Konstantin Ustinov

Lilies of Light

We are entering the worlds which were hidden from our consciousness and understanding.

January 31, 1999 - May 21, 1999

1. We are entering the worlds, which were closed from our consciousness and understanding. The universe became more cohesive and close to us. The mental and energy exchange has intensified. If mankind manages to break through the self-weaved gray mantle, then the spiritual advance will facilitate waving of the technological progress. A human being acts on the lower levels of Being. The mankind's potential doesn't reach even the level of Muladhara. But the ashes still preserve the sparks. The time spires. The space becomes free from the domination of time. The daily bread concern will not weigh down the human mind any more.

2. The seed of spirit is mantled with the flame of soul, like a burning candlestick or a small galaxy. When passing away to the Other World, this flame goes up together with the heart aura, and via Brahmanda - the gates to Heaven – merges with the lightful atom of individuality, and leaves the lower aura together with the body. During the time of pulling out the astral roots from the body, the time starts to pulsate incredibly fast, and while the astral goes out, getting prepared for the solemn flight, whole life streams second by second, compressing the decades and entire period of life in one moment.

2à. There are closed areas and also Ashrama nearby Katyn-Bash. And Ayush-Khane also exists. This is the string, which links the planet with the Spirits of Orion. In the old days there was the Temple of Universal Brotherhood of Light, where the Great Chelas used to come for adoration. This is one of the places, where the distance between the earth and the sky is most short. This center of Asia continent is equidistant from all seas and oceans. 50Th latitude goes through Belukha, through Sakhalin, and through many other innermost places.

2á. A lot of caves and underground passes preserves many secrets. The caves extend for hundreds of kilometers, and there is no end in sight. There are the hiding places of Shambhala. There are the sleeping warriors. There is the Temple of the Stone. The light of ruby fire streams by the predestined channel. It is the fiery wall, which protects the future.

The storage battery of knowledge imbued the space. The sparks of illumination penetrate into the minds of common people. There will be the epidemic of enlightenment at these regions.

You were binded to this place through karma. The picture, which you have seen in the childhood, inspired you to draw mountains, although the plain was the place of your birth. The magnet of Altai has already attracted you at that time. Collect stories and legends, because all of them contain true facts.

2â. Keep the sign. Let it look into the skies at the day time and illuminate the valley at night.

Three stone plates put together is the dolmen or the megalith. The place was marked by the ancients as the blissful confluence of elements. It is not without reason, that there is a lot of heather there, for it prefers to grow in such particular places.

2ã. The cloud cord from Belukha to Karagai is the energetic thread for balancing of two potentials. This are the scales of energies. They shouldn't oscillate. The harmony is subtle and sensitive.

2ä. The attraction of the magnet of sign is real. You should remember the feeling, when the sign flew over your head at Verhnii Uimon. Rupture and solemnity were so great, as if your body disappeared and your consciousness gushed into Brahmanda. And it seemed to you, that you are just about to be attracted upwards. The feeling of weightlessness has appeared due to the transferring of the subtle body to the upper chakras.

3. Intrusion into the world of high energies threatens with the disaster, which is much more horrible, than the catastrophe of Hiroshima. This may cause the whirlwind of the unruled energies, and perish entire continents.

It is important to keep even a small part of the spiritual energy in your aura. The stream of light should not dissipate, it should accumulate in the aura, and then crystallize. It's overflow cements the space by the fire.

One must not use mechanical methods in the Fiery World. If a vessel with acid is pierced by a needle, the caustic liquid gnaws the hands. One must not go into a powder magazine, holding a burning torch in his hand.

4. The astral substances are clingy. They invade in every image and in every thought, if not banished in time. Blavatsky used to call them ‘the integuments’. These are the debris of the bodies - the auras of the lower centers.

The Fire Wheel will wash away the larvae from the planet.

5. The tempters’ voices are cushioned. The astral murmuring may be taken for the revelation, but only the voice, received via the Chalice, is pure and true. This is one of the initial levels of distinctions on a par with first mental reaction to an event or occasion. First impression, which is free from comments and interpretations, is always true. It is hard to catch it and then keep and engrave it in the consciousness.

5à. Your pictures are rather the jantras of memory, the landscapes of inner world, and the symbols of Akasha Chronicles. They may serve as the key to some knowledge.

The sign, which you have seen yesterday, means the balance between the masculine and feminine principles.

The energy of couple grows. Use the moments of unity.

The landscape of the Chalice rises to the Trikuta. Manage to catch it.

6. The people burdened with karma are eager to share their load among other people, which are close to them and open-hearted. The discharge of karma takes place, and it partially goes to other people. One can carry somebody’s burden through all his life.

Karma diagnostics is almost erroneous. A human being should purify his karma by himself. But the approach to the problem is correct. Only the human being himself, without any external support, can ease his karma. Even an advice may complicate one’s life. The tar knots are most saturated with the matter of fate.

7. The meteoric dust makes the snow balmy. The spring streams smell roses for the same reason. The substance of the concentrated meteoric dust carries the spatial prana, so pure and almost material. That is why the ozone of heights shortens the sleep period and food demand. The bare rocks are charged with the vital power. The highland herbs' officinal capability is several times higher. The stones are imbued with the cosmic flow of fire.

7à. The phenomenon of light may appear under the influence of mental energy during receiving the higher messages. Try and remember your mother's story about three luminescent objects above your house at the vicinities of Moscow.

The clouds may take absolutely fantastic shapes. The signs in the sky may change. It will be told about Namig characters later on. The discharge of energies may take place both inside the organism and all around it.

8. The empty vessels make the greatest noise. There are special persons among the loudmouths, who proclaim the perversion of laws, the people's idleness and laziness all over the world. We would refrain from expressing one’s own disadvantageous features in such a straight manner. They proclaim the features, which are most akin to them. Let us see people’s best features.

9. The plants, which grow nearby homes, can ‘say’ a lot about the inhabitants’ diseases. One can notice that new representatives of the plant kingdom supersede the old ones. They form a sort of the counterbalance to the unbalanced people's health. The plants, same as animals and stones, draw off a part of the disease-producing energies, and they may even become toxic. The mushrooms absorb the radiological agents. The grass becomes poisonous.

The low levels of astral are over saturated with the imperil. All destructive forces are the result of the transformation of imperil.

Mankind will regain it's consciousness only after the series of earthquakes, storms, and hurricanes, which will cause the cardinal change of the whole planet’s consciousness, which is unavoidable.

10. It is rather hard to bring up a man of future inside yourself, especially to settle a common balance in a family circle. A man is mostly unprotected against his relatives, and even slightest hesitation of one member of the family lets down entire achieved harmony. A good illustration – relations among the Master and his disciples. The family is the Brotherhood and the school at the same time. It was justly said, that a person who could govern a family, can govern a state. The rules are the same and the problems are similar. The non-violent ways of upbringing are preferable. A creative mind can extract a lot from the treasures of folk wisdom. A family head is a judge, a procurator, a doctor, a priest, and a teacher. It is necessary to be able to help at the proper moment.

11. Space distortion is one of the reasons of conflicts on the Earth. The space holes, forerunners of the black holes, appear on the principle of pump. It happens due to incredible vampirism, which is common both among people and countries. It looks like an air-pocket but in the energy plane. The pyramids correct the space distortion; they smooth the space field, for they are the resonators of high energy.

12. Beauty of the Earth is inexhaustible, same as beauty of Universe. It is impossible to see every tiny part of the planet. It is impossible to glance into every cave, which is full of rare beauties of nature. All the things are inimitable and multiform.

The beauty and forms of Universe are even more extraordinary and remarkable, both below and above. The seeds of life produce all sorts of the young crops.

13. The energies, attracted by religious and international conflicts, decompose the fire to the imperil. The places of such combats lose their natural aura due to the incredible expenditure of the cosmic energy. The giant craters appear in the planet’s smooth energy field, and the Earth looks like the battlefield, cratered by bombs. Attracting of the pure space fire equalizes the planet’s aura.

The pyramids are the devices for strengthening of the protective field. They are to be built at the places with most unstable energetic, and at the places, where the planet's ozone layer is dangerously thin. The strongest effect of pyramids is destruction of the aeroperil crystals, which provoke wars and conflicts. There are regions, above which whole space is cemented with the imperil.

14. Any book leads to opening of a soul portal. Everything rotates within the many-colored merry-go-round of Maya. People’s desires are just a poor reflection of Divine Love. Whole life is a dream. If a person does not realize, what he is living for, then he incarnates time after time, suffering and overcoming affliction and distress, until he understands, that the meaning of life is bhakti – love, which grants without any requirements.

The earthly love is the vestige of divine love, which we are coming from. It is what we are living for. God, the Greatest and the Incognizable, is the Pure, Celestial, Everlasting, and Inexhaustible Love. The more you love, the more you receive. Love gives you knowledge, and power, and the will to get the power.

Be a tutor for yourself, and seek for Love inside yourself. All misfortunes come, because we have insulated ourselves from the Fire, and the Fire is Love of God, which inflames all phases of life. The stars and the galaxies, the planets and the suns are the drops, scattered all around by Bliss. He does not know, who will get these cosmic treasures. He just creates with the endless effort.

Everyone’s potential is the potential of the Master of Universe. There will be no need in the books or in the intensified self-exhausting. All that exist are one and lead to One. We are the soul, and God is the Soul of souls.

Unutterable doesn't mean inessential or silent. Heavens strive towards you, but you don’t know that the avalanche of Love pours on you to make you live and deliver your love to the others.

15. Humanity is out of the practice to forgive. All negative aspects of relationships result from this. Benevolence will help. Young people's callousness is deplorable. It is not only a family fault, but the perversions of society as well. The panorama of the hucksters does not inspire. The epidemic of irreconcilability has involved all classes of the human society. The homeless and poor ones appeared to be most united and tolerant. The dissociation of rich and poor people has broken the chain of coexistence.

15à. Splintering of divine “I” multiplies the misfortune. The Creator's Face is in all manifestations. You throw about the Divine Gift, when dissipating your faculties.

16. There is the source of inexhaustible joy in the universe. Joy is the radiation of love and the best aid in any doings. Enjoy everything, whether it is perfect or not! Sorrow hardly ever helps on the way. The black color blears the eyes, and the rose color sharpens the vision. Joy is the heart’s eyes.

16à. We are not calm just because we are not free. The world of illusion forces us to comply with it's laws. We are in captivity until we step over the edge of illusion.

The will of an advanced disciple alone becomes free. The will can't become free from the influences on it's own. The spirit alone is free. This Ocean of Light is our freedom.

While we are simply the drops of dew on the Flower of the World. We need the Sun to be transferred to more subtle state. Then the certain formation of freedom will be achieved.

Asserting that you are free and saint, you attract the cosmic ideal, generated by your thought. The Guru's Heart should join with your heart. Repeating: “I am He! I am He!”- you enter into the plane of the Master's Rays. The divine grain starts acting inside you. It starts sprouting from the torrent of celestial vibrations. You prepare the soil for another crops through watering the soul with the prayers or mantras.

Become the circle of Fire! Become the sphere of Light! Surround yourself with the vibrations of Love and Bliss!

You can control everything; remember your experiments with recalling the taste and the smell.

Memory is not just your memory. It is also the memory of Universe. Akasha Crystals become active from the volitional thought. They compose an image and then extract everything stored inside. Akasha is the boundless Ocean of Knowledge, which could be implemented or rejected. Many inventions seemed ridiculous and unrealistic to the contemporaries. But time puts everything into place.

Enter into the insight. Simply open your soul for cosmos. Calm down the vehement herd of thoughts, clean the field, and receive the rays of Sun. Inspiration, love, and solemnity will help to enter Akasha Chronicles.

17.The chain reaction of imperil is momentary. Irritation transfers from one aura to another, same as the grace-filled Light flare. One should avoid any sort of anger. The creatures, which raven on the emanations of negative states, grow up to tremendous size. Everyone’s selfness is great, because the divine features were put into everyone. Endless quarrels do not resolve problems. Oil never puts the fire out. Conscious and intensive patience is required; patience without complaint and grief.

Create your own auric shield of calmness.

17à. There is no satisfaction in self-sufficiency. The human soul is the most unstable scales of understanding. But if they are harmonized and balanced, through having some stable field plane, they become the cosmic-level phenomenon.

Look into the soul like into the ocean and try to pacify it's waves, for the treasures of the soul are on the bottom, on the very bottom. The Temple of your Light is there; the White Altar of Immortality, the Holy Tables of Universal Knowledge are there. Your Great Atlantis is there, in the stormy Ocean of Fire.

18. The power of conscience, as the emanation of spiritual divine power, must be beyond all branches of authorities. This would change a lot. But people’s hearts are misted, and the feeling of their own impunity leads to the violation of spiritual principles.

Lust and bile are provoked by certain forces. The gray envelope consists of the concentrated negative emotions.

The channels run only to the pure hearts. A candlestick is never to be lit from both ends.

19. The purity of heart alone clarifies our consciousnesses.

The matter of grief has woven the tense energy net all around humanity. People used to flounce in this spider web of lust. A desire is just a tool, by the force of which we participate in the acts of the world. We think, that we participate in the activities, but in fact we fodder the fat spiders, which raven on our passions. We ask, and they give us a bit of the requested, and in return we sink deeper in this bog. Such lust addiction must be stopped only via stopping the lust itself. We shall be no more paupers in the World of Thoughts.

The purity of heart sets you free from the roots of lust. When people want more than necessary, they use to take the last livelihood from the weak ones. The super-wealth ever brings to birth the super-poverty. If it were not for human greed, the well-being would be the standard of living for everyone in the world. It was already said before by many prophets and saints.

20. “We blank off the sky with smoke” – it is the notable expression, because if we imagine the existence as combustion, then the human vices and imperfections emit smoke. When they are burnt down, only flame without color and smoke remains. This will be liberation of mankind from all kinds of the mundane oppressions and obstacles.

Whole world is a crowd of torches of energy. All of them burn invisibly. The smoke is so thick, that the flame is not visible. But the fire exists, and when we manifest it once, further we can manifest it continually.

The celestial wind blows away the clouds of the mundane smoke. And the Ray, or the communication channel with the Subtle Plane, permanently imbues our spirit with strong belief in the victory of the spirit over the earthly conflagration.

The Earth is beautiful, but Her children are vicious, they do evil thoughtlessly and to the detriment of themselves.

21. Everything not manifested concentrates and crystallizes in the Chalice. Highest spiritual manifestations compile the subtle grain of the future. All the rest, if it is not a karma burden, simply die away. Hundreds of incarnations, full of tense incessant deeds of valour, compile an Adept’s spirit. Only several minutes or hours of saint being could be gathered throughout lots of human lives.

The oppressive situation is aggravated by so called market economy's advent. People were forced to separate into two groups – the sellers and the buyers. It is some kind of ignoble plagiarism, when one doesn’t produce anything, but sells goods as if they are self-manufactured. This increases incapability to show one's worth in the loftier deeds.

Money is good for determining one’s position in the world. It was suggested to us to build a temple of the green-leaved dollar tree and worship it on a par with God. Some countries are already seized with this new religious enthusiasm. Is there in multiple forms of mania this particular one: insatiable desire for filthy lucre or for its paper equivalent?

21à. Now liberating from the waste products, accumulated during life period, takes place. The disease only facilitates transfer to the new phase of being. The natural exiting of subtle body will return back. Perception will sharpen. Be ready to hear. The Wind of Wisdom brings the Words of Truth, which should be put together.

The magnet of heart is the pure word. The magnet of heart is the brightness of colors. The magnet of heart is the worthy relations.

Before the last drop of venom flows out, you will see, that you woke up.

21á. The ringing of silver bells is the sign of the successful purification of nerves. It is the subtle ringing of silver thread. The link restores. Don't spare the strength of Jiva. The cosmic energies sleep in the mental body. This is one of the qualities, granted to everyone by the Creator. The solar serpent of kundalini exhausts the strength. Beware! There is the danger to obtain the escort of astral obsessors. The heart and understanding constrains the impulse of displeasure. It is not so easy to pass through the tests of life.

22. The amount of lust on the planet has become horrible. The grey-lilac serpent enlaces manifestations of the vicious behavior of people. It is hard but necessary to break the way out of this captivity. Otherwise all energies, worked out by mankind, will become the spiritual garbage. Continuous connection with this sphere causes the feeling of emptiness and leads to degradation. Using pleasures is like using the drugs, and it causes psychic destruction and full immersion into a sleep. Avoid creating obstacles for yourselves. The lust addiction brings to existence many creatures of dark nature.

It is difficult to get away from the previous incarnations. The light’s merit is the absence of shade. Darkness sets free only that one, who has broken the ties of darkness forever. The desire, which has enslaved thoughts via feelings, pulls the initially clear thought downwards to the human-by space.

The essence of thought comes up into the heart innocent like a child. But as soon as it gets into the whirl of human aura, the astral dust begins to stick to it.

23. A scent comes before a man, same as his deeds and his reputation. A human nature can not be substituted. It is impossible to be histrionic at the critical moment, when karma forms or finalizes. Our ways of thinking and behavior are individual, same as the fingerprints and the color of aura.

23à. There are bipeds who can throw off their karma on someone else, who is prone to self-sacrifice or has fully worked out his own karma. It is most bad, that such person thinks, that he carries his own load. Every proclaiming or compliant is already the dispersal. It looks almost like an admitted karma: admitting it voluntarily, you admit the consequences as well. Beware to take on the shoulder someone's accumulations. Knowledge alone could be admitted, when you hear the call of heart.

24. Every aura is wrapped with the astral bandages of gray cloth, which consist of people's concoctions, habits, and vices. No one drinks muddy water. The rubbish of feelings hinders clair-knowledge. Purity is the necessary condition for advancing.

Cultivate the crystals of dignity and they will overcome the accretions of astral. Hearing makes a difficult progress towards clairaudience. The center of the space has started to spin.

Water is the counterpoise of space. To be more precise, it is the earthly equivalent of flow-ability of Akasha.

25. Manifestation of many “I” in the coloring of various feelings is that very Maya. The sense of one whole “I” in it's inviolability, is that very awakening, which must not be incidental, diving, or vanishing. The steady light, even soft one, predisposes to calmness. The waves of feelings crush the unity of our perception of the world within Eternity. “I” is the category of Eternity. It is not an individuality. It is the connection between a monad and One God.

26. The words, and namely their pure quintessence, are the creating power of cosmos. The words are the arsenal of Divine Will, and they express one or another might of Ojas – the cosmic persuasion. Participation of the word in the action of Creation depends on the strength of assurance.

Establishment of the worlds happens every second. The cosmic veins direct the energy of Akasha to the places of the formation of the new worlds, producing magnetic whirls. Thickening of such whirls constitutes the beginning of the very center of a new galaxy. Already completed mental model of the new cosmic formation descends from the Subtle Plane. The fire creates a unique world in spite of the seeming sameness.

27. Human thinking has many layers. This reminds of the stratified structure of an aura.

28. Any charitable act is appreciated only in case of anonymity. God is anonymous and unnoticeable, but thanks to Him everything moves, breathes, and lives. He doesn't become less significant due to this anonymity. He doesn't need fame, popularity, and other cheap attributes of the earthly elite. Let everyone be on an appropriate place. And when it is time to render a help, let's just help without announcing a good-doer’s name.

29. Pyramids are located in the shape of Orion constellation. They were condensers of this constellation's energy on the Earth. It was something like the projection of the world, from which the Stone was sent.

30. Yet the ancient Chaldeans have read the Heavenly Writings. They have composed letters or signs from the stars and found out a meaning of the forthcoming events. Of course, they did mechanically, and later on this was used in Cabala. This has been a remainder of the ancient knowledge of the time, when the sages could foresee the future without incantations. Same traditions are still alive in China, Tibet, and India.

31. The multilayer of thinking is absolutely obvious some times. It could be illustrated with so called obsessive thoughts, which periodically emerge and intrude into the process of thinking. It shows, how strong the crystallized form of lower nature interrupts the current of cosmic centers. It is possible to get free from the obsessive thoughts only by the way of immediate and full switching of consciousness to the opposite way of thinking, without even a shade of the previous mood. A sort of turning sharp round helps to drive out the unasked guests.

The Madiam practices are useful in this case.

32. It was said by a sage: “We descent from the Perfection!”. That is why we strive to the purifying through many incarnations, suffering from passions and diseases, and experiencing the pains of spirit and flesh. Everyone feels a sort of impurity inside; we feel that the world poisons us with it's ideas and winds around us the cover of illusions more and more tense. The boring images are imposed by TV on a human vision. The human hearing is taken up with the phrases from the advertising clips. And a tongue, like a well-trained parrot, repeats this raving and expands the nets of people's fallacies.

The moments of sudden awakening as if set us free from all these impacts, as if someone completely cleans our vessel. And for some time we feel a sweet smell of this perfection, even a small one. But gradually the consciousness weakens the control, thinking that the things will go on inertially, without any effort. And this is the main error. This is the manifestation of tamas - ignorance and laziness, - to which these new man’s feelings are of opposite character. They do not correspond with our nature. They are of Sattva nature. But a human being must learn day by day, same way as he eats and drinks every day. The methodicalness of spiritual studies creates a stable aura of purity, the aura of our belonging not to the everydayness, but to the uniqueness of moments of possibilities, which dissolve in Akasha without leaving any taste, if people do not add the salt of own labor to it.

Let our breath become our endless prayer.

Let no breath be without the prayer.

Strive for God, understanding that you are lifeless without Him!

Without any conditions and rational reasons, not expecting awards or benefits give to God everything you have!

Don't be stingy! For when you give to Him everything - your spirit, your soul, your body, - you become a part of Him, which is He Himself. Pleasure and knowledge becomes immeasurable, when you give Him everything.

If you are touchy, avaricious, and depressive, you do not love God. Your thoughts and feelings are in dissonance with Him. Imagine, that you are God Himself; feel splendid greatness and solemnity of Truth, in which He stays. Feel the atmosphere of Highest Purity, which is common for Him.

Time was given to you not to squander it wastefully and irresponsibly. Time is only a form, which could be filled with anything. What this vessel we will fill with? It is too valuable to be filled with something ugly or vile. This vessel should contain only one substance – God, the Holy Chrism of Being, which brings to life and blesses the worlds every moment.

Let the vessel of heart, the emerald sanctuary of cosmos, flare with the everburning fire of Love to God! Love is God Himself. All Love properties are the properties of God. One who is able to love is the part of God, and everything you give to Him is what He has for you.

33. It is most horrible to misdeed in the name of goodness and truth and commit innocent people to faggoting without even slightest hesitation. What may exonerate a small group of people, who assumed the right to make the arbitrary decisions in the name of the higher target of purification? Who may drain this abyss of fanaticism and excruciation? It is true that church is not the same as religion and faith. Highest Spirit, prevent us from drawing the sword during “massacre of Saint Bartholomew” of the mankind's darkness! The Prince of Darkness has trained his clerics too well, and they have fallen to the hell of obscurantism in their misery.

34. To love means to become one with a person you love. To love means to perceive the blessing of higher spiritual Love, and after creating a circle of unity, become a new universe, kindled by the Divine Ray.

35. Mankind suffers from its own imperfection. Descending into matter reaches an awful level. The world follows sense pleasures and they kill a soul and a body like a deadly venom. It is too hard to root up these desires.

It is very hard to achieve the realization of enlightenment and then crystallize it. There are many knowledgeable and understanding people, but their final volitional action is prevented by the lack of most important feature – readiness for self-denial. Self-denial is only the decision to get away from the dirt. Self-denial is the imperative will to get back to the lost World of Perfection.

That world's purity and memory always lives inside us. Painful nostalgia reminds us with anguish how far away we are from the plane of the Motherland, where our souls were born. This feeling will persistently visit everyone, until we get back to the place of birth.

35à. Shakti, the energy, is the material manifestation of the Will, Buddha, or Reason. Entire world space is the Ocean of Shakti Ocean, which has the immeasurably powerful potential of forces. The world formations densify these forces and create the worlds with the help of mantra. The Silent Word created Universe. The prayers and the mantras are just the vessels for attracting energies on our plane. The Great Initiated Ones had an intuitive-psychical contact with this inexhaustible power. Titans built cities in a twinkle of an eye. Genies fulfilled any wishes, even unbelievable ones. Even today Sai-Baba creates fruits and sweets from stones, and jewels - from sand.

Entire matter is the derivative of Shakti. It contains everything and everything originates from it. At the moment of the disintegration of time everything will return back to it.

Om Matri Shakti!

Time is the derivative of the world energy. The spheres of lower planes are the areas with most slow and dense time. The higher spiritual level, the quicker and easier the time passes. There is no time at most high worlds. There is no need in it.

Energetic or radiant humanity is main population of cosmos. On the two hundredth level of being all creatures are immortal until Universe exists. They look like the fiery auric spheres, which include seven subdivisions of the sunbow. The Earth is on the third level of being.

36. Everyone walks along his own path. No need to copy someone’s path. To apply the knowledge of a person, who is ideal for you, doesn’t mean to put on his clothing. One may dream about being like Guru. Someone may merge with Him and become the one whole. But yet karma, like an accurate alchemist, must purify people’s souls by creating various sorts of unique reactions in order to educe the lightful qualities of human beings.

The individuals' paths are individual and their achievements can't be repeated.

37. A foe is a reflection of your weaknesses. The more clear the mirror, the more details you can notice. Don’t dabble in the mud of gossips, simply pass by. Consider best features of yours, and attach significance only to them. Hold the value of benevolence up high. The hostile whirl is an attempt to snuff out your burning candle. Let them bare malice and hate, and emulate you in this hate and reach for you. The acid-tongues breathe the poisoned dust. Don’t even try to calm down such dust-storm. Simoom will stop by itself in due time. Follow the fellah’s advice: “Let your camel lay down, and put the mantle of patience over your head.”

38. People try to transform their earthly life into the endless stream of pleasure. However, such attempts are useless. One gets only a portion of the World Power on this plane. The crystal purity, supplied by the spirituality of Highest Planes, is necessary to enter the Ocean of Light. Only then it will be possible to link-up with the beatitude as with everlasting existence.

39. The rank of householder discloses the deep meaning and necessity of self-sacrifice. Family life teaches the contributing as the form of living. Fostering the features of master, a man takes care of his small community. Without view of himself, the house master strives to feed, dress, and warm his children. One who has passed successfully this stage of life, one who has approached this manifestation of life with all responsibility, may with confidence become a president of a state. However, the up-to-date president institution is in sad condition. A head of a state without spiritual leadership is only a nominal leader. The experience of the time, when Spiritual Masters governed the countries, is forgotten.

40. We are Maya's children. Living among the mortals, we feel ourselves immortal. Permanently experiencing suffer, we think about eternal holiday. In poverty we dream about wealth. Everyone is sure, that the earthly laws are not for him, and a miracle, if it happens, will happen to him alone. A human being conceives himself as the Earth center, around which all the rest insignificant things go. Seemingly, God has granted to everyone an individual universe, spiritual egocentrism, and omnipotence. If something happens to you, either thought or event, it becomes exclusively significant. The rest world as if goes forth into the mist of nonentity. This is the worst type of Maya – Maya of apartness, because everyone feels exactly the same.

Entire power of the world is in the uniting of energies. This is the only way to create something new. A lone person can become neither a titan of spirit, nor a genius of art or science. The hierarchy of Teachers is necessary. The throughout principle of hierarchy is obligatory.

It is impossible to reach perfection, because it has the endless number of grades. It is possible to approach one or another grade through the thorns of super-efforts and of worldly sacrifice. Rejecting something we obtain an opposite. Maya and karma are two faces of Janus.

41. If you do not overcome the inner demons of evil, they will tear you to pieces from inside. Your fear increases their power. It is possible to win a victory only with the sacred power of your heart.

The past scares you with the powerlessness, but do not give way to deceptions of the past, because they are only the gray shadow of bygones. Live in eternal “here”, because such life alone will give you labor, development, and transformation of negative features to positive ones.

The Celestial Power comes from one source. But as a prism crystal splits a ray of white light into seven rainbow colors, same the human prana begets hundreds of different properties, both positive and negative. This is the individually colored rainbow of your being. Concentrate your attention on the purest colors. Don't try to exorcise the demons by fasting, celibacy, or by any other violence against flesh. Treat them as your children. Try to reform their characters. Try and teach them goodness. Finally we are saint, and the gray escort is only a background of the landscape of any aura. Do not follow the advices of hate and evil. But if something bad has happened, then direct the improper thing to the good.

We may compare our inner worlds with cosmos, where the strict order reigns. The ill parts are healed by the healthy ones. The self regulation helps the body to live, which means, it helps the spirit as well. The Guru said: “The lunar life must be outlived”. The consistency of behavior is a long way, but absolutely right and correct one. It is too hard to boil off the astral dust and then transform it in the crucible of high energies of the heart.

Propensity to spiritual work results from multiple attempts of liberation, undertaken through many lives. We are still the slaves, but we have already felt the smell of freedom and real life. Maya still swaddles us, but the mist becomes thinner, and we can see the opposite bank. The wind of Brotherhood carries the delightful scent. The heart rings like a silver string. The melodies of joy send us the vibrations of wisdom. Peace and freedom are close. We hold the key for the Gate.

42. Ectoplasm is a container for the energies of human emotions. When they are negative, ectoplasm takes a shape of monsters and of various low substances, which raven on such energies. But when positive emotions prevail, ectoplasm accumulates these energies and becomes a source of good influence.

Noosphere responds to the mass manifestations both of culture and of vulgarity. These particular forces cause earthquakes, form deserts, and revive countries and continents. Condensed emotions are incredibly powerful.

43. Humanity turns it's predestination into the cosmic garbage, which is swept away with the very first cleansing whirl. Looking at spiritual aspirations, one can just regret that they are heavily diluted with the cocktail of lust for power and mercenariness.

Of course, the poverty grieves. But this situation can't be hopeless. In despair people give themselves up to the ugliest vices. It is possible to excuse a pauper; but rich people, which are able to advance a spirit and render a vital help to those, who need it, now sink into various perversions due to their own utter despair. Verily, the riches are the fetters of evil, although gold ones. Rich people's lack of freedom is based on uneasiness, caused with subconscious guilt before millions of the destitute people, deprived of worthy part of these riches. Any work should be repaid worthily.

44. Mother of the World, Kali, and Dukkar is the Highest Deity in all religions. She is the Personified Power of Nature, Creative Shakti, from which everything came into the world. She is the World Matter of all living things. This notion is so majestic, triumphant, and integral, that She could be called the Infinity and the Universe in all and any manifestations. In the texts of the Book of Dzyan She is the Everlasting Mother, Perennially Giving Birth.

Everything displays forms and everything creates. Everything obeys laws of creation and co-creation on the level of thoughts, on the level of feelings, and on the level of body. Mother of the World's principle was put into every atom of the world.

Mother of the World! Teach us how to acquire the Holy Power of Fire!

45. One of the worst crimes is to leave without employment people, who want to work and are skilled in works. Disorder in minds results from laziness and plenty of leisure time. If leisure turns to be a way of living, it becomes the tragedy for the nation. This is the fertile substrate for most absurd ideas, horrifying even the mind, which has generated them.

46. Do not accumulate hate within yourself in order to pass your fervent love to someone. These two feelings are separated by a fine line only. This is the phenomenon from the paradoxical psychology. But love cannot transform the full scope of hate without remainders. The bitter taste remains.

47. It is very difficult to keep feet on the height achieved. The consciousness and the spirit gradually slips down, following the way of involution, if a person does not climb up. The consciousness and the spirit must be supported both by prayers and by reading of high-spiritual books. The Teaching is saturated with the pure spiritual energy; and one must read it systematically, day by day, without interruptions, as if taking a medicine from banality and spiritual impoverishment.

Only burning candle allows you to see the friend’s face in the darkness. The anticipating heart knows the Guru’s Face and repeats His Name unceasingly.

Master! Give me the wings of strive to get higher!

One, who saw the Sun, knows that it will never go out.

48. Art subdivides into many forms of artistic creativity. Metal processing is most hard and material form of the art. Then goes pottery, stone working, and glass blowing, all types of wood carving, weaving, embroidery, birch-bark work, painting, literature, and music. While a man goes up stairs of creativity, his vibrations become more and more subtle, until they approach the Divine Harmony, the Music of Spheres, which is the Firstborn Sound of space. Similar to this scale, people could be determined according to the elements – from heavy earthly vibrations to subtle fiery ones. Finally, transfer from one creativity phase to another means advancement to creative spheres, full of novelty and singularity.

49. The Teaching stipulates, that the habits are the enemies of evolution. It is important to learn the roots and philosophy of habit. Some times the habits are so paradoxical, that they expel one another. Understanding, where this muddy runlet comes from, means cleaning up the human path.

When you face similar negative habits of people in neighborhood, while you are getting free from your own bad habits, it becomes very difficult not to follow this beaten path. Liberating from this garbage requires super-effort as well as super-courage. Yes! Yes! Yes! Firm courage is necessary to expel even a thinest adder. Only understanding of harmfulness is not enough. Precautionary measures are to be taken. The adder can bite, if not pull out the fang. Don’t wait until the poison peters out by itself. One must strive for conscious liberation from this small tiresome dictate. The system of substituting of one quality with another one is to be worked out, that is substituting the worst with the best, following the principle of unity of opposites.

50. An organism, saturated with imperil, can't conduct the energies of high tension, hence transmutation of both mentality and body is impossible. Humanity is not capable to overcome first level of yoga – ahimsa, not doing harm with words, thoughts, and actions. Could we talk about high ideas, if ethics of human relations grieves so much? Imperil is to be dissolved by the current of bliss and by the intensified saturation of space with fire.

A man exhausted with habits, which he is sick and tired from, is ready to do everything in order to break from this terrible captivity. But the astral structure of habits has been crystallized for tens of years; and to escape from them means to leave this area with all its qualities once for all. Even a slight breath from the past causes the chain of corresponding associations, and it is hardly possible to capture this impetuous reaction. The root must be extracted. The inertia of habits pulls back even those people who have already broken the circle of slavery, who realized their cosmic nature, and became more responsible before the Cosmic Forces. The more one realizes, the more responsibility he bears.

51. The terms are short. The time is condensed to the critical mass. Now intensity of a human life is equal to many tens of incarnations in the ancient time. One must not spend the precious grains. That’s a pity to waste the energy of treasure for searching of the daily bred. The worthy income became not just an end in itself, but the necessary condition of worthy life. The soul is tired from the permanent deficit.

52. Loosen the reins to your sadness. Let the horses of sadness go to their valleys. Joy can help in this case too. The dreary consciousness is always late. The lightness releases from the vanity. The destined will not pass by. Wait for your fortune. Sometimes a tired wayfarer obtains a well-deserved shelter. Use your freedom. It's mosaic is encrusted with the brilliants of thoughts. It is important to go by the chosen path without delays.

Don’t let the light of wisdom fade. The daily living needs are transient. People will not hang around the bazaar forever. The world will calm down after draining the cup of greed to dregs. There will be nothing to spend. There will be no one to sell to.

53. Asia is the Egypt of the future. The search for knowledge will lead people to the deserts of Central Asia. The dead towns will see the sun. The treasures of mind will come back to the world. The ancient empires, covered with the ashes of ages, will open their gates to the Future.

54. The pressure of the fire of evolution is great. The brown envelope of the planet cracks and lets the fiery energy of the Future in. Vibrations of irritation are quenched by the cosmic currents. The decomposition of energy forms the armor of the planet’s selfness. Everything calls to cooperation, everything unites and joints in cosmos, and only selfness of the Earth strives for individualization. The motto “Together we are strong!” is the cosmic formula. Agni’s fire is so much rich with new knowledge and relations. The Hierarchy looks for the pure souls. The crystal vessels allow to see every motive.

54à. The feast of flesh is a stupid person's delight. The ballast of earthly formations clogs up the spiritual path. The sphere of Light is inaccessible for one, who rooted himself in the earthly nature. The accumulations of imperil erupt like lava. In return the Earth gets the subtle energies. The emission of venom has to run out. A rupture in the brown envelope attracts the planet's psychic energy. The ruby light links the fires. Transmutation follows the fiery communion. The panorama of consciousness takes only the manifestations of spiritual spheres; the rest is the dust of earthly ignorance. The Earth matter stays behind the Fiery Whirl of Change. The shift will take place at the turn of millenniums. The densifying of astral has started.

Do not burn with the inspiration of irritation. Keep the patience of fire. Not everything kindles up at once. A damp wood should get dry before it stops smoking. The lava of words carries a lot of slag. A thought is more pure. The words saturating with energies was done by the Teaching. Follow it.

Tabyn-Bogdo is the Ashrama at Altai, the innermost school of Shambhala. All World Teachers have visited it.

55. The tissue of dreams is all-pervading. It is weaved of the subtle threads of thoughts and penetrates into a human essence, and gets through it. There can be inculcated dreams. The intrusion of extraneous images causes the feeling of internal burden. A wish to get free from them, the reaction of rejection, indicates their foreignness. The repeating dreams are also unwanted, because they illustrate the internal standstill of the energy centers.

56. The higher you are trying to rise, the stronger the resistance of inert ambient. One, who is going ahead, is visible for anyone as if in the limelight. Even a slight mistake will not be excused. But it will be even harder to break through the next circle. The tension grows, that is why the right target for discharge must be determined. Realizing the target, you will avoid spraying the spiritual force at the small worries of life. We used to repeat everything said before. But ‘said’ doesn’t mean ‘learned’. If a word was converted into a deed, we may stop repeating. We are not the trained parrots to pronounce same sentences all the time. But even a foreign language should be learned by heart.

57. Listen to the inner voice in your Chalice. The rehash of someone's ideas is not so important. Breakthrough to your own freedom is necessary. The ideas are formless and they seek for a contact. The thought forms them. The word crystallizes them. Seven spheres of thoughts put seven different levels of tension into the word. The word read will be apprehended via seven keys. Right now only one key is active and not in full scale. The functions of human organs are also of seven levels. There are spiritual functions besides physical and astral ones.

The rhythm of mantra must grow. The energy impulses cover more and more flesh. The extermination of wisdom reduces the future potential of a wayfarer. If you drift with the stream, then you drown but not swim.

58. The tension does not go down, vice versa, it grows. The more responsibility a disciple takes, the greater the pressure of the lowest sphere becomes. Don’t expect, that the difficulties will pass away, and the bliss and delight will come. Further there will be even more difficult levels of assimilation. The human life on the Earth is like continuous Passion Week. But after crucifixion, Resurrection and Transfiguration will come unavoidably. The laws of the world are unchangeable.

59. The mantra is like a sure step on a shaky bridge across a deep canyon with scarp slopes. It is only possible to walk together, holding each other, in order not to swing the bridge from side to side. The mantra sets the rhythm of steps towards the unknown and the secret. The mantra defines the path, and no one knows, how it arranges inside us and what consequences it causes.

60. The world is on the powder keg. Not a human being knows about it, lasting on and on the games with the fire of passions. It is the grievous carelessness of the illusion of immortality.

There is no joy loftier than Purity.

There is no religion higher than Truth.

There is no virtue more precious than Devotion to the Teacher.

All the rest is just a derivative from these three stipulations.

61. If a man identifies himself with the Maya nature, he stays in the deepest sleep mode. The man who has overgrew Maya, stands above it, as a mountain top above the clouds, which tinge the top. The internal world of the man was created from above, that is why the man looks downward, as if he is looking from the top. While nature, which hides inside the essence of Maya, realizes itself from below. But it is impossible to see the mountain from below, for it is covered with fog. From above the fog looks differently, and the man gets different visibility and horizon.

62. Don’t rock the boat of emotions. The emotions are like the small wild animals, which must be kept in a cage, until skilled training makes them tame, and the selfhood energies will be transformed to the new condition. The fire of feelings must burn away their material nature, which impedes them. The purified feelings merge with the aspects of subtle world in order to become the Great Creative Love - the Will of Absolute.

63. The coasts of the Worlds are close to one another. The bridge of striving is already built for the spirit. The prayer helps to live in purity and without fear. The wind bends the trees and does not feel it's own force. The river rolls the stones and gnaws the rocks restlessly. The man of spirit prays, attracting the fire, which does not burn him, because his heart is full of ardour, which exceeds the flame.

63à. Laziness weakens even an instinct. Laziness develops into indifference. It is laziness as well to consider yourself sick. The human nature is inclined to feeling itself weak. But it is impossible to bend or to break the will, if it is balanced with the power of heart.

64. A prayer is incessant, and when the bells of words become silent, then a subtle music continues sounding inside yourselves. The prayer is a soul's thread; and the world’s fiery rope is made of such threads. The space is like an invisible silver tissue, which links everyone to whole universe.

65. Do not obtain bad habits. Even if they will not strangle your soul, they will torture it. This fight takes away a lot of force, which could be applied to some other activities.

66. Sometimes the future casts a shadow upon a mood of a soul. The future, already built but not experienced yet, fills us with the certain and convincing anticipation. We do not understand why, but the things must happen in some particular way. As if we have to live same life several times, each time changing and crystallizing patience and other best qualities.

67. The world is plaited of threads of various colors. There are infinitely many of them. Understanding unity in this variety, you can feel unbreakable relationship of everything that is beautiful and alive. All threads are extended to you and are inweaved into your existence.

68. Gold temples are not for Christ. Luxury and splendor are not for Christ. He was a poor man, and lived among paupers, bringing the Word of Light. Church has usurped the God's authorities by inventing indulgence and confession.

Understanding but not forgiving is possible. Lessening the karma burden doesn't mean forgiving. It is just beginning of karmic expiation.

68à. River Shambation carries it's white waters. Here is the Earth's crust break and the edge of Siberia tectonic plate. When Himalayas and Tibet were rising, the plates have slipped so strong, that Belukha – the highest mountain of Asia at that time - has crumbled and buried the City of Knowledge under the debris. Names of areas and family names still remind us about Brahmans. Rahman's spring, Rahmans, the family of Rahmanovs are the alive history of this land.

69. Psycho-kinetic whirl causes curvature of space-time continuum. Transmissions of people for centuries ahead or backwards occurred some times. The nature of such events lies in the energy plane of time. Disruption of the time texture in some places occurs. The fire disrupts the conditionality of space, and time, as an enslaving factor, melts in the fire. The space will gradually obtain it's former, some time ago lost capability to be free from limiting factors of aging.

The ozone holes are the windows to cosmos.

70. As the wild animals attack a man, in panic erupting the energy of fear, the same the astral beasts seize the man imbued with imperil.

71. Most advanced love is the unreasonable love to the Teacher or to God. It is the irrepressible and light secret, which is not available to anyone besides the human beings.

72. Contradictoriness of a human life is the very mantle of Maya. Poverty and wealth, pleasure and suffer, strength and weakness, cleverness and madness are just the polar manifestations of the nature of existence. None of those polar pairs really exist. There is the mean, there is the balance, there is the gold grain of truth, which contains Divine Wisdom.

Accelerated development of technocratic civilization pushes away a mind from an inner world. The more the distractions and amusements, the greater the desolation of a temple of soul.

73. A soul is like a book. Reading the earthly book, dictated by the highest spirit, listen to the resonance in your inner world. Do not follow the bookish knowledge, but seek after the heart’s knowledge.

74. The rays rise over the mountains. The pollen of stars goes down upon the flower of the Earth. New potential opens. The perspective opens through the Gates of Infinity. The dark stars burn out in the light of kindled spirit. The mysteries of labor release the creativeness of comprehension. Accept the gift of every moment of life!

74à. Switching of high emotional thinking from the earthly plane to the higher one causes the phenomenon of insight.

74á. Manifestations of matter with negative number of dimensions is an attempt of chaos to intrude into the new world, or a sort of the planetary scale virus, which cankers time and space. It was eliminated with the spiritual laser, or with the Teachers' united mental energy, condensed into a thin mental ray.

75. Internet is an attempt to find a way into the human aural plane, with further extracting and reading-out the inner information from sub-consciousness. This is the power over the weak souls. These programs are beyond the control on the earthly plane. A computer is a device of magic and negative meaning. One could be admitted to work on the computer only after a psychological training. That event with the group of computer specialists is significant, since in this case the aberration has led to the grip of temptation.

75à. The White Mountain is the temple in the shape of a huge pyramid. According to the legend, one of the Great Keepers of the Stone was buried inside it. The symbol of Sviatogor's Coffin means impossibility to go out of limits of three dimensions, in which people locked up themselves after the golden age of Atlantis. Free communications among the worlds were destroyed. It is known, that Atlantis people could fly to remote planets not only in the fiery bodies, but in the physical ones as well.

The fragment of Aerolit is still kept behind the stone doors at the White Mountain. The school is hidden behind the illusion of the impassable mountains and the impenetrable fog, which suddenly falls down on the summits. The indicator needles of devices are very unsteady, like at the Bermuda triangle. But the knights are still sleeping, and the city is not yet built.

76. The music of feelings sounds only at the highest level of hiero-inspiration. Common people can feel this holy lightness sometimes. They used to describe this as “the overflow of joy”. Such states are very seldom and can happen, when a heart touches the Higher Worlds.

76à. Night time is free from the human mental and sensual rushes. A consciousness transfers to the Subtle Plane. Spiritual tension even of small potential obtains purity and aspiration. The garbage of earthly lust sediments and turns into the astral dust; Ringse gains strength and grows due to the conscious approach to the Higher Spheres. The Communication Channel is not blocked. Pure ideas, mantras, and prayers reign here. The words are not needed. The sounds are alien for this valley of pralaya. Only the thought-forms go by their big and small orbits. And a consciously directed help is effective and beneficial. The karma of help is firm and holy; it is hardened with the compassionating force of charity.

Enter into the flow of good deeds. You will get a lot of usefulness for the heart. And many knots of the net of former imperfections will get untied. And the threads will plait into the rope of ascending. And the silver string will straiten the way to the Worlds of Atman.

Kalagia didn't come yet. The complexity of language is just the cover, which hides the fictitious knowledge; it is a bluff and a trap for those, who seek for sensations and phenomena. The cork manikins will dance for a long time, sinking and appearing on the surface again. The load of imperfections doesn't impede walking. Throw away the empty plates of habits one by one on your way. You can't boil up your consciousness at once. The uniform directed motion of particles causes the transfer to another state.

Don't look into the mirror of the past. Merits and crimes are only the dirt that sticks to feet. You can't walk fast in the heavy boots. A long way never scares one, who is kindled with the target's call. Shake off the dust of everydayness and go ahead boldly. M. guards you!

77. Only when you change a direction of instinct power, which means changing a vector of force application, you may cross the border between material and spiritual human being. Losing the energy on the earthly plane you are getting new energy from the space. But the inestimable power must not be spread over the surface of the earth. It is important to crystallize it. Accumulation of the spiritual power causes an explosion directed inwards, and consequently crystallization of the energy both inside yourself and outside in the space. The fire becomes adamantine, and the striving – incessant. The spiritual flight, previously so hard, becomes as easy as a butterfly's wings beat.

A drop of water punctures a solidest stone, if this process goes on and on day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. The space fire is not the water. It is the alive and creative power, which kindles planets, nations, and whole worlds with its inspiration.

The Earth is monarchic. The Earth is the place, where our entire potential is to be realized. The Earth is the birthplace of the principle: “By human hands and feet”. The exertion of higher forces burns through the spheres of involution.

Let's overcome the chaos of evil by the benevolent silence. Let’s leave the barking to a pack of hungry dogs. The time is not for squables and quarrels. The time is for solemnity and a continuous prayer. Labor is the same as the prayer. Labor is the same as love. Labor is the same as knowledge. Free labor is the foundational factor.

The Calls are stentorian. But the ears, glued up with the market vanity, do not hear these Calls. Commercialization gnaws the human essences.

78. The parade of combinations of qualities is most singular phenomenon, which is reachable by the high spirits, who have passed through hundreds thousands of incarnations, during which these qualities have been finished off. Synthetic thinking results exactly from many understandings and tests. Everybody passes the way of pain, suffer, and mistakes, since understands, that there is only one way to the height.

79. When a man loses the sensation of responsibility for his own life, he gets a need to find an enemy. Many people quite sincerely blame in their misfortunes someone else, endued with the executive power of evil. They do not understand an effect of the law of back impact, because of illusory perception of self “I” as of the single center of universe. They do not care about self-perfecting. Very few of them are able to sharpen their attention in order to figure out their own negative features and the ways of correction. In order to realize such notions, a high example is necessary, as well as correlation with the Higher Spirits, whom you are following.

Blaming sorcerers and magicians we become wreckers and poisoners of the Divine Plane. An aura and a striving are main points. Bumping against a wall, we do not blame the evil will. The secrets of damnation and resurrection are only inside us.

The will is a tool for a spirit. It is a sword, which cuts off the bent and ugly brunches on the tree of our ascending, of our higher cognition. There is hardly one hour of high spiritual moments throughout whole human life, of the moments, which have moved the human being to the Path of Light.

79à. The fire of striving is inextinguishable. The flame gets free from ashes. A timid grain of tension is better than a torch of first impression. The readiness is determined with the terms. The diamond of soul is already mounted. But many spots of the past are to be erased.

You will see your mirror with your own eyes. Keep the thread tense. Permanent remembering about the striving is important. The gates of far off worlds are always open. Physiology of your age requires more light food. Do not poison yourself with luxuries.

Force through the smoky layer of astral.

The future belongs to Altai. The temple will be erected at the center of Semigorie (Seven Mountains). You will see it yourself.

Keep the balance. The space of the blessed Valley will help. Everything is ready in the shining Sphere of Light. The sleep dreams will show the direction. Be attentive.

The Christianity of priests didn't get closer to the true essence of Christ even for one inch. I contacted with Him. He is close to you via the Mother.

Everything may change very fast. The terms speed up. You may not recognize a lot of things in two or three years.

The Call sounds incessantly. Be blessed those, who have heard it. A role of cork manikin is deplorable. Keep the energy of ascending as long as possible. Let the pronounced mantras not just slide by the surface of consciousness. Repeat them by your heart. The current of heart energies will make them free from mechanical repeating.

Tree figures are in the circle of rainbows — the Three Magi. Vibrations of the Heart of Universe is a greeting to a seeking one.

The grain, hidden deep in ashes of flesh, sprouts. A lot is forgotten after the fall. The child's sleep dreams are the memories of the long-ago flights.

79á. Nothing was lost. The stop is caused by the degree of the head of the family. Earning of livelihood takes a lot of efforts. But taking care of relatives prepares for compassion to all and everything, who suffer. Great is the world tribulation. It's cup is overfilled. But the sacrifice of sorrow and suffering will turn into the higher bliss. Depletion of the measure of suffering unties the karmic bonds.

The Teacher's Kiss, as a method of opening of the particular qualities of centers, is known from times immemorial. In your long-ago sleep dream after the anointing, there was Christ's Kiss. You should remember, what was after that. Gather together the casted away pearls. But don't let out the secret. You will meet the betrayers more than once. A mask of teacher deceives many people.

Accept the plane of higher vibrations and everything perfect contained in it. The term of spiritual ascending is determined. The narrow path brooks no hesitation. Don't tear the purple of nerves with irritation and displeasure. The holy oil shouldn't be used for illuminating of the fog of everydayness. Fume is felt all over the space. A moment of goodness destroys the crystals of aeroperil.

