine “I” looks for the teacher inside itself.

Is it the path's fault, if it leads to the Guru's Ashram? The efforts develop into the events, and the sparks of hearts gather into the manifested Fireflower. It may grow up even at the snow rocks of the White Mountain. But the Mountain also shines with the colors of rainbow, waiting for the sunrise. The holy city sleeps inside the Mountain's Heart. And the Time remembers its youth.

114. Creation brings outside the wealth of the inner world. What was accumulated during a long period of a monad's life on the planet, what was created with the power of imagination and the power of intellect, can help the hesitating one. This can induce a person, who has stopped in a dangerous place, or show the light of the beacon in the fog at the place, where the ship of our aspiration sales.

People used to recognize a rose may by the thorns. But why the worst quality is a characteristic of a beautiful phenomenon? The spiritual creation can't be responsible for the perverted understanding of the indicated meaning. The black spectacles of pessimism are necessary for that purpose. Disbelief hurts Hierarchy that works hard. Disbelief destroys, what was already constructed. Justifying himself by the awareness of human nature, a pessimist always sees thorns and seeks for them in any detail of life, confirming correctness of his own position. But an optimist enjoys the smell of roses, without plucking them. The understanding of the value of every beautiful life causes the careful attitude towards every manifestation of creation. These are not we, who mourn over the past, when the ocean of possibilities lies before our spirits' eyes. It is Infinity of Creation; it is Infinity of Work; it is Infinity of Love. Let's proclaim three times: “Infinity”, and it will sound as a long echo in three worlds, that support the Garden of Life.

115. Continence and abstinence from certain food and from sleep doesn't indicate the discipline of spirit. Such behavior concerns only those advanced disciples, who have made a significant progress on the way of perfection. First of all the discipline of spirit is connected with the moral and psychic manifestations. An attack of irritation or anger harms the space and all living things much more, than a piece of eaten meat. Psychic exercises of the western trend are thousand times more harmful, than tea and coffee all together. We advocate the co-measurement, but not the hypocritical vegetarianism. It is simply a signboard for the false disciples. The disciple can neutralize an effect of tea or coffee; but even Arhat can't eliminate the consequences of the pronounced word, or of the outburst of anger.

116. Chud' and Zyrian people lived on the territory of Asia and Europe, before the Aryans came there. Chud' was the tribe of giants. Chudskoye lake is an ancient name, same as Zyrianovsk.

Kucherla is the lake, whose waters were touched by the Swan Goddess. In Altai mythology She is called Umai and in Indian one - Saraswati. After the Stone came there, the swan-people or Hamsy have descended there from Orion. Many toponyms originate from the names, they have given to the places. You know, Kuu means Swan, the Holy Swan. It was the epithet applied to the great saints, similar to Paramahamsa of today, because Hamsa means Swan as well.

The land of Swan Goddess will bloom under the wing of White Hierarchy for ever. Translation of Shambation is the River of Light. Shiva's majestic dance goes on at the Silver Chamber, and the Snake, His energy, twists around His right Hand! And the white Trident is there! Aren't these places holy for Shivaists as well? You know, a travel around the Belukha mountain was a pilgrimage long before appearing of the mountain of Kailasa.

Many things emerge from the darkness of oblivion. And Chichaburg, the first of the holy cities of Asia, displayed itself to the World. There is a mistake only in dates. People take an occasional thing and date it. But before this period there was a settlement. And Oirot-Tura is located at the site, which is two million years old.

The ancient times disclose their mysteries. The magnets have flared up. Now the possibility to shine and illuminate the darkness and bends of the road is given to the hearts. Sometimes a bend of the way could be mistaken for a deadlock. Trust your heart.

117. These are neither the celestial chamber nor the ideal temple, where the good karma can be obtained; it can be obtained here, particular at this working place. A prayer is good if it is unfeigned. The words are good if they imply the decisive actions. The work is successful if it bases not on the slave labor, but on the love and inspiration. Learn the Karma of Work. Try to make any dull work shine. There are so many possibilities for perfection in every detail of the work.

118. Sharpness of the blade of knife is to be examined after an hour of work. The consciousness becomes stronger under the oppression. Splendidness of a sunny morning is appreciated after passing through the grey darkness of night. The test of strength is over, now the work for the sake of mankind and for the sake of the Hierarchy is ahead. The good is made of the small details. It is impossible to show the greatness of good, surprising people with a single case of generosity. The method of love is to love continuously and more and more strong.

119. At Tibet Russia always was known as the White Northern Shambhala. And this is not just a beautiful epithet or definition. The Country of White waters always was the source of hope and aspiration for Asia.

