Konstantin Ustinov

Piramids of Light

Very few people know about Mountains of Light...

March 23, 2001 – April 15, 2001

Innermost traces left by unknown generations could be observed.

Most powerful cosmic symbol of the Great Father and the Great Mother, of spirit and the matter union, was carried through the abyss of immeasurable times, through the mankind's history.

Let's remember the holy House of Life that preserves more than one wonderful secrets.

Let's remember the great Pyramids of Light.

Everyone who has received the Ray of Initiation becomes the Torch of Knowledge.

Lets not forget to illuminate the way in darkness of ignorance for walking ones.

1. A cloud of energy has arrived from distant cosmos and embraced the Earth. The cloud that has brought new forms of life and new phase of fiery spirits' creativeness of thoughts. Cosmic power of high reasonableness saturates the planet's crust. Even a stone and a smallest sand grain becomes a keeper of luminiferous forces. Fiery plasma of universal BE-NESS creates more and more perfect vessels containing new power of consciousness. The mystery of a body transformation into pure fire is preserved in the hearts that have realized the mankind's cosmic right and the origin of a soul as of a carrier of all monad's undisclosed forces. We are birds on the great Tree of the Universe, and soon we will have to transfer to higher level of the secret of new consciousness.

2. Not cordial gifts to the world, but imposing of morbid conceptions of self “I”, of own worthless significance in the world mess, readiness to become the leader any sort of one more false spiritual teaching – isn't it the way to consciousness destruction and diabolization? Holy staretzes' humility resulted from knowing the own place in the world's spiritual development. It is spiritual development collapse to overestimate own merits. There is one salvation – to get free from the cage of evil. It is possible to camber a peculiar pattern of uniqueness from iron bars of ignorance.

Don't be afraid to touch dirty energy of visitors' auras. Guru knows how to burn away dirt of obsession. Guru knows how to smelt the ore of gray everydayness in order to get spiritual treasures. Brown mixture of earthly feelings is future energy of spiritual flame. Can the matter itself be sinful if it has managed to beget such miraculous creation as the God-mankind?

It is not wise to take offence or to feel angry; but it is even worse to consider a verdict of own selfness to be ultimate and definitive. Human spirit's substance changes swiftly. Ocean of energies beats against the Earth's shore. Rocks of evil go to ruins under the Fiery Leaders' Will attacks. We will not step back to the shade scared by the enemy's bullet; we will face the torrent of fire with solid responsibility and suffering. Let everything decrepit inside us be burned away with purifying flame.

3. There is nothing beyond his measure inside everyone besides what he is able to contain.

One who doesn't strive to snatch a lion's share of power over weak souls and for whom material welfare is not an end in itself but an indispensable condition for self-development, I will endow with strength of spirit. Material wellbeing at the expense of Shudra is verily sinful. All the more if you consider yourself to be a Brahman. Don't make useless steps, otherwise such absurd dance will turn to be making no headway. Let's not become like cannibals dancing on the bones of vanquished enemies. We are carriers of Living Fire of Life. The mundane space kindles up from us. The rays of ways stretch forward from us. And union of hearts is our cresset in the Fiery World. They are one: the Celestial Way and a wayfarer ascending with super effort of his spirit and body and asking the Higher forces for help to the extent of his efforts and services.

4. Rejection of the Magnet of Cosmic Love means squander of one's gifts on trifles and almost unnoticeable manifestations. They become meagre not due to their fleetingness but due to a spirit's minor effort. Power of the Magnet of Love – cosmic Power of Life – sounds fiery with every moment's accord when best strings of a soul are strained. When symphony of Eternity is composed with flaming moments then harmony of space aggregated with Celestial Fire arises. One who stands above feelings, knows the healing power of love. A carrier of this flamy feeling illuminates and purifies the space like a torch.

5. Persistence as a spike of striving to Light is especially respected. But obstinacy is unacceptable in any way as worst manifestation of selfness. Divine power intensification is in the innermost strain of a heart. Words of higher veneration arise in the holy of holies. Finest aroma of devotion flows out of the innermost depth of a soul. The heart as the instrument of the fiery Will is the creative aspect most akin to the Great Master's thought. Persistence of aspiration helps to overcome maya nature of the physical world. Persistence of aspiration surrounds a disciple's aura with crystals of the Master's flame. Aspired consciousness creates tension of the silver thread which conducts the thought of veneration tens or even hundreds times faster than speed of light. And this thought enriched with the Great Teacher's heart power returns with even greater speed and power. But obstinacy is like standing on the edge of an abyss when wind blows hard, when all torches die out and do not illuminate most dangerous bends of the road. Insane mind captured by a crowd of obsessors alone pushes a man into the abyss of distress. So let's remember the abyss that opens wide between persistence and obstinacy.

6. Holy books of ancient Hyperborea are waiting to be returned to Russia. Arian sages' prophesies start to come true. Most ancient Vedaic culture conception was connected mainly with laying magnets all over the world according to the shape of the special constellation: from pyramids in Egypt to Sade lake; from Stonehenge to Belukha; from Shveta-Dvipa to the Great Mother's temple at the holy lake near Omsk. But the White Mountain's soul supports the World's pulse by Its heart. The White Mountain's soul emits the energy of innermost wisdom which turns either into science or into spiritual comprehensions. The Temple of Life is full of unique energies of moments coming. The River of Time deposits gold sand of Wisdom. Drops of thoughts merge together during the process of investigations and form fiery fundamentals of ideas.

The Veles Book is just a small fragment of general Vedaic Wisdom. In Aquarius era this most ancient source of great Knowledge will be opened for two thousand years.

7. Mechanical actions are harmful for everything. Mechanical keeping fasts and abstemiousness doesn't always lead to a due result. Animal power is the fire that warms up the heart of physical world. A source that has run dry can't give water to a wayfarer. Abstemiousness is reasonable for one who feels it to be necessary for him, but if one starts these practices too early, it may bring not only a lot of suffering but even drive him to crime. The measure of fate is changeable. Don't be afraid of darkness around you. Be afraid of darkness inside you. Isn't pursuit of absolute freedom the worst enslaving of your spirit? You are initially free. Don't be afraid of evil. Expect good. At night time when thousands of stars decorate heaven with innermost signs, the saint souls walk all around the earth. They bless every home sending their sain at every bedside; they keep the world, protecting it from the darkness attacks.

A rustle at night will not frighten a vigilant guard. Light gleamed suddenly. One cloud sense some subtle scent. A lightning of spirit flashed. The Holy Horse of Happiness (Aierdeny Mori) looked into your soul. One who has seen will keep the innermost secret.

8. From the point of view of thousands of incarnations passed, everyone is a savior of entire nation. Heritage of everyone's divine Ego is significant, great, and can't be measured by one planet's or even one Solar System's measures. But no one tries to penetrate into a treasury of his own spirit due to earthly inertness; there are some rare exceptions constituting an insignificant part which could be compared with a drop in the great ocean of mankind.

Death of a soul is unavoidable for those who live with bodily passions. The silver thread breaks for those who do not train their spirits with striving to higher worlds. A link between lower and higher principles turns into the impenetrable armour of instinctive self-consciousness. The thread between divine and animal worlds is that very thing that surrender to the call of incarnations. The corrupted soul becomes a Guard of Threshold or that very conglomeration of accumulated material qualities which do not allow a body of light formation, necessary for ascending to more conscious planes of being.

Yield of life is so scant. Omni-knowledge is an inborn quality of spiritual creatures; but physical qualities do not die away: they concentrate and degenerate forming man-like creatures with animal souls and animal minds. Breaking of the soul's contact with the shining Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, with the Tree of Great Endless Life, with that eternal wandering which every soul blessed with the gift of intelligence makes, means destruction of the soul.

The soul not preoccupied with spiritual problems is not able to enter into the devakhani state due to lack of higher spiritual emotional experience. Then it takes on new life again and again without interruption joining the ranks of bipeds and the army of walking deadmen. This explains the mankind's degradation from Golden Age to Iron one. This is what the Great Teachers have named the immortality in evil.

It is necessary to grasp a branch of a tree growing nearby in order to get out of a bog. The example of elements' flexibility alone can help to avoid stagnation of mind. Monad as the divine light in a human being is that very saving branch stretched between divine and physical worlds, between light and darkness, between sattva and tamas. It is that very saving path chosen by insignificantly minor number of souls among those who have got into the valley of suffering.

The tree of monad sprouts with billions of personalities. Some of them dry away before flourishing; the other ones do not ripen enough; and it is a rare flower that turns into a worthy fruit of spirit-knowledge. Value of such fruits is so great that it is possible to find very few of them during entire human evolution.

The monad splitting up is not the best way to continue comprehension. A spark torn off from a source of light starts to imagine itself to be the Universal fire. Division is endless: the small spark of the One has given birth to Universe. Truth is in a degree of tension after which dividing into parts is allowed to the spirit.

The animal soul permanent human embodiment means immortality with Satan and in the matter where permissiveness reaches such degree of hard-heartedness that belief in higher forces and in higher justice dies away because the higher leaves a human temple which doesn't have a worthy altar for spiritual service. This goes on until millions and millions of sufferings, sudden deaths, shocks, and humiliations bring such immortal to understanding of the beginning of liberation. At the beginning the soul has to repeat same life thousand or even tens of thousand times with stupefying similarity: same family and same life situations. But as the animal soul starts to produce sparks of humanness, the scenario and quality of incarnations starts to change amazingly. Mother Good Fortune spreads the net of lucky destiny. The hammer of suffering and the anvil of lives do their work. Gleams of divine reason will obtain again the worthy place in the chalice of accumulations. But the silver thread of understanding is to be forged during millions and millions of earthly years without interruption. The Light of Devakhan is for those who has gathered spiritual harvest on the Earth.

Entire nations are in soulless state of irresponsibility. Entertainment business indicates general degree of the mankind's spiritual decline. Boirobotization and pursuit of material wellbeing destructs the basis of divine soul. Destructive transmissibility of epidemic of callousness is so great that all creatures and all material world manifestations are involved in its demonic whirl. Struggle with own animal “Self” transforms human forces into divine power. A human being alone is endowed with inspiring striving to light and to the fiery spiritual summits. The human being alone is able to dream about something else but food. Manifestation of such elementary human qualities as ahimsa and yama together with niyama is seeding of divine light in a human soul. The animal will tries to draw away consciousness from best human qualities persuading it that these qualities are just weaknesses which are to be get rid of in any possible way. Cruelty in achieving vile targets at any cost is most horrible substitution of meaning of life and deception of the soul. It is not without reason that Great Masters were called the Masters of Love, Mercy, and Compassion. Owing to Their great help it is possible to return the mankind to the state of responsibility. Masters Buddha and Christ has shown the way how to cultivate the divine soul in the human being. The Brotherhood of Light permanently fights for keeping every soul's silver thread safe and sound.

An angel is like a lotus flower arises from same bog of materiality as an animal does. Seek for the blessed link with your own Great Teacher through identifying yourself with His cosmic ray and His cosmic power. Pray for blessing and for permanent current of communication with great Shambhala which is deep inside in your shining essence or in boundless worlds of your Monad. Do not puzzle over searching transient tutors. Find the God inside yourself. He stays in your heart always. He never left you. It is you who has turned away from His Shining Face cutting yourself off with stench of evil and imperil. That is why the mundane world seems you to be cruel and strange.

The Earth is the school of spiritual ascending. The Earth is the beautiful blue flower in the MISTRESS LAKSHMI's hands. Her bouquet is great and incredibly beautiful. As any other Mother She compassionates every soul while it is looking for the silver thread lost, for that white path by which heart sends its innermost thoughts, and by which these thoughts come back imbued with the fiery power of blessing and with the power of great forces of light emboldening the soul that has got stuck in indifference and despondency.

But don't deceive yourself taking signs of mediumism for higher consciousness awakening. We have lost spiritual capabilities; restless insistence and incredible efforts are to be applied day by day in order to remember them and get them back. Beware of mechanical exercises without solemnity, love, and fire. Beware of getting influence in moisture of ignorance, but don't be afraid to burn away in the fire of Transmutation. Show daring and flaming, and shine from hope and joy; flame as a torch of inspiration and kindle up small cressets around yourself. And there will be less darkness and callousness all around. The battle of salvation helps to avoid falling down into darkness and the soul destruction. Remember, Forces of Light are always with those who have decided to ascend.

The stairs made are overgrown with moss of indifference now; but every hanging branch becomes a handrail for ascending one. It is joy for all kingdoms of the world if even one of the few decides, dares, and strives to climb up the Peaks of help to the mankind. It is neither glory nor becoming a god are of great importance, but work that transforms the world and aspires thousands of souls with own energy.

Irritation is condemned and blamed. It steals gold sparks of the soul and quenches them in the marsh mud. The way is firm, but legs are weak. Gain a foothold in Light and terrible signs of life will turn to better. A possibility to get back lost before Higher Ego is preserved even for soulless incarnated creatures . Sincere fiery repentance that melts iron and carbon sediments of aura can restore signs of Spiritual World energies perception. And if the heart responds to the call and doesn't weaken during seeking for possibilities to find the Way, then the higher help comes in due time. The Great Guru's Name is like a mantra that saves the soul; it is one of the ways leading to the divine path. It is not meaningless murmuring of holy words that saves, but burning heart while appealing to Higher Worlds.

9. Phenomenal manifestations or Siddhis crystallization which allows to perform miracles, spirits materialization, and various paranormal phenomena without vital necessity, distracts a disciple from the path rather than advance him. Disturbing a spiritual principle's natural development phenomena could be compared with a rockslide which blocks already almost impassable path. Often karma becomes encumbered due to this and throws the disciple back to the beginning of the path. Higher principles' energy burned off in vain disappears after it has scarcely appear. For an unprepared consciousness phenomena are destructive drugs rather than a heart balm. It is poor destiny to become a drug addicted person. Even a cattle-yard is more clean place than a drug-users' den. Beware of teachers sending you miracles. Pure atmosphere, pure aura, and pure heart are needed for fiery manifestations. The viper of pride keeps his venom for neophytes in order to poison aroma of celestial consciousness' comprehensions.

10. We are the stones in the protective wall of the humanity. Value of every aspired human thought increases in the world where heartless people prevail for a slate screen is an attribute of spiritual impoverishment. These are not creatures going from one extreme to another that are valuable, but those who consciously walk towards Light. It should be not spasmodic striving every once in a while, but stable overcoming of spiritual impoverishment inside yourself and karmic obstructions clearing. Principle of permanent fiery burning makes aural perception transparent with no perversions and interferences. Sophisticated treachery is main characteristic of hard-heartedness; it emits miasma of obsession and of all kinds of earthly demonic possession. If lawlessness is beyond limits, if acts of extreme violence and permissiveness take place, then this is an obvious characteristic of civilization of soullessness.

11. Fire turns into flowers. Plants are formed from most subtle vibrations of Fohat. Even most rude alchemical experiments couldn't be performed without flowers essences. Real vegetable perfume facilitates spiritual reactions inside a human being suppressing influence of tamas component. True aroma therapy originated in Hermetism and most ancient Atlantis and Indian treatises, is based on this principle. So called modern incense can attract the lower plane creatures only, who are able to awake an instinctive force and nothing more. In ancient times high priests of science of innermost scents only had the right to compose incenses. In India they are called Rasavans - children of dew. Emanations of cosmic rays and meteoric dust turn morning dew and snow on mountains slopes into most rare medicine for many earthly diseases and a remedy for consciousness correction and improvement. Meteoric dust gives psychic power collected at distant fields of universe. Many flowers with most subtle and unique aroma grow on southern slopes of highest summits of the world receiving fluids of cosmic dust. They are that very basis for incenses with rare scents and aromas.

12. There is no any spirituality in psychism. All psychic phenomena are able to lead to same result, which is lack of any magic restraint. It is necessary to watch after siddhis, but never use them before spirit starts to prevail in the consciousness control. Hidden tricks of lower egocentrism pushes a weak soul to psychism mastering which blocks for a heart a silver path connecting higher triple with lower tetrad. The consciousness bonding to the earth is very strong thing that leads away from the true way for it is adorned with variety of feelings and pleasures which impedes realistic estimation and makes hard to get rid of this situation.

It is possible to estimate soullessness of whole countries according to a number of entertaining places and recreation zones which are hotbeds of sweet life and can deprave even not bad human consciousness. Even Internet instead of being a communication mean now became a toy in the hands of shade brothers who insistently practice more and more methods of human souls depraving. There is no need for them to create any mutations and apply newest methods of making zombies out of human beings. If there is lack of higher principles of behavior, if conscience and honesty, compassion and spirituality are forgotten, then this is the soulless ones' doing. These creatures are notable for their exorbitant rage in evil. They are conscious ideological destructors of Great Masters' all incredible selfless efforts to inspire the mankind's striving towards Light and to lift the planet's consciousness to the next evolutionary level of life. Confrontation of light forces and dark ones is so strong, that entire layers of universal consciousness are involved in the conflict of souls. Ideological wars storm in Infinity. The great battle of Hierarchies goes on. It is the battle of Love, Compassion, and Mercy against dark ignorance's various manifestations.

13. Summits of mountains are free from bad influence of the Moon. Snow and eternal ice screens and protects the atmosphere from baneful influence.

It is necessary to train in sending psychic energy at a big distance. This will help to cultivate and consolidate a capability of necessary spiritual reaction without forced release of the astral body. Thinking about distant worlds is a channel of heart and spiritual link itself. A thought sent may be so powerful and active that it becomes an independent unit of being and a germ of a new cosmic body. Arrowheads of our thoughts become white-hot during a flight and start to shine as new stars. That what the Great Master Buddha said.