79â. It is important to be apable to hear a human soul. It was said in the Teaching: “...one must...catch the human note even in animal roaring.” There can be neither a man nor an animal without a divine spark. Continue to make the records and think about higher truths. There are always mountains tops above fog. This is meditation for training mercy. Only with gradual comprehension you will be able to observe the spirit's orbit.

The spiritual gland is intentionally choked with the garbage of mass media production. Propaganda of american way of living is harmful. The decaying society tries to infect whole world with the viruses of destruction.

The Orthodoxy has preserved the true Image of Christ. I am talking not about the executives of church. They are the clerical politicians and bureaucrats with all the ensuing consequences.

Don't pass by the living eyes and the living work. Every light is magnetic. Most misfortunes result from lack of magnetism. There is a lot of people related to Saturn. Disintegration touches the souls. But at Altai there are not many such people.

Gather everything about Christ. It will help you and whole world. This way you may advance many people towards their hidden spiritual tasks.

Zvenigorod will be built. And the Golden Mountain Sisters' Temple will open it's secret Gates.

The mountain preserves a lot. It is not without reason, that black Tjada Stone, which has fallen down from the bottom of Heavens, from Three She-Marals constellation, was mentioned in Altai epos. This topic is also important for the future.

Saturn supports last dense aspects of time. The end of time dominance over space is connected with the transfiguration of Saturn. Mother of the World's epoch will bring back the dominance of space. Abel will rise from the dead. The time of Cain goes to the past. And the curse of Cain, who carries his brother's dead body, runs out. It is not without reason, that in ancient legends the Moon was the place of execution of this curse. The Moon is half-paralyzed. But the new quality of the Earth will give an impulse to the revival of the Moon as well.

79ã. Ringse crystal grows. Optimization of thinking is most important. This will remove displeasure and irritation.

Sadness results from the growth of upper chakras.

Don't dissipate the energy. Mentally crystallize the light inside the aura. Cementing of the aura is necessary for the energy strengthening and for the defense. As if an impenetrable armour is forged. In youth you already have had the similar experience. It is hard to force through the elastic tissue of habits. You will stumble over the wrongful behavior more than once. Indignant silence is more desirable. But everything comes in due time. Nervousness will be erased through understanding of your own internal stability. It is necessary to get saturated with the prana of deep balance. Relations with people is a window of a soul. But it is much more valuable to be honest with yourself!

Years didn't pass in vain. Dashing aside and searching has disclosed new possibilities and new imperfections. There is a lot to leave behind and a lot to strive for. The roadside milestones are filled with the prophesies and magnets. The memory will be illuminated with the sudden light.

79ä. The brothers of darkness are on the alert. Fear disciplines them. Don't wave it away. The heart's discernment helps to recognize the gray images. Follow your first impression. It is true until it is covered with the chaff of doubts. Afterwards it is so much hard to brush them off. Give an information, especially about the innermost places, according to a level of consciousness. You do not always know, who is hiding behind one's shoulders.

Books of the Teaching are not the collection of fortune-telling instructions, but the spiritual daily bread. Significant events are explained, but don't look for the methods of eliminating of trifles of life. Accept the Teaching as a precious diadem. It is possible to see it's light with a solemn look. Open your eyes for incessant surprising. Refining of attentiveness determines development of Spiritual Eye. There are the sprouts already, and the gleams also took place. Concentrate your thoughts on the Master or on the Mother of Agni Yoga. They will direct both the bad and the good for good purposes. I insist: never separate a thought from the heart! The heart's fire will scorch all unasked shaggy guests.

Nip the quarrels in the bud, but without irritation or blame. Irritation is a destroyer of the valuable stronghold of the Temple of Light. These shells destroy the luminous dome. Often patience is more valuable, than other ways of influence.

Specific melody of space is a sign of the purity of nervous channels. You hear it since the childhood. This is Shabda-Brahman, Primordial Sound, which gave birth to every living thing.

Irritation is the ray of death. The good blissful thought revives everything exhausted and fading, but irritation kills everything in space around. The zone of death expands to big distance from the source. Plants and most noble of them flowers, react sharply on these vibrations. These manifestations were proved scientifically. Think thoroughly about your choice and make a decision once and forever.

I have spoken.

79å. “With everything, always, and everywhere I serve Thou, Master! Let my entire way be the way of podvig of self-rejection!”

Take this prayer and follow it! Now it is time to serve. But imperil, this poison of lower phychism, is to be removed at first. One who didn't exhaust it down to the bottom never steps on the stairs of Light.

The higher the harder, and the more pure the external and internal shells. The grain of spirit is the candlestick of heart, where the shining comes from.

A thought is a creator of karma, as the Great Mother of Agni Yoga said. And this is the world-view and the way of purification from accumulated imperfections.

Don't extinguish the flame of spirit with instant flashes of doubt, or with a gust of hesitation. Let's be firm through remembering about the Heart of the Great Teacher, who grieves over entire world and sends an inexhaustible help. The way runs exactly from one heart to another. Is it possible to fear, if the thread, which links us with the Heart of Light, is not torn off? Verily, this is the way of Silver Ray!

A tense string sings a hymn of devotion and blessing. The tense string is surrounded with the protective flame. The current, which runs between the Guru and his chela, gradually grows more powerful. The battery of consciousness becomes stronger due to mutual sending and receiving.

Harden the thread. The fear nests in the grains of imperil. Light is not afraid of darkness.

They will come and ask about the Teaching. Answer them: “Look with your heart at the way of your life. Turn back and look, whether it is covered with muddy water or is there a squashed flower of hope?”

Do not judge anyone. The conscience never stumbles against the foreign obstacles.

80. A net of light or a sort of white sparks snowstorm is the mantle of Lucida Matter, the subtlest waves of fohat.

Courage and fearlessness are based on deep and indestructible devotion to the Teacher. Gratitude to the Master, as to the Inspirer and Creator of people's success, is the highest appreciation of our own achievements. We are blind and dumb without the Guru. Without the Guru we are more helpless, than a chicken grasped by a wild beast. We are the spirit’s children, which didn’t have time to learn the martial arts against darkness. Verily, this is a way of a kitten.

The call is just a key to unlock the gate of your heart for the Guru. But you are the only one who can turn the key in the lock from inside. Even the Greatest Teacher is not able to save you, if your hart is silent.

81. Imbue yourself with the saturated peace. The feelings of calmness, power, and firmness support stability of the growing harmony. Such stable sensation is possible only with full understanding of the hierarchy protection together with remembering about invincibility of an aura cocoon.

You will sense, what is true vigilance. A watcher at the White Tower of your spirit observes a vast, which opens to your heart. He hears the clarion calls of the Leader and of other warriors. The clear vision of Light never leaves him either during the day time, or when you are sleeping. This phase is called the continuous clairvoyance, which is a necessary phase of consciousness's seeking for clarity and perfection.

82. The tissue of evil is sticky. It is hard to clean an aura from it. Do not renew the wardrobe of darkness. The tatters of ignorance are the fit place for the poisonous inhabitants. Like Daniel, we cast ourselves into the fiery furnace. But glorification is just a sough of wind. The heartfelt exultation of silver words of devotion will guard the walking one. The signs will appear in due time. The Ray will precede the shadow of mist and show the path.

82à. The one, who has approached, was promised. The karmic thread of cooperation stretches from afar. It is durable and multi-colored. It is a mutually complementary help.

The story about Maharishi's Chair is important.

Extend the communications. The usefulness will be inestimably big.

Enriching of the experience and putting together the individual accumulations will become the core of the voluntary community without mistakes or persistent invites. One, who didn't submit to the orders of Living Ethics, shouldn't be considered as a betrayer. If there is no use, everyone has the right to leave, and everyone may come back like in Jaina community or in a brotherhood of the times of Buddha. Read about the Essenes. The circle of disciples may be close or distant. You shouldn't force anyone to listen about the value of cooperation, if cooperation is just a mean to get a benefit for him. The mutual striving towards each other will bring the levels of perception closer.

The dark-blue arrows are powerful as never before.

83. The dust of your footsteps is like the balmy pollen for your enemies. They breathe your striving and in the future they will become your followers. Look attentively, like Akbar, at the enemies of yours.

84. Verily, the deeds of God are wonderful! The ray of sympathy and antipathy is the texture of the past. Sometimes an old thread appears to be stronger, than a new one. Winded of devotion and gratitude, it will serve for a long time and will become a welt on the belt of fidelity to One Guru. It is the belt, which protects and shall be worn under the chain armor of courage.

85. The law of analogy is the basis of all life manifestations. Recognition of signs of life is one of illustrations of the law. But we must not consider each glass of wine to be the Eucharistic cup.

86. Expectation has an irremovable and tireless secretary which is a sharp-sighted heart. It's sensibility and attention determines the factors of first thought and first impression.

The Chalice of Knowledge is kept at the Golden Mountain. Buddha, and Christ, and Zoroaster have come here to receive the Chalice from the Master’s hands. At the times of Atlantis this Mountain was the highest spiritual peak of Asia. The Big Wheel of Law was built around it.

The Spirit knows the Path manifested. The tired flesh does not draw the spirit away from seeing. The snow of time melts on the peak of heart.

86à. The sincerity of triumphant striving cuts a sculpture of spirit. A chisel of thought touches the knots of habits one by one in order to make a new pattern. Opposites of pairs of qualities is as vital, as never before. An ardent sign of sincere heart is as pure, as melted gold. The term of penetration ends with comprehending. The thought about daily needs will not disturb any more. I accept this thought on Myself. You will see the consequences yourself.

The wanderings are over. The path is clean. When picking up a stone of fortune, don't step on a venomous snake. Don't allow the venom of imperil to nestle inside you. The choice is like a nail, driven into a junction of a mountain bridge. The construction will be made precisely, but the secret pivot is most important. The cord of help is already stretched. It will withstand any degree of bad weather. The heart always keeps the sunshine of summer days. Visit this garden more often. Joy is always there, and roses whisper the words of wisdom. Beautiful is the white Dwelling of Light inside us, where Lakshmi sings about humanity, that have fallen asleep and forgot about the everyday labor of podvig.

The light of smile is ringing like the morning prana. The light of smile opens, like a flower toward the Teacher's Ray. It is not a sticked grimace of a jester, but the solemn joy of heart.

87. Pains in various parts of a body is called the tuning of Vina. Harmonization current runs through all centers. Equable shining starts to sound. Only God’s Fingers may touch the soul of this Vina. Only the Guru’s tender vibration can play the melody of joyful Way of Perfection.

88. The purity of hart is the best pharmacopoeia. The Fire of Anura exterminates any undesirable visitor. The medicine also could be used, but not as the main aid, otherwise a pharmacist will become a highest Guru.

89. Reversion of a consciousness to the former stage, contaminated with imperil, corresponds with the lowest degree of obsession. It is like a thorn bush on a wall of a temple. A spirit immeasurably strives up high, but the low nature can’t leave the earthly habits. A beast grin and the Celestial Flame are not consistent.

90. The old world’s grin is in each malignant shout of rage. The aura of feelings splits into parts. The worms of ignorance gobble the precious phosphor. The crystal of bliss tarnishes, covered with the ashes of lie.

Don’t you remember about the Master’s Mirrors? Are you hiding from the Eye of the Perfect One behind the curtains of lack of knowledge? Why did you devise these scarlet-black pleats? Isn’t it better to put on the clothes of the Brothers of Purity, being filled with the festival of spirit?

Silver flowers on the white silk of Service are so beautiful! And your turban, that frames the crystal of your essence, is like a fragrant white rose.

You have caught the rhythm of “The Song of Songs”. I am glad, that you feel the strings of My Heart. The time is responsive. Pure tiredness is like a shower of blissful energies. The power crystallizes in the cosmos of heart. The song of omnifundamental creation never stops even for a moment. Be blessed one, who permanently hears the music of everlasting life.

90à. An old friend, a petal of the Ray of Brother H., has appeared. Some messages are from Him, and some – from Me. There will be the Messages About Rays, the Teaching About Signs, and the Alphabet Of Currents.

Seven Kumaras have come to the planet; and each of seven Kumaras has splintered His Ray to share it among all earthly monads. Seventh plane is the plane of union with the Master.

Your favourite white or silver Ray is the synthesizing one. Dark blue and purple rays are also close to you.

The signs are like the milestones on the way. One, who didn't notice the sign, may see the next one. But a disciple's keen attention is fundamental. We can't endlessly play hide-and-seek. The signs become subtler, as far as the centers refine.

The Star Book is open to everyone, but very few can translate it. The runes of the future are more obvious, than most obvious things. These are the stars of warning and approval; the stars of joy and grief. The torrent of signs falls into the consciousnesses. An invisible hand turns over a page, and the formed thoughts come out from a general text like a flash of illumination.

The unction of eyes and forehead is one of the Mother of the World's rituals of initiation. The visions are bright, but they sink in the waves of aura. The chalice knows everything, and it is possible to recall any episode from the chronicles of life. Unction means opening of spatial eyes. Unction is also to be made on wrists and chests of the earthly disciples.

Only the good eye is creative, as the Guru said. The meaning of this sentence contains entire Teaching of Life. Only the good magnet of heart cements auras and spaces. Only the concentrated energy of the good attracts spirits, which respond to the good, for cooperation. All great constructions are firm due to the good quality of energies. Magnetism of love strongly bonds even atoms of buildings and of all material things. The spatial formations of the good can influence upon the destinies of big and small nations, like the powerful Teraphim of Light. The Keepers of the World call to the active good. And it is severe, like the rest of the discipline of Light. But if it is impossible to cry out loudly about the advantages of the good, then the imbuing of space is most important practice of Living Ethics.

Concentration on the heart during the wordless mental process is one of the forms of self-knowledge. The monks, which have comprehended the cosmos of heart, have observed the code of silence. What it is possible to say to one, who is in ecstasies of mundane wealth?!

The lemniscate links the hearts together. A circle of disciples forms a lightful chain of the Teaching. The circle of disciples is divided into three levels in all teachings. And it is impossible to step over any of them, for it may cause a great harm. One, who gives above the level of consciousness, brings up an enemy for himself.

91. The consciousnesses of nations have overgrew the consciousnesses of their leaders. Politicians have lost their influence not because they do not fulfill their promises, but due to their negative spiritual affecting toward the nation. When the state leader is burdened with many vices, his influence toward the nation increases in conformity with the quantity of population. In this case progression is not even geometric one. It is some other horrible progression. The ray of the leader’s influence either burdens or releases the karma of nation. The leader is the nation’s will, the nation’s essence. But the present leaders are far from this principle. Usurpers are coming not to build but to destroy. They are like the silent actors, who are ready to seat on a king’s throne for a miserable payment.

The earthly kings have to be the lords of spirit, first of all. But still we may only dream about this. The texture of power is too saturated with the venom of darkness. The royal robe accords with the king's essence no more, as well as a scepter and a ball, the Symbols of the Highest Power, now do not vibrate, responding to the divine current. In the past they could beneficially affect whole countries, and now they are just the ancient artifacts, the relics, and the items of jewelery. But in powerful and clean hands these Symbols of Power will be as a high spiritual battery.

The time of psychic energy comes. Soon everyone will obtain the capabilities of John Keely with his apparatus.

91à. The sign of coming of new days is already kindled. The heart has discerned and determined the measure of truth. The arrows of heavens are stretched from the South. The columns of Light grow over the Summit, which directs it's influence toward the Valley. The meditation at the top of the summit will give the spatial power to the sign.

91á. You will get answers, if you wish. There are the Talks with the Master Himself, there are the talks with Brother H., the other ones – with Fuyama and with Udraya. The source is the same: the Dwelling of Light, the Valley of Fiery Rays, the Great Stronghold of Love.

We keep the Stone here. I say it and repeat. You will have to respond to it's vibrations. The Fiery Sphere is above the place, where Zvenigorod will be located. A fragment of Aerolit is at the foundation of the promised place.

Don't be confused to take and develop the Teaching's or the Guru's thoughts. It is not plagiarism, but the advanced studies and interpretation via your consciousness. This is of big use because resonators and intensifiers are necessary. All the more, the accumulations of poetic experience sometimes give a beautiful form, and this is important. You may write a blank verse, if it corresponds with the spiritual mood.

Shakespeare's rhythm will be good for you. All the more, he is one of Our Brothers. You have seen him in one of your visions.

The pecuniary issues will be resolved soon. Let the thoughts on this point cool down. Everything will be resolved in due time. You yourselves will be surprised with simplicity and necessity of the work.

92. Most powerful currents are almost imperceptible. As a highest essence of thought scuds through the space, while it didn't yet find its body, the same most penetrating vibrations are seeking for a consonant heart and start resonating, when found. A lot of fiery rays die away, having not achieved their superior purpose besides space kindling! But a consciousness of Ray does not achieve it's most intensive glow. Invisibility doesn’t mean darkness. There is the darkness of ignorance due to the low vibrations. But there are the highest vibrations, which We consider to be the Darkness. The color of Atman is black - colorless.

93. Be the masters of spirit, who despise any sort of flattery. Flattery is most pernicious and derogatory feature, which always discloses a recent slave in a man, who is not free from envy yet. A Master of Force knows his place. A Titan of Light never slows down his stride, when smells out the false honey of flattery. And the palpitation of leaves of the affected reverence never beguiles a Sage of the Mountain, who shins in the tension of striving.

94. Don’t accept eulogy and don’t pronounce eulogy on somebody. You may encourage a disciple, who came into the darkness of misunderstanding, in order to make him turn around to your voice and find the true way. But the poisoned path of flattery is slippery. A waiting net may catch a catcher himself. Don’t be a grave digger for yourself.

94à. One, who is tired of life, will not turn back. But one, who strives ahead, shines with optimism. And there is nothing to hold him back from the secret way. And there is no the way without the link to the Higher Current. The Great Guru guides you. And the established union is welded with the shining of silver rings, kindled up with the stellar current of pure auras.

94á. It is dull to make no headway. Petulance and self-conceit are the two lead balls, hanging on our fetters of earthly Maya. The necessary aspirations die away, we lose remarkable possibilities, which are quite rare due to infrequent composition of currents. All these are spent for the useless worries and self-pity. Isn't it worst manifestation of selfness: to care about yourself, while every bright thought can disperse at least a small fragment of darkness in the slate aura of the planet?

94â. Get used to love, learn to love, be able to love! The test of love is the echo of Divine Love. If the earthly love floods us like an ocean of happiness and bliss, then what is the Celestial Love, whose air is charm itself and higher tension!

Striving to a beloved person means dissolving in such person and full understanding through this; then your life is possible within and with the person. Verily, isn't it Being-Knowledge-Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda)?

95. My Sword does not rust in the sheath of soul. The word, like a shining damask sword, has come to decide the people’s fate and make the Leader’s choice precise and severe.

96. From the Mystery of Soul I am sending you the Message. Listen, how the Song of Wisdom will be taken up by those, who are passing by. The melody of Truth is simple. The pace of Truth is light. The Treasure is not a burden. It sounds not like a ring of golden coins, but like the heavenly music of the far off worlds. To the Heart of World the path leads, and the wings of our spirit, adorned with the white swan shining, do not know the other path in the heavens of infinite comprehension of the Highest Fires.

97. It is necessary to devote yourself entirely to the victory of spirit. Neither excuse and justification, nor gimmick deceives the Teachers and the Hearts of Light. Every our motive becomes obvious in the space records. And if the constituent rays are favorable, it is joy not only for us, but for the Masters too.

Nowadays every spark of light is important. It must be the crystal honesty throughout the life! Complete acceptance and comrehension of the Teaching advances you on the Way of Service. Otherwise the followers look like a crowd of mummers, busy with changing dresses.

Let’s give each string of heart and each thought to the Master. Let’s bring the best of what we have to Him. Let’s be ashamed to give anything due to the idleness or lack of need. Let’s advance His Work by our own hands. Let's look at the world of His Work by our own eyes. Sending charity and compassion, without which the service becomes worthless, let’s link our thought to the Furnace of Purity, and let’s say: “Help me, Master, to serve to the world with the word, the action, and the thought! Because my heart is pure and feels thirst for the podvig for the sake of salvation and revival of the consciousness. I accept each stone on Thy Path as the sign of blessing! So let me be Thou, and let Thou be me myself!”

The ardent effort we aim to the correction of the presently existing in the world desolation and dissension. Not even for a moment abstracting from the recognition of help, let's send to the Guru the tension of our hearts and entire joy for the sake of the victory of spirit, for it is possible to win only with the joy of self disregard.

The sword glares with the rays of joy. In the warriors’ eyes there is joyful readiness to rush headlong into the fight. The times of non-resistance have passed. The bulwark of darkness can be destroyed during the fight of spirit only. Only putting yourself on the altar of victory, you draw the New Heaven nearer.

98. The giants watch the River of the World. Many people crowd on the bank amidst the market shout, quarrels, and bargaining. Very few of them came into the River for ablutions, and return back after that. But there are some people, who gave themselves up to the stream of the Holy River, and laved with the waves of Heavenly Purity, they are carried farther to the Ocean of Light. The exertion of stream increases. The wild beasts, attracted with the smell of living soul, try to extinguish the Lights, which start to flare up, but the Guru’s Ray, plaited in the shape of the Fiery Scourge, repels them. Auras' cocoons become hot and tightly wrap those, who float to the Upper Sea. The moment comes, when the strain of cocoon grows up to the burst and pushes upward the essence of Divine Spirit. For an instant it becomes an iridescent butterfly, and then transfigures into a beautiful shining white swan. The ugly duckling obtains the forms of Divine Plane.

Over the waters of Santana there are the twinkling lights of hearts of those, who have gone into it and have followed the path of Paramahamsa.

99. Ribaldry and mat was used by the dark magicians of Atlantis for the callings of darkness. Humiliation of most sacral – maternal and feminine - principles was most orgiastic outrage of the dark forces.

Mat is the Marakara’s language and corresponds with the vibrations of lowest levels. That is why, beware of listening or pronouncing, even half in jest, such expressions, which contaminate the space. Consequences caused are much worse than the ones caused by imperil.

One must not practice the dark magic for tickling the ears of rude crowds. The worst type of ribaldry is the conscious one, when used for a particular purpose and intensified by a thought and a will.

The enemy scrambles into all spheres, including the speech, which crystallizes the cosmic sounds in the auras. Even an Arhat can't eliminate the consequences of the words pronounced unadvisedly. Don't make a gravestone during your lifetime.

99à. Your friend should not doubt about purity of Our Source. Everyone, who calls to Bliss, Love, Purity, and Perfection, can be neither a medium nor a disguised servant of darkness. Any thought, sent to such listener, would burn away his centers with fatal outcome. Let him leave aside the doubts and the hesitations on this matter. Even a rock, which flutters under the wind blows, may fall down and break into small pieces. An aura is not the rock but a precious crystal. Steady and clear shining supports a continuous flight. Doubts and hesitations are a delay on the way and a loss of many possibilities.

The signs of accepting and rejection are explicit. There will be the waves of fire of one or another color. There will be the balls of energies, similar to what you have observed in childhood. Lucida Matter is multi-formed. Understand with your heart and catch the first thought with the trap of consciousness. Fieriness will give new spheres of transparency and sagacity.

There are few living eyes. The souls tarnish under the pressure of slate sleep dreams.

100. The disciples, who have worked out the gravity of earthly plane on the level of karma, and voluntary can undertake the Teachers’ assignments, we used to call the bearers of service capability. Rendering a help in critical situations at nodal moments of global development, they attract the predestined events, extracting them from the accumulations of karmic components. Thus they create the sequential mosaic of events, increasing the influence of tasks. The karmic components are the high motives, thoughts, and deeds deposited in a person and in Akasha of the world. Activating them, the carriers tense the essential situations, which form the events.

The Teaching about Karma is very complicate, and it is too early to disclose it to the two-footed beings, which sink in the mist of materialism. The Masters of Karma are aware of terms, and are gathering the precious deposits of service and achievements.

Striving to the light, a seeker withdraws a small part of the Teacher’s overburden, when takes over the burning away of space poison or even struggling with an equipollent enemy. The enemies and the friends are given due to the corresponding level, otherwise everything would turn upside down.

Humanity is dancing upon a volcano; the world is going mad, chasing amusements instead of turning to self purification. It is not a good time to build the schools of joy, when people’s poverty is horrible. Of course, a piece of bread does not replace a book with high teachings, but starving one prefers bread, and then being satiated, starts seeking for the spiritual repast.

100à. Every our rashly world resounds through a megaphone of space incredibly far. Even the far-off worlds are informed about the earthly ignorance. One shouldn't play with the word like with a die. Confidential and well thought-out fieriness of every word is needed. Cogency and value allows a formula to take a worthy place in the Akasha Archive. The broken radiation of sounds grates upon the hearing of Higher Worlds.

101. Droplets of blue pulsating crystals in an aura are the deposit of high spiritual energy. Did you notice, that after a particular thought a blue star or several stars flare up before the open eyes? The spiritual energy splits someone’s hostile message and eliminates the obstacle, as if removing a stone from a mountain path. Light never fades. The sparkles of fohat perform their purifying creating dance even in darkness.

102. The miracle is to be created through cooperation. The association of hearts is given for sharing the spheres of united labor. By learning the little things we will overcome more and more complex subjects. From the simple to the highest the routs of cooperation lie. There will be no envy or dissension among people, and the shadow of slander will not cover them.

Cooperative labor is a united prayer not full of false whispers, but imbued with the fiery rays of heart, directed to the Master.

The time is close. The readiness is important. The new grows from the best old seeds. There will be no new bread without the crops of the past.

103. The High Fiery Layers are not accessible for the forces of darkness. The place, where a disciple of light can enter, is inaccessible for the one, contaminated with darkness. To be closer to the Guru is the best protection from darkness. Implaite His Ray into your aura and pulsate with solemn devotion and love to the Master, to the absolute miracle of the Highest Essence!

104. Do everything in an unusual way. Don’t powder the spirit's findings with the ashes of banality. Everything is in a class by itself. You shouldn’t walk through the life in a gray mask of everydayness. The joy of overcoming of the matter of time must sound continuously. The fiery current, which pulsates in the heart, reminds about everyone's contact with the Masters’ Divine Plane.

Do not decry anyone. Are you sinless? A partition between the decry and the blasphemy is too thin. Let everyone extirpate their own weaknesses. Most important is not missing your own weaknesses. It was Christ, who said about a winker in the brother’s eye. Don’t spend the high energies for such low manifestations. Be the titans of spirit!

105. Sometimes a slowly walking wayfarer outstrips a trotting horse rider. The haste of thinking causes the broken vibrations and the irreparable consequences. Hasten slowly, as the ancients used to say.

There is something more about simplicity. There is no need to put on the colored masks to understand a person. The path lies from heart to heart. Where is the good for a complex formula explaining, if a simple one is not clear? Glass becomes transparent in the fire. Transparency is simplicity. A spirit, which has passed through the space furnace of Truth, can’t carry on the motley tatters. Useless things die away, burned with the wise power of purposefulness.

105à. The holy friendship is pure like the fragrant ozone. Together, you are able to do a lot.

I have shown My Face as the sign of special trust. Recall the precious moments. When merging with My Face, you will go even through the hordes of darkness. I forge your fearlessness. Never forget the formula: “Thy will be done!”

105á. The yesterday's event is the training of fearlessness. Sometimes friendliness is the best mean for relieving of physical and spatial disputes. It is allowed to enter a battle, if the threat of dark forces is explicit. You cannot bear with the darkness, but the beast roar is just the dust of the earthly ignorance. Many levels of the conscience evil are to be destroyed before you make next step upward. My Sign is for you.

106. Believe Me and demolish hesitation. It was said a lot about it before. My Ray is coming. Under My Ray you are walking by the earthly way. During the gloomy day of spirit, when sheltering from the foul weather under the Mother of the World's Tree of Life, aren’t you whispering My Name?

Write down the formula: “Master! I am ready to follow Thee through heat and cold, through most heavy oppression and slander. But my belief in Thou will never peter out! Because I know, that the Sword of Power must be hardened with heat and cold. God bless obstacles, for they make us grow!”

107. Restoration of the positive Hierarchy must be done with the spirit, which have accumulated the fundamentally positive potential for centuries long. The stage of staggering and deviating from the Ray is signified with sufferings and seeking for a comfortable state of a soul. But when a disciple is established in Truth, he enters the Ray and stays in it permanently without aberration. Devotion and sincerity determines the stability of compliance with the Ray.

108. A moribund consciousness cannot abide those, who overgrew the level of the earthly ignorance. The vulgar bog is inhabited by various vipers and beasts. It restrains and tries to swamp a light creature, at first intoxicating it with the pestilent evaporations of selfness. This principle of leveling concerns all creative and cultural undertakings. Both in business and cooperation spheres, a shaggy mind dislikes those, who have created or invented something beyond it's imagination. We may only regret about degeneration of human honesty and spiritual dignity.

109. The moments of highest spiritual tension or boiling of the centers are very painful. A conflict between spiritual and material human natures arises. If the attracting magnet is moved to the sphere of spirit, the flesh suffers from unbearable high fiery currents. After such fiery bathing a rest is needed, at least for three days. The energy of growth of the fiery body shall settle in the aura and assimilate the body and blood to the vibrations of light. Over saturation may even cause disruption of relations between the disciple and the Teacher. But devoted ones will follow the way to the very end.

110. The Spirit dictates the laws of life. The pains of flesh is joy in the Spiritual World. The strain of the current time does not leave us a choice. What will happen, when the mountains start shining with the energy of spirit?!

The Disciple and the Warier of Spirit will not be stopped with an earthly hardships. It is not a shame to be wounded in a battle. But the weapon of Light is on the alert. Our Will’s order is not to leave hold of arms till the very end.

Let us be firm and patient, and let's not look for enemies among ourselves. Friendship can't betray. Whom you can trust if not the friend, who watches your back?

Fiery Friend! I keep Your Face in my heart!

110à. It is time to see the sparks of light-symbols in the flow of astral mist. This is the language of Great Masters and of their close disciples. The mental quickness of understanding is needed for that. It is necessary to notice, remember, and decipher the signs simultaneously. They are sent from the Heart of the Teacher through the ajna and, saturating the ray, penetrate into the fiery vision of chela.

Be blessed those, who have seen!

110á. Exchange of the accumulations of centers takes place. Mutually kindled up fires assimilate and help to avoid mediumism. The heaviness is from the currents and from the transmutation period start up. The merging of auras is painful and hard; but manifestations may become stronger from both sides. Each of you may obtain another one's qualities. This is not vampirism. This is the mutual exchange of cooperation. The wind of friendship blows up the fires of centers. But I repeat once more: be careful!

111. The Sons of Down were not alone, when they have come to the Earth. The People of Sunrise, the spirits, which have agreed to facilitate the evolution of the Earth, have come with them. These small spirits were the first conscious human beings. The Masters – Kumaras have incarnated very seldom, in order to advance the planet’s evolution at some particular stages.

112. A disciple’s degree is determined by his unselfishness, deny of fame, and refuse of the earthly rewards. If he is eager to enter the Spheres of Light, and nothing binds him on the earthly plane, his path is verily high. Who can reward and reasure, if you are not able to see or to feel the Great Guru? Can the luster of worldly jewels be compared with the glare shining of Fiery Spheres? Verily, one, who has chosen a reward as his target, has encumbered his own way by the stumbling blocks.

We are working for the planet and for common good. And these are not we, who will judge the bipeds, unless they have shown the furious dark animosity and definitely have opposed us.

113. A deep spiritual meaning could be seen in sayings and proverbs. In this case surprises and discoveries may occur, since their profundity becomes greater and wisdom more spiritual. There is a Russian proverb: “Don’t sweep out the rubbish from your house to the street” (wash your dirty linen at home). The rubbish, which should not be thrown out to the street, is your dark manifestations and habits, which are not to be demonstrated in order not to soil the Divine Space with one more dirt particle. The capacious formulas contain the Teaching of Infinity.

114. Even roses wither without water.

The subtle signs are the greetings from the Fiery Spheres like the rain after drought.

A mask on a face means, that the forces of darkness inhibit the gold fires of the highest centers.

A cold mint lotion releases from headache. It is important to shut out the imperil. Irritation beats against the ruby aura shell and stretches it. Cover your head with the thorny currents of aura, similar to hedgehog’s prickles. The days are hard. It is better to have a rest.

115. The Shield can’t follow the one, who deviates. The Shield is the higher protection, the subtle Ray. Any sort of hesitation leads to the losing of Supreme Guidance.

The Hierarchy is not a brooder hen, which calls back her chickens. All actions are originating from a disciple’s heart. A heavy thought may also push away from the path. But the Ray will show the dry landing even in a foul weather. The Shield of Help will turn to be a safe Boat in the stormy ocean of life.

Let's not forget the great efforts, which were put in achieving the very first sparks of the Teaching, and what were the conscious losses of yours.

115à. After the purification beware of the dust of karma. The attempts of provocations and the troubles will be resolved. The alert vigilance is the main. Attention will attract necessary signs. Solemnity of service will not sink in the mist of everydayness.

Do not forget the White Face in the light blue circle. Insert it into the ajna. Remember it, even when sleeping. The snow will cover the dust and will sweep the white dress clean.

Hot and cold currents are the indications of transmutation of the centers. The armour of fiery body is forged. The master knows the conditions of hardening.

A short-term rest.

115á. The Unquenchable Lamp – this name was given to Holy Venerable Father Sergius.

Our souls are filled with happiness; our spirits are flooded with light just from hearing this Name. He alone is the essence of Russian nation. He is the spiritual center and the heart of the nation. This is the core of the secret. That is why the connection and the striving are so high.

Now you are rising on the next step. Let the fire crystallize and close the outlets in the aura. Further, burn steadily without overexertion. The different begins at the breaking point of capabilities. But be careful!

116. The valor of spirit is a distinctive feature of a true disciple. The valor of spirit means the alert readiness of the disciple to raise his sword, at any time throughout day and night, in the name of Light, in the name of the Great Master, and in the name of the Creative Forces of Light.

The disciple never takes off the armour and never stores his weapon in the dusty pantry; it is always on hand. As soon as the Clarion Call will sound, the disciple, inspired and sprightly, being aware of solemnity of podvig, enrobed in the Ruby Flame, will arise and join the ranks of the Warriors.

Let the Sword of Light rise up! Let the Masters’ Holy Banner rush ahead! Let the Light Face of the Teacher shine on the Helmet of Courage!

God blesses the Warriors of Spirit, who overpower darkness!

116à. You will become the guards of Imperishable Summits. The White Mountain's radiation will give the new force and the fiery subtleness to the auras. The cedar stuff will sprout with new knowledge. The lunar life comes to it's end. But rejection of flesh is painful. We will become twice higher. Akasha Chronicles will transfer to any plane and any time. The pages of incarnations will be disclosed.

117. The Pyramid of Fate shines. The streams of new knowledge will fill the hearts. Those, who will not be able to perceive that, will move to the Earth-like planets and will continue the material life.

118. One could pray pronouncing words, but with a silent heart. All sorts of spiritual bigotry run dry. Humanity, which is capable to adopt the highest energies, has to jump over the abyss.

Transmutation means the shift of consciousness to the higher centers.

Assimilation means the transfiguration of the lowest to the highest. It is also called the distillation or the sublimation.

Don’t create an idol, and all the more – the home godlings.

119. The Sign of the year: the Master’s Ray has embraced the Earth. Two wings of the Ray are the masculine and the feminine principles. The Chalice up side down means the victory over the lower feelings.

The planet’s accumulations have to assimilate with the Highest Ray of cosmos via the White Brotherhood. The Forces of Hierarchy have surrounded the planet with the Fiery Circle of Transformation. The earthly accumulations start to revolve and can’t find the way out. Without transmutation the energy is doomed to detonate. Influence of the Moon, the Earth’s mother, reduces to minimum. The radiant energy of Sun and of cosmos starts to prevail. Three principles of matter come into balance – sattva, rajas, and tamas. Past, present, and future accumulations converge at the point of all times' expiration.

The Masters’ Sign obtains the meaning of cooperation between the Forces of Hierarchy and the manifested Bodhisattvas of masculine and feminine energies.

The lunar phase corresponds the waning Moon, which loses the magic gravitation and the influence on the planet. Locating lower the Limbo, where the planet’s lowest energies go, it absorbs the destructive toxic vibrations of the Earth, similar to the toxic plants, which suck out the sediments of imperil from the soil and the space.

120. The Star Master grants the Rainbow of Heart. After the Thunder Storm, when the clouds are still loaded, the Gate of Synthesis arises.

The rainbow bridge bases on two notions – “by human hands” and “by human feet”. The path of labor is the higher one. Christ’s Behest was taken as the Order for doing. But the path of trust to the Hierarchy is hard. The number of those, who denied the Guidance is more, than the number of leaves in an autumn forest.

Devotion is the Ever Burning Torch!

Devotion is the Inviolable Love!

Devotion is the Path to follow!

The Master’s Sparks are like the seeds on the fertile crop field, which will spire as the flowers of ascending. One, who has recognized the Highest Help, never pronounces the Dearest Name in vane. The Light Image will be a reward for him.

The flowers of bliss grow from weeds. But the white lilies are still covered with black speckles.

120à. Your garden has bloomed and the gardener has grown the White Rose of unblemished purity for you. Be worthy of this.

And the vine fills with sap. The time of crops is close. Don't dash around due to the embarrassment of spirit. Calmness gives a reliable shield. Remember the White Ray. The Lilies of Light will show your way. The fuel of knowledge is choked up with incarnations. Don't hurry to open the choke in order not to become proud and sink in the manifestations of the past. The awareness of the past is the blessing, but rotation of the circles of time is undesirable.

The Sign of the Year is applicable to the inner world as well. The aura should not be dishevelled. It is difficult to cover it with My spiral.

Title the book “The Lilies of Light”. It is in tune with Our Brotherhood.

121. The Hierarchy ladder is the key to the Fiery Cosmic Life. The Gates of Infinity are opened to one, who seeks for the Knowledge of Good. The ways of learning are inscrutable.

Methods and potential, accumulated throughout millenniums, form uniqueness of the path. The lines of the paths come to one point. The bows of consciousnesses join due to responding potential and method.

Each spark of Communion is the Crystal of Knowledge. Akasha absorbs a tremendous amount of information. The internal structure of the Crystal of Knowledge is septenary – from the physical to the higher spiritual level. A sieve of aura lets in what was attracted by a magnet of heart.

Intensification of the energies means intensification of the Cosmic Knowledge. The creative whirl winds the aura with hot and cold currents. Cosmic and spiritual principles cooperate in a human body. The subtler perception, the more physical life is extirpated.

The matter of thought makes subtler even the blood content. Gold and silver threads make the blood lightful. Even iron and copper, dissolved in blood, leave it, superseded by the wonderful light. If gold conducts the light deep into the planet, then on the analogy same thing happens with blood. It is not without reason the gold is called “Aurum”, which means a carrier of light.

122. Apply to life My Teaching more extensively. Let any domestic care be full of Living Ethics. You should appreciate Instructions, but do not consider them as an event of the day. I repeat it once more: only merging of life and the Teaching supports the real evolution of spirit. Otherwise the Living Ethics remains just a subject for idle talks in various societies. The more precise and accurate the application of Teaching, especially for human relations, the easier the Ray comes into everyday life. Not a minute must pass without remembering this. The lessons of life must be repeated continuously.

123. Our homes are not cleaned yet. The rubbish of interrelations smothers. A fire is not needed, when just a spark is enough. A torch is necessary only in darkness. Dynamics of spirit grows gradually. There is no need to burn away for nothing the precious power.

124. One who carries light does not look back. The sphere of light shines all around. A blind man will see light in due time. The flood of words can't supersede the currents of higher feelings. Hearts’ vibrations unite those, who were called. The word is as a red-hot drop: it absorbs a sound and falls into the Chalice. The treasury accepts the higher spiritual experience. Can you find at least an hour throughout whole life, when the inspiration of love and the spiritual fire ascended you to the Footing of the Master’s Throne?

The Ringse Crystal is so imperceptible.

125. Life turns sour in the bog of ignorance. But the wine of learning ferments there. Most important is not to get drunk after first swallow. Don’t talk away the current of high vibrations. Silence absorbs the creative fire without a leftover, like a sponge. The Ray is always above you. You should train the capability to bare in memory. Let your friend not wait for heavenly thunder, but listen to the lisp of flowers. A Fiery shower is a too rare gift. We can't spend such big efforts continually. Fight your way from inside. The Cosmic Fire always responds to the vibrations of heart.

126. Raise the best lights of heart to the Master’s Throne. Let the breadth and bounty of love ever enliven your deeds. Then, good luck will stay with you! The aflame love is the basis of courage. Excessive caution in small worries of life is a hindrance for a space work. Trust in the Master is the open gate to a good fortune. The Master leads you by the high path. The bog of karma boils away from the fiery currents. If you do not want to flounce in it, sprout the wings of spirit. They will carry you over that broods. Later on the garden of wisdom will bloom there, and the new plane of beauty will enrich the temple of heart.

127. Obtrusion of way of thinking is incontestable, like radio waves or radiation. Insanity of young people all over the globe displays the features of implanted obsession. The culture of heart may distinguish it's own generations from the limbs of the devil’s century.

Influence of the modern music lengthens the accompanying wave of a thought. A lot of mental garbage rotates around the planet. The clear thought strikes against rough and terrible formations, when trying to get through to the Fiery Spheres. The astral absorbs these sediments and densifies them. The density generates a force, which is close to a subtle explosion. These agglomerations take on the properties of generator. Radiation of these agglomerations causes indoctrination of human masses. The Master’s Ray densifies to the mental substance, breaks through those stony clouds, and makes continuously guarded channels. These channels of spirit support the planet’s vitality. Flowers use these channels. The heart can take up these Rays from inside. The holiday of joy is the cosmic holiday.

Suggested thoughts are the source of hieroinspiration, if they are coming from the Higher Spirits. The heart burns of happiness, when hearing the Master’s thought, and embodying it in some quality. Authorship is not acceptable, when creation belongs to the sublime.

128. The touch of densified astral causes an access of drowse and heaviness in a head. At some places in the Valley the astral is densified to the conscious level. Transferring to such zone is almost imperceptible. Falling asleep and waking up can hardly be felt, if the keen vision is not sharp enough. During visits to these zones a subtle body rises slightly above the usual level, and phenomena of clairvoyance and clairaudience take place. Humanity is almost ready for such manifestations. The advanced disciples already use this plane for a long time, because the earthly load is great.

129. The lack of fear is the Teacher’s protection. The fear is the treason of the Teacher. Don’t insult the Master by the fear of yours. Devotion, devotion, devotion. Three times I confirm the basis of the Service. This is the source of the rivers called Cognition and Comprehension! This is the source of the inviolable Faith! This is the source of Love, which embraces whole Infinitude! This is the source of the Leading Ray!

A mirror aura is the method of protection in extraordinary circumstances. When the dark forces surround you, when there is only one way upward, let them see themselves in the Mirror of Truth. The mirror current is the phenomenon of invisibility.

130. The feeling of one's own advantage over the other people is the worst Maya manifestation. Self-deceit leads to the displaying of self rightness, which may be far away from truth. The earthly advantages are like a dust on a road. Spiritual advantages are the care about the World of Bliss. In the World of Light, they are imbued with responsibility and cast into the spiritual labor, into the sacral burden of the Great Masters. Bloody sweat is an attribute of these advantages.

The disciple’s torch illuminates all secret nooks of incarnations and turns out the insects of ignorance from there. Burning through the spheres of auras, the disciple absolves the prisoners of his previous incarnations. The incarnations ascend upward.

The Spirit of the Planet, which is put into the potential of heart, has an effect on the surrounding space in accord with it's growth, and kindles those auras, which are ready for that. A lamp filled with the oil of truth and cleared in the fire of trials, starts burning, when touching the torch.

I say once more: kindle up the hearts! Do not doubt about the rightness of My Work! Let the auras fill the streets with light. This will direct many people to most accordant spiritual traditions. Crime will stop, and grog-shops will be empty. Kindle up the hearts!

131. The black spots of misunderstanding could be erased by a fine touch of the waves of love. The signs are interspersed so densely all around. One should notice them and understand the language of signs with his heart. These are the seeds of straight-knowledge, from which the Great Fruit of Cosmic Knowledge grows. The seed does not spire without the Sun of Love. Without the Downpour of Purity the Roots of Comprehension dry away. Without the Gardener's Protection even a breath of ignorance can break a delicate stem.

Severity and strictness are only the milestones, which shows the Way, so don’t deviate, because you may fall down. The sharp rocks of the past may wound the body of bliss. Take care of the fiery body of the aura of home. Shout is acceptable as a warning to one, who stands at the edge of an abyss. But the roar is the dark forces' fate.

132. Filling with spirit and entire merging with spirit – is the main creative practice of Agni yogi. The degree of ahimsa is the Living Ethics itself. This is the evolved Oriflamme of the millenary Knowledge of Heart, the encyclopedia of the Heart’s Pathways on our planet. All the little things of everydayness, all the manifestations of life plane, which embrace the earthly and the fiery spheres, are plaited into It. The coordination of actions, both internal and external, is the spiritual path itself.

The protecting net vibrates from exertion; but light has crystallized the accumulations of bliss. If necessary, the fiery arrows will be a repulse to the enemies. The arrow-slits of spirit are on patrol. The sleepless guards are faithful and sharp-sighted.

133. The callosity of feelings is a receptacle of enemies. Benevolence doesn’t mean the cowardly toadyism with every comer. The firm kindness is not contaminated with the concealed fear. You should know, that it is hard to clear a muddy consciousness in a split second. If it is not possible to break through to a heart, better not to insist. But the counteraction to darkness must be consciously displayed. The mental opponency is the training of courage. Never forget about the predestined armor, about the spear, and about the sword.

134. The containment of the pairs of opposites is one of the cornerstones of all high Teachings. If we do not learn, how to inverse the lowest to the highest, if we do not realize the everyday application of this law, then the spiritual evolution will not move forward even for one jot.

The stairs are to be swept in order not to stumble. The shoes with caked mud leave black traces on a clean carpet strip. The weeds are to be pulled away, to make flowers grow better. At the place, where a nettle grew before, a bush of roses blooms. But the weed has kept the soil safe.

135. Do not transfer the sores of spirit to the Subtle World. Deplete the bitterness of sins here. The burden of imperfections will be painful. The sufferings of heart will be unbearable. But even the suffering will not help in burning away of karma. Only the fiery life dissolves these crystals or turns them into the precious stones.

The Necklaces of Masters shine with the amber color of power.

136. All religions had their own prophetic schools. Druidism and Vedic paganism had not less powerful prophets than those, whose names were recorded in Bible.

Huge accumulations of Paganism has provided an ability to understand Hinduism and Buddhism. Ascetic practices were preserved in Orthodoxy since Paganism. I have passed this way myself. Catholicism has turned to be a plywood advertising board. Jesuits have eaten the egg of essense right to the eggshell. Where light is lacking, darkness takes place.

You will make sure, that My Voice flushes into your Chalice. Now it is not the right time for doubts. Do not allow to shut you channel. You have to remember our joint labor and praying at the monastery, which we were building. That is why this town is so allied to you. You must keep working further, both by your body and your soul. Essentially, take care of your heart. Sincerity is good, for it opens the treasury of soul. But a white tablecloth is used only on holidays. Don’t be sad, that the currents are soft and the language is simple. The state of Fiery Shower can't be achieved at once. That was just an attempt. There are few, who live in this state permanently. The current is close to the conscious existence in three worlds.

137. A mantra is a call to the memory of space. The rays of energy, emited by One God, immediately respond to the sacred whisper of heart. Mother Sarasvati sends the shining threads of power and wraps them round the auras of the devoted disciples. The heart accepts the subtle power and plaits it into the pattern of aura.

The Bowl of Amrita is the Chalice of accumulations. The Fire of Anura is the Chalice of accumulated bliss. An aura is a perfect body of a soul, weaved of the higher sparks of space. A knowledge is just a lightning, which strikes out the spark of awakening. The heart knows everything, because it is the receptacle of universe, keeping the eternal drop of the Only-begotten First-begotten Spirit. There are no secrets for Him anywhere in the worlds. A sin is simply a mechanism for blurring the divine memory of heart. Flesh has discovered the laws of matter via the sin, but the spirit has been aware about these laws, and grieves, because of sinking into external darkness. But the experience obtained has enriched the accumulations of heart. Satiated with the emanations of sin, the spirit has recalled the Grain of Eternity, kept in the heart. Receiving the suffering, the spirit has shed husk of darkness and sin, until became conscious again.

138. The suppression of instincts transfers them to a more subtle plane. The Higher Spheres overloading with lust is even a worse crime. Seek for the Golden Way. Boiling off of astral is to be started from the vile feelings. Extraction of greed and envy means extraction of anger. The fruit of desires is the root of vice.

139. The key of knowledge turns the stream of chaotic thoughts into the well-composed formations. The magnet of various branches of knowledge composes the mosaic of cosmic rays. The symbols of fiery light rush to our planet from the stars and other planets, but poor mankind is busy with profit counting. If the hearts were open, the Earth would become a blessed land in a short time. Spiritual knowledge provides prosperity to matter as well. Deciphering of the light symbols may give benefit and well-being to all suffering people, and each dark corner would start blooming with heavenly beauty.

140. The cup of blame is bitter. In most secret depth of it you can see your own ugly reflection. The lessons of vice can’t teach the truth. It can turn out to be, that obvious rightness is just a grin of your own habits, which are still not extirpated. You must look into the Mirror of Truth more often.

141. The white dazzling ray flames over the crown on your head, and the heart kindles all secret fires toward the Hierarch of Light, and whispers:

“Hallowed be Thy Name!”

In the low whisper of heart the space rumbling surges up, like the wind of shining energies, which amasses in the iridescent luminous spheres. Entire towns of Light are building up and flaming with Wondrous Beauty. The doxology of worlds responds by the thundering silence:

“Hallowed be Thy Name!”

The All-Pervading Love, The Whirls of Fires, aggregated in the columns of stars and galaxies, join together in the universal constructions, never seen before, and as with the wave of wand, inspirationally send the light symbols, which are equal to the suns, to the thousands of suns in their force and power:

“Hallowed be Thy Name!”

The space of not yet ripen cosmic fields, where the Earth is just a seed starting to spire, soughs with the waves of Light, which never fades, and the host of hosts of stars merges into the rainbow of Infinity with the words inscribed in there:

“Hallowed be Thy Name!”

The Hierarchy of Bliss is in that Name! The Great Sacrifice, borne for many aeons in the suffering, which can’t be compared with our small labor, reminds to the spirit the Fiery Example and the Podvig of Master Raj-Star and of other Highest Masters. With the explosion of very best within yourself, with the accumulating entire bliss within yourself, with the uniting heart sparks of all seeking disciples the aflame mantram of the highest ascension is to be expressed:

“Hallowed be Thy Name!”

142. The wind in cedar heads brings the smell of highlands. The far away sky shines with summer lightnings. The Holy Face is plaited with the lightnings. The furies of fear hole up, horror-stricken.