120. Neuroenergetics as a science will show itself only through the telepathy and clairvoyance. But the present understanding of these notions has nothing in common with their real meaning. Guessing some word or capturing a single pale image from the ocean of visions, people used to consider themselves as clairvoyants; although this quality belongs mostly to the people with the imaginative thinking and to those, who are close to nature. Exercises with the spatial fire, which are the part of Living Ethics, are most advanced technologies of the neuroenergetics. The nervous or the psychic power forms the joint universal organ of spirit, which may become either the eye of wisdom, or clairolfaction, or clairaudience, which are the power of psychic labor. The aura of the disciple of Fire is both, his instrument and his laboratory. The power of every aura exceeds the power of all nuclear capacities in the world. But the potential state doesn't give the key for evoking the energy of Chakrams.

121. Druidism as a brunch of the Vedaic religions existed all over world: the knowledge of stones, plants, and healing waters was given at the times of early Atlantis. Presently traces of Druidism can be clearly determined in Shamanism, in voodooism and in other lower religions. True Druidism was preserved both in Sh. and in Buddhism.

122. There are the coordinates of circumstances, which are so precise and transient, that if someone goes past them, this changes all his life. These are so called fateful moments. The matter of karma is most dense at such points; but the free will is the ruler in all cases. It is only it's choice. The idleness, which was talk about so many times, is that very worst display of the self-will. The coordinates of circumstances are the karmic nodes. Pay attention to them.

123. In order to make the energies move, it is necessary to shake them up or to shift the centers. Monotone radiation may cause stagnation. There are so many rare energies in a human being, that it is very easy to change the vector of tension. The interest is just a covering for the charlatans; but for the true disciples it is a field hard to cross. The new colors of energies always change the way of thinking. The boring features of everyday life pass away, and everything changes as if the world shows you its unexpected side.

It is useful to check the human nature with the free aid. Many features show themselves immediately.

124. There are deposits of lie on the pages of books. The permission to publish the pasquinades and the defamatory stories brings to naught the efforts of literature as a teacher of life and a molder of souls. The muddle appears also due to presenting of the authentic documents. It is too bad that such compositions are issued in huge amounts of printed copies. It is terrible that they try to put Hitler on a par with N.K.; they try to present him as a positive character and a representative of the White Brotherhood. And the Great Stone, the Holy of Holies, is called “electrolyte” like the liquid for charging the batteries. It is one more attempt to put all together the magic, the spiritualism, and the higher spiritual achievements. Can't Urusvati communicate with Mahaguru without turning round a table? The marsh mud never settles down. The dirt of lie is attractive. The sensations are made of the material on hand. For the sake of the Masters, let's establish the opposite.

Don't look at the screen of delusions; look into the Book of Life. A good piece of bread is better than a gratuitous honey cake.

125. If the Hierarchy were not confident of the success, what for to spend millions of years for the evolution of consciousness?

Not every dog needs to be kept on a leash; only a fierce dog should be kept on a chain. Isn't it the reason of it's fierceness? A choice of the free will always prevail. The spark of the monad alone can kindle a beacon of “the one who has entered the stream”. The spark of the monad alone knows the path, that leads to the Great Teacher. And this path runs not at the snowy mountains across the dangerous rocks, but inside the fiery heart. The heart contains entire sense and the mystery of the evolution. The mountains and the whole visible world are simply the reflection of the Fiery Universe of the Heart. The path is inside you!

126. Due to the lack of discernment people go from one extreme to another. Being ardent worshipers of some religion, they all at once break off with it and come down on the previously adored subject with the full rage; they do not understand that all religions are the rivers, that run from one glacier, and One Heat has melted this ice. The heat of aspiration has melted the former accumulations to allow penetrating of the matter of spirit into the physical world.

Learning the discernment is not the simple discipline. Mankind uses the bookish knowledge, preferring somebody's experience better than it's own. But the moment of truth may show the point, where the general line becomes private, pure personal, your own karmic line. The signs and the symbols, your individual archetypes are not of interest for anybody else, because they are connected with the growth of your soul. It is the restricted zone for the rest.

Of course there is no essential difference in the light manifestations, but an ant can become a messenger as well. I am calling not to the superstition but to the attentiveness. The practical training of vigilance is the basis of activating the Eagle Eye. The signs of the heart are quite strong basis for the foresight as well. The days, when you can't do the simplest thing, deserves attention as well. You must not undertake anything at the days like that. There is no such pharmacy, where you can get a medicine from the bad fortune. Everyone is a doctor and an advisor for himself. Of course, the one who has entered the stream, is able to see the karma of some person, but he never would tell about it.