14. Intellect doesn't always indicate high spiritual development. Many high spirits were absolutely illiterate, but it didn't prevent them from having great power and spiritual purity. Often an education forms a sort of a template or an inveterate method for life comprehension taking no account for most subtle peculiarities of every soul's accumulations. Differences between physicists and lyricists are not just subjects for humor and awkward jokes. For some people an environment of exact sciences is beneficial and necessary for discipline of consciousness; they do not find it burdensome to be in the framework of mathematical formulas and charts which are most related to the world of schemes and predestinations. But emotional picture of life is important for majority of people. It is difficult for them to determine a guideline within the spiritual plane without it. Academism gives advantages of one forced school methodology; but spirituality comes out for an individual approach to every human personality. This is that very method how the Great Teachers teach. But the higher educational factor in the basis of best mankind's accumulations are hardships and sufferings experienced by every soul. Without this severe school it is impossible to perceive or feel something in the mundane world and change yourself, hence, whole world. Improvement of a society is tightly connected with rejection of crude and negative manifestations which have affected everyone as a witness or a victim some time. Karma is our best teacher, a fosterer, and a doctor. Karma is a treasurer of our best resources.

15. The legend about laying holy teraphs is much more trustworthy than historical chronicles which often appears to be a preconceived opinion of one or another monarch. The place near White Mountain where Buddha's Ashram was, previously was called the Place of Wishes Fulfillment. This symbol's meaning had nothing in common with fairy tales; it reminded about permanent discipline of thoughts and about most higher veneration forces attraction to this Great Altar of Wisdom. There was no any time gap between an invocation to higher forces and an invitation of energies of actualization; the wish was fulfilled immediately. Vibrations of power have activated their lightful flows, and a person have become cleansed from heavy karmic stratums and obtained potential of new capabilities. Henceforth everything depended on the soul that had experienced the fiery charge of transformation. Connection between seven lakes and seven Great Teachers could be noted only in oral traditions of various religions. These are precepts to be whispered into a keen ear.

16. The clew in Russian fairy tales is a symbol of a circle of incarnations and of good karma which has activated knowledge of good combinations. Every situation extracts accumulations from a chalice and the right of choice determines a way which is correct from particular point of view. A Thread of Good Luck causes destruction of the dark in every heart leaving free space for more perfect accumulations and impressions. This is just an echo of great Mysteries of Labyrinth. The beginning of the guiding thread was and is in the God's hands and originates from the God's Heart, or from our higher aspect. This is that very silver thread or silver path that leads from the underground of mundane life to Light.

An abyss of pain, isn't it a top of pleasure? Great Masters have submerged themselves into this world of suffering; they drain the cup of the vale of life, feeling injustice and pains of the world more sharp than mere mortals. But isn't it the greatest pleasure to guide the mankind to the light of new consciousness? The magic thread that guides to Koshchei the Deathless' (in Russian fairy tales, a very old, rich, and powerful evil magician who will die only when a treasured needle is broken) kingdom, or to the depth of sub-consciousness in order to perform a feat of valor of purification from fallen incarnations, is that very saving Ariadne's clew. Minotaur of devil nature is to be annihilated before it devours the living flesh of the mankind's divine power. Through this victory alone it is possible to return to One Father and to everyone's soul's great fiery Motherland.

17. One of supreme shrines of Great Hyperborea was presented to Infant Jesus by one of Magicians from the North. Teraph of Light establishes continuity of Knowledge; Teraph of Light facilitates pacification of boiling over crowds; the Teraph liberates the world from earthly welfare superiority over Eden. It was laid down by Master Christ at one of the places of World Power, and it should fulfill its high predestination. Altai legends preserve the Great Wayfarer's Message. Altai piously keeps this precious relic.

Hiranyagarbha or Golden Egg is not just a symbol of universe but also it is a physical magnet conducting high cosmic rays. Gold not yet contaminated with pursuit of profit, human blood and sufferings used to be one of most tense currents through which energy of higher worlds penetrated on the planet and deep inside it. Golden Egg with a particle of World Heart inside was placed inside a pyramid where it hovered in the air due to its special psycho-physical properties. The Reason of such cosmic relics many times exceeded consciousness even of most advanced people. Golden Egg was made under the principle of Atlantis flying towers. This Egg's rotation created a whirl of creative energies. Under influence of this whirl, water around the island with the pyramid began to circulate clockwise and run to the center of the planet by four equal streams; this had supported tropical climate at North Pole. The swastika symbol had appeared due to this phenomenon.

The art of time, space, and the matter mastering requires such higher quality of a soul purification, that entire human efforts available are to be applied. A crystal soul without even a trace of self-interest alone is able to become proficient in this magic. In this case only there will be absolutely no harm from the elements' and spirits' services. Otherwise waves of physical horror will push a subtle body out of a confused physical shell which has lost control over balance. Valor and fearlessness is one of white magician's arms.

18. Getting rid of everydayness and banality causes separation from earthly howls. Garbage of thoughts impedes breath of a spirit and doesn't allow to receive Higher Orders. Mill-stones of dense thought-forms grind Fiery Planes' signals. A shell of detachment reflects waves of whipped chaos like an energetic shield, leaving one main communication channel available – a link with Higher World. Don't blame such toiler for lack of mercy and compassion. A heart turned to heavens can't be deaf to the world's and evry person's hardships. Obtaining a power of insight into Higher Planes, such spirit may turn to be more useful in the cause of love to a neighbor than a seller at the market who gives a coin to a pauper. It is impossible to estimate every soul's measure of deeds of charity just with the external actions. A prayer for the suffering world may bring more use than a free food. None of the cases of even slightest compassion will be forgotten by the Masters of Karma. But don't grieve together with drunk criers. May be they are crying for lost opportunities. Let it be first step towards purity obtaining.

19. A gold egg and a needle often mentioned in ancient fairy tales now are still the symbols of the great sphere and the cosmic basis. Afterwards they have become the Orb and the Sceptre of Russian czars. In ancient times it was a magicians' arrow and later on – a mace and a verge.

Connection with earthly forces was established according to a high level of serenity. Serenity as entry of Cosmic Fire and its circulation in a human heart and aura has created balance between Yin and Yan, between the mundane and the celestial. In such state of serenity a man should not be afraid of losing his reason or being obsessed by evil forces. White power of purity was able to give orders even to elements of the underground world. You know, even jinnee have constructed

the Solomon's Temple. Mastering of the serenity practices or of the Cosmic Love energy was and now is the great Northern tradition. There are most ancient symbols of Knowledge or the white Arcana in the extant pyramids at Seydozero lake. Remains of these higher knowledge only were brought to Egypt. Cosmic texts which were brought from Alcor by the white race are waiting for investigators and researchers. Reincarnations of ancient sages will bring back sacral knowledge about stars to people. Many Maha Guru were the Great Magicians in the Temple of Time.

20. A needle is a symbol of fragile balance in the world. The needle is a sign of a basis. Needles of cosmic rays pierce through the mankind. Every second other worlds transmit new energies and new ideas which sometime will completely change the world itself and people's consciousness for the best. And then the symbol of needle which is the sign of sinking into oblivion and of very grave ailment, will change its meaning. The needle became an attribute of a drug addict. And no one thinks about many people saved by surgeons with the needles in their hands. This is a trick of frauds. This is substitution of the divine with the earthly as well. Numberless cheats and substitutions like this take place in the world every moment! Such shifting feet and making no headway looks like a diabolic dance that takes away from people their dreams, hopes, and best forces of hearts. Lets perceive every message from Supermundane Worlds as an arrow of joy. Let someone's selfless thought sent for help to the mundane world rush through the space like the fiery needle of Infinity shining like an inextinguishable cresset.

21. Uniqueness of moments removes a feeling of ordinariness. It is an azure star in the gray fog. Feeling of uniqueness forms unusualness of time which imprints a drop of honey of knowledge in every moment. A gift is prepared for every soul, but a heart alone knows at what moment it will be handed over. There are many tricks that distract the soul from this divine gift; they do not allow to perceive or to see it. Excessive curiosity may turn into deafness, because necessary and even vital things drown in empty talks covered with muddy wave of hollow information. Information has become the blood of this world. Information has become the power of this world. But are there sparks of higher wisdom in it? Everything is ruled by momentary wishes. True uniqueness of time which gives true sparks of immortality is screened with garbage of advertising and soap operas. If bliss of the precious moment is not captured and unsealed, the stream of time takes this rare pearl to the ocean of the past; sometime a wave of life will bring it to some other coast where someone's reliable hands will pick it up and the pearl will warm up his heart.

22. Society's priorities modification will facilitate human consciousness change. When psychology of enrichment reduces to dust like a decrepit fence hiding behind itself beauty of a mountain view, then the world will breath a sigh of relief. The era of gaining profit and planet's treasures plunder will come to its end. The green fog intoxicating souls with attacks of misappropriation will clear away as soon as main carriers of material wealthiness idea leave the planet's aura. Treasures for the sake of treasures is an unreasonable idea. It is hard to think up more horrible degradation than to scant most vital things having plenty of means. The knight-niggard (a personage from Pushkin's Little Tragedies) is a generalized image of financial elite. This is worst way of the soul decay and recurrence to gnomes' qualities which are niggards' most distinctive features. It was said by the Great Master: “Where your treasure is, there is your soul!” Such kind of attachment can't pass away without leaving a trace, because attitude towards property discloses a basis of consciousness.

23. Many wonderful creatures were brought to life by serenity. Unicorns and elves are just few of them. Same as yeti they are still keepers of the places connected with magnets of Light.

Serenity, peace, and bliss were the parts of so called Gold Needle or of Kundalini energy which have preserved Jiva (in Old Slavonic language it means “life”). Gold Egg is auric shining of soul radiation. Forms of radiations of all living or nonliving creatures in any kingdom are based on one principle: the egg and the needle. The needle is a link with the higher plane of Being; it is an invisible golden ray of Cosmic Reason which merges with another rays and forms one fiery trunk of the Tree of Eternal Life or the World Tree of Immortality.

The Heart of Universe performs creative work when all forces flow together. The Source of Eternal Thought produces streams of rays which form One Knowledge of the World Objective. Imperishable harmony of the worlds exists within Beauty of Unity. Hierarchy of Infinity of Light is the Guard and Protector of the boundaries of Life. The Great and Most Holy Mother of the World takes care of the World Tree. Absolute freedom always was in the higher Serenity.

Spiritual culture was so high at the white continent that Aryans were prohibited even to fight with rage and anger. In the Domostroy book, the patriarchal rules of family and social life, there is an echo of most ancient traditions about gentleness, charity, and love to the neighbors. White color is still on the flag of Russia as a symbol of spiritual continuity of Hyperborea, of its way of life, traditions, and high belief; continuity of the country where holy bliss still exists.

24. Finding a silver path after achieving serenity of Cosmic Wisdom allowed magicians and sorcerers to roam about the worlds visiting distant star systems and planets in their subtle bodies. They traveled by the Path of Serenity with the stuff of One Higher Self. Nowadays there is a secret Sufi order which is called “Stars Pilgrims”. Their secret Teaching still preserves tradition of inter-worlds cosmic travels for spiritual experience obtaining and supporting contacts with human race spiritual Motherland. But Alcor was just an assembly point for spiritual essences who were ready to go deep into the matter for the sake of comprehensive knowledge. A hero of Chekhov's “Black Monk” looks very much like one of stars pilgrims. Everyone who finds his silver path becomes the stars pilgrim.

25. The energy of Cosmic Love alone is in possession of power of serenity. It continuously pours out the power that supports life in endless formations, universes, galaxies, star systems and simultaneously unites these disconnected distant systems in one living organism. Serenity as ever burning Nirvana flame is a special state of subtlest tension of consciousness and the will when a spirit of an individual monad starts to resound to the cosmos-wide energy system as an equal achieving the Absolute level. These are lofty dimensions of pure beauty and creation where from fiery thought-forms of knowledge and culture come.

26. Places of power or the planet's heart energy outcomes are known from most ancient times. Epochs, races, and religions took turns one after another, but these innermost islets of adoration of the Higher were always specially guarded. For the mankind they were the focuses of salvation where a soul was most close to Heavens and where the Masters of Heavens could hear a suffering heart's prayer and do what they could to help a man. Communications with the God endowed these places with a magic of solemn adoration. Miracles and phenomena of healing took place there since long ago and go on presently. Feeling of catharsis or ablution in healing currents of purity always gave great inspiration and joy to the soul for next fiery aspiration and spiritual podvig. The higher spiritual organization of an internal man, the more successful, bright, complete, and firm the link with supermundane worlds of love, harmony, and peace.

27. Earthly love is rather sensual than essential. But there is a very small part of humanity on the planet for which love is the life giving breath itself and the way of life. You know, love to a neighbor is that very mean that clears the space from karmic infection.

Culture of keeping even a minor secret trusted teaches to keep great secrets and delivers consciousnesses from spreading of hardly learned information. Rumors and guesswork is a good environment for spite bacilli reproduction. Don't waste your time for picking somebody to pieces and for gossips. Intruding into somebody's fate you are acting as a vacuum pump taking in karmic dirt. It is better to examine your own armor and clean off rust from own arms. It is meet and right when you nip in the bud your neighbor blaming. Blaming hangs as a stone on the neck of a blamer; and who may estimate whose burden is heavier. A pure heart can't live without suffering and compassion. This is a natural state of a soul which is ahead of major part of humanity on the spiritual path of ascending.

28. Inaccessible Secret, majestic and terrible, to which sages strive through external and internal curtains of cognition, adjoins the fiery string of being. The innermost essence of any secret or explicit teaching is the feeling of God's presence and filling of a soul with His power and bliss. Becoming a God is the final goal of all spiritual practices. Serenity achieved through mental and physical purity, through keeping the fast and praying should not be considered as indifference and laziness. There are innumerable grades of states of peace same as states of consciousness and states of other human spirit's manifestations. Serenity intensification up to samadhi level means drawing nearer energies that support becoming the God. It looks like approaching a distant fire from black darkness. When you come closer, the fire illuminates you more and more bright until you become like a light Ray of the Master's Eye and like the fire - without a shadow. The more often you train your soul in achieveing such state, the more successful and quick its advancing, and the faster it will obtain the capability to enter the state of becoming the God without even slightest signs of blasphemy or derogation of the Great God's qualities.

We crystallize the system of the God comprehension inside ourselves via accumulating experience of many religions and secret methods. Spiritual selection of those fiery striving and seeking souls goes on during entire period of human souls incarnations. This is the way how the gene pool of Great Masters and of their higher disciples was created. In the future the higher disciples should be able to substitute the Masters and do the noble work of liberating the mankind from toxic visions of illusion. Major part of the mankind still has no spiritual vision. We did not wake up yet. We are just children in the World of Spirit. We are just making first steps. Sensation of the God on the straight-knowledge level is that very work of our inspired thoughts and a timid effort to enter the temple of Divine Self. But one shouldn't take an idol at a roadside as the God.

Contacting, uniting, and cooperation of souls supports the world harmony. Fiery manifestations are impossible without consciousnesses uniting. At least two wires are necessary to conduct the current. The concentrated thought-will's vocation is to change the situation in the world. In spiritual atmosphere of the planet there are still dark thought-forms of Atlantis which affect particular countries, their ideology and policy. The united common will is necessary to burn away the darkness. Warriors' of Light heart power will free the earthly field from weeds.

29. Do not betray secrets of the future to insane consciousnesses. Those who didn't adopt the truth but are eager to gain momentary popularity and sensationalism via retelling someone's thoughts and ideas, makes more harm than explicit enemies. Beware of such profiteers of spirit gaining profit with someone's else mental capital. Any sort of noisy announcements reminds very much about shouts at a bazaar attracting crowds. What can you offer them? A true gardener alone can tell a good apple from a worm-eaten one. The Gardener who is as white as snow on mountain tops, he alone knows how to cure persistent wounds of a soul doing minimum harm. All human feelings extend to Infinity; the more lofty they are, the more tension of the fiery power they have, which enables them to fly to the predestined target.

30. Moments are atoms of time. They preserve the soul of this mysterious energy that grants inspiration, strength, and longevity. Time is a master of destinies and a healer. Time is a guard of secrets of innermost knowledge and their discoverer and unmasker. The truth, that is in continuous streams of moments, penetrates into a heart and washes it with its fiery swiftness leaving gold nuggets that were brought from distant points of Infinity; everything unaccepted and unadopted passes away to some other coasts. Time is inexorable and blessed; loving and hateful; tender and severe; generous and stingy; happy and sad. Having countless images, nevertheless it appears before us as a beautiful image of limitless mercy and endless hope in the only one incorruptible justice deserved by every soul incarnated on the planet. An abyss of possibilities and an abyss of ordeals are awaiting everyone walking by the endless way of One Life.

31. Construction of a pivot of Internal Peace in a heart will release the mankind from bestial feelings. The silver needle or the seed of eternal life inside a fiery heart merges with the top of Cosmic String of Being and creates the divine magnet of fiery power. The peace of higher tension of Worldwide Love creates new constructions in cosmos. This shining power alone is able to create. Mother of the World creates with this great power alone, for She alone possesses of secrets of the time forthcoming, flowing out of Her Light Creating Heart. Multitude of distant and near worlds, forms of unimaginable creatures whose variety is endless are granted with limitless distinctions of forces and their manifestations. And every form from fiery to material one is vivified with Her Holy Power. She the Blessed alone endows every creature with individual extent of self-awareness and participation in worldwide Life. She the Greatest alone weaves a pattern of great and minor destinies handling the power to fulfill them to the free will of the creature itself. Departures from the sound way are possible but they are fraught with moral lapses and suffering. A wayfarer who has left the path may lose his way in the dark. We know for sure what dangers are waiting in the darkness. But the light of the Great Mother's Eternal Love never neglects or consigns to oblivion Her children. She sends good signs; and Mother's Heart grieves for Her son or Her daughter if they miss these secret guide signs showing the proper way.