You are the deodars, which protect the forest of human beings; the deodars, which receive the Light of Rays and give it to those, who are walking through the dusk of life, to those, who have left behind the way of endless suffering and tranquil joy. But listen! With the roar of fire the surf of energies rushes! And the stones of habits melt, and the desires of body burn away in lava. And the Spirits of Worlds come nearer to the spheres of the Earth to facilitate the planet's renewal. The planes of time shift, and the future becomes visible through the past. The Masters’ Teraphim burn – the Fires at the flaming Towers. The Cosmic Term is coming up. The morning dawns over the mountains. The Sacred Warriors of Light come in response to the Master’s Call. The dark ones’ banners droop and their forces flee from the Fiery Cohorts. In the spaces of the far-off worlds the Victory of Spirit shines. And the star distance is hyaline and clean from the astral fog.

143. Protect My Fiery Magnet from the eyes of curious ones. The facet of the diamond is bright and immaculate. Glass is same transparent, but the spiritual hardness of the crystal is incredibly stronger. Be careful, when giving an access. Don’t open wide the gates of knowledge in order not to provoke the human envy or the stealthy rudiments of treachery.

144. Once upon a time the dust of karma was the flower pollen. Don’t blur the Rose of Mine. The Valley air is pure, it's cold breathes out the Cosmos Height. The Snow of Fate will be whirled away by the Spring of Achievements. The Sun of Spirit will vitalize the flowers. And the Summer of Fiery Truth will form the ovaries of fruits. The spirit sunburn never fades.

145. The subtler the senses, the sharper they are. Education sharpens a mind, and the kindling of heart sharpens a spirit. The miraculous force of nectar, which flows out at the moment of the kindling of heart, is the only thing that remains after a human being in the Higher Worlds. The imperishable light is ignited with the love and happiness of being close to the Master.

The dew on the flower of Mine is the heavy cross of comprehension of bliss. The threads of joy are transparent, but they hold the world on the balance of wisdom. Strengthen the miraculous force, because it is the balm, which cures the wounds of the world. Value every splint, which you have managed to extract from the Teacher’s Heart. Take the adequate work from the Master, and always remember: “Thy Will be done!”

146. The Wind of Mystery carries the echo of Divine Revelations. But the innermost is especially guarded.

It is not good to hide an idleness behind a self-will. Each spark of the Hierarchy must be kept with care, and the principle “by human foot and by human hand” is to be understood literally. The Hierarchy helps, but even a cannon can’t wake up a lazy one. It is necessary to dare, to search, and to strive both by the body and by the spirit. If you want to see a highest mountain summit, you have to work hard with all might until you reach the necessary place. Search, create, and find the sought. Fill the vessel of moments with the joy of singularity. Every instant of time gives the possibility to perceive and to learn a scintilla of truth. And the taste of life changes even from that one scintilla. Otherwise you will eat the tasteless skilly of everydayness.

O, Moria! The Fiery Master!

Thou whom the full power over the Skies and the Earth was given!

Behold my petal and my spark.

I love Thou so!

Thy Name I hold as the torch

In the primeval forest of human beings.

The path is burning and ascending upslope.

Love to Thou is the way to luck and success!

What should I do, if I didn’t know that Thou are nearby

In the black darkness of the earthly life?

Great Guru! The Master of Masters!

The heart flames, but the tongue keeps silence!

There are no words good enough to honor Thee!

The Silver Thread burns with fire.

From the fine sparks of love, from the fine sparks

The thought flies to Thee from the anguishing one.

Accept it. In the furnace of furnaces

Thou have cast the new face of my destiny.

Put on my heart Thy secret stamping die,

To make the light of Love to Thee never fade, as far as it was granted.

I am ready to serve Thee, and follow Thee,

Since I have woke up at the end of long years.

Do not ignore the Fiery Love,

And call, if Maya surrounds!

147. A beacon of New Spirit is to be introduced into all details of everyday life. It doesn’t matter, that it looks like the outer relations have cooled down. Sooner or later the initial essence will approve itself. Do not force a newly-emerging spirit. You can’t force a flower grow as you wish; it turns to the Sun anyway. Everyone craves for Heaven so much.

148. Any sacral image or the Master’s Face may become a teraph. The teraph keeps an aura of home or of some particular place, like the guards. The Silver Sphere is that very teraph of the Valley. It is the Agni-sphere or the bunch of plasma. The Raj-Star energy rotates inside it. The promised Valley is kept safe. However much the dirty surf of human greed beats, it will be exhausted, and then the time of Holy Magnets will come. The Temples of Light will arise to become the spiritual beacons. The time is close.

149. Photography, video, and movie catches a part of our soul, displayed on an image. The aura of that particular moment stays on it. There appears a psychometric link, which can induce the memory of space and affect the real appearance in one or another way.

150. “The Guru's Foot” – this is the name of most devoted and close disciples of Light. Their attraction to the Teacher of Light was so strong during centuries, that from one incarnation to another they became closer and closer to the Source of Light.

I tell you: you are close to Me as much as possible. A flower has petals and leaves. But it is too early to disclose, who you are; but you have been close to Me always. We let the strongest disciple to a lonesome wayfaring. It may look like connection is lost, but in spite of the cold of loneliness, he starts to realize that he has never been alone. The Guru’s Ray can find him any time. It can shelter during the storm, and keep warm in the frost. It doesn’t matter that it may be someone’s unfamiliar fireplace. Everything in the world belongs to the Teacher. It is only His power to give to the creatures or take away from them their lives and prosperity.

151. There are mountains and clouds, there are highland cedars and rocks; but there are also flowers, which embrace the path, which leads to the highest mountain summit.

152. The dark questioners’ spite is great. The brighter the torch, the bigger the swarm of dark midges. They burn their wings, nevertheless they manage to drop a venom into an unstable mind. Every moth squeezes into the crack of doubt. Let your thought anneal on the fire of heart, in order to become invulnerable for temptations. If the whisperers’ voices rise, it means that you are dangerous for the dark forces. The astral net, the Teacher’s Face, and the words of fiery mantras will release you from these manifestations. It was said: doubt, cowardice, and faint-heartedness are three basic points of destruction. If not wrest down them at the very beginning, it will be hard to drive off the swarm of locust, which leaves just an empty field.

153. The flesh of centuries is the sensation of days. Every day is new like a child’s eyes, full of surprise and delight, evoked with the learning of Being. The accumulated sparks of reality are like the blood of imagination. Never a one fantasy can contrive something, which does not already exist in Akasha Chronicles. The fantasies as well as the dreams may be whimsical, but resolved into their episodes, they may be quite acceptable and realistic. The symbols of dreams are the knowledge of spirit. Every person has his own language of dreams, but the basic components are uniform. All of us walk same way.

154. Be filled with the solemn fieriness. Attract the cosmic fire. Absorb the emanations of intensive truth. Only the super effort produces most potent consequences. The external manifestations are not so important; they are just the reflection of the inner reconstruction. It is easier to hear one, who has tensed himself to the point of sound. Do not release the bridle of spirit. Become a part of the flame! Burn with the striving, and the inspired energy of aura will clear the space, will kindle the fires in the people’s souls. Be like Agni!

155. Filled with the secret power, standing above this power, you are as simple as a cedar stuff. You do not need the human fame, because you have depleted it in full. You do not feel thirst for pleasure, because you have satisfied it in millions of forms, and have approached the cherished border. And now your body is simply a vessel, that keeps a beacon of spirit. You may know and you may not know, because you are holding whole knowledge of the world in the Chalice of yours. Learning is endless, wisdom is boundless, and perfection is limitless. But some day, when looking back, you will understand that the earthly knowledge is only Maya. The multicolored covers of it are simply the soaped bubbles. And your spirit stands above all these, and it eternally knows everything, written in the books. Every bit of knowledge has come from it. Whole path is only returning back to the peak of your own spirit. Whole perfection is only the remembrance of what you have been. The Son of Dawn knows the secrets, kept for you.

The wind of worlds delivers any message. And a twinkling star’s ray will be a messenger. Ascending to One God we become Him Himself, dissolving in the increasing Light of His Love. There is nothing hidden from us. Only the earthly doubts take us away from the Divine Ray.

156. Sometimes anxiety about success pushes off a predestined event. A wave of energy carries away an opportunity, like a floating ball. Be able to wait patiently. Do you remember the parable about a young man who was waiting for the audience with the great Raja? After three days of waiting without agitation or displeasure, he was complimented by the Master as a yogi who has strong patience and inner balance. The ancient parables are didactic and true-life. They are like a schoolbook with the events, observed in real life. Sometimes you may get less vital recommendations from the spiritual books, than from the parable or a wise anecdote. The main thing: they must be free from the dirty greasiness, but full of the profound meaning.

Patience is the dignity of sages. It is one of basic virtues on a par with devotion.

157. The discipline of spirit determines the degree of anyone, who has approached. The Living Ethics is based on the discipline, same as any other high Teaching. Strict observance of the Decrees shows, whether a disciple is ready to move forward. We do not need the artificial gold spangles on the auras. We do need the true and strict readiness to execute the Decree without deviation or halfness, with entire striving solemnity, and with the heartfelt power of courage. One, who executs Our Teaching in minor things, immensely grows with his heart. One, who can’t obey, presents the worst features of slave.

I repeat for a sensitive ear: “Be the kings of spirit!” The king’s habit is not haughtiness, but generosity.

There is the higher power over the kings as well, for the chain of Hierarchy never interrupts. If he is a real king and not a miserable sham king usurping a throne. Unfortunately, our time presents exactly the miserable sham kings.

158. And Time winds up to Nothing.

Nothing ascends to the Star of Absolute.

And the sacred moment approaches,

When you will scream: “Not That, not That!”

You, Ineffable and Unspeakable, Residing in any breath: in a stone, in a flower, in the air, in the water, in the fire, and in the cosmic space. He has saturated by Himself entire sphere of physical, Subtle, and Fiery Worlds. He is the core of everything, what has been, what is now, and what will be.

Everywhere and explicitly Thou are;

Everywhere and secretly Thou are;

In everything that exists Thou are!

159. Harmony means a heart control. Subjection of the low feelings to the higher manifestations of the senses leads by the way of straight-knowledge or intuition. If the feelings do not contradict, but complete each other, if they are not involved in reciprocal devastation, and do not incandesce, going beyond the permitted limit, then they serve to the good. Anger destructs coupling of the feelings, burning away their best manifestations; and after this a man feels depressing and gloomy emptiness, which is a forerunner of new cosmic recharging. Attenuation of the feelings leads to distinct aloofness and pessimism, poisoning both the soul and the surroundings. The man is the subject to doubts, and thus reduces the energy field to the next lower order. Nervousness burns away phosphor. The aura cowers to a small size. My advice is: the inner peace, fiery and active. Learn to hold yourself in a leash, and do not push yourself to the ebullition of feelings.

160. Do not admit reduction of the quality of the records. Quantity must not supersede quality. The saturated energetics of the formulas delivers more fiery meaning. The essence must accumulate the force of contemplation. Contemplation is as sharpening of the blade of the Sword of Knowledge. Only the sharp blade can cut off the spikes of the subtle signs. The signs are only the alphabet of the strait-knowledge. Soon you will read the Book of Genesis by the open heart. The curtain of doubts will go aside, because the day will come and the morning gauze over the mountains will burn with the fiery Line of Senzar.

All initiations happen in a disciple’s heart. The Temple of Celestial Purity, the Crystal Dwelling, the Altar of Truth - all these are the definitions of the heart. The Runes of Heaven will manifest in front of the heart, which has already comprehended, and the Carpet of Podvig will be the paving for the perennial walker.

Striving will forge the invincible armour. And the weapon of truth will be confided to one, who has realized himself as a Warrior of Spirit. Courage and valor, cast together with fiery striving, will give the powerful synthesis of solemnity and exclusive importance of the work. For the just deed - to the Fiery Podvig!

161. Let’s open our hearts for the Master, not hiding even slightest things, with entire frank truthfulness. Let Him read all signs of high veneration, of entire devotion, and of touching thankfulness to the Crown of Light. Let Him see the altar of our spirit to be clean and clear, in order not to feel ashamed for the rubbish in the secret temple. At the best place we will put the Living Face of the Master of Masters, and kindle the Fiery Chalice of Love and Veneration before Him, so that the Living Ray of the Living Teacher, who has blessed once the focus of our power, fill It forever with the Profound Light.

This is to be the sign of your initiation.

162. The Power of Ours is immeasurable. It is the Power of Decisive Forces. It is the Power of Fated Destiny of the Earth. The Master of Shambhala is inviolable! The Power of World Light is immense. The Currents of Truth are ineradicable. The accumulated knowledge is inexhaustible.

Aligning ourselves with The Forces of Great Hierarchy, We, who are Keeping the Ward of Universe, are ready to push the Lever of Evolution to the New Heaven and to the New Time. And there is no such force, which is able to stop the movement of Cosmic Wheel. The Future is coming irreversibly. The Cosmic Laws are inviolable and invariable.

163. The root of selfhood lies deep inside the incarnations. The excitement of first days of education could be taken as the striving. When euphoria, caused by the higher help expires, the time of self-reliant and persistent labor comes, requiring hard work of the heart. Then it becomes clear, how the first lesson was assimilated. One may talk a lot and do nothing. A silent heart is a spiritual addicts' portion. The cork manikins are dancing all around. Doesn’t it look like a crazy dance of the blind and deaf at the edge of a precipice?

When there is no self-devotion and persistence in the application of the Living Ethics, when the words of the Teaching are simply printed characters and printed pages, then such disciples’ destiny is unenviable. The Teaching is the fire, on which one must burn unceasingly, overbearing pains, caused by the energy burns and by the impacts of the higher currents. The Teaching is as the ocean of energies, sailing through which one may count only on his own ship – his fiery body. The Teacher’s Beacon may send a Ray, but you must swim on your own. But if there are several ships, it is easier to sail, and the hope to sail through the Ocean of Life and not to drown in the lowest manifestations, is stronger.

164. Non-resistance to evil means non-resistance to your own lower energies. Chaos consists of same molecules, but they chaotically rush to different directions. The strict order of obey, the discipline of spirit, composes these molecules in a different way. And those different strict forms of composition yield new, more intensive, fiery currents.

The crystallized order hardens the aura and the space. The fiery energies densify up to the hardness of adamant or the state of invincibility. This degree is irreversible. A man, who has achieved it, can't return into the philistine state of irresponsibility any more. The adamant of aura is the Blessing of the Master. The Master’s Fiery Spiral as if sealed into the upper part of the aura or in the ruby shell. The Ray becomes the part of a human essence.

165. The impression of the burden of karma and of the lead heaviness of people is not groundless. It is not so easy to work out the debts of karma. The tail of debts stretches throughout hundreds of incarnations. But the Fiery Inspiration or the Ray of Hiero-Inspiration, which overcomes even samadhi, burns away the karmic debts. The Masters of Karma value a fiery achievement.

166. Keep safe My Name from obloquy. Value each spark of Mine more than a precious stone. With every spark My Ray assimilates with your heart, and you must not burn away the energy of Love in the furnace of anger.

I will direct you and give you an advice, but you have to choose and act on your own. Intensive currents serve the hygiene of spirit. The subtle bodies require the shower of vibrations.

Consolidate fierily on the new step of the Teaching. Adhere by your heart with My Self or with the Preceptress of Mine. The good will be great. Thirst for spiritual knowledge is slakeless. Absorb the currents of worlds. Grow steadily. The time of spiritual childhood is over.

167. Not doing harm concerns people's own manifestations first of all. Any false teaching may injure a spiritual development more than a wrong nutrition. Anger, dictatorship, envy, deceit, and amorality primarily affect a well-being of a self entity, which means suffering of the human energy plane. As soon as our essences are connected directly to entire universe, the harm from these inspirations of darkness is spatial.

Beware to poison the Soul of the Mother of the World. Don’t tear the tissue of the worlds by an avid nihilism and individualization. You will not be able to live even for a moment without connection with the Higher World. Your breathing will stop. If your thinking is not ennobled with the thoughts of beauty, your life will liken to the excarnated astral plane with empty integuments.

Think about something incredibly beautiful at least once a day. The ideal of earthly beauty attracts the related fiery magnets. You create universal harmony, thinking about beauty. Thinking about beauty, you lay the way to the Source of Higher Beauty, to the Throne of the Incredibly Beautiful Mother of the Worlds.

168. The world energies are directed for the intensification of the spiritual growth of the feminine principle. We have to note with big regret, that the Mother of the World's Star energies are spent for nothing only with some minor exceptions. These energies are consumed for prate and excessive emotions. If this power were directed to the proper course, the lilies would start blooming and the beacons would light up by themselves from one touch of women’s hands. Imperceptible and very delicate transformation of the quality of women energies is the task for the nearest future. It is woman, who will start space travels without technical aids. Entry into far cosmos is the women’s prerogative. Via facilitating the Vitalizing Principle we facilitate ourselves as well, and we are learning, when teaching.

169. Among all kinds of deceits, which people are subject to, the spiritual deceit is the worst one. A man so fervently and ardently persuades himself, that he follows the proper way, and even displays the external features of following the Guru’s footsteps. But gloomy silence, like in a solitary deep cave without exit, stays inside him. It is cold for a suffering heart to live in such dwelling. It is hard to light the fire in darkness. But one, who manages to do it, obtains comfort, warmth, and light. And the Celestial Ray comes down to him, and reek goes away, and the exit upward burns through towards the Celestial Fire.

170. The Celestial Flame burns through the spheres of our souls. The small grain of Eternity, the Flame of the Inextinguishable Candlestick burns permanently, granted to Me for depositting by One Father. The rainbow spheres of aura are saturated with the crystals of experience of previous lives. But the Inexhaustible Eternity is inside the flame. Myriads of myriad of suns, the endless number of worlds - all are in this shining grain.

171. We compose the magnetic whirl, which lifts us up at the last hour. The Highest Forces are not able to support and lead a spirit to the top layers, if he is burdened with many habits. If the spirit even gets there, it will be very tormenting and painful for him. Getting burns, such spirit will go down lower and lower until he gets to the lower layers of Subtle World, inhabited by empty integuments. This depraves the spirit, like narcotics' den affects a weak person. So you must work out you worst features here, on the Earth. Struggle with them, do not give up, otherwise they will annex the area, which you have conquered before with such big difficulties. Strive to the beautiful Spheres of Spirit, attract the beauty. And let good luck be with you! And the Eternal Ray will never leave the crown of your head, if you are going toward it. Dare to become a Warrior of Light!

172. Don’t expect the manifestations beyond the limits of physical laws. The Guru may simply call you by phone, and this does not reduce the effect.

The teaching about stones is an occult one. Any sort of experiments with unknown energies comes off deplorably. Everything must come by the natural way. You do not need to care about big size of aura, or work with the extraneous unknown energies. Most important is not to neglect the heart energy. This is the basic propulsive force of a spirit. Phenomenology as well as magic are the things of the past. Don’t injure the space with the external manifestations. The inner fiery feelings are superior to all these forces.

173. “Refinement of the spirit is the key to the Gates of the Fiery World”. This formula from the Teaching may be considered as the mantra, which contains many aspects of Agni Yoga. Refinement means the expansion of spiritual horizon and most clear elements of discernment, necessary for the inner life.

174. Let the gnomes cut their stones and melt their gold. A disciple’s destiny is to facet the diamond of spirit and grow up the crystal of bliss. Any kind of growth comes from inside, and intrusion of ignorance, concerning energies, draws away the forces, which are aimed to elimination of bad habits. None of the stones can make us saint. Labor, inner and outer, is first of all; and - less idle talks. Only high spiritual talks, leading to the clear fiery comprehension of a moment, are important.

Karmic harm, caused by mechanical invasion, is great. Early recovery from a disease, inflation of an aura with vibrations draws far back. As soon as the gnomes do not have magnetism, neither magnets nor stones help them.

Harm from sectarianism comes from the self-will appropriating of the right to interpret the Teaching and presenting such interpretation as the ultimate truth. Rest people outside this circle are considered to be impure, blind, and sinful. To declare yourself to be a prophet is the worst Maya. Even Sergius worked physically all the time like a slave. Any type of sectarianism leads to zealotry as any other formation without the Highest Ray and without the Highest Governing. If there is no My breath, there is darkness. Do not trust fine words or false magnets. Trust your heart; it never deceives.

The essence of every action will produce consequences very quickly. The period of brining values to light has started. Choosing the way is the right of everyone. Do not deter anyone from the external contacts. One should not use friendship as a short leash. Let everyone learn to feel, because this is the spiritual development itself. But don’t measure another's corn by your own bushel.

175. Impregnation of space with the spiritual energies causes it's saturation and transformation of it's structure to more pure one. And finally, after eternally intensive efforts, the cementing of space with the highest energies takes place. After that entire spiritual labor is deposited more intensively. When it is densified, it energetically constitutes the powerful magnet – the spiritual focus, the power point, - and this corresponds to the degree of the Lamp of Desert.

176. First condition of approaching the Teaching is putting yourself entirely, as well as your belongings, at the Master’s disposal. Cupidity, envy, and rest inspirations of darkness are to be expelled from the everyday life. We would not be able to make even a step, if it were not for the Teacher. The Master is the Maker of our lives, and the only disciple’s property is his own heart, full of love to the Master. Can the Master leave the devoted and loving disciple without help, when he is in trouble? Thy Will be done!

Proceed firmly. The spirit grows when, the dense body suffers. You can see the downpour of signs. The rumbling echo of cosmic battles and storms rushes through space. But your Valley is singing, kept safe by the influence of Higher Forces.

There are the few of seeing and awakened; everyone is sleeping, calmed down, because the Guru is on the watch. But the warrior’s destiny – never let the enemies in at the predawn hours, when darkness is most dense. There will be the mines under cooperation and there will be the wiles of blatant lie. But one who has realized the Path does not turn aside. Struggle with the humdrum of visibleness. Every moment is the possibility to succeed. Fill every moment with the perception of soleness and irreversibility of time. Evaluate entire depth, unusualness, and even infinity of the moment, which embraces whole physical universe. Don’t reject the Ray. Let My Face be with you. I will protect you at the grievous time. Heart's remembrance about Protection of the Highest Forces takes most of the harmful influence out of the way.

176à. The fragrant chrism's aroma comes from the pages of the Teaching. The innermost records are as the blessing of anointing with the Holy Chrism. The Masters of Karma are aware of your way and can find the shortcut. You will succeed through love; and devotion to the Master is your fortune.

Stride like a lion! M. protects you. My Name and My Seal are innermost. The heart sees afar. The promised victory of life is unavoidable. Listen to the ground but look into the skies.

The events are invisible. Be keen in perceiving of the term of Advent. Judge not according to your imagination, but according to the voice of space. The inner transformation is not linked with the mechanical energy. The natural music of radiation is valuable. The wax of energies may be turned into any figure, but the chalice of striving is most preferable.

Chalice, become firmly established as double-valued!

Chalice, become firmly established as two-pointed!

177. Rejoice at the developments of life. The leaking of venom is unavoidable; be alert and careful. But do not wait until the snake outlives it's poison. Rotation of the events intensifies the currents of cooperation. The time is collected like a flower head. The scent of cedar resin strengthens an aura.

177à. The retreat even for one step is not acceptable. It is already too much time was lost.

Tense your heart, when receiving and keep My Face in the Dangma.

The events are bulking, but you should keep the unity safe. Escapes and departures are caused with the permanent growth of cosmic energy. Both the heavens and the earth becomes impregnated. It may happen, that a lot of things will be abandoned. People will fly away in horror due to the growing avalanche of energies. I am telling for everyone. Don't scare those, who come up. Let them live as they did before. You yourself proceed firmly.

The aura is not perceptible, for you have learned to screen the centers. This is one of the methods of protection. All energies are transferred to the spiritual atom above the head. You already live half in the Subtle World.

Don't be disturbed with the external. Watch the subtle escort. You will see a lot of instructive things. This develops the keen vision and the spiritual voyance.

It is not acceptable if the heat of cruelty and anger floods the heart. It is the extinguishing of fires. A sprout of spirit fades from the irritation even worse, than a plant from a poisonous dust. Depression demagnetizes the heart energies. Joy is the power supply of the heart. Rejoice everything, weather good or bad. Optimism is the valor. Take the life easy. An extra load is not needed.

Love to Me and to My She-Assistant will give the fruit. You will comprehend a lot, and will step over the abysses with My Name and My Face. Don't throw away the Ray, hold it strait as a candle. Otherwise the reek is unavoidable. The stage of literature work will start soon. You are well prepared already. And the treasury is full.

The events will come together in an unexpected way. Be firmly established on the Eternal and trust Me. Hesitation deprives of a possibility.

You see the sparks around the letters. The crystals of bliss come into the written down.

You should have refining, patience, and striving. Be firm. A muslin veil covers the face, but it draws back from the concentration. Look sharp with the eagle eyes. The nest is ready. It is quite near. And I am is closer than the closest one.

God bless you!

177á. Practice the Three Shields. This is the new from the Teaching. Trust only the closest friends.

178. “Despair is destructive, but the ultimate strain is creative”. Only the strain of ultimate degree results in an achievement. Development of the super-effort covers the ruby shell with the new crystals of fire. Obstacles strike out the creative lightning, and the ozone, generated in collisions, turns into an armour. This is the way how a Warrior of Light's gear is forged. The fiery shield of heart starts to rotate and becomes a weapon or the Vishnu Chakra. The same way all highest centers have the occult combat qualities.

Buddhi or the Celestial Fire is the vahana of Wisdom. Rotation of the bell center opens prismatic or holographic vision. One can see all around simultaneously.

179. Weariness is to be repelled with striving.

The Fire is the Divine Love. The Cold is the Cosmic Reason or the Highest Wisdom. In the Buddhi vessel - in the lunar energy – the Divine Fire resides, which is the Sign of Balance of two Principles. It is the name, given to the Current of the Fiery Font. The Cosmic Water – Wisdom and the Cosmic Fire - Love are fusing together.

180. Pride can be overcome only by the heart. Any illusion of the leadership is just the flattery of wily space geniuses. The last trial, which follows the trial with fear, is the trial with pride.

No one knows, who the teacher is, and who the student is. “No one is your friend, no one is your brother, but everyone is your teacher”. This ancient truth is always right. And Pride, the subtle temptation of selfhood, is just a mean to disclose the lowest not yet extirpated layers of consciousness. The labor during hundreds of incarnations may be of no use due to the self-willed overvalue of the status in the human environment. The human profundity is deep and dark, and there is a little silver and gold there, and even less precious stones or places, where they may be born. Aren’t these geological features look like the Ray of One God, in the Light of which the crystals of hearts and the crystals of wisdom grow?

The pride of self overestimation may become the stumbling block. The true place of yours is to be assigned by One God. He will give the Sign, He will give the blessing. And without this all spiritual pretensions are simply the convulsion of the selfhood consciousness.

181. There is no in the world a born one who was nursed without the Divine Mother’s Milk. The Mistress of the World, reflected in eternal forms like the sun ray in the countless mirrors of hearts, inspires matter and gives birth to a human being, a mediator between the Earth and the Heavens. A fiery link with One Mother is the link via your own mother. The Motherhood is sacred. None of evil forces would trench on the women’s superior position, because mother is sacred even for the dark ones. Only most terrible monsters have invented the ribaldry aimed to abase the high maternity power, and with this they have harmed their own continent.

Retracing the history of the countries, where women were mostly oppressed, it is possible to make a conclusion, that these countries had destroyed themselves, because mother is the mother of nation as well, and the mother of sons who must protect their Motherland.

A family, where the mother is addicted to vice, is a seminary of crime and degeneration. Significance of the sacred notion is defined neither with poverty nor with luxury, but with the heartfelt gratitude. Mother may be the first who implants the seeds of service to common good in spite of obloquy and oppression. Woman’s firmness in protecting her children transfers into the protection of the clarity of her highest principles.

To Thou, the Light Mistress,

I address my heart!

Thou I honor eternally, and I’m devoted to Thou

And to Thine Sons, Ineffable throughout centuries!

With the Power of Thy Blessing let the Beauty

Be created by my hands!

Mother of the World! The Great Light!

I have served Thou in various appearances,

But I have kept the Fire of same Love and Honor in my heart!

My heart would be empty without Thou!

182. A spring of deeds is always concealed. Any movement has so called leaders and a core, which assembls and governs the members of a group. As a rule, such core is out of view, but it appears to be an inspirer, a magnet, and a director of the group. Take away such people from a community, and the links among people will be lost, as there will be no more the celestial fire of charisma, binding the hearts. The Mother of Agni Yoga always stayed in shade, but the New Revelation of Spirit, the Gospel of the Sixth Race was given to her.

183. “The star runes woke up”. A moment of the enlightment of the higher consciousness carefully draws the predestined combinations of the Celestial Alphabet. The combinations of stars are not random. The symbols of constellations are not random as well. The composed signs forward to the Earth the powerful currents from the group of the celestial bodies. As a mind, which accepts the highest thought, the atmosphere immediately starts vibrating, when receiving these currents. The planet’s teleneurons, which are the men of worth, become imbued with the new ideas, and introduce them deep into human masses. The currents are passing through, until their force is exhausted by hitting against the wall of imperception. But when reflected, these currents give another repeated impulse to evolution. The waves of Light expand until even one heart is able to absorb even one spark of the Celestial Sounding. The Music of Spheres is the Mother of the World's Blessing.

184. The Pyramid transforms the mundane fire into the spiritual energy. One can notice a fluorescence from blue to ruby color above It's top. At the days of highest solar activity such fluorescence intensifies to heavenly purple. The rivers of energies, which embrace the Valley, raise the ruby columns. The Safeguard of the Predestined City is as the fiery wall.

Crystallization of the fiery energies makes the manifestations of dark fire impossible. The space reacts immediately. The karmic impact is instantaneous. Don’t test the energies in vain. A hammer and an anvil must not sound for no-purpose. Better offer your heart to the Master of the World with same avid vigor.

Don’t forget about the psychology of fist-fighter. This trace will last for a long time.

185. Put discontent aside. Joy and only joy - light, powerful, and reasonable joy. The impulses of flippancy are not always appropriate, but they give the relief from the mutual discontent accumulated during the contacts. Be wise accepting the pattern of fate. Rejoice everything. What for an extra burden? Even without that the faces are leaden and gloomy. But the edge between joy and flippancy is very thin. Find the Golden Path. Entering the Ray is painful but necessary. You will get back everything and even more. It is not without reason, that the Sign is under Jupiter.

My Face will be surrounded with the Signs. The Three Shields and the Eternity - this is just the beginning. In such a way the new currents will enter.

186. “Man’s foes are those from his own household”. Christ’s words are heartfelt and wise. The bog of philistine routine can transform even an avid idealist into a horrid atheist. It is impossible to transfigure a liquid mud. Even a piece of clay may be used for making a sculpture of Buddha, but the liquid mud becomes a puddle, which soils feet. Let us wait until the traces of anger will dry away. Then it will be possible to sweep the dust and return it to the earth. The philistine routine kills creativity. A gift fades from yelling. Clair-audience disappears from shrieks. An enemy is not somewhere; the enemy is by your side. It is hard to swing an obstinacy around. Clumsiness kills a spirit. Who knows, whose labor is more important? A slightest discomfort brings embroilment into the chaotic consciousness, like a drop of venom, which overfills a shallow heart. Spite is like a wicked blow. But justice has to be done to anger – it determines the growth of energies. The torpid heart is afraid of responsibility. That's a pity, such high spirit has turned to shadow.

187. Pray for the obscured ones. Neither poverty nor lack of money can excuse the dark inspirations. Warm the suffering heart by My Ray. She suffers and regrets about herself, about the missed opportunities. Striving to richness is an illusion. They try to resolve all problems by the means of golden glitter of betrayal of spiritual ideas. “Denarius, the child of damnation, get out of the Way of Light!” It was said long ago, but is true now as well.

188. The increment of creativeness is imperceptible - more silent than the growth of grass. The unknown and unspeakable inspiration builds the worlds of thoughts. Striving to beauty sculpts the new forms; and the formulas of calls pour the melted gold of fire into the earthly words. Achieving the Highest Worlds, we take with us from there the golden pollen of light, which can illuminate whole world. The wings of inspiration are covered with this pollen.

189. The bad news today may change into the good news tomorrow. Do not spare your efforts for calming down the stream of accusations. Settle the dam of calmness, and the wave will wash away the accuser. There are no good ones or bad ones. There are inspired ones and obsessed ones, happy ones and acerbated ones, joyful ones and dejected ones. The chains of ignorance are heavy. We forge them and put them on by ourselves. The stride can't be free, when the fetters are dragging. It is so hard for the wings already. Keep the Ray safe!

190. “The psychic energy alone gives us immortality”. Collecting the precious substance drop by drop, like a bee flitting from one flower of quality to another, we crystallize it for such a long time. And we waste it, when in despondency, in doubt, or in hesitation. The spiritual firmness, the spiritual striving, and the right way chosen increases tenfold the fundamental force. Most devoted one obtains the wings. The flight of devotion is high, and the earthly fogs are not harmful to it. “Victorious thought is ozone and prana, which feed the precious force,” – as the Mother of Agni Yoga says.

Vision absorbs impressions. Their subtle energies feed the Third Eye, same as the Music of Spheres sounding gives support to clairaudience. Everything is interlaced.

191. I repeat once more – catch the signs. The yesterday’s case is the true sign, warning about a danger. You had to follow the heart’s call. If you do not want to go, it means that something is wrong. Same way we use the currents for temporary inactivating of an arm or of a foot. But still it is a man's choice.

192. Discontent is a curse of the human nature. It is the outgrowth of full-fledged pessimism. For the discontented ones any success is just a gap in the chain of misfortunes. This infection, as well as despondency, impacts the liver and saturates the space with the ugly thought-forms. A pessimist can’t follow the Master’s call; he can’t be devoted either. Devotion for him is oppression, and impetuous respond to the Call is the lost labor. The discontent covers the energies of life with the gray film and consumes the accumulations of prana.

Easiness and mobility are not for them. They explain laziness as the self-protection, and any new act or a new word they consider to be dangerous. That is why it was said: “Joy is special wisdom!”

Joy raises us up on the wings of optimism, on the wings of lightful and devoted faith. The right to be joyful is the right of a walker. Such joy is strengthened with mutual love and tolerance. Every lightful undertaking is valuable for joy, which educes best merits of co-workers. The fiery joy is the ray of the solar help to the world.

Complementing each other, go ahead with light and courage, knowing that the friend’s help is always near. Where joy is, the Ray is more pure and can be received more powerfully.

193. Don’t sink in the yelling of everydayness. It makes a mind to be deaf, and a heart to be dark. A man forgets about himself and his place in the occult world. It is hard and of great responsibility to be a mediator between the earth and the heavens. The Earth strives to make a philistine from the man, which means an ordinary gray creature in the waves of happening but not Being. But fiery the “I Am” and the essence of the “Ancient of Days” are inside everyone. As far as we have passed a lot of ways on this Earth, we can’t stop loving it, but it is impossible to rely on it in full. The Earth’s lunar nature is still very strong.

Singularity should be in everything. One should even boil-over in uncommon way. Joy comes from the firm certainty that the Master will never leave us, that His Ray is the Protection, the Highest Help, and the Bliss. And the Bliss is the success at all earthly pathways.

Warm all comers by your heart. Without fussiness and haste look attentively at an armour. Isn’t there an enmity caused by the touch of thought to the brother’s clothes? But is your own armour sound?

194. The arrow of striving is forged from the triumphant purposefulness. The firm certainty is in such devoting yourself to the spiritual flight to the moments of your forthcoming perfection. The power of the fire of heart is the engine of striving. If there were no love and the conscious purpose as the Beacon of Light, would you take a risk to get over the unknown space?

The path of service is strait. A wayfarer hurries ahead without a backward glance. When turning back, you may lose the lode Sign. The sons of lies were taught various methods of wrecking, but they are not able to obstruct the calling Sign, because it is seen by the heart through darkness. The Master’s Sign shines with the special light. The fire of the heart's fervor is kept there. And one who will find, adds a spark of his own. This is how the most powerful teraph will be stratified.

Don’t wait until getting tired of idleness. Labor disciplines both time and space. One who fulfills a duty never considers the labor hours as the spending of time. The man conferred with the Powers of Path is the searcher and the walker, even when sitting in a cave. His thought never stops moving by it's way. No one knows, in what unknown worlds the accordant thoughts fuse together into the fiery globes of comets to conceive new evolutions and new higher signs. The thoughts, which are task-oriented and lofty, are the procreators of the Future. The more spiritual and pure the thought, the higher the unknown evolutionary formation.

195. Find steady calmness. Spiritual dignity is first and foremost. It does not mean non-resistance. A thought, saturated with calmness, can stop even a deep-rooted bully. Non-resistance means not only noninvolvment in any controversy, but wise carefulness as well. Do not transgress the allowed limit, do not tease a tiger. The time of mental energies starts. They are most effective now. The thought obtains almost tangible power. That is why a blessing or a cursing has most powerful tension within the latest time. Due to this, suggestion and telepathy also became much, much stronger. So, don’t tear the Mother of the World's texture all for naught. Leave aside the childish plays and an irresponsible behavior.

196. Inactivity as well as a weak will is reproved by the Light. Putting the icy chains of inactivity on the energy, a disciple loses an internal mobility and inventiveness, together with this he loses self-activity. And self-activity is that very thing, which develops vigilance and stamina. A vigilant one can see farther and deeper. Even small signs are as a full volume of lessons for the vigilant one. Internal mobility develops the capability for unusual approach to any creative deed, hence it gives rise to the unique energies. You must not keep your soul as a prisoner. Atman must work. Otherwise corruption will rise from inside and will eat away the psychic energy. Better to strain your labor force, burn with striving to achievement, and send the messages of good thoughts to the far-off worlds, where they can find a reliable haven.

In the power of thinking a human being is a creator. Many of divine potencies were granted to him, but the precious wine gets sour in the cracked vessels.

197. Truth is always fated to a neglect. Truth is the flame, and it's light will become more and more intensive. But no one will manage to get inside the Altar of Truth, for this notion is too high. The Mother of the World alone is able to possess this Secret.

Mankind is cloaked in the emanations of lie and self-deceit. Lie either to someone or to yourself is violation of the law of Truth, which means violation of the foundation of Verity. The Earth is also Maya; but the laws, which hold it on-circle, are based on the protection of the veritable laws. Otherwise, everything will disintegrate like a road dust. Only the rain of knowledge can unite these particles in the whole. The magnetism of knowledge is in the hidden fundamental energies, transferred through universe via the stages of learning.

198. The worship of Perennially Young Mother came from remote ancient ages, when first spark of mind appeared in the human consciousnesses, woke up by the Sons of Dawn. Spiritual and magic potencies were inborn. The Sons of Dawn themselves worshiped the Secret Mother, which didn’t yet hide Her Face and looked at the sons of men with a kind and tender smile. And the Sons of Summits started to wive the Virgins of Mist. Maha Meru was the world summit – the North pole of the Earth. The axis was tilted in such a way, that Belukha was the most northern point, and Orion constellation was strait above it. The White She-Maral went around the axis of the central star of the Orion’s Belt. On the very ancient images it was shown spinning - as Three She-Marals in the circle of light.

199. A mutual aid means co-operation, both spiritual and physical. But one should not understand the aid as a parasitism on one hand and a selfless assistance on the other hand. Everything must be balanced on the wages of purposefulness. It is not wise to grant an aid to a neighbor right and left, forgetting about the value of energies, when the neighbor is sitting twiddling his thumbs. Giving aid means working in one team. Be strict with this.

Karma is a serious discipline. Karma is a mother, but not a stepmother. Even the Masters respect karma, if it is the accumulation of good. Render aid, but don’t take upon yourself an excessive load. That is why diseases may be karmic and admitted. Admitted ones are those, which you admit, or let them slip inside you by taking over from someone else through feeling sorry or sincerely wishing relief, and so taking up the burden of disease. Think and feel carefully, because the feelings and the thoughts become weighty and fast-moving. A respond comes immediately under the law of mental energy. Don’t touch anyone’s karmic callosities or tar knots. You may smudge so hard, that it will be difficult to wash yourself up.

The help doesn’t mean carrying someone else’s burden; it means carrying your own worthily. The words are easy, but don’t weave a rope from them, for you may stumble over it.

200. The string of tension is stretched. Every word sounds up to the far-off worlds. And responsibility for every word is great, because the word is the mediator between the mundane and the fiery worlds and is empowered to give orders. The word is an element of the energies’ activity within the immobility of tamas or of the ignorant consciousness. The animals are speechless, because they live as the lower souls. An attempt to say the word, prompted the energy of will in order to direct the conscious part to the proper channel. The word is a part of the consciousness. The word is the crystallization of thought, which sounds in Atman. The word has given to a human being the capability to communicate with the mental symbols at the initial phase of development. It was a long way from an animal to a human being, but one who has acquired speech has been included into the Ray of Sons of Dawn.

The word transformed into the image thinking, into the schemes and the patterns, to become the divine Senzar in the hands of the Masters, the language of Initiated Ones. Besides the earthly patterns it extends to the Space Books. The golden pages of Akasha are crystallized with the divine signs of Senzar. Each letter is a universal symbol understandable anywhere in the Infinitude.

The combinations of spirals, ribbons, spheres, waves, fiery flowers, and flames form the everlasting currents of knowledge, which stream from one star to another. Each ray of light is an entire chronicle of life, science, philosophy, and religion; it is an entire layer of spirituality of every celestial body. That is why space is replete with such incredible and unfamiliar knowledge, that it is difficult for an earthly mind to imagine it. Only a heart is familiar with this language, because the heart is related to universe, and it is the only one for the entire period of evolution.

201. Don’t cool the flame of heart. The Fiery Chalice is not an arbitrarily taken image. The Fire of Eternity shines in the Chalice of Wisdom. The earthly heart is just a reflection of the real spiritual heart, like the mundane sun and Raj-Star. The spirit tensions the energies for the manifestations. The expansion of spiritual spheres leads us and our neighbors to the new circles of being.

Changes in the Valley will lead to the good. The magnets sound and exhale the Masters’ Power – the healing Light.

202. Long time is needed to polish the amber of soul. While the surface is not polished, the Ray will not penetrate deep inside, and will not make the golden music of feelings to sound. The patterns of universe are engraved finely like an interlacing arabesques. The deposits of karma look like this. If incarnations were light and creative, then the gold or silver thread is worked into the dark pattern of everydayness.

Every day is like a precious thread. Every moment is like an invisible hair. The wind carries a small seed, but a tree, which grows from it, is huge. The destiny sows the small seeds, but the consequences are unpredictable. The pure thoughts are as the small seeds, but the tree grows on the ground. The bond of the triad of worlds is stronger than most solid chains.

203. Overcoming of obstacles is training of inventiveness. The subdue of matter to the reason and to the spirit is the innermost background. Just a small part of an iceberg could be seen over the surface of water, but the core of development is beyond understanding. Let’s look at the root of event. Some times it is hard to recognize gold under the ragged oily working clothes. A lot of valuables are hidden under the patina of gray routine. Occasionally you may see the flare of someone’s living fiery eyes, which then dissolve in the stream of mean everydayness. When everydayness will be overcame then the surroundings will turn out renewed and ready for the lightful activities.

Every day's creativity is so many-sided. Do not lose the predestined opportunities. The precious stones of live moments are all around. If you do not pick them up in time, they melt as a piece of ice. But as soon as you accept them into the flower of your heart, they render the inimitable shine.

204. Sometimes I speak almost about the same, but a new thread is plaited into the meaning. Both time and vibrations depict a secret pattern. The continuation and development of thought are the spacial constructions. The ray of thought goes strait into the Eternity, but the details are complex and interesting. Besides the iridescent jantras and the austere and distinct diagrams we may observe gardens, castles, climbing flowers, and the spirals of flowers and symbols. The spirals of Shiva Hair are increadibly beautiful.

205. The stronger the fire of tension, the more powerful the current of attraction of the Ray. When exerting the strength, we determine it's limit. When exerting the strength we expand the charmed sphere. Then the fire of aura becomes brighter, and the colors of glow shine clearer. It is not just the exercises of tensioning the energies, but the spiritual doing and search in the far-off worlds for the best potential of the good. The heart burns away the patina of oppression on the fire of tension and shines with the clarity, like a glowing metal.

The period of collection and pumping of the space energies goes before the tensioning. The principle of magnetism is the principle of attraction. The strong magnet captures the chaos of energies and works them over in the furnace of heart. The ore of space power melts. The stronger the heart center rotates, the more vigorously the lava of charm splashes onto the world.

Let’s get attracted to the Highest Light of Master’s Heart!

206. The Bird of Fortune wants to sing at your window! The falcon’s cry sounds from the firmament! The wind blows away the snow from the mountains, and the essence of primeval stones is pure. The Soul of Light carries the fruit of ascending. Stretch your wings, and the world of stars will become small for you. But it is only the foundation for the Fiery Throne of the Master of the Worlds.

Light has manifested its Force. Bliss to one who has perceived. The three Columns of Light support the Messenger of Advent. Lay down the carpet of devotion. Veneration by the heart will ascend you up high.

207. The task for the future must be cognized via the work of the soul. The new force is gathered noiselessly; it will show new possibilities. The current of Three Shields will grow. This is new Trinity of New Era. The holy images will stay, but new iconography begins, the signs for it were already given.

208. Wisdom cannot be determined with the number of the texts read. Wisdom is the accumulation of balanced knowledge. The fiery wisdom and the earthly wisdom are like the sun and it's reflection on a wall.

Previously We used to say: the determining capability. Now We say: the discernment. The crystal of senses is filled up through each facet. The prana of purity and joy could be felt in this play of Light.

Absorb the Ray of Teaching with more calmness and tension. Listen to the beat of the waves of space, not releasing the chakra of spirit. The Mother of the World loves you. We were together in the Temple of Perennially Young Mother. So, the dusty sediments, which harmed the co-operation, have been erased centuries ago.

The mundane plane is chaotic. It doesn’t make sense to affect each everyday necessity. Inventiveness and self-reliance develops on the Earth. “All things must pass”, - it was written on My ring.

209. Restrain the racing horses of force. It is not always that a most striving one gains the lead. Always choose the Golden Path.

The image is small and flat, it is varnished with invisibility, but it includes the power of magnet. The signs of space are same powerful. Their small size doesn’t mean negligibility. A uranium stick propels a ship for years. Restrain the earthly aura, let it better shine in the Subtle World for darkness is thicker there. Do not forget about the protective mirror. Our Ray is sealed into it.

A significant event looks ordinary, when you live within it. A big square looks like a circle from afar. Sharp angles cut the tissue of co-operation. Better not to pay attention to scratches. The balm of kindness is more valuable and useful.

210. The unknown and the unique comes with every new monad. If mankind is imagined as a multifaceted crystal, then each of the facets is like a human soul. The multiform virtues of light assimilate on the Earth. The alloy of peculiarities gives it's own direction to every era. Mankind have lost the Higher Leadership. Just few people absorb the sparks of Guidance.

211. Every thought about unity is very efficient. Co-operation brings to life energies, which are similar to the power of joy and love. When co-workers create a fluidic net, they as if weave the fabric of New World. Strenuous and efficient co-operation destroys the spatial venom. The waves of imperil are destroyed with the Higher Power. The unity of a man with the whole world conducts the Currents of the Mother of the World, because all of us were originated from Her One Aura. All of us are the children of space.

Be close to each other. Put the shields of your hearts closer, and your stronghold will strengthen the protecting wall.

212. Evening calms down the fires. The energies go deep inside in order to pass through the Chalice. It is like the endless array of warriors, coming from Eternity, and each warrior carries the best pearl of small achievement to the Altar of Striving. A silver pearl is the devotion to Light. A rose pearl is enjoying the proper path and the joy from the attention of Higher Ones; a blue pearl is the spiritual finding; the green one is the sign of wisdom, the sign of not missed opportunities.

213. It is impossible to defend with a prickly heart. The twinkling mist can't deceive the keen eyes. The light of lamp is brighter in a dark lowland. The tender petals of fire are not afraid of the wind. The kind Hands of Light keep them safe. But at the due time the White Rose of Purity, the Sister of Celestial Gardens, will blossom from a small fiery bud, and the round dancing of celestial bodies will send their innermost rays to it. The fire-flower of heartfelt comprehension will never fade. The toxic wind will not extinguish the golden shining. Even all waves of darkness will not be able to conquer the small silver flower of bliss. The pearls of Celestial Dew, dropped from the hands of the Mother of the World deep into the open bud of the heart, will be the best award to the spirit, which burns with the thirst for striving.

Tomorrow is Nativity of the Mother of Agni Yoga. Lay dawn the flowers of best deeds on the modest altar. The best thoughts and aspirations forward to the Great Heart, which carries the Fire of New Synthesis.

Thee, the Mistress of Agni Yoga,

Thee, the Perfect Mystery of Live Transformation of the Earthly Nature,

I send the best melodies of veneration!

Be blessed Thy Name throughout centuries!

Praise to the Mother of Agni Yoga!

214. In every grass-blade a message is hidden. Every snow flake is full of perfection. The vessel of knowledge is inexhaustible. There is no a chalice, which could be filled up to the edge. It’s impossible to drink off the waters of the Stream of Time. It’s impossible to satisfy the thirst for always growing cognition. It’s impossible to be sated with winter if spring is near. Dreaming about stars, we do not remember about the cold of lonesome wayfaring.

The path of light is strait. It's ray can’t curve under vibrations. Deflection takes the power away.

Your house is modest. The nook, where you give yourself up to Our Talks, is unpretentious. But Christ blessed the severe dwellings of fishermen and craftsmen. Unnecessary things blinds the Eye of Wisdom.

215. The sleeping ones are awaking. The beehive of space buzzes. Aren’t you the reason? Some thoughts you should think out by yourselves. The events are shaped from the small pieces of cases. The everydayness kneads the wax of possibilities. But the Sculptor - the Master of Karma alone knows the intention. No work succeeds without beauty. The Sculpture of Light is almost finished, just small details are left.

Shade does not frighten the carrier of the Beacon of Eternity. One who discerns knows the exerting charge.

216. A doubt can annul even most firm fearlessness. Shade changes the colors of picture. The established energies start fluctuating, when the acid of doubt is dropped in.

Trust the Masters of Karma! Trust the Mother Destiny!

217. Solemnity is the accomplishing of space. The best sounds of heart currents send vibrations to the world and light up the planet's aura. Solemnity is the silent prayer. Solemnity is the sparkling source of joy. Solemnity is the sister of sincerity and love. The glow of higher feelings inflames a heart. That is why it is important to carry the spark of solemnity, while passing through the thorns of being.

218. Stable striving and burning without dashes and final straits are most valuable. The tension must grow according to the aura extension. It’s impossible to shorten the path of transmutation. A soup is vital for a starving one, but the germs must be killed with boiling. One shouldn’t hitch a regulator on the rheostat of spirit. Anxiety for knowledge comes from the accumulations of Chalice. Anticipation of new knowledge arises in human minds. Burn steadily like a candle-stick, otherwise the wax will simply melt away. Growth goes on unheard.

219. “And I ask you to burden Me, for in no other way is the garden of beauty reached”. An adequate effort is laudable, but don’t burden too much, when it is hard to make even a step. A rational burden develops the spiritual force, but the excessive one turns away from labor. The currents of tension must conjoin with striving and solemnity. A reaction of world space depends on it. The structure of lower layers becomes cleaner due to the rational tension. The ruby shell attracts the electrons of light and this facilitates destruction of the sediments of imperil.

