Konstantin Ustinov

Signs of Light

Pyramids are positioned in shape of Orion constellation.

Belukha, Uimon Valley and Altay
Signs of New Era
Sarcophagy and nutrition
Problems of modern world, civilization and culture
Miscellaneous interesting shlokas
Innermost Altai
Khan Altai
White waters land
The Valley
Pyramid of Destiny
Temple of One God
Holy teraphs
White Burkhan
The Stone
Plateau Ukok
Ancient knowledge
Densified astral
Places of power
Spirituralization of elements
The Sacred


Lilies of Light. 29. Pyramids are positioned in shape of Orion constellation. They were condensers of this constellation energies on Earth, being somewhat projection of the world, wherefrom the Stone was sent.

Lilies of Light. 184. Pyramid transforms earthly fire to spiritual energy. From blue to ruby colour glow may be noticed above its peak. Glow intensifies to heavenly purple in solar activity days. Rivers of energy, embracing the Valley, raise purple columns. Like a fiery wall - guard of the Predestined City. Crystallization of fiery energies makes dark fire manifestations inadmissible. Space reacts immediately. Karmic strike is instantaneous...

Mountains of Light. 4. Statement "everything is in fear of time, while time fears pyramids" keeps sacred truth. Even if physical form of pyramid is destroyed, pyramid phenomena will continue spatial manifesting. Youthfulness phenomenon is present in such places where pyramids previously existed. Whole network of pyramids throughout the world is built according to certain scheme, related to stellar map and sacred constellations, responsible for time activity. Pyramid shape itself is not investigated for time streams flow. Mysteries are but beginning to reveal.

Pyramids of Light. 175. Pyramid is accumulating energy inside and thus producing various phenomena like mummification of bodies, sharpening and hardening of copper Egyptian swords. One of the foremost external phenomenon - retirement of physical body from ageing processes. Few pyramids on Earth surface located as known constellation keep balance of hemispheres, and in general the whole planet and its noosphere. Condensers of Eternity are similar to Merkaba and Sri-Yantra and many other spiritual symbols, sent to facilitate spiritual ascension of mankind. Pyramid valleys are energy oasises in Universe. They are present on every planet of Solar group.

Ancient Aryans had been building their shrine-houses as quadrilateral log hut with pyramid roof. People lived longer in these houses, not getting ill and not conflicting. Food, clothes, furniture and utensils didn't get bad. Reaping-hooks, scythes and household tools where sharp and serviceable. Log hut had longer life because roof extended pyramid mentally to foundation. House was warm and cosy. If it was built of snag standing deodars such a house was incomparable in all senses. Deodar smell treated and brought to prayerful mood. Spirit of perfecting lived in this shine-house. Five-cornered cross had been roof's finial, encountered in Buddhism as Mahavajra, or spiritual power symbol. Tree-coffin, or 'domovina' ('dom' means house) as old ritualists call it, is cut from integral deodar or pine log and looks similar to Egyptian sarcophagus, which pharaohs were buried in. This form is very similar to 'matreshka' (Russian folk toy), which has more inside. Matreshka is known to be a vivid illustration for bodies definition, or for seven forms, abode of cosmic man. Further, sarcophagus is a symbol of soul imperishability and that having buried body in 'domovina', which was impersonal (face was shown adumbrative), people knew and believed that soul would reborn, returning from the dead. Symbol of burial mound meant pregnant female belly. But only leaders and saints were buried in the ground. All others were cremated, rescueing world from phantoms and facilitating path to otherguess spheres.


Belukha, Uimon Valley and Altay

Roses of Light. 102. The Valley in current state of energies, qualities and spiritual opportunities is a place of karmic meetings. Those who lived here in ancient times or visited it previously are coming again and again to feel the currents of awakened magnet, transforming physical world. Whole regions of Altay are in densified astral zone. Virginity of these places is preserved, nothing has changed since Lemurian and Atlantic times. Place where gods descended of Earth is holy and guarded by Supreme Power. Paths of reincarnation often bring to sacred places where spirit felt vital need of participation in daily life. Every exaggerating is a dream ascending. Let every comer think that he had been living here and realizing spiritual treasures. We shall not bereave dream of heart tired of city whirlpools.

Mountains of Light. 29. Valley is an ancient sea bed. Sea depth reached 300-400 meters. Atlantic ships were touching at mysterious ports. Mysterious temples soared in heavenly country. Ancient cities taught comers ultramundane knowledge. Abode of seven sages had been saving sacred mysteries. Fiery Buddha was resplendent in crystal halls. Pyramid of destiny was ancient shrine named. White mountain attracts through magnet of inexpressible knowledge. Like a sparkling crystal of Godsend, spreading all-pervading charm, breaths Mother of Altay Mountains. Rare is one leaving indifferent. Love for it is stronger than love for woman. Love for it excludes all other forms of love, like an inexpressible affection and attachment seizes a heart...

Mountains of Light. 139. M. holy face revealed itself but few years ago on Belukha's cheek, and its apparition is associated with coming of New Time. Symbol of Lord is dark, as if veiled by sins of mankind. Laboring, we'll wash Thy Face! We'll wash white dear lineaments with our hearts and light of Thy rays! So be it!...

Deodars of Light. 5. ..."Uimon" in Mongolian means vast crowd. Once a formidable Aryan army was camping in the Valley, proceeding to Europe after Kurukshetra battle. Herefrom it dissolved, everybody to his own desination. Therefore "Uimon" as whole region name is in the memory of the crowd gathered in one place.

Deodars of Light. 252. Place of Buddha's initiation on White Mountain is preserved in secrecy. But he was not the only one initiated on Nothern Meru. Three sequential steps in certain time frames and proper astrologic periods gave full entry to asection of spiritual knowledge. Great Teachers came here to enter the Ray of Cosmic Hierarchy, dwelling on Alcor, wherefrom the white race descended. Orion Hierarchy, under which protection our galaxy develops, has sent with first white men a new gift, talisman for Silver Age, and this gift is associated with White Mountain.

Signs of Light. 191. Silver thread of World. Planet throne of Maitreya. Orion Hierarchy presence place on the Earth. Shield of Fiery Power. Fortress of diamondthroned Buddha. Citadel of Indivisible One. Tower of Mother of the World. Temple of planet Heart. Staircase to Infinity. All these are epithets, reflecting White Mountain qualities. Fiery matter's clumps are manifesting here most vividly, not violating balance of elements. Library of spiritual investigations and rarest books, accumulated for the sake of coming generations is preserved here. Stone doors are opening not by dynamite charge but by whispering of sacred mantrams. Tunnels lead deep, many kilometers into the depth of mountains. Unseen light illumines holy temples' copes. Spirit of eternal live is worshipped in beautiful chambers. Sculptures of unknown gods are shining like polished silver. Subtle fragrance and elusive music, produced by air-controlled musical instruments are filling up galleries of the Great Shrine....Many floors comprise laboratories of White Mountain toilers....Top floor of the greatest planet's Temple was whereon glacier creeps now to white Ak-kem. Only few dilapidated giant images are left on northern cheek, covered by non-melting ice and snow. They remember ancient Lemuria and Atlantis times, long ago passed into oblivion. But often snowfall exposes extraordinary holy faces on mountain's shoulders, as if allowing them to have one more glimpse of blessed land, left long ago.

Faces of Light. 95. ...Peak of Asia was twice higher then now before Himalayas appeared and was multistoried, with Temple of Uru and place of highest spirit initiation on its top. Great Buddha took his last initiation exactly here. And first Christ palm and foot imprints are left here. And Zoroaster's Chalice was kindled here. And fiery prayer of ancient Arktida monks. And standing in the name of World. And sleeping mighty heroes in mountain womb. And Gates to Heaven. And a lot of covered with secrecy and revealing to hearts reached realization. Heart of World, or Heaven Bed, where the Stone dropped from, left a tunnel for soul ascension to Great Swania, one of Orion planets, motherland of spiritual dream of the most advanced in spirit.

Message of Infinity. 4. ...Belukha bears the holy Stone. And Lord's Chalice is kept there. Since this relic is at the bottom of the Mountain, no earthquake threatens it...


Signs of New Era

Lilies of Light. 490. Lithium is one more gift of Orion like many others. Therefore its structure is so powerful. Ruby fire, which it is full of, is related to heavenly purple. Fiery world matter is enclosed in it and relation to its faraway motherland. The Stone is alpha-matter, while lithium is insulator, absorbing excessive currents. Leather mounted Casket is made of lithium as well, but very pure. Brotherhood calls this metal Moriy. We have our own table of earthly and cosmic matters. Water leaves Earth. Piscean cycle ended, Aquarius takes away water remains. Strange as it is, but main amount of pure water Earth begins to get from space. People will learn soon to distinguish real water taste...

Lilies of Light. 491. Water is reservoir of moon wisdom. Water is atavism of sensual karma of moon mankind. Water is astral repository. With water withdrawal an era of densified astral will begin on the planet as lowest centers will die away. Structure of plants', animal and human bodies will change dramatically. Instead of lowest two centers two spiritual highest ones will appear. Atma will attract fiery ether. Center of insight and spirit-knowledge will advance consciousness two orders higher at once...

Lilies of Light. 521. Displacement of Earth axis will cause tearing of subtle and fiery planes. Powerful unassimilated energies will rush over the Earth and produce earthquakes, crust fractures with lava ejection, sinking of whole continents and forming of new one. But axis moves slowly, do not expect thunderstrike events in the nearest future. First news about the signs of Great Advent will come from the North.

Roses of Light. 200. Drifting of poles will cause short-term losing of planet memory due to changing of magnetic field orientation. As it happened many times, all knowledge of technics and electricity will be forgotten, even elementary. Mankind will sink into refreshing nepenthes for restoring of spirituality. Something like a short dream will end shortly. This will not mean returning to stone age. Even some technocratic achievements will remain, but main course of consciousness will fundamentally change. A lot of blossoming plants will provide food for new beings. Fragrances will become main nutrition.

Deodars of Light. 60. Role of carbon in planet evolution is very high. Carbon shown the most rough Fohat manifestation. Oil and gas are higher in this range of manifestations. Coal mining and its incinerating will release plant Fohat forces from rough matter plane. Elimination of coal will bring relief to the planet. It will change the tilt of its axis and return to a position where Sun equally distributes creative heat powers. Dieing of heat and frost will get relief. Lightening will cause slowing down planet rotation, and time will enclose longer extension. Densification of astral will happen due to disappearing of solid and liquid Fohat forms. When oil, gas and coal reserves will be exhausted humanity will approach wave energies. Electricity will become the roughest from of cosmic energy.

Densification of astral will cause densification of time. Lifetime will extend. Table of destinies will change records. Authority of iron age will come to its end.

Mountain hermitage. 31. Glasshouse effect proves pole drifting fact. Every year 20-40 meters of coastal line in polar region melt and it moves into firm ground. Global warming attacks Europe and America. World map changes. Lords know that Europe as continent will sink. Lords know that new lands will appear in place of Atlantis. Sphinx - the oldest eyewitness of the latest Flood - will see Sahara blossoming.

Signs of Light 234. ...Earth may be deprived of its polar ice caps, which will great bring sealevel rise. If Earth axis will take the same position as in Lemuria times, what has strong reasons to happen, Earth will become tropic planet as during dinosaurs' times. With changing density body will acquire extreme height, returning to first ether races of mankind. But everything will take place much faster then in the beginning of descend into matter.

Signs of Light 242. ...Drifting of Earth axis and all planets of Solar system causes changes in distribution of energy and all cosmic chemism. Cosmic Fire rushes to the regions which where in small pralaya.

Displacement of geomagnetic pole will cause important all-planet events. Changing of continents' form cannot happen without cataclysms. Bringing of human consciousness back to spiritual and hierarchy origins' ray cannot be escaped. Body physiology begins to work differently, acquiring clairvoyance traits. Factor of Indigo children is associated with coming of higher formation souls. They are intermediate step to densified astral advent in our life. Physical organs will suffer greatly from currents of new heaven. Everybody living on Earth will have to suffer holy pains. Kindling of centers will happen from external influences. Spatial fire will densify and condense to plasma forms level. For the majority it will be their death cause. For others - means for spiritual rebirth. In ten years neither country nor internal climate of mankind will be recognizable. Capacities appearing in everybody will allow for possessing spiritual qualities of senses. Increasing o fiery phenomena will feed the world with plasma of spirit. Withdrawal of spirits, not passed the path of realization in time, begins everywhere. Material consciousness gives place to soul plane.

Lord has notified all his warriors. Fiery sword is raised over the Earth.

Message of Infinity. 120. Chernobyl as occult phenomenon has it import of planet space clearing and as general try-out of forthcoming transformation of matter. Astral depositions were burnt away and spiritual energies authority was restored in so called explosion place. The same conditions were in early Atlantis days.

Quality of human nature often preserves him from radiation sickness, for radiation is main element of glorious body, or fiery counterpart of man. Place is not arbitrary chosen. Space-to-joy center communication must have no obstacles and jamming. Ukraine has been such a center from Lord Krishna times. Restoration of enthusiasm energies caused further events in Great Russia territories, awful as it may seem.


Sarcophagy and nutrition

Lilies of Light. 385. Meat for blood is like tobacco smoke for lungs. Contamination of body hurts spirit. Many high truths cannot be realized due to atavism. Some nations cannot do without bread, some without meat. Latter anticipates devolution of nation, worsened by alcoholism. Tobacco addiction can be cured with lemon juice. Juice clears from nicotine not only blood but bones. Indeed hearty auto-suggestion is the foremost...

Deodars of Light. 89. Corpses of slaughtered animals obstruct entrance to Light for human consciousness. Animal atavism doen't let in, but free will must lead to welfare. It's high time to stop carnal feast. Depositions of sarcophagy on aura are more monstrous than many other negative manifestations. Why to be slaughterhouse tankage if Lord precepted to be shining and flying. Irons of flash are even without that heavy for aspiring spirit...

Pyramids of Light. 99. Oneiromancy treats meat as synonym of illness. It carries all psychic elements of animals, ailments and karmic consequences of slaughter. Burdening of human physical nature by animal emanations brings animal passions to behavior. Aura is deformed with subtle elements of blood. Necrofagy is unacceptable, but only if no other source of food is available. In ancient times feasts where held for warriors before battle, where they were fed with a lot of meat and alcohol drinks, which caused animal rage. Liver of infuriated cock passed into a proverb along with insanity of berserkrs. White warriors fought nobly and wothou malice, however necessity in physical resistance was seen always and is actual now.

Pyramids of Light, 135. Animal slaughter for profit and increasing prosperity is one of the worst type of activity. Suffering and pain of animals are left in their earthly body, getting there through eaten meat. Eating corpses mankind not only gets animal blood emanations, but also elements, included in karmic formations. Expected world-wide epidemics of cattle and poultry will stop sarcophagy as ill way of life sustention. Recently number of non-slaughter nutrition followers increased. But motive is not moral, it is in fear of catching unknown infections. Let us not obstruct the door to eternal life with animal corpses.

Signs of Light 251. ...Orient chases away unwanted guests by prayer, matrams and fasting... Food has been ritualistic all the time. In ancient times every meal was regarded as religious rite or mystery of silence. Silence and prayer before taking made the process sanctified. A rite of Prasad exists, when food is first offered to deity and after that, sanctified, is taken by all. Such a meal is filled with higher quality of psychic energy. Body doesn't need so much food as it is offered now by gastrologists. The higher and cleaner is consciousness, the less physical carrier of energy required for body it needs. Chastity of thought and sense helps obtaining so much calories from one apple of piece of bread that it would be sufficient for one hundred. It is worth to recall a miracle of feeding full five thousand people with five breads by J.Christ. High spiritual power refined food and gave such an uncommon effect of satisfying hunger.

Faces of Light. 7. Transgenic croppers create mutant men. Many lower creatures with diabolic mind hurry to win hold of earthly world with mutants. Food containing transgenic cropper components even changes way of thinking and behavior of people. Gradually consciousness degrades. If food was handled in regions of power it helps spiritual progress.


Problems of modern world, civilization and culture

Lilies of Light.389. Horror and action films, erotics are means of obsession, especially young and ignorant people. Mind, taken by scenes of pornography, terror and violence, gifts its vital breath to hungry ghosts, overfilling lower astral. Power capacity of such batteries is high. Power, accumulated during innumerable incarnations, is sucked by cosmic vampires. It is sad to see that television which could bring so much Light and Fire into souls is seized by dark ones. One tenth percent is hardly comprised of films, establishing high truths. Channels of dissipation and ready to use murder receipts, American pop culture propaganda, sport and animation overfill even without that overfilled space. Detonation of useless knowledge leads to explosion. Smoke of chatter intoxicates worse than nicotine.

Roses of Light. 155. Programs of soul destruction and putrescence exist. Computer poisons with virtual reality helmets, causing hallucinations of lowest plane, and keeping of mind in its streams longer then usual make man insane and extraexcited. All videogames act as black hole, pumping out nervous powers from children and grown-up. Attraction of loose conduct and encouraging of murder, making it common, promote lowest degree of permissiveness and cultivate physical power as only one real in planet conditions. Motivated by diabolic idea of supermanship developers of games purposely forgot to change the sign to reversed. Only spiritual man is omnipotent and all-mighty as is under Divine Powers shield and therefore may act throughout the whole Universe, guarded by Highest Ethics laws. Only Ethics may develop power of thought. Only Ethics may form fiery inter-galaxy body which gives realization of true freedom and joy of great Life...

Pyramids of Light. 96. Development of robots and androids brings us back to ancient times, when magicians forged androids of metal and made them alive with their own blood and magic spells. Like late Atlantics times come back. This brings again a thought that loop of historical spiral passes very close in evolutionary movement. Not only separate knots of history are repeated, but situation of world-wide dictate of one country, striving for world supremacy.

Androids played the same role in ancient Atlantis as is supposed for robots now. They guarded palaces and replaced hundreds of oarsmen when technology of using Solar stone was lost. They were sent in flying vehicles to destroy Shveta-Dvipa, where they broke apart at protection field of Light Citadel. In was with Arktida androids successfully withstood arctic frost and didn't die like men, suffering hunger and discomfort. But now they can be met in fairytales only of many nations. For fairytales and myths are the most ancient records of world. One able to read between the lines understands that not fantasy made people think out these wild tales. Only real but uncommon facts, being accumulated, took strange form of myths, legends and tales...

Signs of Light. 196. Computer addiction, or new insanity, is put in the range of psychic ailments, destroying young souls. Screen obstructs true perception of earthly world. Main danger is that obsessors stand at the reverse side of the screen. Streams of interest, passion energies and situation-modeling at one's discretion are assumed by mind to automatism. Highway racing or hunting victims from behind the corner unconsciously brings cold-blooded attitude towards taking man life. Killing man on screen or ride upon with car is abet by points for conducting a murder. Darkness is smart in methods of training heartlessness. Spoiling inexperienced mind, using visual memory, computer games obstruct spiritual energy and age-dependent fiery ray, containing goal of incarnation. Development of third eye and creative imagination stops. Play of delusion takes control over mind. Introversion and self-sufficiency deforms aura field and make misfit and intolerant. Japan is one of the first countries facing the problem of computer addiction and lonely generation. Overfilling astral with false visions, dark ones develop whole network of obsession, which gives business to a lot of shells and disincarnate entities. Their time is over, but attracted by sensuality of game sex, murder and false heroism they continue stay in earth atmosphere, eating energy of children and youth, flying around in an astral cluster... But under conditions of good psychic pre-training computerization might be very useful for uniting of spiritual powers of the whole planet.


Miscellaneous interesting shlokas

Lilies of Light. 240. Human being has formations directly accepting cosmic energies. Chomosomes. They carry codes of our deep memory. Is not it proving, that our motherland is in Heavens? That we are children of Cosmos and our exclusive mansion is Space.

Lilies of Light. 307. Smell, which follows man, attributes nature of his incarnations. Spiritually dead are followed by decay smell. Man living animal life gets the smell of animal which he was previously incarnated as. Holy people are exhaling fragrance like flowers, which they were embodied in.

Mountains of Light. 5. Great Sphinx, or "Sun above the horizon" existed when in Sahara, Nubian and Egyptian deserts gardens of Eden blossomed. From ancient Atlantis, from its forgotten learning a thread of light spins. For someone it is just a yellow stone, for mystics - greatest holy article and encyclopedia of spirit-knowledge. Secret guard preserves the treasure of Hermes Trismegistus for coming generations. And a word said in its presence, gets cosmic weightness as if full of special power, defeating time. Once upon a time Sphinx was on the roof of giant Temple of Life, above the world altar. They consider it to be impersonification of four elements harmony and its eyes look on Kailash.

Pyramids of Light. 110. All swastika symbols and signs originate from cosmic rotation images. Galaxies, rotating, produce whirlpools and extension of spiral loops. Streams of stars paint diagrams of great universal life. But in earthly sense swastika initially was four rivers below the Temple of wandering on great white continent. Signs contains planes of seven cognitive keys. When diamonds are billion years old, religious symbols are practically eternal as heavenly bodies, which they are similar to. They came from the depth of Infinity. Three-eyed Chintamani and equilateral cross, AUM and Ak-Dorje - all these are spiritual world instruments and tools for purification of material worlds. They are visualized symbols of Fiery Worlds Power in gross world.


Innermost Altai

       Not many know that Mountains of Light exist, wherein White Waters have their origin. We shall tell aspiring souls about Love which these sacred strongholds radiate. Not ice-cold unconcerned stones, but magnets of Spirit are reposited on Shining Peaks.