127. It is a big error to consider Agni Yoga to be antagonistic and alien to our nation. The tradition of Kalachakra, or Diunhor, was introduced at Russia by the elder Sergius, who was sent by the grand duke Vladimir to Sh. The teaching of Kalachakra was firmly established among the Old Believers, and before that – among remaining groups of the Vedaic Sun Worshipers. In the forests nearby Kostroma city the followers of the Sun Worship live presently. And Reverend Sergius came to Russia in order to establish the Vedaic Christianity. The Secret Doctrine was dictated to Blavatskaya, and Urusvati has received Agni Yoga in Russian. It is possible to extend the topic up to a huge volume, equal to the Secret Doctrine, but this necessity didn't ripe yet. To announce the Living Ethics as the satanic religion and anathematize It, is the direct affirmation of the contrary. The Jesuitism has penetrated even into the Orthodoxy. The tradition of Kalachakra originates in the Sun Family of Morias; and every disciple of Light is a tutor, that teaches the knowledge of Raj-Star.

128. The knowledge doesn't release from the every day work of spirit. Only the systematic work brings the knowledge to the state of ability. To be able means to stay in the Master's Ray permanently. The trustworthiness of comprehensions is not in the fantasies of the hack writers, who forget about an article immediately after receiving a honorarium. The trustworthiness of comprehensions is that very thing, which can't be washed away with the stream of time. It is that very thing, that brings us even for a hairbreadth closer to the Perfection and Beauty.

A flower never changes a color of petals, even under a heavy rain. It may become even brighter. Be the flowers in My Garden. I will take care of every flower in order to allow of riping the fruit. The time can take various shapes. The subtlest wind of Akasha can't blow away the Consciousness from the face of Universe. The grain of spirit is imperishable. Live within the Eternal.

129. One of the cities of the Chud' tribe – the pyramids and the ruins of temples at the Lov-Lake - belongs to the prehistoric time. It is not the heathen shrine, but the Sanctuary of ancient eternal knowledge.

The words from the Chud' language are used in Russian language until the present time. These are, for example, chudo (a miracle), chudesa (miracles), chudesnitsa (a sorceress), chuvstvo (a feeling), chutkost (responsiveness); it is hard to calculate all such words, which are the echo of the ancient Chud' language.

There are a lot of undiscovered cities in Siberia, in Europe, and all over North Eurasia; they are waiting for their researchers.

The magnets display themselves in a special way. A silhouette of a giant white man on the rock nearby the Lov-Lake is akin to the Shroud of Turin. This image was made same way, which means with the powerful spiritual fire irradiation.

In the future the Valley and the White Mountain will open the Gates of Secrets and Mysteries. And the ancient books will come to the worthy hands.

Let women practice in the advancing towards Aria-Tara, and men – towards Mahaguru or Av. Women should start from the left side and men – from the right side.

130. An arrow was used in Tibet as a symbol of intensification of the qualities. Just a few people have a chance to look into the mirror of karma. The mirror is the symbol of the Moon Goddess. The ancient people were able to see their previous incarnations in the water reflection of the lunar disk. The Masters showed the mirror to the advanced disciples in order to show a particular cosmic essence to which the disciple is related.

131. The Hierarchy protects the consciousnesses from the manipulations of the dark forces. The Hierarchy knows the facts from everybody's spiritual life. The Hierarchy discerns the visible facts from the real circumstances.

The beginning and the completing are most significant for the practice of formation. Sometimes the completing is more important than the beginning, and it is more difficult as well. The completing collects the essential points of the antecedent period. A man must not haste on his way, for he may miss the details of comprehensions. Only the devoted hearts illuminate the bends of the road. Even the light of star can show the true direction.

132. The Ancient Hyperborea discloses the secrets of high antiquity. Valaam, the Solovetsky islands, the megaliths of the North, the Chud' cities are only the fragments of the demolished ancient knowledge. This knowledge was not relative, it was real, coming from the Gold Age. This knowledge was taken away to the sands of Egypt by the descendants of the Solar dynasty. This knowledge was carried by the ancient Rishi, who traveled through all elements, easily overcoming any of them.

Hyperborea was aware of the underground and air roads, of the restraining of the cosmic fire and the spatial waves. It had highly developed oral and written languages. It had the books, which now are waiting to be discovered. The ancient legends will be read in a new way, and what was given for the present time will be displayed explicitly.

133. The human noosphere is the diverse and powerful chemical laboratory, so all its feelings cause reactions in the human organisms. Anger and irritation cause acescence of the blood and increase the intra-gastric acidity. The positive feelings generate the alkaline substances. Saturating the aura with prana, deposits the cosmic gold and silver in the blood. Verily, mankind doesn't know, what it stores inside itself and what manifests into the cosmic space.

Besides acidity, the imperil strains the underground fire and attracts the poisonous gases. It is like the evil-smelling exhausting pipe.