220. What for the knowledge is, if there is no a heart-felt secret? A cold mind alone is not able to provide the comprehension of wisdom. The spirit-knowledge is the alloy of the strait-knowledge and of the accumulations of many incarnations. The spirit-knowledge looks both to the past and to the future, and finds what is necessary, like a smartest spiritual computer. By the heart you can comprehend better. The bookish knowledge is just a lightning, which strikes out from the Chalice the lights related to such knowledge. Wisdom is not just memory. Wisdom is in the application of knowledge here on the Earth.

The planet's field is thick-seeded, but there are few plantlets, much less flowers, and almost no the predestined fruits. Would the Master dry the fig tree of spirit, if it is fruitless?

221. The souls burdened with the Great Wisdom are coming to the Earth at the critical moments of regeneration. Neither of epochs have seen such high concentration of the monads with the burning hearts. At the turn point of change of the races all the best accumulated in the planet’s Chalice comes outward. The power of time and of the psychic energy, which it carries, is very high.

The striving, like the fiery spiral, carries the soul upwards higher and higher and puts the accordant lights on. The striving is like the bundle of purifying lightnings, thrown into the mist of individualization. The striving inflames the co-current thoughts.

The burden of knowledge corresponds to the Burden of the World. The grain of light is overfilled with the sparks of admiration and bliss. The Lightful Spirits come together to facilitate the arrival of new thinking. The magnetic currents will transform the earthly tillage. The manifested Leaders will nurse the garden of new creation. The inspired labor will replace the slave labor. The Brotherhood, joined in the solemn accord of hearts, will find the new ways in any branch of science and art. The philosophy of money-grabbing will die, and the whip of Fiery Transfiguration will drive the hucksters away from the Temple of Life. The labor, which gives prosperity and heart satisfaction, is needed.

222. The accumulations of Chalice emanate onto the hands. A palm accepts the signs of the past and of the future. The spiritual chiromancy is closed for the ignorant crowd, otherwise everyone will become a professional palm reader. The pattern on thr hands changes due to the burning of heart. The higher the striving, the higher the degree of the changes of pattern. It is possible to change all negative signs to opposite ones. This points out the fact that even most heavy karmic sediments burn away in the flame of service to the Hierarchy.

Strive in the incessant devotion to the Teacher!

223. Understanding of every difficulty as a test, which helps to approach the big tasks. Let’s perceive with full solemnity and aspiration, that every trial is the test of a spirit blade. Not parting from the Ray, nevertheless we work out the independence of action. Finding solutions for the problems is training of inventiveness. It is not without reason that soldiers in fairy-tales are so gleg at the uptake. The Warriors of Spirit are to be notable for even better mobility and free initiative.

All creative deeds are the deeds of God, from routine to the Highest Spheres. The law of analogy is everywhere. Even if you are cutting the fire wood, you are preparing the power of energy for protecting from the hostile currents. The physical flame is related to the Celestial Fire.

224. Feel the Master nearby within the cold earthly loneliness; feel Him with all your devotion, with all tension of your essence, with full depth of higher feelings of the heart. He is nearby, above you, and all around you. It will become warm to your soul immediately, and the silver thread will never tear, because it is the part of the general pattern of being. It is woven into the fiery carpet of podvig. It is impossible to remove it from the carpet, otherwise the whole construction fritters. Hence, your place in the Battle of Light is not so insignificant.

The guards do not think about own significance, they just stay on the watch. But sometimes the Leader commends them, as He can see everything from the top of His Tower. Isn’t the Master’s gratitude the best award for you? Encouragement does not belittle the disciple’s capabilities, but kindles them. Devotion flares up with even stronger whirl of striving and elevates the disciple above the routine and the enemies. Everydayness and routine is a nursery for enemies. But you are mindful of the irreversibility and soleness of every moment, and it makes you admire the Great Play of the Mother of the World. Each spark of Her Creation is beautiful. Every flower of Hers is an acme of perfection. You should follow the example of Higher Ones and hone the results of your work to the best quality.

225. Illnesses of space and body could be treated by the psychical energy. Do not relay on medicines without involving the fundamental force. If ethic is neglected, any treatment appears to be a toxic bog. Vitamins are useless for an organism saturated with imperil. Good power penetrates only into the pure souls. But imperil is a fertile ground for all sorts of diseases. It is hard to burn away such sediments. When you take a medicine with the mental message of bliss to yourself, to the others, and to the whole world, then it becomes a disinfection for space as well. A healthy spirit makes a body healthy too.

226. Dizziness and further exhaustiveness and lack of force are connected with significant events and spatial changes. Striving invests a particle of your energy into the general stream of fighting between the Light Forces and the dark ones, and helps to gain a small victory as well as a big one. Sometimes dark ones can undermine the reliance with an impression of mutual vampirism. Don’t believe. Even small cooperation in the name of Light is dangerous for the darkness. Estimate all advantages and disadvantages of one another by your own mind and by your own heart, and try to understand, that the joint fiery work in the name of evolution is most significant and most valuable.

226à. Devotion helps to pass by any abyss, as long as it is sincere. Because devotion attracts the Teacher's energy, and when inter-growing with our spirits, it gives a creative impulse and helps to find the best possibilities. It is possible to turn whole hostile world into a camp of friends, when applying even a spark of this power.

The power of devotion means obtaining qualities of one, to whom you are devoted.

The events come together in an unexpected way, and the best consequences are attracted, if the Master is not just an empty sound, but a symphony of a loving heart. And the Master's Face becomes the Shield, the Boat, and the Beacon.

“The light of devotion dissipates darkness”. We won't feel dread, because the Brotherhood is at our side.

227. If you have a conscious idea about a labor for the good of mankind, even if it is just a vague dream, this is already the magnet, which moves the energies of light. Let’s be firm in the belief that the destiny of the world depends on us too.

The fragments of Aerolit were placed on the Path of Shiva’s Loop, the center point for the next race.

228. You can't notice a sage in a crowd. You may even consider him to be most poor and miserable person. Verily, one who carries the spiritual treasures may appear before the world in rags, having common people, tramps, and outlaws as friends. People’s blindness is so strong, that people can see only golden decoration on a body of a passer by. It is bitter to know that people are welcomed according to their clothes, and the verbiage is considered to be the knowledge, and disapproval - a good tone. It is hard to look above the earthly fog, when you are sinking deep in the ignorance. If you do not remember about the Higher World, the life becomes miserable. Spiritual poverty gives rise to the incredible deformities, which are excused by the people's vital necessities. Due to such way of thinking, the human life is so wretched.

229. A chalice of accumulations was usually awoken by dashing onto a breast during a prayer ecstasy. By rearing the eyes upwards, people used to recall the Higher Forces, which safeguard mankind. Presently we do not need the methods of self-castigation and the Yoga asanas. Now Yoga is fully transferred to the heart. An inward concentration practiced by the Orthodox “staretses”2 has superseded all magic techniques. If only there were veneration and gratitude. Spiritual advancing depends only on the sincerity of striving.

It is possible to deceive the crowds with meekness, but it is impossible to deceive either the Guru or your own heart. If shame burns your soul and whispers, that a custom is wrong, that the thread of divine sense, bonding the life is lacking, it means that the conscience is still living. The essence of light will not die. As long as the beacon of spirit burns above a head, a human being is not lost, and will not be lost in earthly darkness. At the bottom of the sea of temporality we carry the lamps with light - quite, tender, and inextinguishable. All troops of evil are not able to extinguish our hearts, linked to the Master by devotion, gratitude, and veneration. Even for a short moment let’s become like the Great Master who bears the burden of responsibility for the planet.

230. Think about the best, the quickest, and most complete way of application of the Unspeakable One’s Decree. Optimism is based on certainty, that the Brotherhood will help in any situation. The Decree for mobility and activity must be fulfilled by the force of heart. The town criers are not needed. The Decree is more silent, than the mountains at night and comes from the Great Heart to the small hearts. More properly, it is impossible to call any heart a small one, because the great potential of universal power and love of light is in each of them.

It is the Decree for permanent vigilance and carefulness.

It is the Decree for valour and fortitude.

It is the Decree for reverence and devotion.

It is the Decree for inventiveness and free initiative.

The Decree is like the wings, which elevate from the Earth towards the far-off worlds of Eternity.

The Master’s Face can tell a lot. One who listens hears.

231. The direct saturation of space means attraction of the spatial fire. When someone attracts the waves of the Fiery World, it is possible to observe the light phenomena. Crystallization of the fiery formations is visible for a sensitive heart. Verily, the fire spreads under the feet, and the path shines with the Celestial Light.

The fiery hieroinspiration is the bonfire of energies, in which all centers burn and the heart - first of all. The emissions of aura are intense and beautiful. The subtle fiery rays are attracted to the aura from all sides. The rainbow- colored waves are swayed by the subtle ether wind. It is celestial beauty and firm power. Enter this state more often. The more tense the sound of the silver string, the more powerful the intensiveness of fire. Usefulness for the world is great.

The Valley is free from the gray clouds, but the tails of people’s karmas trail wriggling. The Valley’s currents burn away these formations. But still there are people, behind which the dark ones can hide themselves. The densified astral comes down apace.

232. The cosmic magnetism determines a path of a spirit. The spirit self-determination is searching for it's own task on the path of thousands years long. If a heart resonates to the Cosmic Magnet, the response currents attract the full power of celestial bodies, which astrologically correspond to the incarnated spirit. The predestined path becomes most clear. The spiritual task will be realized most completely, if the spirit has not only joined the Master’s Ray, but has fully assimilated with it. The Master knows everything better than we do, and He manifests the destination of the spirit immediately.

Imbued with the force of celestial fire, the spirit becomes a center of gravitation via the heart. It becomes the earthly magnet of the Power of Light. The tentative thoughts about the service, the dreams, and the holy sparks gravitate to the kindled heart, and getting additional strength, return back. Verily, it is like the dynamo of spirit. The more you give, the more you get back.

The function of transmitting station is just the smallest one for the magnet. It has an inexhaustible source of the fundamental energy, because it is linked to the Cosmic Focus of Power. The Hierarchy of Celestial Forces is acting there too. The more pure your heart, the more strong fire it can accept, and then transfer it to the others according to an individual measure.

233. The forms of creation are inexhaustible. It is impossible to stop this exhaustless stream of a human spirit’s expression of the will. The flow of beauty, coming from cosmos, is insuppressible. If the flow stopped or the form became depleted, look for the reason in the reduction of psychic energy. Recovery of it's generation returns back sounding, intensity, and energy charge to the product of creation. Neither creation is possible without the psychic energy, which means without the heart, beside the dark creation. Idleness is the worst kind of the dark creation itself.

Mobility is the property of a spiritual searcher, a spiritual toiler. The mobile spirit’s findings are unusual. They are multiform and extraordinary in their manifestations. A carrier of the synthetic principle can be devoted, patient, and plodding. Mobility doesn't mean the impossibility of quiescent state. The literal meaning may make you smile, and you may imagine a long-distance runner. Mobility is the property of the energy of thought.

The complex of higher energies helps to relax a situation or to attract a predestined event. Do not relay only on the destiny, but keep working on the task with inner certainty and piece. One who has determined the task is already at the edge of the status of Arhat.

Work by the thoughts, embrace people by the heart, warm up the souls, which feel cold.

234. Refining of the psychic energy gives the higher quality to our searching. The refining rises us above the earthly vision and allows to see and to perceive the manifestations of life from the spiritual point of view. To accept the life through the spiritual centers means to elevate above Maya, otherwise it pulls down all its seven covers, and this makes hard to distinguish light from darkness.

Maya is the weapon of ignorance, and it defeats those who have sunk in the waves of tamas. Refining of the fundamental energy is refining of thinking, which leads to the changing of the quality of inner life: improving it and turning to light. In this case the train of Maya burns away in the rays of the Fiery Force. Aberration is the Maya-Loki's tool. Shiva, the Great God of Transcendental Wisdom, performs His cosmic dance on the body of Maya-Loki.

Only when we will suppress the nature of lowest manifestations, we will see the open Gates of Cosmic Wisdom. But tamas is matter, and it is necessary to make it to serve to the spirit's manifestations. Tamas and teros must work as one team.

Refining is the inner necessity for activity, or inner mobility. Changing of thinking and managing of the psychic energy is exactly spiritual mobility itself, which provides the outer mobility as well.

235. An ungrounded fear, suspicion, and bashfulness always appear to be an obstacle to the successful activities. A small gray nibble of fear intoxicates the power of energy of heart and curves it. The energy can’t get into the focus of the predestined events due to such deflection. The arrow of karma brakes, and what was predestined becomes unrealized.

Confidence and slight uprating of one's own capabilities gives the magnet, which facilitates advancing. The anchor of the future should be far away ahead, and one should strain after it. Any sort of fear and diffidence is inorganic for the nature of heart. It is special valor to move strait to your destiny. Do not be afraid to open a door of success and pronounce a firm word. Not suppliant, but regal and firm intonation persuades, because the Brotherhood is at our side.

236. It is impossible to overfill a heart with good energies, for the heart itself is the sun of suns. The Teacher always comes through the heart, but then His Voice resonates in the Chalice and transfers to the spiritual hearing. It seems that something sounds from space, accompanied with a wonderful melody. The earthly words are only rude and dense reflection of the subtle currents, which keep inside some innermost sounds beyond a consciousness. These Calls come from inside and from afar at the same time.

The heart doesn’t know the limits of fiery tension. The heart is the vessel, which contains the fiery essence of the future. The heart is the torch of alight knowledge. The heart is the Master’s Eyes. The heart is the Guard of the White Mountain. In it's own tense power the heart is the inextinguishable flame. The heart is the reservoir of the past and of the future.

The Chalice of valuable accumulations shines with new manifestations. We carry our gift to the Beloved Master. Like the precious stones the fiery accumulations are: the sparks of most high inspiration and delight; the sparks of thankfulness and gratitude; the sparks of spiritual prayers.

237. Open the gates of your hearts, a success is coming! I repeat twice – the success! As far as the Message of Light is of great importance for a spirit, which has passed through the thousands of years. The celestial success will have a mundane projection.

One, who considers the earthly life as the field of most high achievements, will stay on this field. But what about the one, who is aimed to the higher life, won’t he lose himself in the confusion before magnificence of the Divine Light? It is hard to percieve the Fiery Being. Will he have enough daring to approach the spheres of the Fiery World?

Blessed is the daring, but a sensitive heart will not allow making an odd wing flap. The spirit knows the proper measure. A suffering earthly body does not suppress admiration and joy from the feelings of purity and sanctity. One who was there walks as a column of light. The Armour of the Fiery World glistens on him. The Master’s Winged Helmet shines as a dazzling star of the sign of essence. The sword of faith, the sword of firm knowledge emanates from the right palm of the warrior. The shield of the Silver Ray is plaited hard.

Sometimes a dream is stronger than an evidence, as long as it is more real and efficient.

238. “Carefulness is necessary in any world”. We live as if cutting through the hordes of enemies.

Feel the flush of solemn intensive joy. The enthusiasm caused with the White Ray - is the happiness, which imbues whole essence. Even invisible presence of the Master causes an immeasurably high feeling. His touch to an aura may be compared with the high selfless love at the moments of most high strain of the best strings of a soul. One, who has experienced this once, stays in the waves of immeasurable exultation, which saturates entire essence, every cell of it. Every sound and manifestation of the White Ray will cause the ecstasy and the heartfelt feeling of uniting with one of Most High Entities of the planet.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice at bad things and at good things. Joy contains the highest power of charisma. Joy is the medicine from despondency and unbelief. Can anything else be compared with the creative and never-dying joy? The energy of joy grows due to success and then transforms into the happiness of being. Life on the Earth is hard, but it is possible to make it incomparable happy. Joy is special wisdom!

239. The fear of death cuts off the wire of karma from longevity. One must not touch the strings of highest being. Immortality is forged inside a heart. Blessing to those who don’t see interruptions in life, but do see one whole field of activity.

The ruby shell can strengthen protection, but instead the fear makes the nerve endings die away. Death is the astral fog, created in order to separate the mundane world from the world of Higher Magnificence. But one, who follows the Path of Light knows, that life never ends. How it is possible to be afraid of anything, if theHigher Help is in everything?!

Go ahead fearlessly. Learn to leave a dense body consciously even during the earthly life. There already were experiments at Verkhnii Uimon.

240. There are formations in a human organism, which directly receive the cosmic energies. These are the chromosomes. They carry the codes of our deep memory. Doesn’t it prove, that heavens is our motherland and that we are the children of cosmos, and space is our only home?

241. An exulting spirit can stand any aggression. The attacks for him are only accumulation of experience of struggling with the dark horde. Exultation attracts the world waves of triumph.

242. Podvig is impossible in contentment and prosperity. One, who has passed the way of suffering, values each tear, which drops from the brother’s eyes. Podvig, as the highest tension of striving, consumes a lot of force. Don’t be surprised with illnesses and breakdowns. Dark ones never lose a moment for the attack. Strive toward Me with your spirit, and My Ray will dissolve the hostile visitors. But a physical body is subject to the earthly laws. The air of lowlands is heavy, but it is necessary to walk without interruptions until you get higher. The path runs not always through the desired places.

243. If a heart magnet is not formed, a spirit stays alone for a long time, and even in the Subtle World. Unity and co-working attracts the friends particularly with the heart magnet.

“A minute preserves it's best manifestation”. The footsteps of time are mysterious. The moments of exultation are filled with the terms of achievements. The pace of predestined events is urgent. We have to wait for an outcome. The Power of Fire patronizes the Valley. The Celestial Bird of Fortune embraces the nestlings of Light.

The manifestations of densified astral will become more frequent and strong. You are testing the sharpness of the sword of spirit.

244. Studying all details of gratitude, we may make a conclusion, that any kind of gratitude together with devotion was forged and hardened in the suffering, oppressions, and difficulties. At most difficult moments, when despair filled the heart, Our Ray helped to find a light thread in the karmic tissue, a link with the Citadel of Bliss and with the Teaching of Light. These threads became a backing for a new pattern of the events of life, if a carrier did not hinder by blurring to fulfill an incarnation task. Gratitude emitted a wave of thankfulness to the Higher Masters, which then returned back strengthened with the Highest Bliss. This is the way how the chain armour of devotion is plaited.

The feeling of the Master’s energies gives the immeasurable force and the wish to execute the work of Light more exactly, better, and higher. Your work is not yet visible on the Earth, but in the Subtle World the Lightful Force of Shambhala Warriors grows. Valor and fearlessness comes up from devotion. The Warrior of Light, which firmly fulfills My Decree, is not afraid to strike against the hordes of hell. But the dark ones have invented new methods of penetration. They hide themselves in the shadows of good and almost pure people, trying to debauch their thoughts and souls.

245. Love is the highest manifestation of the fundamental energy. The creative lightnings burn inside this power. The primeval rumbling of Creation gives birth to the divine music of spheres.

Yet how necessary it is to love mankind, that love to it reaches such tension, when the bloody sweat drops down from the Masters’ foreheads! Isn’t the Celestial Purple the reflection of this manifestation in everyone’s aura?

The roses are the blessed flowers of Celestial Love. The drops of divine sweat turn into the red roses, when dropping onto the mundane world. And the pain, which pierces the Higher Hearts, turns into the sharp thorns on the roses’ stems.

246. Observe people at the everydayness, not at the spiritual holidays. You will get an educative picture of the application of the Living Ethics in life. Not ultramundane existence, not the idle talks about the Higher Forces, not rupture and eulogies determine the degree of recognition of the importance of Teaching, but specifically the everydayness.

It is difficult to adopt the Decree about friendliness and discernment. It is difficult to accept it for the execution. It is difficult to project these valuables on every moment of the every day life. Check the comers for this particular quality. If this step is not yet achieved, better not to go higher. The everydayness forms the bricks for the future construction.

247. The flood of powerful joy is the voice of strait-knowledge. The waves of such feelings are quite seldom. The pressure of lower layers increases, the dark inspirers force their way to the purest places.

The attacks are only the illustrations of the Universal Battle. It is difficult to understand how it goes. Only the Great Souls can see from Their Towers the general intention of the enemies. But the courageous heart exults from the participation in fights. The swords kindle from the tension with light, never seen before. The sparks from clashes scatter and hit the dark ones. New streams of the martial energies give rise to the spatial enthusiasm, which protects the timid hearts.

Passivity is the destiny of the warm-blooded ones. The fiery hearts are eager to fight. It is necessary to set the burning heart’s focus, where it is possible to light up a situation.

248. Rudeness is based on the destruction of high energies. A strong-willed order may be mental. The crowds of gapers in the street, looking how someone gives orders to the other one, need not be gathered. Let’s supersede the thundering voice with the gentle one. The effect will not be less. Let’s seek for the refinement in everything.

Tell to the unbelievers: if they do not know, what Our Communications are, they do not need to approach the Fire of Teaching. This grant is for everyone, but I am not going to advertise it. Everyone has the right to choose. The doubts about the purity of Source are offensive. Each small stone, which falls into the spring from under a car wheel, intends to muddy the source. But the mud sediments and the stream becomes clean again. Don’t be astonished with human ignorance.

The Communications come from the Group or the Community. My Voice could be heard in all exhortations; but there could be the thoughts of the Masters as well. But this is not the main point. Impregnating the Valley with My Energies – that is the Decree of the urgent hour. This was understood in due time.

I tell you: lack of rudeness is not the cowardice. But I warn you, that each roaring at home is the manifestation of darkness. Accustom yourself to take care of the home atmosphere even at the cost of the inner efforts.

The Beacon of Eternity lights up again. Render help, but don’t saddle yourself with other people’s burden. Human lust, envy, and egotism hinders the densified astral.

The unburned astral body of the lower order prevents the fire from approaching the planet. People’s selfhood has created the too tough buffer. The currents of fire burn through the dark mass and meet the Earth's psychic energy. This is the way, how the columns of light or the communication channels are formed by the spatial fire, which then burn through the astral constructions.

249. The roots of all languages are spiritual and highly mystical. Russian language contains traditions of Egyptian language and of Sanskrit. Let’s take as an example the “Ra” syllable, which starts many words, such as Radost (joy), Raduga (rainbow), Ramena (Shoulders), and Razluka (parting). It is possible to continue endlessly.

Some day you will discover the presence of cosmic properties in the alphabet – the seventh key of earthly letters. Correct pronunciation will be used for healing and resurrection. The future preserves a lot. We do not know a seed of which flower the wind will bring. Only flying pollen is visible.

The root of the names Rus (Russia) and Urus means light, fire, heat, which are connected with Ura (hurrah) and Urusvati. The Sun was considered to be the ancestor of human beings, and everyone carries It's ray. The pillars of gates and of porch usually were painted in red color, the color of sun. That is why the Kremlin square is Red – sunny and fiery.

It is educative to dive into the music of protolanguages, because the nation’s wisdom is hidden in the meanings, which come from the ancient times. It is useful to know the nation in the midst of which you are living.

250. Coarsening of the consciousness is harmful with separation from the higher energies and from the Supermundane World. The absolute rule of the free will acts according to the mundane laws; and along with this the divine laws are violated. The fury of darkness rejects the beneficent rays. The dangerous actions, which lead to the breakage of the governing thread are the flagitious disregard of world’s and self accumulations. Remember about the fiery responsibility before the future, the evolution, and the Light Forces. The Master of the Worlds will not allow to dishonour the holy land.

Where is spirituality, where are the thoughts about goodness, if the flagitious decay has penetrated even into the family relations? On the threshold of New Epoch, to the bottom of your heart grasp the importance of your immediate changing, otherwise you will be late. It is necessary to meet the arrival of the New World with the pure heart and full perception of the solemnity and importance of the moment. The empty integuments of bitterness, habits, and survivals are to be left behind. The striving to eliminate everything odd overgrows into the understanding. But it is necessary to be in time, before the promised term comes.

251. The time becomes more and more dense. The crystal of Time is faceted by the Divine Karma. When the crystal is faceted, it becomes imperishable. While clarifying, the energies of karma make the crystal transparent.

Immortality can be achieved by depletion of the karma of desires, of the karma of actions, and of karma of lower thoughts. A simple crystal turns into a diamond under the effect of the fiery currents of the Master’s Ray. The time stops to weigh upon the spatial energies.

The balance of principles was violated, but currently the principles obtain equality. According to the law of compensation, after thousands of years of the oppression of feminine principle, the era of Feminine Rise comes – the Era of the Mother of the World. Respect to a woman, veneration of the principle, which grants life, will turn the mundane evolution to the proper direction. Rising of the feminine dignity, culture, and regalness will enrich humanity with new initiatives. The crystal of woman’s heart will give a lot to the world. A free mother will rise a human being up to the level of the titan of spirit. The Mother of the World's Power will grant benefit and piece to the planet and to the Higher Worlds.

252. In the current situation, when spirit changes under the influence of striving, one must not stay with the squalor of earthly mind. The tail of prejudices and ignorance can drug endlessly. It must be cut off by the sword of the crystallized will as a needless atavism. The new growth of spirit requires the new forms of consciousness and understanding. The responsibility tensions the walking one so much, that he sounds like a stretched string, and even an unwitting shout may make him fall down from the path.

Circumspection is not a minor quality among the Warrior of Spirit's virtues. It is easy to slip down, but the highest tension of spirit is necessary for holding up. Not at once we are learning to withstand the attacks, not at once the pre-sensation of events develops. The lessons of courage are to be repeated many times, before the will becomes the citadel of spirit. The citadel of spirit is build from the crystals of the will. The fiery super-effort fuses the precious stones.

You are tired because you are the conductor of spatial fire. Some rest is needed. You know that a wire may blow out due to a high current. It is necessary to refine yourself in order to conduct the higher current. The metal of aura should become more precious as well.

It is difficult to go through the everyday life.

253. The earthly loneliness surrounds the high spirits. A crowd never accepts a person, when feels that he is of the next-higher order. The advanced disciples usually suffer from estimating mankind according to their own inner qualities, so overestimating the capabilities of crowd.

It is hard to break through the earthly shell; and before a nestling of light gets out, he may asphyxiate in his own manifestations. One, who made an inner decision to follow the fiery path, does not know yet, what he is going to face. Verily, some times he may not be able to recognize himself due to many reactions and the horrible avalanche of inharmonious thoughts. It is as if the dark insects are crawling from inside because of the heat of kindled heart.

“Loneliness, often the absolute one, is needed for the spiritual growth”. It is difficult to detect a co-worker. Many things may prevent such meetings. First of all, it is the dark ones’ fear of the Light Forces' new cooperation and of the establishing of even small, but very important new focus of Light. Many spirits are lonesome, even when surrounded with the crowds of admirers, because their ideal is much higher than the human consciousness.

254. A cross, which is taken on the shoulders by each of you, is heavy. Careful attitude towards every spark of light is meritorious. The rational thrift is welcomed by the fiery co-workers.

The heavenly thunder will not frighten one who is seeking for bliss, but a fine song of a skylark will announce the arrival of New Dawn. The decay of mood is like the litmus paper for detecting the outflow of energies. Where the interest is gone, a kindled heart need not be looked for. An astral body is subject to the fiery order. The time of the extirpation of wrong qualities is over. Now it is time to be severe towards yourself.

255. Misanthropy now obtains the form of sciolism. The silicone formations are applicable only for making the artificial organs.

Zvenigorod is waiting for the promised term.

These energies are the “black hole”. They split the higher currents and pull them to the center of the planet. The vortical column of high degree of involution, as per Altai estimation, is very dangerous place. The magnet directionality of human poles changes. The human spiritual structure breaks. Instead of the Fiery Spheres people strive to the depth of astral. It is typical of those who are ambitious of power. It is very powerful dark grouping.

The space-time indicators may change under the conditions of “black hole”; and healing, rejuvenation, or even obtaining of physical immortality may occur. But the higher centers die away deprived of the Higher Ray. Muladhara dominates over everything. The dead immortality is the result. The power of gravitation is changed to the opposite sign. Levitation of material items is possible. The laboratory of dark mastership harms the general plan of Light. One of the tasks is to localize the contaminating focus.

Growth of the columns of light will increase as long as the cooperation accrues. The bow of energies will transform into the fiery column.

The destruction of spirit goes on drop by drop. The stones absorb the poison of dark self-will. The seeds of evil are already thrown into the soil. The strong heat is needed to burn them away throughout whole space. The weed seeders’ fate is not a gaudy lot.

256. The higher the current of solemnity, the purer the receiving of Highest Thought. It is not so easy to sound in unison with the Master’s Ray. Vibrations of joy of converse help to perceive the meaning.

Immortality within evil is horrible. Only the fiery waves of the sacred columns can inundate the caverns of darkness. It is difficult to treat the old wounds. Aren’t the weeds trying to choke the best plantlets? Verily, the human fields are getting weeded, when people’s hearts are not able to discern the living seeds and the dead ones.

Keep working! The Hierarchy will help. The task is of great importance. Contamination may spread wide. When eating away the spiritual ores of space, aren’t we similar to most vile destructors of our own home? Remember, the Promised Term is close.

257. Many of those, who have approached the Teaching, complain that the sleep-dreams become loaded with nightmares and bad images. When someone accepts the Teaching and establishes the limits and the protection on the mundane plane, he eliminates the karmic elements on the physical plane. But there is also karma of senses and desires, which may burn away only at the Subtle Plane. So, don’t be surprised, because rats and cockroaches are running away from a burning house; but if the house is made of gold, it starts glistening more bright than previously. Despair is a bad helper. Be kind and conscious in the world of feelings. It is not easy to get rid of Kama-Loki. Only cognition and super-tension helps to evaporate the astral. When the senses become united and transform into the strait-knowledge, then the separation of astral takes place.

258. Mental compression of an aura, or surrounding it with the consciousness, pushes the energies up through the energy column and kindles the higher centers. Watch the low part of the aura. It is there the astral serpents crowd and nestle. Get rid of the astral rubbish. Burn off everything, which hinders the advancement. The longstanding debts thunder like the karmic fetters. Only the fiery ray of selflessness can cut the chains, which prevent the ascending. But if it is possible to find even a palm of gold sand in the gray dust, this palm of gold sand will fuse into the nugget and return to light. The golden gas exists only in the higher spheres of spirit.

259. A wicked curiosity leads the gnomes. They do not realize, what they are doing. Destruction of the Temple of Spirit spells the hard return impact in the form of an earthquake or a fire. Collect the whole power of heart in order to intensify the space energy. Wives will help, if properly directed. The method of parallel communication will be helpful. They have to co-operate for the sake of bliss, because of the experience of motherhood. Mother of the World's string must sound and purify the waves of space. Neither of cunning helps the gnomes to avoid the misfortune.

260. “If something is admitted, it means that it is needful and may give a use”. Sometimes a karmic pattern is so complex, that only a mosaic of black and white tiles discloses it. “Whatever God does is for the best,” as the ancient proverb says. Even a devil may be of a usefulness. The genies also built the temples. Only Masters know, where the ready event is to be placed. Several small occurrences compose the event, which changes the direction of thinking or the way of action. The decision of heart to burn and never extinguish is very important. It never gets tired from the striving. The stronger the heart shines, the brighter the fire is.

261. The zone makes vampires from people, who contacts it. A person obtains a mechanical and automatic thinking and loses a creative impulse. A pathway of incarnation becomes crossed out. The space dimension changes to the negative one. More and more people become involved in this devil’s play.

You are pressed for time. Do not miss even a moment, and render your help to Light. Directing of the Ray is your test and your work for space too. The planet’s wounds are to be filled with Light. The power of fire is with you.

261à. It is necessary to understand the polarity of manifestations and the unity of opposites.

Sergius has helped already and will help many times more. Your devotion towards Him, which means towards Me, was forged for tens thousands of years.

My every incarnation is the experience of divisibility of spirit. The divisibility of spirit is the degree of Arhat. Division of the spirit is the expansion of possibilities of the Fiery Experience. In the future you will create multiple “I”-s with the spiritual functions. These will be not the phantoms but the beings, which are similar to you. The higher you are, the more Divine qualities you get.

The Atman Consciousness starts to shine. The way to It is a persistent podvig. No need to brandish a sword or ride on horseback lowering a spear. The battles have transferred to the subtle spheres.

The Fiery Thought is the Sword and the Shield. The Fiery Thought is the Creator and the Constructor. The Fiery Thought is the Leader of nations and the Mistress of Ideas. The Feminine Principle is involved here as well. She is Eternity, Universe, and Cosmos.

262. The intentional evil thoughts are worse, than the direct physical deed of evil. The chemistry of evil thoughts poisons both the originator and the surrounding space. The evil thoughts, together with the rancor, like the poisonous root always grows into the aura in the form of black zigzags. Not at once this viper penetrates into the consciousness. When feeling approaching of the black wave, banish the evil will with the fiery ray of heart.

263. The words are not of great importance. Most important, what is behind the words. Feeling yourself pure and immaculate is one of the volitional exercises. Fill up yourself with the silver fire. Hold the image of shining and pure aura moment by moment. This facilitates My current.

Keep on hand various brushes to clean the dusty clothes of the past. A vacuum cleaner collects dust more efficiently, but it may tear off the plantlets of flowers of knowledge.

The outline of the future is completed. But where is your dash in this divine scheme? If we imagine the future as a celestial map, is there the star of your monad? Don’t be late. Verily, everything speeds up to the unbelievable rate. Karma rolls it's scrolls. There is no time for slow depleting of karma. Only the bird’s flight left. The time of the ant’s crawling is over.

Stretch the wings of spirit! The Home Nest is already prepared at the Summits of Light. Increase the power of your wings! The wings grow only from the heart. Keep your heart strained and kindled, and the rays will plait the wings of podvig. Podvig alone gives an impulse for the rapid takeoff. Solemnity of intensive striving leads to the allowable measure. Beauty alone is the sister of the measure, and the purposefulness stands nearby. Everything is included by the fiery purpose, which is the focus of spiritual task.

264. Miserable thinking is a quay for the ships of evil. I repeat once more – go by the higher path! Generosity extends the horizon of spirit. Be the royals, but not the slaves! If the Harbor of Light receives the balls of energies, then darkness is not frightful. The royal pace burns through the gloom.

The torrent of thoughts doesn't leave enough time to record them, and it is typical for the action of Ray. The Ray strikes the Chalice, awaking the accumulated mental symbols. As if the resin melts in the rays of sun and emits the aroma of accumulations. Sometimes the Ray guides from the very beginning of the creative process. The frequency of vibrations of light determines the value of the records. The concentration of bliss indicates the depth of wisdom. The currents of space fire fuse with the words. The vessel with beneficent energies we open with the help of sound. Pronounced means recorded in Akasha Chronicles.

265. The eyes, which are open to beauty, are good co-workers for the fiery heart. People may be determined according to this quality. It is possible to affirm with confidence, that a spirit, which can feel beauty, is not lost for evolution. A seeking soul catches the light of beauty crystallized in a work of art or in an item of every day use. Feel keenly every wave, which kindls the beautiful quality!

266. Neutralization and further back magnetization of the negative zones goes on via application of the fiery structures of the higher plane. A pyramid, as a crystal of universal construction, is good for the form of an astral teraph, by stratifying which it is possible to affect the negative structures by the thoughts. The pyramid heightens the energy like a step-up transformer. Instead of pumping the energies downwards, the pyramid pulls in the lower earthly energies and transforms them into the fiery ones.

The crystal of pyramid is involved in the karmic constructions as well. A heart pulls in the bad forces of fate and transforms them into the best opportunities and success, and then, constructing an order of spiritual achievements, it conducts the consciousness to the level of Sat-Chit-Ananda, which means to the cosmic Way of Shiva the God of Wisdom.

The feminine current needs to be concentrated. Mother of the World's Forces are to be gathered together in spite of anything. The more especially as the Earth is the feminine planet. All things here manifest and form through evolution, which is the same as prenatal development. Only an Arhat is already a born one.

Stretch upwards as a rose stretches to the Sun. With all atoms of your soul realize the necessity of growth. The spirit responds to the sonorous and pure thoughts. The fiery path waits from long ago.

267. I have many Faces. Your dreams are the moments of our meetings. Don’t feel strange due to My various Appearances. From the esoteric point of view I look differently. But that’s not the point.

The will magnet forges the teraph. The spiritual atom records the monad’s fiery history. There are no pages crossed out from there. There are only the moments of exaltation and admiration. There is the triumphant melody of creative fire.

It is difficult to contain the star way. The earthly laws are too primitive for a star wayfarer. The same is with the earthly knowledge: it can’t satisfy him, because he is aware of another criterion of wisdom. The sorrow comes from the unbearable pity for human children, so clever and kind, but spiritually blind.

The Teachers of charisma and heartfelt joy will also knock at your doors. Don’t take them for the tramps!

268. The earthly stratums wear down strongly and cause pains. It is very hard for a person who is ahead of the time. He is like a white bird over a factory pipe: the feathers are dirty and it is hard to breath. But the wings will carry over darkness. Even if you inhale the poisoned air and become smoky, in any case remember, that your essence always stays pure and immaculate. Self poisoning or what is getting from inside is the worst.

269. You will perceive a lot via My Face. The waves of the future turn into the mirror before one who has perceived the secret of Face. I communicate with one who has walked alongside of Me and of My associates. Appraise accordingly the significance of our Communications. My Face is the Fiery Gates opened to the Eternity of Cognition of Spiritual Life. My Face is the Arrow, piercing the Eternity. My Face is the Lightful Shield, protecting from the darkness. My Face is the Sword in the Battle for the Victory of Light. My Face is the Master of Force. My Face is the Master of Flaming Weapon. Sometimes the wave of aroma flows, which is the scent of Fiery Cognition.

The Pyramid will forge the new destiny for the Valley, and manifest the furnace for the transmutation of energies.

Follow My Way without backward glance or hesitation. You will straighten the Way and involve the others. The Way of the Sword of Spirit is the Way of Balance and of the Royal Peace of Higher Strain. One should not step too strong or too gentle. The golden middle was taught.

The Pyramid will twist the currents of karma into the Governing Ray. We will not permit the magic at this place. The rocks will fall down. Only the gold of higher feelings will not fade.

With the help of the Pyramid you will prevent coming out of the dragon.

270. The tireless service and shifting to various activities, in order to overcome the tiredness, is a very important feature of the Teaching. Don’t get too tired, otherwise you will admit the unwelcome guests. A heart strengthens gradually. The lunar nature must be considered. Handle with care the predestined gifts. You will need the force further. The concentration of power results in the incandescent manifestations. Compression of the currents provides the explosion, which is directed to the sphere of spirit.

271. All difficulties come out of deviation from the path. The sharp angles of breaks produce shadow, where insects, that have left the home, hide. The strait path doesn’t produce shadow. A disciple walks like a column of light. While kindling, the spiritual atom covers him with the sphere of it's energies.

A soul is septenary, as well as whole cosmic structure. The flame of candle is most pictorial example. The animal soul is like the smoke over the fire. The spiritual soul is like most bright and transparent part in the very center.

272. Intensive striving forms the fiery discharges in space. Concentration of such discharges creates the planetary crystals of bliss, which are the egregores of powerful spiritual force, and have an influence on the events of country, or even of planet, scale.

273. Intellect as it is, is the originator of dark magic. Only the spiritual forceis able to balance and apply the dangerous knowledge. The case of the zone is pictorial.

274. Love may have many levels of tension. In small-scale it is attraction, manifestation of best qualities; the positive phase of being. As any other God’s manifestation, love has a special feature, which is development in Eternity. The high intensity of love means, that one doesn’t feel either cold or heat; either thirst or hunger; either day or night; he doesn’t see anything around and his heart sees only the object of adoration, and strives only to this object. Isn’t it the highest concentration of bhakta? When joining with the object of your dreams you reach the Gardens of Bliss. My Face is the Path of Love.

275. Verily, mankind forgot the way home. One thinks that a hut is his home, another one considers a house as his home, the third one - a cave, but all of us are from the Firmament. The Fiery Ocean of Light is our Home. Improvement, progress, and overexertion are just the attempts to get back. But it is so hard to extract the earthly roots. Humanity grew in the planet with all fibers of souls. It is so painful to tear off this originless connection. Even a tooth is extracted with an insufferable pain. That is why we know and remember a lot of things that seems to be fantastic or false. But a human heart contains much more than a most fertile imagination can produce. Although, the imagination is the crystallized accumulated reality.

276. The spheres are moving. The hell has carried over all it's forces to the earth long ago. Almost all astral is coated with the carbon clouds. Horrible constructions hulk up one over another. It is so difficult to break through the lower spheres. The prayers with not enough power crash against the astral. For this reason, let’s unite our hearts and courageously and firmly, never losing the link with the Great Heart, direct the fire upwards. Not a little was given to a human being. No darkness procreations dare to hinder or destroy the Ray, otherwise they will be burned down or will get a deadly scorch.

276à. The fiery immunity really saves from obsession. Baking soda with milk or with hot water creates a link with the fiery manifestations if used regularly.

So, this sleep dream is significant. More additions to the explanation. All these people are your incarnations, which were crossed out. By your work you restore them to life or correct your past. All the more, you gave them to drink from your Chalice. Only your own impressions are accumulated in the Chalice. Don't loosen the bridle of spirit. Diseases are simply obstacles. Don't come under the influence of general mood, although it is very difficult. The waves of passionate desires will be burned down.

277. You are growing under the Ray. Affirm the trust everywhere you can. The fiery rain of bliss destroys one person, but helps to grow up to the other one.

Many things are plaited into our lives. Sometimes we touch same aspects of being, but in the ascending progression. A spiral goes into eternal memory, although the threads are tightly close to one another. All constructions, both cosmic and mundane, grow according to this principal. The sequence of our actions shows, how the proper reaction of best qualities developed and grew stronger.

277à. Success is in the space of the Future. You are going by My Way. Gold will flow to your hands, but it won't have any power over you. We will meet at the Saadi's garden.

A rose and a rose garden doesn't allow the imperil in. Plant more roses. They are very keen to the blissful energies and respond to the heart currents. Cultivate love to the Higher Forces, same as you do with the roses; not an abstract love, which you may repudiate, but the love full of responsibility, the love, which strives and grows; the love, which is capable of self-sacrifice and of fearlessness.

Love makes the worlds move. It is love that charges our thoughts with the subtlest energies of Bliss. It is love of mercy, but not of hate.

Knowledge, karma, and love come together to one point like the shining Pyramid.

Remember about the Garden of Roses. “Guliston” may be yours as well.

It is hard to withstand the surf of energies. But a skilled sailor knows, what to do during a storm. Peace and balance is the best protection at the terrible hour.

278. Extension and sharpening of the thinking leads to the refining of psychic energy. Whereon a common person is not able to see an origin of event, an Agni yogi observes it’s development. The Living Ethics gives qualities of an adept to a follower. It is not the collection of poems, but the severe Teaching of Life. When you crystallize it, you become a man of the future.

It is difficult to transmute the thinking. It is prone to involution. A mirthless mind is used to see death, sorrow, and destruction everywhere. But the mind, which is free from chaos and evil, is fine and happy, and sees the signs of beauty first of all and everywhere.

It is difficult, when the nest of vipers is by your side. The higher the spirit’s comprehension, the more furious manifestations of chaos. There is no better school than a family.

279. Water not only dissolves salts or poisons. Due to it's saturating structure, it absorbs the fundamental energy, information, and any sorts of currents as well. Depending on a purpose, it may become beneficial or harmful. Accumulating the energy potential from the prayers and mantras, it treats many diseases. Thereby water may be used as a nutrition. It was proved with experiments, that it has both memory and consciousness. In the future water will return back to it's subtler form, which is ether. The elemental spirits of water are graceful and patient, but they are vindictive and horrible in rage. It is difficult to stop them until they fully deplete the negative energy.

280. The way to immortality is to be laid out with the every day labor efforts and the permanent memory about the service and truth. The expression “Water of Immortality” determines a degree of a disciple’s devotion and his readiness to reject the worldly amenities. A spark of spirit is eternal, but the accumulations of consciousness are to be collected by the hard work.

An aura is like a vessel with the energies, where the component of spirituality is dissolved. The higher concentration of spirituality, the closer the disciple is to the service without death. The aura may lose the radiation, but the spark of spirit, or a monad, will wait for the opportune hour for millions and millions years, till the conditions for incarnation appear, and the long way of evolution will start from the beginning. This may happen in case of the planet downfall or in case of pralaya.

The “Water of Immortality” is Akasha, and whole knowledge, which was, is, and will be, is dissolved in these Chronicles.

281. The form of the doctrine of communism, which exists in our world, has become outdated as a nursery of the parasites and the boarders. Careerism and spiritual nihilism never leads to the prosperity. Communism in its highest phase is a moral and spiritual community. All its members work for common wealth, without inner degradation, and being aware that no element or coworker of the community can exist without self-cultivation. Communism is a small Shambhala for every collective of people.

Look, how a human organism works for life support. The work functions are shared reasonably and there is no even a cell which is idle, which means without spiritual power. These cells form the common warrior-host of the workers. It is not without reason that the ants and the bees are given to us as the edification. Everything is subject to the high discipline and is similar to a good family – common efforts, common interests, and a common purpose.

282. The psychic energy of the new planet enters the phase of cleaning of the Earth. Burning down the wastes of the Subtle World allows changing entire karma of the planet. The terms of cataclysms are not simply postponed. It was said, that it is possible to avoid the catastrophes if assimilation of the consciousnesses helps against the planet’s illnesses. Best spirits from other planets are incarnating. The human material becomes more flexible and spiritual. The changes in the human consciousnesses may spread out like the chain reaction. The celestial body is not far, and will become visible soon. The pressure of the layers of the Fiery World is strong.

283. A man is assigned as a guard of space. It is his radiation that saturates space with benevolence or with venom. The field of mental activities is in space; the sphere of sensitive reaction is in space as well. There are almost no roots, which link the man to the Earth. But it is the man himself who has contaminated the Subtle World and the Earth - the Eden Garden - with imperil and with all sorts of Satan’s inspirations. The celestial paradise was transformed into the pandemonium. But the human being was allowed to become the cleaner of the world.

A guard is always armed with a spear, a shield, and a sword. His armour, the armour of the flame of light, is as a beacon, which leads the sailors of life through darkness. A torch of the heart alone can bring light into the darkness of ignorance. The torch of the heart alone will clean away the stench of darkness from the world. The torch of the heart alone will show the direction of the path.

284. “A yogi ceases the quarrels”. The yogi knows, that the dissonance of rumble of the clot of hate spreads over the far-off worlds. The yogi knows, that truth never sprouts in the controversy. It is simply wasting of the valuable efforts and breaking in vain the swords of tension. Of course, when tensioning, we intensify the power of radiation, but the distinction between indignation and irritation is so thin. The quarrel is the senseless mutual blaming. The quarrel is the shout of a deaf consciousness. The quarrel is the outflow of a venom. But who can neutralize this venom? The rumbling of the quarrel is ruder than the noise of the rolling stones.

284à. A doubt is like a slime, it doesn't allow the Ray through. Be firmly sure, that you have Communications with Me. Even if the aura vibrates, the part of the energies penetrates deep inside and lies dawn on a clean sheet of paper. Believe and follow! Display frankness and sincerity, because you touch the Innermost and most High Current of Spirit. Try and stratify your energy in the bedroom, at least on one place.

A thought must be efficient. The thought can't sleep. The flight and creation is its natural state. It is a creative lightning. It kindles up the beauty. It is the bird of happiness.

285. “Sooner or later the chosen ideal will be reflected in ourselves”. In the innermost dreams everyone sees himself most close to his ideal. The Teacher’s Image deposits the energies of highest veneration, devotion, and love in the spiritual sphere. The accumulations of these pure energies become the Guru’s Magnet. The strength of fiery joy will sound until it develops into the happiness of approaching, into the moment of the solemn meeting with the Supreme. Everything attracts due to similarity and correspondence. The finest strings of a spirit is that very most powerful fiery force.

Be blessed those who remember about the Master at any hour throughout day and night, and who are ready to share His Work!

286. Those spirits who have almost depleted their karma feel the earthly heaviness. Tiredness and a sort of oppression results from the densifying of aura due to burning down of the astral elements. The pressure of fiery currents is so strong, that it is difficult to keep a consciousness clear. Something from the other plane intrudes into the thinking: the images, the signs and the symbols, the spirals and the stars. There may be the complex dreams or the simple signs. But all of them have the same meaning: the new knowledge is coming.

Approaching of the new planet provides the new energies. The forces, that sleep in the grain of spirit and respond to the energies of the future, wake up in people. The heavens bring the cognition of the future.

287. The currents of thoughts are very dense. Verily, there is a torrent of signs. But what fields it will water, and what kind of crops will be there? The treasures are falling down from the heavens. But very few people can accept them as a blessing.

For the achievements we pay the price of the time, the energy, and the other manifestations of human life. Striving and spiritual efforts determine only the quality of growth. The desire to grow lies deep inside a human being. There is no such a being, who doesn’t want to develop. To grow in the new conditions means to perceive the currents of the Race, which has come already. The replacement has already happened on the Fiery Plane. The mental magnets on the Earth by their radiation turn on the tension of the New World. With all heart, with entire essence let’s accept the waves of the future and of what has come already.

288. It is unlikely that the Mother of Agni Yoga and Fujama may be mentioned by people among the foremost of the twentieth century. It must be noted that people who have made more than any one else for the entire world, are staying on the background. People’s oblivion and envy can never acknowledge the worthy ones.

Each being is saturated with the smell of selfness. That’s a pity to see people elbowing in a crowd in order to grasp a tasty morsel. But in the Worldwide Chronicles another achievements will be recorded.

289. Recognition of the Supermundane already goes on.

The lucent celestial bodies will start shining. The Akasha records will be opened. It will be possible to see the inhabitants of the other planets and stars and to communicate with them. Refining and shifting of the consciousness will result in many phenomena. They will be the instruments of the new way of perception. The heavens will become clean, when all layers of astral and mental worlds, contaminated with the lower thoughts, are burned out. The spiritual vision will provide the breakthrough to the Fiery Spheres. The Akasha stratums, or its golden pages, will become the textbooks of the good. The invisible Voices of Wisdom will teach mankind. What is called now Communication with Me, will become a usual way of obtaining a knowledge. The Chalice will open its accumulations. The results of actions will be immediate, because the response of space in pure and spiritual environment will be the same as in the Fiery World. The spiritual alchemy will provide everything necessary. The delicate subtle scents will be used as food. Space will produce everything according to a wish, because everyone will know the reasonable measure. Death will not be an obstacle for life any more. The Glorious Being will annihilate the lower shell. Many miraculous and joyful things are ahead.

290. The Power of Fire is coming. Pressure on the Bell center is so strong, that it discharges with a nosebleed or a fever. It is difficult to keep the steady state of energies, and the patience and constancy of striving. The threshold is crossed already. Every stone knows its place in the mosaic of entire world. Every thought embroiders the spiral pattern on the tissue of space.

291. The mental wastes sediment on the lower earthly layers and cause the sicklinesses of the sensitive organisms. The headaches result from burning down of these sediments. No refinement is possible without the heart fire. A disciple is not able to make even a step forward without the heart fire. The heart fire is the wings of striving. The heart fire is the engine of comprehension. All achievements of a spiritual wayfarer are based on the kindling of heart fires.