Khan Altai

        Mountains of Light.116....Altai projects processes which take place on Sun and distributes throughout the Earth. Sunspots influence Altai atmosphere in the first place. Electrocharging of Altai aura is by order more powerful than elsewhere. Sun vital powers are focused here. Vitality of Altai rises owing to endemic flora and fauna. Not only atmosphere manifests currents of cosmic energies but representatives of mineral realm too. Luminescence of mountains, stones and even lakes was seen in certain places. Descending of Fiery world brings power unexpected. Summonses are brought by wind. Bonfire flame accepts extraordinary forms. Clouds reveal evolutional picture of the world as if alive characters of sacred history. Navel-cord of the planet gets new portion of birth-giving energy.
       Pyramids of Light. 41. Pyramids guard lands of Ordained City. Only one of them was found in Altai. But full series of pyramids is disposed like in Egypt according to Orion constellation scheme. Pickaxe should not touch this holy land. Inadmissible is destruction of Cosmic Magnet, where the very mountain element soaked up ancient memory. Spirits of the world's greatest holy shrine will not allow invasion of evil force to these heavenly fields - places of worshipping great celestial power which grants Altai land its life. Land of succeeding race-place of communication with higher planes - has been always revered, awed of and enringed with superstitions. How is it possible to get in touch with sacred treasures of another world and feel its blessing taction but through hearty awe and solemn obeisance? For in a moment of reverence inspiration even nerve endings shine like precious adamants, absorbing waves of celestial grace.
        Signs of Light. 33....Gold of spirit is hard to mine, but experienced miner knows where it lays near surface and will make a rocker for mountain river to clean grey mass of febriae. Sacrariums of Luciferous Power are circumposed by effulgence. Even small nugget of spirit gladdens the eye. But miner's heart knows where inexhaustible deposit is embedded. Hallowed Lord Altai! Is it not in your depths where this secret deposit is hidden? Is not it your spiritual power that gives inexpressible mightiness to the beauty of your mountains, rivers and valleys? Cedars sing songs of flying wind and fragrance of taiga is blended with White Mountain breath. Sunrise adored its top with gold queen's garment and ancient ice sparked like diamonds with the light of eternity. Wind of time falls asleep at your foot. Many events passed by leaving no trace, but silver path still leads us to you, Great Shrine of One Lord. To you and to the One, whose chamber and throne you embosom in the depth.
        Signs of Light. 92. Altai is a Shrine of spirit and body. Appeals of exalted emotions are raised in this Temple. Hearts are kindled and bred, auras are expanding from inspiration and contemplating the primeval beauty of nature. One who will say that Altai is just a stack of stones, mountains and rocks, will not only make a mistake but insult to soul of natives. Sun focus is aimed at Altai. Fire of World's Heart descends to these valleys. Teraphs of Great Lords are laid from ancient times to prevent invasion of darkness to that holy Shrine. Their radiations are feeding holy mountains with celestial power of everburning light. Like a golden path from Vaikuntha itself runs in heart of this promised land. Prayer is your breath, Altai the Holy! Incense of cedar resin streams at your Sanctuary! Baptismal font of new humanity is in your mountain rivers and lakes! Voice of your elements is calm and harmonic like heart bathed in streams of fiery light meditation. Great Khan Altai! Evershining Khan Altai! Book of great wisdom Sabur is reposited in your heart. One whom You will reveal its secret records to will become Your embodiment on the Earth. And a part of Tyada Stone will be given in his ownership. That Stone radiates Grace power. It makes unwise philistines insightful. It makes clever ones wise. Poets - prophets. Mere wayfarer is granted by vision of The Lord of Path, keeping Scroll of Life in his hand. Great Altai! Fiery Father of the World and Lord of all mountains! Give us communion to mystery of your knowledge and reveal a spring of Holy Mother of Universe! From pure hands of Yours I shall take labour as joy of unity of Your children heart's! Guard and Ruler of that land, glory to Thee, be blessed Thou dwelling in Mystery of Mysteries!
        Signs of Light. 138. How many magnets of ancient motherland of mankind Altai preserves! How many great realizations are hidden in times gone! Burial mounds preserve not only dead warriors or rulers, but sacred magnets as well.
        Faces of Light. 74. Altai as blessed place is created for prayer. In ancient times such holy magnets were used for building sacrariums and planetary shrines.
        Message of Infinity. 135. Altai radiates power of pacification, acting through three great spiritual tops.
        Message of Infinity. 332. Luminiscence of mountains and glowing of some places is seen all over Altai. A holy valley exists, where winter ends even before end of March and flowers begin to blossom... When glaciers on White Mountain melt a lot of unexpected discoveries will occur, allowing to reconceive all ancient history. And pharaoh times may turn out to be contemporary history
        Message of Infinity. 327. Suffocative wind breath will not allow to draw a sigh. Glittering snow will make eyes blind. Bell tension will cause a sudden unconsciousness. Wind voices will resound with ancient battle call. Whisper will awake stone rumbling. And landscape of ancient city will reveal itself in glaciers. Mahatma's image will be manifested on ice wall. Altai is reach with miracles as the land of planet's protomemory reposits innumerable accumulations for billions of years in timescale. Treasures of the World are reposited for those who come to white doorstep...
        Space of Light. 288. Earthquake in Altai is exposure to cosmic powers which are changing world scene. Cataclysms are coming and mankind ought to think about instability of its existence. Only conjoint prayer can defeat red tiger. Only prayer for the good of neighbor can withstand waves of subterranean fire.
        Tablets of Light. 142. Mountains elevate us beyond habits of commonness. Mountains are as natural sacrariums of reverence of Heaven, as elevating wings. Unknown peaks are breathing with inspiration of spiritual freedom. Sacrariums on meadows are thurifying with cedar resin incense. Whole Altai is great stronghold of worshipping life.
        Tablets of Light. 180. Great are your secrets, Spirit of Altai! Holy are your words, Khan Altai! Fiery gait of Svyatogor is not your Image embodied? Imbue souls with joy, as there is no more wonderful land where Lords descended onto Earth.
        Tablets of Light. 227. Ancient memory leads people to Altai. Ancient spirit excites consciousness, knocking with presentiments and inexplicable longings...
        In obedience to your word, Oh Lord! 31. Altai in ancient legendary was known as a land of shakyas, or family place of tribe wherefrom the Blessed One originated. Many thousand years before his birth, when gods and races had other names, great shrine of spirit attracted many hearts. Path to China and Mongolia ran through Uimon tract as Chuya tract didn't exist.
        In obedience to your word, Oh Lord! 112. Highland waits new warriors. Highland is strong with keen vigilance. Vigilant hearts are secretly guarding all peaks from Altai to Tibet and Himalayas. Even shadow of darkness will not touch white snows. Even wing of hatred will not blacken originally pure tops. Spirit of White Mountain, Spirit of Great Ulgen will reside in his palace built of Light...
        In obedience to your word, Oh Lord! 168....Crowds of idlers spoil Altai climate. Weather is done by inharmonious crowds, burning out holes in protective auric net of holy mountain by mechanical exclamations and upraising hands to heavens. Aura of White City is always subjected to attacks of dark thoughts. Filth bounces off, producing recoil. Thunderstorms, clouds and hailing as protective reaction, creating ozone dome, do not allow dark thoughts to enter impermissible spheres. Fiery spirit of Altai Ot-Ata is perturbed by that flow of karmic filth, flowing from European cities. Fiery Spirit pumps heat of patience.
        In obedience to your word, O Lord! 199....Great are your secrets, Silver Altai! Great as uplifting peaks. Even mountain springs, rocks, cedars and winged winds are messengers of Yours! Mightiness of fiery Father-Spirit is in the depth of your heart, but magnet of your beauty is created by the Mother of White Mountains. When You reveal yourself in the mist as Mountain Elder, accepting human form, and voice of Your call rushes through all canyons and ravines, all innumerable tops of Your beautiful country, a prayer lives in Your beauty! Spirit of life creates its invisible mysteries in Your World. And it is from here that a Message of Great Knowledge is spread as mountain echo through all countries and quarters.
        Spring of Life. 273. Presence of increasing energy is felt all over Altai.
        Spring of Life. 289. Pure thought of Altai is hard to understand in suffocative atmosphere of cities.
        Spring of Life. 312....Mountain labyrinths are hard to explore. It is hardly possible to visit all revered places of holy Altai during one short human life. The most important may be unseen even nearby to human habitation. Accustomed eye will not see Altai luminescence. Throne of White Burkhan seems to be random stack of stones to it. Sensitive heart responds to voice of shrines. Echo of forgotten temples still sounds unceasingly with hymns in the mountains. But stones are often hidden with veil of Great Nature from profane glances of sensation lovers. Even holy staircase can be taken for semi-destroyed rock and skilful images from Atlantis times for rain and wind work. Natural rock is the best disguise for sacred shrine. But magnet of love attracts hearts by invisible bonds of charm. Altai vibrates as the most sensitive membrane of life antenna at new energy reality of space...


White waters land

       Mountains of Light. 38. Goddess Umai sank tips of Her swan wings in lakes near White Mountain, and water became milk-white, swan wings colored.
       Mountains of Light. 81. Swan Goddess lives on the White Mountain. She is radiant as mountain snows and beautiful as daybreak. White wings of Hers are spread out, covering all Altai mountains. White water streams down from her plumage, washing black stones of Earth sufferings. If you hear song of swan in wing blast then know - White Goddess sends a sign. Sign confirming good luck of heart. Human souls, falling down from heavens, become milk drops, which white lake Ak-kem consists of, preserving secret of coming incarnations.
       Deodars of Light. 156. Katun and its water have the same importance for mankind as Ganga. Along with many virtues equal to holy Indian river, Katun is spiritual energy accumulator, awaking highest human faculties.
       Deodars of Light. 168. Katun is one of seven holy rivers of the world. Taking a bath is like oblation to New Life and mystery of new Birth.
       Deodars of Light. 229...Lake is of swan wings or swan lightning color. Kucherla is a pearl of Altai. Its waters origin from the same place as Katun's head. Country of white waters reposites many legends and popular beliefs, but the most often natives hesitate to share these pearls of wisdom in fear of ill excitement among tourists due to referring of legends to certain places, what may dramatically change outlook and energy of the places. It is thanks to White Mountain being spiritual reactor, which will never stop its power radiation of Light, that Land of white waters is so attractive for many people. White Mountain is origin of whole white fifth race and all attributes and symbolic environment are just veiling of mystic knowledge which was revealed to our forefathers at the moment of coming to the Earth. White water gave color to our skin, fed us with celestial milk. Path of mysteries is ruined, but still exists, and walking around the Shrine clockwise may take two-three weeks, but influence upon aura and reduction of karmic debts are so great that every soul feels itself cleaned in fiery font, basin of mystic baptizing. Something inexplicably high is unceasingly present in consciousness of those living near to the queen of Altai mountains, and the more closer you approach, the more piercing and higher is tone of spiritual string tension, the brighter are colorful conglomerates, forming vivid images. Fiery Spirit of Light guards ether city atop the White Mountain pike. One of Masters' ashramas resides in mountain depth, and like sank Kitezh city voice of ancient city of knowledge is heard in every river's and mountain's name, AK is abbreviation of Ayoush-Khane. Holy of Holies which is to be written about attracts as magnet those having been here with irresistible power granting its spiritual protection. Initiation of Mountain in the place of power washes out karmic filth in streams of glacier river. Milky water is like fallen drops from wings of Paramahamsa - White Swan of Perfection. Invisible light comes out of the mountain and water and white clay are holy and curative. Thousands of rare plants grow around Belukha which cannot be found elsewhere. Belukha is an oasis of densified astral in earthly suffocation. If Altai is a temple of world's beauty, then White Mountain is Sanctruary, where Happiness Fire is everburning...
       Deodars of Light. 232. In Russian Vedas or Volos Book celestial beings, having lost divine principles and become beasts, get back their forms after bathing in milky river. Is not it that river which has its origin on Belukha and abode of Lord Ulgen, Guard of Gold Mountain - Altyn-Too, or Altai? And Divine Mother Ak-Ane reveals Herself to people white and naked. And golden falcon, Ulgen bird, brings holy messages. Great Chud' reigned not in these lands? Is not it its capital sunk in Ak-kem lake depths, is ice-cold wind of Uch-Sumer repeating not its songs? Fiery is the power of edelweiss valley. Silver are mountains and waterfalls and eternal mystery of rivers' and thoughts' birth. Initiation of White Mother. Unseen light over She-guardian of Mystery of Mysteries. Light of Shambala is of the same brightness and perceptibility. Auric beasts are removed by the flow of that recreative power. Path of planetary knowledge will never get overgrown. Rays of Ayoush-Khane are as bright as before and wonderful ringing are heard by sensitive hearts. Not astral animism action, but fiery omni-charging of life. One world's Top established triune simulacrum on Earth, and is it not indicative that Urusvati peak is the highest point of human realizations?! Umai-Swan-Goddes gave your waters a touch, oh Altai! Goddes Umai! Goddes Umai covered Altai with swan fire! From golden mountains to unknown land expands snowy breath of Umai!
        Deodars of Light. 233....White Mountain is densified astral oasis. Permanent invisible presence of powerful Divine Nous prevents from feeling lonely every Light-loving heart. But this Sanctuary of Holy Power should be loved and worshipped by tension of fiery aspiration. Symbol of New Jerusalem was given long ago. But earthly paths lead to White Mountain. And white waters of Ak-kem are still repositing Kitezh of Altai. "Ak" - white, "Kem" - Kemi, or translated from Egyptian promised land, earthy heaven. Taking a bath in white waters was equaled to bathing in Ganga, washing out earthy sins, even the most worse. It is considered that Kadyn flows down from heavens, and one of Belukha names is Kadyn-Bash. Uch-airy - "three branches", or simply trident - associates this mountain with Shiva mysteries, which are moved into Kaylas. Walking clockwise around mountain with continuous praying brought man into special contemplative state, leading to cosmic equilibrium, which should not be broken up during a year since next mystery of Belukha. Purifying of soul and body was so deep and piercing that one having passed solemn rite seven times was titled "twice-born" and given white cord with silver edelweiss flower. Man robed in white clothes with silver-embroidered white lilies all over clothing. Headdress was conical as Zoroastrian, but of the same white color. Headdress symbolized approaching to spiritual top. One should not meditate at Belukha foot concentrating on earthy aspects of elements because response came immediately. Swelling of elements caused either avalanche, stone fall, storm or flood. Concentration on ether field opened consciousness possibility to be included into spiritual field of universe.
       Deodars of Light. 251. Ak-Kem Holy Mother is painted in white with two chalices in hands. Fire is burning in chalices. Holy Mother stands on cathedral dome of city gone under water on the spot of Ak-Kem. Dome is hardly seen from the water as if being a white stone. Belukha is behind Holy Mother, the Saviour child laying in chalice is encircled on the breast. He is naked. Orion constellation and ruby column of Light is above Belukha.
        Mountain hermitage. 1. Every heart kindled soars in thought to great valley of Tangla, to sacred Mountain Hermitage. Awe seizes aspirant at mentioning of earthy heaven. Fiery arrows of Supermundane World heat mind with imagination. But one having been to there at least in dream only once is delirious with vision of wonderful place. Not mere beings but God-men inhabit Sanctuary of earthy world. Let us brothers turn to Mystery of Mysteries, Holy of Holies so that we at least touch fiery purity of Shambala name. Katun is named Shambation. White waters are said to be sign of Brotherhood of Light. We shall not argue with anybody, but carefully collect all mentionings of Holy Place.
        Mountain hermitage. 117. "Kucherla" - "lake which waters Swan Goddess touched". In Altai mythology it is Umai, in hindu - Saraswati. After coming of Stone swan-men, Hamsas descended here from Orion. They gave a basement for many local names. For Kuu mean Swan, Holy Swan. This was an epithet of great saints like now paramahamsa. Hamsa is swan as well. Land of Swan Goddess will flourish constantly under the wing of White Hierarchy. Shambation is translated as "River of Llight"...
       Mountain hermitage. 158. Katun as Ganga has a quality to purify body from sins.
        Pyramids of Light. 42....White milk flowing from udder of celestial She-Maral becomes human souls, which drop from sky into Ak-Kem lake cradle and get in waters of Soul of Mountains - holy mistress of Life, Katun. Spirit of World's Heart guards the place of mystery. Fiery pillars of Light protect Altai Holy of Holies. Heart poisoned with evil will not approach the doorstep of Sacred Shrine. Burning embrace of joy will be terrible for evil heart. And who will hear a cry of fear in the night darkness? But only a forest beast, living in wild thicket. However to the prayer of heart, which found a place for universal Love, the whole universe pays heed. Densification of thoughtforms in such planet magnets is inexplicably high. Like through icon a hearty current of all who are praying may be felt and in this ray of faith and reliance to ascend to foretype of Light, so the place of special worship reposits awe of solemnity of many hearts. Pilgrimage leaves traces of heart power even on grey stones. Even rains of time will not be able to wash off the rainbow of flowers of devotion.
        Sings of Light. 33....Praise be to Thee, Swan Mistress! Honor to Thee, Illuminative One! Great Mother, accept wanderer going to Your Shrine and leading souls suffering from earthy pain!
        Message of Infinity. 62....Legend about milky lake, where human souls are born protected by Swan - Umai, Goddess of Light - is associated with white lake at the foot of Uch-Sumer. Celestial lake has a projection on Earth, and this earthy projection is white Ak-kem. Milky drops falling from heaven carry human embryos. They preserve human soul before embodiment.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 219....Milk and Light are synonyms. Great Sky Way is named Milky. Taking a bath in milky river spirit renews and restores good karma. White or milky color symbolizes purity of maternal origin. Snow of pikes as equivalent to purity is considered to be mediator between celestial and earthy worlds. Milky colored water indicates the most holy places on the planet. White waters land as equivalent to heavenly Ganga is established as path of ascending to Higher Worlds. Sound of silver string is heard by aspiring hearts. Who rides along it, observing neither the day nor the night? White Burkhan, riding milky-white horse...
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 227. White edelweisses are one of celestial milk, or stellar matter projections. Surrounding World's Sacrarium they conduct silver of white thread, amplifying this bond and even tieing together torn ends of the thread.
        Spring of Life. 106. Ak-Kem in Altai mythology was defined as projection of children souls, where every drop is human soul. Swan Goddess protects this lake with warmth of her wings. When taking wings swans carry soul-drop to faraway lands, to unknown countries. Some countries' traditions say that children are brought by storks. Another that swans and swan ladies - wonderful creatures consisting of light matter and capable to instantly cover large distances.
       Spring of Life. 138.... Echo of civilization reaches ears of narrator as weak signals, which they detect like seismic sensors. Traces of these depositions are laid on place names. If Ak-Kair exists, which is White Cairo, then Ak-Kem as well - White Egypt. Highly interesting parallels exist with Chud roots also. Cairo exists in the North, and Kemerovo in Siberia, and Ak-Kem near the White Stronghold. Does not river Ka-tuu-n have Egyptian roots: "ka" - soul, "tuu" - mountain, mountains. Soul of Mountains flows through lands of Upper, or White Egypt. And melodies of Egyptian sistrum sound like comus...
        Spring of Life. 251.... Assyrian "Ak" means "creator", "founder", "Kem" - "land" or "life", opposed to "Kemi" - "Egypt", or "origin of life". Hence name of lake at the foot of White Mountain in ancient dialect means not "something white" as toponymic dictionaries say, but "creator of life". The same way Katuun may be identified not as mere "woman" or "mistress", but "soul of mountains".
        Spring of Life. 312....Altai Stonehenge guards borders of promised land. Egyptian and Sumerian cities are hidden in depths of celestial fields. Altai Mother of the World, Ot-Ene, Blessed Umai, is on eternal patrol. Uimon valley once upon a time was named Umai valley, or land belonging to Swan Goddess Umai - great warrior and children protector. In general sense humanity is spiritual children and newborn in the world of matter transfiguration. A great fish Ker-Balyk swims in white celestial lake, keeping in its mouth embryos of human and animal souls. Like a giant mother bee it releases them from the mouth into the world, embodying milky drops to human and animal flesh. Ak-Kem as earthy projection of celestial lake of human souls and as mediator between worlds regulates degree of magnetic charge of incarnations. Energy of desire to be embodied and live on Earth like a milky mist is pending above white lake. Some places are distinguished by special vibrations and even physically felt oscillations of space. Secret places are marked by extraordinary phenomena. When no people are near White Mountain and they are absent for a long period, original power of White Mistress reestablishes. And her swan wings are then spread, and Swan Queen gets human appearance, densifying the fluids of eternal waiting...