Besides the smells, which facilitate the good mood, every inhale of the Divine Breath supports improvement of nature. The exercises, which are directed on becoming the Aria-Tara or the Mahaguru, not only ozonize the air, attracting the essences from the higher planes, they crystallize the sparks of the spatial fire, forming the protective net. Cementing of the prana makes the place to become the energetic shelter from the vampires and the were-animals.

Create the places of power; every kindled heart is the cosmic beacon already. It is enough of the rustle of words. It is time to act. The Guru's role is hard and important. It is not simply swinging His arms, giving the orders, and finding the defects. The present time's main task is to find the point of junction of the arches of the consciousnesses. The orbit of rotation of the consciousnesses should provide not confrontation, but tolerance and mutual assistance.

A bush of roses should not be watered with a venomous liquid, which has absorbed the imperil and the emanations of envy towards a neighbor. There is always a suffering person, who is more unfortunate than you are. Neither self-pity, nor self-glorification can reflect the real position of your soul. The scales of being always wave to and fro. In order to balance them, it is necessary to cultivate the stable burning, which originates from the inextinguishable striving. And this striving is based on the confidence, that the Hierarchy sees you, hears you, and directs you on the path of ascending. The handrails of help were build by the Mahaguru. There are a lot of those, who will come at due time to help you. There are a lot of those, who carry the good. There are a lot of those, who are the Keepers of the destinies and the knowledge, which is necessary for every heart. Praise to all Keepers of the World.

134. Santana is the stream of the spatial fire or the cosmic current, that causes changing of the consciousness, therefore changing of the structure of the world.

Flooding of the lowlands; elevation of Atlantis and Lemuria; disclosure of the cities of Hyperborea and Arctida; melting of the planet's ice-caps are only visible global manifestations of the New Era. Most powerful currents are coming into the human hearts. After the differentiation, the cleansing of the astral plane takes place. The pulverized coal of the lower planes dissipates. The stream of the iridescent energy is so explicit, that even common people start to experience the unusual feelings. Many of them see the ether cities; another ones hear the beautiful voices and singing; third ones feel the waves of vibrations and accompanying them flashes of light, from the sparks up to the fiery spheres.

135. When the surf of cosmic energies beats against the earthly shores, it is impossible to stay in the room with the mirror walls. It is most correct to open yourself to these fiery energies and let them deep inside your heart. They will return from there as the gold deposits of prana in your auras. Don't be afraid, that the cosmic whirl harms you. Magnetic junction of the parts of the Light never scorches the one, who was born in the flame. Devotion to the Fire is highly appreciated.

There are thousands of incarnations on a tip of a pen. That's a pity, that it is impossible to fix all thought forms, that appear during the process of creation. But in the future recording of the thought symbols will become quite usual, similar to video- and magnetic recording of nowadays.

It is the Higher Forces' task to determine usefulness or uselessness of the work. The Earth was created in order to achieve the celestial height through overcoming of the resistance of matter, and this friction kindles the holy fire of spirit, which allows the higher body to fly. Could any limitations exist together with the purposefulness of flights to the far-off worlds? Isn't it the stagnation of energies, that causes an unnecessary exertion? It is not sealing yourself in the vessel of will, but the energies exchange, that is the vital necessity at the time of the New Leader coming. Overexertion is same harmful as slackening. It is essential, that the golden mean is highly appreciated by the sages and Mahatmas. Reasonableness in applying strength always considered to be the good measure. One shouldn't make an abyss between the bodies. If the fiery body can go ahead of the astral and physical bodies, then the string of spirit shouldn't be too tight, otherwise it may tear, and connections among the centers will be destroyed.

136. Master Christ had blond hair and bright-blue eyes. Not just the features of previous incarnations, but also genetic connection with the Peleshtim tribe, which belonged to the Slavic nation, were reflected in Him. The Pelasgs came to Asia and gave the name to the country of Palestine. The battle between Goliath and David was the battle of two ideologies: the ideology of the rests of Atlantes, who lived in Heliopolis at that time, and of the ideology of the worst part of the young nation of Jews. It is not without reason, that Goliath was stroken down with the stone, thrown with the sling. The stone is coarse matter, and the sling was made from the skin of the sacred cow. Humiliation of the higher principles of truth have killed in Judaism the roots of the well-developed spiritual culture of Atlantis. Due to this victory the spirit of the golden calf triumphed.

Master Christ wait for the sign at Ibn Rahim's oasis for three years. Ibn Rahim's wife was the incarnation of Ur. Ibn Rahim himself was My personal incarnation.