32. Earthly holidays are just an echo of a soul's memory about life in paradise. Dim memories about light mood of spiritual childhood often become a ground for inexplicable pining over something gone long ago never to return. Aspects of earthly celebrations reflect cosmic events and actions. All kinds of processions including religious ones, carnivals, and dances are just mysterious performance which illustrates celestial bodies revolution around one center. Inimitableness and variety of masks and costumes carry a mark of natural forces creation which may give billions shapes, both subtle and physical, to the sparks of nous.

The holiday of spirit always excites a special state of the soul when general aspired solemnity makes a prayer most effective and actual. A stream of joyful appeal to Higher Forces easily opens a door to heavens which accompanies the moment of every heart illumination and comprehension of some new most lofty cosmic truths. Moments of this fiery touch of higher planes of being leaves in a consciousness a feeling of importance of what is going on and of participation in the common celebration which expresses unity of the earth and heavens. It is as if power of all hearts of the cosmic humanity achieves a level of revival; and the wind of great joy of the holiday facilitates good feelings, good thoughts, and good deeds interchange. You know, even an enthusiastic look changes chemism of a drooped in sadness man's aura.

The heart keeps memory about one origin of the world. The fire of the good calls hearts to meet at the universe in order to make every soul to come back to one Cosmic Humanity through energies uniting. Such Purusha's or Universal Man's inspired celebration can accelerate evolution just with single action of a though in order to bring suffering hearts closer to the world of joy. But what is joy of the heart, everyone decides on his own.

33. Hate can win a victory neither over itself, nor over somebody else. As easy as a vandal hate destroys what was built with incredible efforts. Cement of love alone is firm. The fire of higher knowledge is called love. Hate withdraws best forces and feeds them to the darkness' suite. But love surrounds us with angels. The angel inhales ozone of higher human love.

Time of sophistication has gone for ever. Intellect has become a property of machines. But it is impossible to teach a robot to be able to love and compassionate. It is impossible to express with words the Crystal of Divine Truths. But words excite knowledge of love preserved in a heart. Words are simply keys to inexhaustible treasures which we carry inside ourselves. With knowledge of love we forge an invincible armour. Knowledge of love is the way from stars.

34. Astral exhaustion is not just possible but widespread thing in the human environment. This is only thing that explains heartless actions. Lack of feelings or their separation from words, thoughts, and actions gives start to a mechanism of self-destruction which works like a delayed-action mine. This particular method was used by leaders of fascist Germany for their punitive squads training. Such soullessness dates back to as far as Butane green dragon sect and Kali's followers thuggee who robbed and killed indiscriminately everyone considering these actions as a sacrifice to the goddess. Same soullessness characterizes members of satanic cults incredibly multiplied during latest time.

A fantasy may become a part of life or even fully screen its most precious manifestations. Not a spark of Divine Love can penetrate into the mundane world with lack of lofty feelings, the spark that gives rise to life manifestation itself on the earth. Maya of love is more important than sophisticated fantasies of evil. Plays of bodies were improved during billions years. And a heart lives deep inside the matter and gives life to it with own pulsation reminding that even the densest and the carnal can't exist without own fiery temple, without a warm hearth – the focus of lightful life.

There are many inhuman monsters in the world; they establish their own ugly laws based on their whims and tyranny; and they think that they have obtained freedom of permissiveness this way. Satanism wears modern suites. But barricades of spirit are already erected. Mountain summits guard unaccessible Strongholds. The Sword of Light was risen since long ago over the heads of evil doers. Mercy of the Great Masters is great. But dry brunches that impedes the great Life Tree growth will be thrown into fire. And where the ashes will fly with the wind? To new fields, to icy rings of dead planets where even at noon the sun shines less than a candle fire.

35. Culture of keeping a secret is one of milestones on the way of internal peace achieving. Culture of keeping a secret includes doing no harm to your neighbors, not condemning them, and keeping in secret an information confided. And capability not to become infected with someone's karma elements is main merit of a secret keeper. Lack of a will to discuss forbidden topics doesn't mean lack of cognitive need but careful attitude towards everyone's private life and treating it as something sacral and innermost. The northern tradition of the code of honor is the basis of White Brotherhood's laws. And first commandment “Condemn not” contains all most subtle comprehensions of Karma laws and of all aspects of the Good.

36. All Aryan gods including Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and rest 33 million Vedic gods were and presently are depicted beardless. The ancient Novgorod icon Adoration of Infant Jesus represents three northern magicians from distant Hyperborea clean-shaven as well. In ancient times high priests only had the right not to wear a beard. There were twelve Magi– Magicians who has in turn headed White Continent and has served in the Temple of Travels, in the Circle of Closed Cross. Apocrypha affirm that there were not one but several groups of ambassadors, including one from the North, arrived for Adoration. The Infant has accepted gifts from many religions. His light shined far off over the mountain cave. In the sheepcote with thistle protecting the entrance, on the wheat straw, the Great among the Greatest Ones was resting. The Mother, a pretty young girl, sang a song to Him in her native language. We took off our hats and made a low bow to the Infant; we noticed an expression of surprise in Her eyes. We didn't look like local people. Our golden hair and blue eyes looked unusual and different from what she used to see around every day. Oldest one took the gifts wrapped up in a white towel, put them down by the Infant's feet, and pronounced a prayer for good, health, and strength. There was a golden ray above His head. The evening star shone above the mountain ridge. We mounted out horses and set out back home.

37. A channel of solemnity is most strait and safe. The fire lit with heart aspiration protects a directed thought from mutilation and capture. Light's help flies through it easily like an arrow directed to a target. Virtuous life is similar to the silver arrow directed towards the God. Solemnity is best preventive measure leading to physical health. Benevolence, tolerance, and peaceable disposition calms down lava of bestial feelings. It was proved with scientific researches that dissolute and immoral people die at rather young age with prove-the-rule exception. Good luck leaves a body. Alcoholism and narcomania in any of various forms as if cuts off a head because higher three centers die off. Life purity is the strait way to the Fiery World. The truth pronounced long ago is not in use up to the present time. The human race doesn't want to live according to God's commandments.

38. Requiem service conveys fiery vibration of clearing to an embarrassed soul. Sounds of chants go via a hypophysis and an internal bell; they contain holy rhythm of life, for all of them were created by hieroinspired people. Vibrations of prayers resonate with music of spheres; they make a path through Akasha creating a flow of energies of bliss within which the grain of the soul ascends to higher spheres of consciousness. But cremation is more useful for an ascending spirit than burying. The latter means rendering Mother Earth Her due; and cremation assumes coming back to the Fiery Father's adobe. An astral body burns away together with physical body alleviating consciousness' sufferings at lower spheres.

39. Obsession destroys health like a most hard narcotic. An aura as an ocean of cosmic energies in case of obsession feeds astral parasites leeching the source of eternal life via a human being. Prana is a product of motion and quality of its energies flow changes during years becoming most active in the spheres of consciousness. Thoughts sharpening causes higher vibrations, and often old guests can't find former young energy any more and they leave a person seeking for another dwelling. Rhythm of mantras and prayers if they sound permanently, is most hard for obsessors. Mani-mantra or Master Buddha's innermost name is especially good for a consciousness clearing and purification. Mani-mantra grants the gifts of foresight and insight and facilitates even physical illnesses healing. The mankind has collected a lot of sacral means and methods for getting away from the way of ignorance.

40. False life is for false people only. Spiritual comprehension alone drives the world and makes it live. The divine inside a man alone guides him through the Thread of Happiness labyrinth. The divine alone carries the power of the secret of innumerable incarnations in Infinity. False life as a tool of Kali Yuga has eliminated best spiritual ideals and traditions and even has plunged the planet's depth treasures into the stream of extermination for the sake of profit.

It is difficult to live with permanent solemn surprise, but I ask you by the Heart: open your eyes. The signs of secrets are like huge drawings at Ukok plateau could be noticed from a big height. Accept them as the blessing of the Guiding Hand.

41. Pyramids protect the land of the Innermost City. Only one of them was found at Altai. But the whole group of pyramids is located according to the shape of Orion constellation, same as in Egypt.

A spade should not touch this holy land. The Cosmic Magnet destruction is inadmissible, for the environment of the mountains itself is saturated with ancient memories. The spirits of the greatest shrine of the world will not allow intrusion of alien power into these celestial fields, into the place of worship of the great celestial power that grants life to the land of Altai.

The land of the forthcoming race, the place of communications with higher planes always excited reverential trembling, veneration, and superstitious belief. How it is possible to touch the shrine of other world and receive its blessed touches if not with heart trembling and solemn veneration? You know, with inspiration of adoration even nerve endings start to shine like precious adamants receiving waves of Celestial Bliss. Isn't it the way like a desert-dweller prays about the holy fire descent into his heart and inflames with joy of a spirit triumph? A prayer is empty without inspiration. It turns into dead muttering and doesn't warm up the heart. But with love and diligence it turns into the mystery of worlds uniting. Even stones shine with holy fire when heart fires inflame giving sparks of transformation to the earthly nature. Accept the gift of prayer and love like a sign of living heart.

42. Magic nation, children of Orion rays, the offspring of three white celestial She-Marals – all these mentions in ancient legends confirm a community of great people who lived sometime at Ukok plateau and in the south of Mountain Altai.

White milk running from the celestial Maral's udder turns into human souls; they fall from heavens like drops into the cradle of Ak-Kem lake and then get into the Mountains' Soul waters, into the waters of Katun – the holy mistress of Life.

The Spirit of the World Heart guards the place of the secret. Altai holy of holies is protected with Fiery columns of light. A heart intoxicated with evil will never approach the edge of the Innermost Temple. Scalding embrace of joy will appear to be the horror for a contaminated heart. Who will hear a scream of fear in the darkness of night? Perhaps a forest beast will, who lives in wild wood. But entire universe listens to the prayer of the heart which has found the place of worldwide love. Concentration of thought-forms' power is incredibly great at such earthly magnets. It is possible to feel heart currents of all praying people via an icon and ascend to the Preimage of Light by this ray of belief and hope; same way a place of veneration preserves trembling of solemnity of many hearts. Pilgrimage leaves traces of hearts' power even on gray stones. Even rain of time can't wash away sunbow of veneration colors.

43. The words appear from the depth of silence created by harmony of peace. The Fiery Sign of Spirit woven from threads of love to Light, emerges from depth of moments dedicated to thoughts about mankind's divine nature which makes one work team of an intellect, the will, and a heart. This is the Sign sent to a soul which is tired of earthly dullness. This Sign illuminates the way in external darkness. This is the Sign of Good Luck and Space Call. This is the Sign of comprehension of spiritual alchemy which dissolves clots of incomprehension and rejection. And the space of the soul lightens like mountain tops before the morning dawn. The wind of thoughts fans the crucible of comprehensions. The hearth of heart gets free from ashes of ignorance and produces first timid sparks turning black coal of the matter into living Flame of Service. And who among mortals can determine what is the sense of service for one or another soul? Sometimes just one look full of compassion fills a chalice of heart and releases from bad karma, as it was with the Good Thief crucified with Master Christ on Calvary.

A God-given talent lives even in a mean soul. Holy fire of inextinguishable mysteries of life still glimmers in the mean soul as well. A garden at night time is still same garden as in daylight. Pralaya alone throws a dark cover upon the Tree of Life; but in darkness a fruit ripens greatly. The Ray of Eternal Thought will make visible what was cultivated by everyone.

The dark focus of human atavisms can't be destroyed in a flash, otherwise a man may suddenly die. Is it possible for a man who had got used to stuffy air of underground to breath pure oxygen? Coal can't smoulder. Anyone dislikes stench and smoke. But ardent burning provides new application of former prejudices power. There are some scintillas of gold in coal layers as well. The matter forces bonds can't be just absolute darkness. It is even gold's predestination to conduct light into the planet's depth. The thought becomes more powerful if it is reinforced with love to people.

44. Without internal peace striving becomes selfhood rage of obstinacy which feeds an animal instinct of uncontrolled feelings. Peace alone can control waves of astral nature and sharpen lightnings of thoughts. Bliss of Peace is able to calm down even a hurricane of evil feelings same as the white temple of life that hovers above boiling waves of fog in order to observe a battle of elements from above, from the innermost Tower of spirit.

45. The Stone of Power's steps had marked their presence everywhere. Special energy of spiritual manifestations indicates the places where the World Treasure was and is now. It would be a good experience to retrace Its traversed path from the beginning to the present time. Looking at the Earth with Ultra-mundane Wisdom, the Stone seeks for a perfect heart in which Its small spark lives. There are Shambhala of Spirit and the Master of Masters' White Tower inside this heart. Memory of eternal travels of every monad lives inside this tender and beautiful Stronghold. Our Divine Image, our Fiery Friend is in this shining World of Light. Higher essence itself dwells in that world of beauty.

According to the ancient tradition to take a handful of native soil starting a travel, monads took small parts of native world starting the great endless travel. When pain of sufferings becomes unbearable, when darkness doesn't allow to breathe in fresh air, then a consciousness and a soul merges deep inside. In the joyful dwelling of Divine Self it gathers strength for further travels.

Crystallized power of Cosmic Peace and of Spiritual Good Fortune was inserted into the Stone's body. Fluids of elements' perfection and best combinations of their qualities were collected inside this Secret of all Secrets. And what whole planet is, if it consists of such clever matter although physical one. The Cosmic Magnet's concentrated energy alone is able to compact spacial fire in such way. The Great Spirit of One Cosmos alone dictates reasonableness of such actions.

All over higher worlds it is considered the highest bliss to be the God's Fingers, or the God's Eyes, or His Golden Mouth. The gift of prophecy implies a lot of various spiritual talents, but Higher Guidance is always a basis of any of them.

Entities that emphasize light are not needed in Light because everything there consists of bright shining.

Time of White Fire is coming to the land of White Burkhan.

46. Rags of prejudices are dusty, but a keen eye can see an adamant even in a pile of litter. Lets pick it up and clean from inappropriate depositions. Precious stones really shine only near a flamy heart. Even stones do not like dull life. When we come up to a canyon with a boiling river at the bottom, lets think that a silver thread alone may become a bridge from one side to another. At the same moment we will see the ray of divine help which hears our thoughts and picks up sparks of our aspirations, attracts them and twines them making the bridge of saving light. Your resoluteness to go towards Summits of Spirit will always get a response. A spark of selfless thought leaves behind hesitation and doubts burning away in fiery tension dust of imperfections. The Master's Ray goes towards you. It is seeking for your heart, it is seeking for you; and every oncoming thought of yours burns more and more channels in maya space until everyone will be surrounded with the Circle of Light; until everyone becomes the basis for the Divine Column of Celestial Fire. Mother's of the World Temple on the Earth is based on such Flamy Spirits.

47. Judge a newcomer by his deeds. Any false judgment imbued with fantasies and gossips has consequences beneficial for dark ones only. Inspired words must develop worthy behavior; but soulless slogans calling to transformation is a bate for one who is ready to follow a false prophet. Many worthy souls became victims of blind leaders' actions. An abyss doesn't determine a level of deceit. It is aware of depth of moral lapse only. Destiny of one fallen from spiritual height is unenviable. If heart's strings do not resound at the words heard, if nothing disturbs a soul's depth, if nothing touches any of innermost feelings, don't haste to become someone's follower. Human habit to retract own words allows to get rid of any obligations. And false prophets have elevated this principle to the rank of personal deity. Remember blindness and light. Spiritual parties of bored chatterers is a feast for hungry spirits. When the soul's eyes are blind, when the heart's strings are silent, when discernment is lacking, do not haste to grab skirts of somebody's dress. There is Agni Yoga which is irrefutable Truth given by Divine Masters. Trust it and Mother – White Tara. This saves from delusions and awkward situations which appear during chasing next in turn false spiritual authority. People can extract phrases from a general text of a teaching and invent their own righteousness which may be far away from truth.

48. Achieving a music of spheres hearing level, or just first step of nervous streams or Nadi sounding determines the level of a soul entry into the cosmic consciousness. A primary sound follows a human being from his birth. Strings of nerves, through which fiery energy flows, sound. As a spirit enters and spiritual transmutation of consciousness develops, the sounding grows and its tonality changes sifting to subtler vibrations. Sound is an identification card for every essence. Chords of moments are unique. Tonalities of silver strings are unique. Every soul is a string on the Divine Vina, and the God's fingers touch it and play the Melody of Life or a Hymn of Karma predestined for every soul individually.

49. Hypophysis is a cosmic retort in which the celestial Alchemist mixes noble and lower elements of eternal energies. It is a silver hall where the heaven and the earth meet one another. It is the shining gate of the Temple of Light through which the peculiars may enter for One God service. A silver ray over a head of any human being could be seen as a white star or as a faint radiance. If it goes strait to hypophysis then all head centers start shining intensively.

Stars above certain centers indicate high level of consciousness of the fire concentrated inside them. Unconscious potential emits diffused light. Crystals of light or adamants of energies indicate the center predominance in the work of an aspired consciousness. Sunbow manifests synthesis of forces.

50. “Cast not ye pearls before swine,” - this is one of the Master Christ's commandments. Do not share treasures of your soul with those whose eyes look down onto the matter only. One who can't see divine light of someone's accumulations, can't value his own.

Materiality mainly blocks a way of spirit; but this world has many analogies with the Higher Worlds. It is necessary to clean the soul and save it every day without long delays. It is impossible to become pure and saint all of a sudden. It is impossible to comprehend at least ABC of Divine Wisdom all of a sudden as well. Any knowledge is to be accumulated. Every work requires skills. Hands have to learn to do something and become skillful. A consciousness has to learn to think sharply.