       Lilies of Light. 86.... Chalice of knowledge is reposited in Golden Mountain. Buddha, Christ, and Zarathustra came here in order to take the Chalice from Lord's hands. In the times of Atlantis this mountain was greatest spiritual top of Asia. Big Wheel of Law was built around.
       Lilies of Light. 198.... Cult of Ever-young Mother came from time immemorial, when in consciousness, awakened by Sons of Dawn, first spark of reasoning faculty appeared. Spiritual and magic potencies where inborn. Sons of Dawn themselves worshipped Secret Mother, who didn't cover Her face yet and looked at sons of men with kind and tender smile. And Sons of Tops began to get wives from Virgins of Mist. World's Top was Maha Meru - northern pole of the Earth. Axis was tilted so that Belukha was northern point and Orion constellation was straight above it. White She-maral spinned around axis of central star of Orion's belt. Very old images show it rotating as three she-marals in the circle of light.
       Roses of Light. 141....Guardians of Tops are infuriated. Crowds of the idly curious spoil the sacred path. European principle - "to Holy of Holies in dirty boots" - is true here too. Solemnity moment should not be mixed up with curiosity for an hour. Mountain of Light will become inaccessible soon. Patience of Highest Powers is ending. Magnetism of rocks and valleys changes. People are infiltrating by all means. But very rare are those who found what they looked for.
        Roses of Light. 212....Orion is the most active in conjunction with Jupiter and Venus. Venus orbit changes so that its zenith is ascending. Belukha vibrates in response to cosmic currents. Underground city is working. Invisible temples are ringing anights. Unknown incenses are exhaled...
        Mountains of Light. 29. Valley is an ancient sea bed. Sea depth reached 300-400 meters. Atlantic ships were touching at mysterious ports. Mysterious temples soared in heavenly country. Ancient cities taught comers ultramundane knowledge. Abode of seven sages had been saving sacred mysteries. Fiery Buddha was resplendent in crystal halls. Pyramid of destiny was ancient shrine named. White mountain attracts through magnet of inexplicable knowledge. Like a glaring crystal of Gace, radiating all-pervading charm, breathes Mother of Altay Mountains. Rare is one leaving indifferent. Love for it is stronger than love for woman. Love for it excludes all other forms of love, like an inexpressible affection and attachment seizes a heart. Everyone is longing to touch its snows, as if trying to look in transparent magic depths of its soul. Mystics, miracle, secrecy, night silence alive. As it were not darkness, but mind-pervaded substance, entering your Self, scaring physical nature and exalting fiery nature, spaces of fiery realm. As if explosion of Beauty, invading with hurricane of singularity our inner world. Inexplicable and sacred feeling as if praying living Holiness, and this inspiring feeling never ceases. Feeling like praying, again and again washing with tears of love this more and more burning emotion. Something unassuaged awakes in heart, something unclaimed and never felt before. Just love, just delight, just reverence. She is mother, sister, wife and friend, daughter and granddaughter. Amazing immeasurable and all-embracing aspect of love. Program of world-wide meditation of those who have been to Belukha will be a basement for community of lovers of these places. Earthy dream illuminates spaces of joy-land, where solemnity is harvest, where wonderland astonishes.
       Mountains of Light.139. M. holy face revealed itself but few years ago on Belukha's cheek, and its apparition is associated with coming of New Time. Symbol of Lord is dark, as if veiled by sins of mankind. Laboring, we'll wash Thy Face! We'll wash white dear lineaments with our hearts and with light of His rays! So be it!...
       Deodars of Light. 2. Strong are trunks of deodars of Light. In highlands, in forbidding mountain places, holy grove of ringing cedars stands. Shrine of high cosmic energies is created by Mother Nature. Souls of that grove guardians do not grow old. Grass doesn't fade in these blessed places. Living Fire pulsates in every trunk, branch, pine-needle, connecting psychic power of earth with spiritual cosmos. Immortal is power of giants of tops. Sacred and hidden is valley of mystic sacraments. Mysteries of Belukha and Altai Chalice are performed there. Masters of Light like to appear in this place and send holy calls to sensitive hearts. Sacred grove is nearby. Every step of yours will be directed to it if hearts are directed to fiery labour of perfection.
       Deodars of Light. 3....Temple of Stone will be in deodar grove. Light is shed by trees and mountains. Seek for blue cedars. Altai preserves its secrets strongly.
        Deodars of Light. 27.... Ringing Mountain was called Belukha thousands of years ago. Zvenigora, Zvenigorod, Zvenidolina (Ringingmountain, Ringingcity, Ringingvalley).
        Deodars of Light. 68....Revelations of Mother of AY will become more frequent. Different people, one by one or together will see her near the promised place. Manifestation phenomena of Cosmos and psychic energy of earth will grow. It is needed to be near, to live near to White Mountain like to Teacher and Fiery Friend. Key to secrets will be given to the most patient one.
        Deodars of Light. 153....White Mountain is one of greatest shrines of the world. Holy city of knowledge has been doing investigations in spiritual science for thousands and thousands years. Laboratory of Light realizations is on patrol...
       Deodars of Light. 226. Soul of mountain is hidden under eternal snows. Guardian of Altai mountains, Guardian of world secrets. Bogatyrs sleeping in depth of Mountain are awakening. Svyatogor the Great has hidden location of his palace. But he had fallen asleep alive. Bondages of physical world allowed not him outwards by opening casket cover. Victory over physical plane will remove this burden. Densified astral will change location of many planetary magnets. Stonehenge stones comprise the soul of White Mountain and labyrinths of Arkaim are stoned with Altai granite. What magnetism is attracted? Why to move thousands and thousands kilometers away grey stones? Druids were aware of fluidic connections and Great Masters came to Ayoush-Khane to get last initiation.
        Deodars of Light. 234.... Your treasure is on White Mountains and having got communition once of holy white waters you will not be able to live your previous life. Fiery baptismal font of transfiguration will constantly call to three stars of Uch-Sumer, to Orion belt, to three Magi, hurrying to meet the newborn sixth race and its Saviour, who appeared in the north...
        Deodars of Light 235. White Mountain knows miracles and phenomena, but keeps silence, however Akasha Chronicle keeps everything in memory...
        Deodars of Light. 235. Surroundings of White Mountain are called country of seven sages and abode of yellow lamas. Fawn of three She-marals, or Youch-Myigak, rambled in the wild and grew up in Altai and white waters were considered holy for mere mortals. Having drunk these waters, originating from heavens, man communicated with knowledge supermundane, dissolved in meteoric dust, sedimenting on the highest tops...
        Deodars of Light. 246. Burkats and zaysans asked neighbors to bring them to White Mountain, to Celestial Fields. Many tombs are located near Uch-Sumer. One are buried under stones and gravel, another by eternal ice. Even history of one thousand years is a moment in history of Earth. Celestial fields, or Land of Blessed ones, outspreaded where white rivers flowed and white lakes blinked with fire. White water, milky plenty, depicted white celestial river - Milky way. One who ended his life in such a place immediately reached paradise, escaping lowest spheres, purgatory and hells of various levels according to beliefs of ancient Aryans. Edenic fields began from the lake of mountain spirits, Ak-Kem chalice, where a holy city of knowledge stood in times immemorial. From Ayoush-khane to plateau Ukock, where an "ice princess" was found...
        Deodars of Light. 246. Land of everlasting happiness, Abode of World Joy was named Belukha in ancient times. Sensation of holy ecstasy and bliss exalts walker. Feeling of presence of remarkable spiritual power doesn't cease in heart. As if meditation and spiritual longing lasted many years and you achieved Satory. Suddenly the world cleared up. Fog of ignorance vanished and world became clear, simple and beautiful. Power of cosmic love radiates from that diamond crown of Lord of Mountains. Love is felt in every breath. And malevolent actions are impossible. Only radiation of fiery purification and transfiguration sounds as bell on Urusvati pike, tied to iceaxe. Feeling of secret and ever-living presence of Supreme Mind invokes feelings which cannot appear under any other conditions. Artistic and literary talents are but a small part of these new feelings. Circular of prismatic vision through Bell center begins to disturb consciousness. Communition to Truth, to Eternal Wisdom makes earthy human shell drop off as it were. Seems that you are comprised of light and white waters are glowing with white fire, and mountain voices are your own voices, but very very high. Gates are passed by. Your path leads up to your own home, where your soul feels so comfortable and calm.
        Deodars of Light. 256. White Tops of Light are Beacons of Spirit. All forms of worshipping light originate from Asian vast...
       Deodars of Light. 265.... Awe overwhelms heart which enters Valley of white waters - like entering the Temple of your Dream. Joyful and awaken is your spirit! As if it is incessantly praying in secret abode and never stops prayer even for a moment. Voice is felt as a carrier of your internal shrine of precious coffer, and is not it reasonable to take a bath before entering the estate of White Mountain? Ferric cord is like a thread between epochs and aspect of Kali-Youga, leading to the Mountain of Dawn. Ice waters of Ak-Kem are healing and milky white. Like Ivanushka , taking a bath in cauldron of milk becomes extraordinary handsome, so in every human being a celestial beauty reveals. Eternity leaves a trace of fiery beauty on every face. Green blood boils and Spirit of Flaming Mountain of Light spreads like lava of communition to breath of Stone. You are transparent under all-seeing Eye. No need to hide what you cannot hide. Like X-rays are Rays of Omniscience and ecstasy washes your bodies like celestial Ganga, descending to the world of darkness, resurrects you fiery from earthy dust. Baptizing by Universal Fire is perfect, and you ascend over the ignorant emptiness of modern world, and ocean of blue flowers makes a vault of heaven. This is a chaplet of your initiation. Three white roses are in the midst of that blue carpet. For rose has been a symbol of mystery from ancient times. Mystery of Mysteries and Holy of Holies of the world, Chalice of Purity, Light and Love, wherefrom you have taken just a sip. Communition has happened and Fire burned through all your heavens and hells. Path of ascension is open. All you incarnations lead upstairs, washed clean with vibrations of Great Masters.
       Pyramids of Light. 15. Legend about laying holy teraphs is much more trustworthy than historical chronicles, which are often spoiled by preconceived opinions of one or another ruler. Place near the White Mountain where Budda's ashrama was situated was called Place of Desires' Fulfillment. Meaning of that symbol has nothing in common with fairytales, but reminded once again about discipline of thought and attraction of the highest worshipping forces to that Great Sacrarium of Wisdom. Applying to highest powers and invocation of realization energies had no delay in time and came true immediately. Vibrations of power began their illuminating currents and man was leaving being purified of karmic sediments, with new capabilities potential. Subsequent occurrences were dependent upon soul itself, which experienced fiery discharge of transfiguration. Association of seven lakes with seven Masters of humanity is noted only in oral traditions of different religions. These are teachings which are whispered to sensitive ear.
       Pyramids of Light. 123. Intolerable is trample of feet on Holy Tops. It is sacrilege and dark ritual. White mountain should not be disturbed by people, otherwise lethal accidents will occur constantly. Sacrarium of Planetary Spirit, Sacriest of Sacred Light Strongholds, and idle light-minded attitude are incompatible. Inexcusable thoughtlessness of rock-climbers and desire to assert themselves by conquering just another height may lay as burden onto karma of that being. Great Source of Life, wherefrom heaven flows down to Earth and produces lake of child souls cannot be something else except Temple of Purity. It is at its foot that all sores of human ignorance show up, coming outside. Trash of existence makes this beautiful place a dump.
        Signs of Light. 73. Light of White Mountain opens eyes of heart. Breath of divine mind recalls universal memory from caches of Chalice. And artificial exaltation of consciousness is not required to feel the beauty as the need of every day.
        Signs of Light. 76. We know the places of ascension of many holy elders. We know secret caches. We know how to pass through rocks and see wonderful Abode of Light. City of knowledge may be hidden even under a flower. Edelweises are beautiful and pure, but their roots are in ordinary gravel and sand. Violet rocks treasure Sacrarium of the World, and power of ancient Stone correlates with Heart of Asia. Even druids came to worship this shrine from all quarters of the planet. And great rulers of that world were brought to it to heal the soul and purification of consciousness before leaving to celestial fields. Guarding of places of power by spirits of Light and Fire is incontestable. This statement has no figment, nor remnants of pagan beliefs. Live magnets attract not only living humans, but spiritual substances of great elements.
        Signs of Light. 107. Great Pilgrim knew majestic city Tengri Tuu - divine Mountain of Light. Traces of times reposit secret of secrets. Only the smallest of them has revealed. Altai breathes with energy of Great Breath of world Wisdom.
        Signs of Light. 180.... White mountain, possessing high rationality and exclusive spirituality, doesn't tolerate unworthy people on its tops. One of its sacred names is translated as: "one which human feet should not step on". No sooner somebody climbs the top, mountain begins to veil with fog and clouds. The same happens when big number of people out of idle curiosity approach northern wall, majestic image of White Burkhan from Atlantis times. Group of Swiss speleologists after landing to plateau between tops from helicopter could not start to pitch camp and drill ice during three days due to hurricane wind combined with strong snowfall. Helicopter could not take off and bring the rest participants of expedition and some hardware the same day. When they drilled ice on Belukha extraordinary rains flooded Altai and Siberia. Altai elders were saying that White Mistress shed tears. One may believe it or not, explaining such phenomena by other reasons, but fiery power of mountains and their rationality are obvious and unquestionable.
        Signs of Light. 191. Silver thread of World. Planet throne of Maitreya. Orion Hierarchy presence place on the Earth. Shield of Fiery Power. Fortress of diamondthroned Buddha. Citadel of Indivisible One. Tower of Mother of the World. Temple of planet Heart. Staircase to Infinity. All these are epithets, reflecting White Mountain qualities. Fiery matter's clumps are manifesting here most vividly, not violating balance of elements. Library of spiritual investigations and rarest books, accumulated for the sake of coming generations is preserved here. Stone doors are opening not by dynamite charge but by whispering of sacred mantrams. Tunnels lead deep, many kilometers into the depth of mountains. Unseen light illumines holy temples' copes. Spirit of eternal live is worshipped in beautiful chambers. Sculptures of unknown gods are shining like polished silver. Subtle fragrance and elusive music, produced by air-controlled musical instruments are filling up galleries of the Great Shrine. Seems that stones themselves whisper unceasing hymns to Higher Worlds. Precious stones twinkle, refracting blue color of joy at their facets, and tense vibration of solemnity is always present together with great Guardians of Holy Power. Harmony of elements produces feeling of happiness. Every question of heart gets silent and convincing answer in every branch of conceivable and inconceivable knowledge. Ancient vaults breathe with wisdom. Fiery heat of inexplicable grace makes this world cosy and comfortable both for spirit and body. Many floors comprise laboratories of White Mountain toilers....Top floor of the greatest planet's Temple was whereon glacier creeps now to white Ak-kem. Only few dilapidated giant images are left on northern cheek, covered by non-melting ice and snow. They remember ancient Lemuria and Atlantis times, long ago passed into oblivion. But often snowfall exposes extraordinary holy faces on mountain's shoulders, as if allowing them to have one more glimpse of blessed land, left long ago.
        Faces of Light. 172. White Mountain as great Magnet of the World kindled spiritual mightiness. And Tyada spreads sparks from fountain of Immortality. Eternal purity, laboratory of which processes imperil of all approaching the foot, grants every heart hope that salvation is near by, that oasis of power of Light exists, which may give tired heart balm of peace, balm of realization of meaning of life. As if spiritual Mother, guiding human paths, - Her secret call is heard by those who have primeval Voice of Silence alive inside.
        Message of Infinity. 14. Path erases border between worlds, the more so to spheres of spirit. Pilgrim is irrepressible through knowledge of destination. We know, know, know about the Gates of Masters, being opened on Holy Mountain. We know about the locked doors, entrance to Crystal Palace. We know about Sanctuary, where the Chalice of Peace is flaming, inextinguishable for hundreds and hundreds thousand years. We know about the school of one of the Masters, hidden behind snow tops.
        Message of Infinity. 37. Spirit of Russia and India cannot decline. Rainbow of collaboration keeps world balance and heart remembers about one nation, outcoming from Arctida. And Belukha keeps the memory about the city of Gods, and we honor the memory of Urusvati in its fiery radiance.
       Message of Infinity. 480. White as light is Mountain of Power. Eternal ice made it temple of precious diamond. Great Gods have built ether city on its top. But the greatest Secret is the depth of holy heart, repositing Chalice of planet accumulations.
        Space of Light. 12. Mountain where Gods descended to Earth and left their footprints shines with celestial joy. When melt lava ocean was boiling around Belukha was already a throne of planet's spirits who wished to descend to gross world and to begin human evolution. Sign of human hand and feet was seen by Christ exactly here, and here was a planetary Teraph of Love, Compassion and Mercy laid, as giver's hand doesn't distinguish whom to send Divine Life-breath. Ray of Urusvati top synthesizes hierarchic currents from Mother of the World - from earthy human mother to Mother of Highest Light.
       Space of Light. 26....White Mountain, you Fiery Holiness! You are one of towers of Planetary Spirit! Mother of the world performs Her worship on Your Top and Swan Goddess of Orion descends to Your White Lake to accept human appearance. Lords of the world, great Masters of humanity came to your foot to accept initiation and communition. Billions of years You have been standing on guard of spiritual stronghold. Cities and countries were born and dead, seas dried up, and mountains rised, and people, even generations of people, died away like sparks from night bonfire. While You are majestic and forbidding in the same way, as doorstep of Light World, as throne of Lord of the world, surrounded by golden Spirits of Fiery World. Evil foot will not step on your path, and dark power is unable to withstand invisible current of Holy Power! I don't want to be known as pagan, but You are embodied Wisdom of Matter and greatest genius among the mountains. Oh Mother the Great, oh Akahtara!
        Space of Light. 30. Invisible light is radiated from White Mountain. Fiery spirits gather to meet the new birth of humanity.
        Space of Light. 64. Mountain is pure, washed with snows. Voice of wind brings her calls of faraway space. Stones on top are wise but silent. They have been looking eternally to the bottom of valley, where people are messing around. Human being is a day-fly for the mountain. For the mountain, standing billions of years subjected to unceasing wind of time human being is but a pine-needle on world cedar. Silence of tops is full of secrets. Only anight faraway ringing is heard. Are that underground temples ringing? Or may be mountains are exchanging words. Suddenly rays of wildfires flare up and flames of pure silence produce a symphony of subtle voices, radiating son et lumiere. Only the soul overwhelmed with ecstasy from that vision may understand the sense of flashed signs. Only that soul will keep in memory everything seen up to the last spark and will seal it up in precious stone, put into the chalice of life. Mystery of beauty is great.
       Space of Light. 147 .. Noise of mystery and roar of mountain river will join noise of wind with majestic silence of White Mountain. What is babbling like silver voice of thousand of bells? Mountain of Light, Blessed Mountain, Mountain of the Mother of the world speaks with every heart through voice of ringing silence. What legends are brought by wind from glaciers? Which sigh of unheard knowledge falls in fog of cedar taiga, covering flowers and grass, which grow on stones near the path? Grains of dew shed tears about the hearts which didn't hear the message of beauty. And in the secret of mountain nights, when cedar silhouettes scrape skies, and sky deposits on soft crowns of fragrant pine-needles in order to rest on their cozy bed and to look inside every soul with eyes of stars, the light of sacred realizations comes, opening the blind world Eye of Spirit as Fiery Gates in the sky. And soul merges in inexplicable mystery with the whole universe. And stars wander as pilgrims inside our cosmos. And joyful is joining of worlds in the beauty of diffusion and divine realization.
        Space of Light. 211 .. City stands on White Mountain. Ringing is heard. Cock crowed in time. Golden cupolas appear in fog, and Urusvati pike shines with light of heart's dawn. Holy Top is high. Winds bring to it silver dust of faraway worlds and earthy roads. And lilac star kindles in silence of realization. As if icon-lamp at Sanctuary of the Great Mother of the World.
        Space of Light. 282 ..Belukha reposits emanations of every heart as imperishable evidence of stay of everybody visited this holy place. Depositions of osmiridium soak world radiations' historical memory. People will read these depositions in future as the most reliable evidence of ancient events. Through combination with Akasha chronicles that depositions will invoke pictures and films of given epochs, with every little detail of everyday life and adaptation of ancient language.
        Tablets of Light. 169....I appreciate the work about White Mountain. Mightiness of heart is input. Revelation of ancient Shrine will change many hearts. Let them know about fiery magnets of the planet.
        Tablets of Light. 217. Belukha is abode of Svyatogor. Holy lands of Altai are sodden with salt of eternity. And staircase of giants as giant terraces lead to the top of promised Mountain. Glaciers keep secret of secrets. Caves are still deep and suitable for life. Underground hot wells produce tropical microclimate and valleys hidden from human eyes live their own spiritual life, keeping the treasure of primeval power.
       Tablets of Light. 236.... Mountain Top radiates Light imbueing your soul, Top, where Zoroaster, Budda, Christ and other great Masters of humanity prayed, is still guarding the growing Column of Light, uncontaminated channel of communication with other planes of existence. Subtle world, fogging at mountainsides and depths of holy mountain, feeds the planetary magnet, which will be the sixth race heart.
        Tablets of Light. 305. Presence of deities on Earth and place of their habitation are marked with soda depositions. Such places exist on Belukha and at Kurukshetra, still not dissolved by water and pitted with ice. Remains of soda, like meteoric dust, penetrating the basement rocks, leave the traces of presence. Every planetary matter being in solid state becomes white ashes being exposed to fiery vibrations of gods and angels. Christ and Zarathustra, Mohammed and Krishna, Budda and many other Great Masters of humanity, whom we came to know now, but who have been present as Guides of human race at all times, left material remains of their presence and intercommunication with divine beings. Soil here resembles smell and taste of soda. Even stones change their structure and pattern. Crystal may get the quality of emerald, sapphire or diamond. All depends upon prevailing of certain energies during meditations. Even space may physically crystallize, forming crystal protecting vault.
       In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 67. Great Wheel of Wisdom rotates around fiery star. Sumery penetrates by its top cosmos of densified astral. Island of Sacred Secrets is guarded by ancient deodars. Guardians of centuries were born in past moments by One Will.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 92. White Mountain is locked by stack of human pride. Pure spirit, illuminated with beauty of realization tops, will rise high above earthy vanity. Rainbow spheres of fires are flaming above three Tops of Light. Sun serpent intensifies current of power. And highest wisdom spreads over the body of Mother Earth as life-giving heat. Unseen fire is pumped up. It brings hearty joy to one, and ashes of depression to another, by which they shield themselves from burning rays of New Time...
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 127. White path curls between celestial mountains. Three White She-marals descend to pasture on fields near the White Mountain. Their White Fawn rambles there.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 165. Victims of White Mountain happen due to lack of respect and solemnity and understanding of this planetary shrine majesty. One should not touch virgin-pure, swan-white snows of Mother of Asian Mountains with dirty boots, earthy passion and greed. Consciousness of White Mountain greatly exceeds level of thinking of many countries despite of their technocratic development and sly disingenuousness of mind. Consciousness of Mountain of Light is powerful and steadfast as sun, hanging above the day at noon. But sometimes when sacrilege exceeds all limits all elements rage, protesting in vortex of its mind. Sanctuary of Sky where all greatest mysteries of One Life cannot but reject persistent Philistines dreaming to exceed everybody in their limited obstinacy. Holy of Holies is insulted. If according to ancient beliefs even evil glance may offend the Mountain of Light, what may incur retribution, then it is needles to say about the impiety, godlessness and disregard of such a scale which have never been seen in Altai history.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 194. White Mountain - mistress of Katun, mistress of snows, soul of mountains - produces special energy of inspiration which makes common people poets, prophets and mystics. Mystery of special state of prayer defines spiritual transfiguration and transfiguration of soul.
       In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 199. Subtle fragrance felt in the mountains is spread by temple, absorbed in morning meditation. Temple inside White Mountain and wonderful incenses, used only in Himalayas, may cause thought about some interconnection between far Tibet and White Mountain. Some metro, moving by means of psychic energy, is possible, but Brotherhood of Light prefers to use agni-shperes. Gates to Temple of Life exist in reality, but are guarded by steady thought-form of impassability of that place. Sharp rock or deep rockslide may play as a veil for idle consciousness. But called spirit will see and enter the sacred doors. Noise of working hardware reminds of laboratory and newest investigations, which are not present in everyday life, but exist in Brotherhood already. Mother of Altai mountains keeps a lot of secrets, but everything is open for loving heart. To love spirit of purity means to learn wisdom of eternity, wisdom of path of every consciousness spark. For White Mountain may appear to be a part of someone's monade, being enclosed in stone body.
       In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 233. White Mountain, Uch-Sumer, Stronghold of Light, Abode of White Brotherhood, Shambala the Shining. Every epithet says about exalted meaning of that term, calling spirit to Higher Worlds. Earthy life without spiritual inspiration will become grey existence of miserable being. White Mountain is a symbol of wisdom purity, wherefrom the river of earthy learning originates. White Mountain as a holy axis of great wheel of Transfiguration attracts and will attract longing hearts. Energies of transmutation of earthy powers into high ones are especially tangible here. White Mountain was called sacred shrine at all centuries, as existence of goodness inaccessible! As force, raising humanity to spiritual heroic deed! As mystery of Great Hierarchy, which connected the planet by its white ray with faraway and near space. White Mountain - abode of Mother of the World, who is Great Basement and Head of universal powers of Light. And light radiated by that adamant of power illumines human hearts. Spark of silver light lives in every soul, inspiring bodies with vital power. Light of White Mountain paves the way to future, to New Epoch of worldview.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 243. Visiting of White Stronghold on the day of autumnal equinox had the meaning of spiritual impulse. Vision of white woman - feeling of energies of she-guardian of Temple of Life. Spirit of White Mountain manifests in that form. Impulse of development which core of heart got, or its subtle component, will give progress for few decades ahead. White Mountain, radiating light of sacred wisdom, will always attract aspiring hearts. Everybody goes since the path can be seen. Stronghold of pure snows brings breath of faraway Orion to earthy souls. In wind blasts coming from sacred tops, exalted and inspiring singing of mantras is heard instead of dull and senseless roar of blind elements. Like if millions of hearts of people who came here to worship the Holy of Holies, united moments of their inspiration together, and this solemnity and aspiration are left as subtle spiritual music which will always sound on earth.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 247. Mightiness of White Mountain power is indescribable. Inexpressible is influence of its Grace upon heart. Invaluable is charge of inspiration, through which she brings into the world her high ideas and plans, making them tasks of kindled spirit. Not only flash of joy kindles heart, but some fiery subtle grain heats existence from inside. As if your fiery spirit imprisoned in jail of flesh is always praying.
       Spring of Life! 33. I'll apply my spirit to mountains and from there will get answer... From mountains we shall get answer, from mountains we shall get help and strengthening of suffering heart. From mountains I'm sending My shield. From mountains I'm giving armor of light. From mountains I'm giving sword of tension. In currents of Joy string of your life is ringing. White Mountain Mistress sends rays of Great Happiness. And mind cannot know where it might come from. For cloudy and dark is around. Icon-lamp of hope kindled in heart. Lamp of love kindled in heart. And in its never-ceasing melody sounds of far worlds are heard. Hymns of worshipping Great Mother form music of spheres. Ineffable words fill the silver cloud which spins around the peak of White Tower. And diving in heart light opens thin needle of cosmic Path. Mirror of Heart of the World illumines pilgrim. Where is the border between earthy and celestial? Where is that magnet, which attracts thousands of hearts to throne of wisdom?
        Spring of Life 149. My brother! Why do you seat on cold stone under rain and snow? -I'm waiting when the last gates will open in front of me. -But you are awaiting in vain. Maya deluded your eyes. Gates of power are hidden on tops of your shining spirit. And promised hour should not be awaited in fear to oversleep it. Miseries hardened you and didn't make angry. Go back. For great moment of initiation may come to you on the way or under tension of your labor. -I'll succeed in patience, I'll wait since they open. -Persistence and daring of awaiting produce devotion of aspiration. Praise to persistence in obtaining holiness. But vessel cannot keep the water fresh for a long time. -Current of thoughts washes out the dirt of lowest emotions. I shall remain guardian of Gates since I succeed. Near the White Mountain, under the very northern wall, people see the stone looking like sitting man, who whispers prayers anight and continues to talk with God, unaware of his petrification. Even night darkness cannot reduce light produced by his expectation. His heart diffused with mystery of time. In tension of his expectation he became a messenger of Coming Light.
       Spring of Life 380. Voices of ancient sages, who had no time to tell this world everything, are trying to knock until human hearts hear. Even cloud spheres are ready to bring message to humanity through clouds shapes. Image of Great Mother, handing over chalice of life to earthy soul and accepting the gifts of earthy life is just one from a series of fragments of White mountain's great mystery of signs. Chronicle of cloudy symbols may be recorded, noticing further events. Celestial world tries with all might and by all means to tear the membrane between worlds and to remove it as irrelevant. Cooperation of worlds grew as never before. New and new kinds of creation appear. Self-expression is reaching great heights and variety. Every spirit has what to tell this world because he accumulated enough experience of existence under earthy conditions. Cry of wind is not just a blast above the ice top but breath of elements' hearts which want to be heard. Tops give their blood to the world, which fills planet rivers. Meat food is not allowed in holy places. Then spirit may reach perception of much higher purity. Spiritual aspects sound so subtly that even presence of chaotic crowd of people may upset the connection of worlds. Delusion tries to penetrate the most important directions of cooperation, ruining by that harmony of energies. White Mountain has been keeping this connection between worlds for billions of years. Blue Rose of Planet is kept on white stem of Hierarchy.