Once Master Christ talk to you about Hyperborea and North lands and told that His fame and His humiliation are there. He foresaw the decay of church and the glory of monkhood. He recognized you as the follower of Peroun and Svarog, and He remembered the long way, which you have passed to His place of birth. The Good Gifts were unusual. The crystals and gold in the clay pot. The natural junction was very beautiful and looked like the small figure of man, striving upwards with the raised hands. A piece of mountain crystal was in the hands.

The heart remembers the Great Master's true face. The heart loves, like the Teacher Himself loves mankind, which is exhausted with the pursuit of well-being and riches.

Remember the Great Wayfarer.

137. Let's not forget about protective significance of music. The sounds not simply charm somebody's ears, but also keep evil essences off. The music of spheres supports the order in the worlds. The music of spheres creates the worlds. The consciousness more easily ascends to the Higher Planes, having such assistant and protector as the music. It is like the rare incense, which could be sensed in any world. It is not without reason, that the dark ones can't stand some compositions. Every mention about the fiery melt and the Fiery Spheres causes horror in the hearts of these violent talkers and false teachers.

138. It was written about the crucified mankind even in the books of Hyperborea. Arctida was aware of the Wisdom of Heavens. Arctida brought the Vedaic culture to the vasts of Asia. Russia preserves the Vedaic legends for many tens of thousands of years.

Alcor, the ancient Motherland of the Aryans, always was considered as the Star-Rider. The Earth is the carrier of matter, and it carries the knowledge of spirit as well. But the Solar Horses are governed by the Supermundane Spirit. And White Tara has the name Arya-Tara. The wind of Fire will not burn away the innermost knowledge.

139. The sleep-dream is the storm of imagination. The sleep-dream is the disclosing of secrets. The sleep-dream is the possibility to change the circumstances even in the past, and to form them in the future. The sleep-dream is used to be called the talk with the angels, or the reflection of the communications with the Higher Forces. This points out the direction for the consciousness, which moves towards awakening. The vigilance throughout all manifestations of the worlds was assigned. It is not the suspicion of disbelief, but waiting for the probable outcome of the events; mankind itself forms the events, forcing its way through the obstructions of purposefulness. The magic practices, accumulated during billions of years of the well-developed consciousness existence, are able to find the scapegoat even among most innocent creatures. The habit to throw the karmic load on somebody else is now upgraded up to the level of the dark masterpiece. The black masses are now served in every drunken crowd. But the Angel of Light can cover with His wing entire nations.

140. The Angels' City or the White Brothers' Watch Tower was shown via the Hubble radio telescope. The world reality is not only the manifested things. The radio telescope can demonstrate the images of the Fiery World, same as the Popov's radio allows to listen to the supermundane voices. Quite often the inventors themselves do not understand the full range of their inventions. We may look through many scientific discoveries and find out, that their potentials are not completely used. They are like the gold vein, which stopped to produce the gold nuggets; but for the diligent gold digger it is still the great treasure.

The Mendeleev's periodic table is just a faint reflection of the table of reincarnations, made by the ancient Egyptians. The runes, which are the basic symbols for the European written language, are the symbols of karma and the signs that affect the consequences and direct them. Many devices, including a photo camera, can fix entire layers of the higher worlds. The rupture of spheres happens during the earthquakes, and the visions of spheres could be observed. Interpenetration of the essences becomes much stronger, and many subtle creatures try to penetrate into the bodies with the weak consciousnesses.

141. In the Book of Golden Rules it was said not without reason: “Ask the water, the stone, the cloud, and the fire for the secrets, preserved for you”. In this particular case every of the elements conducts some certain truth via the corresponding element inside a person.

Remember the God Dajd's son. The new Savior already came to life. He is one of S.-G.'s incarnations.

People in the Mountain Armenia still think, that Christ incarnates in their country continually every century and works as a carpenter there. People at Altay are waiting for White Burkhan. Narrators of folk tales try to recognize the long-awaited God in everybody they meet. Belief in miracles is still alive. The heart of Asia is full of expectation of New Time. Maitreya's red banners are the solar symbol, which was used in Russia as the sign of Sun since times immemorial. The main square of Russia is called the Red (beautiful) Square. Epithets and adjectives such as beautiful (red) girl, red (beautiful) sun always meant admiration. Russians used to paint pillars at the front stairs of house in red color, as the sign of Sun, which is the support of the house and of the life on the planet. The derivatives from kra (krasivy = beautiful, red) are Ra, the Sun-God and Kara, the sun-fate, which later on was inversed into the word meaning punishment.

The world moves towards formation of the new the world consciousness. Love is the uniting force of cosmos, and it strikes sparks of knowledge from the deposits of Akasha Chronicles. Love always assisted the human beings and elevated them over the garbage, which drifts on the surface of the river of Being. Love kindles the light. Love makes the person to be the fire of energies, which illuminates the way for the others. Love is more magnetic than any artificial aid.