A battle is going on at all levels of being. Opening secrets of the internal world, secrets of spiritual experience of comprehension means opening a fortress gate for an enemy. Beware of variegated arrows with inscriptions. They divert attention of a soul from discipline and service. Though for someone the words are just like rustle; we affirm the idea of the New World everywhere and as much as possible. One will hardly hear you knocking at the door especially if the door is covered with iron plates. But it is even more difficult to evoke a response from a darkened consciousness busy with profits and losses calculation. Good fortune grows and bears fruits at the filed of spirit.

51. In the past there were periods of time, and now there are moments: it is one of the proverbs that reminds about long time memory of the mankind. State of joy in which people of Gold Age or of earthly eden lived permanently nowadays could be achieved more and more seldom. In our times only one who is not attached to the earthly world alone, who climbs up the spiritual path is able to feel himself pure, joyful, and free. The moments that overfill a soul with joy are so rare guests at human homes and they are to be waited for long enough.

But this expression also contains one more very important layer of the problem understanding and even a profound occult truth. The period of time given for internal experience development and for cresset of Wisdom lighting up didn't become shorter but condensed to a mathematical point. If in the past spiritual comprehensions lasted for many aeons – long periods of thousand thousands of years, - then presently this period is condensed into the moment due to accumulations of spiritual knowledge and their crystallization. Space and moments expand depthward containing entire history of own evolution, which means evolution of whole universe. Becoming an Adept means feeling yourself immortal and unique within one moment, never missing an opportunity to comprehend own higher nature and kindling the spirit up to seventh level. Nowadays great power is given to the moments; one who understands this will go far ahead by the spiritual silver path, leaving behind many babblers and false prophets shouting to people to become their disciples.

The way is to be comprehended in silence. A choice is to be made in silence. A milestone at the crossroads, isn't it a direction to a heart what karma is to be chosen? Lets feel time as an elixir of life. Every breath changes chemism of a body. Every thought either elevates or subverts a man. A measure of the moment corresponds responsibility for own life. A purse with gold was given to everyone and at the end of life everyone has to report how he has used the treasure of his time and force. Has he multiplied or lost, has he used meet and right or not what was given at birth. The moment when one aims at his brother determines whole life. It is admissible to push one of them in order to save both. It is admissible to warn a blind one standing on the rock before he makes a step to an abyss. Time is short and many secrets are kept in there for us. Lets not miss an hour of light and lets not forget to light up a candle of joy in darkness. The God of Time is two-faced; let His Face of Good Luck look at you.

52. An aura cocoon is sphere-shaped and it protects individual radiation from chaos attacks. If parts of the aura are not damaged with obsession and diseases, caused with such obsession, then its upper and lower parts only are opened for different radiations. Earthly currents support health of a physical body and its functions. Spiritual currents provide forces for harmonized existence of an internal world creating a feeling of greater fullness of life inside than outside an individual. Fusion of these influences is regulated with the Chalice of the Balance which is in a heart. Altar of Gods is in there. Axis of the World is in there. One God's Voice sounds in there. Wisdom of the Universe and forthcoming secrets and comprehensions are in there. The closed cross temple over the flow of Eternal Life; the capsule for all over the worlds travels; the Adamant of Bliss; the Arm of Fate; the Sword of Power; the Shield of Hierarchy – these are epithets to define the focus of Life and just minor part of the higher faculties controlled by it. Currents of ruby radiation will grow transforming into celestial purple which is close to earthly lilac color of higher tension of the heart.

53. Many worthy souls languish in caves of selfhood captured by the viper of money that distracts people from self-perfection. But laziness is even more terrible than pursuit of profit. Laziness for the sake of something causes ossification of all fiery qualities. Inspiration interrupts and transforms into senseless citation of holy texts. But live fire of a prayer rises upwards carrying along a high priest who has kindled up this fire inside himself, for the God is the fire that kindles hearts. The fire that warms up souls knows how the solar serpent raises a column of energies and joy blows the trumpet of Kundalini. And those who have built with their own hands a prison for themselves instead of a palace, even they hear a call of Universal Joy that sounds every morning for it comes together with the beams of rising sun.

Be like Light, my brother, for our feet are on the earth and our spirits live in heavens. Verily, everyone can become a titan of spirit if doesn't cross the forbidden boundary. But a man who has crossed it has prepared for himself existence in darkness for one thousand incarnations. Old memory alone will flare up from time to time and illuminate bygone Gates of lost Eden.

54. Pandering to feelings doesn't result into control over them. Full self-denial alone facilitates spiritual ascending. Feelings will not take long to manifest themselves if someone starts to limit them. It is necessary to deceive them and find a worthy substitution, well considered alternative. Mechanical suppression of feelings as a form of violence leads to an outburst. Critical mass of feelings' atavisms is more powerful than a nuclear bomb. Substitution within a pair of opposites – the best substitutes the worst – may give a proper direction to this vital force that pulsates inside everyone. One should not reject feelings but their instinctivity is to be changed with splendidness, beauty of generosity, and nobleness of aspirations. Let clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clair-sense- of-touch form the fiery alloy of straight-knowledge. Lets bring up in a heart the great cosmic love and charity as a basis of any power. This is our directive.

55. Stagnation of spiritual development threatens loss of accumulations. Permanent exercising of striving and attention forms an eagle eye. Development of spiritual inventiveness leads to greatest optimism. You know, a way out from any situation could be found even without disturbing Gurudeva with your asks. Careful attitude towards energies and non-distraction of Teacher's attention from His great work develops next level of veneration together with profound devotion and gratitude.

A cutting tool rusts if not used. Permanent mind sharpening develops spirit refining and forms a channel of fiery synthesis of a heart and the will. The will is divine. Its development and strengthening intensifies Ojas energies; accumulation of these energies produces phenomena of hypnosis, telepathy, and teleportation. The power of thought can affect both live and inanimate objects. The power of thought is initially healing. But these are firm confidence without any doubt and a feeling of undeniable rightness that makes the fiery will to run through a proper channel. Joy of divine presence is the Guru's Will. Joy of veneration of Guru crystallizes a man's will. Joy is the special Wisdom. The way to Wisdom is easier with joy.

Be modest and pleased with your status. The Guru's Will is the will of your heart. He knows better your necessities. But beware of turning veneration into inactivity of laziness. Relying on Guru, you should do your work and any work and any initiative under His ray will be successful.

56. Divine Secret manifests itself. Innermost Knowledge opens the Gates of Wisdom. White Temple knows about many great incarnations. Light of Knowledge streams from there. We get inspiration from there; and a heritage of Veda unfurls like a white lily. Aroma of Truth is more fine than a scent of a precious perfume. Aroma of Truth allows to recall the treasure that rests in the Chalice.

57. Assertions of Light gush from under the dark stratums. Purifying flame makes a way for truth. Dark ones' attacks just strengthen a Warrior's of Light armour. A sword of knowledge already glares over crowds of ignorance. Who has admitted darkness inside himself? Who has darkened heavens of his soul and has contaminated the chalice with obscene abomination? But a silver pearl will still radiate silver shining even in black darkness.

Don't be afraid of dark ones, beware of their henchmen that assert half measures as an indisputable canon. One who carries a cresset doesn't shout about it at a square. Even if he is covered with impenetrable cover, power of light never diminishes. Stand firmly on the path of valour. A hesitating disciple may fall down into the abyss of prejudices. The arrow of the way leads strait ahead. But there are dark nooks with an enemies hiding there at every bend. The armour of valour is love to the Guru. I will never get tired to repeat: devotion brings everyone into the Great Master's Aura Temple. Who is afraid of evil behind the Fiery Shield of Knowledge? Cowardice alone moves as a thought of concern. But belief is filled with invincible indisputability. This is the decision.

58. It is a profound delusion to consider that every prayer rises to the Throne of the Most High. Often intellectual muttering transmits self-deceit to the space. Neither selfish asks, nor passionate howls to punish a neighbor for a stolen billet, nor envious request to present somebody with good giving nothing to another one obtain power of lofty height. The lower drifts like a toxic smog poisoning the praying one himself with his own requests. It is too bad to wish anybody ill through the prayer. This is an act of black magic. One may ask for an appropriate fortune for everyone. It is necessary to be like Master Christ with His prayer about his executioners and those who screamed “Crucify Him!” The prayer from the depth of the heart, inspired, fiery, and solemn, it alone gives wings to reach the God.

Coal- black aura of the planet is hardly permeable. Concentrated fire of united aspiration alone can burn through the darkness escaping all traps and snares of ill-wishers. The power of the prayer depends on sincerity and generosity of lofty feelings sent to the Master of the World. If full measure of love, bliss, and mercy was sent with the prayer for the mankind's salvation and good, then the Light Force not takes long to fulfill the ask. One who prays for his friends and neighbors gets a hundredfold in return.

The prayer is a talk of a soul with the God. It is the wholeheartedly fiery talk with all possible and even impossible efforts. The prayer is devotion of your heart, your life, and your will in the power of Gurudeva; it is a meeting on the silver bridge with the Higher part of yours. Any intrigues of enemies dissipate and spiritual grace embraces a mind and a body giving amazing relief to the soul. It is as if washing in holy oil. It is celestial bliss of the holy talk with the God, a mystery of everydayness transformation into celebration of the heart. Ablution in the fiery stream could not be compared with any earthly gifts and pleasures.

Let the heart's prayer be incessant!

59. When darkness surrounds you; when evil of counteraction is sharp like a spike of a rushing along arrow; when you droop and it seems to you that there is no way out, you should know that you are pushed towards the World of Light. Let the kettle of earthly passions boil and seethe. An individual way was predestined for everyone. Spite's roaring is terrible, but a calling spirit calms down even rumbling of the earth depth. It is dark at the foot, but heavens are full of fire. Call fires from the space, and every moment will glare with Masters' of Light power. Creatures of the night are afraid of the fire, but torches of devotion are inextinguishable.

The Invincible Sword is your name! At the hour of mystery, at the hour of an innermost prayer you will see the shining path! Earthly steps are covered with smog; but there is the Guard of the World on the mountain tops and clouds are His pedestal. Wind carries heather scent from summits and fills a heart with the Master's of the Way signs. Light has flared up in front of you. Isn't it the Guide's stuff that has shined with a disclosing secret?

It is not just want and necessity that leads to the Holy Mountain, but Power of the Magnet of Light as well. Threads of mysteries keep in your hands. Let the Eye of Soul see. Let the heart hear songs of Urusvati summit snows. And passing of black Kara-Turek slip will be like crossing the slip of fate.

Don't be afraid of the spirit of bad weather. Don't take wailing of the wind for roaring of a snow leopard. Protecting armour is granted to courageous one. Firmness directs a man of decision. Paths are illuminated with the Master's Stuff. Not just one following heart will open. The Unknown Providence illuminates a chance. The White Shield protects those who walk forward together. Those who hate the Way will fall off like dry leaves. And clatter of hate of a creature overfilled with spite will sound like nailing of his own coffin cover.

Tension of forces is great. If formally the hermits repelled with their prayers single evil spirits, then now hellish hordes are bursting to get into the innermost circle. The battle of the worlds is great. Terrible is the battle of ideas. And even a sight crossed with another sight flames with tension.

60. A small size of a community only may facilitate mutual understanding and avoiding of concentration of negative energy which arises from excess of energy in big groups. Every mind occupancy determines harmony and concord of such cooperatives. When people are busy there is no time for quarrels and vices-finding.

Small examples teach friendship. Hearts' energies exchange forms new human relations. Ranking consciousnesses we achieve consonance of joint harmonic sounding. There should be neither belittling nor overestimation of any soul participation in a joint work. We are not calling to egalitarianism, but we have an idea about united thought progression.

61. One who has heard the Call of Heavens never turns away from a cry of a suffering heart. Life giving water of mercy washes away sins from a body of desires. Holy communion with Cosmic Love never passes without leaving a trace. Learn to follow the higher life. Don't be afraid of thorny bushes of night and of a path running near an abyss. The Good's eyes are keen. The Guiding Hand never gets tired. The wind's whisper brings songs of the Innermost Dwelling into your ear. Earthly laws exclude subtle perception. A flower's voice at the mountain summit may become an indication of insanity for a philistine. It is unimaginable to get supermundane sounds into the orbit of cities' mechanical grinding sounds and exchange market's uproar. Travels inside a grain of spirit, which are not just abstract fantasies of a soul but conscious presence at particular places on the planet or at distant worlds, are unimaginable for these colossus with feet of clay as well. A mirror of spirit sends many reflections to various worlds. The grain of spirit shares sparks of its flame with no loss for itself. If a burning branch is taken from a fire, it doesn't become less hot.

Don't stumble in a cave with treasures; and remember about those whom you can render a help. Narada's petals unfurl. The White Temple opens depository of knowledge. The field gets free from roots of ignorance. Otherwise there will be no crops. The sower comes to the prepared field. Fire alone knows a destiny of weeds.

62. Rightness requires confidence. Not that confidence which verges on willfulness of rudeness, but protection of own principles. A core of internal peace alone helps to avoid hesitation and turn your negative features into useful for evolution ones. We weave a carpet of life from multicolored threads. And if a white thread lies together with black one, then a pattern becomes more bright. The time of the white carpet didn't come yet.

Aura of Wisdom grows spark by spark. The time of synthesis unites forces of different notions. Let us understand purposefulness of cosmic manifestations within every day life and not miss a flower of knowledge carried away by the wind of time. A net of comprehension catches various manifestations in a stream, but the hand of Wisdom composes a picture of experience in the Chalice of accumulations assigning a proper place for every precious petal. Diversity and uniqueness is the Mother's of the World creation. Her Great Heart's Creation of Good is invisible, but the flower of Wisdom glares in the hand of one who gives good. Children of bliss are generous and pure. Black dresses of sorrow cover the earthly garden, but aroma of mountains spreads out and brings joy into existence. We raise the Fire-Flower of a prayer to the Great Mother's Throne. Darkness has no power over the hearts. Strings of hearts are linked to heavens. These are that strings that play music of spheres at night.

63. The OM candle shines with white fire. Earthly vibrations transform into synthesis of energies. The Power of Light melts deposits of astral. Rivers of knowledge stream from heavens; they carry diamonds of New Truth. New time seeks for novelty of manifestations. Sacral passes increase power of flowing energies. Mudras treat and protect. Hypnotic passes are intended for volitional suggestions intensifying; but heart energies exchange is more powerful. Sometimes wordlessness is more expressive than words. Wordlessness is saturated with surprises of discoveries. Moments bring treasures of revelations. A thought from High Worlds glisters as a brilliant of Light. The preserved pearls we keep in beauty. Everything reveals on the altar of Spirit. Hearts have no secrets from the Master. Clearness of devotion is more clear than a rock crystal.

64. Chemism of a human body is incredibly powerful. Its secretion has an effect on quality and tension of a thought process. The body as an alchemist laboratory can produce subtlest fragrance in case of pure life. Fire of service awakes unknown hormones originating from spiritual spheres. Human secret's power is indescribable. Even when everything will be known about physical nature of a man, there still will be something beyond the matter laws.

It is useful to take notice of own scents changing and reasons for their appearing or disappearing. Under influence of fiery currents of transformation and transmutation scents may become carriers of bliss and attract higher spirits. Live deadmen emit scent of decay even during life of a physical body. It is easy to determine them observing attitude of animals to them. Animals not just smell them, they can see an astral escort of the man. Obsession of such persons may be either short-term or permanent. An obsessor suppresses the human will and forces the person do whatever he wants.

Keep off sweet whispers. One moment of subjection to the darkness may cross out results of work during many incarnations. Beware of purposeless and irresponsible thoughts' wandering. A loose stone carries along to an abyss. Get out from a dark labyrinth of evil. Don't breath in damp air of the underground.

Crystallization of fire, that goes deep inside a heart under the darkness pressure, may reach cosmic tension. It is as if the Divine Blacksmith forges a fiery blade. The darkness will annoy all the time, that is why I recommend to be careful. Lull is just accumulating force before repelling next in turn portion of venom spilled onto your face.

65. When the wretched picture of astral will be reduced to dust; when dust of evil will be burned away like coal; when the space will be cleaned with communication of the mankind's soul with Forces of Light, then Age of Truth will come. Dark stratums of the past are to be removed with work. The Earth with renewed energies will become a blue pearl in the ocean of cosmos. Lets strive to the future. Lets dedicate our best thoughts and forces to the service in the Temple of the Future. Lets send a white thread of aspiration far forward to make it illuminate the continued way of life.

66. You shouldn't be surprised with incredible growth of crime rate. The creatures that have lost their divine principles during previous incarnations have obtained immortality in evil instead; according to karma law they reincarnate immediately due to lack of a spiritual experience and impressions which could keep them in devakhanic worlds. While creatures even with the small spiritual experience stay in these worlds longer. In consequence dead people which live according to lower principles only start to populate the Earth. Such prospective produces Kali Yuga situation when number of false people grows in geometric sequence. On the contrary, spiritual people incarnate more and more seldom.

In connection with this, it is necessary to remember the Brotherhood's call: “Love your neighbor.” Which means love your spiritual brother, but not a dead biped that emits venom of ribaldry, amorality, and a smell of decay. It is not hatred of the mankind. But one should not consider likeness of a human being to be an indication of true human race.