The Valley

       Lilies of Light 144.... Valley air is pure and its cold breathes with height of Space...
       Lilies of Light 176.... Echo of space battles and storms is rushing in space. But your Valley sings, protected by influence of the Highest Ones...
       Lilies of Light 201.... Changes in Valley will be for the better. Magnets resound and radiate Mightiness of Lords - healing Light.
       Lilies of Light 231.... Valley is clean from grey clouds but plumes of human karmas are curling. Currents of Valley burn them. But dark ones still have whom to hide behind. Densified astral descends swiftly.
        Lilies of Light 243.... Power of Fire protects the Valley. Celestial Bird of Happiness embraces nestlings of light. Experiences of densified astral will frequent and grow. Razor-edge of spiritual sword is tested on you.
        Lilies of Light 336.... Valley will become even more beautiful under conscious influence of pure hearts. Lowest astral has nearly disappeared here. Therefore the dark ones seek for loophole to strengthen. But celestial lava is flowing more and more powerfully. Let Agni be with you!
        Lilies of Light 343. Orgies of alcoholism overwhelm the Valley. Gnomes contribute to destruction. One may judge about world's destiny through example of the Valley. The most pure places cannot resist invasion of evil. And thousand-fold more awful if evil is deliberate to get power by all means. Example of black magicians doesn't teach.
        Lilies of Light 356. Experience of new humanity will be carried out in our Valley. Assimilation of Highest Rays with human consciousness was passed by Mother of Agni Yoga, but was not experienced by large amount of people. Valley is to pass through it.
        Lilies of Light 359.... Flashes of fiery crystals of prana are filling the Valley with Rays of New Fire
        Lilies of Light 100....Energies of Orion, passing through hearts vibrating at their rays, excite fiery magnets in the Valley and through these powers, coming out of the Universal Heart, make them radiate their own power, kept since promised times come
        Roses of Light. 102. The Valley in current state of energies, qualities and spiritual opportunities is a place of karmic meetings. Those who lived here in ancient times or visited it previously are coming again and again to feel the currents of awakened magnet, transforming physical world. Whole regions of Altay are in densified astral zone. Virginity of these places is preserved, nothing has changed since Lemurian and Atlantic times. Place where gods descended on Earth is holy and guarded by Supreme Power. Paths of reincarnation often bring to sacred places where spirit felt vital need of participation in daily life. Every exaggerating is a dream ascending. Let every comer think that he had been living here and realizing spiritual treasures. We shall not bereave dream of heart tired of city whirlpools.
       Roses of Light. 180. The new approached. Minds which are ready to soak the drops of divine dew came to the doorstep of the Valley. Go with new ones, as they are old friends from previous existences, not only on that planet.
        Roses of Light. 29. Valley is a dried up ancient sea bottom. Depth of that sea reached 300-400 meters. Atlantis ships came to unknown wharfs
        Mountains of Light. 190. Valley, which will play an important role in spiritual life of the planet, needs new impulse, raising the level of people thought
        Deodars of Light. 5...."Uimon" in Mongolian means vast crowd. Once a formidable Aryan army was camping in the Valley proceeding to Europe after Kurukshetra battle. Herefrom it dissolved, everybody to his own desination. Therefore "Uimon" as whole region name is in the memory of the crowd gathered in one place.
        Deodars of Light. 179. Name of the Valley has its root in Mongolian word "vast crowd". An ancient prophecy exists that at the end of the age, when dark age comes to its end, people of all religions and denomination will gather here in order to bring back to the planet worship of One God. In the beginning of migration of nations, when humanity was going to explore new lands of the planet, they carried One Ritual with them, One Prayer, One unpolluted source of Divine Spirit. But as earthy beliefs began to pollute original plan, religions lost unity, although still use similar ritual. Representatives of various paths of realization will come to build Zvenigorod, Temple of perfect Power, Creator of Earth and Heaven. According to legend, a particle of World Treasure will be put to Sanctuary of Main Temple, - thread, connecting earth dwellers with the Heart of Cosmos. White Celestial Brotherhood will bring back status of White Ashrama to the Valley. Be it so!
        Deodars of Light. 213. Valley of Surprised Moon, Wonderful Sea, city of Divine Inspiration was named Uimonia in ancient times.
        Signs of Light. 64. Valley treasures magnets of promised Zvenigorod
       Signs of Light. 159. Valley of Surprised Moon, valley of Mother Wisdom was named Uimonia prairie in ancient times. In the times of Lemuria a sacred city of Knowledge was here, which was seen by Urusvati and Guru in their ether projection. Great and majestic temple of Mother of Inconceivable Greatness Mystery stood in silver light of high towers.
        Raido, or path of joy. 24...Dark ones feel the growing energy of Valley magnets. Attempt to solve the question of Valley ownership by earthy means will end with crashing of all dark plans... Stone radiates rays. It is its radiation that causes Valley population's random kindling of centers. Earthy path is stoned with signs of future. Radiations of Stone wash out astral dirt, coming with western wind. We shall not tolerate Valley changing to paradise of reach idlers. Field of labor, where sprouts of new forms of evolution will come up, will be especially guarded.
        Faces of Light. 24...Spherical clouds hide the carriers of subtle energy clots, which are purifiers of space. Therefore they appear so frequent above the Valley. And above Vanavara, where the Great Aerolith has fallen, this slot is in subtle plane. Silver Sphere above Uimonia as a thoughtsymbol of future building of Valley is the same. And many places marked by appearance of UFO are designated as magnets of future. Grains of densified astral sprout to our world with new energies as lotus seeds: roots are deep inside the earth element, while the flower blossoms in Fiery World. Conglomerate of energies, coming to help planet, are focused by flying saucers. They are lenses, intensifying energies by focusing. The Valley itself is a lens as well, which has in its basement a laid Cosmic Magnet, reflected by subtle plane.
        Message of Infinity. 13. Not in silence I'm covering you, but building a fortress around you. A lot of My fortresses stand on the bank of holy Shambation, but my first stronghold will be in ringing Valley...
        In obedience to Your Word, oh Lord! 290. Valley which sometimes carries the name of New Time Ark, collects best accumulations of coming epoch. All sacred sparks of illuminated humanity are drawn by heart to that holy "chalice in mountain hands" as it was called by N.K. Roerich.
        Spring of Life! 72. Valley is unique through presence of ancient cosmic magnets, laid by Great Masters of humanity. Uimon tract as a part of Great Silk Route was considered to be the most peaceful rest place for caravans from west and north as well as from east and south. Ancient caravan-sarays, built to receive travelers, had heard news from all quarters. Even western druids and fire worshippers from Persia passed by. And Altai people, leaving Jungaria in search for place to live, where charmed by silence and beauty of Uimon Chalice, which was totally uninhabited. Nevertheless the camp of Altai Guardians and Shambala Nothern Gates were here. Underground roads left by chud, who were incomparable in building them, were in order since thirties of twentieth century. They are still existing and nearly safe, being tunneled into strong solid rocks. An NKVD expedition from St.Peterburg headed by A.V.Barchenko from third secret dept. visited Valley in 1925. They were looking for descendants of ancient orthodox faith, originating from twelve Magians, who adopted Christianity from apostle Andrew the First-called. Later it was a sect of beguns, living in Kostroma forests. Surname of that family was Nikitiny. Roerichs in 1926 looked for them as well, applying to Vakhromey Atamanov with question: "Where to find Nikitin?", as a result of what they were immediately let in house although kerzhaks lived very secluded and didn't allow unknown people even to approach doorstep. Nikitin was the last keeper of Belovodie (Whitewaters) patent and guardian of white waters, originating from Shvetadvipa. Only a pure heart succeeds in attempt to find keepers of holy knowledge.
        Spring of Life! 134....If best powers of Valley unite through one idea it may give impulse and detonation all over Russia. A Federal program of saving Russia is required, providing for erection of new type villages for orphan children. Not only teachers are needed, but people constantly living among and teaching orphans. Future of the country is in that project in many respects.
       Spring of Life! 332.... Special tension and electrization of soil is peculiar to Altai, and such phenomena will grow and totally change cast of mind. Neophites will suffer from that fiery tension. Many negative manifestations will take form of discontent, irritation and even fury. Power of cosmic fire is great and lunar body will hardly keep balance, excited by temptation and fantasies. Look for promised ones. You will detect them by easiness of communication and first impression from meeting. Otherwise you will produce new enemies . Time of welter is near by, and ignorance is growing tense. Name of the Valley begins to verify itself, first steps are passed.


Pyramid of Destiny

       Lilies of Light. 184. Pyramid transforms earthly fire to spiritual energy. From blue to ruby colour glow may be noticed above its peak. Glow intensifies to heavenly purple in solar activity days. Rivers of energy, embracing the Valley, raise purple columns. Like a fiery wall - guard of the Predestined City. Crystallization of fiery energies makes dark fire manifestations inadmissible. Space reacts immediately. Karmic strike is instantaneous...
       Lilies of Light. 269. Pyramid will forge out new destiny to Valley and will bring a furnace of transfiguring energies
        Roses of Light. 70. Fiery Pyramid of New Destiny is above the ringing Valley. Its facets blink with fires of unseen beauty. Flames of living fires consist of chalices of burning hearts. Giant pyramid of sun light, scraping space by its top, consists of kindled hearts crystals. Bright is the Power Light. A silver chalice crowns the top, a burning sphere is in it, brighter than Sun. Best heart powers, the highest thoughts are poured in boiling focus of that fiery energies. A connecting thread is above the Light Ball, it connects cosmic Focus with the Stronghold. No one spark of good thought will be lost in space by entering into Brotherhood fire.
        Roses of Light. 119. Universal Heart Energies are soaking unseen. Column of light above Belukha is connected with navel-string of the Earth. Planet gets cosmic energy here. Power of navel-string of the Earth, power of Jed, lives in currents of Mother of mountains. Urusvati top is noted from ancient times. But great reverence, solemnity and awe are needed when approaching to aura of holy mountain. Heart of mountain reposits secret. Fearful is in fear of every rustle, but brave goes a lion and doesn't glance back at broken bush. Magnet cannot lose power as its nature is indestructible. Ak-Kem shines as lake of pure eyes and fire of hearts who have been here. Every spark of heart fire is deposited on grey stones of memory and kindled them. White are holy waters. Magic mirror shines with reflection of Spiritual Stronghold. Temple of invisible Lord is hidden in eternal ice. Holy City of knowledge is buried under gravel of centuries uncountable. But bright is the face of Mother to Great. Her breath weaved an aura of peace and vital power. Pure streams are full of wisdom. Song of winds sounds with glorification. Night rustles are full of light spirits' voices. Lord Syatogor is on His patrol.
       Roses of Light. 139. Mysteries of Belukha are hidden. Altai, Caucasus and Himalaya tops are noted in ancient prophecies. Treasures of World Heart are awaiting moment of glory. Pyramid of Destiny accumulates spirits who are ready for evolution. Outcome will be from the Valley. New humanity will crystallize through lens of the Valley. Statistics of world of karma may say that no awakened spirit exists who has never been to Valley or dreamed to be. Uimonia breathes with ozone of future. Fiery breath opens just before transfiguration. Earthquakes and hurricanes are first signs of world changing. Children of Stone are coming. They have a developed gland of spiritual knowledge. Ray of World Heart guides them. They are aliens in this world. Too much is the difference in vibrations of the earthy and heavenly auras. Devarishi are incarnating. Celestial brahmans are entering earthy doors. Spirit of Gold Thread guides them. Lord Christ is with them.
        Mountains of Light. 29. ... Unknown Temples soared high in paradise land. Ancient cities taught newcomers ultramundane knowledge. And Abode of Seven Sages had been keeping its sacred secrets from ancient times. Fiery Budda flashed in crystal halls of White Mountain. Pyramid of Destiny was the name of ancient shrine...
        Mountains of Light. 41. Time of golden age is coming. Rays of World's Sanctuary are shining. And holy lake sings the song of energies about the city of White Kams, smoothly rolling waters: "Ak-Kam...Ak-Kam". Ruins of buildings and walls are buried under stones and sand of time. Fiery pyramid of destiny flames with tension of White Thread of Cosmos, and magnet of unknown knowledge is reposited in Mountain Heart. Profile of sunny horse, carrying the Treasure of the World, rises above white waters.
        Mountains of Light. 145. All powers of far worlds are gathering to earthy field. All the best seeds of achievements are brought to sow new world. And Column, being built by Powers of Light as growing White Thread, preserves earthy world. Navel string of planet feeds child of new humanity. Navel string of the planet is Column of Truth, standing above the Valley.
        Deodars of Light. 32. When the stack of western civilization will begin to crash, all the peculiar will come. But Altai and ringing Valley will stay untouched. Radiation of cosmic mightiness is flowing into Valley. Pyramid is extracting venom of imperil and processing it to spiritual energy.
        Deodars of Light. 131...White Mountain is noted as a place of aspirants and Masters meeting with Dhian-Kogans and Buddas. String of Light extends to Heart of the Earth.
        Deodars of Light. 134. .. Chalice of Altai is granted to traveler to White Mountain...
        Deodars of Light. 151. Spiritual workshops are working. Pyramid of Planetary Destiny shines in depth of promised City. And light of United Spirit Ray tears through astral depositions of ignorance. Brotherhood of hearts guards the Chalice of Altai. Heart of Asia preserves inextinguishable Fire of Wisdom. Heart of Asia is full of secrets. White ashrama is near by. Just attain the desire to adopt aspirant's burden.
        Deodars of Light. 171....Mystery of White Mountain means walking clockwise around holy mountain. According to ancient beliefs this ritual removes sins of previous lives and frees the way for further evolution. Chalice of Altai is adoption of special fire to Chalice of accumulations and assimilation of earthy energies to spiritual. But neophyte risks to get serious subtle wounds if not having sufficient purity of thought.
        Deodars of Light. 186. Blue fire of Orion makes human being immortal and ever-young. Mystery of Altai Chalice is invocation of that vivifying Fire. Chalices are forming the symbol of the World and rise above the pyramid. Great mandala attracts Light of World's Heart. It is energy equivalent to Chintamani. Deity of Immortal Fire may dwell only in pure heart...
        Deodars of Light. 229. White Mountain was called not only Uch-Ayry and was residential mountain of one of Altai tribes. It is Orion Belt projection onto Earth. Constellation of three She-Marals has sent sattvic energies to the heart of Euro-Asian continent. This silver string still may be felt and seen by Dangma eye. 52-nd parallel has been playing very important role in establishing of planet spirituality. Arkaim, Kiev, Stonehenge approximate to that mark. Even the Island of future - Fish island - is located at the same parallel. Mahatmas detected energies of magnetic currents in these regions. Are not promised magnets of Hyperborean land laying above, which will reveal themselves in future to the world? Newest history, or more accurately metahistory is going on fiery plane of existence. White Mountain is not only the keeper of Svyatogor and sleeping mighty heroes' Abode, but also of accumulated wisdom of Light. One who is able will take as much as he can. Blind will pass by. Deaf will turn out. But only sensitive heart will see the Light, hear the Call and come to attain the treasure granted by centuries. Fire of Initiation never ceases in Chalice of Altai. Path of mysteries is overgrown, but subtle eye sees it. And valley of edelweisses as the place where space embraces the Earth, grants wonderful treasures of beauty...
        Deodars of Light. 233. White Column above the Top of Urusvati is constant divine presence of White Lord Budda Akshobhya at earthy plane. It is all planetary Budda's heart...
        Signs of Light. 211. Ancient temples await their priests. Altai revives from kindling of Holy Chalice...
       Signs of Light. 243. Fiery temple dome is already spread above the Altai sanctuary...
       Space of Light. 235. I see Urusvati on White Mountain. I see the top named after Urusvati. Like mightiness of cosmic powers enters planet through that top, Great Mother of Agni-Yoga became Heart of the World and its treasure, accepting and conducting far world currents to the world.
        Space of Light. 247....Altai is Great Wheel of Knoweldge with six spokes and its basement is White Mountain.
       Message of Infinity. 498. Great tops reposit mightiness of the world and weave the protecting net of the planet. Great tops, which foot is in element, which gave them birth, rise above the immobility, penetrating the infinity of space. They meet needles of fiery threads, which create magnetism of light. Like guiding mile-posts are these ascending rays. From earth to heaven and from heaven to earth flows the power of Guardians of the World. It are their hearts, white-hot like molten gold, that radiate peace, which they cannot keep inside and give to carriers of Eternal Life.
       In obedience to Your Word,oh Lord! 268. White Mountain in Fiery World appears to be dazzling white Temple of Life - Abode of three Great Lords of the World.


Temple of One God

        Deodars of Light. 79. Altai is holy. Inexhaustible are spiritual treasures of the blessed land. Magnets of land, magnets of space, magnets of hearts. Temple of Golden Mountain is preserved here from ancient times. Bells are ringing anight. Unseen light illumines the path. Chalice of Altai shines with gifts of realizations. Kindle hearts, hearts, hearts! Thrice I repeat: "Hearts, adsorbing triad of worlds".
       Deodars of Light. 159. River of evil will become small brook for one who beheld Golden Temple on the top of White Mountain.
       Deodars of Light. 171. Temple of Tengri, Temple of Eternally White Sky, first stronghold of One God, was situated on the top of white mountain. Instead of shamanism and spiritualism the greatest shrine of the world from Atlantis times, when Himalaya, Tibet, Pamir didn't exist it was an abode of Highest Female Power, and all epithets originated from here. Allakh, Lord, Burkhan originate from Tengri Temple, which was divided into two parts...
       Deodars of Light. 174. Tengri worship ritual was taken by Lamaism. Ancient prophets of One God are almost unknown to West, but they were revered by new Masters of humanity. And raised hand as a sign of opening heart and prayer to send celestial boons was taken by Islam as a part of its rituality. Reflections of One world religion is almost erased or appropriated by new sect founders, but Temple of One God - Temple of Mother-Father - remains here, in White Chalice of Altai. Space is full of white energies and vibhuti before its appearance manifests as celestial milk. White Ak-Kem is Shrine of Earth and Heaven. Temple of initiation into planetary mysteries is in Ultramundane worlds. And city of light exists above three tops, but it is opened only to burning heart.
        Signs of Light. 191. Top floor of the greatest planet's Temple was whereon glacier creeps now to white Ak-kem. Only few dilapidated giant images are left on northern cheek, covered by non-melting ice and snow. They remember ancient Lemuria and Atlantis times, long ago passed into oblivion. But often snowfall exposes extraordinary holy faces on mountain's shoulders, as if allowing them to have one more glimpse of blessed land, left long ago.
       Raido, or path of Joy. 16. Mother of the World revealed Her face. New epoch is established through offering of religions to the foot of White Mountain. Idle curiosity destroys subtle vibrations of world Shrine. Ascending aspirants know about extraordinary holiness of the place of World Power. Awe-like is the piercing current. Only healing calmness reigns over soul of the world. Magnet of joy created by great Spirits of Dawn intensifies tension of inexhaustible charm. Heart of the planet beats. Heart of the planet prevents the sick world from falling down to abyss.
       Raido, or path of Joy. 24. Power of ancient city of knowledge, attracting idle travelers, will burn uninvited guests. Overpassing the protecting ring will have a bad end independently from how high where the ideas which newcomers used to shield. Gradually Temple and Sanctuary will close their gates to white lake...
        Raido, or path of Joy. 87....There were no abrupt changes of seasons in Golden Age, therefore people didn't need warm houses. But temples and palaces were built to stand hundred thousand years. Cave temples exist in India which were built by Lemurians. Ak-kem cheek is just one fragment of the greatest planetary Temple of Life, devoted to Mother and Father of Light. They were a part of world-covering net of shrines, guarding planet and humanity. The same aim had Asguad, Arkaim and found in the north of Russia ruins of Hyperborean capital.
       Faces of Light. 33. A sacred city stood in place of Ak-Kem lake. Throne of Great Maitreya - Future Budda - awaits for the Advent of Lord of Compassion and Grace. Initiation of all Masters of wisdom took place in the Temple of White Farther, located in the very center of the city of knowledge. Word Uru, or Lord of heaven, is still contained in the name of the highest top of Uch-Sumer. Three towers, three holy sanctuaries, existed always as the sign of tri-unity of life.
       Faces of Light. 95....Peak of Asia was twice higher than now before Himalayas appeared and was multistoried, with Temple of Uru and place of highest spirit initiation on its top. Great Buddha took his last initiation exactly here. And first Christ palm and foot imprints are left here. And Zoroaster's Chalice was kindled here. And fiery prayer of ancient Arktida monks. And standing in the name of World. And sleeping mighty heroes in mountain womb. And Gates to Heaven. And a lot of covered with secrecy and revealing to hearts reached realization. Heart of World, or Heaven Bed, where the Stone dropped from, left a tunnel for soul ascension to Great Swania, one of Orion planets, motherland of spiritual dream of the most advanced in spirit.
       Faces of Light. 103. Great temples which humanity has forgotten long ago, are still sending rays of salvation from their neglected sanctuaries.
       Message of Infinity. 64. Temple complex on White Mountain existed in the times of Atlantis and was a place of pilgrimage of great priests. Temple of the Lord of Heaven was built under Lemuria by Great Magicians - Masters even before Himalaya appeared, when waves of central Asian sea were striking the rocks of Altai. Great sages lived in the depths of mountains.
        Message of Infinity. 101....According to beliefs of one of orthodox sects, Zvenigorod is an ether city on the top of White Mountain, trace of really existed formerly a Temple of Lord of Heaven, Great Uru.
       Message of Infinity. 134. From white waters carrying drops of embodied life into Great Stream of Incarnations with the roar of boiling milky waters a call of Great Mother of mountains is heard. Temple of World's Tsar, Temple of One Divine Power, guarding the secrecy of Holy Mystery - Holy of Holies of earth evolution. From laboratories and workshops hidden in depths, to White Tower of Spirit, where only the Great Master may come in, a hymn of love and compassion to human children resounds. Magnetic waves, spread by World Crystal of Ringse, reach hearts, tormented by spiritual thirst...
       Tablets of Light. 59. Revealing of ancient image of the Blessed One on the northern cheek of Belukha is mentioned in ancient prophecies as time of Lord Maitreya advent to Altai. In sacred legends of Altai the ninth one, born as Maidari, descended once with his brothers from heaven to earth on the mountain Altyn-Tuu-Amu. Sculpture of the Blessed One is big in size and probably served as altar image, which was visited by pilgrims from many countries. Great Temple which has giant square, crashed down in the times of second Altai lifting, having buried by itself ancient Holy City. Whole northern wall may represent these ruins with fragments of bas-reliefs of the Blessed One's life. But it is just the upper floor of Planetary Power Temple. Undamaged catacombs exist under that ice and many meter stack of stones, where were and are performed services to Fiery Gods.
       Tablets of Light. 207....Temple of White Mountain will reveal a lot when it gets rid of ice. Many relics will be found. Many ancient books will be found and decrypted. Radiation of pyramid increases up to degree of physical burns. People will not be able to closely approach the Mountain when fiery power is intensified. Only the few ones will be an exception. Gates of White Mountain Temple and Temple itself still have their ether shape. Passing these Gates' doorstep gives new degree of world perception. New clue is revealed through realization of these energies, but novelty slips at wan auras like at soap-covered surface. Only consciousness regulates coming of new power, and only consciousness gives capability to keep it in core. Impulse of new power may spread over all structures, including karmic ones. With recurring passing the Gates it may grow, taking the shape of regular heart initiation with adoption of energy...
       Tablets of Light. 234. White Mountain represents just the lowest, physical floor of One God Temple.
       Tablets of Light. 255. Some paths lead to human residence. Some to snow tops. But some time path may lead to Gates of Sacred Temple, which is impossible to be found by idle heart. Only spirit, flaming with all tension of aspiration powers, will find such an abode in holy mountains. Lord Svyatogor awaits his sons, and his burning candle like a torchlight of heart, will show the way to bright abode.
        Spring of Life. 236. Densification of fire above the White Mountain in form of golden cupola has definition of Dukkar (Mother of the World) umbrella in Buddhist tradition. Place of salvation of the peculiar ones. When underground platforms will start to actively move, when the ground slips away under your feet, Great City will save the seeds of future race. City, which buildings are ruined long ago, but ether structures still may be seen during rains, snowfalls and fogs. Shelter for pure hearts will open its golden halls. When earthy treasures lose their value, when money become just a paper and only mercy will become the remedy, Gates of Destiny will open.
       Spring of Life. 398. In the heart of the mountain, in hidden caves, inaccessible for curious eyes, some beings in the state of Samadhi stay since Lemuria and Altantis. They wait till the times of night consciousness are over. They wait golden age, when their wisdom, knowledge and experience will be required by leading minds of new race. Caches of great Shvetadvipa treasure many secrets of ancient humanity. Gates of life are still closed. Gates of destiny are hidden by the fog of ignorance. But mountain spirit is alive and breathes with incense of Eternity. Entrance to the great kingdom of Truth is veiled.


Holy teraphs

       Lilies of Light. 148. Any holy image or face of Master may become a teraph. Teraphs as guards protect aura of home or given place. Silver sphere is teraph of the Valley. It is agnisphere, or plasma clot. Energy of Raj-star swirls in it. Promised Valley is guarded. However much dirty surf of human greed tosses, its power will exhaust, and then the time for holy magnets will come. Temples of light will rise to shine as spiritual beacons. Time is coming.
       Lilies of Light. 470....Teraph is an image of building the Future in the Valley. Zvenigorod of spirit looks for earthy conductors. Details of building problems are to be accomplished here by earthy mind. Commandment "by human hand and foot" is to be followed. Time is near by when your hand holds pickaxe of spirit. And vector of your efforts has destiny of World Capital as target of its arrow.
       Lilies of Light. 239.... Magnet of future is laid, and energies of embodied future are gathering. Stone manifests power. Ether shapes of Zvenigorod are built even by fog. Marked border produces light rays and flashes. Magnet is ready and Agnisphere is hanging between three villages in densified astral.
       Pyramids of Light. 17. Pyramids of Light. One of the greatest holy articles of Great Hyperborean was gifted to the Christ child by one of northern magicians when paying obeisance. Teraph of Light established succession the Knowledge, Teraph of Light, calming the excited crowds, Teraph, saving the world from dominance of earthy wealth over Celestial Paradise. Laid by Lord Christ to one of places of World Power, it will have to fulfill its predestination. Altai legends treasure the Message of Great Pilgrim. Altai sacredly preserves that great relic...
       Pyramids of Light. 123. He holds in hands piled city. He gave sounds to invisible bells of Zvenigorod. He blended voice of mountain metals with air powers so that they are attested. Future City shines with Pillars of Light. These are awakened magnets' lightnings. Luminiferous shapes of temples and building descend onto Valley's land. Truly New Jerusalem. And Lord himself with fiery sword in hand is walking on patrol on its walls. Rolls of fiery chronicles of the world are descending from skies and laying on the ground become silver Path of Light. There are many signs in heaven heart. And solid earth reposits fragments of great knowledge of Life. Great is creative work of elements and powerful is Will of Lords, directing them to unite labour.
        Raido or path of joy. 24....Divine relics and artefacts which were brought to White Mountain foot as greatest offerings, will be found only with Great Hierarchy sanction. Chalice of Budda and holy Teraph of Christ will return to Altai for the sake of high goals. Gates to inner shrine look like natural stone, but they are opened once a year, on the cosmic day dedicated to Great Master.
       Faces of Light. 24. Altai is repository of protowisdom. Moonshiny mankind of first races built astral libraries of cosmic knowledge. Mirror shield guards Teraph of Christ. Antemundane is accumulated in crustal. Set in golden nugget it is that very gift which the Christ child got from patriarchs of Arktida. Caches of wisdom are encircled with power.
       Message of Infinity. 304. Law of magnetism kindles magic circles. Altai wakes protoatlantis memories. These places have waked not once and are responsible for planetary balance. Divine presence has been always notified in Altai mountains. And ashramas of Northern Shambala have always been located in the lands of White Burkhan. And Budda's initiation place. And Throne of Oyrot-khan. And Eye of Heaven. And Gates to underground world. And valley which doesn't know winter. And ruins of chud city. And destructed City of Gods. And night ringing from mountain depths. And flying saucers which disappear near tops. So many is kept from idle eyes.
        Space of Light. 194....Budda's Chalice is embed in place of Lords' initiation to cosmic mysteries. Soak the spirit of the World's Heart! White Mountain is the place where this heart beats. Cohesion of particles preserves crystal integrity, but string of life sends its melody to the world from the top of Urusvati.
       Space of Light. 285. Sources of ancient knowledge are being newly rediscovered. Ancient giants are rising and stones, getting alive, utter their prophecies, reposited in heart of secret for thousand and thousand centuries. Getting subtler elements are spiritualized and their reaction to human thought is immediate. Budda's chalice is radiating light and planetary magnet attracts kindled souls.
       Space of Light. 335. Vibration of especially guarded holy places is felt not by every heart. Magnet of spirit might be laid even in Atlantis times for very faraway future. Are not these times coming? Flow of aspiring hearts is great and touching the Greatest Magnets of Spirit they kindle and feel the current of Great Joy of Love, which laws Highest Cosmic Beings are living in accordance to. But when leaving that place heart feels irreplaceable loss, spiritual anguish like if something the most valuable is lost. Something the most dear leaves us and makes miserable and restless. Our souls are like abandoned children. But it is a sign of touching to high energies. Like bathed in fiery baptizing font, auras are purified from dirty depositions to carry the Burden of the World.
       In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 272....Fiery Stone of Powers is kindling in mountain heart. Budda's chalice shines with rays of Maitreya time. White Mounatin Light shines for everybody. Every heart, every mental eye is able to see its rays. But it is impossible to describe magnificence and beauty of holy ashrama's shining. Even by opening eyes you cannot force to see the manifestations of spirit.
       In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 49. The dark ones hope to devastate holy place where the magnet of Brotherhood is reposited, laid to aid the world. Current of tourists increases. Hills of trash overfill the path to White Mountain. Travelers going without solemnity and reverence insult Great Temple of Fiery Mother. Flowers and plants are plucked without distinction. Edelweises, which grew recently all around Ak-Kem lake, now can be found only at Yarlu, behind shaman stone. Even stone stupas which were built long ago are being destroyed. Followers of main world religions, including Islam, feel great reverence to White Mountain. Even Mohammed worshipped Mistress of White Mountains and has left his talisman in one of the seven lakes. Foundation of magnetism of these places was created in the times of Lemuria. Loops of human initiation accounted for the variety in consciousness levels. If an edelweiss at White Mountain foot was enough for one, for the other current of Planetary Silver Ray was required.
       Spring of Life! 52. New world is coming in the light of morning and evening stars. Places of power are shining and laid teraphs are burning as campfires in mountain night. Chalice of Budda radiates Column of silver light. Christ's Nugget and Mohammad's dagger, belt of Zoroaster and Shiva's trident - all that is reposited at Mountain of Light. Book of power is opened on northern wall. Every epoch opens new page of its prophecies. Secret breathes with grace. Secret kindles inspiration. Sparks of human godsends are blinking at paths' crossing. Light Mountain Thought is full of power. Mystery of silence does not exclude converse. Heart knows language of elements. Every spark has an atom of life.
        Spring of Life! 355. Searching of Holy Grail is still going on. Successors of "Annerbe", Jesuits college, are prowling about the whole world, including Altai, hoping to get the holy relic. But brotherhood's holy article continues its sacred service, being inherited by one high spirit from another, and saved among mountain treasures, it flashes with everburning fire at the approach of destined guardian. But Christ chalice will never make immortal those who are from darkness and inspired by darkness. If human sufferings are echoed by heart, if burden of people pain prevails over every moment of life, producing compassion in it, you are on path of light. Self-denial is atmosphere for Warriors of Light. But rushing about in search of beyond the reach or even no more existing mysteries is just a wind from the field, bringing ashes of burnt stubbles. Matured thought berries are to be picked and processed to precious wine. We shall call fiery heart Holy Grail. We shall call human life burning in currents of sufferings and torments Holy Grail. Are not his accumulations of habits and sins irretrievably burning out? Indeed we carry chalice of life in our hearts.