292. The New Star has been lighted up. It is the Sign of the New World Messiah's Birth. It was said about this planet long ago. Its fast moving towards the Earth indicates oncoming of the New Epoch. You live on the threshold of times. Karma's scrolls are rolled up. The New Star will give the new impulse of development to the planet. Prosperity of My and your country is not far off. The refuse of Western countries to give a help facilitates the Motherland to mobilize its inner power. Sometimes one must rely only on himself. Everything will start blooming again, when darkness and silence are left behind.

293. The past may be changed. The Magnet is the Heart of the Earth. It absorbs the waste currents and refines them.

An inspired labor in the name of Bliss, in the name of the Evolution of Light is the only pass to immortality. Don’t believe words, judge by deeds.

The New Star will make the Garden of Roses from the planet.

For the sake of the new labor I call to love a neighbor. Most difficult is to love. Brotherhood’s interest to all of you grows. Seek for the unique forms of cooperation. The habitual ways are too easy. The eyes get tired from a smooth road.

Advance the mental receiver for Communications with Me. The Teaching continues moving by the Way. I will find the clean vessels. The Mother of Agni Yoga has shown the Way, but the new time brings the new achievements.

Everything will change quickly. Work in all spheres. If you can’t create anything by hands, try mental inspiration. Sometimes the latter is even more important. Do you feel the intensity of tension? The new currents are coming to life. The comprehension of new humanity matures. You will be surprised with many things. The capitalism together with the false communism will die away. The cooperation of the Owen's type of community, but on the spiritual basis, will be established firmly.

Methods: put My Images all around you, in order to make it stronger concentrate on My Face. This is close to samadhi. This has helped you many times. With this you let Me in your heart and become a part of Me.

The letters of veneration are flaming. The steadfast thought stands firm. My Ray expands. Keeping in mind is the main thing. When darkness covers the sky, when the soul languishes from the suffering, when the spirit shouts from the unbearable tension – keep in mind My Name. A help will be rendered.

The Star of the Mother of the World is the Lotus of New Beauty. Give the Sign of Coming Up of My Time. Maitreya has come to the world.

294. The Flower of the Mother of the World came into bloom. The New Planet approaches the Earth with irresistible force. Space is full of the Cosmic Joy. Don’t miss the hour to feel the vibration of happiness of coming of the New World! It is the Happiness of Verity! It is the Happiness of Truth! It is the Happiness of Faith! Striving is to be opened by the key of victorious solemnity. Your wings are filled up with the silver happiness.

Guru Beloved!

Thy glance scorches me!

The Sunny Face rings with the purity of perfection!

The Pleats of Thy dress have mantled me.

The hour of divine proximity is sweet!

The mountain wind has brought the singing of the Star of the Mistress of the Worlds.

The Song of Eternity sounds as the Music of Spheres.

The vibrations of the unspeakable happiness sound inside me as a lute.

The Heart was kindled with the Expectation,

These are Thy flaming Eyes look into my soul!

295. The Sun, as the Aura of the Great Cosmic Warrior, tears off the parts of its radiation, its clots of plasma, which refract in the rays of the New Star and strive to the Earth. The dazzling spheres of the pure energies hang over the promised places in order to kindle the ancient magnets. Phenomena of the shining and of the columns of light are connected with these manifestations.

296. The Spatial Fire, the Basis of Mind,

Comes down to those who have filled up their vessels with the oil of sacrifice,

And when they kindl the secret fires, they illuminate the dark bends of the path.

The Call of Heavens! The Fiery Signs of Being!

They contain the recognition of the Supermundane Worlds!

They contain the quintessence of the forthcoming Knowledge,

Which a human being will apply

During the centuries of wonderful Satya Yuga, which is to come.

The Earth's axis will shift and the parallel of the Valley

Will become a tropical land,

Where the flowers will grow, never yet seen on the Earth,

And the fruits, which never grew before.

The finest aromas will be our food,

And a body will be dispensed with the fetters of karma,

And the Beautiful Light of Golden Ages will come back.

The flowers will cover the expance of the meadows,

And the mountains with the colorful carpet of flowers

Will delight us by the pictures full of life.

No, the pattern of colors and tunes will not be random.

Magnificence of the Fiery World will settle in this container of stamina.

The living tissue of space will bring

The unfamiliar voices from other universes.

And people will be capable of communications with the far-off worlds.

Spiritual communications, meditations, and seminars will provide

The possibility to see the brothers in universe.

Space, like an unlimited screen

With holographic images,

Will transmit the mentally translated speeches,

And colors never seen before, and even a scent

Of the inimitably subtle cognition.

A heart will read the pages of Akasha –

The universal spiritual Internet.

And every sign will disclose the seventh key.

And many other secrets

Will be opened like a fairy casket.

Our incarnations will become visible.

And the carpet enweaved from the mental symbols

Will start shining with the light of striving.

297. The rays of the Mistress’s Star tear the clouds of darkness. The Fiery Spirits of Light reach the Earth. The broods of darkness are hiding in horror themselves at the earth splits. The power of gold ends, and the power of love comes. Previously separated from the spiritual spheres, now the Earth starts to vibrate with it's own heart energies. The interior of the Earth refines. The secret orifices open towards the Holy Rays. The planet’s pure energy springs out upwards, and runs into one with the fire of the New Star. The chemistry of bliss creates the forms of energies, never seen before. The mystery of bliss is inexhaustible.

297à. Any notion interpreted by a human consciousness is perverted more often than not and causes harm to the Hierarchy of the Light Forces. The enthusiasm of destruction is horrible. Being opposed to the Mistress' Star they are making their choice between spiritual power and earthly power.

298. A cross doesn’t have a reverse position. The Cross of Lightning and The Cross of Heart are equally powerful. On the way through religions the Buddha’s Cross, as the higher protecting mantra, has passed through many transformations. Now it is going out into cosmic space, becoming the six-rayed mahavajra, the sign of Sixth Race and of sixth dimension.

299. The focus of fiery consciousness detects the real grains of truth even in a regular talk. A heart with developed broad spiritual horizons is capable to determine a value of a formula. An extended consciousness allows seeing the grains of gold in road dust. The signs of small achievements get together and form the milestones. The prophesies never mistake, simply the key is concealed.

300. The magnetic power of love is immeasurable. It exercises best forces of a heart. The Mother of the World's song sounds in love. Any undertaking based on love obtains significance, and a work done is saturated with the energies of beauty and perfection. Love makes a human being to be better. A personality retreats against the cosmic power of devotion. Love refines senses. Love injects the fiery jet of inspiration. Everything kindled from the lamp of love becomes iridescent. The synthesis of currents composes the finest harmony. The main foundation of strait-knowledge is love itself. There is no perception and comprehension without it. A home is empty if the walls are not blessed by love. The heart is wizened if not burnt in this Divine Fire.

301. From all holy books the Master’s Voice sounds. He unceasingly calls mankind to transmutation. Changing forms of religions, rituals, and initiations He always and everywhere leaves a secret meaning.

302. A nervous system lives on beauty. Impressions are the subtlest food. The eyes sense the higher energies. A Third Eye absorbs these spiritual currents. Stratification of the fires of expectation and admiration on the icons and the pictures are very sensitive to the related vibrations.

302à. Don't be surprised with hard sleep dreams. Entire chaos of astral tries to extinguish the focus of light. Achievements at the beginning were the tests for your strength. Holy and invisible struggle now goes on.

Do not admit the thought about your own peculiarity. There are too many things to be worked out and transfigured. The fetters of ignorance are heavy, but they will be taken off at the due time. You may facilitate the process by your own striving, but be careful. The centers rotate powerfully. Headaches and stir inside the head result from activization of the brain centers. The Bell Center opens the spiritual eye.

303. Karma can’t be accepted as an excuse of behavior. This is the way to the lowest level of the self-will. It is true that any deed is dictated by karma, but a man has the right of choice. In any action we face the choice. It is difficult to choose the true way. A heart alone can give a sign. But it is up to the human being to choose a method of execution of the decision.

Karma is the duty of being active. One shouldn't be idle due to the fear to make a new debt. This is the worst kind of laziness, more over, the excused one.

March strait into the vast of deeds and load yourself strongly. Tension burns away a karmic garbage. High quality and beauty will be a good help.

The good karma has many helpers, but the bad one has not less whisperers.

Live openly and don’t hide your beliefs. This will give you confidence and courage in the activities.

Go ahead! The new Rays of the New Star were already manifested. Little time is left. The term is short. No one needs the new debts.

304. Degradation of the energies into rudeness is the worst form of decay of the celestial gifts. It is like throwing away the bred into the dirt. The youngsters are obsessed with the rudeness. They assert themselves by this false way, and it is so difficult to change the furrow of thinking. The carriers of this quality themselves suffer from such manifestation, but in the defiance of common sense, they insistently repeat the same mistake. What leads them, if not obsession? A soul, which sank in the drag of rudeness, excites pity.

305. A stir in the head, a sort of a boring pain, is connected with the incoming of the Ray, protected by the electric whirl. It is known that entire space spirals in its development and movement. All types of the world formations and of the cycles are based on the principle of spiral. Even flowers and trees grow spiraling. The rays from the planets and from the Higher Leaders are sent under this law. A thought is the energy of the will, and as any other manifestation of force, it spirals through space, making new chanels.

305à. My Face will grow and gradually become living. You will see It close, face to face. Then the period of entering of My Heart will come. The armour of valor is forged. Let Me become you! Let you become Me!

306. Water complies with an order of the will and remembers it. This clarifies the phenomenon of healing by the charmed water. The order is strengthened and executed with the inner structure of water. That is why one must not blame or curse, when cooking. The boiling water absorbs the mental wastes, as any other food, and let them in a human organism, when getting cool. A healing prayer is needed. Let’s take St. Cosmas and Damian as an example. Even the simple food may become delicious and more nutritious.

307. A smell, which follows a person, originates from the nature of his incarnations. Spiritually dead people smell putrescent. A person, who livs an animal life, obtains the smell of the animal, which he was in his previous lives. Saint people emit the fragrance of flowers, for they have passed these incarnations.

308. Sometimes the standby before a battle harass and withdraw the force even more than the battle itself. There are many reasons for that. First of all, a disciple has already participated in the fights at the Subtle Planes and at the World of Ideas, and has de-energized himself. Second one: the disharmonious waiting attracts the currents of tension too early, and a heart quakes with fear long before the battle. Learn to wait for your predestined hour and to know your place among the innumerable Warriors of the Master of Shambhala.

309. The Light of the Star of the Mistress of the Worlds brought me a greeting again. Disclosure of the Secret draws nearer. The Celestial Treasure carries it's Chalice. The Precious Vessel is full of donations. The Mistress of the World Herself gives us the Knowledge of Cosmic Accumulations. A timid heart trembles from this Gift, and the courageous one flames with the joy of gratitude. Unnoticeable simplicity will accept the Light of the Perl. Wisdom will hide under the rags of a wayfarer. Humility and down look will say nothing about the Carrier of the Treasure. The appearances are deceptive. Wisdom keeps company with poverty, but not spiritual poverty, which is important. It is impossible to buy the Treasure of Truth for all jewels of the world. Who will be right when got past the point?

Santana alone sings the silver songs of Eternity. Santana alone laves the sores of our karma. The virus of ignorance dies in these waters.

A bell jingles on a cedar stick. The way will never end for those, who are seeking for the Path. The bends of the road hide suddenness. But the torch illuminates black darkness, and the true sign warns against the strike. Ever-burning Light never fades out, as the Mother of the World's love to the created forms.

310. The practices of healing may be applied only when the heartfelt connection with the Master is established: this is the basis for success and tirelessness. The Master knows the allowable measure. One may heal only in case of the surplus of energy. It will be a mutual relief. Laying on of hands is welcomed, but injection of the heart energy is more efficient. Do not heal in case of depression of strength or of irritation. Main thing is the link from heart to heart.

311. “If the solar plexus center is not opened, it is impossible to open the other centers”. All cosmic changes, perturbations, and shifts are reflected in the manipura. The energies of the far-off worlds are passing through it to be adopted by the rest centers. The solar power lives in the manipura. The Rays of the New Star accelerate its rotation due to their special fiery power. The swastika was the symbol of the manipura.

312. The double-headed eagle with the sun over the heads is the symbol of Ra the God. This is the symbol of Ra-seya (Russian pronunciation of Russia). The best country will shake off the dust of capitalism. The moribund bourgeoisie attempts to contaminate the healthy organs of the planet. These are the intrigues of the creatures of Saturn. The symbol of the double-headed eagle was used in the countries, which were powerful and spiritually advanced. It's return back to Russia is of great significance.

313. Don’t wait for the Great Advent. The inner discipline and the spiritual labor are needed. The Great Advent may be fatal for many people, because not all of them can survive the fire of the New Star. The power of fiery waves is much stronger on the pure Earth. Flesh, which belongs to the past, can hardly fit in. One who has the Master’s Ray, stands as an indestructible rock. Make It permanent and be able to hear It all the time.

The Advice of Space is the Advice of Heart. Ganesha’s wave is the wave of penetration of the Great Breath into the atmosphere of the Earth. The God of Wisdom has marked the location.

The responsibility before the Face has its own advantages. The protection rendered to one who flames with the fire of joy, and his position in the mundane world is the smallest one among the advantages of reverence. The spiritual comprehension and the power of striving of the advancing by the way of Light are most important.

314. Acceleration of many cosmic events is connected with the Rays of the New Star. The changes will be unprecedented. It is hard to imagine the extent of possibilities provided. Mankind waves off the precious energies like a swarm of annoying insects. What is provided, could transform the ordinary life and lead it to the level of real fiery cooperation. We manifest the miracles, but people do not see them. Human mentality changes so slowly. Forging of the sword of spirit is a hard and a long work. It is easier to forge a sward from damask steel.

The flood of psychic energy at the nodal moments of human and planet’s lives depends on the people's perceiving of this celestial gift. The joint energy of those who have perceived provides protection and stamina during all perturbations.

The century expires, and the millennium expires, too. The planet, saved by such incredible efforts, will transfer to the other plane. But don’t expect, that this will happen immediately.

315. The great stages are to be achieved with great modesty and simplicity. In the quietness of nights and the silence of hearts the greatest mystery of Initiation goes on. But the Gift of Initiation seals the lips. Work without being noticed and very accurately. High quality is to be in everything.

316. Television was designed as a communication mean between the Subtle and the Fiery Worlds and the earthlings. But the astral layer has completely separated the spheres. In this case there are two ways to perceive the Celestial Call for the people, who burn with the service, but are lack of force to get through the layer of darkness. First one – is to enter the Master’s Ray. Second one – is to receive the transmissions of the Divine Plane via a television set.

But the ether was filled up with corruption. A human being has learned to pervert even most valuable investigations, provided as an aid for the seekers.

317. The currents of new celestial bodies and of new planets are useful, only when assimilated with mundane consciousness. This causes pains and unusual sensations in an organism. The Mother has accepted the currents of energies of never yet seen celestial bodies and was able both to distinguish and to synthesize them. The chemism of some energies is soft and pleasing, and unusual, but the chemism of the other ones is heavy and dangerous. It is as if a laboratory for manufacturing the cosmic perfume.

318. The stronger the aura vibration, the higher the emanation. The frequency of vibration can be so high, that it looks like lack of motion. This rate of the highest tension is the calmness itself and could be perceived with the spiritual vision as the lilac aura.

319. The blowouts of helium on the Sun extinguishe the subterranean fires on the Earth and feed neural substance with the fiery power. Special tension manifests during the solar activity. The rays of helium cause the ruby radiation in the atmosphere, when suppressing the dragon of depth. The chemism of rays as if blocks the issue of lava by the fiery pressure.

The spiritual alchemy is complicated. The ozone of enthusiasm burns and feeds our hearts. Let the silver beacon shine brighter in the predawn gloom.

320. The current of the soul is fine. It is impossible to feel it with the earthly senses. It is thinner than the thinnest nerve. But the atom of the spirit is even more insensible, but it is still a reservoir of entire evolution of a monad. It is easy to break the current, it is easy to destroy the delicate creation. Who will return back what was missed? Let your spirit flame, let your spirit strive!

321. New currents are implanted on the Earth with difficulty. The customs of bazaar have got deep inside people. Curiosity concerns only a neighbor’s pocket.

The currents of new celestial bodies require assimilation. These Rays may be used only when passed through the heart of the higher incarnated spirit. What sorts of applications they will have and what qualities will have those incarnated ones, who have accepted these currents, is the great secret!

The vibration of cosmos changes every moment. The new is at your door. Don’t miss either an hour or even a minute. Everything is weighted on the scales of universe. But the human thought has obtained the great power, which can overbalance the scales to one or to another side. The free will loaded with the qualities of matter is like the rusty fetters on the feet of humanity.

322. My Spirit enters gradually. You can feel the saturated fire. The flame of comprehension feeds the spiritual forces. The Chalice is full of pearls. The atoms of the body are being saturated with Light. Gold runs through the veins. The moments of service sound as a silver ringing. Podvig shines as the fundamental column of the Innermost Gate. Accept My Spirit. Let Me be you! Let you be Me!

323. The rays of Venus ardently extinguish the currents of Saturn. The epoch of Aquarius has started. Usually the beginning is not obvious. But the plantlet of your spirit has improved in strength. Intense watering is required, but only according to the level of consciousness. The overdose of energies is pregnant with betrayal. Everything develops up to the terms. Karma unties the nodes, so don’t make the new ones. It is useless to give the attar of roses if the nose doesn’t feel the scent.

324. The Way of Love is full of selflessness and is the shortest one. If a heart flames with love and striving, then the chains of karma fell down, and it becomes easy to perceive a lot. My Power is the Power of Happiness.

The Earth goes by the way of development of thoughts. The mental plane, as the generator of thoughts, wakes up the currents of imagination. Venus and Jupiter are less mental but more spiritual. But the Earth will manifest the new level of development and the synthesis of thought and spirit. Imagination will facilitate the thoughts to obtain spiritual forms. The power of thought comes from the world currents and from the accumulations in the Chalice. Assiduity during incarnations is awarded with a sharp mind and a burning heart. The dagger of tongue must be in the sheath. The strength of words grows. It's better to keep silence, looking at the children playing.

325. Capability to discern opposites is the intellect itself. The scale of intellect extents from egoism to Higher Reason, from counting profits to Cosmic Wisdom. By the way of comprehension and labor, suffering and joy a human being comes to the understanding, that apartness and egocentrism cast the conditions for suffering. Salvation is only on the way upwards, through love and development of spirituality, which was laid into the human beings by the Fiery Ancestors.

The structure of the planet's core preserves all elements in the human being, and this supports the earthly bodies. Removal of the lower elements provides mankind with the freedom of flights, both spiritual and physical. Most heavy elements are removed via transmutation or subliming. Spiritual alchemy is ever active, until the fire of striving and devotion burns. Intellect is balanced with the spiritual investigations. The alloy of intellect and spirit is the spiritual knowledge itself. The spiritual knowledge is the bliss of the forthcoming epochs. It is the only one, which gives the cosmic current.

The magnet of cosmos creates the amplifying stations. Every advanced co-worker becomes the power point. He becomes the source of spiritual waves, which are perceived by the keen receivers adjusted for such waves. If a person does not perceive the waves, there is no respond to the vibrations, which means that the person is blocked by selfhood.

The faculty of consciousness is the development of psychic energy, and it is the foundation of cosmos evolution and refining. Passing through the human stages, the fundamental energy turns into the psychic one, which means saturated with the elements of spirituality. Enriched with the fiery experience of many incarnations, it becomes the kindler for amorphous virgin space. The Mother of the World's field is scattered with the seeds of light. The ardent and powerful thoughts carry the embryos of future worlds.

Discernment and containment of the opposite pairs is the basis for spiritual development. Spirituality is the refining of fundamental energy, which have passed through the human centers. Imagination, discernment, and logic of thinking induce the isolated mind to join the ocean of spirituality, where it obtains the force for the cosmic activity. The human being becomes the cosmic value after he obtains spirituality. The magnetism of centers gains the right for the cosmic activity. The faculty of consciousness turns into the responsibility for the results of work. Requirements to the human being, who has realized his cosmic nature, are much more severe, than to the human being of the lithic age. The human being, which has cognized his own microcosm, becomes Purusha, which means the Man of Cosmos.

326. A spirit’s thirst for evolution was so great, that he had agreed with stone and plant incarnations for the sake of becoming a conscious being. The spirit is always in the process of research. Even ordinary life is full of spiritual discoveries. The principle of magnet is valid for accumulating both knowledge and the spiritual sparks. The spheres of wisdom keep the secrets reliably. It is too early to announce them, though many spiritual researchers are crowding at the edge of discoveries. Purposefulness and usefulness are the main things. Truth slides by the lazy ears. Disclosing of a useful scintilla is important.

Women are very responsive to the call of the grain of spirit. The retort of the feminine spirit is more prepared for the fiery reaction. Women’s ability of containment is higher. The masculine principle succeeded in alcohol containment, and this is misfortune, because the manlike power in the team may fail. “A bird flies with two wings.” It was said long ago; but said doesn’t mean done. We have to repeat until a callus appears in an ear, until it is heard by a heart. But the shallow heart keeps silence. Only egocentric mentality breaks the currents of space. It is necessary to be in time. But let the dead bury their dead.

326à. We are baking the Bread of New Flesh and we are preparing the Wine of New Blood. We will transform without leaving the lunar state. The Mother of Agni Yoga has made the path for every seeker.

Saturate the flesh with the fire. Let the flame of eternal wisdom flow through your veins.

Daytime is good for receiving messages. Nothing draws attention away. Don't think about material matters. We will resolve everything in the best way. The stable income will release the tension.

Do My work. The records are important for Me. Many old things were repeated. But many things are given for the first time, and will be given as well. You will understand the importance. There will be the blames for mediumism. Tell them that the mediums don't receive by the higher centers.

Consciousnesses are darkened with the changes in the country. It will be Our turn after the retirement of the self-willed sovereign. Russia will get back her spiritual leadership.

327. The work with crystals develops the prismatic vision. It is possible to discern thousand facets in one manifestation. This is the way to the divisibility of spirit. There are 49 keys from the simplest manifestations to the most complicated ones. The highly developed vision is the spherical one, or - in modern words - holographic. The divine sanction is to see all around and all inside ourselves. Then you will understand: as inside so around, as above so below.

328. The tension of striving must grow gradually. We accustom you to small portions, otherwise the centers may burn away. The striving is charged with the recognizing of the power of what is given, and with the understanding of our place on the scale of comprehending the eternal. Love to the Guru is among main conditions. The heart tempered with devotion and suffering must burn, the heart must feel, the heart must love. In oppression and ostracism, in joy and sorrow, at the dark or holy places the gratitude and thankfulness together with devotion, must not leave the heart. There is no achievement higher than devotion. The devoted heart waits for long and long centuries for the meeting with One, to whom whole essence and whole sense of life are dedicated.

The patience of the Pilgrims of Love, with no jealousy, no claims, no blames, can teach a lot to the capricious selfness. One Guru’s glance can kindle an exalted chela so that he flies up high in the ray of the glance as in an electric whirl, gravitated with the powerful magnetism of the Aura. Humility, patience, and striving are needed. You go ahead and upwards, without looking back and wringing hands. Karma can be depleted or forged only in the future.

329. “Intellect balanced with high spirituality is the creative power of cosmos”. Cosmos develops only with this power. Intellect alone is the subject to degradation or to involution. Spirituality without intellect is too subtle and high to manifest in our world. So, choosing the middle way and we will reach the goal. The high meaning of spirituality is the love to beauty. Intellect is cold. Love is fiery. The fiery font is that particular synthesis, which gives the cosmic power.

Space is the Intellect of Universe. It is the reservoir of entire World Wisdom.

330. It was said, that We know better how to do everything in the proper way. Main thing is to follow the true way. Devotion is a thread that links a disciple and the Teacher: the stronger the thread, the more the disciple becomes a part of the Teacher. Devotion means complete devoting yourself to the Teacher’s work. Devotion and treason are two antipodes, two poles.

The unexpected visitors drain forces. Difference in the tensions of auras works always and strives for averaging. In this case more powerful and harmonized aura suffers. It is very hard to stand the vibrations of a primitive consciousness. Lots of good forces are diverted from the task.

331. “Make Me joyful with lack of hesitation and fear”. Only I know the flows and the bends of your destinies. I know the shortest way. When your consciousnesses are covered with the clouds, I conduct you from My Tower.

332. Eating meat forms the body of passions. Animals are full of the magnetism of instincts. That is why it is better to stay hungry, than take a bloody piece into your mouth. Meat brings the body of light down to the earth, and instead of usefulness you get only nightmares of the low astral. It is necessary to choose, what is more valuable.

Good luck is coming, but it is very important not to push it aside, not to waive it away. All things line up into the progression of events. Your exercises in poetry are the way to the hearing of the Silent Voice. Now you are convinced that I am alongside. That will be so, and even with ascending progression.

333. Light-mindedness never fructifies. You should not tune with a crowd. They detect a person from a different circle very well. The invisible presence was indicated by My Face.

Cedar responds to the spiritual vibrations. It itself is most fiery and spiritual among other trees.

The thought about the forthcoming battle is based on the inner feelings. I approve the valour and the readiness, but don’t provoke the enemy, spare your strength.

The Teacher is the boat, in which a disciple sails towards perfection. The Teacher is the footsteps on the earth, leading towards the high achievements. The Teacher is the help, which is not expected and that is why so valuable. When all possibilities are depleted, when despair approaches, then the invisible hand plaits the pattern of help. Confidence in Brotherhood's manifestations is most important.

334. The astral clew was wounded during tens of years. The strong will and the fiery decision of the heart are necessary in order to burn it away. Rising of temperature means intensification of the fire. Our communications may be productive, when the sufficient power is accumulated. It is difficult to enter the Ray, when you are tired.

335. We send the pyramidal current for suppression of the dark focus. The power of this current is equal to the power of the Stone's Rays. The Mantra is secret, and the probability that it will be used untimely is low. The dark ones howl with fear, detecting the rhythm of the cosmic call. The power of the Stone is equal to the power of the Master’s Heart. Many fiery phenomena will take place under this influence.

The division of spirit is quite common for the Teachers. Sometimes the Ray externalizes in a person, and this person doesn’t know, whose part of Essence he carries, but this is the greatest usefulness for the world. The phenomenon of Christ represents such division of the spirit, and the part of such spirit is independent.

336. The conscious devotion to the Master and constant bearing Him in memory are the salvational at the nodal points of life. Previously the consequences of similar situations were heavier due to falling out from the Ray. The karma is improving. The more intensive the tension of the directed devotion, the more beneficial the circumstances. The currents of growing higher consciousness carry the whirl of space fire, which corrects not only your destiny, but the bends of karma of the family and of the friends as well.

The fire heals all mankind’s diseases and wounds, both external and internal. A flamed up heart is an amplifying generator.

The mantra attracts the spiritual parts of the Stone and intensively saturates space with them. The hidden Aerolit responds to these vibrations and creates the reverse current. Synthesis of the relative currents causes the lilac lightnings of highest tension.

The Valley will become more beautiful due to the conscious influence of the pure hearts. The absorbtion of low astral is almost finished here. That is why the dark ones are looking for the loopholes in order to gain a foothold. But the celestial lava flows more and more powerfully.

Let Agni be with you!

336à. Each of you is the Great Teacher's embodiment. Mankind was born under the Seven Rays. That is why every person is an embodied spark of the Masters' Ray – partially, according to the degree of self-comprehension, very close to the Brotherhood or far away from It; excluding an embodiment of an evil soul. If assimilation of the Ray and of a human spirit is conscious, then a man or a woman becomes a disciple or a Teacher.

The Mother of Agni Yoga has assimilated with the Rays of the Feminine Essences of the Higher Plane, or of the White Tara. By the end of the life, the White Tara's Ray has fully merged with the Woman, whose name was H. R. She has become the embodied Tara, or the Buddha of feminine gender. She showed the way for everyone. And in spite of sufferings during millenniums, each of us will pass this way independently, from inside – from the earthly heart up to the Fiery Heart of the Master.

Isn't it what I have meant saying “You are closer than a closest one”? Think about it!

337. The words are the catalytic agents for karma. A crystallized sound, saturated with the element of assurance or Ojas, is an externalized thought. An ill-timed word may throw into the sea of distress even entire countries. Beware of pronouncing the needless words. It is not without reason, that the teeth lock the tongue. The tongue, both as a viper and as a blessing, is to be kept in the safe fortress. It is better to keep silence instead of idle chatting. Even the Arhats are not able to eliminate the consequences of the pronounced word.

338. A heart is a focus of all currents of the worlds. The currents affect each monad in an individual way. A structure of a unique construction is created.

339. The Mother of the World's Rays are assimilated by an Agni yogi. The rays of the Mother of the World are creative and unique. Let’s repeat in the wave of the world energies: Om Shiva – Shakti!

340. The Mother of the World's currents have penetrated through the earthly space. Today we glorify a labor of a woman, creative and giving life. Tara – the Patroness, who keeps peace, enters into the human homes this day. The world emanates light. But the poison causes pains and sufferings in the hearts of the spiritual toilers.

341. The Master’s Spiritual Atom, His Fiery Grain, has developed into our Sun. The Cosmic Reason is manifested in It. It is the birthplace of the Cosmic Magnetism. The Light of Perfect Heart holds the planets. This Perfect Heart also contains the Master’s Love to His creations and the Cosmic Reason – Master Raj-Star's Reason. It is not the collective Mentality of the World, but the knowledge of the Great One Who Has Comprehended, Who is experiencing even more sufferings due to men’s and planets’ destinies. The Power of Reason and the power of Love of the Perfect Heart fuse together, forming the Cosmic Consciousness. Verily, the Sovereign of Cosmos is manifested in the Hierarch of Sun.

342. Humanness is the bud of cosmic spirituality. The earthly spirituality has its own features comparing to the spirituality of the inhabitants of other planets. Union of the qualities of higher feelings and higher knowledge is the imperishable basis of spirituality. At Venus and Jupiter spirituality is manifested without evolution of the mental faculties. Accumulating of the experience of cognition gives the impulse to the evolution of spirituality, which is necessary for the planet's advancing. Love to the beautiful manifestations, to the perfect beauty, admiration of nature, and tenderness to it deposits the sparks in the crystal of spirituality.

343. The vessel of spatial poison is overfilled. The center of solar plexus rotates due to so called celebration. The alcohol orgies seizes the Valley. The gnomes have the hand in the destruction too. By the example of the Valley we may get the idea of the world’s fate. Most pure places can’t withstand the pressure of evil. It is thousand times more horrible, when such evil is conscious and acts for the sake of power by all means. The example of dark magicians teaches nothing. Their principle is to live like a king for a day and after us the deluge. Try to limit the contacts with the gnomes. Mankind tortures and crucifies the carriers of light up to the present time and even more, than previously. Nothing changes for the better since the latter Teacher crucifying, but the situation even worsens due to the expansion of technocratic civilization.

344. The Cosmic Right is defined as the fulfillment of the Higher Will in order to bring the torch of spirit into the earthly environment. The Cosmic Right is granted to the spirits who have passed through many approaches to the Teaching of Stronghold. The Cosmic Right does not exhibit its will for fulfilling the Decree of the Hierarchy of Bliss: it is the Will of the Divine Principle itself. The Tara’s Ray, which has entered the Mother of Agni Yoga, has granted Her the Cosmic Right, the Right to create new compositions of energies and new forms never seen before. The Cosmic Right is sent by the Hierarch of Sun for the fulfillment of the higher mission of New Time. Advancing of the planet depends on the bearers of the Cosmic Right. The spirit feels the power to fulfill the Masters’ Will. The spirit knows the allowable measure. The spirit kindles the sun over the head.

345. Accumulation of the crystals of psychic energy grants realization in three worlds. Conscious passing from one plane to another means overcoming of the ignorance of physical body. When the psychic energy densifies, it creates the precious stones of spirit, which are visible to the clairvoyants in the disciples’ auras.

All Teachers incarnated under the White Ray. The Master of the World's mission was and is now the same: taking the burden of human imperfections upon Himself.

Horrible size and sophistication of the weapons exhibits the worst example of the earthly omnipotence. Final days of Atlantis were similar. Half of the Cosmic Force of Light is spent for eliminating of the evil, produced by people, and for suppressing of the sources of destruction.

346. The measure of ordinary life can’t contain the wholeness of striving. The measure of ordinary life is rated for most primitive consciousnesses. But behind banality, behind the curtain of visibleness the sight of unique and real actuality already opens.

A moment, which forms our life, contains all meanings and gradation of illumination and striving and the measure of perceiving of the signs of karma. From one moment to another we return back to our not finished qualities, trying to knock off the shackles of shortcomings in order to go forward faster. A path of a liberated one is strait, but one who drags the chains has to manoeuvre, seeking for an easy way. It will be a good luck if he finds the smithy of spirit on his way.

347. Those, who suffer from the prejudices of envy, pertain to the category of the avid jealous ones; they are choked with passion, when seeing success of their neighbors. It is quite common for them to squeeze out a drop of poison on the canvas of beauty. Not just these trashy feelings, that are even lower than animals' ones, are harmful, but also the consequences, which affect the sensitive human natures and deprive the creators of their inspiration and of their pleasure of labor. Verily, they are the corrupted extinguishers. The jealous ones themselves are not able to introduce something beautiful to the world, and they do not even try to due to lack of the sense of beauty. Beware of the harmful poison and do not allow the carriers of poison to approach your heart. The guard of heart is reliable one.

348. The senses of lightness and recognition accompany the promised co-workers, when they meet each other. First condition is to recognize the born-again friends. Those who are passing through time can meet each other or not, and the Masters of Karma know the usefulness of such meetings, all the more if they are necessary for general evolution. The cities were created as the facility for such meetings, but then they degenerated down to the deformity. Ignorance screened the spirit’s sight. The promised co-worker may even push another one, who is passing by, but non of them will recognize the signal.

349. Don’t blame either karma or God for your own misfortunes. The insufficient efforts or bald laziness cause punishment. Nothing seek nothing find. Only when the measure of applicable efforts is depleted, you may think about the karmic mechanisms, which facilitate or prevent a successful outcome of a case. It is necessary to accept the Decree exactly as it was given by the Teacher. The deviation even for one inch twists the path of the Ray of Success.

It is most ignorant, absurd, and flagitious to blame the fate and the Teacher, when not applying your super-efforts to the case. Think about the ways of life and find the true foothold for the spirit. This will help the earthly good luck.

350. The cascade of human rude energies suppresses a spirit like the avalanche of falling down logs. Flour, which is the main ingredient of the spiritual bred, was obtained by the means of refining these rude but useful energies. This is the job of the plane of transmutation. And the disease is to be accepted as the bliss.

351. A prayer or a mantra, pronounced with heartfelt diligence and fierily, causes the strong signatures or the mental images. The power, put into the prayer, forms the respective image. The quiet prayer may be displayed as a flower or a fern leaf. The middle one may be expressed as a fiery fountain. More advanced one may be seen as a tree or even a regal deodar, growing up to the skies. The saturated prayer looks like a column of light enlaced with multi-colored spirals of ribbons. The communal prayer is like a fiery sphere half on the earth, half in the skies.

A thought, born in an inspired heart, which loves, losing sensation of the surrounding world, is a creative parent of the new worlds. The power of thought is the engine of the mental image. The stronger the thought, the more extended it's effect in the space.

352. Sometimes an outgrowth, directed straightly to the heaven, without bends or dry nodes appears on the tree of humanity. It produces amazing flowers differently from other branches. They are surrounded with white shining and their petals emit a wondrous fine odor, which heals the ill souls and opens the blind eyes. Wonderful beauty of the top of this Tree delights the Spirits of Light. The closer to the ground, the darkness is thicker. But the sparks of life struggle through even there, into this eternal night in order to kindle and revive the other sparks, new and never seen before. The grains of some souls will spring and rise up to the Eternal Heaven in order to become more beautiful, more high, and better than the former children of the Earth.

353. With the help of the paints an artist creates a three-dimension image on a two-dimension canvas. The artist of spirit creates a four-dimension world from the three-dimension one, and it can expand further. The dimensions of the world are rather philosophical terms and have nothing in common with the real state of affairs. If a spirit may concentrate in one atom, and then it divides endlessly, then the number of dimensions may be endless. Dividing splits a foundation and carries away a part of it's power. That is why integration of the dispersed splits means increasing of the spiritual power.

354. Begin from love. There is no harder spiritual achievement, than love to God and to a human being. Other virtues will adjoin, when necessary. Love to the Master is the fire of striving. Love to the Master is the ruler of karma. Love is the life of the Mother of the World. When we love the Master we love mankind.

355. The crust of prejudices is building up imperceptibly. It is difficult to break the crust of habits. We open ourselves to the Divine Plane, when pulling out our imperfections with incredible pain. The Power of Love, which streams out from the Fiery Heart, can melt or soften these knars of atavisms, but it is much harder to extract the roots. There is no fear in a pure heart. Neither evil forces nor the darkness' inspirations can harm it. It can burn away any malicious intruder, like the broiling sun.

The consciousnesses, which are not finally depressed with their integuments of selfness and are trying to get through the crust of banality, are still alive in spite of misdeeds or moral lapses. The sparks of their spirits' consciousnesses still didn’t fade. They can accept the Rays of the Fire of Love and kindle with them. But there are some human beings, whose souls are mortified. A dead stone instead of a vessel of life. It is impossible to revitalize them, and the purpose of their current incarnation will be crossed out. These are those who are trying to play upon your weakness and catch you on this bait. Their nature is plain dark. The Children of Light try to arouse best human qualities, even if a man wallows in ignorance. And if the spirit still responds to the melody of light, the way is open for him.

Don’t open the door too wide, but let the ray get through.

356. The experience of creation of new humanity will be applied in Our Valley. The Mother of Agni Yoga has passed through assimilation of the Higher Rays with the human consciousness, but this was not tried for a big number of people. The Valley is granted to pass through this. The future discloses a lot of things. You should not be surprised, when noticing that the roots of such disclosures lie in the remote past. God bless knowledge accumulated within millenniums. The manifestations of the accumulated crystals of the psychic energy result in full consciousness in all worlds. This is the main stage of responsibility before the Masters.

357. The nature of ignorance tries to distort and abase any and even slightest manifestation of the Light Forces. The ignoramuses consider beauty to be excessive, the modifications and the improvements to be needless; smells used to cause their headaches. Verily, the bog of underdevelopment is immeasurable. A stone thrown will cause the rings on its surface, and then the gray and ominous silence establishes again. They prefer an orthodox priest with a pasty face, rather than a doer full of life. In the childhood they were taught to stick labels, when the names were replaced with the nicknames.

Educating and liberating a spirit is a hard and almost hopeless work. Isn't it difficult for the Masters to look with sorrow at the destroyed creations and the ruined deeds, and have to begin from the beginning?! Immeasurable patience is Their award.

358. Some hearts are like the sea-shells. Put it to the ear and you will hear the breath of surf. The wave of light beats against the walls of space. But instead of the wave there is only the noise of reflected air, flying away into an abyss. Emptiness is the container of illusions.

359. Pray with the subtle striving of loving heart, but not with the persistence of selfish will. The gift of heart belongs to Eternity. The will is like a whip for a bull. The will will be dissolved by the joyful power of love, which is balanced with the harmony of cosmic order. The more subtle and fiery joy, the higher the result of praying. The power Rajas is not always needed, but sattva saturates all life manifestations.

Flashes of the fiery crystals of prana saturate the Valley with the Rays of New Fire. The astral pressure is strong, and only densifying of the fire can release it. Withdrawal of the lower layers from the mundane plane will provide the new current of cognition. Our Power will annihilate the black holes. The Pyramid will change the polarity of the Valley. Don’t get deep inside the gnomes’ design, for it is obvious. But the needless interest causes sufferings, which you will have to burn away. Darkness is guileful and hides under the dirty rags. Purity and fearlessness protects. It is anything but simple to burn away a venom even in small space. A lot of efforts are to be spent. You can see our work in minor things.

360. The conscious striving and the intensive attention of purposefulness create the karmic direction of reality, as if cleaning up the way to the achievements. The energies of space, involved in the work of striving, help to change the quality of one who directs them. The way creates the wayfarer. The magnetic power of love attracts therelative spirits, already ascended to a higher level of understanding. The geniuses of fire and of cosmos render an invisible help by mediation of spirits.

The spirits are not subject to karma, for they do not have the free will. Only self-affirmation and self-dependence produce the karmic consequences either positive or negative. A thought can’t give birth to karma; only understanding and implementation of the thought produce karma. One standing on a cliff does not hear the thought, but an outcry may let him fall down.

361. Podvig is the incessant and conscious striving in three worlds simultaneously. It is not simply an episodic intention to be good, but the labor of active goodness, burning through the depth of astral, that makes the wells of spirit.

362. Joy is the constant value in the service to Light. The fire of joy must not blink. It warms those, who come nearby, and kindles the destitute ones. Optimism attracts best combinations of the events and builds the chain of tense success. It is necessary to be able to hold the current of success. This energy is great and powerful. It is difficult to live in the currents of joy, but it is easy to carry out the earthly duties, knowing that your labor is needed, that the particle of cosmic joy will be passed to some awaiting soul. It is as if scattering a field with good seeds.

With joy we are protecting ourselves from darkness.

363. One must not derive his strength from evil. Rearrangements on the Earth will change the position of scales of power. So, what will happen with the malice and angry ones? They will become ashes which fertilize fields.

Someone may ask: why the Hierarchy of Light cares so much about dissolute mankind? Our answer is: all people are Universal Humanity. They are the grains of One Divine Reason. They are the scattered parts of the body of Osiris the God, over which Mother Isis is crying. We are the body, the knowledge, and the petals of Fire of the Great Fiery Spirit. The calls to separation and insulation come from the dark forces. We are calling to unity, for which we must overcome the burden of not enlightened consciousness, of the ignorance of selfness, and of the clouds of vices. The spiritual community is the basis of the forthcoming society. When all together, the work becomes easier and the communications are more thoughtful.

364. Labor based on selfness and evil does not provide the blissful crops. Love dawns upon any undertaking and blesses it. The Master doesn’t think, what hands may pick up His Teaching. Most important is that it serves to the vital needs of hearts.

Few bubbles do not mean, that water in a retort boils. The solution of spirit is still cold in spite of constant fire which heats it up. Let’s facilitate the fire by passing the sparks of joy to one another. The aura of the thoughts of joy is powerful. Saturated joy is like a flower of cosmic felicity. Evil looks like a thorny clew. It is bitter to wait until the wind of mood blows away this tumbleweed with toxic thorns.

365. Persistence of the will is the sword of evil. The will is the tool of intellect. The joy of heart alone can soften persistence of the will. The team of the fiery will and the fiery heart is vital, only together they can overcome the way joyfully. The Banners of Higher Destiny will salute at the Gates of Stronghold.

With joy we will win.

366. Use for learning any manifestation of life. A day pattern is not casual; it is a lesson to be realized. If a person adopts such small fragment of life, he is going to be attentive to such calls further.

367. The Master of Love is the Master of Knowledge. The Great Master contains all universal concepts. The labor of fair and sincere learning puts together the crystals of details like the ageless mosaic of Infinity. The psychic energy directed to the learning transforms and refines due to such useful fusing. The golden pollen of energy settles deep in the heart and makes a man shine. This is not a fabricated myth about noble metals, but the actual result of cosmic laws. It is not without reason that the auras of saints shine with gold and silver. Celestial alchemy never stops even for a moment.

368. One must pray with full power of love,

Sending the fiery words, which erupt from the heart.

Let your spirit call the Teacher,

And light in your eyes will never grow dim.

Fill your mind with the spirited mercy.

Love, but don’t take upon anyone’s burden.

When your Guru stays at dexter,

Go ahead and triumph with love!

369. Laziness is revengeful, it avenges for unharmonious and idle life to full extent. Falling out from the rhythm of everyday labor is a misdeed, leading to the energy elimination. Labor lifts the energies to the higher level of achievements. Expanding man’s capabilities, labor polishes the virtue of conation of a thorough work. Labor is a teacher and a friend. Findings obtained during a work process are precious. The infinite field of activity was granted to us. It is possible to seed a lot of grains and get in good crops. When you can see the spark of God in a human being, it is the work of keen vision and clear-voyance.

370. A Guardian-Angel, a powerful spirit of the seventh principle, can really leave a person, if the crust of nihilism and habits has fully suppressed his divine functions. Only higher manifestations attract the higher protection.

One shouldn't push aside one who brings good luck.

Joy is the short way, but very difficult one! One must get through many sufferings and outlive many heart wounds to become an optimist and start loving suffering humanity.

371. Compulsory labor forms a slave from a man and he starts hating any kind of work. Conscious labor forms an optimist, whose soul and heart are singing and hands are making work as if by themselves. Hierarchical labor or labor under the Master’s Ray means participation in great performances concerning the world transformation. Even a slightest cue on the higher presence can saturate space and add another rosy pearl to the Chalice of the comer. Estimate the properties of labor basing on it's magnetism and purpose.

372. It is difficult to scoop from the source of wisdom and not muddy it. Tensioned calmness, taught by the Great Masters, is that very source, which must not be contaminated, when you enter into it. The virtue of co-measurement suggests the required behavior of spirit. No one crosses the forbidden border, for the Fiery Wall prevents from a thoughtless move.

Intuition, in other words straight knowledge, finely senses the circumstances. It is like standing above an abyss in the squally wind. Even a stone may be a friend, but not simply a building material. It's difficult to realize that everything surrounding you is inspired, and this is the source of wisdom itself. The signs are so subtle and various, that their uniqueness astonishes a consciousness. But the Eyes of Wisdom keep a silent smile. The Master’s Face appears and It's expression changes, when a thought is most powerful and the magnet of spatial devotion is kindled.

Let’s put together our love to the Invisible Creators and render it to Them for their hard Work. Ungrateful mankind even doesn’t want to hear about the Celestial Workers.

373. Space curvature manifests in the excessive outflow of positive energy to the planet's entrails. There appears the swirl of energy with changed center of forces. Time as an entity is subject to the energy laws and to the changes as well. There appears one-pole model of the world in the shape of pyramid, but upside down. Transmutation of the positive cosmic force into the lower negative energy is allowable in respect of required balance. The gnomes are most dangerous due to these experiments. Charging amulets with such energies spells the epidemics of unexplored diseases. The mental pyramid will straiten the mirror of space. Energy, as the rain of knowledge, will not flow down into the swirl of madness. The constructions of evil forces will aggravate karma of the dark guards.

373à. The Image of My Face is with you. Soon you will see Me in full size. It was only first attempt tonight. This is not the main point. The energies overgrow the body. The chalice starts boiling. It is difficult to realize the outcome of accumulated knowledge without the Higher Guidance.

You will serve the world and Russia more. The beginning of manifestations is always beautiful, same as human childhood. But the right of Cosmic Reverence is to be further upheld with spiritual labor. Accumulate the power and the deposition of Cosmic Magnet in the aura will give the energies of right.

374. Headaches are caused by rotation of the higher centers. Sounding and short term loss of consciousness, means separation of the subtle body, directed by the spirit. Sharp pains inside the head indicate the initial period of development of the Atmic consciousness, for which the spiritual gland is responsible.

Don’t be afraid of light manifestations and of cases of sudden absence. The spirit dictates the way of behavior to the body. Full release from the physical work is most beneficial, but in your situation it is impossible. It is a sort of experiment on involving the spiritual energies into the physical functions. Clairvoyance will increase. The experiment with the iridescent circles gave an impulse to many things. The delay is connected with the complexity of the period. Replacement of the nationhood and following changing of people’s psychology have changed the proportion of Light to darkness. Disclosure of the faces was very quick. Mind doesn’t help to penetrate through the spiritual gate. But the heart, when fusing with the mental currents, balances the bare intellect and unites both the cold of intellect and the flame of passion.

375. Many miracles of materialization are connected with the densifying of astral. Illusion, which is able to take a man-like shape under the will, and even harm it's creator, always has a share of the self-will and tries to get rid of control. The reasons must be strong for creating such entities. Starting from invisible presence and up to full humanization such entity is a figment of imagination, although the densified one. Don’t create idols for yourself – isn’t it about this situation? The Master knows the true way. The Master seeks for the friends and the workers. Magic and mediumism doesn't meet the requirements of the present time.

376. Grief is a tool of illusion. There are no situations or cases, which are desperately tragic. Joy is the magnet of Cosmic Love. The Path of Joy is the way of confidence and adherence to your principles and to your Teacher.

The complex of optimism and devotion strongly affects the lower karmic elements, suppressing them and causing the vibrations of higher tension. It is impossible to build life with acid looks. Although, sometimes looking at the human beings with lack of initiative and desire to work We can only bitterly regret about most valuable gift – the life on the Earth. The sluggish thinking moves so slowly. It is so difficult to notice the changes!

377. A heart, which is overfilled with the high energies, requires silence. The current of joy and the state of saturation with the high energies must not be interrupted. The special state of readiness and enthusiasm, kindled by a higher consciousness, or with uniting of the energies, or with the spiritual communications rises the consciousness to the next higher level, as though establishing the level of the future. The consciousness can’t stay on this shining level for a long time, but when slid down to the ordinary level, it still memorizes this unusual state and strives to approach and achieve it once more. This is the way how the magnet of the future comprehension arises.

A word often destroys a subtle rhythm, although it conducts the energies crystallized in it. Unsealing of the honeycombs of the words creates an aroma of space. A thought embodies via the word. The word is a vessel, containing the wise thought. The pages of Akasha Chronicles fill and overfill space. Every word of this living wisdom is full of the freedom of Light.

378. An offense awakes selfhood. This is again the separation from a human essence. This is one more attempt of self-insulation in the terms of self-sufficiency and egoism. It is small satisfaction to consider yourself the center of universe. It is more important not to underestimate or overestimate your capabilities and achievements. Your self-estimation must be absolutely precise. Any manifestation has its spiritual coordinates, but the offense and the self-sufficiency are not among the targets of Light. “What is the Teaching and Wisdom of the ages to you, when your thoughts instead of expanding have been shrunk in offence?”

Living Ethics was given as the Gospel of the Forthcoming Epoch.

379. There are the beings, which make bothers and troubles to others. Look at them attentively. Aren’t they vampires? They don’t care about anyone’s time and efforts. They are not conscious of the purpose of their demands, and their every action is implanted by someone’s external will. A feather-grass in a valley spends it's time more usefully, and never distributes the news about kitchen reek in someone’s house. A tumbleweed, a ball of fate, where are you rolling? Stop your deceitful rolling before you got into a narrow space. Verily, people do not know, what to do with their freedom.

380. Benevolence alone eliminates animosity and narrow-mindedness among people. For the sake of selfness a person pretends to be horrible, but often this brings dissonance into his relationship with space. The Great Cosmic Order stands on Harmony. Benevolence together with joy is the manifestation of magnetic force of cosmos, in other words love, which harmonizes both relations and space. The wind of love blows up the fire of creation.