False people are vampires that rave on vital forces. They may have an outstanding intellect. They may have phenomenal memory and keep in mind an encyclopeadic volume of information; but they do not have even a small trace of creation and genius blessed by Divine Self. Beware to argue with such people or prove something to them. They are cadavers that suck spiritual blood. Main part of criminals, atheists, and various frauds belong to them. Their best occupation is to suggest embarrassment, hesitation, sorrow, and despair to spiritual people which are less protected from rude forces affects. False people are unfamiliar with such higher notion as morality. Conscience doesn't bother them. With the help of fear, impudence, and tactlessness they provoke reaction of embarrassment and split spiritual energies into lower ones in order to consume them. Lack of honor, conscience, duty, and honesty helps these creatures to be successful in earthly deals. Very often monads leave such bodies, but still keep a loose link with them. Illumination resulting from suffering, diseases, and sincere remorse can attract forces of higher principles again and return a silver path to one who heartened up and began to burn with desire to become pure and get back to Light.

Purity of the spirit and the body to which saints and prophets are calling tirelessly are not just a slogan, but calling to actions, to spiritual comprehension of own cosmic significance, to earthly life within Cosmic humanity.

67. Holy Baikal is Devaksha or divine Eye of the Planet, World Wisdom's Eye. All-Seeing Eye of Heavens, that's how they call the great lake; energies of an ascending spirit not just purify its waters, but make them healing for eyes and necessary for clairvoyance. The Earth Wisdom's Eye looks into Infinity.

Cosmos Life lives and pulsates through invisible links with distant and nearest worlds. Cosmos is full of manifestations possibilities. Spacial canvas is waiting for touches of creative thoughts which are able to initiate planets never seen before and unique in their novelty. Creating of the Planet's Heart Magnet mainly determines his future destiny. It is like records about the past and the future in human hearts.

Earthly astral keeps the planet in fetters of isolation from the rays of immortality. Dense elements of time only penetrate through the net of feelings and reach the earthly spheres. Total life shortening is connected with noosphere contamination with mental and sensual garbage, with almost general atheism and cultural values perversion. Archetypes and original Images are so much closed up with mucus of disregard and violation that it is almost impossible to clean up these perverted beyond recognition signs of the planet's morning. Fire and fiery thoughts of the planet level only can anneal these great lights up to initial purity.

Idea of cosmic immortality was rejected. Instead of it the darkness has invented earthly immortality within evil, when even inveterate scoundrels and misanthropes may reincarnate again and again. Cadavers have got a false idea of being people from a capital letter who can compete with Archangels. Cadavers form a skeleton of hellish hordes. Cadavers only have perverted the Earth and turned it into the oasis of profit, delusions, and untruth.

Teaching of pride selfness is an unforgivable sin. The father's of all sins voice is most loud here. Derogation of higher principles and godlessness decorated with church dogmas are apotheosis of evil.

Destruction of the planet goes on faster and faster. An endless chain of wars has nursed a monster that makes profit on blood. Entire hatred of the world concentrated in megatons of explosives is waiting for the deadline. Plunder of the planet's deposits which has an occult significance for existence, goes on and even expands. Blood of the Earth became a meaning for irresponsible rushing through the space. Gas which prevents penetration of creatures from lower astral into human spheres, became a main source of states' incomes. But a torrent of Celestial Fire streaming from heavens will cure all wounds and will fill all caverns of the ill planet. It is impossible to accord with Cosmic Hierarchy Forces within diabolic liberty.

68. A soul gets paralyzed with its own vices every day, putting off a thought of purification to limitless expanse and destroying a path constructed by its own efforts which leads to the fiery Defenders and Masters of Life. In this moral struggle the soul becomes helpless and weak. Moments of readiness and resoluteness to stand above earthly prejudices and make this state permanent and unchangeable – this is the only thing that can bring back the Parent Ray and open further prospectives for advancing. Only spiritual striving and longing for irreversible changes achieved through sufferings and by strict discipline of the heart attracts that part of an angel monad which was lost and which have passed away to shining vast of Divine Worlds.

Sufferings and malicious attacks are just striking sparks from the stiff matter which lacks the divine Ray of Love for a long time. A slate aura is like a dirty cover; it isolates such creatures from diversity and wealth of universal currents. This is the aura of lower principles which is not blessed with the God's attendance. The temple of life stays uncared-for and empty. There are neither burning cressets, nor holy chants that sound like chorus of angels in this temple. But the soul as the Guardian Angel still flies about hoping to feel a spark, at least a spark of awareness of divine nature in a human being. Even one spark can illuminate darkness of incomprehension, open heavens of wisdom, and restore vibrations of a silver thread which connects Supermundane Worlds with our world. Love wins a victory over death.

69. Do not concentrate on personal asks when talking to the Supermundane World. Ask for the world improving, for Divine Love coming into the world, for enlightment of hardened hearts, for giving you a capability to help the world through applying your faculties about which your Gurudeva alone knows. Personal usefulness may result from general fiery idea of a work. The personal is inseparable from the general; same as a man is a part of the great and the small worlds.

Karma doesn't just punish, it also keeps every creature from unreasonable steps, and entrusts it to the laws of the free will. But sometimes it is more difficult to make a choice than to fulfill an order. Often stubbornness of selfhood doesn't allow to overcome these rusty locks on the Gate of Wisdom.

First of all, destiny is the Mother-Good Fortune, but not a villain. In order to give a best advice, the destiny tries to find most perfect and valuable things in the very accumulation of accumulations. It is not allowed to profane innermost notions by malicious selfness. Holiness of Karma is inviolable. Holiness of Karma is a fiery chest in a living heart. Do not blame the malicious fortune; better examine your own armour, and remember whether you have offended or not someone among orphans and cripples. A grain of cause always sprouts. Lets not cry from a smell of bitter grass which we have planted through own carelessness. Lets thank Mother-Destiny for every day granted to us for correcting mistakes and for making good actions. Lets fill the space with good thoughts only.

70. Natures of souls are not uniform. All elements are synthesized in a monad, but one of them prevails. People of fire, people of water, people of air, and people of earth are same real as variety of great and small worlds. Moreover, laws of three, five, and seven are valid for unimaginable expanse of this diversity. Incalculable multitude of consciousnesses types are subject to strict laws of one cosmic evolution. And every type, whether a human being, or an animal, or a plant, has its own predestined individual mission.

A man or any other creature is not just a screw in a huge mechanism, but a part of one chain of co-existence; and there will be no accurate work of entire world without this part. Every soul's significance and value is great. Every personality is a population of whole universe. And every soul born is a Saviour of this nation. Concentration of wisdom, the will, and power in such incarnation is equal to millions of preceding incarnations.

Crystallization of best monad's qualities takes place in every incarnation. A diamond faceting goes on continuously until the consciousness dissolves in the rays of Divine Light.

71. Present evolution advances from visible world to invisible one. Carriers of thoughts are invisible. Myriads of living spirits, the fiery sparks of life that form a human aura, are invisible for physical eyes. Mysterious helpers carry a load of cares of entire huge universe existence – of all aspects of a human body.

Cooperation and unity create great deeds. But people taught by selfness claims to be a first fiddle and persistently try to find out vices of one another and of the leaders. It is easy to find a dirty spot on someone's dress while own dress couldn't be observed.

The World of Ideas works advancing from the invisible to the visible. And our heart embodies everything planned and seen in the shining spheres. An access to higher planes of spirit gives a possibility to see in details any necessary point in the universe with all unique life and every atom's activities; or the possibility to observe whole life of the worlds simultaneously will be given, as it was with Great and Blessed Master Buddha during His great enlightment.

72. Every soul's train of incarnations is such long that some members of an aura escort are older than the planet. A monad alone is beyond of earthly time. The aura, as a universal principle of a human being, preserves not just own experience accumulations but great knowledge of Akasha Chronicles as well. All fiery spirit's higher revelations are translated with aura which is connected with cosmic Depository of Wisdom with silver thread. The crystallized knowledge becomes an intuition. Words crowd at the edge of a consciousness waiting for the turn. And all vibrations of the aura is an inexhaustible source of great wisdom passing by us. We are living within breath of this Wisdom, but we can perceive just significant, tense, and tender wordlessness. Wordlessness doesn't mean lack of sound or voice; these are vibrations of such high frequency that a human ear can't hear this music of Fiery Spheres. A resonator of heart catches what a bell is filled with. The very innermost, that sounds in the heart, kindls the divine flame of spirit.

73. It should be understood and implemented: an effect of consuming meat is similar to the effect of consuming drugs. Psychic elements of blood make a vampire of a man who eats meat. Even touching meat gives rise to dark discharges that come from dark atavistic ages. One shouldn't neglect internal reaction of an organism. Kinaesthetics can't be wrong, but one should select a proper vibration from the Ocean of an aura signals. Bloody masses run counter to Living Ethics. A case of need alone is understandable. Food is not an end in itself; rejection of food is fraught with danger. Very high spirits only can stand long fasts in case of special mission. But persistent light mindedness of someones who fast may get them into trouble of getting a hungry spirit as a companion for the current incarnation. The daily food is not a sin; but moderateness and non-attachment to food is essential. Any sort of a gourmand's relishing is perversion of feelings.

74. The feeling of being different from the others haunts many children nowadays. Due to deep alienation from the rest humanity they consider themselves to be a stranger to this world. This abyss becomes aggravated because many of them remember their lives at fiery planes and on the other planets. They remember sounds of music of spheres and usually have perfect ear for music. Radiation of their auras three times greater than of an average earthly man. Intuition of such children verges upon clairvoyance and extrasensory perception.

A spirit entrance dictates special tasks which are hard to fulfill without refining a consciousness. A gifted person bears full responsibility for his deeds. Any transient negative thought flares as a dark star in the subtle world, disfiguring an aura with a broken glyph of darkness inspiration. As if we are living in a glass house. Charism grows slowly, and it necessary to cultivate positive features and commensurate all life manifestations, thoughts, words, and actions with the greatest Torch of Cosmic Wisdom, with Living Ethics. Belonging to It of a heart transforms whole nature of behavior. Honor, duty, and conscience must become true guides of every soul which strives to break through the circle of earthly ignorance. Living Ethics is the Fiery Universe of Knowledge. But we are not butterflies hasting to burn their wings. We are the birds of spirit with gold feathering. We are Phoenixes arising from ashes in order to transform and ascend further determining higher rate of perfection.

75. Feminine principle is a moulder and organizer of the world order. Refining of all energies; support of balance and harmony throughout entire visible and unobservable Universe are entrusted to the Mother of the World. It is verily the Saint Spirit which inspires every great or small creature with treasure of life. The Mother of the World is the Great Architect and one who implements all beautiful and unique ideas that in advance show evolutions' directions of manifested and not manifested worlds.

Majestic experiment of all forms in Infinity perfection goes on continuously moment by moment. The earthly part of experiment of attributing soul to the matter is just an extremely small share within the universal design. Nevertheless, every retort in this tremendous laboratory of being contains its own reaction of developing living nature from nonliving one.

Sparks of consciousness, exceeding fiery planes of life, exist and will exist always, and will penetrate into more clean and more high in their subtlest tension supermundane worlds. They are cosmic guides and pathfinders of new ways. Resonators of higher frequencies die away or revive depending on conditions, if they are not destroyed with vicious way of life.

76. A capability to keep a secret is not just a childish game or a secret service men's lot. The spiritual secret is so much innermost that its disclosure may do irreversible harm not only to the growing consciousnesses of junior disciples, but to the planet's subtle structures as well. Sacred knowledge of the future crystallizes in the secret. The secret is the crystal of immense power. The secret is the part of culture of the Hierarchical way obtaining and safeguarding. The secret now causes and will cause a heightened interest; fiery magnetism is its nature. The secret is like the White Tower that guides the disciple to the strongholds of new comprehensions. The secret is holy and inviolable like the Stone of Light that preserves wisdom. It is the great magnet of the future granted to initiates. And touching this current of highest tension before the due time means burning away own subtle strings connecting you with heavens. Time consists of moments and same way another great notions have something small almost unnoticeable but most important in their foundations. And it is imperceptible for it comes from the Subtle World by the means of fiery thoughts. The light of secret comes from above same as everything beautiful.

77. Television was invented in order to show us supermundane spheres, where a human consciousness can't get but about which it dreams. New technologies are just toys in a silly child's hands, as it was before with X-rays and first nuclear bomb. The mankind plays with fire; and this game is not for people's benefit. Unexplored energies and frequencies cause never seen before diseases more and more often. Illnesses caused by excessive usage of mobile phones, watching TV, and working with computers are just precursors of epidemics of consciousnesses total urbanization. Global Internet is a faint reflection of a dream about hearts uniting, about exchange of opinions; about treasure of human communications even through mechanical means. New technologies are waiting for their prophets; but still their positive effect doesn't exceed few percents. Internet forums, conferences, e-mail, shops, achievements and news on scientific, art, and design sites simply add charm to somebody's lonely life, but they do not facilitate uniting of hearts and consciousnesses. We have approached just one plane, and it is like sailing on a raft through a stormy sea. Indeed, this is a cosmic scale that is awaiting these investigations. Often happens that strange appeals to the humanity interrupt TV programs; astronomical telescopes show cities made of light and huge Images of Saints. No one can explain what disturbs radio signals and why Higher Spheres pictures appear.

Everydayness should not screen importance of looking into the future. The dream is strong due its capability to condense forces for bringing closer and realization of the future. A dream magnet could be so powerful that every idea becomes true up to the dream's smallest details and nuances.

78. A habit to construct pyramids at most hallowed places exists from time immemorial. People rendered its due to the value of energies of such places. Erection of stupas and construction of temples was determined with the planet's hart power outflow. There were a lot of them around White Mountain. Pyramids and stupas were constructed according to the particular scheme which was often shown to lamas in their prophetic dreams. Often such construction was dedicated to some important spiritual event: initiation, the rite of taking the monastic vows, achieving the level of enlightment, or achieving Nirvana. The value of most important milestones of life was indicated. Cosmic events such as solar and lunar eclipses were marked with similar earthly signs. They considered that sun and moon were coming to being again after washing in waters of the world above. Miraculous manifestations usually accompanied following events: coming to life of unusual babies; passing away of saints; beginning of holy battles; appearing of godsent books. These openings of the other world's gates were marked both on a calendar and on the surface of the earth. These signs of veneration could be found at every mountain's top. It doesn't matter if it is just a gray stone; memory of great event is preserved in it, though no one remembers it anymore. Akasha Chronicles alone contain these precious records of the mankind's spiritual life.

79. One who falls asleep opens a door to another space of a human mind; but he is afraid to open the next door and step into reality which is more clear than on the earth. Conscious going through this door is a work in astral itself. But such unauthorized travels are quite dangerous. If a novice decided to have a walk without any supervision, monsters of astral may capture his soul like a swallow swallows a butterfly in flight. The butterfly's lot attracts no one. Black giants live in astral since Atlantis times. Such travels may become fatal without Gurudeva's alert eye. A measure of wisdom accumulations itself dictates possibility of allowable entering into other dimensions.

80. Words are blood of a heart. Heartfelt words are salt of a mind. Words are forces of a flamy soul. What is written now should lie low for some time, so the dust, whirled into the air with your rushing through the astral as a mental whirl, settles down in the words, and the idea of the composition becomes clear. Knowledge recorded with the help of clairaudience is surrounded with most powerful fiery envelop and protected from lower astral influence. Words are children of the heart which have their own periods of development, growth, flourishing, and extinction. Energy concentration in the word may go up or down. Words may be either fruiting or empty and fruitless. Words' influence may be of universal scale power. The higher a level of saturation with the will the wider a range of the word's influence. A king's word and a street cleaner's word are of different levels of influence. Divine truth makes the word more influential and lofty. The Master's Name is like a password to the Fiery world; and all higher notions on the earth could be translated by words only for they are carriers of perfect thoughts.

81. Private property is a most painful point of contact with the material world. A soul experiences so much sufferings, misfortunes, and losses diving into this multicolored whirlpool of maya. It is a worst delusion to consider yourself to be an owner of something or somebody for even your time and health doesn't belong to you. Attacks of the property appropriation are a clot of earthly desires and they drag a big train of another needless attachments darkening radiant structures of the soul. A karmic temptation connected with gaining money is so great that a weak will yields to the pressure of these temptations.

It is incredibly difficult to take away consequences of such actions from a karma's orbit. It is a stereotyped view that it is possible to commit a sin, and then to get forgiveness of any sin through a prayer. It is better not to make debts. It is difficult to wash away karma smudge. None of modern cleaning agents widely-advertised on TV can help. It is impossible to eliminate consequences of thoughts and words; it is possible to correct them with superior fire of good offerings only. The Hieroinspiration level is to be achieved with hard work throughout not just one life of sacral labor and heartfelt prayers. Unique and swift life takes us away with its violent flow from a coast where something was done. But the wave of retribution unavoidably follows any action. A factor of balance alone on the cosmic scales is of great importance. Harmony smooths influence of opposite poles: this is how the world order and general balance of human field are supported.

82. Not only stone or wooden constructions could be called the Pyramids of Light, but people who had achieved the level of the Master's Ray carriers as well. Looking by the Eye of Wisdom at such man, one can see a pyramid-shaped aura which attracts Spacial Fire so powerfully that Guiding Ray covers it in full. Besides consciousness sharpening and mastering the energy of phenomena this cosmic form brings to a great heat and burns away karmic garbage accumulated on auras. The Guards of the Great Circle “Violate not” stay in such pyramids.

There is an innermost Valley of Pyramids on every planet of Solar System which eliminates space distortion and negative karmic effects of technical progress. Influence of cosmic constructions via imagination in a mental world is incomparably more powerful than physical one. The vision of minor pyramids with chalices of hearts inside big one is the symbol of Hierarchical Ray. Levels of minor pyramids may change; they develop and ascend more and more high, moving up to a higher row depending on a number of kindled up consciousnesses. It is not without a reason that the pyramid was the symbol of transformation of all physical elemental energies into divine energy in which they unite all together. Divine influence is based on the foundation of co-workers and disciples which conduct the Hierarchical Ray further to entire humanity. On the earthly basis the Ray relies and the One is Its top. The Divine Triad dissolves in the tetrad of lower principles. The point of joining shows to the matter the way to synthesis and fusion. Pythagorean number rises as Jacob's Ladder in the great shape of Pyramid.