Love the Teacher same strong as you loved someone for the first time – with whole force of most lofty feelings, with entire energy of striving, adoration, and devotion. Love Him with the solemnity of communion with the Perfect Heart. Love as strong as if it is the only one salvation in this world. Love Him, and the Teacher will see your flaming hearts from His White Tower. Praise to the Fire of Love, which is inside you! OUM!

142. Reading of Akasha Chronicles depends on the body's velocity of travel. The higher the speed, the more intensive the flow of reading. Besides, you must keep your heart open.

The Savior Golden Hair is one of the cosmic sanctuaries of the Russian nation. Real features of Master Christ's Face are depicted there. The God Dajd's Son was exactly like that. One of the Magi, the priest from Hyperborea, has seen Him exactly like that. The North tradition has preserved the Lightful Image.

143. The Old Believers used to live in a closed community. The worship of Belovodie (White Waters) was always presented in their prayers. The Red Chalice shone on the wall. What made Vakhramey Atamanov to let the strangers in and give them a shelter? These are only the sacred words and the ideogram Diunkhor.

The sign of Fiery Chalice is the symbol of the Heart, that flames with love to unfortunate mankind. The Great Sacrifice is the sign of the Fiery Chalice. Everyone among the Teachers called upon the Higher Essences before the last Initiation: “Let this Cup pass from me!” For this is the Chalice of the self-denial, of the renunciation of the mundane order, and of accepting the Atlas's burden on their shoulders, or of crucifixion on the cross of Matter, on the cross of Time and Space.

144. And Koksa was burned through with the radiation of Stone. The Treasure of the World was kept there more than 24 hours. And Upper Uimon was charged for the future. That is why the energy profile at this place is so unusual.

Miracles are all around. But the gray philistines withdraw with fear their looks from the unusual manifestations. The miracles are to be protected, but not hidden. Even a story about such visions can push somebody's consciousness forward, towards understanding of the subtle worlds, and open a heart towards Santana. The river of Wisdom will wash away the decrepitude of raiment and the dust of soul, and entire universe will appear to be renewed and wonderfully fresh.

Cosmos builds unique compositions of moments. Cosmos links the good thoughts by the magnet of truth. Cosmos continues building of the Future, never stopping even for a moment. If everything were stiff and motionless, the world will collapse lacking in linking magnetism.

The power of cosmos is immeasurable. The reserves of knowledge and energies are inexhaustible. But the human imagination draws only poor caricatures of Divine Being. Can a vessel accept even one drop over its capacity? The world of heart is immeasurable like cosmos. Let's walk inside the Light of inextinguishable Eternity. We may not be afraid of the dark ones' machinations there, because there are no dark nooks, where they hide themselves. Intuition manifests not like a dim anticipation, coming from nowhere, but as the result of the spiritual discipline. The straight knowledge could be build only on this basis. Every heart must remember that.

145. Let's direct ourselves towards the future with hope. With all trust and love let's direct our hearts to the lofty vasts of the perfection. Let's believe in the energy of progression and realize the value of this fiery aspiration. Many people consider such aspired devotion to the future to be unreasonable. Only the dark ones are afraid of the future. A criminal alone doesn't want the future to come, for he is afraid of punishment. The hymn in praise of the future is beautiful. You may determine the people's belonging to the Light according to their attitude towards the future. A disciple's heart never mistakes. The Light is ahead. The joy and the meeting with Mahaguru are ahead.

147. The time is not repeated, but the situations are repeated until a callosity appears on the brains. Every soul has to overcome some imperfections during an earthly life. The situations are aimed at elimination of such imperfections. This continues from one life to another, until you gets rid forever of a monster, fed up with your own energy. We forge the fetters for ourselves by our own hands; and only by ourselves we can take them off.

147. People boast about their dissonance with other people and with the space. It is such impertinent and boorish behavior of a superman. The accord is considered to be an attribute of the backward and archaistic persons. Any mentioning about the accord of heart and spirit causes mockery and humiliation. However, We will not insist on our principles. The accord of hearts is the greatest cosmic treasure. When the souls are joined in one aspiration, they are not afraid of the gray ones' tricks. Cooperation is the fire of consciousnesses, whose aura burns through the space at a big distance. You will approach the Cherished Threshold with the help of the accord of the reason and the spiritual discipline. The Temple of Beauty leaves due to the accord of awaken mankind. The worlds exist due to the accord. One chorus of the aspired hearts creates the new egregores of Light.