White Burkhan

       Mountains of Light. 46. White shamanism brought to people heart a legend about White Burkhan praying for compassion to humanity, which is sinking in abyss of modern perversions. White shamanism defined a scheme of saving holy mountains from destruction and degrading. Communication with natural spirits was not mediumism, but anticipated search of beginning of hierarchic chain. Urge to save earthy world reflects general reasonability and solicitude to divine creations. It is towards perfect and beautiful nature that first lessons of solemnity are learned. White Burkhan is Lord Budda.
       Mountains of Light. 115. Revelations of White Burkhan in the form of shining horse-rider are known from ancient times in Altai. On the eve of events of prime importance they happen with given periodicity, notifying rulers and the high and mightiest. Affinity of Great Guardians for common human needs was always noted in toiler's or maker's house. Poor herdsman or hunter has been believing that his house is not deprived of divine grace. That every high Being is looking after life of earthy people and may even interfere urgent daily need. This filled their hearts with power and joy. Every soul knew in that simple faith that if it applies with insistent and sincere prayer to great powers of light, then it will be heard and request will be fulfilled. Altai's ancient world of spirit was full of that touching intimacy and gratitude. Sun and moon, wind and fire, mountains and taiga were spiritualized with that strong faith. We, children of technocracy and progress, ought to learn that sensation of permanent Hierarchy presence and hearty hiero-inspiration of common people. Spectral Rider of white army guards the blessed land, and you ought not fear hearing the call. Have a look round bravely to accept command and highest will. Unknown paths are tread by the new time. Let us meet messengers of future on them.
       Signs of Light. 120. One Altai girl had a vision. On her way home in the dusk she heard a voice, calling her. Having turned around she saw a white shining rider on rock. Trembling of fear bound her body but heart was burning with heat of inexplicable joy. She has heard a piercing speech, outcoming as if from her soul. "Tell rulers and leaders about the hardness of coming times! When parts of great Tyada Stone will flame with columns of Light in the Valley of Amazed Moon, be ready for unseen earthquakes and great storms". Voice roared as thunder. Rider became luminous as lightning, flashed up and disappeared. She accepted the sign and didn't conceal, she brought message to doorstep of earthy sovereigns. But it was her heart only that remembered the heat of never-seen secret Fire. Revelation of White Burkhan filled her heart with bliss of Divine Power for the whole life. Wait for your hour. And bright rider will proclaim coming of the New World dawn. But very few will be those who will come to believe the truth of said words.
       Signs of Light.. Fiery revelation at White Mountain has drawn feet of Urusvati to Fiery Stronghold. Not obscure presentiment signs, but fiery visions led Mother of Agni Yoga. "Shining fiery ball appeared, which descended at the foot of glacier. White agnisphere opened and familiar face shined in the opening of entrance. Light shined as rising Sun. A command followed to go forward and not to return because expedition ran the danger of arrest. We passed secret paths and labyrinths and were rescued.
       Message of Infinity. 290. Lands of White Burkhan are waiting for Lord's coming. Great Throne is not occupied yet, but is already heating, feeling Lord's approach. Gates of West are opened and Altai Chalice Mysteries are waiting for their hour. Wheel of law kindles its golden magnets. Great memory sends archetypes, protoimages to human world. Shower of visions and wind of awakened Knowledge clear path of Wisdom of Gods. Great Sumery - Mother of Earth mountains - reveals Ancient Temple on her Top. As it were weaved from silver mist. But those who see may distinguish illusion from Truth. Ancient Temple of Great Mother Assurgina kindles holy Chalice of Altai. Celestial fire flows in it, but not overfills. Fire of Fires and Light of Lights are kindling. Power of Wisdom Eye is conquering darkness and earthy paths lead to Celestial Magnet. Earthy paths are but reflection of Highest Paths. Silent sounds are thunder-like bursting from Secret of Secrets. Music of Top of Lights comes out of Secret of Secrets. And heart awes from the current of intangible bliss, and it is a tremor of joy from Advent of Beloved Maitreya days. In every hearty awe we feel the conceiving of new man. New birth of yourself in heart! Advent of Maitreya to heart is the beginning of Blessed Lord formation in everyone. It is a seed of sixth humanity. It is conceiving of future Budda in everyone of us. Hour of Fiery Secret gives communion to celestial nation. Ukok preserves ancient shrines and gifts for every spirit, for Altai was and is Northern Shvetadvipa, island of Light, shining in the darkness. Ancient mountains like temples radiate columns of Light. Underground temples are ringing their bells. Stone doors are opening to meet walkers. But what we shall come with in that sacred purity of eternal holiness? What gift we shall offer Lord if we are poor and darkened? With opened souls and clean hands we shall offer Devotion of Heart. Only that offering will shine brighter than the brightest precious stone. Only that offer will establish connection between earthy and celestial paths. Hearts, separated by animosity, will merge into one. And ancient damnations will expire. For we are all in our difference and separation - He himself, the only One. We shall come back to Him, having drawn our path's glyph in space. All recordings will get erased, transformed into spark of One Light. Tears will dry up and sorrows will be relieved. All secrets of the will get accumulated in tiny crystal of bliss. We are living for planting of that holy seed, which will sprout on some other fields of the universe in proper time. Be it so! I said it. - M.
       In Obedience to Your Word, oh Lord! 151. Birth of white fawn in Sugash was taken by locals as a sign of White Burkhan Advent. White maral is a symbol of Orion and its manifestations in earthy life.


The Stone

       Roses of Light.17. From the Heart of the Universe a gift is sent to help the world. Bright is the Light radiated by Stone of Power. Evil heart will not stand its Ray. But fiery insight kindles power of forty nine centers. Impulse of Universal Will is amplified thousandfold in it. Holder increases sendings of good to every quarter of the Earth through it. Invaluable is Spiritual Treasure. Invisible is secret help. Hearts are getting kindled, flaming with inexplicable joy. With spirit-realization and awaking of Eye of Wisdom currents of Stone are connected, and place where It lays is guarded by Powers of Spacial Light. Ancient Magnets are kindled. Mightiness of Stone begins to grow. Columns of Light are raising from underground. Magnets attracts devoted hearts, which resounded to these high vibrations. Fiery Spirits guard Sacred Valley. City of Light shines as everburning ergegore in the Realm of Ideas. Prana of Bliss is emanating. Supermundane fragrance is streaming. It has precious ozone in its basis, which vitalizes souls. A secret of life-giving water and fire is in it, the most subtle essence of spirit. Stone guardians are looking to the future. Wind of time has no authority upon Spirits, who brought the Stone. Their advent is covered by deep secret. But place is known for a fact. As if rose garden under the window of Gardener, cities and countries where it dwelled flourished as well known. But as soon as it leaved everything extinguished and decayed. New Country will accept Treasure of Orion. New Country will start the path of new thought under the sign of Seven Stars. Spirit of Great Masters will dwell in holy Russia!
       Roses of Light. 141. Stone radiates mightiness. World Heart element is required in everybody, otherwise mystery of Altai Chalice cannot be realized.
       Roses of Light. 216. Stone was brought from Orion by winged horse Lungta. Many images of that holy animal can be found in the most distant quarters of Tibet and Himalayas. Even in Altai, on northern wall of dilapidated ancient city, it is present together with other buddhistic images.
       Mountains of Light. 1. Alatyr-Stone, a Treasure of World Heart, lays on Mountains of Light. Tablets of Prophesy Stone, saying about the world destiny, is on Mountains of Light. Fiery signs are revealed, indicating flourish of Stone carriers, and unseen light radiates fragrance around, and Columns of Light shine as ascending rays.
       Deodars of Light. 105. Alatyr stone is a substance of World Heart. It is like valerian in vegetable kingdom and similar to musk and soda, but calms and gives psychic power to whole planets and cosmic societies. Russia knows the path of Stone. Power of magnets of Rha sons land is being kindled. Sacred caches are being opened. And Temple secrets are impossible to hide now. But mysteries of Belukha protect Altai Chalice. Fire of communition of sons and daughters of sixth race is in that Chalice.
       Deodars of Light. 121. Magnet attracts hearts. Gift of Universal Heart will not reveal to everybody. Neither bought, nor cheated can be the matter of Truth. It is impossible to gain it by violence. Stone sees what is hidden in man. Strings of its fiery power are resounding in space. Radiation of future is saturating the Valley. But the gift of distant star is not granted to phrase-mongler, nor to one who is always in a hurry. Every human soul is related to it and heat of loving heart is very own to World Heart. Fire preserves from evil. Place is under the spell of holy secrets, but heart knows the way there. Unprecedented joy overwhelms it through the thought of approaching the Holy of Holies. Strict Elder, Time, carefully protects sacred treasure.
        Deodars of Light. 131. Roerichs mission is connected with laying the magnets along the route. They had Chintamani in their great procession, kindling the fragments of aerolite which are spread over the world. Future spiritual state is outlined by carrying World Treasure through countries and lands which will flourish in future.
        Deodars of Light. 234. Altai, Altyn-Tuu, Alatyr! As stones, showing the path, these names sound, and voice of Orion as energy background accompanies the ether memory of World Treasure fall. Place where living hearts are talking with heavens, uniting with immortal emanations of divine breath, is sanctified by earthy oros, an analogue to ice wall surrounding solar system.
        Deodars of Light. 252. Place of Buddha's initiation on White Mountain is preserved in secrecy. But he was not the only one initiated on Nothern Meru. Three sequential steps in certain time frames and proper astrologic periods gave full entry to asection of spiritual knowledge. Great Teachers came here to enter the Ray of Cosmic Hierarchy, dwelling on Alcor, wherefrom the white race descended. Orion Hierarchy, under which protection our galaxy develops, has sent a new gift with first white men, talisman for Silver Age, and this gift is associated with White Mountain.
        Deodars of Light. 260. It is impossible to get Stone through slyness. And place of World Treasure dip is not mentioned in any legend. Only Altai knows about Alatyr-stone. White mountain has lost one of its Tops because of Lords Gift landing. Stone is gifted to open heart. And secret will be revealed to no one. Where is It? Who owns it? Space may be asked endlessly. But answer is known to one who hears voice of flowers and stars. And sannyasi rags may keep Holy Casket. Silver bell on crook is heard very distantly in the night. Devoted Hearts are kindling, having felt the current of Stone Power. And wind sings sacred mantra. Lights unseen began shining above the pilgrim shelter. Fires are multiplying above the Valley. Magnets of Light are growing, having felt the mightiness of fiery Nature. Agnispheres burn as sign of Three Treasures, and Rays are building forms of Future City. Temple of secret appears from fog, but eyes of sleeping ones are firmly closed. Even dawn will not give them awakening. Guardian of the Stone will knock your door, but who will welcome pauper?Await the Stone through heart!
        Deodars of Light. 263. Laying the magnets or awaking ancient ones so that they began working was Urusvati's and Fuyama's task. From Uimon to White Mountain milestones of Fiery Path are awaking. Bogatyrs are awaking and coming to path of Light to help the world. Uran pours fiery flows. And Sun of Suns doubled its power. Peace of every drop of Orion matter keeps heart of a new human. Spark of evolution of future is kindling. Hearts are radiating light as cosmic magnets. Orion spirits born in human bodies are starting battle with grey ones remaining on planet. Treasure precious stone in your heart. Gift of Orion is in everyone of you. Gather brothers of Stone. Surround the Stone with treasure of hearts. Do good through Hierarchy of Light. When doing something call to Highest World. Close the circuit of worlds with Hierarchy. Not "I" does its selfish deeds, but Lord's of Universe finger.
       Deodars of Light. 265. Carrying of Stone by hardest world paths is a task of New Epoch. Moscow and Uimon shined from Solomon Casket. And Belukha tops burned with unseen rainbow. And Great Masters' gifts, laid at doorstep of White Temple, responded to World Heart. Voice of Secret is heard now. Celestial treasuries are opened and shower of knowledge washes out world filths. Fiery Lungta has brought Gift of Orion Lords. You were held by world rulers hands, from Kurnovuu and Yason-Hierophant to Urusvati and Fuyama. But who knows about main monolith, Aerolit, reposited in the depths of White Mountain? Budda and Urusvati, Christ and Zoroaster came here to absorb Great Light from main Stone.
        Deodars of Light. 284. Stone guardians gathered in Mountain Hermitage. They asked each other: "Darkness and disorder are in the world! Humanity doesn't want to change earthy treasures to spiritual! Whom to entrust carrying of Stone?" Elder sage uttered: "Let it be disorder and decay of fundamentals, but spirit will detach from Earth easier. Disaster and benediction are links of one chain. Find the most poor and humblest pilgrim and entrust him holy treasures. Stone will choose worthy itself. When heart is tired of world burden man dives inside. Worthy will be found among deprived only!" Another sage argued: "But rags cannot hide holy casket. More suitable place is needed". Elder answered: "Rags depict that illusion rules earthy world! Let's find one who is poor but neat and clean. Poverty of household doesn't mean poverty of soul. Poor may have clean and noble house, not jammed with grimaces of vulgarity. Holy Gift has its place in humble corner. It will be the only one sacred article for him to guard. Lustre of profusion makes blind. And true light may be unseen under that tinsel". Signs of Gods come to pauper house too.
        Mountain hermitage. 47. Bringing the Stone to Future evolution Land was expedition task. Parts of Aerolit kindled in different places where the Stone was carried by. And Belukha droned with Hymn of Joy, meeting Urusvati. And City, fenced in with Columns of Light, appeared in front of their eyes. Spiritual City of the World awaits predestined hour. Cosmic current will not be late even for a moment. What is planned by Masters will come true. Plan of evolution will be necessarily fulfilled.
        Mountain hermitage. 54. Protective Shield of Orion Stone magnets existed on planet in ancient times. World Heart protected sprouts of new evolutional spiral. Ignorance and envy of human race brought Atlantis to destruction. Sphynx, which formerly has Aerolith on its body, survived, but Stone was destructed, however not disappeared, and spread all over the Earth. Sphynx was the centerpoint of the Shield. A piece of World Heart wanders over the world, and big pieces are reposited in Mountain Hermitage and White Mountain. Celestial Fires are kindling. Stone matter becomes alive flesh. Energies of Open Heavens bring Orion power into blood, and many are wandering in the world as holy magnets. Ordinary, humble and even poor as they are, they perform kindling of space. A lot of darkness still remains on the planet, and henchmen of Prince are well-trained. Carriers of Stone are Light Warriors. They bring radiation of evolution. Celestial Shield will start working soon for the good of the World.
       Mountain hermitage. 145. Koksa is burnt with Stone radiation. Treasure of the World has been here more than one day. Verkhny Uimon is charged for the future. That is the cause for extraordinary energy of the place.
        Pyramids of Light. 45. Steps of Power Stone revealed their presence. Special energy of spiritual manifestations marks the places of World Treasure stay. It would be very edifying to track its path from the very beginning and up to nowadays. Casting a look of Supermundane Wisdom at the Earth, Stone seeks perfect heart, where its small spark lives. That heart has Shambala of Spirit and White Tower of Master of Masters. Memories of every monade wandering live in that beautiful stronghold. Our Divine form - Fiery Friend - resides in that shining world of light. Highest being itself resides in the world of that beauty. When monade started its great and endless wandering, it took a small part of that world, so dear to it, according to ancient custom of fetching a small lump of dear land. When suffering becomes unbearable, when darkness doesn't allow to breathe the full breast of purity air, then consciousness and soul dive deep. In joyful abode of its own divine self it gets new energy for further wandering. Crystallized power of Cosmic Peace and Spiritual Luck was put in Stone matter. Fluids of element perfection and best combinations of its qualities are collected in that Secret of Secrets. Then what is the whole planet, consisting of so rational though physical matter? Densified energy of Cosmic Energy only can densify spatial fire like this. Great Spirit of one Cosmos only dictates reasonability of such actions.
        Pyramids of Light. 156. Heart of the World - holy Orion - incessantly radiates energy of future. Cosmic magnet of our small universe absorbs currents of these gracious powers. And sacred Stone - World Treasure - influences future of the country where it is reposited. As a fragment of its mother planet it is able to speed up exhaust of bad karma and attract formation of great and crucial events. Finding and attracting high spirits, some time associated with building of statehood in all great countries is one of Power Stone's many functions. Unexpected quirk of fate set to be the head of the state persons who are able to move the squeaky cart of ever-growing problems. Great courage and power are needed to bear such energetic tensions. No one of earthy rulers would be able to govern without support of Hierarchy of Light. Evolution will draw the world to have Prophets and World Masters as heads of the states.
        Raido, of path of Joy. 101....Moriy metal is contained in osmiridium exactly. But its amount is not more than one kilogramm all over the planet. Only Brotherhood has such an equipment to extract at least one gram... Osmiridium has radiation of spiritual nature. One subjected to its invisible rays influence gets a charge of high inspiration and determination. All these phenomena are happening through exposure to hidden metal in it. Stone-pilgrim and planet, where it came from, has the same chemical basis. But concentration of that matter exceeds by few orders one in osmiridium. In other words it is pure unalloyed Moriy. Main body of Chintamani is in Brotherhood. Top floor of White Tower, where Great Master works, is made of it.
       Faces of Light. 83. Fragment of Stone, dropped out of Lucifer crown when he was precipitated from Celestial Realm, became Holy of Holies. Wandering secret or reality? Novgorod remembers the times of its greatness, when twelve priests guarded the Holy Ark. Tamerlan's army has holy image on its banners and armors. And Alexander the Great carried it as a gift to his beloved. Unknown is the Stone path, Orion sent it for the future times. Screen from that Stone may be a natural instrument for communication with highest Hierarchy. Not in vain its name is World's Heart, as heart may absorb and unite all powers of universal love and knowledge.
        Message of Infinity.4.... Belukha carries holy Stone. And Lord's Chalice is reposited there. Earthquake doesn't threaten it since that holy article is at its foot.
        Space of Light.102. "Let the City of Stone be praised, but path of Treasure is set". Good news are stored in inexplicable secret. White Mountain reposits casket with Stone. Heart vibrates, absorbing Mountain vibrations. Rationality of currents is great, and bliss is flowing out of World Heart's Treasure. Orion is a Heart of our Galaxy.
        Space of Light.168....Place where the casket with Stone was buried was known to Udraya only. Foot of the White Mountain knows the secret path. Evil hand will not get the World Eye. Unknown heat may burn if uninvited touches sacred door. A stony door exists in the mountains which has never been opened. But Great Warriors of Light opened and entered the Temple which is older than Atlantis and Lemuria. Mother of the World Herself stands on the Altar of Light in ever-burning ray of Orion. Part of Universal Heart will be taken by selected only. Konrad is seeking it again, attracted by living vibrations of the Secret. There are a lot of evil eyes among European visitors. Glacier was drilled only to have a pretence to inspect tops, especially Urusvati Mountain. One may dig the whole mountain away and remove it totally, but not find the Holy of Holies of all the highest aspirations. But seating at the foot anight one may see how wonderful halo of unseen Light shines and how Orion prana breaths when constellation is in zenith onto white snows of great Mountain. Asia hears that holy breath again, pointing out the time of Russia awakening. Siberia reveals ancient knowledge.
        Space of Light.356. Mother's of the World hand moves the secret of Stone. . Mother's of the World hand grants the Golden Flower of Universal Wisdom. All-seeing Agni resides in Stone of stones.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord!.356. Chintamani symbol, which passed human epochs and evolutions, symbol, which was guiding the best times of nations and states, has been supporting human children always. Heart of the World, Great Teraph of spiritual aspirations, it ruled flourishing, influence and glory of the country where it was reposited. Guardian of spiritual power, possessing great mightiness of Light, has not finished its earthy wandering yet. Great path is predestined to it. Parts of distant star Stone exist on every planet, linking into one chain of cooperation efforts of leaders. Highest spiritual principle is incarnating in every body as ever-burning spark, so that consciousness will not loose its path in thick fog of earthy dusk. Great Chintamani selects the spirit which it will come to by itself.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 288. Last of great khans-oyrots, Amursana, kept holy black Stone Tyada on his altar. Chintamani is its second name. According to legend his empire was spread over biggest part of Mongolia and China and was powerful and educated. Having one alphabet and state post, Amursana's empire was building a spiritual buddhist state. Empire has great cities, schools, monasteries, and its own records, starting from the times of Great prairie. Temples have even chud' scrolls in its libraries. Great Tyada had good influence upon Amursana's state, which fragments are in Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. It was a regular attempt to unite nations under the shield of holy symbol, sacred mystic cosmic relic.
        Spring of life, 64. A great liberating mantra is cut on Tbyn-Bogdo-Ula pass, known in Tibet and Himalayas as "Oum mani padme hoom". The same mantra was cut on the northern cheek of Belukha between great images of all world buddhas from the beginning of physical humanity existence. Mani-mantra is given as heart equivalent of World Heart, or Chintamani. Incessant chanting of that mantra forms a Ringse crystal in head, rescues from suffering of extra embodiments. Mani mantra is as a wire to Orion belt, conducting the current of spiritual knowledge of Highest Worlds. Raising the level of earthy philistine consciousness, Mani-mantra determines and forms schemes of future incarnations, implementing Masters' plan. Mani-mantra invokes all the sacred and highest what is kept in depth of every awakened heart. It is like a crook for eternal pilgrim. It is shelter, food and heat of night's lodging. It is heart of loving brother and guide through dark worlds of oblivion. It is a thread of happiness in labyrinth of endless reembodiments, whichever world they are taking place. And pass name "Chike-Taman" is but a perverted Chintamani, or one of the holy places where Stone of Life has been once for a long time. Amursana owned the stone, and has left holy article in one of buddhist monasteries when leaving Mongolia.
        Spring of life, 370. Heart of World Mother masters the mystery of Stone. Heart of World Mother protects promised treasure. It will return back to its ancient abode in proper hour, to one of the greatest magnets of earthy world, where it started its route from. But fragments of One Stone are spread all over the Earth, composing planetary protective net. Magnets of Light, lighting up from crossing of rays, are building great spider-web.
        Spring of life, 392.... Humanity has to become one family. And those who benefit from country resources has to contribute for destiny of millions of homeless and neglected children. It will not be overestimation to consider that task as primary for the country. Children are main Russian resource. Role of teachers and tutors should be higher than of banks and economy. The more powerful will be intellectual-spiritual impulse and interest to various branches of knowledge, the more guaranteed will be development and flourishing of My Country. Stone will come to Russia. Stone will establish in its heart. And My abode will become a carrier of World Treasure.