83. When straining your heart in a prayer do not pronounce studied words but produce impulses of a soul. The prayer is blind and wingless without heart's efforts. The higher moments of insight is the feeling of subtle connection with the God, with the Higher Essence which stretches a helping hand to you. The feeling of deeper relationship with the God and a wordless talk with Him raises you towards Him, towards His Being which rests in Eternal Light and Eternal Bliss. Heat of the prayer revives a spark of the fire of a monad that lives inside every man. Kundalini strives upwards to the forefather. A hearth of heart flames, and Love raises its shining Banner. An aura over a head of praying one shines with gold and waves of eternal light embrace one who has felt the God inside himself.

84. Lack of contrition connected with submerging into material nature is most strong impediment on the way of transformation. People imagining that they have no vices are fully captured with avidya. Usually they are inveterate atheists. Maya has hidden all reasons impeding internal light development from them. Together with this such people avoid correcting consciousness on the mental level. It was already scientifically proved that currently the thought energy is strong as never before and all mentally performed situations come true descending into earthly spheres. That is why a dream is not just being up in clouds but real and active force that can change human beings and whole world.

Thought forms created by a human consciousness form an astral escort. Try to make your thoughts beautiful; push downwards your decrepit products of ignorance with entire power of growing fiery nature. One who can note own vices can correct them as well. This is very first step towards transformation of yourself and of your animal nature. If everyone could cope with own vices then he is able to help another person. Strive to Sat's triumph inside yourself or to the triumph of spiritual essence. This essence is an attribute of Universe inside a man. With this principle alone we are inseparably connected with Infinity.

85. Russian northern ornaments keep ciphered massages from ancestry who lived in far away White Country. The sign of closed cross is so much holy, esoteric, and multi-aspect that deciphering of it with the help of various keys and notions may be long and fill in tremendous volume of information field interesting both for religion and sciences.

Krita Yoga is considered to be a heiress of Hyperborean Sacral Teachings. Travels all over worlds is just one aspect of their ancient culture and of their comprehensive knowledge. Occultism was necessary day-to-day occupation just like breaking the daily bread. Phenomena were natural and didn't upset harmony for they were not used for doing harm or getting riches. That was the civilization of children of Sun both spiritually and physically. This was the civilization of children of the Sun both spiritually and physically. Teaching of internal Peace or deeping into a heart was passed on from ancient orthodoxy to monastic elders institution due to which monks practiced inward concentration, so called “mental toil”, which is also continuation of Acrtida temples traditions.

Physical body is just a gear to support life on the planet surface, same as a diving suit facilitates deep-sea diving. It is important to master this well designed machine in order not to brake it and not to harm an essence which is inside. A prayer from depth of the heart, pronounced with assiduity and fervor, was always considered to be a remedy for establishing balance inside own microcosm. And “mental toil” suggested seeking of Deeps or of Cosmos - the Soul of innermost hiding places of heart knowledge where the great Grain of God dwells. This is the way of the monad's consciousness comprehension, where fiery planes disclose themselves substituting common earthly senses. It is there the internal Infinity spreads out holy heavens and discloses knowledge of own Secret of Secrets. This is only place where from divine state of Great Peace comes, which is highest tension of spirit. It is like the Guard of White Tower who calm and alert looking into the vast. Although he looks so serene, he is completely attentive and collected. It is not without a reason that this is called the Sacred Guard. The Guards of Fiery Summits stand on the white walls and watch over the children of spirit just starting to study in the school of Life.

The dark part of the way we will pass within the Master's Ray. Within the Master's Ray we will feel joy of overcoming the matter inertness; we will find out that it not just evil and sins but also a mean for displaying higher qualities which have to transform and elevate forces of dense elements. The mankind is predestined to become a conductor of the Higher Will of the endlessly Great Chain of Hierarchy, the part of which we are ourselves.

Flame of Eternity illuminates bends of the Way; and no one can impede the Warrior's of Light pace. As they say: muster up courage and you will go through any trial! True valor forges the Sword of Good Fortune. True valor always repulses the darkness. The battle is going on without a moment's respite.

86. Manifestation of at least one low quality hauls whole train of human atavisms connected with one another. When you are trying to eliminate one sin, you are constructing a barrier for another ones. Methods of struggle against imperfections are well known from long ago: it is superseding of the lower quality with higher one. Disdain displeasure and quarrels. Be a moderate eater. Have on hand just necessary minimum. A light stomach is a friend of a pure mind. It was repeated many times that eyes look like tin plates in case of overeating. Acuity of spiritual vision degrades. A channel of strait-knowledge becomes obstructed. Subtlest forces are busy with food digestion. But you should not starve. Golden mean is welcomed by all earthly religions' traditions. How can a tree grow on the rocks without water and rich soil? A man can do with small amount of food. Packing the stomach with food the man exercises animal laziness. Astral captures a consciousness which becomes inactive on the earthly plane. Subtle food prevails during a blooming period. Winter prana gives a powerful charge of a psychic force.

87. Every disciple of Light and a follower of Living Ethics becomes an apostle of the New World. It is neither deification nor an attempt to establish an institution of peculiars; it is understanding of the way chosen. None of us can help souls that languish in captivity of delusions. Following somebody's example means imitation. We say: follow us, become same striving disciples. It is not just an impulse of a sudden feeling, but systematic following the principles of active good which transforms all currently existing human priorities. A soul's work is the best prayer if it leads to a good result.

88. The mundane world is the world of losses and sufferings. Learning to lose and to bear sufferings you avoid grief and undeserved offenses. We give everything to this world: life, forces, accumulated knowledge, and capabilities. Entire universe is open for us. It is a gate into joy and light. But a minor drop of earthly venom is given together with this sweet freedom. Free will is a divine gift for fulfilling of higher predestination. All whispers of astral voices about correctness of the way chosen finally lead to monsters of power coming to life; and they are striving to gain the power at any price.

The Teacher never orders. He lives in a heart of every essence. He just gives the right of free choice; but all ardent and importunate voices are just the wind that pleases mediums' ears. Lower spirits like to have fun playing such games. Psychism influence towards the mankind is aggravated with contamination of worlds' planes with mundane thought-forms.

89. Entry into Akasha Chronicles and reading of subtlest accumulations of impulses of knowledge in every atom is one of the steps of omni-knowledge comprehension. A man who manages to get into the information field of the universe becomes the God's aspect. It is the level of Buddha the Blessed; it is the level of cosmic enlightenment when a consciousness can see simultaneously both: what is going on deep inside the atom and within great Infinity. Getting free from garbage of karmic sediments and cleansing own microcosm everyone can become a herald of the God. We are the God's mouth! We are the God's eyes! We are the God's hands! The Most High wants to see everyone as His likeness. The Most High wants to inspire everyone with His force of realization. He introduced eden and all perfect attributes of bliss into everyone's heart.

At the end of seventh circle souls will master many divine forces, including creating a human being from dust. This exactly was meant when they spoke about resurrection of the dead. But main target is not a physical human being reviving, but revival of cosmic potential of a spirit.

90. Fiery souls take over the world's pain and burn it away in the fire of their own hearts. Their selfless spirits know that it is the only way to remove the darkness from the mundane world .

91. Human emanations can change chemism of food stuff. Evangelic myth about Master Christ who fed five thousand people with five loaves is based on bread saturation with psychic energy. Food stuff and especially alcohol beverages are very sensitive to human emanations. Bad inclinations are transmitted with wine and bread. And inserting a syringe needle into blood, especially if there are narcotics in the syringe, is an occult agreement with dark other-worldly forces. Mixture of blood and narcotic begets terrible spirits which strengthen a man's astral escort, capture his will, and destroy him from inside.

Good way of life currently is considered to be vestiges of the past. A code of dissipated life and permissiveness becomes firmly established as an achievement of democratic liberties. However, laws of secret knowledge are still same strict and obligatory for those who are trying to elevate their lives up to the level of a predestined mission fulfillment.

92. Roots of every man's life nourishes with sap of previous incarnations. As much the soil is rich and cultivated as much a plant and a fruit of particular reincarnation develops and becomes useful for the world and for the future. A struggle with animal energies doesn't mean cutting off these natural forces from one who generated them; it is elevating of feelings and substituting the lower feeling with higher one. Polarity of opposites is their unity; and a way from the pole of the matter to the pole of spirit is the way of not only all human lives, but of evolution of whole chain of planets as well. Efforts of every soul do not go to waste. Diving of a spirit is unavoidable and conforming to the laws. Before you are getting upset of a misfortune or rejoice over a success, you should clearly understand that these events connect chains of one life in its endless way of development. Let seeds of Living Ethics sprout in the hearts and produce good young growth. A skilled gardener gets fruits from every tree.

93. Many of those who study Agni Yoga, at the beginning of the way feel a need to share the knowledge accumulated enunciating their own understanding. Own and unique view of the way is an important factor of understanding. It means that a heart is not indifferent, that it kindled up responding on penetrating spiritual energies of Living Ethics. This phenomenon doesn't mean simple imitation of Teachers; it indicates the consciousness entry into the Guiding Ray energy, especially if this state of aspiration is accompanied with Master's Image appearance through mental vision. This is very important for a disciple for it indicates that lower spirits' tricks have no power over the open consciousness already. A talk of the human heart to the Great Heart becomes a joyful reality. But meaning of visions and of knowledge provided are refracted with the Chalice accumulations in compliance with spiritual structures development and with intellect. Master of Light Power calls every heart to this sacral talks. So, don't be surprised with such big amount of contacts and mediums. Among that gray fraternity, which disturbs minds of their believers, there are those who really receive exhortations from Masters of Light at their own individually achieved level. Verily, it is true.

Look attentively at the ornament patterns of destinies. You know, people are not just the uprights walking on two limbs; they are essences of Light that descended on the Earth; they passed a long way before incarnating here. The path of Truth comprehension starts from the Outset of Times, from Primordial Light, from immeasurably distant and high spaces. Spiritual development can wake up not only memory about former lives on the Earth, but can help to recall existence in other universes and worlds in different physical forms and conditions of life. All this is kept behind a thin wall of human perception.

94. Entrusting yourself to the Master's Will is a sign of complete confidence in the Higher Essence. It is difficult to gain the right of being worthy of such fiery union to which many souls strive and dream about. A generally accepted interpretation of the word 'chelovek' (a man, a human being) means an essence going through centuries, and we may give an additional sense to it. 'Chela' is a student that learns continually, one who studies during centuries and endless Life. So, 'Chelovek' (vek means a century, a long time) is an eternal disciple of Time.

Growing influence of Gurudeva's energy towards everyone who goes forward and ascends under His Ray makes a man to be like his shining Teachers. Giving their best forces of hearts to the disciples, the Teachers together with them all over again study at school of ascending from earth to heavens, from the darkness to the light, from ignorance to knowledge. As a guide on a dangerous mountain path calls novices not to look down in order to avoid vertigo and accidental slipping down from a precipice, same the Teacher recommends not to overestimate yourself looking with disdain at those who wander below. Lets impel forward to their best applications and manifestations all useful thoughts and deeds, correcting psychologism of the way uneasiness.

95. When a form prevails over a content then living sprouts of spirit die. The form strives to the matter completeness. A spirit impels a heart forward to Infinity. Formally well finished and completed composition shines with artificial light that looks like glitter of paste jewelry. But living things even most primitive and unvarnished keep drops of celestial dew on the branches.

Night's hand keeps a pearl of a day. School of harmony knows the value of worthy completion of a work. Lets not reject the mundane. Lets smile to the heart that keeps a treasure of peace. Lets forestall evil with awareness of its attacks. Think about people in positive way; but stink always makes everyone to protect a nose. Fumes of spiritual impoverishment threaten asphyxia for living ones. But the Earth was created by higher spirits. Cunning evil was created by evil one.

My Arrows are the wings for devoted ones. A flight of thought beautifies a gray canvas of life. I teach you to build a destiny inside the hearts. The Temple of Faith makes everyone to be a priest and a keeper of the holy hearth. My Heart is your home. My Thoughts stream in clear Light of white fire. Weave a cover of joy from them; it is stronger than most invincible armour. You know, joy strengthens the heart with wisdom. And My Knowledge is the sign of complete faith in you. Don't I endow you with power of love from My treasury? Don't I grant you My pearls and gold of My Words? I am seeking for flamy souls. I will show you the Way with My Stuff. And everyone will become Master of the Way. One who keeps a secret is silent.

96. Making robots and mechanical men brings us back to ancient times when magicians forged metal androids and breathed new life into them with the help of own blood and magic spells. As if times of late Atlantis are coming back. It once more suggests a thought that a spiral turns of history pass close to one another in evolutionary development. Not just some historical points are repeated, but the situation of a worldwide policy of diktat of one country striving for world supremacy.

Androids played same role in ancient Atlantis which is prepared for robots nowadays. They guarded palaces and worked instead of thousands of oarsmen on ships when technology of solar stone application was already lost. They were inside flying vehicles directed for Shveta-Dvipa destruction and they crushed against the Stronghold's of Light protective field. During wars with Arctida androids successfully withstood polar cold weather and didn't die like people from hunger and discomfort. But nowadays they are just personages of many native fairy tales. Because fairy tales and myths are most ancient chronicles of the world. One who can read between lines clearly understands that it was not just fantasy that made people to tell tall tales. Real although unusual facts mingled together obtaining a fantastic form of myths, legends, and fairy tales. Exactly the same proverbs, fixing facts of internal and external life, appear to be not just an effect, but displaying of profound folk wisdom. The process of evolution suggested to the mankind various life situations. Entire unusualness of them was reflected in folklore enriching spiritual experience of a nation. Sayings and proverbs are Living Ethics of every nation. Behests of higher life will never be forgotten.

97. People with subtle nervous constitution, with reduced tonus of heart, and with low blood pressure sleep a lot. Sleep is a remedy, a shelter, and salvation from stresses for them. The Subtle World can provide many kinds of healing for such people. But it is necessary to avoid narcotics for they facilitate purposeful coming into astral. Astral becomes like a jar full of scorpions, and these conditions are so dangerous that may threaten death of a physical body.

Narcotic injections to blood beget entities of rather malicious character. Blood gives strength which exist in drugs to dark spirits, forms their appearances and vitalizes them. Such entities dwell in a human aura parasitizing on a human radiation.

The spiritual world is covered with poisonous smoke of human lust. A living heart can't breathe growing faint under attacks. Mundane way is always difficult. But we will keep moral cast of mind in any situation.

A spontaneous movement is just a momentary flash of veneration. But aspiration is an endless stream of inspired love to Masters. Santana is that very undiminishing aspiration.

Prayers, mantras, pooja, prasada, adoration, reverence, devotion, thankfulness, and solemnity – all these flow into the gold River of Love by which our boats of heart sail. Sails catch the wind of Bliss. A helmsman sees everything far ahead. Our pier is at the country where there is no evil, deceits, and the darkness.

Eternal work for the sake of Hierarchy catches fire of the sign of predestination. Are we afraid of sacral work under the Master's Ray? Our way is lightful. Lets determine the guideline of life. Spiritual orbit leads us more and more high. Memory helps to understand the present. Our way goes through silence of secret, but not through mundane glory and false glitter of luxury. Silence hears whisper of every heart; but grinding sounds of machines block spiritual hearing. Choose purity of summits. Hearts strive after Fire burning high up on summits.

98. Modern machines are considered to be magic instruments as well. Travels all over the world substitute flights of a subtle body; computer replaces telepathic communication; a bullet shot from a machine gun into your neighbor's body - all these are just embodiments of concentrated thought-forms that hovered in space. Existing in the Subtle World they are seeking for a mediator trying to embody in the mundane world at any price. A thought thrown into space is a seed of future actions. But growth takes a lot of time. But energies of light and darkness do not disappear; they simply change their forms in order to stay in this world.

Evolution slowed down because the mankind wrapped itself with own products and doesn't want to come out from the musty nook. A spider moves fast within its net, and doesn't want to leave it. Fear to stand face to face with own essence forces a lower “self” to take refuge of another excuses, and to cover the spirit with more and more tight cocoon. A hope for extension of karmic debts repayment is vague. Repentance and sincerity only cuts off needless knots. They are the fiery whip of white magicians, which knocks down obsessors from auras.

Lazy and negligent ones are to be urged on; but wise one knows a rhythm of his life. Regularity doesn't mean sluggishness. But hasting on a mountain path is dangerous. It is difficult to fly when learning to master new spheres. A nestling learns to fly near by his native nest under his mother care.

Mother of the World! Give wings of Light to Your children! Flame of aspiration beats throwing out tongs of fire. Cultivate a dream of flight from it!

99. Onieromancy interpret meat as a synonym of illness. It contains all psychic elements of animals and illnesses and karmic consequences of the murder as well. Additional burden of animal emanations on human physical nature brings animal passions into behavior. Aura becomes disfigured due to subtle components of blood presence. Devouring of dead bodies is inadmissible except perhaps there is no other sources of food. At ancient times there was a habit to arrange feasts for warriors before battles; together with alcohol beverages there was a lot of meat; this initiated animal fury. An enraged cock's liver became proverbial same as fury of berserks. White warriors ever fought with nobleness and without rage although physical resistance always was and now is necessary.

100. Number of vegetarians grows. Animals' illnesses warn people against eating meat. Growing of fiery currents warns against meat and alcohol. Darkness alone tells over and over again about impossibility to live in other way. Lets make bodies and spirits healthier. In the future there will be no need in such big amount of food. Cosmos' energies will change human physiology. Respiratory airway will become the organ responsible for nutrition. Prana will strengthen pumping of vital forces and will fully substitute material food.