381. The phenomenon of objectivization of mental images appears under the action of the strong will and at the places, saturated with vital magnetism and useful radiation. The objectivization is the training of Third Eye, if it is performed with someone's own consciousness. But if it is applied to one or more people, it is simply a primitive suggestion. But there are pure places, where the objectivization arises almost immediately, and one sees his own mental images, which are quite real and even living their independent life.

A phantom created by a thought is released into the world. It is equipped with a shell, but remains semiconscious and may be captured by someone’s will and used for an unseemly purpose. I ingeminate about purity of thinking and about highest quality of imagination. It is obvious that the mental images can gather force, gravitate towards the ‘parent’, and inflict significant harm to his spirit, if the later is not protected by the Hierarchy. The experiments with the will must give rise only to the pure mental images.

381à. Do not intoxicate yourself. Depression and fear, hate and irritation, and other products of the human astral alchemy create the terrible chemism, and neither soda nor lithium helps to get rid of it. It is better not to admit such manifestations, than burn away the sediments of evil with big pain later on.

Dynamics of the spiritual growth is connected with the renunciation of any mechanical methods for spiritual achievements. The podvig of labor and the divine love helps to keep the way. The time of ant's crawling is over, now it is the time of eagle's flight. Fly high. Remember about Christ's Podvig and about the Great Master Moria's continual Burden. “Take over a part of My burden”. One who became firmly established on My Way will never regret. You can see how the weather of spirit changes to the better. Be My Warriors! Don't be afraid either of materialization or of black magicians.

People are afraid of your energies, but let them think about the reverse impact. The power is big, if the heart has admired. The fiery wall has screened the aura. Go ahead like the column of flame. The new period will give the new possibilities. The material matters are already resolved for a long time ahead.

The signs read were only the alphabet. You will read Akasha Chronicles later on. Devotion and aspiration are the main things. I can see farther from above. My horizon is wider as well. I have repeated many times: “Give Me your troubles and vices. I will smelt them into gold and return back to you”.

If you walk firmly, you never stumble. Devotion is better than the bookish conclusions. My Ray is like the Archangel's Sword. I came in order not to draw out, but to let in. The circle is narrow. There are few peculiars among the human beings. Those who were called, mistook the Call for an illusion.

Strive towards Me by your heart. Love flows like the fiery river – the prayer of the saturated White Light. Love My little children and help them. You may learn even from children. Keep learning, when you are teaching. Repeat like your heart beats: Moria! Moria! Moria! Three times and repeat it seven times. Don't forget about the Three Shields. The Mother of the World, on whose brest the Shield is, will come. Her flower has touched your shoulder.

The signs of higher cosmic knowledge and the spiritual treasures are waiting for everyone.

Don't be afraid to let the information out. A megaphone is the best protection from the claims.

The Temple of the Stone will be built soon, very soon.

Balance the hastiness of inspiration with the attention, then the flow of thoughts will not be missed. Be ready and wait for My Word at day time and at night, when the thunder roars and when silence is around; when the rain is showering and the wind howls. You have earned the fiery right. Go ahead boldly and openly. Your service will be useful for the Stronghold and for Russia. I will teach you the Power of Spirit and will help to assemble the True Warriors. Your hands will be clean, and the labor will be full of the good. Devotion through the centuries brings it's fruits. My Ray lives inside you. My Ray is your heart. My Ray is you yourself.

The gates of memory are opened. The scenery of the past emerges from the bottom of the soul. Responsibility is great, but be Me Myself! You have found the Divine path.

The service of heart is the Holy Grail.

382. Not fighting, but transmutation of so called material elements into the spiritual ones determines the priority of spirit. It is not an abstract philosophizing, but the vital necessity. Only when a heart, which passes through the circles of earthly hell, realizes the unbearable thirst for perfection, when it attracts the congenial entities in the Subtle World and on the Earth, then the transmutation seizes to be the vagrant charlatans’ slogan. The work of spirit is the innermost reconstruction first of all, and then the reconstruction of everyday life and environment.

When the heart’s cosmic magnetism starts working, then the circumstances change. Banality turns into the unique gift of actuality. Don’t claw the current moment; life is in the future. The moment is the focus of our irreversible existence. Impregnating this focus of time, we learn to value the treasure of eternity.

The breath, which measures the term of our lives, is a part of the Great Breath of the Mother of the World. Universe, galaxies, and our solar system – they all breathe. United heart beating is the current penetrating through Eternity and coming from Absolute; it links all worlds by the finest thread. Relationship of the worlds is like the necklace of Shining Hearts. Verily, it is the Chalice of Flame on the Altar of the Mother of the World.

383. Fear is not what we see, but what we imagine. Often the particles of someone’s fear, suggested somewhere and somehow, stick to a deformed thought. A clew of astral emotions is a strong magnet and attracts the energy of related emotions. Horrible manifestations of demons or ghosts are quite seldom, more often these are the hallucinations or the clouds of densified astral images. The lower thoughts are drifting nearby forming most steep combinations. That is why it is so important to discern the faces of fear without superstition and resist them soberly and fearlessly.

Fear is the paralysis of higher centers; fear is disrespect to your Teacher and to whole Brotherhood. Fear is the favorite drug of darkness. Their discipline is on the tip of the whip of fear.

Let’s pour Light over the wounds of space. Let’s burn away the broods of sick imagination with the fire of heart. Let’s say firmly with the Name of the Teacher who has sent us here: “Don’t touch me! Moria protects us!” Three times by seven pronounce the Name of the Great Master, and your way will become clear. The Teacher’s Face and His Image is the best Shield against any kind of intimidation.

Gradually you will obtain the power of courage, which allows to proceed without drawing away the Master’s force. But the sword and the shield are to be forged for more than one millennium, and heat in the furnace of heart must be steady, otherwise the armour will not be hard enough.

384. One shouldn't sink into the waves of his own imagination. Objectification of one's own mental images may appear to be false, if it is not verified according to the high spiritual purity.

The Source of heat for Celestial Smelting is well-known, and it alone can transform the lead of passions into the gold of wisdom. The crucible of the Chalice, where the mystery of refining of lower flesh goes on, heats up on the spiritual fire. The accumulations start boiling and the energies, evaporated from the accumulations, transform into the higher plane of aura. After the period of frozen or dormant state they return back to the conscious state.

The return of knowledge gives a powerful inflow of the spiritual force. The Good, accumulated during numberless incarnations, crystallizes in the higher centers and then revives in order to serve the suffering humanity again. Everything is an illusion, but the accumulated experience is the beacon, the oar, and the boat which sails through the sea of rosy mist of fantasies and temptations.

385. A meat for blood is the same as the smoke of tobacco for lungs. Contamination of an organism harms a spirit. Some people can’t perceive the high truths due to the atavism. Some nations can’t live without bread, the others - without meat, and the later speeds up degeneration of the nation, which worsens with alcohol addiction.

The tobacco addiction may be treated with the lemon juice, which clears blood and even bones from nicotine. Of course, the strong heartfelt self-suggestion is primary. A volitional action is not always equally efficient. The volitional suggestion is like an iron cage, from which a soul strives to escape; but the heartfelt suggestion supposes the liberty of action. The soul’s voice persuades in purposefulness, reasons the obstinate weakness, removes the obsession, and restores the natural harmony.

386. Whole spirit’s life goes on under the Ray. Every thought is filtered by the Fiery Purity. The Celestial Beacon singes so many insects!

Measure your thoughts against the scale of achievements and let your thoughts be high, above the bazaar bothers. The quality of thinking determines everything. Entire life transforms in the mysterious world of thoughts.

The depth of cosmos prepares many revelations for a consciousness, which is athirst for knowledge. The field of the world is waiting for the seeds, so try to prepare the best ones. Let them sprout. Let the spike of spirit produce the new bread of life.

387. It is difficult to grope after the string of divine life inside yourself. It is difficult to imagine yourself as the Great Master, even for a moment. Saturation of this Cosmic Entity with responsibility and with energy is incredibly high. These fiery functions are also presented inside ourselves – the sanctions of the higher order.

Saviors have been always crucified, experiencing suffering on the cross of time and space. This is the symbol of the Great Teacher, the symbol of permanent and continuous crucifying of the spirit, which is several orders greater than the earthly thinking. Each philistine tends to injure the God’s Body, each of them prepares his nail poisoned with imperil.

The time is up, and everyone must pay the bill. There will be no more delay, no more bible scapegoats allowed to be pulled into pieces by the demons of desert. Everyone is in charge for himself. Lipika will unroll their Scrolls. What will you read in the Chronicles of Fate? Several minutes of the spirit's admiration will be an adornment of whole life.

388. An earthly mother always manifests the functions of the Mother of the World. The earthly mother internally constitutes herself as the mother for all children. The cosmic nature of the earthly mother and father still remains in Russia as addressing of the representatives of different generations to each other. Celestial motherhood and fatherhood still lives inside the sunny nation.

389. Horror movies, sex, and thrillers are the tools of mass obsessing, especially of young and primitive-minded people. A consciousness, diverted with the scenes of porno, horror, and violence, gives off its living breath to the hungry spirits, which overfill the lower astral. Capacity of such batteries is huge. The forces, accumulated during innumerable incarnations, are sucked away by the cosmic vampires. It is deplorable that the television which could bring so much light and fire to the souls, has fallen into the hands of dark ones. Among movies and broadcasts there is no even one tenth percent that promulgate the high truths. The channels, full of depravity and recipes for murders, of the propaganda of American pop culture, of sports passions, and of animations have occupied the space, which is busy even without that. Detonation of the excessive empty information spells explosion. The smoke of chatter intoxicates worse than nicotine.

390. Gold is as the Bickford fuse for the explosion of space. Light, which is to be conducted by gold, doesn’t reach the earth and decays producing the brown gas. The astral world is out of order; the planet’s entrails are out of order as well! Gold must associate with purity, but not with blood and tears. The centuries long suffering has stratified on this metal. Greed and avarice has saturated it's every atom. Heaviness of the solar metal became the magnet for the lower spirits. Prestige is too earthly notion. Stipulating the harmfulness of gold, I know for sure what I am saying. Yes! Yes! Yes!

391. It is not dangerous that the orbits of various teachings often adjoin. It doesn’t mean either brain-picking or plagiarism; it means that knowledge comes from one source. The interrelations of teachings have been noted not once, and their One Source was named. But up to now the equal spiritual practices of far from each other religions surprise people. If the disciples of Higher Path are not charlatans, they come to the same cross of roads, from which only one path leads further to the Stronghold. It is possible to move forward or backward by this path. It is bitter to see those, who have reached the level of disciple with so many efforts, and slide down merely.

Throw the ashes of burned away desires on the path and keep moving your feet even slowly. The mountain of Teaching becomes more and more arduous. But My helping Hand is always close. Remember the flower of the Mother of the World. Our knowledge grows twinning around us like wonderful flowers on the Buddhist images.

One who stands drawn up to full height, never thinks to hide from the sun rays. The sunburn of truth doesn’t harm one who serves the daylight.

392. The white Ocean of Light beats by our feet. But the assaults of unbelief and poor persistence in learning cease us from entering this pure Environment of Love, where we are originating from. There are the teachings, which require severe discipline, there are the teachings, which require hard labor. I only ask you to surrender to Joyful Love and offer to Me the roses of your hearts. The thorns appear due to the tears of suffering; love produces the waves of fiery scent. Isn’t the Master of the Will the Master of Love?

I keep in My hands the keys to the field of work and to the garden of inspiration. I keep in My hands the gifts to a strict ascetic and to a joyful child. The achievements of the later are sometimes weightier on the scales of evolution. I know how it is better for you to walk by My Way. Our meditation is the help for the suffering hearts.

Learn to listen for the true spiritual calls. Many people are ready for the new, but still are kept by the mesmerizing circle of prejudices. Burning away the remainders of darkness is most difficult. A tiny particle of dirt of the past contains all bacilli of ignorance, impeding the evolution. The Wings of Light are still covered with soot.

393. Don’t fling the door of your soul wide open. Let those knocking at the door be more insistent. The home of your heart belongs to you. The soul is your path. Sometimes yeasty curiosity tries to drop into your temple and defile the altar. The smell of nectar is attractive for many, but even a bee gathers honey drop by drop. Thirst must not be completely allayed, otherwise the spirit may singe the wings or even die due to oversaturation.

Appeal to the Fiery Force with entire power of spirit! Love Light heartily and devotedly! Devotion looks funny from outside point of view, but in the World of Spirit it is a powerful silver chain linking us with all levels of the Hierarchy. A spark of Divine Love flies from one heart to another. When the Great Master sends us a lightning, we send starlets to the others. The force condenses slowly, but it should be granted by small portions.

394. In a desert a caravan travels from one well to another. The tired travelers suffer without water and frequently can observe the fata morgana or the mirages. The wayfarers of spirit are like the travelers in the desert. When drinking water from the well, they want to drink more and more. Often their thirst exceeds their capability to contain.

The Teaching has through connections of sources, which fill the wells even with the bitter water. But don’t accept the mirage, observed by the irritable spirit, for the divine vision. The mental performances are same deceitful as the astral displays. We must see beyond the intentions of the stage directors of such performances. The essence of all manifestations is the comprehension of light, as well as dissolving is the essence of all sources.

Akasha is like water; It dissolves knowledge. It is the reservoir of memory. We drink not from the well, but from the Ocean of Eternity. But it is impossible to drink off the ocean in spite of great thirst. The measure must be equal to the capacity.

395. The united energies create the current of high tension. The spatial forces of the Mother of the World become involved into the Ray. It turns out, that every union is a cosmic event. The closing-in movement of galaxies creates the structure, whose radiation and shining is considerably superior to the potential of separate galaxy. In same way the union of hearts creates the aggregation, which strengthens the power almost up to the next-higher order. The relevance of community has been proved long ago, but the earthly way of thinking, raised on the principles of separation, will continue stumbling against the tussocks of anachronisms for a long tome. It is not so easy to prepare the field of life. The union of hearts is useful both to a ploughman and to a warrior.

396. Dowsing is just a side effect of the growth of spiritual energies. Visualization of mental ideas is a bait for a disciple at the beginning of the path. The Face and the Shield must direct the powers, otherwise the disciple may go astray to the path of primitive sorcery. Reading signs is just a weak initial manifestation of clairvoyance. Do not digress to the small fry. The dark ones offer small precious stones in order to draw away the disciple’s attention from a huge diamond. The power disintegrates due to such perceptions. It is necessary to feel yourself as the king of spirit and look beyond the spangle of phenomena. A dress with the spangles looks splendid, but what is in the heart, which beats under it? It's better to collect small particles to make them merge and form one big whole. The envy of evil is huge. The circle is forming not casually. The excessive energy slops over. As if you are carrying a full cup. Catch the gold of words!

397. Best melodies have been listened from the Music of Spheres. Nature responds to beauty. The responsiveness of it's creative senses succeeded in the crystallization of reasonableness and consciousness of feelings, which are free from animal roar. The evolution of nature is in the evolution of strait-knowledge, when the earthly senses touch the celestial ones.

The fiery currents vary every moment. Billions of stars fly by and inject their chemism into the earthly space. The energies of light split, the combative lightnings cross. Fights, battles, and assimilation are everlasting and never end.

Mahatma M. - is the Wisdom of Mercy.

The pace of truth is severe, but it is necessary to look into the mirror of destiny. The face of everydayness is dull, but the open space of the future shines behind it.

398. Metallic, similar to lithium, flavor in the mouth indicates refining of the centers. The psychic energy becomes free from the ashes. Rotation of the centers works like a pump, which takes in the coarse energies and processes them into the subtle ones.

399. It is too bad when the energy is ahead of the consciousness. A long term professional practice results in the psychology of irreplaceability. The transformed jealousy still remains the jealousy. A person may forgive, but the karma of jealousy must be depleted down to the very bottom, otherwise the rupture of relations is unavoidable. The jealousy is the incursion of selfhood love, somewhat of a theft, which is the attack of lucre.

400. Cooperation discloses new previously hidden aspects of consciousness in a member of community. New talents manifest and the innermost gifts disclose. Most important is to keep safe the precious vessel – the core of devotion to the Hierarchy, which unites the members. Everyone invests the pearl of accumulations into it.

The deformed thinking deflects the display of fiery labor, and one may see the red flashes of colors of anger instead of the Lilies of Light.

400à. Venus and the Earth are the twin sisters. They are the daughters of the same mother. But the first of them has rid herself of the semi-paralyzed parent and advanced far ahead.

The Sons of Down, who have finalized the evolution at Venus, came to help the Earth.

Now cosmos is open, and many souls from another constellations incarnate on the Earth. It is difficult to determine their task, but the main reason is to shift the consciousness on the planet. Due to the change of cosmic conditions, the spirits experienced in the spatial flights are required. They weave the actual connections with the far-off worlds without losing the contact with their native stars.

Incarnations become more frequent. The terms between incarnations become shorter due to the condensing of time. The time as energy is subject to condensing and thickening. The elementals of time are flexible and beautiful. They look after the live breath, which is the measure of human lives. The link with the element of time is innermost and the aspects belong to the masculine principle.

New Time comes with the Ray of Light, with the Flame of Fire, with the Shining of Stars and Sun.

Spiritual immortality of the Great Masters is the sacrifice of labor in other planes of life. The previous being has formed the buds of eternal labor for the sake of people. The target of striving to immortality is important, because some hatha yogi live for thousands of years as well.

You were taught during the previous incarnations at many places on the Earth. But it doesn't make sense to get deep into this. Be more modest and inconspicuous. One who is fated will see the inner light of your heart.

Protect yourself from the attempts to measure the aura or the level of activity of the centers. Little children think, that a flared sparklet or an awoken petal is already a blossomed out lotus of center. Let them play their games so long as they do not make any harm for themselves and the others. It is enough of chest beating, now it is time to work. The period of irresponsible time spending is over. We need the earthly conductors, but not the reciters of poems.

There is phosphor in some food products, but fish oil is most saturated with it.

400á. The flow of feelings washes away the dam of the control of mind.

The Mother of the World loves all creatures. Devotion and Love is one.

Do not lay in store your small secrets. The transparent glass of vase makes visible the mud in stagnant water. The sediment of bitterness will go away. Depression is unavoidable. The gaps between the different bodies of spirit are too big.

401. The currents of imperceptible forces penetrate through universe in all directions. These are the creative substances and the destructive forces. The mental energies, transformed by the flight in eternity and reflected by the Masters’ mirrors, bring revival to the unfortunate mankind.

Devotion to the Master has the profound side effect, which is obtaining capability to hear the Master’s thought. A message is sent within the Ray, and it is read by a disciple. Due to the intergrowth of auras a distance doesn’t matter. Its possible to live in neighborhood, but it is also possible to live on different planets; in both cases the psychological belt connects the Teacher’s thought and the disciple’s heart in a twinkle of an eye, for there is neither time nor space there, just swift light.

402. A mental image is just the beginning of concentration. Moving aside from the senses, it is necessary to imagine an object so clearly, that it may be sensed as dense and formed, it is a sort of mental materialization. The Image of the Teacher may become alive and even start speaking. Yesterday’s experience of leaving the body without losing consciousness is significant. The fiery body pushes against the physical shell. The golden shining, which surrounds the image of Shining Face as nimbus, means liberating of self-sustained mental image, strengthened by veneration and most lofty Love.

People love and venerate an Envoy, because he is a living link with the Great Master and a part of Him. But the Envoy must deserve this high title.

Next deeper phase of creating the images and of concentration is merging with the object of striving, and focusing on it. You merge with Him, you become Him Himself, and you start thinking, hence acting, as He does. The Great Master enters your heart so far as you enter His fiery palace. The Teacher becomes you, and you become the Teacher. Entering the Guru’s Spirit is indicated with the clarity of thinking, the sagacity, and the incredible current of high thoughts unusual for your own nature.

403. One gains the spiritual magnetism via the fiery purification of heart. How the temple may be cleaned unless with love and intergrowth with the Teacher’s consciousness? A person, which conducts the currents of his higher essence or of the seventh principle, attracts via the ray the currents related to his spirit. If such touches are not extinguished with the earthly manifestations, and if the disciple does not wave them off, taking the touch of the Fiery World for the intrusive insects, then the precious sparks of the higher knowledge dissolve in his aura. But the earthly reasoning will not be able to understand for a long time, what is going on. Only a sort of enthusiasm and joy will start to accumulate as the small grains in the treasury of love, in the treasury of spiritual magnetism. Don’t jump over the steps like a frolic schoolboy, otherwise you may roll down.

404. The foundation for the spiritual footing is under construction. The concrete of mutual efforts didn’t stiffen yet; the surface is not evened yet; but the frame becomes solid. The column of spirit will stand on this foundation, and every new success will result in the joint flight.

The aura of labor is ashy. Burning away the remaining defects in the relationships comes to the end.

Magic is very strong among the natives. The nasty tricks are the elements of rural magic. Tell to be careful. An opinion about an individual may be formed not at once. Declining of the mood is one of main criteria of first impression. The rural pragmatism never produces profit, but it is very difficult to efface such psychology. It is very important not to consider everyone to be good, but to understand the intentions.

404à. The spheroidal clouds hide the Master's Thoughtforms. It is psychologizing of the visible images. The energy field is great after their apparition.

The pyramid is needed both for you and for Me. Learn to work as a team. It is difficult to change a person, which has created his own world during years. Recall yourself. It is painful to give up even a minor habit; but this immediately brings the fruits of My Blessing. Let them read the Community together in turn, four items each. And the last item read aloud by every person is to be the material for his consideration for the next day. Suggest and insist. This is My Instruction.

405. The side achievements arise during the intensive striving: telepathy and clairvoyance, clairaudience and astral tastes sensing. This is nothing but a short list of the simplest achievements. The arrow of spirit flies through various spheres and saturates at one moment with the garden aroma, at another moment with the murmur of taiga, and at another - with the noise of waves.

406. The currents of united thoughts are powerful. The fresh forces of youth and wisdom bring harmony into the atmosphere of dictatorship of the masculine energies. I have spoken about strengthening of the feminine energies long ago. This is the best way to stir and assimilate the currents of the Mother of the World. Without the beacon of tenderness and love no formation on the planet is possible.

It is necessary to seek for a higher subject in any conversations. Solemnity and veneration to the Teacher gives to a meeting and cooperation the special atmosphere of significance. Where two of you come together to recall My Name, I am the third one with you.

Solomon's Ring is not just a line on a palm. It is manifested on the palms of those who directly or indirectly had to do with the Stone. This knowledge is innermost; but a lot of things will be revealed soon, because the parts of Aerolit gather at one place.

406à. Remember about My Day. The work was initiated together with She Who has become Tara, the Mother of Altai. The special conditions of the service are predestined for you as well, but the publicity will be minimal. The narrow circle of co-workers will gather for the innermost task.

My special trust is the award for loyalty.

The flame of life burns and flutters and every body of the flame is a secret of a former life. The horizon of the comprehending one expands. The waves of lightful matter prepare the new carpet of knowledge. It is possible to fly far away on this flying carpet. But what the poor children of the Earth will rejoice at, if the sunbow of joy fades? And what a heart will dream about in the sacral dreams, if the fire of devotion dies out choked with the ashes of everydayness? Seek for the unusualness within the gray everydayness.

My Day is the holiday for the hearts, which know the value of the Hierarchy. My Day is joy for those who believe in the Brotherhood of Light. My Day is for those who establish the Brotherhood of the Fiery Friendship.

Let your labor become a step of Hieroinspiration! Love each other like one family. The principle of spiritual family is the basis of any Community. Take a firm stand for one another. Don't give even a minor cause for blaming one another. Even spicy jokes should not be such bitter. Carefulness, trust, love, and cooperation are needed. Mutual help within the powers is to be rendered always both by hands and by thoughts.

Direct silently and imperceptibly, as if they have guessed themselves. The real combat group is in the process of training. But it is not so easy to bring up the warriors. Fearlessness is a part of the training program as well. Valor is tested with suddenness. Insufficient understanding of the cause of fear makes it grow.

Purification of space is the great task.

407. A bottom of a dried-up river becomes a good road. Many religions illuminated with Divine Light are forgotten, but the fundamental truths have cemented the essence, and the direction stays the same. Changing of the rituals and of the sacral images is just the development of veneration of the Hierarchy. Wisdom, which flows out from the Great Heart, is that particular Celestial Source, which fills the rivers of inspired consciousnesses.

The same thing goes on with the channels of fiery thoughts. Initial illumination, which has perforated the space and cemented the channel, is already forgotten, but the direction serves the fiery current of the heart, which prays with no words. The same artery of spirit conducts the Master’s Ray, reviving the higher principles of a disciple. The Ray may be personal, and it is granted for the disciple’s transfiguring; but more often, as far as consciousness of the disciple grows, the energy current becomes more magnetic. Besides transformation of the structure of space, it renders help to those who are seeking for the Spiritual Guidance. Sometimes the Ray is translated in order to create small groups for a special mission. The authorities of such spiritual families are very big. Sometimes a small number of disciples is notable for the high quality.

The athirst souls collect the drops of spiritual dew. Every cue of light is perceived as a revelation. Their veneration, when accepting the Gift of the Great Heart, is very touching. Creative solemnity revives the garden of the Odorous Lotuses. The pure souls are in the clear lakes of destiny. Love them and remember them.

407à. It is difficult to change a dress of princess for a dress of housewife. But life likes to be watched from different sides. Sometimes an incarnation of common person brings more usefulness for a spirit, than an incarnation of noble person.

The Mother of the World's Ray grows rapidly. Even men become saturated with the subtle energy. Charisma and almost tenderness intensifies. Watch the manifestations of light.

My Figure starts to live. Don't feel embarrassed being not able to understand what I am saying. It is difficult to perceive the swift currents. I slow down these currents during our Communications. I am glad that you are asking to indicate a task, in which you can bring maximum help to Me. The mosaic of success composes in an unexpected way. Both records and talks with the group are the beginning of the work itself.

The pressure of darkness will grow. Do not forget about Me at the time of suppressions.

The illusion of destruction must burn away. The spirit is everlasting. It is possible to kill a body, but the spirit is immortal.

408. The amber of soul is to be brightened during the years until the sun shines from inside, until the dawn of Divine Sunrise turns into the Golden Flame.

409. A man standing in the sun means growing up of the higher centers. The spiritual sections bring up the column of individual achievements.

Two keys indicate the handle of the sword of belief. Two keys are the entrance to the spiritual wisdom through the mental stratums. Two keys are the sign of the gate-keeper of the innermost knowledge.

The power of precise definitions strengthens the conscious vibration of words. It is not for nothing, that the magicians were skilled in the spells, which could inflame any object. Now everything is transferred to the Subtle World. A thought is more powerful than a mantra. It is better to use it for kindling the hearts, which droop in the arduous earthly life.

Attraction of the hearts has happened due to intergrowth of the fiery energies during the previous lives. The sensation of recognition is quite seldom, if it is not imaginary. Recognition may be like a flash of lightning, same as the true first thought. And if the trap of attention doesn't catch the event, it dissolves in the everydayness.

Every moment is new. Every day goes on under the pressure of unique currents. The energy of thought is the plastic structure, which immediately responds to the currents, whiuch strengthen light of the essence's core. The thought rises in the entrails of the sun of essence and like a solar prominence erupts outside from the flame of spirit and obtains the manifested form.

The currents of the far-off worlds forge the new thinking of the planet. The Earth is well prepared for the mental transformation. Information overfills space. The explosion alone can facilitate the Mental World's spiritual purification. The Earth will propel our stellar system to the new stage of the development of spiritual wisdom.

410. A vessel of body may be filled either with poison, or with wine, or with precious myrrh.

411. The latter-days fascists’ barbarity is great. Death of innocent people, destruction of cultural memorials and of whole cities leads to aggravation of the position of the USA. Darkness impacts Serbia. The response impact will be shattering. The currents of tiredness and tension are the results of this. Participating in discharging of the onslaught of darkness, you forge the sword of spirit. Tension of the Light Forces creates the Fiery Focus over Serbia. All souls, which have passed the border of the planet’s evolution, are involved in the battle. Atlantis before it's collapse presented the master of the planet. The prince of darkness has trained his servants well. Mortal agony manifests through this war against the small country. Darkness hates the living hearts, the spirits, which move towards light, and vibrations of the flow of Fiery Life. You are involved in the general flow of the global opposition to darkness. It is hard to burn away the planet’s imperil. But the Brotherhood works incessantly.

412. The cities are the huge circulation of energies, mainly of negative quality. The large swirls of energy deflect the mirror of space. Very often the negative areas of the cities were aggravated with hazardous industry. Paints, varnishes, and other toxic materials, which cause intoxications and diseases, are simply the transformed imperil, the same concerns the explosive materials. Concentration of the toxic products of human thinking has accumulated the arsenal of hate during millenniums and hundreds of millenniums. It is impossible to split such energies, only to transform them. Refining of the imperil is more dangerous than the bombs. When saturating space, it penetrates into the subtlest structures and imperceptibly destroys them.

The USA will be punished. It is too early for the black brotherhood to celebrate victory. The nuclear whip leads to nothing. Russia is at the beginning of the phase of spiritual confrontation with the forces of evil. It's poverty is more likely a positive quality. Overeaten America has lost it's spirituality. The hate to small countries results from the inner emptiness. External well-being didn’t spell into internal growth, although the country’s evolution has been directed to the latter. The land of this country bears the damnation of Atlantis. There was the possibility for it to change through striving to Light, but material values have blinded the spiritual eyes.

412à. Don't screen spiritual love with lust. It is difficult to overcome sexual attraction; but love between the essences is close to the divine one.

The energy of magnetism unites a group strongly. Such close relations are necessary for fulfilling the higher spiritual tasks. Overcoming of the sexual attraction is one of the stages of comprehension. One shouldn't take away any thread from the carpet of service, otherwise whole pattern disintegrates. It is as if you are returning back to the days of youth, when being in love was a natural state. When you love the God like your child, then – like your sister or mother, and finally – like your spouse, you pass through different levels of Bhakti Yoga simultaneously. The analogy is quite plain.

It is not without reason, when the shining wings of love touch a soul. The fiery essence of heart opens it's rose Lotus. Learn to love entire poor humanity. People have impoverished themselves through eliminating cordiality and benevolence from their relations. What a world would be if united with the fiery magnetism of mutual striving! People would get an incredibly higher usefulness via sending with the fiery solemnity the energy of love into the Master's Ray. Their eyes would shine with lofty feelings. And the hearts would not emit so much venom.

413. Your assignment requires this particular kind of love. It will cement the group into one whole. It was said: “Let's love, and the rest will come.” Love helps to clean a heart from the gray ashes of everydayness. Love is the flame, which hardens the sword of spirit. Love is the beacon, which kindles the spheres of auras. Love is the Will of the Master’s Ray. Love is the Knowledge of Divine Worlds. Love is the Purity of the Mother of the World's Spirit. Love is the power, which refines the flesh matter. A soul, kilned by the energies of Love, becomes the Divine Vessel of Truth. There is no other force besides Love, which unites the hearts so strongly. The Linking Ray shines since the dawn of times.

414. Striving is an Arhat’s Boat. Striving is the Predestined Light. Striving is the Key to the Gate. Striving is the Fire of Battle. Masters’ Ray shines on the point of the spear of striving. Humanity withdrawal from the energies of striving to the Hierarchy has spelled all miseries and calamities. Selfhood has limited the will with the earthly life, and distorts the purpose of evolution.

The images of previous incarnations gather at the call of the Ray of Karma. Sacred Labor attracts the related hearts. A group kindled with the joint striving to bliss has an effect on the world events. Don’t belittle the Path of Service, for it is neither small nor big. Any pure effort of the heart energies, merged with other hearts in striving to improve themselves and the planet, becomes a strong unit for cosmic building. The united force, which attracts the Master’s Ray, is used by the Brotherhood for the spatial work, and refines due to this. In return each co-operating unit gets benefit on the earthly plane.

Fortune is the result of the denial of vice. Fortune is the air, which every doer of Common Good inhales. But don’t overload space with the sophisticated wishes. The Master knows, what is most necessary for you currently. The burden of wishes, intensified with the self-will, shuts off the long-sight. Everyone who wants to get a benefit outside the Hierarchy is short-sighted. Only the Fiery Friend’s keen attention is able to give a deserved good measure.

415. The discipline of dark ones is based on fear, but We establish the discipline of Love, based on the higher manifestations of lofty feelings. There are no obstacles for the Power of Joy, because whole space is the territory for the Fiery Comprehension. The higher manifestations of human spirit have arose in the ecstasy of Divine Love. Creative Love is the inspiration of unprecedented creative work. The source of various light manifestations lives inside everyone. Ability to love is the talent, worked up during many lives. Ability to love is accumulated gradually, same as knowledge. It is not so easy to kindle the bonfire of adoration and veneration. One loves a person, another one experiences the spiritual love; but there is no love higher, than love to the Hierarchy. When adoring a person, you recognize him as the reflection of Celestial Glory, as a participant of the Fiery Service. United Love is the flow of elevating energies.

416. A karmic train or a tail of old habits is stretched far away to the past. The Teaching calls to the repast not those who already live on the Divine Nectar, but those who gather the crumbs from the spiritual table, those who feel the spiritual hunger and is eager to satisfy it. There are no irreformable dark ones. Even robbers and prostitutes have settled down to the Path of Truth. Christ, the Master of Love, never blamed anyone. Blaming establishes a karmic link with one whom you have blamed.

Most heavy karma unties due to the spirit's admiration. Most low karma may be depleted by the love to the Teacher. Most sticky karma may be washed away by the fiery stream of permanent devotion. It is always necessary to remember the devoted service - the Teacher’s Image rising in our hearts. There are no Teachers among you, there are the co-workers of Light. Learn from one another, like the painters of Renaissance. There should not be either pride or haughtiness among you, for this may result in the skew of energies and interruption of the currents of cooperation.

417. Singularity of your feelings is necessary for future assimilation of the rays of pure love with the Ray of Divine Love. Changing of the vector of striving allows the coarse energies of selfhood convert into the shining of purified hearts. Strengthening of the energy manifests via the refined and singular perception. If the union of two consciousnesses produces seven-fold energy, then union of five ones – twenty one-fold energy. It is no wonder that each one separately feels himself miserable and destitute without such intensive flow of the Divine Light.

Burning away last karmic obstacles elevates the relations to the new level and changes the form of consciousness. Such joyful striving must be present always. This fiery joy refines and lets everyone’s ray unite with the Master’s Fiery Love. Purification of the feelings includes a lot of aspects of good. The experience of comprehending of something unknowable includes this phase of being as well.

418. The degrees of Love are endlessly multiple, starting from the simple adoration up to the high spiritual ecstasy, which makes the fiery body flame with the creative power of joy. Entire life is saturated with the manifestations of love – from love to gain and fetishism, from the devotion to the parents, the motherland, and children, up to the flaming devotion to the Teacher. There is no any life manifestation without love. Even most dark negative manifestation appears to be a perverted form of love. Mother of the World's Rays vitalize entire universe with Love. Can the Father’s Will, which sends the impulse to a Creature, do without the aspect of Cosmic Love? Every word, every thought, and every deed obtains the highest quality, when hallowed with this all-encompassing feeling. This inextinguishable beacon flames in everyone who sees God in every manifestation and in every human being. If an object of adoration does not keep the divine spark, there is no the energy of commitment, which makes a transfigured consciousness shine. It is the main thing to be able to love not expecting for response. It was said not without reason: “Joy is the special wisdom” and “Joy is the sister of Love and the daughter of Aflame Sofia”.

418à. We warn the dark ones against the attempts of attacks. The backward impact will be strong. Not a drop of venom will leak with no consequences. The dark one who allowed himself to abase the Envoy of the Hierarchy, will flame as a bonfire. It is not without reason that I gave you the name Vijay – Victorious.

Go ahead without fear and hesitation! We will not allow to oppress those who are walking in the Master's Ray. You are bearing not the Ray but the Column of Light. That is why you feel weight and pressure on the shoulders.

Saturating space with your aura is not circumstantial. A link of incarnations is very strong. Many karmic knots are to be untied. Fastening of the chains of energy is necessary for new tasks for the future. Many things, which are not understood yet, already manifest in you and give the fruits of bliss. Be like children, same plain and pure. This is where the creative love leads.

The bonfire shines with the Roses of Light. The Lilies of tenderness glitter in the silver rays of mysteries. The ruby rays of mutual attraction flash with the recognition of cosmic energies.

Love elevates to the spheres not accessible for the mental. The qualities of love are close to the power of spirituality. Love elevates a spirit up to the level of seventh principle. Love is the natural state of the Higher Disciples - same solemnity, same responsiveness, same lofty purity of being. So, when you love, you learn what kind of person you have to be and you have to become.

418á. The karma of fortune can't play false to the promised peculiars. Beside the Envoy, there are close co-workers, who bear the burden of the earthly way together with him.

We are not spreading the net of flattery under your feet. We are far from this. We are talking about the real labor for the saturation of space.

The influence upon your group members is strong. It is not an external process, but a subtle touch. That is why an executor of a mission must be always tensed with the understanding of his responsibility. Even minor mistakes, or vice versa virtues, resonate as a tuning fork, which detects the purity of activities.

Tuning of the sounding of hearts goes on permanently during the meetings and the contacts. One whose heart coincides with the sound of fiery string, receives a creative impulse, which also kindles another hearts. What a beautiful music of lights, which shine in the predawn darkness!

Esteem friendship; esteem love. It is easier to break through darkness all together. Tell your young friends that the glitter of gloss can't be brighter than the shining of the fires of hearts. Do not allow them to be heartless even from time to time. Joyful labor is waiting for them if they will change their position of being bright flowers, which attract the bees of somebody's attention. An exterior is just a decoration of a house. But we live inside it. Otherwise it is possible to be frozen when winter comes, in case of lack of discernment. It is hard and painful to part with youth, and it is necessary to prepare a reliable dwelling right now.

You forge the understanding of expectation. Christ's Brides were waiting for their Celestial Husband the same way. Be pure and tender. My Love is with you always!

I have spoken.

419. Love is given for softening everyone's inner coarse energies. Ignorance melts like wax. The clod of tense energies of the brutal will transmutes into the subtle rays of joy. One can’t say that joy and love are weak-willed. They contain the Divine Will. The Will which unites universe as one whole. Love is harmony. Is it possible to hold a loving heart with anything else but harmony? We establish the Will of Celestial Love.

420. Be the teachers of joy. The time of commands and orders is over. The fiery revolution of consciousness takes place due to penetration of the currents of love. Most heavy currents of karma, most tight knots of fate soften under the influence of the Fire of Divine Love. The concentration of imperil burns to ashes due to the approaching shining currents. The true feelings shine with the sparks like the particles of gold in the amber.

The Guru opens the wonderful world for you. The Guru gives you help and support. The Guru is the Fiery Friend of your heart. Don’t turn the garden of predestined meetings into the place of desolation. Be inspired and pure. Love each other; love as children do when experiencing the need for this fiery joy for the first time!

The world becomes better, more joyful, and more pure by the virtue of love, which links all of us. The world as if erupts out of the gray shroud of everydayness, from the fog of banality. The sunny eyes of inspiration look into your souls. Nurse this feeling as long as possible and don’t be afraid of anything bad. It is impossible to abuse love. The burden of ages is not so heavy, when you feel that you love and be loved by full heart.

The flow of fiery streams has begot the Light of Love. This is the way how the Will of Celestial Father and of Celestial Mother manifests on the mundane plane. It is the Will of Love that creates worlds. The divine impulse of spirit is saturated with the higher vibrations of Love, otherwise there would be no links among the worlds.

The Will of Love is the life-giving water! The Will of Love is the matter of fire, full of light! The Will of Love is the silver thread of karma of the discipleship and the teachership!

The Envoy conducts the currents of the Mother of the World and of the Great Teachers. The Envoy is the full of light gift to those, who seek for the Path. I certify that many of My lives are tied up with the Envoy.

421. The indignation of spirit thins out an aura, because it spreads owing to the increase of volume of the energies, like a toy balloon blew up with hot air. The same phenomenon results in levitation, if the energies are shifted upwards. Because of the high pressure of energy there is the risk of rupture of the ruby shell. If one allows irritation, the indignant fire transforms into the imperil and disrupts the ruby shell, bursting outside. Burning out of phosphor leads to incredible debilitation. Irritation drains the forces from the various parts of aura, similar to squeezing juice out of a lemon. It turns to be hard to restore the energy of flight. In case of losing the predestined possibilities by the reason of missing the terms, it spells plain karmic consequences as well.

My Decree for all of you: do not allow even indignation. Irritation is already a misdeed.

422. Tension of the head centers is great. Pressure of the fiery column exceeds the physical capacity. It is difficult to carry the burden of this world. It’s difficult to stay among people. So many inharmonious currents tear the space! So many insignificant reasons cause bitterness and grief! But the mission must be carried as the cup full of fire.

423. The Divine Mysteries go on in the Silence of Solemnity in the Innermost Temple of Heart. The Great Master alone attends the Fiery Palace of the Holy of Holies. In case of accepting and assimilating the Ray, the initiations go on continuously, constantly ascending, until the fiery body weighs upon the astral manifestations. When the astral evaporates to full extent, and the functions of the latter transfer to the lower layers of the mental plane, then the energies of initiations become habitual.

Intensifying of the energies with the help of the feminine energies was known long ago. Most subtle details and nuances could be observed, when perceiving of the celestial gifts is harmonized. The Key to the Soul of Light is the harmonization of Principles. The Key to the Gate of Fiery Knowledge rests on the stream of shining energies.

424. The pressure of currents grows hourly. The dosages of tension are added. But many of you reject this thought, hiding under the bell-cover of self-belittling or of primitive ignorance. Only a selfless heart is able to withstand the accruing flow of light. Only a warrior, who is tempered in the spatial battles, can assimilate the flows of Celestial Bliss.

It is impossible to define an allowable rate of currents, which may be accepted and assimilated by anybody. Every person is a universe with its own laws and its own measures of volumes to be assimilated. It is impossible to specify a standard as soon as the people’s stages of consciousnesses diverge considerably. One crashes a nut with a stone axe; the other one attains the spiritual spheres. The scale of comprehension is endless and the gap between the higher and the lower stages is immeasurable. Lazarus said about this: “There is a bottomless abyss between you and us”. It is impossible to adjust people to a common basis, but the selection of souls already goes on, rarefying the overcrowded mundane space.

425. The spears of currents are sharp. Intensity of the battle breaks and crosses the rays of various levels of tension. The chemism is hard for an open heart. Verily, the hearts are like the nonhealing wounds. No balm can heal such wounds. It is difficult to stand the strokes of imperfection.

425à. The spiritual or the mystical lovers are the symbol of Dakini at the mundane plane. They have all functions of the Mother of the World. A disciple enters into the spheres of Fiery Tantra via the spiritual wives' power.

The White Tara, as the Holder of the World Order and the Keeper of Space, is the focus of all feminine energies of the planet.

I am Bhakta and Bhakti. I am Shiva and Shakti. I am Krishna and Radha. The Fiery Throne of Bliss waits for everyone who walks by the Way of Celestial Love. Lakshmi's silver jewelry rings and sings about merging of the Souls in the Divine Spiritual Ecstasy.

Let my Bhakti never leave the aura of the Beloved One. In Love we will forget about the dark sides of life. In Love we will grow up the Fiery Wings of Joy and will rise above the darkness of everydayness.

426. Not manifested energies stream into the people’s hearts. The firstborn purity of these energies requires the accordant forms. Chaos may become either tamas or theros. When using the fundamental currents, it is necessary to give them a higher task in order to make their essence remember the proper direction. It is not so easy to carve a channel for the energies of thoughts. Application of the method of annealing of the rays in the fire of heart can considerably invest in the work for the world harmonization.

The dissonance of currents happens because of big difference in the potentials of the auras' energies. The difference of energies is very big. It is impossible to determine a quality of the energy by a power frame. Most coarse magnetic indications could be measured by this method: availability of water and presence of a cavern, cut of a wire, or location of an ancient necropolis. A power pendulum fits more for the spiritual energies. Determining of the energy applicability is based on rotation or swaying of the pendulum.

427. The silver dress of purity will be decorated with more lilies. The scent of moments will leave a trace in the folds of our auras. The secrets will manifest unexpectedly. But love does not afraid of blame for it is above all earthly measures.

428. The Forces of Light are tensed infinitely. This causes the feelings of heaviness and pressure. Starting bombing of Serbia on My Date is blasphemous and offensive for its impudence. It is the challenge to the White Brotherhood. But a spider web, which the dark ones have woven, will strangle them themselves. I have seen Serbians chanting with inspiration “Russia! Russia!” Many souls sensate the location of the Stronghold of the Future.

It is difficult for the currents of the Hierarchy to break through into the cauldron of indignation, fear, and mutual hate. The dark brotherhood has chosen America as the test site for it's policy. Having created inconceivably high standards of living and a lot of amusements, they have created an illusion of the earthly paradise, chaining many good souls to the earth with throwing the temptations of permissiveness in their way.

Expansion of the spiritual fascism in Europe is also huge. All freedoms, including the sexual and the political ones, are simply more sophisticated forms of enslavement of a consciousness.

The carriers of hearts sense the hate of darkness. The carriers of fiery wisdom are aware of the brotherhood of darkness. But their hearts do not quake with fear, because darkness never can overcome the Hierarchy of Light, even trying as they would.

The currents will change, then the mood will change as well, but the internal vigour is always in the heart. This must be always kept in mind in order to draw the strength from this source, as it were the spring of life-giving water, which satisfies thirst and saturates the body with the new force.

Overcome dissatisfaction with beauty. Overcome ignorance with beauty. Every action of yours must be a masterpiece of behavior. It is difficult, but try and do it for the sake of My Name. One must keep Me in mind, saturating every minute of life with this feeling. It is necessary to verify whole path of yours against Me. Don’t be afraid to be intrusive. Divisibility of My Spirit allows Me to be present at many places simultaneously. It is most important to advance the work of evolution; same important is to create even a slight image of community. The magnet attracts new possibilities.

429. Recession from the principles of spirituality relegates a human being down to the state of a demonic being. Is it possible to choose between the Celestial Light and the darkness of corruption? It is necessary to wrest down the nature of lower magnetism and to sublimate the currents of lust up to the power of service to Bliss. Responsibility is great for those who have chosen the strait path.

A lower coition, if not results in baby birth, produces the astral beings, energetically linked to the human auras. It is possible to propagate a tremendous amount of larvae, which eat your forces. Don’t sink in lust. The lunar time is over. Try to find the alternative methods for energy exchange. Do not addict to the lower tantra. But undue volitional continence is also pernicious. Look for the Golden Path everywhere.

430.The signs follow you. When I have told you about discerning of the warning signs, I have also had in view the asserting signs. A thought arose in a heart obtains the help and the support via even the minor sign, which is a sort of the manifestation of thought matter in a different element: the water, or the earth, or the cloud spheres give the assertion. Don’t be surprised with the variety of their manifestations. It was said: “I will send you the torrent of signs.” That way you will proceed to reading the Book of Life. But the main thing is the gradual development of everything. You must not force a pupil of a primary school to read out laud a chapter from a novel for adults.

The signs increase the attentiveness, which is the initial rough level of clairvoyance. But it is necessary to discern the grains of truth from the simple husk, which accompanies the grains. Only the fiery whirl of heart can blow away the husk from knowledge in this case. Whole life is not casual, whole life is unusual, whole life is the flow of meetings with soleness.

Novelty knocks at the doors of your souls. Novelty blooms with the unexpected possibilities. Novelty is the light of inextinguishable love. Novelty is the crown of inexhaustible knowledge. Novelty is a consciousness' advancing to the Fiery Spheres. Novelty is the Space of Light.

431. Don’t mix up the flashes of fantasy with the play of imagination. Imagination is the accumulated reality, but fantasy is the patch of spangle sliding by.

A sign is exact, and it's subtle escort may not accord with the main tune of the sign. Fire is the last element among others, which opens clairvoyance. Of course, there is no need to crawl on the ground in order to find some asserting, directing, or warning sign. A symbol may appear in the subtle form by itself. It is simply necessary to set your mind free from everything needless and make it transparent, then the rainbow of sign emerges in the space of mental imagination. You may use the same psychotechnics for thought-reading, but do not concentrate on the side-effects, otherwise the subtle capabilities may decay. It is essential that they develop in parallel with the spiritual growth and never detain each other. Like a squadron of ships in order keep a course against a flagship.

The signs are not the end in itself, they are only a tool of our will. The spirit is too high to act directly. The will is the mediator of spirit. But the will is not selfness; it is Atman, which brings light.

432. Indignation of the elements is great worldwide. The volitional and the mental tension directs energies to the confrontation. The dark ones and the light ones participate in the mundane and the spatial battles again. Involving of the souls in the carousel of worldwide events is reasonable. Division of the world has happened already.

Do not expect that the satanists comprehend what they have done. The Heart of Russia is saturated with bitterness.

Master Uriel takes actions to calm down the elements. But the power of human manifestations saturates them with the ardent force. The power of elements blusters incredibly. The united will is the only one remedy, which can pacify them.

433. One should not make the Angel of Light out of a man, who brings the incense into a home. Every man is invested with certain measure of virtues and weaknesses, and you shouldn’t rise a messenger to the rank, which significantly exceeding his capabilities. The messenger carries out his task, but he is a human being with all strong and weak features, and this is his merit. But he only approaches the rank of disciple. Yes, he is very essential within your circle, but don’t forget, that the main target of yours is the development of free initiative, for this is the only one thing, which advances the consciousness and the spirit. Everyone has the inexhaustible source of Light which is the striving heart. The impulses, sent to you by Myself, help and encourage you; but you must move forward on your own. Should we call anyone else besides the Great Master at the time of horror!

Free initiative is a basis of all achievements. Free initiative is seeking for your own key to the Gate of Truth. Free initiative is disclosing of the treasure of individuality.

Growth of the intellect gives rise to the wave of obscure anticipation or intuition. Intuition is already the bud of spiritual knowledge. The spiritual path is not possible without the mental one. Because only intellect links the energies with the mundane plane, otherwise there would be no a reservoir for the energies of light. The paradox of anguish is exactly therein. The spiritual knowledge bursts into a human aura and goes back upwards if not found the reservoir. The man, which has once experienced these touches, anguishes and falls into despair without new discoveries.

Rotation of the centers produces the spiritual energies of various qualities. When they are collected together and assimilated by the magnet of will, then such accumulation stores the energies, essential for obtaining the new spiritual knowledge.

Intellect is the smithy of thinking. The thoughts caused by reading, remembering, analyzing, and synthesizing of knowledge, cast the individual methods of thinking. Thinking is the basement of consciousness. The saturated solution of consciousness is full of the capabilities of spiritual alchemy. Light can dissolve only into the relative structures.

434. The science of spiritual love is complicated and mystical. Relations between a man and a woman are mainly the relations of fields or of the energetic structures. The magnetism of attraction is the magnetism of mutual complement and of mutual recognition. The energies may be of different levels, but the potential and the purity can supersede the conscious experience at first. As long as the potential of one of the structures reaches the corresponding level, the current of Anura acts, the current of charm. This current is the unconscious conductor of mutual attraction.