148. The sense of so called unexplainable joy or happiness are not rare. The harmonization centers and the opening of heart are most simple explanations of this phenomenon. Divine peace releases the tense string of nerves from time to time, as if everyone loves you and you love everyone. This moment is called “Opening of the Gates”. A man feels himself united with all cosmic creatures. The unknown and unexpected joy is that very manifestation of the Cosmic Right of the man, as of the creator.

149. Pain and cowardice drain the human strength. If peculiarity and exceptionality are not cultivated, it is impossible to achieve the control over the passions. The consciousness will not be able to rise over the gray fog of indifference. Although there are no simply common mortals, but there are some people, who had passed ahead the crowd in the process of evolution. One, who doesn't feel himself standing on the top of the high mountain, may lose himself in the darkness of the forest of prejudices. The direction of the way and the final goal could be seen only from the very top. A disciple gets a victorious sword and a shield of the fiery heart, when he obtains the straight-knowledge. Exceptionality is harmful only for an egoistic person. For the walking one it is the first step of the teachership. If you are walking by the road with someone else, it is impossible to keep silence all the time. But your own load you carry by yourself.

Evil never stops evil. The smell of anger could be dissipated with the fragrance of bliss - the purifying incense. The night wayfarer's eyes are looking for the star of Light. The soul, which is tired from the darkness, looks for this salutary fire. One should not expect, that a guest's dress, wet with heavy rain, will immediately get dry and not leave dirty puddles on the floor. A hearth warms everyone without distinction, but before the aflame chalice it burns with the fire of pure love. If all senses left you, live with love alone. It is the sixth sense of humanity. Through the fire of love you will see the correct action, the correct word, and the correct thought.

150. The Om Ma Hum mantra is the mantra of the Mother of Worlds. Om Ra Hum is the mantra of Sun. Om Mani Padma Hum is the manta of Master B.'s descending on the Earth. Avalokiteshvara lives inside it secretly.

151. Some creatures got used to the energies of the advanced consciousnesses, under protection of which these creatures are living, and this slackens them. Predominance of the thought about the equality of all souls awakes the pride and many other still persisting imperfections. The bored spirit thinks, that intensification of the space harmonization is his own great service. But the attempts of selection and hesitation bring to naught the solid basis, that seemed to be found. Overestimation of own capabilities is same harmful as underestimation of them. But the young consciousness chooses maximalism, through which it can comprehend the true wisdom. Simplicity means knowing the possibilities, obtained through many spiritual achievements. Simplicity means achieving the main point of the action by most easy means. One may wait until the water starts boiling from the sun beams; but it is easier to bring an armful of brushwood from the forest. An effort never goes to waste. Even an unsuccessful attempt leads to the perfection if added into the receptacle of experience. Let's not hurry to condemn anybody. Let's better wait and see, what the time will show.

152. The ray of Light is strait. Choose the shortest way. Don't look for the mistakes in the manuscript of someone's life, but correct your own. It is easy to notice a speck in the white of someone's eye and never notice a log of own karma.

153. Everyone can hear the Master's Word, but it is not the ground to consider himself to be equal to the Teachers. A stone on a roadside imagines itself to be on the top of the wall. The delusion is always attractive due to the self-delight and self-glorification.

154. The mysteries of the universal geoculture, or of most ancient knowledge of the solar tradition, had mostly degraded down to the superstition or to the half-forgotten unexplainable mysteries; same as Druidism has degraded down to Shamanism. Yes, human thinking is disposed towards the involution; the reasonable will together with the energy of heart is there, to shake off the dust of prejudices and mistakes. If the dust is not wiped off the work table every day, then in one week the table becomes like a huge snuffbox, good for sneezing only. Polishing an ability in a certain area every day, a person achieves the skills. The universal geoculture is waiting for a long time for being used in the everyday life. There are too many words and very few deeds. The time requires the new approach. It is possible to climb up to Maulbek, applying all your efforts, otherwise you will admire the beautiful view from afar.

155. From the times immemorial one of the Chud' tribes was called Zyriane or Zoriane. Everyday sunrise greeting was the indispensable attribute of their religious ritual. That is why they were called Zoriane (zaria - sunrise). One more aspect could be determined in this name. People of this tribe had the sharp-sighted eyes (zorkii – sharp-sighted) or the eyes of wisdom. Closeness with the wild nature made these people to be a part of it. They sensed approaching of both good and baneful natural manifestations, and knew in advance what they are to do.