101. Tremendous solar eruptions may cause planetary cataclysms and never seen before epidemics of unknown illnesses both physical and fiery. Gigantic laboratory of cosmic energies elaborates new regime of the mankind existence. Dark stratums washing away from the planet exactly reminds the process of a human aura clearance. New time gives to every soul a possibility to get rid of karmic garbage providing unlimited choice of creative possibilities. If only a consciousness could be able to tune in to new purified vibrations of different existence. The consciousness focused on spirituality kindles from inside the fire of Joy of service.

102. Earthly heavens drone with flame. Solar breath reaches depth of the planet. The Earth prana meets Light of Renewal. Maitreya's ruby Banner shines over Altai mountains. The dream of saints comes true. The world trembles in Cosmic Fire's embrace.

A reverencing heart is full of valor and joy. Is it possible not to rejoice the new?! The outgoing passes away with the wind of solar storms. Breath of the Oncoming vibrates with Flame of Light. The God's Hammer forges a bridge to the future. That silver bow is elevated over an abyss. It is like shining of Galaxies included into its foundation and glittering body.

103. Any kind of work is a healer of karmic diseases. Didn't you notice that common people which can't exist without work are notable for special love of life. Mundane ife transformation makes them like that. They are creators and gods in their small universe. They are trying to improve and beautify their everyday life. They are full of inexhaustible interest and enthusiasm when mastering something new. Fire of Joy illuminates their faces; and a secret of minor openings, enlightenments, and skills obtained forms cognition of Wisdom. And it is not so important whether this wisdom is worldly or righteous one. The Reverend Father Sergius recognized work as the only way of bringing an offering and of life elevating. Prayerful Podvig of the soul was accomplished day after day. And absolutely the same, day after day, He carried out hard physical work. External tension followed internal hard-working and balanced both principles. “Therefore, tire Me. When I go into the garden of beauty, I fear no burden”. Everyone who works either in spiritual field or in a worldly field may say that. Work! Because work unites. A lonely prayer is hard, but flight of related souls is joyful.

104. When we are starting a difficult travel aren't we call the Master of the Way to be our Guide? Verily, light are the steps of one who is going in Master's escort.

A long calm facilitates settling of karma dust. New principles are to become well-established. A fiery body learns to live in harmony with an earthly body. Lets not be frightened when the wind roars and breaks branches in a garden, when dust screens the face of the sun, and a hurricane howls with malicious voices. Provoked indignation of elements is to be extinguished by the fiery will of heart. Firmness of the link is solid. The silver thread stops a squall of malicious attacks. White flame is inextinguishable. The heart knows its way. Now heavens are more reasonable than ever before. Human psychism will turn into a power of spiritual thirst. Continuous striving corresponds stable spiritual burning. My Image bearing in mind is an invaluable help for the heart.

105. A spark of thought acts as a detonator of creation. Gunpowder of inspiration bursts immediately. A stream of thought-forms, sounds, and words goes round in a lightning whirl of liberated ideas, striving to be embodied for executing a good deed. It is a purpose intended for the good of the world. It is the purpose elevating rude energies up to the divine level.

Spirituality is subtle and imperceptible but its aroma imbued the space. What was born in Cosmos lives like a child in a mother cradle. All manifested things are the densified Thoughts of the Creator. The One and the Most High is the Essence of Universal Idea. He is the Ruler of Providence of the Worlds. Every grain of life in the God's design is a Keeper of universal Wisdom and of all constructive potentialities of the great Power of Cosmos. It is a seed from which new World Tree Yggdrasil may grow. Every soul has potentiality of Most High Ruler of the World. When self-awareness as Higher Self finally ripens and establishes in every living heart then the will principles become imperishable.

Ruins of a left temple are awful. At the holy fire place just wild animals dwell and snakes of slyness slither on the holy altar of Wisdom. But a term of desolation expires. Don't leave the innermost temple. The heart was given as the Altar of Spirit for all times and it doesn't matter how long these times are. Decorate your shrines with fresh flowers of comprehensions. Find just one hour every day for staying in the Temple of Eternal Joy.

106. At every religion's temple you worship the One Master of Light.

Orion is just a station for White Brotherhood. The Galaxy of Spirit which name is Shambhala is many thousands of earthly years far away. But spiritual apparatuses cover this distance almost immediately.

A consciousness will unavoidably become of astral nature. Every soul dreams to throw a look over the Earth's boundary. You know, freedom is the synonym of of the free will. All impulses of the will are directed towards fulfillment of tasks of own predestination on this planet. Every man is a herald of distant worlds. The planet's destiny could be corrected by human hands only.

107. A soul opens through simplicity. The core of Teaching is stamped into the hearts of words. Philosophizing is sly. It is impossible to hide a burning lantern into a dark bag. Formulas brevity is like formed bricks of meanings. Roasting goes on in the spacial fire kiln. A pattern of a thought-symbol transmitted is more important than an intellectual phrase-mongering. Rhymes of fate compose a poem of perfection. Surprising similarity of situations is just another turn of the life spiral. The spiral winds a silver thread of aspiration that goes far away into the Hierarchical Infinity. It is the Fiery Tower of the Ray and every wind is like a stair of ascending. Energies' of evolution invincibility is a quality of power of the great Truth. Two forces striving to unite break obstacles of various levels of materiality. The matter screens light of Heavens of Wisdom. But phenomena are just sparks that come from that heavens. Fire of aspiration is that very energy of which everything miraculous consists. Even an earthly stone preserves the spark that may kindle the fire.

108. Divine nature came closer to the humanity. Mother's of Agni Yoga experience opened to the world the states that exceed samadhi without leaving a physical body. Sacral pains caused with distant worlds' transmuting fiery currents so much exceeded any earthly sufferings, that it is possible to consider Her Podvig as crucifixion on the cross of fiery energies, which went on day after day during Her life. And this excruciating crucifixion of the physical body went on with sufferings growth when the body was like one big fire. Very first experience of divine and earthly natures fusion showed the way of fiery service to common people. Lets remember milestones of the Great Way: the Reverend Father Sergius, St. Serafim of Sarov, Helena P. Blavatskaya, Mother of Agni Yoga. At the end of life consciousness of White Tara entered into Her and She became Buddha of feminine principle.

Inspiration of the way results from first summit overcoming. It is hard to climb up on wet stones; but just one look from height, full of admiration and delight, is worth the difficulties endured. A bird hovering high up full of solemn surprise – it is the state of one who climbed up to his first summit. But what is waiting for him at the divine celestial garden where he has striven to? It is a feast of work of the creative spirit!

109. Great Akasha is the sunbow of energies. Seven forces are dissolved in one silent Shabda-Brahman. All the rest of energies of forces that drive the universe and retain its balance come from the Primary Sound, which is Mother's of the World creative attribute. The Sound-Logos, the Creative Word in which all manifestations of spirit and the matter are crystallized, is an instrument for creating both living and nonliving objects.

The will and the wish are two poles of phenomena of life. Predominance of one of them over another sways scales of harmony. Thoughts are generators of actions; and a battle for the sphere of consciousness takes place between spirits of the will and spirits of wishes. Divine is the will. Wishes are material. Any sort of communications is exchange of energies. The stronger will begets the power of thought which creates a wind of mood when getting inside a bound of other will. Suggestibility of human behavior leads to imitation of higher essences. But almost entire world lives according to the thoughts suggested by advertising and TV screens.

110. All swastika-shaped symbols and signs originate from cosmic images of rotation. When rotating, galaxies cause curls and stretching of coiled spiral turns. Streams of stars draw diagrams of great universal life. But the earthly meaning of the swastika initially indicated four rivers under the Temple of travels over the world located on the White Continent.

The signs preserve layers of seven keys of comprehension. The signs are the crystals of world wisdom. If an age of diamonds amounts to billions of years, then religious symbols are virtually eternal like celestial bodies which they symbolize up to the present time. They came from the depth and times of Infinity. Three-eyed Chintamani and the equilateral cross, sign AUM and Ak-Dorje – these are instruments of the spiritual world and the levers for material worlds purification. These are visualized signs of Fiery Worlds' power presence in the dense world.

111. Astral lull signifies a state after overcoming of some personal imperfection. But it doesn't mean total victory over spirits of bad habits. Simply elementals temporarily leave their dwelling in order to accumulate force for another attack against clean and arranged temple of life. Do not relish the victory over evil too early. Do not sound the trumpet, but be on alert. An astral escort never leaves so easy an executor which realizes its ugly desires. Crowds of hungry spirits hover over every man. A cemented thought about inadmissibility of malicious actions alone creates a fiery armour against them.

The thought is a fundamental force for eliminating every vice. It becomes most strong when a man feels presence of Gurudeva or of a higher saint. It is possible to destruct any dark stronghold if you appeal to the creatures of the Fiery World. You attract the magnet of Divine Will and the will of all who have passed the way of Purity when you discipline your consciousness. The will strengthens the Adamant of Grace. The will gives strength to the lightful service. An arrow sent by the will of aspiration flies to an invisible target more precisely. The Fiery Flower glitters with pure sunbow of consciousness when it gets free from karmic dust. Accumulate silence of wisdom. The fire of heart must hallow and clean all dark nooks of the consciousness where gray thoughts still may skulk. Be cleaners of your own vessel of existence. Fill your life with incense of mystery.

112. The Master of the Way knows about a purpose of every path. Every path leads to a mountain top, but in the fog it is possible to walk in circles round a shrine and never notice it. The way is paved with light. Hesitation is a wormhole in an apple of success. A whole tower may fall down due to one shaky stone. A gap of unreasonableness lets an enemy into a town; but one who is aware of all tricks is doomed to victory. Lets arm hearts with the power of discernment.

113. The principle of mahatma in a human being expresses through feelings of compassion and mercy.

A secret of spiritual qualities growing is unexplainable. It accumulates from sparks of Fohat attracted by a magnet of consonance, similar to living thought-image. It is neither forgiveness to all nor instigation of soul's anarchism, but discovering of most valuable spiritual qualities which may be less noticeable at first sight. The spirit is to be emboldened particularly for the purpose of cultivating these best qualities. Otherwise weeds of ignorance will kill a timid ear of cereal of Light.

Formerly Mahatmas were common people as well, and they have passed the vale of woe and sufferings. But the call of fairness and love to the forsaken humanity was so strong and attractive that They have chosen the way of Great Sacrifice. The way of the highest spirit starts from a gray barely visible path which leads to the silver way of Great Ascending. Everybody of all of us is the Way. Experience of every soul is the experience of divine diversity of energies, thoughts, qualities, states, and forms. But the world is supported by the Mystery. The magnet of unknown yet excites the power of comprehension of own “Self”. It is Mother Mystery, which is one of numberless aspects of the Mother of the World, who kindles first thoughts about comprehending beauty; it supports and directs aspiration towards Light when the soul makes first steps towards life understanding.

114. Primary energy starts burning from a soul striving towards Fiery Spheres. When you are on the verge of exhaustion and you meet the Teacher's Ray stretched to you, then your soul's energy flows together with its silver thread. It is the only conductor of a bilateral link. On one hand it inspires the mundane world with higher energies; on the other hand – it develops the link of a heart with a holy egregore through sending pure thoughts and inspired prayers from the heart.

Psychic power crystallization and accumulation in a human aura and in that of the planet depends on a measure of capacity and on capability to hold higher spiritual energies by a consciousness. When densifying they sediment in a Chalice in the shape of gold grains, pearls, or precious stones of subtlest planes. Aura which looks like a circle of light around a lamp of the soul is primordial, but power of its radiation may grow via spiritual practices. Difference of subtle and physical vibrations is the reason why an earthly eye can't see this radiation. In case of well-developed astral or mental clairvoyance it is possible to see not just radiation, but three aura sub-levels with inclusions related to the grain of spirit which looks like glittering of precious stones. Together with that stable thought-forms which are most revered by the consciousness may exist. Spiritual essences attracted by a man's pure life and with connection via the ray of incarnations, stay in upper part of the aura at the level of Ajna or over a head of an incarnated one. A work with the Peculiar Image facilitates the consciousness to reach the top of personal White Tower, to come to its prime Master – Master of White Ray.

115. The nation griped in the vice of atheism and godlessness tries to fulfill its spiritual task or its life's work to the extent of own abilities. Someone goes in for charity; other one attends regularly the church thinking that observing traditions and canons he fulfills his predestination. There are also those who invite people just for intercommunications and heart energies exchange without special rituals or schedules of meetings.

Living Ethics opens Gates of Light. But people may come inside by themselves only. A persistent researcher alone is able to find the pearls of space. For one who found the pearls it is important to preserve and to enlarge the treasure granted. Living Ethics is a fount of Wisdom and the Teaching of Life; but it is a fiery heart key alone that can open external locks of understanding. This is the way to that very perfection which we preserve deep inside in the grain of spirit; but we forgot about it in our long travels on the Earth. Entry into the Heart Fire means entry into the evolution of the future. It is the temple of travels through the worlds; and we are one and indivisible with Higher Light in it. There we are the sparks of single Flame.

116. People begot gods of destruction by their own thinking. People serve them with devotion and zealotry; and these gods forgive them everything. It was like that at the times of Roman Empire. It was like that at the times of inquisition and crusades. But today grins of false gods are especially horrible due to the tyranny of callousness. It is not a theatrical mask made of papier-mache but a real dark force that purposefully directs children's consciousnesses to destruction from early childhood.

Emanations of isolation do not allow a spirit, as a cresset of Great Life, to enter into seven years old bodies according to the law. Entry of the spirit means higher principles descending into the human body. Of course it is possible to live without this; but no one wants a lot of madman or living cadaver for himself. What for to create zombie, obedient servants of a sorcerer's will, if they already surround us and lower principles are very active in such creatures. They are fecund and ardent in their posterity, which aggravates parents' principle.

Akasha Chronicles cleansing from blots and mistakes, from countless numbers of puttyings of crimes and evil deeds made with slate aura of the planet, is vital and unavoidable; that is why expectation of cataclysms far in the future could not help being confirmed. The Earth grows faint under the burden of evil. The Earth is exhausted with fiery pressure of cosmic currents; but it is the mankind alone who can melt the planet's negative aura which blocks the way to higher planes. The power of hearts united with one aspiration only can clear the way to the summits of the New World.

117. Materialism and atheism incites the mankind to comprehension of external nature, to earthly occult skills and black magic. Using crystals, diagrams, schemes, jantras, and various three-dimensional forms is already magic. When mastering mental clairvoyance the will obtains a quality of an invisible magnet. Psychic energy has spiritual roots. It is Jivatma, the power of Light, which transmits spiritual laws to the dense world via imbuing space with fiery currents of aspiration.

118. Beware of creatures that suck blood of spirit. Vampires, which take away time dedicated to the talks with the God, serves the darkness. They recognize their own value only that is why they consider whole world to be a buying and selling market. Sticky tiredness comes from them; their love to life is based on well-cultivated selfness.

Pendulum of fate always swings. Importunity and impudence are condemned. The filter of heart energies never mistakes. Self-justification is just a bandage on the eyes. Cooperation is not a yoke of forcing but lightful joint creative process of work. Hanging own karma awards on your neighbor couldn't be considered as harmony of hearts. Clanging of trinkets they try to present as ceremony of awarding with an order for battle service. Awards of Spirit shines with aura of self-sacrifice. Crystals of the divine will makes accumulations shine.

The karma pendulum swinging when energies within one family come into enmity collision with one another is a direct result of contacts with psychic vampires. In this case influence of cosmic energy of peace is useful. Spiritual waves restore a home aura.

Disorder of spiritual work rhythm or of layers of crystals of Spacial Fire leads to formation of vacuum funnel which serves as a pump for unused energies. Vacuum processes both chaotic and stagnant waves of the space in order to transform them into the harmonic matter of creation. The power of thought melts the space like gold sand mixed with dust. The energy resulting from crossing arrows of thoughts serves as a detonator for an explosion. Ideas as established thought-forms become subject to compression or destruction. It depends on the quality of the magnet or of a grain of the idea which collected the power of thought-forms about itself. If these grains are of higher spiritual nature and contain an embryo of perfect construction, then the thought lives and reminds about itself continually creating the aura of accord and cooperation. The worlds will respond in harmony; and a number of resonating to one thought hearts is incalculable. Influence of such music of hearts is great. The power of collective consciousness progression is immeasurable. Influence of linkage of souls is more powerful than that of magnet mountains.

119. A pyramid, as a crystal of will, facilitates pumping of Forces of Light. Some astral forms are of pyramidal structure. And a cone is a physical illustration of a spiritual ray and a basis of the symbol of the World Tree which descends deep into the matter. A tree, a fruit, and a seed are three forms of manifestation of cosmic creative process. Triplicity rests upon quaternary. Secret of numbers is sacral. It is harmony of the matter and energy conservation. It is the transmutation factor of forces and the symbol of spiritual and mundane worlds polarity.

120. It is not fear of the God, but divine love that advances evolution of a heart. Light of the heart unties most tight karmic knots. Energies, that feed lower karma, come from the earth and saturate the negative pole of an aura. But systematic cleansing of this channel and balance of poles produces harmony of being; while crystallization of vices due to non-recognition of them inside yourself impedes elimination of karmic dependence. And a melt cleans the aura, only if the power of vices didn't raise the Guard of Threshold. It becomes more strong and firm from continuous compromises with bad habits and relaxation of restrictions. A struggle with the Guard of Threshold is the struggle with yourself, with negative side of own character. Incredible tension of the will is required to overpower this deep-rooted earthly atavism. Restoration of positive Hierarchy drives evil spirits out of the temple of own “Self”. It is the Guardian Angel who has to take place of the Guard of Threshold. No one can substitute the Light.