Charm is the forerunner of love. Charm is the intuitive feeling of happiness. Charm is sensing of the energies of joy. It’s impossible to detect the depth of charm, but it is possible to sense it's plenitude and saturation. The loving one shines with the flame of charm. All currents of nirvana worlds are presented inside him. They simply are not concentrated and not focused in the ray of striving.

Love teaches to be devoted and self-sacrificing. Love teaches to be tolerant and forgiving. Love is understanding of the power of noble feelings. Love is the purity of high spiritual interactive cognition. Love is the responsibility of fiery feeling, fused with the cosmic source of happiness.

Bliss is inexhaustible. The phases of love are inexhaustible. The flow of currents is various and may give rise to the new forms of creation. Every drop of energy turns into a multicolored flower. The wisdom of love dictates it's own laws of comprehension. Light takes inexplicably beautiful forms. Details of love open new possibilities for comprehending of the depth of love.

435. Let’s not forget about the Guiding Ray. Whatever happens to you, whatever karmic tests you experience, remember My Face. If the crust of selfness and prejudices is not too hard I will send you My help. If only you have the faith in Higher Forces. It is not fanaticism but realization of the Guiding Principle; it is not accomplishment of any wishes, but execution of the Higher Will. Sometimes this Will amazingly coincides with most subtle disciple’s motives, and materializes to a dot.

I ingeminate about devotion, which is not simply an empty word. Devotion is the intergrowth of the Teacher’s and a disciple’s auras. Devotion is the fiery link of centuries. I testify, that if the disciple has only devotion, he grows due to it incredibly. The spirit is sensitive to the vessel of veneration, and exactly with the help of this high feeling the Cosmic Consciousness grows.

436. Overcoming of the edge of aloofness and of the last obstacles, related to the free exchange of energies between the mystical lovers, results in the phenomena of increasing of the energetic sensitivity and of reading thoughts independently from a distance. The shades of mood, the slightest pains cause immediate co-feeling, as an attempt to share with the mystical friend.

Love is like a leaven, it makes the internal energies rise and grow very quickly. The heat of heart creates the atmosphere of fiery flight.

A mental body and a bunch of high astral energy, or the energy of Subtle Plane, are engaged in love. The greater the merging of energies, which strive to one another, the higher the potential of united forces.

Love can move mountains. Love burns away the obstacles of evil. Love looks very beautiful at the Subtle Plane. Merging of the auras creates the image similar to aurora borealis, but with more rich shades of colors and play of light. The conscious merging facilitates development of clairvoyance, clear audience, and even psychometrics. Everything depends on the power of aspiration of magnetism and on the rate of merging of the forces of hearts. As if two halves of a monad get together.

Love is the invincible power. Love is overcoming of the charmed circle. Love is the unnamed treasure. The secrets of love are stored in the temple of joy. Only Light knows their essences.

437. It is acceptable to detract from a disciple's merit in order to reassure the other ones. The disciple will not take offence, as he knows the scale of comprehension and his place within it. The Envoy bears the burden of subtle energies of whole group. He reflects all drops of relations, misunderstandings, and irritation. It is as if reflection of the Great Image in the small one.

Take care of the heart, which is entitled to bring the New Word. The essence of this Teaching follows up the Living Ethics. The aspects of personal influence create specific aura of the text, but the Source is the same and the Truth is the only one.

I will be severe to those who delay the comprehension. Day was given for labor, and every day one must lay down a stone of knowledge cobbling the road to the Higher Temple.

Take My Words with all responsibility. The Envoy brings the Message, and everyone’s task is to accept It with the open flower-bud of heart as the drop of Fiery Bliss.

438. It is not egocentrism to approve yourself as the Will of One, but realization of the immortal and eternal particle of Absolute presence inside your fiery body. Executing His Will, we execute the Will of the Mother of the World and of all forces of evolution.

A war is probable as never was before. The dark ones tension to stir up the destruction. The situation of nineteen sixties may come back. Very thin edge separates the planet’s life and it's calamity. The senses of heaviness in the heart and almost physical pressure onto the head and shoulders are caused with the world events. All volitional energies from both sides are involved. The streams of sympathy and antipathy may grow, because the world has separated into two parties. This is the final stage of expiration of Kali-Yuga. The seventh cup has been spilled.

439. Do not raise the bar of achievements too high for the newcomers. Otherwise disappointment will be great. Its a deep and dangerous mistake to think, that people are better than they are. One may give endlessly, but even the torrent of myrrh never conceals the smell of selfness. The crust of prejudices never softens from the fiery energies. It only mutates and becomes more subtle, strengthened with the celestial power. All changes and transformations come from inside. The force of many advanced hearts spent for the attempts to kindle the human consciousnesses excites pity. Many souls reek. Not a spark flies out of them.

439à. The coincidences, the chances, the similar behavior, the similar thoughts are the rhymes of Karma. It is not simply the flow of mutual suggestion, but the trace of karmic links. The interest to the Living Ethics as to the continuation of the Theosophy has appeared not ten years ago and not accidentally; it was systematically braking through the Chalice's accumulations. The interest is the effort applied at least during ten or twelve incarnations. The group was forged approximately during the same time. A lot of various things were experienced by every member of the group. And love always saturated the hearts. You shouldn't take the disease for the apostasy. Heaviness of the clot of pain in the heart could be hardly bore. The karmic trail sticks like a spider net. The pressure of even a hair of karma is great. The relations are very complex and are worsened with the latest relations. There is the rare composition of opposites in the group. It is difficult to flounder inside such mixture. Only transparency and the link with the Teacher will help. Don't dive deep inside. The Guru's Image is by your side.

440. The waves of spatial hate are so strong that they reach the blessed Valley. Splitting of the current takes place worldwide and impacts everyone. One suffers from the heart pain, the other one from the headache, and someone else is intoxicated with grievance. Maya has many covers, but the selfness, as the worst illusion, lies at the basis. When the heaviness of currents is unbearable, when the darkness of ignorance blinds the eyes, let’s whisper: “Maya, go away, because I am aware of my link with the Teacher.”

Your subtle link with the Guru strengthens. The latest dream proves that. It is not only I Myself, who is talking to you. The circle of the Disciples of Brotherhood is wide. You may address any question to most competent one. I love all of you and look with pain at your diseases and disagreements.

There may be the strange occurrences with the heart, sudden headaches, and high body temperature with its sharp change. Your energy exchange supports the accelerated advancing. Main thing is not admitting even a slightest displeasure, otherwise the precious myrrh may leak through this tiny crack, and the opportunity will be missed.

441. My Thread will save many hearts. It is possible to follow Light only if Light is inside you. The Thread is strong. The Thread is tensioned. The Thread is strained.

Let your heart transmit the sound of devotion, which flies through eternity on the wings of solemnity. Joy lives in the aspired service.

The elements have separated from men. The mineral and the plant kingdoms have seized communications with the intellectual kingdom due to the danger to be contaminated with the lower human manifestations. Nature is afraid of her king. Mother is afraid of her son. It is both strange and horrible.

The monads rush about in the diabolic dance. The attacks of depravity and crimes are in those countries, which are doomed to degeneration. You know that there were neither prisons nor army in Tibet, despite it was one of the poorest states in the world. There was also lack of most benefits of civilization. But there is the soul of Truth, there is Light coming from the ancient ages. Light is the secret of heartfelt knowledge. It is the secret of secrets and the part of the secret of universe.

442. Protection of the Celestial Forces or of the Teachers spreads only over those who are pure like children, whose unselfishness and simplicity are undeniable.

The Teaching of Light pulls out the slightest diseases of soul, all secrets, and all sophisticated vices. That is why after active spiritual training the affluence of negative forces, the affective state, and the irritation instead of the expected result could be often observed. This is the result of the output of poison from the depth of astral, similar to a geyser, which throws out the toxic gases from the deep of volcano cavities. This period is the beginning of spiritual purification. It depends on a disciple how long it lasts. One may train himself during several years, but it may also take several lives. Main role in achieving the knowledge of spirit belongs to the power of aspiration of heart, to the tension, and to the enthusiasm. It is important to keep this spiritual optimism during the years. There are many of those who like to take a lesson before going to bed, but in the morning they leave it in the undone bed.

Only the latent vices, hidden from life to life, cause the active sins. Its impossible to treat them with the indulgence. They are treated with the impacts of fate. Only deep realization of their harmfulness crosses them out from the mental life. Astral teems with such manifestations. The pieces of unappeased passions in various combinations bustle around us, touching the auras and tempting us. If the aura is weak and doesn’t scorch them, they adhere to it, and after getting the responsive impulse, start to transform into a larvae, eating the human energy. Every your crack, which effuses anger or salacity is the open gate for the unasked guests. Realize it deeply and remember.

443. The flame of devoted heart shines to far distance. Night is not frightful for the carriers of this beacon. The broods of shaggy consciousness can't even glance at this earthly sun. One who carries light keeps inside even the greater capability to shine. The glass, which enhances shining, does not melt in the Rays of Bliss, but strengthens. Actually a small flower rejoices even a small beacon. A glowworm sitting on a waving leaf warms up a chilled soul.

Be fiery and pure, and the fire will push through from the bottom of your soul and will become the creative force of joy.

444. The discipleship is very severe school. If you could imagine the difficulties, which a disciple faces, many of you would step aside immediately. The discipleship is the shortened way of evolution. Mankind moves forward slowly, but the disciple compresses the term to several lives before he reaches the level of Arhat. But his responsibility is so great that the Arhat’s every thought and every word causes an immediate effect in the spheres of elements. When they are awakened, it is very hard to calm them down. The Will of Light must be realized exactly and inviolately, otherwise it is simply the grin of halfness and self-deceit.

445. One who calls to the Path of Light will never be left by the Higher Forces. A leader is absolved from a lot, and a lot is given to him. The work of evolution can’t wait for saint and pure people. If the Brotherhood of Light were a school for angels, the world would stay at the same position, not moving even a step forward. The signs of higher consciousness in the waves of the energies of tamas are so valuable, because they perforate the layers of lower astral, which, for sure, may be considered to be the nursery of madness.

It is difficult to find a pure heart. It’s difficult to find a channel, which doesn’t distort Our fiery messages. The carriers of vices are the potential accumulators of opposite qualities to the same extent. So, don’t be surprised with Our choice. Even Christ has looked for the disciples in the lower social environment, among people whose consciousnesses were derogated due to poor parenting and education.

Sudras’ consciousnesses are free from the social rules, and the spiritual aims are clearer to them than to the rich ones. Poverty is the field for spirituality. Cogitation on the conditions of life and the measure of necessities, leads to understanding of the most relevant demands. This is the first step for spiritual development. The relevancy of spiritual knowledge is the first spark of Universal Flame, which kindles a soul. Such demand will grow greatly like thirst, together with longing for spiritualizing of the lower nature. Let it manifest in house keeping and in reading more pure books at the beginning; the basis of spiritual thirst is particularly in the willing to improve yourself. One, who feels ashamed of his inner squalor, can realize a lot. The world will grow owing to the coming of paupers to the Path of Spirit. We will not repeat the examples from Gospel. The Path is open and it is not too late for anyone to settle down to this lightful course! It is as if the sun-glade on the waves of tamas.

Go ahead, My children! I am waiting for you always!

It was said for everyone:

- At the days of oppression, ostracism, and grief I repeat Christ’s words for you: “I said, Ye are gods”.

Because everyone of you carries the divine spark, which may flame up to the level of the Planet's Spirit.

446. It is impossible to build the path from the grievance and inability to forgive. The broken striving spends time for nothing. While a man gets out of a precipice once again, the time changes. One shouldn’t even touch the essence of the Teaching if a spirit is not ready, or for any other reason but striving. It is better to be completely sincere with yourself.

If consciousness can live without the Teacher’s vibrations and without the Living Ethics, the man may step aside, and nobody will judge him. Unreadiness doesn’t mean treason. But if the man has chosen the Path he must follow it's Fiery Behests. Moreover, if there is a link with the Guru, one shouldn’t step aside or hide in the shadow of grievance and self-pity. Karma is skillful in it's work. Our God is Karma! Our God is Truth! If the road dust has darkened your eyes, do not consider yourself to be blind. Saturating of the hearts, and thence of the space, with the fiery energies is so important, that one should not forget about it even for a while.

Praying of the kindled heart is endless. The aspiration will grow. The flame will rise higher. The fire will become more hot. Until the sphere of heart will contain entire visible space. Light will grow more and more. We are not afraid of the Creative Light! Let’s accept the sacred pains as the blessing of the Fiery Master!

Oppression of the heart will burn away. The tensed clot of disease will go away. All the best will return back in the renewed form.

Ignorance will continue digging. Self-pity is most hard-extracted weakness, and it is necessary to step over the threshold of self-sacrifice to overcome it. This will pass also, although not very soon. That’s a pity that such energies are framed with so rusty laces.

My Ray is with you, and My Path is with you! Let the Light of Raj-Star bless you!

447. The wisper of insinuation and suspicion are the traps for weak consciousness. While establishing firmly on the Path of Light, a spirit has to pass through many temptations. If these temptations are strong, then the opposite forces are accordingly powerful in defending a disciple. But the small whispers of insinuations could be hardly discerned from grass whisper. Almost energetically imperceptible, they still intoxicate the newborn perception of truth and carry away a part of psychic energy. As though a small mosquito, which you notice after it has already sucked your blood.

Be blessed those who listen to the voices of skies and the whispers of grass, and those whom Silence trusts with It's secrets and shares the modest and small truths. Better listen to the voices of nature than to the snaky whispers of darkness.

448. People often fall under the charms of sweet words and contrived sincerity. They open their hearts, and do not even notice how they become the victims of evil and shrewd charms.

Family upbringing in the atmosphere of scandals can’t pass without leaving a trace. Who leaves God is left by God too! Financial difficulties can not excuse the assaults. Accumulating grievance means collecting the dynamite of misfortune. The feeling of the permanently accused and cast-off person, turns into the ineradicable obtrusiveness, insularity, and madness, and the person revels in these vices. Consciousness distracted with the contradictions is like a holey cover. It is impossible to expect for beauty and spiritual purity if every corner is saturated with selfness, if every piece of bred is poisoned, and everything is contaminated with the astral dirt in spite of external cleanness. Such home must be left. The path will show the direction. There will be many homes, many sisters and brothers, as the Great Wayfarer said. The Great Master will change everything to the best.

The collapse of seeking of the ideal and condemnation of the Envoy will return a hundredfold of bitterness. No one should consider himself to be superior to all the rest. No one should consider himself to be the support of spirit equal to the Mother of Agni Yoga. Only dictatorial, evil, and full of selfness labor brings nothing. There is a lot of such workers, but where is the result? The Reverend Sergius alone shines as the beacon of spiritual labor.

449. The unfulfilled Orders turn into the burden of the past. The lost opportunities cannot be recovered. It is the lost labor, when someone is trying to fill up an abyss with the pearls. What is the use, if none of them will be picked up by someone? Only the false glitter of phenomena dazzles the eyes. The miracles deprave consciousness. The miracles become a philistine show, like “soap operas”, which have infested TV screens.

What for to bring the new to the world, if it doesn’t want to renounce even a jot of it's prejudices? Where is the good of the thirst for knowledge, if the rut of thinking repeats the same mistakes?

450. Truth is too high to be passed on in full to unprepared consciousnesses. Do not humble the truth, making the lean solution of everydayness. It is the everydayness that must be raised to the level of truth. It is possible to feed the crumbs of truth to the hungry ones, but in this case entire spiritual bred must be crumbled down to digestibility. Making the comprehension easier for a disciple, means learning instead of him once more. There is the good example of Tibetan doctors. They do not explain anything to their students, who must look and listen; what they have grasped and remembered that is their’s.

Thinking about the notions, which exceed the capabilities of consciousness, is harmful up to some particular time. It is easy to think about the far-off worlds, much more difficult to enrich your own experience. If it is impossible to extinguish the fire of passions at our own home, what can we do with the rest of the world? The accumulations of horror, pain, suffering, and anger are too huge to talk about the easiness of comprehension. We are neither on Venus nor on Jupiter. One who has calmed down the elements inside himself is able to calm down them in entire world. The mechanism of influence is the same. The power of the will must be directed not to intensifying of imperil, but to the attraction of the waves of bliss or of the spatial fire. Perforation of the lower spheres is not so easy job, but it's relevancy makes us to use the full reserve of goodwill and carry it out in the best way.

Let the Power of Fire be with you! Devotion forges the shield of My protection. The stronger the disciple strives to Me, the more tightly the Ray winds around his aura.

Prevent the inner impulse of irritation. It is the source of all ailments.

The heart is linked with the world events. Tension will go down soon, when the situation around Serbia relax. The union with Russia is the only one reasonable way out.

451. The emanations of coarse and empty chatter can bring to naught any energetic achievements. Consciousness which slides down to the level of banality can imperceptibly become indifferent. Do not accept insouciance. The banality tries to extinguish any fires of singularity kindled with the veneration of Fiery Forces. The banality screams into the ears, tearing space with the curses and the insults. The banality relegates the fiery comprehension to the level of an ordinary occasion. Beware of consciousnesses, which have seized to marvel the novelties. These are the decayed monads, which have to leave the planet.

Only the firm thought about the Teacher’s permanent Presence can intensify a home aura up to aflame shining. Main thing is not to interrupt the current of Presence. This disciplines the heart will and kindles the fire of permanent reverence and service to the Hierarchy of Light. The force of united striving will arrange the net, which vibrates in response to the spatial fire. The spiritual antenna will receive the higher current of service.

Be the creators of Light!

452. Neither the thirst for occult knowledge, nor the wish to become closer to Us, nor the attempt to purify yourself via strengthening your will and heart leads to the Gate of Stronghold. Only the love to poor mankind and the desire to help it in its roaming determines the degree of approach to the Teachers. We have chosen the path of self-sacrifice not for the sake of power or glory, but for the sake of evolution on the Earth, which is the important step in the system of the worlds.

Mankind, which has chosen the path of suffering, must understand the meaning of innermost life. Synthesis of the experience of reincarnations is that particular valuable alloy, which evokes the desire to become the disciple of Higher Forces. Dhyan-Chohans or the Spirits of the Planet Themselves can not influence on the process of spiritual growth of mankind. They assign the Great Teachers as the mediators, and They in turn act via the net of disciples all over the world. Only flaming love motives these engines of evolution. Only the thirst for improving consciousness and, hence, the internal life of mankind, puts in motion the process of revival of the world.

Think about importance of the destiny chosen: are you able to carry it out; can you bear it without regret and lament about the lost paradise? Every our step is the choice. Every our step is the possibility to adopt the waves of spatial fire or to reject them and make yourself and your neighbors poorer.

If you have chosen the Path, then stand firmly without a backward glance. Do not leave the gaps for your lower pretensions. Do not allow the gray ignorance to capture your soul. The mist extinguishes the fire of spirit, so you must burn so strong that even a slight rottenness would not be able to stand along. Burn so strong that darkness would run away headlong, simply sensing your fiery energy. Shine like the columns of light, flame like the torches of immortality, glister like the fiery stars of service! Let the truth of heart become your support! We will strengthen the steps for your ascension and prepare the directing handrails. Carry the flame of podvig, because such life is the imperishable podvig. There will be neither monotony nor boredom distracting your hearts, for all thoughts and all moments of life will be dedicated to Me and to the Brotherhood!

453. Beware of the sweet-mouthed ones. Even bald rudeness is more fair than the slimy and insincere honey-word. A lot of insects stick to a sweet pie, and the dust, kicked up by obsequious scuffle, intoxicates the pie of words. The venom of flatter closes the orifices of attentiveness and the power of manipulation increases. Look into the flatterer’s eyes. Isn’t there in his eyes the shadow of deceit? The proverb says: a honey tongue, a heart of a gall.

454. The hidden potentials of creation or of destruction form the specific way of behavior and the structure of feelings and wants. Some of them depend on age, and manifest in childhood and youth or at decline of life. The accumulations of life experience can explain many as they would seem absurd actions. The best pearls are stored in the Chalice, and the worst acts are recorded in the aura or in Akasha. It is impossible to erase this memory. It is possible only to melt it.

Manifest your best features and don’t listen to the astral advisers. The best produces best consequences.

455. The mirror of the past gives it's knowledge to the incarnated ones very seldom. All our comprehensions are behind the thin silver foil of reincarnations. Becoming more subtle, they result in intuition or strait knowledge. The channel of fiery signs is the way of most concentrated crystals of wisdom.

The Mountains of Light treasure more than one placer of precious stones, and in each one there are tears, fasting, and prayers of many thousands of spiritual toilers. The hearts of the men of worth became emeralds and diamonds. Spirits’ knowledge has started flaming like living sapphires and rubies.

The Endless Procession of Light circles around us. If there were no the protecting ring of Great Souls around the planet, our world would become the vessel of evil.

Pray for the bliss of the Higher World from the bottom of your heart! Make the Flowers of Celestial Bliss bend the fiery petals towards your heart! Let best “I” of yours become the guiding beacon! Let the Flame enlighten you! Let the Wind of energies shine as the white waves of ether! Be white inside the White Fire as inside a joyful heart!

It is not without reason that the White Lilies of the world are embroidered on your aura.

456. The family's persistence in hindering the creative currents is piteous. The fiery protection causes the unexplainable surge of energies, which are too subtle to be applied on the earthly plane. Discontent and irritation splits the higher energies and they settle as the toxic sediments on the earthly plane. Only love can transform the stream of evil into the Roses of Light. Only love melts the Golden Petals of Bliss out of imperil. Those are happy who are the friends of the Universal Architect and who are familiar with the Spiritual Alchemy.

457. Lithium facilitates the flow of normal energy and harmonization of the nervous system. Taking lithium prevents development of irritation as a regular manifestation. An organism saturated with this fiery substance doesn’t want to react to the negative conditions, and only the old habit or the atavism may initiate irritation. Reviving the fiery links with other bodies, lithium, as well as bicarbonate of soda, provides the fiery immunity. The consciousness of the Fiery Plane purifies. Taking lithium together with spelling the Buddha mantra decuples the usefulness. But it is necessary to spell the mantra properly.

458. Joint readings and joint meditations result in the very high tension and the brightest incandescence of spiritual radiation, if the sincerity of kindled hearts is powerful. Joint work means attracting of the spatial fires and crystallization of their energies in a particular place. It is important not to allow washing away the pure fire with the stream of empty chatter, which carries away the nuggets of fiery feelings like a muddy waterfall. One should not overstate a co-worker’s capabilities, but at the same time one should not create an invincible obstacle between an undeveloped mind and an advanced one. Everyone accepts the allowable measure. An aura does not over saturate with the fire due to the law of self-preservation. Burning through of the centers happens very seldom.

459. There is neither army, nor weapons, nor prisons, nor fortresses in Tibet. But the Stronghold of Spirit is invincible in spite of Chinese invasion. Where such army of spiritual warriors, standing against the world darkness, could be found?

The fight of ideas is even more violent than the battle of feelings and actions.

459à. Special intensification of the fiery energies is the indication of the Invisible Presence. Vibrations of the spatial fire become so transparent, that even the slightest traces of imperil cancel out. Moderation and saturated peace of the mood may indicate the world's saturation with joy and harmony. Whole world gets saturated with such subtleness of purity, which fills the very heart, that an emotional expression becomes needless. It is the feeling of happiness, which fills all forms of the world. The imperishable energies and the incessant fires of love so perceptibly pierce every atom of all physical, subtle, and fiery forms, that the wish to stay in this stream for ever arises.

The levels of perception of the presence of various fiery entities are different and endless. For example, for you a third-grade Disciple is a powerful Spirit, and for Chohan – Master Vishnu is. The commensurability of grades is great and every level is important for evolution. But the place, saturated with the Fiery Visit, attracts the carriers of ignorance and the attempts to pour dirt on the Locus of Light are unavoidable.

You have chosen My Way. Don't be afraid of the swift currents. You will learn to understand and to read them and to use the method of deposition. The peak of the streak of good luck in your life is close. Accept it without an excessive exhaltation. It is rightful. The experience of best one must be crowned with success.

Joy is not the play of moods, but the fiery font of labor. Perceive the importance of every moment. You have understood, how it is possible to work in several worlds simultaneously. My Presence was real and long-lasting. I make you gradually accustomed to My energies. My Astral Replicas have the saturated power. The Image is two-dimensional but also is full of magnetism. My subtle Images are necessary for purification of the lower layers. You remember the cave, where you have received My Image. This is the new experience of knowing Me.

The cohesive and effective group will be gathered. Direct it on the true way. Light will help to see the most valuable.

Pace as a lion! M. saves you.

460. The ether net spreads upon the Earth. The white snow flakes of higher energies create the vibrating protective barrier against darkness. The densified astral enters the mundane world.

The energies of Fiery Peace purify the promised place. The power of Stronghold removes a lot of garbage. Altai will join the number of High Ashrams of Spirit soon. Tavan Bogd is still closed.

461. A heart feeds on joy. A heart feeds on love. Rejection of the Ocean of Love is a the downfall into impenetrable darkness. Within the earthly spheres there is no feeling higher than love, which inspires mankind. Where love is, there is no selfness. Where grievance is, there is self-piteousness. Love your neighbor as yourself and you will feel how the part of God’s power comes to you. The more you love, the more you feel yourself as God.

God is the Master of Love! There is no such place on the Earth or in the worlds, where the creative power of love doesn’t manifest. Any labor is the concentrated love. Like bread is the part of the Sun’s love to the Earth and the part of the Earth’s love to a human being, the same any object or flower are the love, raised to the highest degree, the degree of beauty. All kinds of charm, magic, and sweet secrets are love! But everything fiery, powerful and sunny, everything saturated with light and flame is also love, and even the greater one!

The aura of love adopts the essence of human being. It feels the most subtle structure of life. Not a body, for it is only a tool of the creator, not a soul, for it is the inner world of essence, but a spirit, which excites the mutual magnetism. The spiritual attraction of mutual recognition is so strong, that it is hard to part even for several earthly hours.

Love each other! Love Me, and the fiery flow of responding force will wash away filth and will cover you with the Ray of Happiness. Joy is the beginning of happiness. Happiness, balanced with quiet wisdom, intensifies up to the level of peace, and becomes so beautiful due to the unusual glow of auras. Merging of the auras means merging of the hearts’ energies. If you name the community as the Community of Love, a perverted mind will interpret this as the nasty vices familiar to it; but those who know the power and the indestructibility of love will say: verily, nothing opens the heart for a friend and a brother better than love.

The heartfelt interrelations make people so close, that it looks like one organism, existing in many of them. The thoughts intergrow like the stems of flowers. Communication causes the thirst for further more communications. One having a friend can’t imagine, what is more precious and innermost that he may confide to his friend. That is true, that attraction grows and penetrates through all three worlds.

The field of Love is the field of Flowers of Light. Kissing and embracing is simply a ceremony of lovers. The heat, flaming in the hearts, shines as the sunbow, helping to overcome darkness. Where love is, there is the light.

Love to the Great Master is one of lofty and perfect forms of veneration with no jealousy, no reproach, no lament and weeping. It is only love, that fills the universe of heart with the fiery sense of life.

What can I give You, Master, besides my devotion? My life, my thoughts, all best manifestations of mine – all are Yours! And I ask for nothing in return. If only Your Face would shine for me. If only I know that Your Eyes are looking into my soul always. Bless every moment of my life with love to You! Don’t let me run into the unconsciousness of selfhood!

462. Love is compassion. Christ is Maitreya. These are two sides of the feeling, which makes Bodhisattvas work for the sake of the evolution of mankind. And this Love has grown from the grain of earthly love. But neither possession, which is the attack of greed hiding behind love, nor egotism, which is the worst degree of selfness, opens for the heart the vastness of Infinitude and the beauty of far-off worlds. The Mother of the World's Love to entire universe is so immeasurable, that all of us are living within it and will live forever.

Any earthly manifestation comes under the notion of love, even most horrible ones. Love to money, love to drugs, and many other vile forms of love are based on addiction to something definite, detaching or perverting the drop of precious feeling.

There are no forces, which can withstand the fiery mover of consciousness. The thirst for knowledge is love also. The thirst for love is love as well. Everything on the Earth is love, both the higher things and their antipodes. The enthusiasm of Creator lives in every earthly and cosmic form. That is not true, that the Great Emptiness is everywhere! The air of Fiery Love is everywhere!

463. The Fiery Friend is the one whom you believe as you do yourself. The Fiery Friend is the one together with whom you can carry out any earthly job. The Fiery Friend is the one who was alongside with you during millenniums, sharing glory and volley of obloquy. The Fiery Friend is your Guru living in the awakened heart. Manifesting the light of spiritual happiness He is the radiation of earthly well-being. The earthly friends and lovers are only reflection of the Fiery or the Spiritual Friend. They are also you, but the parts of your “I”, which have found self-reliance. Individuality doesn’t mean separateness. The process of growth determines the particular place to our every quality.

464. It is impossible to buy friendship for sauerkraut. And a guilt does not become less bitter due to this. Every thought full of hate finds it's begetter. The hedgehogs of habits will be thrown away to their sphere. Even a disrupted link creates karma. The fiber of karma consists of such small links. This example is educative. By this small example understand how many volitional currents are crossing. Do not try to evade karma, but avoid. It’s not noncommittal, but avoiding of collecting dust on a dress. It’s not fear, but the awareness of new tasks. The White Lilies are not growing at the place, where people always sneeze. It’s impossible to create the Cristal of Karma in the garbage.

465. The paradox of optimism is that the latter is obtained through many sufferings. The trials of life purify the heart from passions and pacify it so strong, that it says: it could be worse. Optimism is the karma of positive accumulations. Humility and docility makes a long way before they become the firm virtue of joy. Optimism is close to love and serves as the basis of this imperishable feeling. Love grows from optimism. If a pessimist’s best half of life is over, then an optimist’s best half of life is ahead. It looks like the difference is not so plain, but the fulcrum is significant.

It was the behest of all prophets - rejoice! The world, immersed to the lips in the absurdities and grimaces of pretended freedom, can hardly match with the notion of joy. Unless someone imagines that all nasty things are temporal and joy is eternal and everlasting. Joy is a special wisdom!

466. Do not keep in mind the past offenses. One who immerses in such manifestations lives at a bog. The rot escorts the one who dabbls in the mud of the past. It is worst Maya to think about the offense provoked many years ago. One who snatches the pieces of evil out of the past gets dirty from head to foot. One who belches the bitterness of the past provokes the paralysis of nerves.

467. Homelessness was taught as one of the conditions of a sanyasin's advancing. The Son of Man had nowhere to lay a head as well. The new forms of communal life belong to the new thinking. Private property and realty are not the main things; correct attitude towards these manifestations of human life is the main. Maya has taught a lot of false lessons to mankind, and one of them is possessiveness, which accords with none of the rules of Eternity and Absolute within us.

The rumble of energies will awake sleeping consciousness, but it will be too late. People will not have enough time to burn up the cressets of veneration. Looking deep inside the cresset they will find out, that the oil was burned away for nothing, for amusement and gossip, for fun and idleness. But the kindled cresset of service is valuable only at the appointed hour of the morning dawn. It is hard to catch up on the missed term. People know not what they do.

468. The tension of energies goes down after reaching the peak, in order to provide the possibility for the fiery crystals to be adopted by the aura of heart. Silence is the direct penetration of energies into the heart, without mediators. The reserve of psychic energy is exactly in the heart. A steady burning is to be achieved through the practice of pure thinking.

469. Pralaya manifests in the life of mankind as an expiration and a rest between two pulses, as a night or a second half of lunar month. The periodicity of rest and tension corresponds to the Laws. Otherwise there would be no pulsation of light and of magnetic forces. Entire universe vibrates, and this vibration is manifested in everything in the form of alternation of ascending and descending from the sublime to the small. The tension of heart never becomes weak. When calmed down, it passes to more subtle spheres, where it obtains the power of spiritual forces and gives off the accumulations of earthly energies to the other phases of being.

470. The hypothesis about parallel existence is not a fib. We have proved, that a strong spirit passes through the phases of his life on several planes simultaneously, but does not realize it due to the interruption of the chain of worlds. The brown gas deprives an astral body from it's memory. It doesn’t remember, that the higher bodies live their own lives. An Arhat, who has purified the links of all his bodies, knows this and can easily act at all three planes. Consciousness is united and it can’t forget itself in the thicket of earthly oblivion. Even a prenatal period is conscious and doesn’t interrupt perception of the world. Unconsciousness can’t affect such heart, and the experience of passing through the boundaries between the worlds is clear and full.

Our seventh principle is the being of cosmic level. It is Dhyan-Chohan or the Archangel of Power. The ray or sparks endow the earthly body, and the shining up on high is boundless. The power of link with the seventh principle is so strong, that even a slight thought, which goes through the seventh plane, becomes the creative one.

The hearts of disciples create the teraphs of Light. The teraphs of fiery mastership are waiting for their creators. The mental energies grow due to participation in the cosmic work. The spirits of fiery doers are involved in the cosmic construction.

The teraph is the image of construction of the future at the Valley. Zvenigorod of spirit is seeking for the earthly conduits. The details of construction work must be carried out here on the Earth and by the earthly mind. The behest “by human hands and by human feet” must be implemented to full extent. The time is close, when your hand will hold a pick of spirit. And at the peak of your efforts the destiny of the Capital of the World will be.

You should ignore the intrusion of alien forces of teaching crowds. You have a different task. Of course, you shouldn’t wear a mask of a chosen creator. The more you look ordinary, the better you will fulfill the task. Otherwise the compactor of darkness will override you. The wave of disciples was expected; but do not forget that darkness is very active and it clothes itself in the dress of agni-yogism. The time trend makes people pronounce the lofty phrases, but you must judge by deeds. Preventing an enemy’s plan is a victory already. But you need to master the analytical phase of intuition. When estimating an event, it is necessary to train the thinking to find a correct result, but looking from aside, without mental pressure upon the event. The intentional influence on the events already forms a karmic train. Be able to feel properly.

471. The purity of thoughts determines the purity of life. Physical health is subject to the law of Cosmic Purity.

In cosmos all clots of chaos must pass through the stage of fiery organization before they join the world order. The discipline of the worlds of universe teaches the inner discipline to human beings. Change of the form of consciousness can take place, only when the lower centers obey to the higher ones. It is not so easy to apprehend such changes. The physical nature makes corrections to the spirit’s life. It is difficult to keep balance, when the energies boil. Good for those who can to do this.

At the expiration of Kali-Yuga Mahatmas use to meet with people more and more seldom. It can be explained by the fact that every person drags the tail of prejudices of entire mankind. It is hard to disengage from the flow of human nasty things. But do not condemn either yourself or the others. The tensioning of forces may cause even worse distortion. Main thing is not allow your soul to descent too deep. Misdeeds are so dangerous because of braiding bad karma, which can’t be depleted quickly.

Keep safe the vessel of wisdom, and keep it from bursting, otherwise the effect of being back at the bottom of ladder is unavoidable. The flame accumulates pressure of all centers, but spirituality must discharge the lower centers and transfer the tension to the next higher plane. But the wanton sheep use to escape from attention of an undiligent owner; in this case it is necessary to increase the control to the next higher order.

472. A man himself determines the allowable measure. He knows the weight of karma; the long taste of it's bitter bowl sometimes spoils the taste of life through many incarnations.

473. Sometimes release from pain could be achieved only with surgery, and it is even more painful. But this law is valid only for the physical world. Being the reservoir of feelings, the astral is the whole clew of pains, joy, suffering, and pleasure. The Earth’s vibrations of comprehension via senses are too strong. The substrate of sensory knowledge, or the strait-knowledge, is the spiritual aspect of intuitive perception. To change the vector of vice, it must be shifted from the low level to the higher one. Physical love is to be superseded with Divine Love. There are no different ways to enslave the lower passions. Incandescence of love to the Teacher or to a feminine form, as to the aspect of the Mother of the World, washes away the heap of lust. But some forms of love are close to the fiery energies.

Tantra of spirit acts everywhere. The laws are imperishable both for a human being and for cosmos. As a microcosm, the human being is subject to all manifestations of Cosmic Justice. But the Justice is not only freedom and power, but also the discipline, and all, starting from a monad of stone up to the Great Master, obey to it.

The Lilies of Light are connected with the apprehension of White Ray. The ether knowledge, same as the ether constructions, come into every advance consciousness. Even a heart beating is the ether matter, which enters into the physical world.

Some accumulations of knowledge are so much powerful, that they couldn't be washed away with more low incarnation. The promised circle creates the magnetism of involvement. Many things are to be created for the first time. The Great Teachers' experiments are not opened for you, but you participate in them. The new looks very much like the old, but it's dress is more clean and lustrous.

474. Do not submerge into your weaknesses. You should not feed the needless formations with the mental energy. The experiment with stones has proved the strongest mental magnetism of every sight. This proves and illustrates, that the sight, followed with a strong thought about the good, can change even the quality of aura. The ozonizing thought works as the spatial incense.

All your earthly anachronisms will pass away. It is not so easy to step over the lunar life.

475. It was said not for nothing that people of any age are obedient to love. An old man and a child, making first steps, are in need of this high feeling. One shouldn't live without rendering a part of his flaming energy to someone else. Only the interchange creates the magnetic chain. The example with iron chips pesters, but it is so much illustrative for love through physics. The energy of communication is based on the energy of love. A person would not communicate with someone, whom he doesn’t like. Hence, the complex of sympathies and antipathies was formed long before, during previous communications.

Darkening or enlightening circumstances are accumulated in the Chalice. The earthly love and the spiritual love differs only in the purity of contact. The energies of love embrace us as the scent of flowers. When inhaling this aroma one inhales the knowledge about a friend. The aromas are saturated with the subtlest knowledge. The time will come, when the scents will be applied at schools as the tools for studies. The scent is the reference to the Subtle Plane, and when it appears it awakens one or another knowledge.

476. The thoughts are the real essences which are able to enter any form and stay in it. The magic knowledge is based on the power of thought. Levitation and teleportation also belongs to the category of mental energies. Presently the intensity of these energies is specifically strong and many manifestations are related to the thickening of the power of thought. Do not wonder about the phenomena for they are the lowest level product of the work of thought.

We have originated from Akasha, hence, we have consisted of the thought and the ray energies. The substance of the World Soul is the only one thing, which could be higher.

The present-day mankind’s achievement is that it has learned to direct consciously the united stream of thoughts to the specific purposes. Unfortunately such purposes are not always good. The common aura can cement space so hard, that it flings back any intruders from the Subtle World. The future is in the uniting of mental energies, because we are the pats of the Body of Christ, which was pulled into pieces and thrown around in all times and spaces.

Tibetan lamas create the occult patrons for themselves, more likely they attract the spatial energies and catch them with their auric net. But most advanced disciples consider their patrons as the illusion alike whole visible world. Only Consciousness, or the Great Void Shunya Shunyata, is alive. Everything was created by Him and everything will get back to Him. The play of Maya are the time, the space, and all our feelings. Spirit alone is eternal and unchangeable. He alone allows himself to emit the portion of energy sometimes in order to create a manifestation or a chain of manifestations. Our world is simply a substitute of the Higher Worlds. Same as an icon or a placard with a sacred image is the substitute or a conduit of a real essence, which carries out the cosmic activities.

My Shield is above you. Strengthen it with the thoughts of fiery tension. The purity of thoughts is the main virtue of the carriers of the Shield of Victory.

You will comprehend a lot, you will reject a lot, and you will get a lot in return. But at the end of the ends you will have to stay face to face with the Truth whose Face is flaming as the sun at noon. But it is not dangerous for the consciousness kindled with the thirst for knowledge.

477. Pain is the natural state of the mundane world. Everything here is so much vulnerable and exposed to destruction, much more than at the Higher Worlds. It would seem that such firm formations must be imperishable, but the paradox of material existence is to the contrary. The astral mirrors reflect the higher energies insomuch, that the pains can’t ease off. The currents of light beat in vain against the dark window of the earthly world. Seventy per cent of cosmic energies do not reach the human hearts, except the flowers of hearts, which are opened to this Celestial Dew.

The earthly pains are the subject to the flow suggestion. The stronger the flow of volitional influence, the quicker the pain eases. The pain may be eased even distantly, if the heart is powerful enough to burn away this unpleasant state.

478. The Fiery Ray is always bright, it is auric cocoon that fluctuates. The heavy conditions of weather, mental attacks, and diseases divert you from full assimilation with the Ray. Don’t wave away the guiding thread in spite of the day’s poison. The currents pass away and the state improves. It is most important to feel the sparklet of fiery joy deep inside. This is exactly the feeling of your soul. This is exactly the point, from which the feeling of presence of the Fiery World starts.

The work with mental energies starts from the visualization. This is the astral plane yet. But when the phase of visualization ends, the phase of concentration or the mental saturation of object starts. This must last until the stage of identification of yourself with the object or the image comes. The influence of mental energies on people may be so strong, that at the field level all virtues and weaknesses of a person may be adopted and reproduced. This is that particular mystic wine of Sufi. One who has tested the wine of higher energies once, becomes athirst again.

The law of attraction requires big expenditure of the psychic energy by the mental magnet, but the directed energies are assimilated by the kindled hearts. If during the visualization the disciple imagines himself to be the Guru, then the Guru’s force attracts to this striving consciousness. The better visualization, the more powerful the attracted force. The disciple’s mediation in the process of world evolution is obvious.

The spatial fire takes new shapes of enhancement. The fire transforms the structure but doesn’t lose it's essence. The construction is the core of fire. The form can be created only by the fire.

479. The initiation is transferring the spiritual power from the Teacher to a disciple. The ability to affect the fiery and the astral structures even from significant distances is transferred together with this power. If the disciple doesn’t accept the wave of spiritual energies due to his unreadiness, the wave goes back, enriched and strengthened.

The initiation reduces the term of obtaining of the spiritual experience. What the Teacher has collected grain by grain, or what He has received from His Teacher, and transformed inside Himself, He transfers to the disciple in the shape of the fiery wave. These feelings may be very short and with no external glitter or attributes. All sorts of marches, solemn assemblies, and tiresome ceremonies are simply the modern rites of pseudo-masons. Sensing of novelty, expansion of the spiritual horizon, and the sense of purity are indicative for receiving the power due to the spiritual initiation. The sensing may be intensive or not. As if you are washed with the fiery currents. The Teacher knows the demand for spiritual energies. He feels the disciple’s growth as well as his downfalls.

Do not consider the demands of nature as the apostasy. But the discharge of forces is useless, unless it returns the energies to the spiritual plane of feminine principle. The Ray revives space.

480. The element of water is very touchy. It's memory is huge. It is difficult to calm it down, when it is in indignation. When it is calm, it is hard to drive it to excitement immediately. The water, same as Akasha, dissolves anything without losing it's plasticity and transparancy. The water can transmit information instantaneously between any points on the Earth, if there is a glass of water at each of the communication points. The water transmits not only the information, but the sharpness and subtleness of feelings as well. So, the properties of the living substance of element are present.

481. A disciple, who tries to attract an attention and dogmatically establishes his rightness with the noisy manner of behavior and loud voice, such disciple is at the initial stage of spiritual growth. Consciousness passes to the stage of plain or silent comprehension, only when the desire to hold the stage, which is hidden and sophisticated form of the selfness or the willpower, is depleted. The necessity of silent learning is coming from breaking the karmic threads, which have formed a cobweb of vampirism around the disciple’s vociferousness. Silence injects more subtle and more powerful energies than those of the initial order, although these subtle energies are almost imperceptible on the earthly plane. There is no sensation, and the contacts take place only on the level of consciousness.

A spark, stricken with thinking, kindles space not with the volitional pressure but with the fiery excitement of heart. The heart can feel these relative vibrations, produced by a man or by nature. The disciple can charge some particular place with the power of heart, making the spiritual magnet of it. The more joy and love was discharged, the stronger attraction of the place.

The magnets of light grow. The earthly rays merge with the celestial rays. The sign of destiny glows at the cross point of fires. Karma has prepared the gifts for many ones. It gives back what belongs to the promised hearts from long ago. The pearls of light are more pure than the sea pearls. Those who have absorbed the earthly sorrow will become pure.

482. Access to the knowledge of discipleship is inadmissible for the illiterate, from the occult point of view, persons. Violation of the hierarchical principle is obvious. Dictator’s self-will is lack of the inner discipline. It is possible to replace the action of karma with the will, but this wrong-doing is too significant to avoid the corresponding consequences. In comparison with this, the lust is like the river sand at a rock foot. Even one second-long obsession causes the negative radiation, which affects whole region. Earthquakes, storms, and incessant rains may be provoked. Verily, a torch must not be given to a child. It’s bitter to realize that such spirit could make a false step. The situation can’t be corrected without regular spiritual labor. The Living Ethics is the only one remedy in this case.

Avoiding of the requital entails very complex consequences. It is better to meet karma face to face. The contacts must be seized for three days. Do not condemn. It is necessary to help. It is difficult to extinguish the black fire. The advancing is impossible without the discipline. Blindness is not an excuse. Everyone has the right of choice.

483. The novices’ snobbery is great. Their gait is still unsteady, that is why they may step in mud. Main thing is to clear out the arrogance and dust of ossified assuredness. Do not judge strictly. That is why it was said: do not burden with the undue trust. When the discipline is acquired, then it is possible to shift to the obtaining of knowledge. Without adopting the automatic obedience it is impossible to learn even a letter from entire Teaching.

484. The foamed plastic of habits hinders from entering the river of knowledge. The densified matter of ignorance knocks down. Stepping aside doesn’t mean leaving away. Let the burst energies settle down. Take your time before further contacts. Everyone must find his own touchstone. It is easy to release even a small genie from a bottle, but it is hard to catch it again. It is impossible to correct the situation without the Higher Forces’ help. Let him learn to pray. Repeating mantras will release from the needless insinuations. But even worst things must be used for good purposes.

485. Creating the stereotypes of consciousness and sticking the hard-to-remove labels is the arsenal of dark ones. A man who has realized a misdeed can make a progress on the heart plane and invest the essential benefit into evolution. The shock was strong enough, but it is the factor for cleanup as well. It is possible to achieve the result by blowing up the situation, but the experimentalist will get only the feeling of regret, or the debris instead of Aladdin’s fiery lamp. A lot changes during a day and night. Black blood gushed into the astral is only an echo of blood, spilled in this house. The train of the house's karma has attracted the temptation.

486. Do not despair of the loss of power. Now this is the only one way to discharge the intensity of energies. You will learn to process even higher aspects of the energies. Physiology always betrays the higher bodies. But it is necessary to douse in this environment too. Usefulness is in all spheres. Simply don’t run deep into the animal aspirations. Dousing into the depth of matter, you obtain the qualities of tamas. Tamas shadows the higher consciousness.

487. Atma the Great is your Highest Arbiter, your Teacher, and your Analyzer. Atma is your Heaven and your Light. The Fiery Friend is Atma as well. The Consciousness of Wisdom never leaves one who seeks for the Power of Spirit. Light can’t shadow light; it only intensifies the shining. The Glow of Atma is the glow of Fiery World.

There is no need to seek for the Fiery World deep inside the planet. The Fiery World is the Higher Aura of every planet. The Fiery World is the Creative Sun. The Master of Shambhala lives and breathes in the Heart of Sun.

The lower spheres are heavy. The melted lava produces the negative magnetism. Can the Cosmic Magnet be not positive? It is only the heart, which can specify the meaning. The heart’s knowledge is fundamental. The heart’s knowledge is the essence of any world. Enter the heart of joy.

Disputes about the leaders are only useless crossing of the volitional currents, the good training for obstinacy. The horns are the symbol of false reason, and it is not for nothing.

Saturate the heart with joy! Saturate space with joy! The heart which feels, thrills with happiness. All fiery strings of highest feelings flutter from the approach of Beloved.

The Great Master! You are the Guest at the feast of my happiness! You are the Hearth and the Altar of my life! You are like the Sun among the planets, which pass by and can look at It only. Same way I fly through the cosmos of earthly life by the orbit of striving. And my heart nearly touches Your Heart! Heat flares in my breast and the Flame of Love bursts outside, when I see You, my Teacher! And this is enough for loving You more and more for the rest of my life! Let my aura flare with the Fire of Love to You!

487à. The attempt of rejection of one another was sharply manifested. It was clear from your dispute. But the conversation, which took place in the house at same time, should be divided into several phases. It looks very much like the propagation of Baptist doctrines. It is good to discuss pictures and play toys with such people; but they are not up to a serious work. Even women are more prepared.

Remember the warning about the inrush of the crowds of preaching ones. Jesuits are on the alert. The problem is so complicated that the miracle with the horse comes to the mind. Conrad was the Jesuit as well.

Ovehearing of space may go on without the knowledge of a man's consciousness. The unasked guests is the attempt of dark ones to determine the level of the danger of energy. You should look attentively: on whose back they are entering into your home. Not suspiciousness but carefulness is needed.

The Valley is tired from sermons and lectures. There is no real work yet. Good thoughts and aspirations often become the basis of silicone cities. And then the bombs, thrown upon Serbia, may seem the roses, falling from the heavens.

Yes, I am waiting for you. But I am waiting for the renewed you, without the burden of useless attachments. The Light of Fiery Ashram is open but the term depends on you. Separate the artificial and the true. The Gift of Blessing flames like the fire.

M. saves you!

488. Never think that everything goes badly. The windmill sails of thought immediately starts to boost the energies akin to grief. You sink into the flame of tamas. Thousand of thousands of the distressed souls rush towards you in order to taste once more the new wine of suffering. So, let the force of joy be with you! Repeat as the mantra: Joy! Joy! Joy! – and the full power of the energy of happiness and inspiration will rush to help you; all light spirits, which carry the fiery sparks of fire-flower of joy, will join the stream of your ray; and your aura will glow as the rosy pearl of aspiration. Be able to rejoice! Be able to rejoice as children do!

The truth of heart you will comprehend in the flame and the fire. All accumulated gifts will flare up in the flame and the fire, not to be burned away, but to become more subtle and pure.

You will see Me not once. Even the Subtle Image has My power. Be able to direct it!

489. What the mind is asking the heart about? What secret is hidden here? Does a man endowed with knowing the innermost? But the seal is upon the lips of truth. Only the fiery ray’s stars flare and kindle the rainbow of knowledge, like the messengers of the morning dawn of humanity. Every spark looks for the way to the heart in order to saturate it with the celestial joy. Joy glitters as hope in the eyes, which shine with the thirst for knowledge. Darkness will never cover the soul, if the fiery flower flares on and on.

490. Lithium is the gift from Orion, same as many other gifts. That is why it's structure is so strong. The ruby fire, which saturates it, is akin to the heavenly purple. The Fiery World's Matter and connection with it's far away motherland are concealed in it. The Stone is the alpha-substance, but lithium is the insulation, which absorbs the excessive currents. The Casket, covered with leather, is also made of lithium, but very pure one. The Brotherhood used to call it Morium. We have our own table of earthly and cosmic sunstances.

Water leaves the Earth. The cycle of Pisces is over and Aquarius carries away last remainders of water. It is strangely enough, but the Earth begins to receive the main resource of fresh water from cosmos. People will become unaccustomed to the taste of real water soon. Processing of huge amount of the natural resources demands huge amount of water. Development of the technical means and growth of the acquisitiveness runs ahead of appropriateness.

You will witness a lot of changes during next year or two. Unusual events will take place. It will be difficult for an unprepared consciousness to adopt such changes.