Plateau Ukok

       Mountains of Light.123. Ukok as a land of Future has been protected from time immemorial, and if that magnet of densified astral is disturbed, reaction of World Mind will be terrible. It will influence the state of elements first of all in faraway parts of the planet. Nature will react gross interference of technocratic beings. Demonisation of holy places and breaking balance of the Wheel of Law will cause disharmony of worlds. Earthquakes and catastrophies will illustrate careless attitude towards Mother Nature.
       Mountain Hermitage. 66. Celestial pasture, or Celestial Fields are one of the holiest places of Altai. Located between Belukha and Tabyn-Bogdo, on Ukok plateau, they symbolized ancient Scythians' conception of celestial country, waiting for them in the future. They knew that death is awakening to the other world. Subtle sensations of densified astral are always present in these places even nowadays. Energies are turning to nightmares and terrors. It may be dreamed or seen in reality. Subtle World consciousness is wandering near by in these fields and interfusingly.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 279. Plateau Ukok as a repository of planetary memory saves treasures of ancient temples from the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. If foundations exist, built of giant stones and having many kilometers length, then they could be made by beings which were able to do that. Wind totally removed walls and domes of these buildings, but fog frequently accepts strange forms of architecture unknown to us. Emanations of memory come out of mountains and stones as radiation. Thoughtforms, which stones-guardians are overfilled with, are slowly flowing as subtle fragrance, causing visions and entering human minds. Temples of Great and Ever-Young Mother of Secret Anura were known not only by Atlantis and Arktida. Mother of the World has spread Her wings above the White Mountain Subur-Ula, which the name of whole continent is originating from.
        Spring of Life! 138....Steps of races left so vivid traces, that their contours are seen even on the surface. For Ukok geoglyphs are older and more sacred than Nasca images. Many forgotten cities of celestial country are preserving unknown records and knowledge. One can be said, that Ukok was a mystic center of training high priests and magicians of the whole planet.
        Spring of Life! 140. Pyramids in Altai are just one more evidence of influence and belonging of that land to Egyptian civilization. If Japanese call Altai Arta, it sounds like "orda", and "aryavarta", as citizen of Arktida called their country. If we suppose that Northern Pole was in White Mountain region, then Arktida could be here, in Altai. It means that age of Ukok cities may be referred to one or even two million years.
        Spring of Life! 160. Ak-Alakha reposits not a single secret. More than three hundred cities are buried in Celestial Land.
        Spring of Life! 315. Fiery dragons of Qin Shi Huang Ling flew up and landed on celestial fields. Ukok secret is so inabsorbable by common consciousness, that it has to be decrypted by future generations. Land of living mountains, living rivers and stones is soaked by energy of high consciousness up to every atom. As if not plateau, but great living being stopped motionless for a moment, fallen into a dream of unconsciousness. But breathes and murmurs something when dreaming, repeating ancient spells and cosmic hymns. Gates of Heavens are always near by, always opened, and stars are touching stones and flowers as luminous beings with their wings.



       Deodars of Light. 246. .. Horns, transformed into flowers in tattoo of Altai princess, meant transformations of animal, or instinctive energies, into cosmic powers. Flowers have always been a sign of supermundane, or celestial knowledge. Horns as symbols of sexual power which has to be sublimated into spiritual knowledge. Furthermore fairy-tale animals where marals and meant belonging to cosmic totem of Youch-Myigak - constellation of Three She-marals, or Orion Belt, which White Mountain is associated with. The ancient knew more than we do. And their hearty power of intuition was by order higher than ours. They were part of the nature and lived as its true children.
       In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 279. Destruction of burial mounds - desecration of altars of great ancient temples - allowed underground fire to came out without any obstruction. Places for burial mounds were selected not by chance. They served as lockers, closing the gates for harmful energies. Even radon could not get out, closed by ancient magic spells. Net of burial mounds was located in places, most inclined to earthquakes and hurricanes. Evil will touch inevitably. Let us not blame the nature itself. For destruction of great magnets is done by human hands. Those who laid holy magnets didn't know that waves of atheism will overflow human minds and venom of unbelief which is similar to imperil only will corrode whole strata of Akasha chronicles, associated with the beginning of humanity in the times of Lemuria. Many wharfs of central-asian sea are buried under taluses. Great cities are removed by earthquakes and avalanches. But memory of spiritual realizations didn't exhaust due to that.
        Spring of life. 138. Door to hell, which Ak-Kadyn had been closing, is still opened. Negative energy, which gushed out from lowest worlds, provoked natural cataclysms, earthquakes and tsunamis, but human conflicts also, which catalysts became Turkic nations starting from Caucasian Albania. Not one shrine or one great city exists on plateau Ukok, but whole holy country, which layers are laying unknown not two-three thousand, but hundred thousand or million years. Therefore it will not be correct to concentrate attention at one very short period of time, corresponding Great Turan. Altai civilization is quite young and to privatize Ukok as idea of pan-turkism means to forget great civilizations preceding it. Great Egypt and Great India, Aryan and Atlantis empires have their cities in Altai too. Ochi-Bala was chud heroic mighty more likely than Altai. Ancient memory is buried under the dust of commonness. But Ak-Kadyn, white mistress, will incarnate in earthy women, protecting the entrance to darkness kingdom, so that past cannot come back and bring sufferings and misfortunes to anybody. To make a parade of naked mummy of high priestess of One God and carry her to different regions and countries, pursuing personal ambitions is blasphemy. Pharaoh imprecation is not an idle fantasy. The same is the case with Ak-Kadyn mummy. Broken gates with protecting symbols were closed with the power of pure heart. Great Guardian of White Altai has left his traditional place. Khan Altai will not leave his children without protection. As incarnation of Ak-Ene Ukok priestess preserved earthy flesh, which should some time awake as sleeping beauty in crystal coffin from burning kisses of great Lord. But Altai was called holy mountains long before coming of turkic nations. Master Svyatogor knows the secrets of world and separate human being times. It is on his hand that power of the world is kept.
       Spring of life. 160. Symbolism of tattoos on Ak-Kadyn body is referred to general tendencies of "animal style". The fact that tattoos are made on left hand only indicates incompleteness of initiations cycle. Starting from the right thumb tattoos were done to symbolize every initiation to mysteries of one tengrian tradition. Presence of the Ram, or Lamb on finger means that from early childhood she was meant for sacrifice, saving the planet from future cataclysms. Deer as symbol of Supreme Deity of Light, or White Sky, is connected with World Heart according to ancient beliefs, or with Orion Belt. Girl has taken a vow of election, what has a confirming sign of fantastic animal on her palm about. Hand as antenna of heart reflects processes, going on in it. Not without reason wings are indispensable attributes of loving or inspired heart. Indicative of spiritual self-sacrifice, upper tattoo makes of deer a griffin-like animal, which passion energy, restricted by celibacy, flourished in space as new flowers of knowledge, having passed through seven centers to the eight, sattvic, but has not obtained wings for fiery flies to constellation Youch-Myigak yet. White fawn is still grazing on celestial pastures anight, and comes back in daytime... Griffin-like animal indicates fight with dark powers, and its beak is darkened. That's belonging to Infinity. Tattoos of man and woman are made in one vein of knowledge. Phalanx of thumb is associated with vissudha, or spatial center. All reproductive powers are given to high mind of World Heart. Head of fantastic animal has a form of fawn head. But Ram sign on right thumb phalanx is an oath, or declaration that she knows that she would be sacrificed, and is preparing to that fully understanding the accepted duty. Such a person was to be hold in respect as prince or supreme ruler. And accounting for spiritual importance of that person for the whole planet gifts were sent to him from rulers and priests from all parts of the world. Signs refer to the Ram as to cosmic epoch, during which a tradition of deliberate human sacrifice was developed. Like great Mystery of Crucifixion. Mystery of Sacrifice is interpreted as expiation of the whole humanity sin, which attracts underground powers for using them with special purpose. Ak-Kadyn was white magician of planetary level. That sacrifice only could save humanity once again - to lock the chink to lowest astral worlds with own body. Wild outburst of catastrophes was softened. Erlican servants were not stealing human souls and frightening highlanders. Tattoos were done year by year. From fingers to shoulder. Cat as gatekeeper of other world is considered to be astral being. It feels the presence of spirits near it and reacts to their appearance. As animal of moon goddess Hator it becomes active in the night. It is not excluded that Ak-Kadyn was associated with moon cult. But Ram is evidence of sun theme in tattoo contents. In Iran-Persian traditions a connection may be found of these images with fire cult. But it should be noted that geoglyphs divide Ukok plateau into separate surface sectors. Which of the images was Ak-Kadyn found is very import to learn. But it was unprecedented barbarity to pour boiling water over mummy. Losses are very high. Only Sun may perform precept of opening secret. Only Sun enlightens deceased soul. Spirits of light are indignant, but cannot revenge because of their love for human beings. Circulation of earthy and supermundane create whirlpool of life. Seven semi-circles on deer horns are seven centers, seven planet globes, seven planets, preserving the universe. Accounting for growing of horns from the head it means full opening of resonators, or Bell center, heart center and thousand-petalled lotus. Studying the history with seven clues from literally to spiritually changes every knowledge.
       In chain of eight solar systems, or human civilizations, Earth is on the eight place in that very quadrant of universe. Galaxy, indicated with quadrilateral in circle, has four sectors, everyone being under its own Hierarchic Ray. Earth is situated in one of outlying regions of Life Great Circle. Sphere of visibility, or physical universe, includes five human civilizations, and two in semi-material, or astral states, they are on the way to diving into flesh. Upper part means cosmic sphere of paradise gardens, or Fiery World, where Eternal Blossoming reigns, or Spring of Spirit. Earthy dimensionality is transformed into secret of new dimensions. Two forelegs mean copper age, when the cow of virtue stands on two legs. Relics of animal world gather closer to crown of spirit, where real life of being is moving to. Clockwise rotation corresponds to movement of Galaxy branches around its center. Svastikal direction of life whirlpool keeps inside trinity of lowest nature, where three gunas reign: sattva, rajas, tamas. Animal atavism, fed by earthy energies through tail, contributes to harmony of one power chain. White maral, or Great Guardian of Human original Motherland, gives an idea of new evolutional turn, when instead of wolfy or animal origin, and She-Maral, or celestial origin, only celestial will prevail. In Japanese mythology deer is Lord of Heavens, or first living being, which human mind obsessed. But symbolism of tattoos in general means rather their cosmic import also because they are done on left shoulder as on symbol of supporting the world. In one tradition it is Atlas. But in other- Orion. And it is no mere chance that should-straps, meaning military ranks, are worn exactly on shoulders, signifying social and cosmic responsibility which man has. Burden of Orion as of Great Galactic Sphere bearer is expresses definitely and clearly. If this tattoo is superposed with celestial map, many interesting spiritual discoveries may be done.
        Spring of life. 171. Ak-Kadyn and images on her skin are closely connected with tattoos of man in Pazyryk burial mound. Style and clue of these tattoos are absolutely identical, but man's indicate that he passed full cycle of initiations and achieved higher level of knowledge. Few spheres and high circles above golden deer's head of Ukok priestess are lacking, as well as tattoo on the right shoulder and other parts of body. Man was earthy power keeper, or Svyatogor embodied in human. Tradition of drawing is fully kept and tattoo was done in the same way, but Pazyryk one is more detailed, rich in sense, occupying whole breast area. Ascension from the Fishes to Cosmic Deer through Capricorn, or mountain rams, defines evolution of incarnations. Fish symbolizes that natural element for human being is cosmic water, or wisdom, called Akasha chronicles. Few galloping rams symbolize a sequence of sacrifices in sense of incarnations which were performed by the high priest of his own free will, whom he is in Tengri tradition!
        Spring of Life. 178. Protector of peace - Ak-Kadyn - guarded the Gates of underground world. She didn't allow creatures of lowest astral eating human fear and breaking harmony of Holy Mountains' consciousness to come to earthy plane. If semi-maral semi-griffin on Ak-Kadyn left shoulder is her carrier, or curan, all other animals drawn in tattoo, may be riding animals for consciousness in different worlds. More simply spirit may transmigrate for special tasks to one or another animal or bird body: from fish, carrier of wisdom of proto-ocean, where life had its origin, to griffin-maral. World tree changes a lot of appearances. Initiations mean cycle of incarnations. But there is no one representative of birds. Only the beak of griffin-maral points out bird origin. Ak-kadyn was very young, and part of tattoos of her future gallery may be accomplished by pazyryk man mummy. Images are made in the same way. But initiations cycle was not finished in case of the man too. He has no death sign. Hence he continued conscious life, having left his body for a while. Safety of brain may be not only in natural factor, but Samadhi. There was a belief in ancient Egypt that spirit may enter the mummy and vivify it for special purposes. The same may happen to Altai high Tengri priests.
        Spring of life. 187. Ak-Kadyn, embodied mother Ak-Ene, naked and unprotected, roams about the world, getting cold in empty museum halls anight and trembling of inexplicable shame in daytime, being exhibited to curious public, tired of pretentious novelties.
        Spring of life. 269. Giant fish Ker-Balyk, living in celestial lake of souls, keeps inside animal and bird embryos. Drawing it at kidneys meridian is clear hint that along with sacral clue tattoos of priest and priestess were symbols of influence upon nature and people by one or another currents, radiated by parts of body. Fish image may mean astronomic cycle and capability to control raged elements. Who will exhibit naked body of his mother to amuse indifferent public, which is deadly bored and ready to give away everything for new entertainment? Naked White Mother knocks doors of houses, asking for shelter and night lodging. She is cold from evil curiosity. Killed by boiling water, with burns and wounds, she had no time to awake from holy dream. But her flesh cried, some said that tremor of hands was even seen. Breath hole in ice was opened, but how could these ignorant great scientists know that they are boiling the living soul of Altai nation? She was covered with ice so that small insects, ants and worms were not able to eat the living body. Up to nowadays Indian yogis refuse from Samadhi in some places because of great number of termites and other flesh-eating insects, living in soil.


Ancient knowledge

        Mountains of Light. 87. Cities of ancient knowledge will open up again. Holy City of White Mountain will raise its walls once again from the bondage of white waters which are protecting it since proper time comes
       Mountain hermitage. 133. Ancient Hyperborean reveals secrets of antiquity. Valaam, Solovetsky islands, megaliths of the North, chud cities - are but ruined fragments of ancient knowledge. Not relative, but real knowledge, originating from Golden Age. Knowledge which was brought to Egyptian sands by descendants of Sun dynasty. Knowledge, spread by ancient rishis, easily moving through all elements. Underground and air roads, curbing space fire and spatial waves were known to Hyperborean. Advanced language and scriptural traditions. And books, waiting for being discovered. Ancient legends will be read in new sense, and clearly will be seen what is given for our time.
       Pyramids of Light. 6. Holy books of ancient Hyperborean are waiting for return to Russia. Prophecies of Aryan sages are coming true. Birth of ancient Vedic culture was caused first of all with laying down magnets all over the world. According to special constellation scheme - from Egyptian pyramids to Seid-lake, from Stonehenge to Belukha, from Shvetadvipa to temple of Great Mother at holy lake near Omsk. But soul of White Mountain preserves in heart World pulse. Soul of White Mountain radiates energy of sacred wisdom, which becomes either worldly science or spiritual realizations. Temple of Life is full of unique energies of coming moments. River of time pans out golden sand of Wisdom. Drops of thoughts are merging during the process of new discoveries, forming a fiery base for idea. Volos Book is a minor fragment of general Vedic wisdom. This ancient source of great knowledge will become available for two thousand years during Aquarius epoch again.
        Signs of Light. 94. Altai is a storage and guardian of great memory of humanity. This ancient memory preserves sacred connection of all previous civilizations and that land. It is obvious that white faith is a basement of all three modern faiths. Buddhism, Christianity and Islam originate from Tengri cult. Secrets of previous cycle's knowledge are reposited in ancient temples and libraries, hidden in mountain depths. Endless galleries exist, filled with not only material treasures, but ancient art and books, written on very thin golden sheets with Namig letters. Nine secret Buddhism books are but weak sound of powerful music of available knowledge. Forgotten and dead long ago records are still radiating subtle fragrance of wisdom. But they are hidden because use of magic formulas, mandalas and ideograms would be unseen disaster weapon. Magic wars are but spoiling lowest astral layers.
       Message of Infinity. 210....Ancient temples are closed. Stone doors are buried and overgrown with thorns and prickles. Sacred words which open rocks are forgotten. Spells are hidden in depths of Time Chronicles. Only Master's name can be a key from Celestial and earthy gates.
        Message of Infinity. 285. Earth is hardly revealing and giving its shrines. It guards secrets firmly. Having broken harmony of elements' combination it's hard not to go mad. Protection is built of elements' spell. Great secrets are guarded by great energies, which pure heart only can bear. Atlantis library, consisting of books with golden pages, once will be revealed to the world and decrypted ancient knowledge will surprise many people by its simplicity. This will especially refer to use of cosmic energies for peaceful purposes.
        In Obedience to Your Word, oh Lord! 182. One will be surprised to see a door in the mountain: "Why is it here?" But the ancient knew miraculous treasuries and workshops of cosmic technologies. What science is just approaching is but a weak knock to the doors of Wisdom.



       Deodars of Light. 151. Praying people on White Mountain, giant women on path to the Top, legends about caves with precious stones and about meetings of she-guardians of these treasures - all that are links of one and the same legend about chud, which went underground.
       Deodars of Light. 117. Chud and zyryans occupied territory of Asia and Europe before Aryans came. Chud was a nation of giants. Chudskoe lake is equally ancient name to Zyryanovsk.
        Mountain Hermitage. 130. One of chud cities stood on Lov-lake, pyramids and temple ruins are from prehistoric times. Not pagan but Shrine of ancient and eternal knowledge. Chud words merged Russian language. Chudo (miracle), chudesa (miracles), chudesnitsa (she-magician), chuvstvo (sensation), chutkost (sensitivity) - innumerous are examples, all that are chud language rudiments.
        Mountain Hermitage. 156. Zyryans or zoryans, this was a name of chud nation's branch from time immemorial. Meeting of Sun at dawn ("zorya") was mandatory attribute of their religion. Hence zoryane. One more aspect resounds in that name. These nations have vigilant ("zorkie") eyes, or eyes of wisdom. Communication with wild nature made them part of it. They felt how good and disastrous acts of nature are approaching and knew beforehand what to do
        Pyramids of Light. 42. Chudo-nation ("miraculous"), originating from three white celestial she-marals, all that references in ancient legends confirm community of great people once existed on Ukok plateau and in the south of Mountain Altai.
       Signs of Light.94. Zyryans, or zoryans was the name of white-eyed chud, which genotype Konstantin Vasiliev reflected in his great paintings. Children of dawn inhabited Altai in the times of Atlantis.
        Faces of Light.24. Great cities of unknown chud are sleeping. Underground temples are singing and bells are ringing. Destiny brings ancient knowledge back to daylight. Golden Age times are coming again and great secret - prayer of realized heart - is silently filling with awe.
        Faces of Light.27. Temple of World Mother shines on the White Mountain. Temple of Great Farther shines on the White Mountain. Chud, giants-bogatyrs, who lived in Altai in the times of Atlantis, worshipped Uru and Svati. Ether cities and temple of the great nation are still seen. Giant stones of unknown buildings are radiating graceful power. Wind brings voice sounds of the nation which disappeared long ago. Unknown gods are still waiting for their names to be pronounced by somebody and worship incense to be burnt.
        Faces of Light.33. Legends about chud women, coming out of underground and about giant sitting elders surrounded by books and strange articles, which purpose is forgotten now, are but references to that nation existence in this land.
        Faces of Light.38. Gates of Gods, built by ancient initiated chud and zyryans, or sons of dawn, are assimilating cosmic energies as if being two great rays.
        Faces of Light.40. Chud legends are gone from people memory. Fragments merged in Altai and partially old-believers folklore. But what is recorded in Akasha Chronicles cannot be destroyed even by fire. Memory about existence of some sacred Temple in heart of Asia where silent voice was heard is still revolving around Uimonia. More than one sacred book of Great Teaching of Light was recorded in this Temple. But now this place is but a giant ochre boulder at Yarlu, half-buried by mud streams and footprints of unseen beings are present in that holy place. White Mountain, mysterious and attracting, awaits for its children.
        Faces of Light.67. Temple of Uru, Temple of One God was holy for everybody in the times of chud. One of tops saves that name even nowadays. Names of gods are being forgotten, temples are becoming dilapidated, but divine power of blessing still exists in places of ancient mysteries.
        Faces of Light. 74....Ancient chud people worshipped Seven Great Masters, living in White Mountain, and whole region, encircling it concentrically, had been an earthy illustration of celestial bodies' orbits. Earthy paths are but reflection of paths celestial.
        Faces of Light. 83. Underground chud - land of sages and bogatyrs - rises its temples again. And Fiery Banner of Light is already above the stronghold of Temple of the Heaven.
        Message of Infinity.271. Legends about underground chud are revolving in the Valley even nowadays. This topic got new impulse in connection with building of a new bridge to Verkhny Uimon. Ancient hill, or mezhelicks, are destroyed for getting construction material for the bridge. In local legends mezhelicks are considered to be gates to other planes. Even in thirties many people saw a lot of humans in physical body, coming out and entering the foot of mezhelick. After that authorities decided to explode the entrance to underground and stop that uncontrolled chud visiting. In other villages of the Valley the same cases are discussed, convincing everybody of their truth. Altai land is full of treasures indeed as a box filled with unknown secrets of history.
        Message of Infinity.180. Ancient mosses have hidden sacred miracle from curious eyes. Language of recorded secret words is forgotten and only the mightiness of radiated power as echo brings spirit of protomemory to our hearts. Chud names, chud cities' ruins are buried and hidden from sunshine. But mountains remember. And know. Their silence is sometimes more eloquent than words, as they are radiating light in night time and sending their ancient archetypes and thoughtforms in silent shining with hope that at least one heart will hear their story, coming out from the depths of Great Knowledge.
        Message of Infinity.229. Chud books and chud treasures are carefully guarded in Altai. It is a golden fund of Brotherhood of Light, or one of its branches. Now Bratina, or Golden Chalice, can be lifted by some number of people, while Chud Rulers drunk suritsa from it - beverage which gave power and inspiration. Nations are gone, states are destroyed, but mysteries remain, as well as remnants of material culture. So many treasures are reposited in the ground that findings brought to daylight represent one tenth percent of their total number. Even the golden fund of darkness brotherhood cannot be compared with them.
        Message of Infinity.343. Underground roads are crowning glory of chud, girding whole earth globe and built even under seas and oceans. Thousands and thousands of miles long is this skilful network of arterial roads, allowing to reduce distance between cities, located on earth surface. The more far from each other are these places, the more distance may be saved. They know from long ago that Earth has a structure of dodecahedron. Underground bases of aliens and other beings could seem to be fiction, if there were not so many undeniable facts accumulated during historic process. For Agarthy and great Egyptian catacombs, Tibetian and south-american underground halls of initiation could be but fragments of one great architectural complex of ancient civilizations. Even Lemuria knew ancient paths.



       Mountain Hermitage. 159. It is deep ignorance to consider mountains as stone monolith. Many of mountains are hollow and thousands of caves and tunnels are merging and lead through earthy obstacles. Even secret paths, leading to sacred land, exist under ground. Even springs are met on route. And secret light is illuminating underground darkness. Ancient chud built these secret paths. Route was straight, earthy curves were bypassed. Asian legends preserve remnants of forgotten knowledge.
       Message of Infinity. 226. Ice caves of White Mountain may treasure Sacred Gates. Tops and rocks are not obstacles for high spirits. Their laboratory may be inside every top, but doors exist. Stone doors which have never been opened. Ancient mechanisms are still in order, and if proper point is found to touch one may come in without efforts and spending of nervous power. Crystal coffin of Svyatogor and sleeping bogatyrs are awaiting for their hour. Genofund of planet is saved in few places, Altai is one of seldom ones.
       Message of Infinity. 209....For majority of people a stand-alone rock may seem dilapidated mountain, while for spirit who sees it will manifest as Tower of Great Master. Many hidden entrances exist to the Temple of White Mountain, many labyrinths and caves. A stone laying separately may be taken for boulder supporting mountain cheek, but we shall open at once a secret entrance if we touch a certain spot.
       Message of Infinity. 279. Network of cave temples is connected through ancient labyrinths, existing in Altai from times immemorial. Repositories of ancient manuscripts and religious articles, and laboratories of natural powers are especially guarded.
       In obedience to your word, oh Lord! 10. Mountain foundations hide secret labyrinths of ancient paths which are much shorter than earthy ones. Surface is covered with folds of tops and canyons, but an ancient path is straight. Brotherhood, which R. belonged too, knew and kept these secrets. He descended himself to the mountain depth to approach a Lord's Altar, which Altai people call Throne of White Burkhan, buddhists - Maitreya's Throne. Times of One God will come back to blessed land of Altai to reconcile shamans and fire-worshippers, nestorians and moslems, buddhists and followers of many other branches of earthy Mother Sophia - God's wisdom tree. Historic examples will give a basis for union of those who think differently.
        Spring of life. 248....Repositories of wisdom are still there in strongholds of Himalaya, Tibet, Altai and Caucasus. Underground roads connected continents directly, not by earth surface, what saved distance greatly. Network of underground roads was spread according to dodecahedron principle, which has pentagon in its basis. Atlants made great success not only in getting control over air basin, but in building tunnels for sun energy circulation and underground roads between continents.
       Spring of life. 387. Great number of tunnels led to White mountain, as spokes to wheel axle. Chud arterial roads were built in accordance with high surveying art of laying underground tunnels, remaining from the ancient epoch of Capricorn, when humanity returned to learning and enhancing of earthy matter. Along with getting control over densified astral, Atlants built whole underground cities and countries with many palaces, observatories and scientific institutions.