121. Ibn Rahim's tent was painted with first touches of sun beams. A white she-camel was already prepared for the Great Wayfarer. The air of the sands was full of freshness.

- The way is before us! - the G.W. said.

- Praise to Master of Worlds who sent down it to us, - Ibn Rahim answered.

The caravan left the oasis and disappeared in the morning mist. Shining of a multicolored circle followed moving away ringing of bells.

122. The Crystal of Will which grows inside hypophysis has real contours. Especially gifted people have microscopical crystals looking like crystal roses. Every man's shape of the crystals is unique.

123. It is inadmissible to tread under foot the Holy Summits. It is worst sacrilege and a dark ritual. White Mountain shouldn't be disturbed by people otherwise accidents with letal termination will happen there all the time. The Planet Spirit's Altar, Most Holy among Innermost Strongholds of the World and idle thoughtless attitude towards It are incompatible. A rock climber's unforgivable light-mindedness and his thirst for self-affirmation through conquering next in turn mountain top may burden karma of this creature. Great Source of Life where from heaven flows down on the earth and forms a lake of children souls can't be something else but the Temple of Purity. It is precisely It's foot where all sores of human ignorance come out most sharply. The garbage of existence turns this most beautiful place into a disposal tip.

124. Hard drinking impedes the Crystal of Will formation. An organ, where vibrations of divine decisions are accumulated and thought currents condense, degrades and disappears under influence of alcohol. Energies go to lower pole, and instead of spiritual Temple a temporal black hole appears which absorbs dense earthly radiation only. Due to this multidimensionality of space reduces and time slows down. Many of those who had experienced even slight alcohol influence had noted a phenomenon when time slows down.

Full absence of spiritual vibrations facilitates the Crystal of Will destruction and turns It into gold sand which works as a resonator in hypophysis just like a pea in a toy whistle. A golden pearl presence in a man's head determines level of his spiritual development. In Tibet and in India the Crystal of Will sometimes was found in the ashes of cremated people of high spirit. There is an innermost legend, telling that after cremation of Buddha's the Blessed body a huge precious stone was found which was named the Eye of Light, and which became the greatest object of worship for all Buddhists. One of Buddha's body parts together with His cup for alms was put inside the stupa by the Gates of Fate. Ashram of the Eye of God is considered to be most closed and secret in Asia.

125. Lightful joy is inspiration of spirit. Power of the World of Bliss and Beauty comes down to us together with the feeling of joy. We do not know where did it come from. We do not where it goes. But it really is. It is invisible and immaterial, but it transforms gray everydayness into celebration. It creates Being from existence; it gives communion to the divine aspect of the Great Mother of Life. A reason for a lofty state may be small and just serve as a cause for accumulated feeling explosion. It is most spiritual and closer than anything else to higher spheres of consciousness.

Joy requires nothing and never constrains. Joy lives its shining life and charges the space with fiery invincibility of optimism. Joy is always right. Joy always wins. It takes away a gray mist from tearful eyes and shows the world as it should be, and as it can be if people let this divine feeling in their hearts forever. The Gates of Wisdom will be opened before such mankind. Consciousness optimization is the greatest mean for spiritual advancing. A magnet of joy attracts energies of happiness. The magnet of joy makes karma more easy for carrying it out. Even most difficult test could be faced and fulfilled if flamy eyes shine with joy.

126. Influence of infectious nations towards Aryan children had previously and has now negative results for the later. Contaminating Aryans' auras with diseases, bad habits, and all kinds of dissoluteness under the slogan of individual liberty is one of points of general idea of destruction of memory about every soul's star initiation. Infectious nations lack monads. They exist without three higher principles. Their behavior is more infectious than influenza epidemic. In medicine there is no such notion as spiritual infection transmitted via millions of TV channels. Captivity of pure souls by the means of well- directed and attractive delusions is immolation of the lamb. Billions of souls play the role of that lamb. And the lamb's blood is the time which was lost in front of a TV screen. Hypnosis of movies serves as a reason to justify every disgusting thing and turn it into a noble achievement for the sake of the mankind.

If formerly there was a scapegoat burdened with all vices of inhuman monsters who was sent to demons of desert, then nowadays the Aryan race serves as same sacrifice. All higher laws of White Continent are now trampled by the feet of depraved earthly creatures. Infectious nations that come out from hellish depth of the matter try to involve entire humanity in their dirty magic dance. Morality is beyond them. The link with the Heart of Sun, with the Heart of Cosmos which are parents to our fiery souls, is beyond them as well. They can interpret what was heard because they possess information; but they can't feel spiritual ascending and unity with whole living Universe. Their intellect is left behind by computers, and this reminds once more that knowledge has a spiritual component besides information. But extant Aryans has memory of heart. And such memory of heart is written with the Fiery World's signs. The darkness has fabricated liberty and democracy in order to justify own inability to follow discipline of spirit. Inhuman monsters are just incapable of lofty human feelings.

127. Gold light of the will crystal conducts energy of fire of Wisdom into microcosm. Cosmic forces resonate in subtlest facets and become gold channels which conduct astral light into every man's aura. Hypophysis is the Gate to Heavens. Fiery waves of flame storm over a head, and it is hypophysis that determines necessary dosage of fohat in order not to burn away subtle centers of a body.

Reading of holy books, deep mystical feelings, prayerful or poetical inspiration, lofty and heartfelt thoughts strike sparks of divine creative Fire. Getting together they look like living birds of light; they hover in shining flight and form one thought-image. These are myriads of small fiery spirits; each of them has its own reason, its own soul, and moments of its own fleeting life; all of them compose one spark containing Light of Truth. And every spark like that is able to become a grain from which whole Universe will grow.

128. Sun radiation becomes very active and even baneful for human beings in some cases due to ozone holes or celestial Gates appearing. Cosmos psychic energy flows towards the solid earth through them in order to perform Baptism of Fire of the planet. Festering wounds are to be treated with hot blade cautery. The sword of fiery energies is extremely hot.

Trees' auras and their conscious ether reason only impede elimination of fragile human beings and animals. Trees are more old and wise than humanity. Their self-denial faculty is very high. Although a man makes a lot of harm to the vegetable kingdom, on the other hand he cultivates gardens, farms, cereals, and other vegetables. Communication with flowers and green plants around houses balance internal and external energetic weather of humanity through giving or withdrawing parts of Cosmos' energies. Plants are a sort of a filter within the mankind's energy supply. Flow of cosmic power is distributed by the means of these natural vegetable dams. Similar to an invisible system of locks, plants do not allow an avalanche of fiery power to wash away all living things from the surface of the Earth.

Clouds, mountains, rivers, and even sands of deserts carry out protective function together with plants. Taiga forests, rocks, and snows protect mountain settlements from diseases and viruses. Mountains heal souls and close gaps in torn auras. Mountain cedar forests are natural places for adoration of higher essences. Plants give accumulated natural magnetism to the mankind as an invaluable gift for the world evolution within their powers. Transferring to the stones the power of Cosmos they receive mineral kingdom's psychic energy from them. Vital force of herbs that grow on stones five or even seven times exceeds that of their congeners from a valley.

Cooperation of various elements is illuminative. We may just admire such unusual symbiosis of psychic forces: everything is full of life and even overfilled with it, and at the interfaces of elements incredible creatures appear which unite them. There is the bridge of worlds which connects the world of most rude matter with great Infinity. There are links connecting even such tremendous formations as galaxies and metagalaxies, and these links are called Star Bridges.

129. The Great Wayfarer showed to the world the possibility of full transformation of flesh into the Body of Fame. Experience of complete transformation of the matter into a spiritual structure burned away a shell of lower astral which was condensed with inadmissible magic means of achieving immortality and power. Dust of thought-forms which sedimented due to practices of lower spells was burned away and and gave to a consciousness the way to distant worlds comprehension.

Fair hair and blue eyes excited surprise and confusion among local inhabitants. It was unusual to see such image amidst Semitic crowd. The God's of Sun Son was lightful and beautiful. His golden curls flew like rays; His eyes shined with such amazing charm and Divine Love that dark passions lapsed into silence and furies of obsession hid themselves in the caves of horror. Amazing heat and warmth appeared in the hearts of living ones who stood near by Him. He devoted entirely himself to the mankind. He was so much exhausted that it was necessary for Him to go to a desert for forty days in order to clear the aura and to take off the burden which was laid down on His shoulders.

Christ was not Messiah just for one religion. He was the manifestation of Salvation of entire humanity.

Seven Great Sages who established the White Stronghold on the Earth will save the planet from baneful ignorance and clean it from the darkness of useless accumulations from century to century, from millennium to millennium, from aeon to aeon.

Noosphere transparency depends both on the factor of macrocosm and on the factor of inner cosmos: same as regeneration, changes, and salvations arise inside, in the depth of the matter, in a heart of every human being, in an innermost depository of Divine “Self”. Wisdom of the God is inside us.

Each of the Great Teachers lives illuminated with Light of carrying out the Mission. Every one among Them is like an embodied Fiery Tree covering wayfarers who walk from afar with Its branches and with Its light of Fame. They rest in Its shade. They feel themselves calm and safe in this Aura of Love and Peace. This is that very state which is usually called “In the Christ's bosom”.

130. Spiritual thought-forms which appear during catharsis or higher ecstasy assemble in a head; they are thickening and crystallizing as a unique shape depending on time and cosmic chemism. But there are just few gifted people like that. Ojas or the power of suggestion and persuasion is an outflow of the will crystal currents through which cosmic power flows and becomes refracted. Some people may be born already with such formations which remain after previous incarnations. The will crystal is just a bundle of psychic energy same as stars, galaxies, and planets.

131. Before coming to the Earth Aryans were initiated at the other planes of being. The Earth was pure. The Earth was the Temple and it was not allowed to enter into the White Stronghold without initiation into the Mystery of Peace and the Mystery of the Innermost. This ancient initiation still remains to us a sort of archetype and a subject of studies of subconsciousness; but as a matter of fact it is a fundamental idea which explains why did we come to this planet. We brought here the conscious Teaching about the God and the Truth; we serve to the One in Trinity of powers without superstition and fear but with heartfelt love.

132. Fire of the Sun comes deep inside a heart. Heat of the New Epoch flames with knowledge of ascending. Solar eruptions make the earthly battle more intensive and sharp. The struggle between Light and darkness makes the World of Ideas burning hot. Intellectual garbage burning away affects every heart. Information becomes both blessing and curse. Every heart feels the battle and participates in it.

133. Meditation with the Master's Image should be performed in morning or evening twilight when it is possible to see the picture. Minimum time is forty minutes, maximum – one hour but not more. This exercise may be performed at noon if you have enough time.

Saturating the will crystal with My Image provides an aura strengthening and, besides, the Shield of Hierarchy; this also attracts the Ray of Great Brotherhood. My Image continuous bearing in mind creates an effect of the Master Presence. After the long meditation one can see My Image while keeping eyes shut. Little by little the Face will become alive and color. Some time later you will start to hear My Voice.

134. Christ's Mission is the great work of the Mankind Cosmic Teachers for the purpose of the planet purification and moving it forward to a new spiritual orbit. Christ's Podvig is a shift of entire Solar System towards evolution. Brothers from Orion bear this chalice since their arrival on White Continent. After destruction of Rama's empire by the darkness and by those who were embodied by the darkness, Brothers of Light concealed their Ashrams both at the North and at the South. At the ages of nihilism and most rude atheism wild outbursts when spiritual people are subject for terrible trials and Arya-Deva's cause sinks in ignorance, esoteric Christianity preserves the grain of old traditions of White City. Ancient books become available, twelve Great Magi of the White Temple reincarnate. Light of the North comes to the world. There are such words in a Mongolian song: Northern Shambhala comes!

135. Mass line slaughter of animals for own profit and prosperity is one of worst kinds of activities. Animals' suffering and death agony remains in an earthly body getting there together with meat consumed. Eating dead bodies the mankind obtains not only animal emanations of blood but elements of karmic formations as well. Expected global epidemics of cattle and birds diseases will result in termination of eating meat as an unwholesome way of life support. Lately number of followers of meat-free food grows. But this decision usually bases on fear to catch an unknown disease, but not on the idea. Lets not block the entrance into eternal life with carcasses of killed animals.

136. Dough of everydayness dulls a blade of spirit. Sticking of particles of everydayness makes a ray of aspiration not so daring and persistent. Because spiritual persistence and consistency are the basis of aspiration. It is possible to derive fiery honey of spiritual experience with solemn aspiration only. Spiritual skills increase reverence towards Light and Masters. Bearing in mind Gurudeva strengthens a fiery armour. Do not afraid to be importunate in spiritual concerns. Do not afraid that you may bore Him. Is it possible that a little unreasonable child may bore his parents. Aren't motherhood and fatherhood guided with great Love. I am not talking about monsters who leave their children to the mercy of fate; I confirm the great law of compassion with all younger creatures.

137. Most sensitive people feel pains of friends and family strongly. But admission of these feelings to physical level in own organism means not just compassion but releasing and burning away someone's sufferings on the fire of own heart. Great Teachers take on Themselves sufferings of entire world in order to burn them away on the fire of Their mercy. But in many cases energy vampires know how and throw their negative features and sufferings upon someone's aura. This is their best technique to escape a providential punishment.

138. The Threshold Guard lives on a shady side of a consciousness. The everyday task is to overcome the bound over which the measures of what is allowed or forbidden are. Burning away darkness of own incarnations' vestiges on the fire of the heart can weaken this unasked guest or even eliminate it. Every attack of displeasure or rage renews strength of the gray double. A legend about a black man was evoked with this ancient knowledge.

A diamond of consciousness polishing is laborious and takes long time. At first it is necessary to find it in a treasury or grow it up carefully in a fiery laboratory of a heart. A will crystal grows more slowly than an earthly diamond; but spiritual accumulations are more precious than entire world treasures. Ringse the Blessed, Light Stone, Sign of Essence, Eye of Wisdom, Devaksha, Ajna, Ojas' Power – these are the names of this energy bunch in a head. Gold sand deposited is just accumulation of small particles of Wisdom from which Will Diamond of an invincible spirit is to be formed. At the very top of human flesh, at the World Stronghold the Guiding Beacon shines, and the Ray of this Beacon comes out from the Eye of Light.

139. Every spiritual toiler is an embodied pyramid which reworks dense earthly energies into spiritual radiation. To melt gold of Truth from earthly experience selected is the purpose of incarnations.

Onslaught of Great Heart's Fiery Will exhausts flesh. Raj-Star prepares resurrection of the planet. Power of never seen before Light oozes out. Nights at mountains flame with purple shining. Mother of World Herself lowers Her holy Protecting Veil in order to save the world from invisible fire. Solar Serpent forces the way to His Temple. Acceleration of cosmic cycles causes changes of time flow and of its structures. Solar Serpent cycle signifies advent of new aspects of cosmic knowledge. Resurrection of a soul cleared from tamas dirt opens immense horizons for a spirit's faculties. Wings of hearts grow. Power of global Love grows. Gates of Fate are opened for aspired ones.

140. Christ Resurrection at the edge of cosmic epochs provided a power of enhancement for whole planet. It was not without reason that unprecedented eruptions on the Sun, opposition of planets, the Earth crust breaks, and volcanic explosions were noticed. Ocean of fiery substance, which is liquefied electricity of the Heart of our World, directed his power of thought on the breakthrough to new reality of consciousness.

Even stones changed their subtle structure under cosmic currents influence. Even mountains started to glow with special shining assimilating new reality of their reasonableness. And vegetable kingdom obtained faculties to manifest consciousness. But very often destruction and elimination of nature kingdoms which are components of protection of the mankind takes place instead of suggested cooperation. Due to this nature keeps away its spiritual and reasonable parts from a man leaving just minimum protective functions of the elements.

Stones and trees could disclose many secrets of the matter and reveal their own extraordinary ways of spiritual experience comprehension. And it is not just ravings of a consciousness inflamed with madness, but a call to refine inner perception of thought signals sent by little consciousnesses. You know, it is Agni Yoga which teaches to treat a stone or a plant as a brother and a friend. Many old sages taught to talk with stones and plants expanding an orbit of knowledge and improving a skill to determine most subtle vibrations.

Reasonable life is everywhere and in everything. Even an atom is reasonable within its own limits. At ancient times sages questioned fire and water about great secrets preserved for every soul in hiding places of these elements. Lets not forget the ancient behest. Lets accept spiritual connection with all kingdoms of nature. And if a heart of a speaking one is silent, lets treat him as a prisoner of his delusions, but not as an enemy.

141. Master M. mentioned Brother H. as an old friend. Crossing of ways are unexplainable because karma ties and unties nodes of events. Many circumstances look casual, but in each event a Hand of One Who Gives could be seen. Thankfulness is best appreciation of fiery help.

Thanksgiving prayer to the Masters of Fate: Master of Light! Guide me by the ways of Your Providence! For I am a blind man on the ways of Life! And You alone are the Shining Guide, Master of the Way, my Protection, and my Support! The heart burns with thankfulness for Your Sacrificial Work for the sake of the world! Wind and mountains, heavens and stars, fire and water speak with Your voice! And Your Way flows as White Lightning inspiring me to follow You! Praise to You the Greatest, to One Who Knows innermost secrets of my heart! Praise to You, Shining Master who is aware of predestination of my life and implementation of Divine Plan! You alone duly respond on my claim and praise and point by the Guiding Finger to the star that flies to good fortune of my fate! The Sun of Love! My Divine Guru! I am so much full of inexhaustible Joy and Happiness, because I have met You during this earthly life! Praise to You for becoming my Heart and my Life! Let me become You, and let You become me!


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