Love to the novelty is the only one thing, which facilitates the inner changes. Only love overpowers death. The spark of merging of the fiery hearts will flare up as the spiritual sun. The ashes of lack of clarity will fall down.

491. Water is the reservoir of lunar wisdom. Water is the atavism of lunar mankind's sensual karma. Water is the reservoir of astral. After water leaves the planet, the epoch of densified astral will come, because the lower centers will die away. The structure of plants, animals, and human bodies will change cardinally. Two higher spiritual centers will appear instead of two lower centers. Atma will attract the fiery ether. The center of intuition and spirit-knowledge will advance consciousness at once two levels upwards. The comprehension will be unusual. There were no such things before in the nature of human beings.

492. The church established by one who has renounced thrice, can’t be the source of ethics. The womb of darkness seethes. The last day agony is horrible, like the agony of a wounded beast. Neither the cultural pacts nor the call of Light can stop death of innocent people, for darkness has blinded the eyes. The world tension is unbearably strong. The intrigues and hesitations of uncertain ones is like a stab in a heart. But we will never drop a hint of doubt in the Higher Guidance. Let’s accept the obstacles as the mean of tensioning the energies. Let’s rejoice even a gloomy day.

The New World Cosmogony is so much complex and fabulous, that it looks like a fairy tail. The changes of Solar System will be so significant that the physical plane will be changed completely. After removing the coarse shell of astral, the links among the worlds will become limpid as at the times of early Atlantis. But human hearts still emit so much venom, and it is unlikely that the planet can overcome the venom of each one.

493. The variety of human forms in universe is quite similar to the variety of forms of living beings on the Earth. Mankind may be flying like at Venus, or empyrean like at Jupiter, or the human being may become a radiant entity.

494. It is the greatest task to teach striving to every living being. Striving attracts talents. Striving strengthens a heart with the power of Light. Striving forges the shining sword of spirit within the drab existence.

Sharpening of the sword of spirit is the everyday work. Do not allow the rust of indifference to corrode the sword. Every day let’s take out of the sheath of banality the glittering ray of fire with the sacred ligature of the mantram: «Be blessed striving ones for they will obtain the heavenly wings! »

The behest of truth was given not for delighting of the eyes, but for the heartfelt fulfillment. Let’s bring the beacon of spiritual celebration into the drab existence. Even for a short minute, let’s abide in the subtle melody of the silver string, which links us with the Root of Light, with the Source of Eternal First Cause. The Hierarchical Ray pierces through the world from top to bottom. The White Tower is majestic. Each sand grain of good is not lost and strengthens the walls.

495. The directivity of thought determines the karmic conditions. Burning through the matter of accumulated karma, the thought is like a high speed incendiary projectile. The napalm of kindled thought burns away the cosmic garbage and cleans an aura from the slag of the past. Suchlike effect in a man’s organism is caused by a long-term lithium treatment.

Determination is not detected by the environment. Only the innermost essence of high life is able to discern a person burdened with karma from the person free from the karma burden. Entering the Ray dissolves previous karmic accumulations.

496. The outburst of consciousness at the turn of centuries is unavoidable. Thinking must change, otherwise it will not be able to withstand the pressing of new kinds of exertion. I warn you about strengthening of the fiery energies. The shift of consciousness goes on gradually, and every consciousness adapts according to its ability to assimilate these energies. It is a heart’s benefit, if its structure allows to house things, which hardly could be contained. But light is so bright, that it may burn away a curious guest. It is time for speeding-up and changing. It is time for realizing and accepting responsibility. It is time for achieving joy and enjoying the achievements. Be pure. Be wise and calm.

497. The currents of intensive love can even change a man’s appearance, when they are concentrated. The phenomenon of rejuvenation depends on the strength of fire, directed on a person. The energy of positive thought can create a real ideal of the beloved one. This is one of the exalted applications of the heart energy. This fiery stream, condensed to the dense state, may be used for people healing.

Love is related to the Fiery World. Only few people know, what qualities may be obtained and used, when touching these aflame spheres. Love is always related to fire, because the heart may flame up, only when attracting the Ray of the Fiery World. Love changes a human essence. The integuments of negativism crash and melt under the power of heat of sun. Love is the cosmic feeling, presented in all living creatures. Loving ones are surrounded with the aura of fiery spirits. The flowers of joy are blooming at the highlands of love. The eternal bestow of the best is more bright, than the stars of autumn skies. Lilies like to bloom on the path of lovers, and Sufi chant the praise of dervishes drunk with love. The inspiration of happiness is great in the aflame hearts. Roses flutter, bending to the hands of lovers. The merged hearts hear the celestial calls. The Infinite and Eternal Song of Love, as the bells of light, will sound for them for millenniums.

498. It is not a surprise, that fetishism and its cult is very popular among people. The items of property take away force and rob human souls, especially when these items were got for free. The attack of greed and pocketing never brightens a consciousness. One shouldn't sell love for a pair of stools. Psychology of a seller penetrates into the soul as radioactive contamination. It is your misfortune, that you idealize mankind. Of course, this quality originates from your far-off Motherland, but it is time to get used to the earthly customs. You have noticed, that for bipeds there is nothing to be ashamed of in rudeness. I have told you more than once, that you should not overload a person by entrusting them with too much.

It is impossible to betray love, but love helps to detect the caverns of predilections. It is possible to embellish and exaggerate the person’s capabilities and force, but don’t do it permanently. This makes a vampire and a spiritual parasite of a person. The lessons of life teach them nothing. You may strain every nerve, but the subtle realization of inadmissibility of a misdeed never reaches the consciousness, overgrown with prejudices. This particular subtlest realization reverse the karmic poles.

Don't give way to despair. Whole world consists of small betrayals and parasitism. You may confide your soul to only the Teacher. I told you not to disclose yourself. Control the manifestations of Kama.

A community, based on relations between a signor and a servant, does not suite Us. This is a latent form of exploitation. Our Community is the community of spiritual leadership. Using the Envoy’s resources without return is a guilty act. Do not propagate spiritual parasites. They were always the same; simply the rosy fog has covered your understanding.

I ingeminate about caution. The aura's power must become more solid.

The lesson of self-control and optimism must be learned by heart. Touchiness is the hidden condemnation of someone, with the intent to establish your own superiority. You feel offended because you consider yourself better, than the others do.

499. What may be sent with the wave of strongest feeling? A thought, strengthened like that, can break many obstacles and strive upwards, if the core of its energy is directed to Light. But the waves of lust pull the energies downwards and split them. The force, used for any volitional influence, is the same. The poles of love and hate determine the quality of one and the same energy. Sometimes a quarrel helps to restore the aura of severed relations.

The energies seethe; that is why the manifestation of discontent is not surprising. The Teaching is not a school game or spillikins, but the power of Fiery Light.

The relations will become what they are to be. Do not cherish a viper in a bosom. A stress and a conflict makes an opportunity to elicit an inner state of a person’s soul at a particular moment. What comes out to the surface, that is the obstacle. It is like a hypnotic sleep, when a patient himself gives an answer to his own question, how to treat a disease. The noticeable facts may be figured out during these minutes of agitation.

At the ancient times hysteria considered to be the manifestation of prophesying.

500. Yes, the White Ray has some qualities of straightforwardness and frankness. The disciple’s character assumes some features of the Teacher’s character. It is possible to determine the capability of the disciple’s heart to assimilate the Guru’s fiery currents. The higher this capability, the quicker the disciple passes the path.

Very often a lot of rubbish may be among useful and necessary things. But the gold is also extracted from the gray ore. Unpresentable doesn’t mean insignificant. Sometimes a treasure lies so deep, that a keeper himself may forget about it.

501. The term of sacrifice expires. Only labor gives the direction. Responsibility is the discipline of spirit. Idleness should not be considered as the sacrifice. Karma could not be always corrected with a volitional effort. There is also the karma of feelings. The magic capability of the water's will is to throw off karma toward someone else. The door of heart must be always shut, for this is the way for karmic impacts. The dirty water leaves the dirty spots when drying away. The karma, dissolved in someone other’s aura, has one more property, which is linking a progenitor and a donor.

The karma of water element ends. The components of lunar rules of life are reaching back. The influence of earthly matter reduces to nothing.

502. The promised meetings complete the big karmic circle. The influence of energies goes on via the auras. The torrent of words is not needed, when the air is saturated with the fire of heart. The Fiery plane acts independently beyond our minds. A thought, captured with the manifestations of karma, loses the capability to fly. But its subtlest part breaks the fetters of passions and bursts forth to Eternity, to its environment and the mission field.

503. Those who are able to receive new knowledge will come. Do not be sad about those, who fall apart. Let time do its work. They may appear to be useful later on. Some time is necessary for intensifying and refining of the energy. But the pattern of life, weaved with the circumstances, has to be completed.

Dissimulation is the usual state of consciousness for many people. Don’t be surprised, when dealing with human beings. White and black snakes are intertwined so deeply, that killing one of them you may do away with another one.

Obduracy is the state of ice. This is not intensification of the will, but the state of aura ossification. It doesn’t vibrate, covered with the film of self-sufficiency. Obduracy is the top level of overconfidence. One, who is obdurate in self-pity, loses the channel of the heart current. The link with Eternity interrupts, and the hierarchical link also breaks.

503à. You suddenly feel the Invisible Presence, even when you do not think about Me. The manifestation will grow intensively. Self-isolation on the plane of passions may calm down the flow of rejection; but the mental plane requires the Higher Ray. We do not intrude into everyone's karma. But if a person is valuable for evolution, a lot of things may be excused. We advance a good luck; we advance a consciousness not with the persistent will, but with the power of energies of the future.

A heart is the measuring instrument of the present. The heart is the voice of the future. The heart contains entire evolution of the future. The prototypes of future forms are waiting for their term in the universe of heart. One who has closed his heart, feels hard and bitterly. Verily, its a real hell.

My Ray is always above your head. Don't throw it off. Of course, responsibility is great, and many things are to be changed to the natural state. The phase of new energies requires acceleration of the changes.

Delight is only an attempt to escape from the outer bitterness. The world is to be accepted as it is; it is no use to behave yourself as an ostrich. A head, overloaded with horror movies, can't judge about the real world's state. Fear changes even the content of blood.

Give out the warmth of your heart to your relatives. Anura's Fire twines around the suffering and burns away the false ideas.

Every imagined action creates a powerful spirit. The stronger imagination, the more active the spirit. Such spirit can carry both the light and fire of love or the animal lust. Saturated with the parent's energies, it may become so strong that starts to dictate it's own will. Beware of creating such forms. The energetic tissue of the space is too strong. Identify, what your heart and your essence needs.

Only regular labor heals many sores of an idle soul. The strong but disorganized spirit will come back soon, for it can't live without the energy of living Ray any more. The Ray feeds both - him himself and his environment. There is a positive aspect in a temporal discord as well. “Faces reveal” is that particular term, which is used as definition of this aspect.

The attitude towards the Envoy determines the attitude towards Me. The significance of activities is of primary importance. If the activities are incoherent and muddled, then they are simply the useless efforts. Still there is no one else in the Valley who could supersede the Envoy, in spite of his shortcomings. Upasika also was feverish from irritation. No one knew what she will do in an hour. Nevertheless, the work of evolution can't wait. The Fire never stops pouring on the Earth, otherwise life would stop. Same way the Envoy can't always observe the etiquette. The energies seethe too strong, the heart's tension is too great.

The venom of the streams, and it is within everyone's efforts to burn it away. Don't be like little children playing with grenades, found in the sand. Explosion may do away with not only one human life, but with the life of entire planet. Confrontation goes on. The echo of this battle between Light and darkness is reflected by the conflicts of your hidden qualities. The use of the intensification of influence has caused such big wave of rejection.

No one should force the Envoy to become a supplier of furniture, if only his higher necessity requires that. This is not the matter of finances, this is the matter of power: to whom and for what purpose this power is directed and what it is used for. The object is the part of the used power. If remagnetization is applicable for a stone, then any object could be charged with the positive energy.

The cedar roots help, if saturated with the power of heart and covered with the conifer needles.

Everyone should improve himself. And everyone should learn to cooperate. A disciple, who doesn't admit the discipline and runs away from a school every time after being called to responsibility, is not able to stand the higher exertion.

The discipline is the Arhat's way. If you can to obey, then you will teach. But first of all teach yourself. Advancing is possible only if you fulfill the Orders. Only those, who have learned to fulfill the Orders accurately and to be disciplined, could be entrusted with an independent work, but only in case of the permanent link with the Teacher.

The tornado in USA is the back impact of their aggressive policy in Serbia. The city, erased from the surface of the earth, is the result of the elements' irritation in one part of the planet, and of the influence of mental currents, sent as a blame to America. A lot of events will happen in response to the bombing of Serbia. These events can't be considered as the God's punishment. The Cosmic Justice will settle the balance.

504. Die-off of the lower centers results in spiritual growth. The septenary law is always effective.

Sometimes realizing of tangible benefit moves people towards the comprehension of new energies. A stanch is constructed to make a watermill work with full power. The inborn or acquired vices are the energy as well. The power accumulates, when you cut off the outflow channel. Being transmuted to higher quality, it causes spiritual uplift. Sclerosis is the fate of vicious people. By restraining vices you speed up the reaction of thinking. The purer the space, the quicker the thought moves.

The buds of love may come into bloom as the garden of possibilities.

It is very rare virtue to be free from the earthly burden. As if you are walking on the live coals without burning your feet. The path of the Warrior of Fire is precisely like that. Don’t be surprised with the heart aches and the unexplainable fever. Kindle stronger, but keep the Teacher’s Face in the heart.

The Presence will expand. Your sleep-dream about your arrival to Delhi is notable. Suddenly doesn't mean at unawares. At some particular moment the accumulated energy obtains the fiery form. Directing of consciousness to higher level takes place due to the permanent presence of the Ray.

The direction is already clear. Tension of space will help the Valley. Arrival of the new comers will create new conditions, and for the work as well. People hardly admit the new. The old rut of prejudices prevents from seeing the new way. The country life immerses people into the semiconscious state. The thoughts sink in the powerful natural energies. That is why, regular reading and praying helps not to disappear in the everyday life.

The principle of uniqueness is forgotten. It is possible to correct anything, but it is better to restrain yourself. Silence is the best advisor, especially when the phase of consciousness is shifted.

505. If a disciple’s and the Teacher’s auras were brought to the same level, then knowledge flows from the Teacher to the disciple and vice versa beyond their consciousnesses. The deposits of light in the aura strive to the balance, and the potential of consciousness is of no significance. They may be not realized and stay in the shape of crystals of particular energy. The knowledge of feelings looks golden, the spiritual uplifts are bright blue. When touching a familiar topic the spark of thought strikes out a lightning, which opens the way for the release of congenial knowledge. The spirits-custodians bring everything, what is available at the level of Buddhi.

506. Humility is well adopted and conscious patience. A person may realize the profundity of indignity and unreason, inflicted by the the bipeds, but he accepts this consciously making the spiritual sacrifice. None of derogation, none of injustice remains without the retribution. One who sacrifices gets a reward. Life itself is the continuous sacrifice.

According to the Buddhist innermost Scriptures, the Earth is the place for improving the souls, which had made a false step. That is why we are here to expiate the karma. We know the Great Master to be the Great Sacrifice, and it is possible to write only with capital letters about His Labor.

We are only the microorganisms of spirit, but none of the reactions of light can go on in the world without these invisible assistants. Even rotting produces heat. The range of qualities of the Fire is very wide. Even anger and hatred are of the fiery nature. Bur the pure luminance is not the high limit of radiance. After entering Light you will shine brighter and brighter, but you will not touch the Flame. When comprehending the Secret, you are getting the knowledge by grains, moving forward slower than a snail; otherwise there will be no adsorption of the grains of light .

507. Temporary rejection and silence are also needed. The energies have to settle down. There will be no fountains of the lava of fire any more. That was the period of enthusiasm. And you have given them to the extent of their openness towards you. But anyone can take and carry according to his own capacity.

As Master Buddha said, walking in the autumn forest: “Here is what I have given you, and what you have adopted! - showing a handful of dry leaves picked up from the ground, - and here is what I can give you!” – with the wide sweep of the arm He has pointed to the footings of trees, covered with the thick carpet of leaves, in the endless forest. So, don’t feel sorry for those who haven’t adopted. Someone needs woman’s love, the other one needs prosperity, and they are right in their own way. But don’t deceive yourself through applying the ancient method of hyperbola, putting it mildly, through hyperbolizing the circumstances and the qualities. Hyperbola is good for literature, as the mean for most clear expressing of a character. Hyperbola is a writer’s cutting tool. But life requires responsible sincerity. The discipline of spirit is strict and requires permanent refining, same as training for understanding the Teaching.

508. It is very difficult to determine the extent of responsibility in the Subtle World. Sometimes an external thought incites a man to a misdeed. Under the earthly law a delinquent is subject to punishment to full extent, but an inspirer lives in the shadow. Imperfection of the earthly laws has appeared due to unwillingness to study the subtle laws of culpa. Of course, the karmic sword reaches a parent of disgrace any way, but what a bitterness is addressed to a weak-willed one!

Be careful with the thoughts. They are powerful as never before. Being ingenoius, it is necessary to look for new unusual ways for understanding and application of the Teaching. The Teaching should become the everyday repast of spirit. A prayer should not be postponed for a tea-party. It is better to do it vice versa. The Teacher’s altar is full of the delicious food of Light. You, who have seen, exert yourself to accept this!

The silence of energies is the accumulation of power. One should not insist on making friends. If a friendship is needful, it will be accepted as a hand extended for handshake. But one should not be intrusive and enforce the communications. Wait till the dirt dries away. The dust of words goes away with the wind of time. But it is very hard to crash the stone of evil. Don’t carry off the dislike to the state of stone, which is good only for pebbling the bog of ignorance. And then it will be impossible to extract it from the bottom of human madness.

509. Responsibility dictates the law code of discipline. Rejection of back-slapping and false friendship is necessary. It was given too much, but too little was used. It is one thing to listen the nightingale songs of fiery style, but applying them is quite different. One shouldn’t bring a lumber, when establishing in a new house. The shabbiness of mind can’t supersede the living Ray. They will feel, that the Ray has left their home, and it will be unbearably hard for them. It is impossible to get used to the lower energies without the inner suffering. One who has heard the Celestial Call sinks into the bitterness of tamas. The terms are to be met. It is too bad to put an excessive load on a young horse. The result of the overdosing of knowledge is sad.

510. A human life is determined with the impulses of karma. The impulses form the net of essential terms. The Masters of Karma give the possibilities and the inclination for success, and it is the choice of a man’s karma to accept or to reject them. One’s success may be captured by someone else, like snatching out of hand some commodity at a supermarket. The karmic magic is based on capturing someone’s light or good karma. Shuffle off a karma burden on someone else is the subtle vampirism itself.

The links, caused with a murder, significantly burden the matter of fate. There are the families with very light karma, due to the spiritual achievements of their primogenitors and progenies. But the blood of murdered ones does really cry up to the seventh degree of consanguinity.

511. Interest to the secret spiritual life is so great, that many people try to hook out the details of dreams and of the innermost work. But it is impossible to enter the Ray crabwise. Only the gate of fiery heart is able to receive the Ray, not being burned away. Induction into the Ray is the wordless work of heart. If there is thorough insight into the Teaching of Fire, the Guru sends the trial vibrations into the heart. When the heart energies become more subtle, they start to recognize these vibrations and assimilate them in the aura. Intensity grows, and it is only the heart, who can regulate the stream of spatial fire. It is like the energies' carburetor.

512. It is possible to build a temple on any hill. But the Temple of Light must be constructed on most sublime mountain. The harmony of purposefulness should not be violated, otherwise the world order will be destroyed. The highest and the lowest must work in close liaison, for they can’t exist without each other. Pure spirit is amorphous as well as pure matter. The content of the essence of life is composed with specific proportions.

513. Spiritual leadership is the source of inexhaustible vivacity. The frame of mind is a bad advisor; it is necessary to be able to keep it in leash. The demonic forces’ poison emasculates the hopes for the future, as if someone is standing on the very verge of abyss with a bandage on the eyes. The good example of leadership shows Holy Reverend Sergius and His whole life. Simple labor leads to the nobility of spirit, if only the heart is applied to the works.

514. It is impossible to make a racer of a baggage horse. One’s destination is to carry the loads slowly, while the other one has to tear through the space. The difference of elements requires a long term work on the merging of consciousnesses. The measure of capabilities is to be met. The level of conscious energies does not mean the level of potentials. The conscious adopting provides more subtle vibration. Whilst the potential is the accumulated will. But the work of the spirits of elements is not limited to this. They are strongly tied to the begetter’s aura. The will begets the spirits for various purposes. But fundamentally they are the carriers of forces, thoughts, and assignments. Their harmfulness or usefulness depends on the sign of the potential of essence.

515. You shouldn't help those who do not believe in your power. Healing doesn't bring gratitude. More probably you will become an enemy. Human thankfulness dies away as a useless component. What is the use or benefit of such useless thing? That is why, help by your thoughts. The anonymous help is the training of healing telepathy. And there will be no blames, if the healing failes due to karmic reasons. It is dangerous to be the donor of energy, because the exchanged energies may stay longer than usually, while streaming through the aura and the heart.

Don't do with any forecasts. And if you have some, do not announce them. This particular power structure causes many misunderstandings and discontent, if it didn't come true. But no one counts, how many forecasts did come true. Human nature looks for benefit in this area as well; and if there is no benefit, then the torrent of blames falls on a prophet's head. And most interesting that they blame for the things, which saturate their own auras.

The venom of excessive knowledge is so strong, that the harm appears to be bigger than the usefulness. A mutual purifying impact may be necessary to restore the contacts. This facilitates new closer relations. That is why I am saying: do not throw away none of life patterns, but use them for the sake of the Teaching of Light and of evolution. The details of new mechanism often overheat, before they get fitted. It is important not to forget about a grease, which prevents the mechanism from crushing.

Despite everything you should remember, that you are the warriors of same host. And the only Fiery Heart knows the role for everyone. It is not your task to estimate someone's work and to seek for the errors and the defects. A computer and its program makes mistakes very seldom, but it will never rise beyond its own level.

A man is a universal structure. And not all of his mental links could be detected. Looking through the hole of spirit, it is possible to notice only minor details of life. And black specks are always visible on a white background. While rising to a spiritual target, we must not erase the bad and replace it with the good. It is possible to throw the baby out with the bath water. Sometimes the energy of pair of opposites swiftly transfers from the negative to the positive. The transformation of energies and increasing of their vibrations provides a new quality for thinking. The negative is to be retrained, and the harm is to be turned into the usefulness.

A rope-walker never stops even for a while and keeps balance always. A disciple must understand his responsibility for harmony, because he is walking the tightrope of the Fiery Ray. The violation of balance breaks the tightrope.

The spring garden bursts into blossom. The force flashes like the may-lilies and gives the fiery hope to the young heart. The gift of love to the Teaching is very rare at this age. Only the blessed India keeps the secret of tutorship. But not always the heart stays with first love. The bends of life road are so unpredictable, and the obstacles may appear instead of a broad way. Light is very attractive. Light is multicolored. Every moment carries away a unique thought, which could be at the service of mankind. Value the pearls of moments. The mosaic of achievement is to be composed of small tiles.

516. The Teacher delegates a part of His powers to the disciples. Love, which is sent to the Teacher, passes through the devoted hearts. The key to the Gate of Secret is the permission to go into new aspects of knowledge. You will reach the expected Ashram after changing the dress of everydayness to the vestment of purity. The Ashram looks modest. One may think, that it is a hut of a hunter or a herdsman. When looking at three wells, one may wonder of their purpose. But those, who are aware of the purposefulness and of the measure of containment, know the purpose of each of the wells.

K.H. teaches fathers and little children to become worthy of the Ashram of Purity. But time says, that leaving for the Stronghold is not always needed. Currently one can study every moment, living in this world. Keep your communication channel ready.

517. A longtime friend was revealed. The sorrow of search has lightened the path. The gift from Egypt is holy. The God of Wisdom remembers His sons. The Papyrus has bridged the vibrations of millenniums. Listen to the sistrum sound. The column of intensive currents is so great, that it may impact physical health. The Will of Light breaks through the restrictions of shell. The voices of four elements have established the stone of Ashram. The exalted prayer spreads over the abyss. And the spirit, delighted at victory over the indignant earth, has got the Isis’s gift. The chime of forgotten mysteries revives in the aflame Chalice. The dove hovers over the triplicity of souls. The heavenly strings sound. Only a wise heart remembers the words of this song.

The time of new efforts comes. The energies of transfiguration strengthen the power. A human heart tearing away from these energies causes escaping from the cosmic responsibility. The earthly condensers of this power are those particular people of the New Time. The Master’s Ray becomes the Column of Light, which supports the Dome of Truth. It is impossible to satisfy the thirst for knowledge. It is impossible to be sated with the fiery vibrations.

Fast growth will happen during the summer time. At early September the energy of the Valley and your position there will be changed. Discipline and labor, joy and aspiration are required. Don’t be afraid of overexertion. Be afraid of laziness. The hardness of stone may be determined by striking sparks out of it. But a diamond can make a fire by the focus of concentrated will.

The spatial fire is like a spring flood. The earthly banks are covered with it. The roaring energies break the astral dams. It is so good to be at the cliff of Devoted Service at this time and to extent the helping thread to all striving ones!

Don’t take the inclination for cooperation for the intrusiveness. Main thing is to explain the general task and establish the powerful energetic formation. Be attentive to the guises of newcomers. Only consequences show everyone’s capabilities. The rosy pollen of first impression flies away, and the newcomer's nature becomes obvious. Don’t fall into arms and don’t paint everything with bright colors: these are the wastes of optimism.

518. One may be overheard not only through a hind-head. Every chakra has its own memory. Information is picked up together with pumping out of the energy. If you can’t shuffle off an unasked guest, you have to spend half an hour in the madiam or vice versa in the energetic meditation with the Guru’s Name. Beware not of the watcher, but of those who are riding him. All of us are the vahanas, all of us have an astral retinue, but it is better to carry the Blessed Face, than a curious philistine’s nose.

Even the Teaching may be turned into philistinism. It was said, that one who spills a soup on the Teacher’s image, imagines himself being at service. It is a flagrant mistake to consider yourself as Agni yogi, but not maintain the cleanness of everyday life. Words without deeds are dead. One must call not with the words, but with the high quality of labor.

The new does not break into a house like a hurricane into an open door. The new is like a mountain rill, running down from a summit. The new collects power uniting many small details. Don’t be afraid of losing what have already passed in order to wash away the accumulations of the past. Do not think that you will not be able to apply the new properly.

The Fiery World knocks at the mundane gate. Flame is by the door. Does it make sense to worry about old boots when the Hierarchy grants you the flight to the Eternity of New Knowledge?

Look back, do it for the last time. All the best you carry with you. There is no need to suffer any more, diving deep into the past. The future is full of unexpected possibilities. The future opens the title of Innermost Book. Urge to enter Light!

519. Urgency doesn’t mean hastiness. Labor doesn’t allow hastiness. But the Hour of Service is urgent. One who jumps ahead, burns with anticipation of new energies. Waiting is his destiny. One who is behind time, presents a poor sight.

The fiery spurts wash away the filth of the world. The Sword of Service glisters with the White Ray shining, showing the path to sleeping ones. The Hand, which Holds the Sword, is of shining cleanness; no one will stop the Way of Roaring Flame.

Fire is the core of all elements. The Fire is the begetter of spirit. The Fire is the carrier of the future’s power. Love the Fire, and the Flame of Great Heart will respond you. Shine like the columns of light! The Chalice establishes the path.

The ancient spiritual links connect you with new friends. The light of your capabilities shines on the top of the spear of truth. Who is strong enough to carry it and never stumble? The Masters' Banner and the Three Shields inside the Arc of Flames are on the spear. The aura of striving one flames with the sunbow of energies. A keen heart loses none of the sparks of vibrations.

The Flame is the creator of the perfect forms. The Flame clears the path. Let those who love the Fire stay with It!

520. The spring doesn’t subside inside you even for a moment.

The spirit grows in your heart for the new unknown destiny.

The brothers-in-arms have closed their formation.

The brothers-in-arms stand like a wall.

You hear the universal roar of energies within cosmic humming.

The avalanche of new never seen before forces is coming.

God has enlightened the earthly depth down to very core.

The earthly depth changes under the impact of Fire.

The ice of astral melts like hoarfrost in daylight.

Yes, new time is severe,

And soon the Earth's axis tilt

Will change the pattern of stars over our heads.

Everything in the world is saturated with the Fire.

The basis of new relations was established. Friendliness and care are the basis of new communications. Let it be more warm and cordial inside your souls. These small things are the first steps to love. Don’t be afraid to love more than you usually do. Overdoing in love is better than overdoing in hate.

521. The change of the Earth's axis tilt angle will cause rupture of the Subtle and the Fiery Planes. The powerful and not assimilated energies will pour in torrents onto the Earth and will cause earthquakes, lava ejection through the cracks in the crust, submerging of continents, and formation of new ones. But the axis shifts gradually, so do not expect such thundering events in the nearest future. First Message about the signs of Coming will arrive from the North.

522. The power of approaching Fire is so great, that the auras' state will become as fiery as My Word. The heat of power of the poems is only a tentative short-term sensation of the Fiery World. Of course, they are only the slightest echo. But for an earthly body it is quite enough. Put your hearts in the rhythm of these energies gradually. Kindle up space and the hearts will start shining.

523. Tanggula is the innermost place on the planet. In Mahabharata it is named as Shveta-Dvipa, or the White Island, or the Dwelling of Light.

There are many ways, leading to the Blessed Country. But a heart, which has comprehended, is the main one. When the saturation of Chalice with energies reaches the due level, then a disciple is ready to comprehend the Ray's vibrations. The Silver Thread is the Ray, which guides the disciple from one life to another. Comprehension of the Ray is the way to the Holy Dwelling. It is not the will of selfness, but the will of heart, which supports entering into the Ray.

Devotion to the Great Master gives an unbreakable link. I affirm, that one who records this text, is My embodied Ray, which means the related part of Mine. No dirt can stick to his Silver Belt. He is not just a peculiar Envoy, but he is My Petal. Yes! Yes! Yes! Truly I say to you! His lives are connected with My lives through the nodal events. Remember this. It was said for you, A., the Warrior of Truth.

The new will come. The vision of spirit will open up to the heart. Titan is treated from blindness. The precious drops have filled the vessel. The innermost vessel was not spilled. The efforts were not fruitless. Even a useless deed may turn to be useful.

Strive! Strive! Strive! Come into My Heart by your heart! I will protect you from the arrows with My Shield! I am keeping you as a flower, which will yield a new fruit. This is the first experience of new way of teaching. The vibrations are strong and beneficial. Let joy be with you.

524. The time of creating of new egregores is coming. The boundaries of traditional religions are tight for human souls. Every group of monads seeks a way for uniqueness. Diversity of approaches to spiritual energy requires new solution. The magnifiers of energy are necessary for spurt to upper levels of the Fiery World, which must charge the subtle bodies, exhausted with the break through the astral. Such magnifiers are that very accumulators of power of inspiration and enlightment.

525. There are many astral voices, which whisper so-called revelations from the Great Master to the curious minds. Many sources are mediumistic; and the weak souls are deceived by the larvae of spiritual ambitions for power. It is a rare thing, that a warrior of spirit is crowned with laurels. He is usually lonesome and his path is hard. The time of fiery energies eases the path, but it is not without reason, that our earthly burden is said to be the cross for crucifixion.

Be honest to yourself. Transparency is one of the subtle virtues to be obtained during many lives. The transparency means simplicity and knowing your true place. You have enough force to be a co-worker, but it is still too much supposed comprehensions. The essence must crystallize out. Do not open the gate of your soul too early. Let the necessity to become mature. The wind of knowledge will bring the scent of possibilities. Compatibility of the energies may be checked during joint meditation. My Name will indicate an allowable extent.

526. The path of a courageous one is clear. Its stones are covered with light. The dark bends are illuminated with the sparks of spirit. Where the courageous one goes? The help, rendered to the world, has kindled up the heart, and the aura's rays of self-sacrifice tear the way through the obstacles. Night can’t surround with darkness one who hurries up the mountain path. Doesn’t his heart hurry to the old beacon? The fire at the Summit encourages the bashful soul. It means, that the guards of the Valley do not sleep.

Let’s keep the fire burning. Let’s carry the torch of vivacity through the oppressions.

526à. It is possible to take the demands for caprice. The discipline is strict, but it is impossible to support the order in a different way. The severity is simply the harmony of distinct constructions. One God's idea runs through all worlds. Otherwise everything would fall into pieces. One who can obey, can guide as well. The link is established. Besides relations between the monads, there is a group of souls, going by the same Ray of feminine and masculine aspects.

The power of comprehension hardens the time. Hurry to be in time. The time becomes more and more compressed. Light-mindedness may destroy the work of hundreds of incarnations. Harvesting goes on. The wheat will be sifted from the chaff.

527. Searching of a source is not of great importance. The classic proverb about one having musk set everyone's teeth on edge. If what was given is not enough for them, let them seek for the stolen things. I do not exceed the appropriate level of messages on purpose. You know, that it is possible to develop such power, which is unbearable for anyone within whole Valley. But what is the use for the evolution of mankind? The precious gift is to be kept at the innermost place. The energies, called in vane, will cause swelling of the elements at the opposite side of the planet. It is most important to evoke a response from a heart.

An attempt to replenish the allowed measure indicates a person's narrow-mindedness. The reasonable questions: to replenish the Teacher's Thought? And up to what level? We give exactly what a disciple's aura is able to absorb. To give beyond the measure is the crime. We don't want to see the charry hearts. Distortion of the sense and involving of the alien energy extinguishes the purity of vibrations, which is able to pierce through the astral deposits. The european residue carries the psychology of scientific snobbery and haughtiness in this case as well. I have said already: It is not for us, poor illiterate Asians, to vie with the educated Europe! Sometimes a joke puts everything into places and teaches more than any moral.

The karmic train is still very strong. That is why I don't bring them closer before the proper time. The bacteria of European groups are to be boiled out. Selfhood becomes more subtle together with lust for power. Be patient in any case. Seal your lips. There will be a lot of occasions for jokes. Main thing is not to give away the innermost.

The short moment of spiritual childhood glides away. The virtues of warrior are trained. Only forging of the armour and getting the armaments are left. But the Guard of the Summit is aware of His enemies and takes care of protection. Let the Aflame Chalice be the Afire Shield! Let the Master’s Ray be the Afire Sword!

My hauberk is firm, and its rings flame with the Innermost Sign. The reflecting lightful cuirass covers the devoted heart. A defeat never occurs under My Ray. Absorb the silver of power. Decorate it with the diamonds of striving. And you will become Me. It may happen, that a part of Me will enter into you.

528. One who was given much bears greater responsibility. The proportions of responsibility and of the allowable access to the Source of Power are equal. Don’t consider severity as the personal carping. The dust of selfhood is to be beaten out with the strokes of karma. Non-attachment is good for many cases, except your attitude towards the responsibility and the discipline. The heat of energies is too strong. The flow of exertion is too afire. You should not grasp the ends of different threads, simply hold tightly one of them. The beaten carpet amuses with bright colors.

Light-mindedness is not acceptable for the matter of Teaching. The light-mindedness is the source of all karmic problems and troubles. The torch of the Teaching is to be carried in full earnest and responsibility. Otherwise it is possible to provoke a fire and self-immolation.

529. A breath is the measure of karma. The flows of vibrations, which carry the highest ozone, dissolve in the earthly atmosphere and feed the hearts in this way. A negative state burns away a big part of the Great Breath, weakening the processes in the auras and reducing the influence of the Great Breath on regeneration of the bodies. The Great Breath is not just a philosophical notion, but a metaphysical one, as these channels feed various aspects of universal life. Ozone becomes two hundred times weaker, when reaching the physical plane. In India prana is that very ozone. Pranava and Om are the aspects of the ozone's consciousness and spirituality. The number of respirations is the measure of life. Staying calm means elongating your life.

530. The law of containment and filling is the motive force of the destinies of universe. Pulsations transmit the energies from Absolute to the areas of chaos. Lack of these vibrations, as well as lack of their containment and transfer to the subtler part of consciousness, would mean death of an entity or even of a part of space. Containment and refining of the capability of consciousness by the means of densifying the energies, gives an impulse for the spiritual growth. And as new containment and filling takes place, there appears a rhythm, which means new vibrational formation. Refining or increasing of the frequency of these vibrations raises the spiritual power more and more high, gravitating the assimilated consciousness and accordingly harmonizing a body and its centers. A great deed grows from a small thought.

531. Going into the western teaching is not acceptable for Russia. The Living Ethics for Sixth and Seventh Races was given to Russia. What was published is a small part of what was received by the Mother of Agni Yoga. But even these books were not assimilated by the majority of disciples. Chasing of the new trends leads to breaking of the spiritual relations and to cut-off of the guiding threads. As if the puppets are dancing, conducted by the enemy’s hand. Most stable religions of the future are Agni Yoga and the revived Vedism, both in Russian and Indian versions. The Sufi’s path is almost killed with the Islamic extremism. Christianity sinks into the inter-confessional wars. Buddhism alone has saved the living strings of the true Teaching.

Chasing of new religious authorities will stop, as soon as the epoch of New World comes. Only the Teaching of Living Ethics will stay as the subtlest part of Buddhism. Everything which can burn, will burn away. But the gold will melt and glister more brightly. Now it is not good time for the true Teaching. Now it is the time for pompous performances and religious shows. The innermost is hidden deep inside the folk. Presently it is hard even to hear something about it.

532. The White Tower of Spirit is high. Its basement is established on the inaccessible rock. There are no stairs, no handrails. Only one white thread, the white rope, the white cable is extended downwards for those who want to climb up. But Maya has enlaced the Tower with thousands multicolored ropes. Try and choose the true one. A weak soul, charmed with a bright color, grasps one or another tassel at the end of the rope. In order to climb up it is necessary to hold tight only one and rise upwards with all your force. Then the multicolored threads, enweaved into the rope, will turn to be white at the very top.

False knowledge shadows the Light of Truth.

533. The truth is too great to neglect it. Knowledge, which has saturated the fire, is more subtle and more spiritual than the fire is. It is the Flame. It is the Salt of Spirit, dissolved in entire universe.

Oxygen, which feeds our blood and flesh, is an echo of the Divine Ozone of the Great Breath. Every invisible atom of the Ozone contains thousands and thousands of volumes of knowledge, whole universe of knowledge. Akasha Chronicles are stored in the densified fire. A spirit, which is able to assimilate the vibrations of Ozone of Seventh Level, transmutes. The spatial fire becomes saturated with the sparks and the crystals of para-fohat, related to the creative spirit. The power of the will raises the spirit to the Shiva’s Fiery Towers. Meru Island in the Ocean of Immortality, is our Motherland, the place of birth of our spirits.

534. All our earthly attachments are Maya. There are very few people, who can really love, which means bestowing the energy with no regret as a sacrifice. Everything besides is the sexual magnetism. Love works on a heart's level. Do not spill the precious drops into a muddy vessel, you may become exhausted. Change the sign of charge or be neutral. Direct the divine force to God. Bipeds do not deserve such bliss. They are too ungrateful. Best strings of your soul dedicate to the Teacher. Do not take coquetry as the signs of love. Look inly.

535. Do not mold the abstinence from food and the fast into the end in itself. The organs, which are close to the densified astral, can stay without food and drink, but self-torture of the mechanical ascesis doesn’t lead to the spiritual growth. When food is on the first place, a big number of subtle qualities may atrophy. The atmosphere of life in a modern city can transform an ascetic into a vampire, which takes the energy from the weak-willed ones on the subconscious level. Do not raise the astral magic inside yourselves. It is educative, what has happened to Karma Dorje. He can answer any question about usefulness and harmfulness of the tumo and the fast. Golden proportion must be everywhere. Do not destroy the balance of body, for it is the divine vessel.

536. The will and imagination creates the divine ideas. Krya-Shakti, or the fundamental energy, is the field, where these ideas must grow up. There are a lot of fiery formations, which are ready to be embodied on the earthly plane. But the selfhood ideas have bristled with the counteraction against everything divine.

Worst degree of materialism leads to setting apart of the earthly hearts as well as of the earthly plane, and locks them in the barrenness of ignorance. Derived earthly imagination is limited to the night clubs, various disney lands, and las-vegases. The Satan’s entertainment industry diverts a consciousness from itself. To make it clear, the modern television is the mirror of Satan. It reflects the moral turpitude and illiberality of earthly imagination. Lots of powerful currents of the will burn away, while people stare at the thrillers and detectives. The television rays could show us the life of distant worlds or the worldwide meditations, in order to involve everyone. Every aspect of the will could be applied in its highest manifestation. The future belongs to the stream of fiery ideas. The Flame will find a worthy Chalice.

537. Shakti is the principle; Krya is the Cosmic Will, the energy, and the power. Shakti is the Force and the Carrier of the Fiery Power of Absolute, the space quintessence, which begets the variety of forms. Shakti is the creative uniqueness of One and Unchangeable Principle of Creativity. The Will is the Flame of striving inspiration and clear-voyance.

The foundation of strait knowledge is concentration of the power of Heart Will of space and merging of these currents with the Ray of Brahmarandhra. If at the top of the aura the loop is opened by the Fiery Ray, and the Chalice is open, then knowledge floods like the stream of the spatial fire. The spiritual vibrations of comprehension settle on the bottom of Chalice like the diamond drops, which burn up and reach consciousness like the fumes of incense.

Shakti is the foundation of any force, to be more precise, it is the feminine aspect of force. The level of Ananda, when Shakti of every human being unites with her Shiva, which is the Universal Spirit, indicates entering of the human being into the Plane of Cosmic Consciousness. There are no secrets or mysteries for the human being any more. Entire world-view from big to small is known to him. He sees the ocean of unfolding galaxies, and stays in each atom of universe at the same time. He sees the earthly creatures and the entities, which consist of parafohat. He is one with any and all. He is omnipresent. He is identical to Absolute, which penetrates into every spark of life. There is no area either at nirvana or at tamas worlds, wherever his One and Indivisible Soul does not reside at. A drop of water, a sand grain, a tree, a rock, a road, wind, fire, a human being, the Stronghold, the Exile Stone, Mahatmas, Kumaras and Highest Gods of the Earth and of the Solar System, the Master Himself, Maha Chohan - all these are simply aspects of OM, of One Spirit, and of the Causeless Cause.

The Fire of Highest Spirit begets inspiration of whole planets. Striving to the areas of spiritual knowledge, they comprehend new realization of evolution.

Our planet is the station, where intellect has to fuse with spirit and give new impetus to the development of Solar system.

Let’s become the Holy and Creating Flame! AUM!

538. The procedure of determining of the paternity of any creation’s vibrations is so delicate, that it requires entire responsibility and keenness and whole spiritual experience. It is possible to determine the currents of vibrations only with My Help. To tell strait, not all of the books by Mrs. Prophet have been dictated by St.-Germaine; most early ones – yes; but further ones – doubtful. The fire of discernment must burn always and all along. As usual, we are facing the choice.

Even in the communities there is some period of obedience. It is special tuning of a consciousness with a group, and extinguishing of the fires of pride and snobbery. Simplicity is proclaimed, because it is the riddance of everything excessive, both outside and inside a person. The consciousness becomes transparent, and the vibrations of spatial fire get through and assimilate with the consciousness. Simplicity welcomes cooperation, but not of any sort. There must be the self-activated protective barrier against everything alien. It is the momentary discernment on the auric level. The Rays of Fire come out from the body through every pore by themselves in order to strengthen the aura.

538à. Imagination is training of the mental representations. In the terms of cosmos it is the Plane of Divine Ideas, which support or change the universal order.

539. The psychic power of the souls’ magnetism saturates space with the energies of love. The energies of love attract the subtlest forces of earthly nature, as well as of entire worlds’ spatial nature. The sunbow of higher feelings sounds as the Music of Spheres. Harmony of the fiery tension of hearts chimes in the confluence of the energies of love.

One should not condemn physical contacts, if there are no other discharge channels. It is much better, than blowing-out imperil or making the bulks of aeroperil. It is important not to allow the lower elementals to catch the power of contact. That is why tantra recommends imagining a pair as the pair of gods: Vishnu – Lakshmi or Shiva – Parvati (Kali). Restraining of the cosmic energies causes their mental churning within astral.

When the energy of lust refines, it produces fiery ether, which facilitates rising of consciousness to the Spiritual Spheres. There are the substances, besides krisma, which stimulate releasing of the accumulated knowledge from the Chalice. It was said not without reason: “The Linga is the Vessel of Wisdom”, same as “The Yoni is the altar of space”.

If a woman’s energy is captured by the lower nature or the bestial passion, directed only to reproduction, then the functions of seventh plane atrophy. The seventh plane is the place, where the new way of thinking and the variety of ideas appear, which can advance the world onwards. With the currently available woman's energy the power of magnetism of gender, fused with the heart power, could rearrange the planet and make of it the island of Eden or the oasis of spirit. The woman is an inspirer! The woman encourages people to strive to the stronghold of new achievements! The woman is the measure of sacred beauty! The qualities of women, our contemporaries, are so sacral.

A lot of new was bestowed due to the approach of Venus and its opposition to Saturn; the feminine energies have suppressed the lowest masculine manifestations of our cosmos. This is the new step to the Solar system's spirituality. Eliminating or burning away the Saturn's satanical vampirism has created the conditions for keeping it from absolute disintegration due to lack of magnetism. With its rays Venus has burnt away the energies of decay and the idleness of masculine manifestations of chaos. The earthly atmosphere has received new impulse for the revival of spiritual labor, based on equal rights.

The elegance and lightness of feminine principle on the spiritual plane belongs to the spirits of air and of space. The masculine energies are fiery and scorching. Capturing and holding of the currents of will creates the powerful mental magnet. The knowledge of Water in its Akasha aspect belongs to the feminine principle; the key from everything manifested was given to the woman. Everything, which is not manifested, is the man’s environment. But the Earth has highlighted the key points correctly. Even men are the manifesting principle here. Constructors, artists, actors, and poets demonstrate the feminine principle in their spiritual realization.

Love kindles lights of creation. Love establishes the power of beauty. Love refines genders’ magnetism and transfers the exchange of energies to the auric level. Mystical universe is in between the arches of energies, striving to one another. These energies light up the beacons of space and flash up like the round dance of fiery flowers, which shower onto the myst and his beloved. Universe experiences subtle and high enjoyment. Everything in universe, what is enweaved of joy, becomes happiness in the highest phase of intensity.

But it is not so easy to achieve the level of Ananda. It is necessary to cultivate the purity of love, the purity of consciousness, and the ethics of behavior. Ananda is inherent for all spiritual cults. Ananda is active love to the Mother of the World, as well as to the Great Master. Pleasure is active, when one’s love is so subtle and tender, that whole essence and consciousness are dedicated to someone, to whom most fiery currents of the heart are directed.

Love flies on the wings of heart. Love sounds with the note of mountain wind and emits the scents of mountain slopes. Love can do everything. Ascension of feelings is ascension of own capabilities to the degree of fiery relations.

If the auras are harmonized, then the spiritual power in between bhakti and bhakta becomes so strong, that can participate in the world processes. Complementarity of monads' relations takes place. If the energies of two co-workers become seven times stronger, then the energies of myst bhakti multiply up to 14 or even 21 times. Everything depends on the degree of merging of consciousnesses and on the strength of striving to each other. Joint meditations of such consciousnesses kindled with love may produce the consequences of great spiritual importance. This is the strait path to the Mother of the World and to Her Fiery Power. Mother of the World, grant us the ability to master the holy Fiery Power!

When the forces of bhakties are equally directed to one another, they overcome time. Time retreats under the vigor of love, penetrating into the lovers’ auras. Time changes its own structure and density. The march of time slows down. Those, who are surrounded with the fiery sphere of spiritual fusion, can comprise more events and feelings. Time is afraid of the energy of love. This is the secret of densifying.

There is one more phenomenon, which happens to the mutually attracted people on the physical plane: it is mutual rejuvenation. The mutual energies affect the shape of body, the appearance, and the structure of human organs. Bhakties return back to their youth. They are like Perennially Young Kumaras, whom the time preserves. Kumaras themselves consist of the pure energies of Love, and the Master of the planet Sanat Kumar the Blessed emits the stream of Fiery Bliss.

The currents of love gravitate to the Highest Spheres. It is difficult to keep the tension of fire of love stable, but this teaches striving in all planes and aspects, and first of all in the comprehension of the Living Ethics. Inspiration sent by the Muses of Lights is related to the energies of love.

The carpet of love spreads in front of you. The flowers of encounters and partings are enweaved on it. The aroma of mutual feelings is similar to a precious perfume. The light of hearts, which strive to each other, emits the lightnings of beauty. The Wings of Mother Sofia the All-Wise cover the lovers with the ruby flame. It is impossible to satisfy loving one's thirst for loving more and more. The moments of mutual charming and adoration between bhakti and bhakta are countless. Everyone is right within the creative flow of love. No one must condemn love. No one can forbid it.

The androgens possessed both poles of energy. Their feelings were harmonized according to cosmic balance. Self-sustainability of these powerful creatures was perfect. But the Creator’s research work required the differentiating of genders and dipping them into more dense layers. The magnetism of genders was created as the law of gravitation and motion of the exchange of energies. These are the poles, which support the motion of rotation.

540. The footpaths mountains are serpentine. The flowers at the mountain base adorn the path of the ascending ones. The wind of thoughts brings the precious gifts on the wings of moments. The haze heat of far away mountains wavers. The thin blue gauze embraced the summits with the veil of mystery. Vastness breathes out beauty. The river of spring has spilled over its blossom and its sweet smell. It seems, that you have got the wings, which hold you over this beauty, and it is because you are near by, my beloved, my bhakti, my love.

The sun shines upon the mountains’ slopes and the crops of fields. The young motley flowers flushes through the dry grasses. Meadows and severe rocks are so smelly. The needles of cedars are soft and the bushes of briers are thorny. It is hard to climb upwards, but it is so easy to slide downwards. But the Path of Love leads to the summits. How many times one will have to rest before he reaches the initial comprehension of Love?

Beautiful flowers are simply the external decoration of deep mutual perception. The inclusiveness and the obtaining of spiritual power is the divine implied meaning. But it is not the end of the path. The path goes further and upwards, beyond the belt of emerald cedars.

Let the snow of detachment, which hides in the shade from the Sun of Love, never chill out My soul and yours. Every detail of being becomes important and significant, when your bhakti is near by, because the little things of life are only the frame of the picture of the energy of Highest Flame. In a woman We love the Mother of the World and all Her Aspects of Higher Goddesses. That is why the intensity of Creative Love is so high. Love is the primordium of everything. It is the beginning of mutual recognition and of mutual penetration. Knowledge means nothing without proper being, and knowledge is only the bridge to Love, to the Fiery Palace of the delightful and tender vibrations of power. Love gives more than takes. Love teaches veneration and respect. Love is the basis of devotion and gratefulness.

“And Thou My Guru, Pure as Flame, bless me by the Ray of Thy Love!”


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