156. The expression “Truth comes out of the mouths of babes and sucklings” has a deep mystic meaning. The matter laws that darken perception of Heavens do not weigh upon the essence, which is under the influence of divine forces. Master Buddha and Master Christ were able to speak when they were in their mothers' bellies. There will be discovered some day that many babes speak during the intrauterine period. The device, that receives impulses, produced by not yet born babes' vocal chords, is already invented. The new mankind will start studies from the moment of conception. But it may occur vice versa. The higher essences, that come to the Earth, may teach spiritual subjects, as it already was at the Golden Ages. Two great Saints recited the holy Vedaic Hymns to their mothers, when they were still in the embryo stage. For sure, this phenomenon could happen only in case of the higher reincarnation.

157. Washing the feet is not simply a hygienic need, it also has the karmic reasons. The lower spirits, that are trying to complicate the karma in order not to lose the shelter, crowd around the ankles. The lower volitional centers are the centers of the discharged energy, which flows down.

Washing the feet is used as a hygienic measure for the reduction of earthly burden. It is not without a reason, that hot baths fanciers are used to define their state after taking the bath as “feeling like a reborn”. If an obsessor is removed from a man's aura even for a short time, then the deliverance is not far off. Of course, heavy frosts stimulate liking for hot baths, but the real reasons are mostly mystical than hygienic. The ancients knew that lashing with steamed bunch of a birch, an oak, or of other trees twigs together with mantras can drive out a dark creature, settled in a person and causing diseases.

Liveliness and spiritual purity is the human being's natural state. Such definition as humaneness is the definition of the higher merits of people. Washing takes away the karmic husk. You know, the healers use the water in order to clean their hands from morbific leptons, attracted from other people's auras. Katun', as well as Ganges, cleanses bodies from sins.

158. It is a big mistake to think, that mountains are simply the stony monoliths. Many mountains are hollow, with many tunnels and caves inside, which run, avoiding obstacles on the surface. There are even the underground secret paths, which lead to the promised country. Even the water streams could be seen on such way. And the secret light illuminates such undergrounds, dissipating the darkness. The ancient Chud' people had constructed these innermost roads. The roads were straight and passed by the bends on the surface.

The Asian legends preserve the echo of the forgotten knowledge. Lets listen to the voices of elements and look at the clouds. Aren't there the contours of Namig letters up in the sky? Forgotten doesn't mean lost. Even a hardly heard whisper of a flower may be a revelation. Especially if the flowere is a rose. The flower grows as if from a seed of a secret. As if a song of love fills a heart. The promised word could be heard only through the love. The miracle of the joined hearts sounds like a lyre with the accord of seven notes.

Let's welcome with the hymn the sunrise of era approaching; and catching hexameters of space let's send them as the direction to the people. Let's replenish the strange show of life with the splendor of Light. Let's kindle up the egregores of innermost love through the consecrated life. These are not the flowers, that start blooming at the Holy Valley. These are the beacons of hearts start burning inside the flower buds. The gold hearts glitter as the chalices of Light. The columns of Eternal Light shine, ignited by the Fiery Spirit. The Truth knocks at the door. The living magnets flame. And the weary night dissolves the fogs of delusions, which were filling the hearts.

159. Continuity of the consciousness is one of the Arhat's merits. When a soul retraces all phases of transition to and immersion in another states, after falling asleep and waking up, it is already a spiritual achievement. We can't be on alert all the time without practical spirituality.

An aura is a planet, and many unasked guests are ready to attack and to intrude into its boundaries. We will stop all the malice creeps of darkness with the fiery thought. The definite expression “malice creeps” reflects the evil intentions and the crooked path, which the dark forces use, in order to get to the temple of soul. The spirits, for whom incarnation on the Earth is inaccessible, persistently try to influence on the weak consciousnesses and obtain the control over their wills and actions. Sometimes such spirits are in the dark forces' service. That is why keep your auras safe from the malice attacks. You know, these are fear and hesitation that open gates for the enemy; and the stronghold even makes no resistance.

Learn to be brave and to keep silence. And live coals in the fire will warn you about the attack. And occasional wind blow will wake you up in the case of danger. And a fish will splash in a lake; and a branch will snap and fall down. The secret signs are everywhere. And all manifestations of life are full of knowledge. Even a stone may tell a lot; but it speaks slowly, and no one wants to listen to a long sound of a single syllable instead of a fluent speech. Even stones are filled with the fiery power at the Mountain Hermitage.

160. It is painful to tear away a part of consciousness from the vicious manifestations. The consciousness loses the animal force, and it will be difficult to resist a temptation, until it finds a substitute. But it is necessary to be sincere, because sometimes the vices are connected with the instincts. But beware of those, who thinks that they have overcame and extirpated the vice. The evil friends may return after many years, even if the home is cleared up. Don't boast about your merits. This is the worst manifestation of Maya. The human nature is unpredictable due to it's depth, and it is impossible to be fully confident in it's future manifestations; the confidence may appear to be an idle talk, having nothing in common with the real situation.


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