Densified astral

        Lilies of Light. 128. Touching of densified astral cause attacks of somnolence and heaviness in head. Astral is densified up to rational level in some places of the Valley. Entering zones of that state is nearly insensible. Falling asleep and awakening are almost insensible if vigilance is not sharp. When visiting these zones subtle body ascends a bit higher than normally and phenomena of clairvision and clairaudience take place. Humanity is almost ready to these manifestations. Advanced disciples have been using that plane from long ago, for earthy burden is great.
       Lilies of Light. 460. Ether net is spread over the Earth. White snowflakes of higher energies are making a vibrating barrier against darkness. Densified astral is coming to earthy realm. Energies of Fiery Peace purify sacred place. Power of Stronghold removes a lot of rubbish. Altai will become one of High Spiritual Ashramas soon.
       Roses of Light. 102.... Whole regions of Altai are in densified astral zone. Primeval purity of these places is preserved so that it didn't change from the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Place where gods set their feet on Earth is equally holy and protected by Highest Power
        Deodars of Light. 166. Appearance of phantom human forms and their further materialization is observed near the White Mountain. In places with the most densified and transparent astral a border between worlds can be easily passed. Analogy with early Atlantis suggests itself clearly.
        Deodars of Light. 182. Ether cities are oftenly appearing above the places where powerful sources of culture, priest, warrior or monk settlements were located in ancient times.
        Deodars of Light. 68. Legends about enchanted places, leading to depths of any epoch, provide evidence of not only Altai antiquity, but well thought-out technology of returning to any time. Modern science considers time machine to be at least achievement of remote future, if not fiction. But ancient wisdom surpassed modern discoveries in many aspects. Therefore creating of temporal oasises cannot be regarded as myths or delirious fables of ignorant fools. Ancient temples exist, located at the border of worlds. Secret paths to other worlds exist. Repositories of innumerable treasures and collections of manuscripts and books belonging to the times of Atlantis flourishing exist, but hardly will anybody be able to read this great chronicle of human knowledge. Many libraries and art collections are located in the land of white mountains.
       Signs of Light.107. Densification of astral happens under the pressure of cosmic fire, which brings new world of ideas and completely new values to sleeping mind.
        Signs of Light. 131. Existence of Shambala ashramas in the state of densified astral is not a secret. From times immemorial these lands were selected to reposit planetary spiritual memory. Methods of universal realization of Agni are taught during mere physical presence in places where cosmic magnets are laid.
        Signs of Light. 147. Planetary spirits from all over the universe are rushing to help Earth. Fire made the best medium for their presence in our world. Islands of spirit, free from imperil depositions, are signs of worlds collaboration. Transparency of space requires purity, both psychic and spiritual. One may find himself in densified astral just walking behind the rock. Everything is possible in Altai. And Ashramas stand firmly, unseen by earthy eyes. Strongholds of holy city live their own fiery life. Earthy rocks seem to be impassable and devoid of life. But angel breath sometimes touches you with its purifying bliss and transfiguration of life makes you the happiest of humans living on Earth.
        Faces of Light. 20. So called "Gates to Paradise" exist. This is a place of passing to densified astral, to future planet. But the way is not for curious ones. Everybody gets into the world which he has built by his mind. Place of Gates is defined by various kinds of anomalies, starting from magnetic and ending with radiative. Genius of place dwells in Fiery Tower of Spirit, connecting the planet with cosmos. Magnet of power is not on Earth, but in fiery plane as a fiery construction. Oasises of densified astral really exist as foundations of future civilization. As if first trees of blooming garden. As if foundation pillars of New Life Temple.
        Faces of Light. 436. Throne of White Burkhan crowns the Pyramid of Light. Place especially revered by Altaians from ancient times. Pyramid is built of crystal and tourmaline depositions, and people oftenly see visions and signs in reality. Sometimes single and episodic, sometimes epic fragments from ancient times, connected with battles and funerals with a lot of participants. Akasha Chronicle is golographic in color and sound, but it needs earthy crystal as conductor of information to sensual plane. Phenomena of energy beings appearing with auric cocoon and physical man silhouette may refer to memory of the place or to protector, which is in other energy medium. Mutual diffusion of worlds and contacts between different layers of existence is noticeably intensifying in the epoch of unprecedented energies' tension. Solar system rapidly flies to the center of galaxy and power of fire increases incredibly not day by day, but even hour by hour. Even autumn is characterized by tension of solar consciousness radiation. Rationality of space is growing by orders.
       Space of Light. 184. Densified astral beings may appear on mountain tops. Tops influence is safe for them, while in valley they may not bear the tension. Energy tension near earth crust is so high that they explode as soap bubbles. Legend about vision of praying people on Urusvati top has real basement. World heart is planetary Temple and it is destined to be a connection between Earth and heavens, to be a celestial chariot in hierarchic unity of worlds infinity.
        Tablets of Light. 310. Spectral visions may appear when spatial memory is invoked like it happened in Hiroshima after nuclear bombing. They may reflect real event which reached very high degree of tension, like battles or fortress defense. The same way ancient buildings or natural objects may be seen, which existed in these places some time. Akasha chronicle is crystallized as silver cloud above to Valley and only one touch is enough sometimes to reveal vision, exhaling fragrance of the past. Even subtle smells of plants prevailing that time may be felt. A well-known event at Ukok plateau, when a man saw funeral of a ruler which happened tens thousands years ago once again reminds us of permanent and imperishable World Memory. Not without a reason these lands are called storage of humanity's protomemory. For path of Gods exists too, and tourists are walking by it every year. More vivid and frequent cases of various visions are caused by pressure of the fire, descending these strata down the worlds levels.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 140. Materialization of mind may occur in the form of light flashes, crystals, silver mist and densified plasma, or electric matter in the form of ball lightning. Cementing given place with spatial fire makes a place of power from it for many years. Even if external form of temple or shrine disappears plasmic or fiery form state remains forever and may be seen with developed Eye of Wisdom. Ancient Altai temples and monasteries at the foot of White Mountain, holy cities of celestial meadows, chud shrine remains - all that is emerging and revealing in space in the period of powerful solar activity and accumulation of that energy in one place. A wonderful cloud of Superior Mind, forming from ancient thoughtforms as a cloud of pollen in blossom season. It is in presence of this cloud that ether forms are manifesting. Even a White City of Light Lord may be seen above three tops. These phenomena may be taken for delirium and fantasy of ill mind, but influence is cast upon not only weak mind but groups of people, all different in beliefs and intellectual level. These ether forms cause commotion of nervous system. Living and palpable beings may be seen in these places, or even prayers with many thousand ether crowd. But this is not only Akasha chronicle picture, but real presence of disciples of one Dokyood ether school. First sign of distinguishing being from ghost is heat in heart in first case and freezing when meeting an empty shell. But shells often put on clothes of ether being which achieved liberation from physical flesh. Whole mediumistic world is full of shells and suicidal spirits. Existence of ether civilization is not widely discussed, but they do exist in accordance with tribal, ethnic and elemental attributes: for egregores of countries, where last earthy embodiment occurs attract spirit with their magnet for mission requiring physical body. It is left in Brotherhood under watch of Warriors of Light. Densified astral is coming to earthy realm more and more intensively and vividly, and reserved wild places are selected for that, where so called modern civilization didn't reach and will not reach for a long time due to lack of communications. Mountain Altai is a part of Brotherhood territory, which is used to test new aspects of human existence, capable to change world-view.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 216. White Mountain not only preserves stony labyrinths, leading into the depths of hard rock, to depositions of sunny salines, but gives origin to labyrinth, leading heavenward and located in densified astral spheres.
        Spring of Live 177. Oasises of densified astral existed in Altai right from the very start. Wells of spirit, which souls ascended to heavens through are like giant pillars of energy connecting planet with higher worlds. These are pillars of power, which Temple of the world is based on. Outwardly they look like natural landscape: stones, groves, lakes or mountain tops. Big formations of cavities inside planet because of oil and gas extraction create accumulations of physical vacuum. Reacting to low thoughts, which are attracted to planet depths, vacuum detonates from tiny spark of imperil and explodes, connecting through thought channel to its producer. Earth consists of physical vacuum up to forty percent and human hatred provokes its break-through in weak places, as it happened in Armenia and other regions of planet. Vacuum factor explains phenomena of shining and levitation of people, disorientation and even densified astral oasises in Altai. Acting as insulating force, switching off planetary gravity, physical vacuum produces magnetic communication with cosmic vacuum. Fiery power is mostly spread in the medium of Great Void. In human body, in Bell center, cavities exist, where human brain is located. Role of vacuum in the body is to cushion the impacts of the most important heart antennas. But on other planes it is flight to any location in Infinity. For vacuum gives no elemental resistance. On the contrary, it speeds up thought body flight.
        Spring of Live 207. Many beings unknown to humanity are living in Altai mountains. Among them are giants, who inhabited this land in the times of Lemuria, invisible mountain people, prankish mountain spirits, living in tunnels and caves. Elf and mermaid inhabitations exist, where they are materialized most vivdly and allow to see them. Mountain people, living near men, are invisible, but their talks may be heard, breath felt, and footprints may be seen, left on sand or dust. They belong to two worlds and exhibit a level of densified astral. What was seen by many witnesses cannot be considered a sign of collective madness or hallucinations. In such ancient lands as Altai which slightly changed since the times of Lemuria, one may face phenomena and manifestations which are hard to believe in even by inveterate dreamer and fancier. Sage said that real life events transcend all imaginations. Dew of Akasha Chonicle, when diffusing the flower of consciousness, is full of pictures of ancient events and beings, which in our pragmatic century may seem to be fanciful lie. When you feel somebody's glance from nowhere or accidental touch, have no fear, but remember those who are always near by. Islands of ancient civilizations are still alive. Legends about people, living on water surface and leaving footprints on it, exist in Altai and Sakhalin and Issyk Kul. Relict remains of ancient races, when humanity passed from densified astral to gross forms are still inhabiting the planet. It is similar to Lemurian race representatives' neighboring to beginnings of fifth and sixth race. Sakhalin fishermen eyewitnessed burning on water surface campfires, have seen around remains of these fires and heard talks in unknown language. Giant human-like figures were hardly distinguished in morning mist, walking on water surface as on dry land. On Multa lakes a legend exist about lake elder, who lives on water surface and reveals himself in the mist, frightening people a lot. In the legend about Arthur the King his knight was given a sword by lake lady, whose castle stood right on the water. Light of ancient truths has penetrated folk legends. If golden dust of tales is removed, signs of past may be easily read.
        Spring of Live 209. Altai magnets radiate power of transmutation. Human spirit hardly comes in resonance with mountain power. Wisdom soaked these mountains as rain soaks dry land. Rebuilding of soul is required. Giving up shell of decrepit thought we disclose hidden spiritual qualities, wondering at perception clarity. Awakening sleeping centers in head, energies of new time raise work of consciousness to the new step of existence. Transit from lunar humanity to densified astral will go on insensibly. It is in appointed hour that shifting of consciousness is occuring.
        Spring of Live 375. Having used ancient Aryan knowledge about hair of Shiva, Cain Thorm claimed possibility to instantly move to any point in the universe. For many screw passages exist. These phenomena were known to Altants, chud, building underground roads, almost instantly leading a man through any matter. Many initiated ones on Earth and in Space knew about chud roads. Thus can be explained facts of crossing an ocean in thirty-forty minutes under ground.. Getting in the whirlpool of timelessness Man is moving by the power of clear and deliberate thought. The same happened to expedition of Nikolas and Helena Roerich, when they could pass two hundred kilometers of mountain paths in 24 hours. Ancient arterial roads entered the plane of densified astral and came out in other region. In our case plateau Ukok, Belukha and Uimon Valley are gates leading to current of Shiva hair. In some places influence is so powerful that whole groups of tourists are missing. In other cases they return having fully lost memory. Vicious circles exist throughout the whole space of planet. Getting in spiral of shifted time may be followed by feeling of falling asleep with full reasoning power. As if you step on magic scene, where you get a role of not contemplator and traveler but test object.
        Phenomena of translation in time and space look from outwards as a flight of unidentified bodies surrounded by intensive chronar field. But man can either grow young again or become older. What was supposed to be a thread of Mother of the World is a tunnel of fast translation in space and time. Under conditions of return from such flights laws of earthy world actively continue their operation, starting mechanism of biological ageing of organism. That one may forever stay at distant star or invisible galaxy should cause no wonder. But without purity of physical relations and discipline of thought it is impossible to enter corridors of time without harm for consciousness. Many people think that there is an anti-world to outward inside earthy globe. Concave globe is illuminated and heated by internal Sun...


Places of power

       Mountains of Light. 89. Guardians of mountains, passes and rivers - leading elementals of nature, which protective functions are connected with preserving places of power.
       Pyramids of Light. 26. Places of power, or places of planetary heart energy outflow, are known from ancient times. Epochs, races, religions changed, but these sacred islands of worshipping the highest were always well-guarded. They served as salvation centers, where the soul was drawn near heavens most of all and where the Masters of Heavens may hear the prayer of aspiring hearts and give their aid. Communication with God endowed these places with magic of obeisance solemnity. Miracles and healing phenomena occurred and are still occurring there.
        Pyramids of Light. 78. Building pyramids on especially revered places is an ancient custom. Value of these places' energy is appreciated so. Building stupa and temples is defined by outflow of planetary heart power. A great number of them was near White Mountain. Pyramids and stupas were build according to certain scheme, which frequently was prescribed in prophetic dreams to lamas. Oftenly such a construction depicts some important spiritual event: initiation, taking monastic vows, achievement of some level of enlightment or passing to Nirvana. Value of the most important life events was defined. Cosmic events like solar and lunar eclipses were marked with the same signs. They considered that Sun and Moon were reborn, having bathed in waters of the other world. Birth of extraordinary children, passing of saints, beginning of holy battles, granting of great books were accompanied by miraculous events. These openings of other world gates were recorded both in calendars and of earth face. Signs of worship may be found on every mountain top. Be it mere grey stone, it carries a stamp of great event, which nobody remembers about. Only Akasha Chronicle scrolls reposit these precious records of spiritual life of humanity.
        Places of power are corridors of transition to other worlds. Therefore great phenomena and sudden healings are happening there. World is in primordial state there. Radiation of mineral and vegetable kingdoms are not polluted by miasmas of human ignorance. Search for such places for the good of people. Powers of Light will help you.
       Signs of Light. 166. Number of geophysical and abnormal zones in Altai is very high. Located along earth crust fractures they are channels of planetary psychic energy outflow. In the periods of solar activity they are revealing themselves through luminescence. Earthy fire meets solar, producing ruby luminescence of various intensity with inclusions of giant fiery crystals and shining balls. Animals sensibly feel the mightiness of power oasises and come there to recover. Stay in these places awakes hidden human capabilities and subtilizes his extrasensuality. For the ill and depressed by living circumstances these places bring relief and hope of better future.
        Signs of Light. 209. Ether matter emissions happen in places where spatial fire and psychic energy of planet are most powerfully merging. It is here that ether gets matter. It is here that bioplasma fountains are formed, seen as visual phenomena. Here clouds get the most vivid and fancy forms, as if animating ancient memory of the place. Sometimes one may watch battles, which took place here. These places of power generate new qualities of matter, which the whole planet will consist of in the future. Ether clouds are rational formations accumulating magnetic power of future. These may be subtle prototypes of temples, cities or other settlements to be built. Many eyewitnesses saw celestial cities and same distinct and bright dreams with similar events in the same places.
        Faces of Light. 26. Places of power are protected by stones and plants, exceeding by order sensitivity of many congeners. During certain astronomic periods energies of Light World may become lethal for humans and animals. Excess of powers, getting into man, may terminate cosmic currents, which are individual for every place of power. In Altai these are pyramids of mountains, shaman heaps. Plant and animal size in these places is extraordinary. If plant has receptors similar to auditory and visual ones, if roots are beating like hearts, then initiates, who hear the voice of grass, are not so mad as philistines, deeply rooted in materialism, consider them to be. Everything is alive, interdependent and interpenetrating. Stones will disclose their secrets in future and it will be found that they have nervous system and vital function organs.
        Faces of Light. 118. Plasmoids as formations, uniting energy and consciousness, are oftenly found above the places of perpetual outflow of psychic energy of the planet. They may be rational enough, but having no personal will. Light phenomena may be produced by depositions of osmiridium and morium. As self-shining metal morium deposited quite deep may manifest itself through tiny fractures in earth crust.
       Message of Infinity. 150. Phenomena of disappearance are frequently seen in such places in the mountains where three trees or three vertical stones stand.
        Message of Infinity. 498...In ancient times such good places were especially marked either with petroglyphs, or with menhirs, or standing stones, which later were transformed to primitive human images - so called "stony women". These places oftenly were characterized by healing action and paranormal phenomena. Pyramids have been used to mark such places in space as well.
        Space of Light. 352. Geo-hieroglyphs, or giant signs on Earth surface, might be used not only for magic purposes. Great many hypotheses exist and every one may touch a hint or guess but a single aspect of the whole meaning. Geo-hieroglyphs are not guiding signs for veemanas and agni-spheres, however this is true as well, but symbols, attracting the greatest current of spiritual energy to the place of power. Sacred jed could be not only in places of Egyptian or south-American pyramids, but Altai antiquities are much older. Altai is planetary protomemory and title of that great Book is being opened for reading now. Geoglyphs are Red Letters of Ancient Book of Wisdom.
       Spring of Life. 359. Stone thrones and symbolic gates are installed in Altai and Tibet in honor of visiting passes or mountains by some important person. Symbolic commemorative constructions are still standing in Altai mountains, overgrown with moss and lichen. Names of travelers passed are erased from memory, but sign is still standing, producing awe or fear, breathing with power of adoration of great spirit. Time has no authority upon these obo at mountain passes. Furthermore, white strips, tied to birch branches, appear more and more frequent. Altai people prayer to Great Spirit of Light continues with new power, although it has never stopped. Yalama originate from Tibetian prayer flags - loongta. Wind itself offered a prayer by moving mantras, written on them. Yalama is blank white strip as a connection of heart world with the world of Eternal Light. As if a part of silver thread, given for this short moment of earthy embodiment. Thought, soaked this part of fabric with solemn and inspired prayer, accumulated all wants of common people, for whom ail, horse and sheep are the most important for life. Simplicity makes people wise, for the simple will not take more than needed. While mountain wind waves strips on birch, Altai spirit is alive, power of nation, protecting holy mountains from urban breath, is alive.


Spirituralization of elements

        Lilies of Light. 7. Meteoric dust gives snow fragrance. Spring streams have rose smell because of that. Concentration of cosmic dust has spatial prana in its essence, pure and quite material. This is why ozone of heights reduces sleeping time and required amount of food. Bare rocks are charged with vital power. Highland grasses are few times more powerful in their officinal qualities. Stones are charged with cosmic current.
       Lilies of Light. 372. .. Stone may be not only a construction material, but a friend too. It is hard to understand spiritualization of environment, but it is a source where wisdom comes from.
        Roses of Light. 78. No being or phenomena can be separated from powers of creative World Mother. But flower and stone, tree and animal, human being and angel are so akin. Interpenetration of powers produces cohesion of matter and spirit and secret of world harmony.
        Roses of Light. 97. ...Ancient rishis, whose stories were dictated by Gods themselves, came again to fulfill new tasks. Current of World Heart rational energies is so great and dense that knowledge is deposited and accumulated in precious stones and crystal. Rishi could listen both heavens and speaking stones. Ancient oracles knew about stone language. Let us not take for madness requests to elements about secrets they treasure for every soul. Those who know patience and waiting can understand life of every sand grain.
        Roses of Light. 132. Voice of Devas, stones and grasses were heard by Milarepa. He knew the language of animals and birds, mountains and trees. He could whisper a message to wind and it would bring it to sensitive ear.
        Roses of Light. 201. Roses of Light are spiritually higher than many human beings. Roses are pure, tender and mysterious. Their voice can be recognized in murmur of thousands bursting flowers. Thousand-mouthed space is whispering words of knowledge. From the heart of flower to heart of distant galaxy fiery communication goes on. Voice of grasses is blessing to restless soul. One who have heard it can hear every living being - from beating of stone hearts to subtle sound of divine thoughts.
        Roses of Light. 67. Combinations of plants, neighboring in nature, should be studied for interaction with each other and man. Vegetable kingdom connects us with inexplicable sensations, which manifest Space. Plants may react to human illness and help him to recover. Why new grasses which didn't grow here a year before appear near the house? Activity of vegetable organisms is selective. Try to approach rose daily and speak with it, tenderly stroking its leaves. It will instantly respond your love with splendid blossom to please friend's heart. Contrary effect may be obtained in the same way, when an afflicted plant will die. Remember lesser consciousness. No more patient and fair friend and listener exists. Secret help is in every living flower. But cut flowers's life is short.
       Mountains of Light. 147. Roses sing their songs. Stars radiate ringing of thoughts. Every stone is a living material individual.
       Mountains of Light. 18. Whole universe is Infinite Ocean of Knowledge, and every monadic spark, spiritualized with knowledge of its powers, can communicate with every formation or even with small carrierof consciousness. Planets and stars, systems and galaxies, stones and trees communicate with each other. Only a man, having bonded himself with the armor of his exclusiveness as a king of nature has lost a connection with Universal Mind. Expanding the limits of consciousness, refining and growing, he will get back lost knowledge and will see and hear element spirits and distant stars inhabitants. As in fairytales, heavens, stones and plants will speak. Fire and water, wind and earth will bring their messages to purified spirit.
       Mountains of Light. 25. Human aura in all his detailed energy manifestations forms noosphere of closest environment. Event plants change their officinal power to higher one, trying to help ill human being this way. Currents of illness give an outburst of new curative plants near the house. Spiritual currents kindle fruit-bearing capability and change nutritional value and saturation of plants with proper matter. Man cannot be separated even from vegetable world. All nature is adapted to help human race, which separated himself from mineral, vegetable and animal world with a wall.
        Deodars of Light. 31. Plants easily and simple-hearted respond to feelings directed to them. Even productivity may become higher. Thought of plants is more natural than human, although weaker, but it doesn't tear the space, as lightning of hatred and fury. Plants try to surround a man with care and help him to get rid of current and escape future illnesses. They may even blossom in undue period in order to bring joy to friendly heart.
        Mountain Hermitage. 55. Stones are the oldest inhabitants of the world. They are condensers of earthy memory.
       Mountain Hermitage. 160. Learn courage and silence. Campfire coals will warn about attack. Wind blast will awake in dangerous hour. Fish will splash in the lake and branch will break and fall down. Secret signs are everywhere. All life manifestations are full of knowledge. Even stone may tell a lot, but it speaks slowly and nobody wants to listen long story instead of fast speech. Even stones are full of fiery mightiness in Mountain Hermitage.
       Deodars of Light. 73. Plants and animals are the most grateful beings in the world. Stones may shed tears of joy from a hearty touch. Mineral and vegetable world are unfailing human help-mates. Vital power of planet would exhaust without them. Energies of depths and space transform plants. Stones saturate waves of ether and preserve them, disposing by small portions. Earth and space fire is united in all natural realms.
        Pyramids of Light. 128. Sun radiations become so active and fatal for man in many cases because of ozone holes or heavenly gates opening. Space psychic energy rushed through them to earthy solid matter to perform Fiery Baptizing of the planet. Suppurative sores are healed through cauterization with red-hot sword. Sword of fiery energies is heated to its limit. Only tree aura and their ether mind prevent extermination of fragile human and animal beings. Trees are older and wiser than humanity. Their commitment capability is very high. Although man hurts a lot vegetable world, from the other side he cultivates gardening, vegeculture, cereal and other plants culturing. Communication with flowers, green planting around houses balance internal and external human weather, taking or giving part of space energy. Plants are somewhat filter of energy feeding of humanity. Current of space powers is distributed by these natural dams. As if invisible net of sluices, plants do not allow avalanche of fiery mightiness to wash out all living beings from Earth surface. Along with plants protective role is played by clouds, mountains, rivers and even sands of deserts. Mountain settlements are protected from illnesses and viruses by rocks, snows and solid woods of taiga. Mountains heal souls and sew torn auras. Mountain cedar groves are natural places of worshipping higher beings. Accumulating natural magnetism, plants give it back to humanity as moderate invaluable gift to world's evolution. Conducting the spacial power to stones, they get from them psychic energy of mineral realm. Vital power of medicinal herbs which grew on stones is five-seven times higher than of those grown in valleys.
        Cooperation of different elements is educative. One may envy extraordinary symbiosis of psychic powers - everything is filled and saturated with wild life, and at merging point of elements wonderful beings are created, uniting them. Bridge between worlds exists, connecting the world of the most gross matter with great Infinity. Even between such space formations as galaxies and metagalaxies links exist, which are named Star Bridges.
        Pyramids of Light . 140. Even stones have changed their subtle structure under influence of space currents. Even mountains are shining with special light, getting used to new reality of their rationality. And vegetable kingdom obtains qualities of manifesting its rationality. But oftenly instead of cooperation with all natural kingdoms which are elements of humanity protection, destruction and extermination. As a result of that nature separates from man in its spiritual and rational part, leaving minimal protective function of its elements only. Stones and trees may tell a lot about secrets of matter and their wonderful ways of realizing spiritual experience. It is not a delirium of ill mind, but an appeal to refine internal perception of thought signals coming from small minds. For Agni Yoga prescribed to see a friend and brother in stone. Many ancient sages called to talk with stones and plants, thus expanding the orbit of knowledge and skill to distinct subtle vibrations. Everything is filled with rational life. Even atom is rational in it limits. In ancient times sages requested fire or water about great secrets, reposited in treasuries of these elements for every soul. Let us not forget ancient precept. Let's adopt spiritual relation with all natural kingdoms.
        Signs of Light . 37. Rain and snow clear space from dust of decayed astral shells. Meteoric dust contributes vitality equal to flowers and plants. Such plants as henbane, datura, hellebore, tobacco, and intoxicating herbs and bushes, along with mushrooms, clean Earth crust from poisons. They sacrifice themselves to bring all ailments of depth to the surface.
        Signs of Light . 40. Music of elements, as music of spheres, reflects coherence and cooperation of world principles. Fire gives water sound special melodiousness. Wind blows fire and forces it to pronounce its sacred spells. It is wrong to think that elements manifest the same way when it is cold or hot, dull or fine. Voice of stones is more loud and higher when they are sun-heated. Air is more clean and saturated with prana during snowfall and frost. Harmonic combination of elements defines the places of not only heather but cedars and wild rose growth. Stony mountain slopes, saturated with heart energy of stones, rhododendrons like to grow. Variety of natural combinations is crowned by man, who unites all elements. Embryos of ether organs every one of them has. But all manifestations of elemental spirits are limited by human-like revelations for higher trustworthiness of rational appearance.
        Signs of Light . 97. .. When united will of mountains, plants and trees influences human structures it harmonizes and heals, filling the cavities of auras not only a man, but whole settlements. Trees, planted with knowledge, are not only removing imperil, but attract currents of divine inspiration. Fragrance is breath of plants. And every wave of great breath provides humanity aid in elevating the consciousness. But man frequently doesn't accept these sacrifices of other kingdoms and becomes predator.
        Signs of Light . 131. Many widely spread illnesses are cured with visiting of some blessed places. Prana of life outflows constantly. Altai is saturated with energies of Dawn of Humanity. Sun saturated it with power of its heart. Every flower and stone here possesses high spiritual level. Every wind blast is spiritualized as a voice singing ancient song of mountains. Every splash of brook rings with ancient legends. Whisper of cedars captures star dust, which flies in shining flow of sphere music. Altai knows about signs of wisdom. Those who walk by mountains paths may not know that when admiring mountain landscape and breathing the balm of mountain air their heart is reading ancient records of beauty.
        Signs of Light . 131. Everything in the world contains a fire of prana. Even a stone has the same combination of elements as a man. Fear separated humanity from worlds nearby and thus deprived it of completeness knowledge. Everything in nature is set up in such a way that man would not suffer from illnesses, hunger or frost. Ill human energies are absorbed by stones, trees, fire and water. They process them. They are feeding themselves with them to return people prana purified and renewed. Mother Nature tries to help its children who imagined themselves to be kings of that world to regain consciousness. In ancient fairytales man could address all elements and planets, asking them about all urgent matters....
        Signs of Light. 137. Wax as matter gifted by higher worlds to Earth may purify aura and remove sick accumulations from it. Saturating wax with prayer power when pouring it to vessel with water above human head is considered to be one of the most effective healing procedures. Help of Highest Worlds is given for everyday use, as bread, salt and water. Even mere stone can rescue from illness or greatly relieve it. Different species of wood have curative properties as well. Aspen and poplar extract illness from human body, cedar, oak and coniferous trees are charging aura with healthy energies. Firtree's ability to heal heart ailments has been known from very long ago. Plants, protecting living beings from hard radiation, are processing air poisoned with imperil and its depositions in soil. They emanate psychic energy fit to earth conditions. Atmosphere is still alive only thanks to trees and flowers.
        Signs of Light. 144. Ancient spirits of elements, ancient spirits of places are still residing where they should. Altai is guarded by them from time immemorial. But for this great natural power destruction of these holy mountains would be disastrous. Spirits are by their nature amorphous and indifferent and obey commands of strong will only. Therefore one should not have fear of them. But when human blasphemy exceeds all limits they react very tough. For they are subordinate to great Spirit of Altai Mountains...
        Signs of Light. 151.... Communication with stars, mountains, flowers and stones, as well as with every element has its foundation in fiery qualities of consciousness...
       Signs of Light. 180. Mountains assist humanity in intensification of mental activities, utilizing energy of thoughtforms, reacting with meteoric dust. Mountains as giant antennas densify thought matter and send to space this shining clot. Mountains are producing external weather and internal human mood. Mountain body, conducting currents of spacial thought, has capability to saturate them and impel world to thought creativeness. Being a condenser of psychic power, mountains possess inexhaustible reserve of wisdom, accumulated during billions of years. Mineral realm is full of great patience power. They are not silent stones, but eye witnesses of many epochs, which changed the world face. Stones may even exclaim when praying the Supreme Lord in high spiritual tension, in concentrated energy of inspiration. Mountains are healers of ailments and unseen shrine, created by Nature itself for admiration and ennobling of human consciousness by amazing beauty and variety of life forms. For life of stones is part of world mind life. Secret and totally unstudied life. Life powers' circulation in planet depths influences all beings. There is no element similar to earth solid withstanding attacks of other elements. Earth keeps main reserve of primary energy together with cosmos.
        Signs of Light. 188. Stones have spark of spirit too. Representatives of that hierarchy of great life preserve their secret knowledge, and their wisdom is high. Many stones may move or even fly. Study of minerals is full of surprises and discoveries, which seem impossible due to incapability of narrow mind to absorb it. Spirits of mountains are not idle speculations. Eye witnesses tell about many other strange beings, inhabiting mountain depths and surfaces. New look should be cast on common events and adopt idealism as the basis of learning the being.
        Signs of Light. 235 Some fragrant grass and pine needles accumulate psychic energy of negative dreams. Small pillows are recommended to be made and put near head when sleeping with cedar, cade or fir needles, thyme, origanum. Magnetism of head currents increases and space is purified. Natural fragrances attract good-natured assistants and cause flow of good thoughts. Dirty aura is purified both from bathing in mountain rivers, especially waterfalls, and through long stay at the height of mountain meadows and cedar groves. Rock formations may help as well, which are accumulating cosmic energy and meteoric dust as antennas. Magnetism of stones as representatives of the oldest realm is very helpful for physical body. Cauterization of biologically active points with sun-heated stones has been in use many thousand years in the East. Mountain breath heals even despondent heart. Water, infiltrating through stone formations becomes the most salubrious for man. Lost heart relations with spirits of all realms should be reestablished. They will become kind and pure if you are pure and blissful yourself.
        Raido, or path of Joy. 85...Stone as the oldest planet inhabitant is embodied earthy wisdom, accumulated during long time of planet evolution. Ancient sages commanded to speak with stones. Rishi knew which mountain to ask an advice or help. Caves where they contemplated and meditated where refuge for many other beings. If people where able to understand language of stones and mountains they could learn a lot of amazing stories. Knowledge of stones has it roots in gnome wisdom as in the most rational part of them. Walker or rider was in grasp of their natural power. Legends and tales saved for us subtle knowledge about elemental beings and even details of rituals, associated with them
        Faces of Light. 79... Seeds and plants are growing beautifully of power of blessing, but damned become ugly. Man is granted a unique power and better is to be healing light than hellish fire.
        Faces of Light. 127. Consciousness is everywhere in the universe, and one should not be surprised that a lot of people meet rational forms of life in completely unexpected forms. Trees, drawing away walkers from sacred places, stones, responding to call of wounded man, alive mountains and water, accepting human forms, - all that is not fantasy, ravings, hallucinations, but real facts of Universal Mind existence. Stone may become a friend and heal the needy.
        Message of Infinity. 134.... Law of cosmic cycles is inevitable and magnetism of some places cannot exhaust because of their predestination in history of planetary spiritual progress. We shall point out signs of these especially enshrined holy places. Extraordinary light flashes in eyes even in daytime, shining of water, mountains and stones, columns of light and rainbow ribbons, flash-like appearing and disappearing, and tension of Bell and tremor of limbs, and heart communication with mountain spirit, wind and water efflux, rational like distant conversation, and light of unseen inspiration, radiated by heart and spiritual centers, and stars above tops, and images of pre-dawn and pre-dusk hours, and special living mystery of silence, and description of silence, and fire from underground, and mountain breath, and never-felt fragrance, and voice of grass and stones. Every flower may become a messenger. Every spark flashes, becoming a star. And mountain of Light elevates heart to Highest Spheres.
        Message of Infinity. 237. Nature, especially mountains, is full of heart energy fluids. Some places are so comfortable and cozy, that when leaving you feel irretrievable loss. As if sense of heart fullness is lost...
        Space of Light 4.... Plants may possess human mind. Stones may speak. Subtle melody of space may flow as a current of somebody's blissful thought. Flowers may heal vulnerable souls through presence. Sunlight vivifies air rationality and thoughtform seeds, sown by hands of Mother of the World, conceive worlds in Great Fields of Infinity Void.
       In obedience to Your Word, oh Lord! 66....All elemental formations direct their consciousness above. From wind blasts and oceanic waves which are short in lifetime and unsteady in form, impulse of ascension embodies further on as tops and mountains. Thoughts of elements are powerful, however straightforward. Plants express impulses of soul tension more rationally and beautiful. Flowers are embodiments of solemnity energy form.
        In obedience to Your Word, oh Lord! 139.... Even small stone may tell a lot of interesting things, but who will understand the language of stones? Grass, flowers and all flora have their highly interesting accumulations. Water as gross state of Akasha records and remembers every touch and even look of man or animal. Element substances are spiritualized and conscious. Therefore loneliness doesn't exist, fear and despondency are unacceptable, for elements can protect those who came with peace to them and who understands language of elements' souls, forming the body of universe. Even earthy element becomes volatile in space: for meteoric dust is basis of that element.
        In obedience to Your Word, oh Lord! 216.... White Mountain has speaking stones near itself. Prophetic source, source of wisdom and power is near White Mountain. Gates to other world appear from fog early in the morning just before dawn. But who can open them if She doesn't let you in? We shall ask wind about prayer of mountains. But Mountain Elder is omnipresent. Elements are speaking out his thoughts.
        In obedience to Your Word, oh Lord! 279.... Nothing is forgotten and cannot be forgotten because of possibility of some elementary structures to crystallize this memory in them. Stone unlike trees and water are eternal. Only glaciers may compare to stones in antiquity of their existence. Rational principles of earthy element are very steady in their life span. Their retention faculty is stronger than in other elements. Volatility and fluidity of other elements causes quick change of structural memory, but only fire reposits accumulations of Akasha Chronicle grains. But picture of earthy events is reposited on great mountains tops.
        Spring of Life. 113. Entering the shrine you will meet ancient giants guarding the entrance. Created in the times of Atlantis, they are still working. They are not harmful for people of light, but once they feel the smallest fear, spirits of evil and horror will rush into that crack in aura. Courage is prescribed as obligatory condition, creating consciousness of people of Light.
        Spring of Life. 285. Holy trees represent the most intelligent part of flora. Groves which are guarding secret mountain Ashramas of Brotherhood and located in many parts of planet consist of them. Fantasies of Tolkien have real foundation. Huorns, or tree pastors, semi-humans semi-plants, are but a symbol of that carrier of consciousness, which has human mind. These beings are able to physically protect holy place or show right way. Druids possessed deepest knowledge of flora and its secrets. They lived in the times when forests covered sufficient part of dry land and coexistence with them was the basis of wealth and success of whole nations.
        Spring of Life. 343. Mountain children are still living in Altai depths. Countries and cities of unknown beings are located in porous depths of stony matter. Soil pores shelter amazing creatures, gnomes are just one of races. Children of mountains mastered time energy and foresight for them is normal sense replacing lost long sight. Earthy prospect doesn't attract them. Beauty of stones and luminous minerals makes their life as full and reach in senses and events as earthy...


The Sacred

       Roses of Light.165. Adepts of Knowledge are starting to teach new race. Method of Great Wheel is reestablished in Altai.
       Mountains of Light. 177. Legends about seven keepers of Altai highlands are partially true, but guardians dwell much higher than the highest top.
       Deodars of Light. 95. Altai Shambala is one of the planetary sacred places. It is here, near by, and the whole land of white waters is marked with Brotherhood energy.
        Mountain Hermitage. 39. Let's bow in silence to gatekeeper. Let's lay as foundation of Shambation Brotherhood City wall. Fear not holy patrol. As birds on rocks let's look over the world. Tops are full of greatness but predator may reach them too. But we shall clearly see grey shadow on white wall-stones. Blessed is one calling upon brotherhood! Blessed is one sowing peace but not destruction! Blessed is one calling upon common labor! Collaboration of hearts gives impulse of individual space development.
        Mountain Hermitage. 76. Signs of Christ like celestial flowers began to blossom over the Valley and White Mountain reveals the mystery of permanent presence of Great Masters. World Focus is aimed at heart of Altai Mountains.
        Mountain Hermitage. 120. Russia has been always called White Northern Shambala in Tibet. It is not just fine words or name. Country of white waters has always been a source of Asian hope and longing.
       Mountain Hermitage. 144. Old-believers have been living very privately. Cult of white waters land has been present in their prayer always. Red chalice shined on the wall. What could make Vakhromey Atamanov let strangers in and give them shelter? Only sacred words and Dunhor ideogram.
       Pyramids of Light. 102. Earthy skies are droning with fire. Sunny breath reaches planet's depths. Earth prana meets the light of renovation and ruby Banner of Maitreya shines above Altai mountains. Dream of saints is materialized. World vibrates embraced with Cosmic Fire.
        Pyramids of Light. 134. ... Ancient books are opening, twelve great Magi of White Temple are incarnating again. Light comes to the world from the North. As Mongolian song says: "Northern Shambala is coming!"
        Signs of Light. 42. ... "Lhamo", or mother of the place, is female spirit, guarding valley or mountain range. Mother of place - Power, protecting its creation. Altai Tara is your name! Fireness of vigilant heroic deed gives cleaning purity and power of World's Heart. It was born prior to everything else. When planet began to cool down, Altai mountains congealed first, making path for spirits who decided to learn the experience of earthy embodiments. Heroic deed of power was considered to enter the physical body. But nobody could know how the plan of One God will be perverted. Using and improving of chaotic energies, transformation of initially formless matter into powers of consciousness of spirit - this is the task of those who enter the earthy valley.
        Signs of Light. 64. .. Fiery pace of evolution proclaims new paths. White Mountain keeps in secret the time of promised appointment. Hour of determination lays in heart of mystery. Many will hear the voice of holy mountain. Awakened heart will understand the speech of Stone.
        Signs of Light.133. Effect of galactic center rays is directed on Altai. Cosmic changes bring changes of life climate. Refusal from wretched thinking is needed like air by new body.
        Raido, or path of joy. 15.... My Call is full with ringing of pure spring. My words fly as a song of mountain wind. Bonfire, kindled on ancient stones of Altai shrines flares up hearts with My signs. Joyful is mystery of merging elements, producing beauty. Freshness is felt from purifying wave, but power of future is approaching as burning currents to melt and burn old world. White-hot furnace descends to earthy surface, and can you as prophet Daniel survive in that overheated oven of transfigured world? No escape and no runaway from the fiery ocean surf. What we shall offer to pure call of celestial fire? Only heart, burning with love. Only eternal devotion and loyalty to Lords of Light. Only what we have done by our hands, only light of highest emotions and offer of mental efforts.
       Raido, or path of joy. 101. Place of erecting Zvenigorod was pointed out near the White Mountain. Labyrinths of secrets and fog of legends are compulsory measures to hide the real location of the promised City. Otherwise never-ending crowds would rush to our ashrama. It is said that Brother R. is still living on Altai mountainsides. Therefore it should cause no surprise that Roerich family made attempts to get concession for mining osmiridium at the foot of White Mountain.
        Faces of Light. 12. One should soak with Altai spirit before going to Sacred Sanctuary. After 21 years Belukha allowed to approach Her heart. Its love, silence of its Call, Light of Her blessing promise a lot. Secrets of White Mountain are revealed sometimes to people...
        Faces of Light. 36. Entering the Gates of Gods you will meet the Spirits if Light, protectors of holy places of Uimonia
        Faces of Light. 131. Finding of Budda images signifies the stage of detection of ancient spiritual magnets in Altai, which being released are searching contact with longing souls alive.
        Message of Infinity. 67. Tribe "Atloo" stood in ancient times to the north of Kukunor and vanished one thousand years before Nativity of Christ. Many Altai artefacts are from that time. But some are more ancient, belonging to chud period of history, although modern scientists do not accept them to be human-built. Gates on Bystrukha are considered to be gates to subtle world and Shambala. But what is impossible in the world? If heart is ready, then just one symbol may become that fiery drop which overfills the Chalice. If passing these gates you are gripped with solemnity of Hieroinspiration and manage to invoke depositions of thousands who entered the holy palace, then everything may happen...
        Message of Infinity. 77. Guardians of planet, guardians of Russia, guardians of Altai! Every hypostasis is seven-hold, both in ascending and descending directions. Hierarchic principle is true here too. White Valley has seven Guardians. They may seem completely humdrum for people, miserable and poor, but their task is important. And they will remain unknown by world and people since proper time. They will be suspected in witchcraft and all disgusting crimes. But the sense of their path will be unknown to the curios. And indeed there will be no curious due to insignificance of guardians in eyes of society. But secretly, like if incidentally and casually in order not to attract neighborhood, they choose successor and grain by grain impart to them Knowledge and experience of Masters which they realized themselves.
        Message of Infinity. 325. M.R. is to be searched for in place where his ancient forefathers came from. Altai Tops hide many ashramas of Brotherhood. But idle tourist sees only stacks of rocks. And fogs can hide the Tower instantly.
        Message of Infinity. 379. "House in Altai is resolved by Moria". Revealing of white woman to different people and in various parts of Altai signifies coming of New Age. Mother of Altai - White Tara - opens Her face. Foremother of earthy people reveals on white horse. In thunderstorms and furious hurricane She is seen. In hour of dark and in hour of light She comes to protect her country and Her children.
        Space of Light. 129. Saturated shining of surface is like snowstorm of light, it is seen not by every eye, but detection of these signs by people with sensitive nervous system signifies that Light beings are descending to Earth. Individual mind lives in every electric spark. Not personality, torn by accumulated through centuries atavism of natural selection but fiery being alive. Like Heaven of Light descends, condensing and taking shape of Celestial Zvenigorod at the foot. Mountain of Mistress was called so in ancient times: ringing was heard coming out of the mountain at night. Subtle melody of silver bells, thousands or millions may be their number. Needle of Life is above the Top - thin White Ray, this music streams down to earthy world along it, filling the surrounding space. Has it no connection with snowstorm of light? For vibration transfers not only sound. Far-off worlds' light-symbols, knowledge of Supreme Mind are flying on the winds of sound. Spirit is infinite in its manifestations and possibilities of their transferring. How many channels are directed to humanity, tired of violence and disorder?
        Tablets of Light. 171...White Mountain awaits for its old servant. Stone door is still closed. Entrance is covered with roots. But key is kept in heart of embodied priest. Shadow of secrecy has covered the sacred knowledge.
        Tablets of Light. 171... Orion ascends to zenith. Axis of the world shifts to Northern America. Sky configuration corresponding times of early Atlantis returns. Youch-Myigak rushes to Belukha.
       Tablets of Light. 219... Giant statues and rock images were installed to honor the memory that humanity got its dense form in these places. Gods stepped onto Earth for the first time on Belukha, in Bamian and Elephant island. Different races made different indications.
        Tablets of Light. 219... All secret paths of Altai are known to the King of Path. King of Path has spent not one live in Ashramas of White Mountain. One Who Passed Sacred Gates is born again.
        In obedience to Your word, oh Lord! 185. Even snow on tops is rational and conscious and may accept various forms for salvation of spirit of the peculiar. Solemnity and awesome attitude to Sanctuary of the World cannot remain without response. Mountain Elder is not a myth and not a fantasy of idle mountain-climbers, who saw something in delusion due to lack of oxygen and snow illness. Mountain Elder is Master of Masters. He has many merits and forms, but sense of his stay on White Tops is only one - to kindle human hearts and to show the suffering world Path though heart. Not cold cynicism of mind, not a hope to have a seat among gods in their circle, but anonymous help with compassionate thought will draw the spirit to Highest Spheres. Voice from Top may seem to be a whistle of wind or rustle of falling snow, but if heart felt the fire of inexplicable excitement similar to inspiration of love, then no words are needed. Wave of straight-knowledge has brought the treasure of Fire from Master's Heart to yours.
        In obedience to Your word, o Lord! 292...Do you hear the thunder of white water? It is indomitable Ak-Kem, cutting its way through rocks rushes to holy Katun. Taluses are wet and slippy, precipice stones are unsteady, but nevertheless we shall reach it through roar of attacking snowstorms, through roar of ice canyon, wherefrom Great Mistress of Light breathes. We shall reach the foot of holy mountain, where Great Spirits of Earth offer prayers, where even the Blessed Lord accepted Great Chalice of third initiation and where masters of mythical chud left one kilometer high monument sculptured on frozen northern wall of Greatest Temple known from ancient times .Swan wings of Mistress of Mountains will protect us from evil world and in calm breath of her purity our heart will learn the great knowledge, which we will be granted. For even Greatest are unable to absorb unabsorbable. For even mountains grow by small sand grains. Crown of the Mistress of Mountains grows in height only by one snowflake a moment. So does our soul realize the treasure of powers - by sparks of illumination. And these peaceful discoveries are opening in us the more deep, spacious and full of greatness world of knowledge. Even the Greatest Master is unable to realize everything, although he learns more and more high wisdom in his ascension. We are but dust raised by his feet, hurrying up along White Path of Perfection. Light is increasingly flaming. Ray radiated from the secret of Great Heart is illuminating our path. Sparks of silver dust twinkle under our feet too. A glow is above the Mother of Mountains and Great White Fortress, Stronghold of Seven Sages is in that glow. But we are constantly in earthy world. Our Brother R. is still living in Altai Mountains. And every special word brings greetings of his heart. And every inspired thought is sent to the world by Him. Signs of Christ sealed up Eternal Mountains. Golden Gates reveal from morning dark. But maya draws rocks and forbidding pikes. Secret remains secret for uninitiated. But for others it opens spiritual expanses.
        Spring of life 263. Clouds of pure thoughts form shining buildings of coming Zvenogorod. Temples and palaces of the City of Beauty descend from fiery spheres, waiting for earthy embodiment...
        Spring of life 267. Nobody has seen guardians of Altai, although some are living in physical body thousands of years...
       We have looked beyond the border. We know the smell of tops. Fog will not strangulate of light thoughts. Path is hardly seen. But we shall have vigilant eye. Guiding sign may flash as blue spark. Unexpected lightning may break the darkness, showing the path. We shall bravely go under crowns of thick forest. Path doesn't disappear even there, amidst wind-fallen tress and black stones. Do you hear thunder of white water? It is indomitable Ak-Kem, cutting its way through rocks rushes to holy Katun. Taluses are wet and slippy, precipice stones are unsteady, but nevertheless we shall reach it through roar of attacking snowstorms, though roar of ice canyon, wherefrom Great Mistress of Light breaths. We shall reach the foot of holy mountain, where Great Spirits of Earth offer prayers, where even the Blessed Lord accepted Great Chalice of third initiation and where masters of mythical chud left one kilometer high monument sculptured on frozen northern wall of Greatest Temple known from ancient times .Swan wings of Mistress of Mountains will protect us from evil world and in calm breath of her purity our heart will learn the great knowledge, which we will be granted. For even Greatest are unable to absorb unabsorbable. For even mountains grow by small sand grains. Crown of the Mistress of Mountains grows in height only by one snowflake a moment. So does our soul realizes the treasure of powers - by sparks of illumination. And these peaceful discoveries are opening in us the more deep, spacious and full of greatness world of knowledge. Even the Greatest Master is unable to realize everything, although he learns more and more high wisdom in his ascension. We are but dust raised by his feet, hurrying up along White Path of Perfection. Light is increasingly flaming. Ray radiated from the secret of Great Heart is illuminating our path. Sparks of silver dust twinkle under our feet too. A glow is above the Mother of Mountains and Great White Fortress, Stronghold of Seven Sages is in that glow. But we are constantly in earthy world. Our Brother R. is still living in Altai Mountains. And every special word brings greetings of his heart. And every inspired thought is sent to the world by Him. Signs of Christ sealed up Eternal Mountains. Golden Gates reveal from morning dark. But maya draws rocks and forbidding pikes. Secret remains secret for uninitiated. But for others it opens spiritual expanses.



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