Vladimir Pavlushin (Konstantin Ustinov)


First of all let me thank you for the possibility to tell about myself.

First of all let me thank you for the possibility to tell about myself. I agreed to this interview only because my friends and readers asked me to answer some questions.

Let's begin from the beginning.

I was born on January 12, 1949 in the vicinity of Moscow, not far from Bronnitsy town, known from ancient times. The place of my birth, the settlement Nikonovskoye, was named after Patriarch Nikon when the settlement was granted to him by the Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich. My parents Alexey Mikhailovich and Maria Fiodorovna were born in Smolensk region. After their marriage they moved to Moscow region, seeking for happy lot.

In my family I was the eighth child. There were five boys and three girls. Now there are four brothers and one sister left.

I spent my childhood and youth at the bank of a quiet river Severka near Moscow. I learned to read and write early. I liked walking in the forest alone. When I was a boy I used to go 12-15 km far from home in various directions. I have never been afraid of woods, vice versa, I have always felt its protection and good attitude towards me.

Everyone's life in childhood is unusual. I started to hear sounds of the silence or music of the sphere early. I used to talk to myself in some strange language; I even composed poems and sang my children songs in this language. Imitating birds, I learned the concert whistling. But these hobbies were gone with my childhood.

There were a lot of unusual things due to my mother's religiousness. After my father's early death she often took me to the church. Together we visited many churches in Moscow and in Moscow region, including the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius – Reverend Sergius' Monastery. This place we visited most often for one of my elder sisters was studying in Zagorsk which was quite close. This place was always saturated with special spirit of holiness, purity, and veneration of the Reverend. Some invisible force attracts a heart to this holy place.

I spent my schooldays in the same Nikonovskoye settlement. I studied well but without longing for it. I drew placards, wall newspapers, and decorations for school parties; composed poems per school directorate's request and sometimes recited them to an audience. I participated in amateur performances and was quite successful in dramatic society.

After graduating from school I started to work at a construction site due to special reasons. In Petersburg and Vologda I was on military service. When it was over, I returned to building sector as a common worker; then I took a position of crew chief, then a foreman, then a director general deputy on construction works. In 1979 I was invited to Altay to Verkhniy Uimon settlement to build Nikolay Roerich museum. There I met Vera, my future wife.

In 1980 we married. We have three children. Our elder daughter Elena is studying at the juridical university; son Alexey is working at Novosibirsk at construction site as I did; the youngest son Vladimir is a programmer, and he is studying the last year at the university.

Gorny Altay astonished me with its primordial beauty and purity. When I arrived at Ust-Koksa for the first time and stepped on the landing field, I heard a skylark's singing over my head, and understood how pure the Earth could have been a hundred years ago.

There is one interesting story from my childhood associated with Gorny Altay. When I was three years old I saw a picture or a photo “Steam sheep at Teletskoye Lake” in Geography textbook. It impressed me so much that I started to draw mountains. May be, it was pre-sensation of my future life in Altay.

Processes that go on in living space of Altay affect the whole planet's destiny. The Master said: “Heart of the World beats in that part of Asia which belongs to Russia”. This formula expresses main predestination of the Gold Mountains. The sixth race appearance will start from revival of Celestial Tribe of Chud which had inhabited this blessed land long ago.

Altay Magnet permeates deep into the heart. Once having visited this place, people see it in their dreams again and again. Particles of Great Cosmic Magnet or holy Stone Tjada, began to radiate Its innermost vibrations into space. And it is very difficult to withstand the charm of the Heart of the Earth.

By the way, warm-hearted translations of some local names may show interesting things. For example, 'Terekta' is translated as 'poplar', but if one pronounces it like 'Turek-Tuu' it will mean 'heart of the mountains'; 'Kara-Turek' – 'heart of the earth'; 'Ka-Tuun' – 'soul of the mountains'; 'Kan-Gay' – 'blood of taiga'. Take 'Ku-cher-luu' alone, which means 'prophetic stones bearing touch of Swan Goddess'. Of course, these are just artistic fantasies begot by imagination, but what a subtle beauty is in these lofty interpretations of ancient names.

Careful attitude towards nature is in the sphere of natural spirits worship, which are guardians of the elements. The white Belief as ancient grounds of religions, keeps memory about ages of one religion on the planet which further split into separate spiritual traditions. The time of druidism have passed, but living mirror of a mystery – knowledge about spirits-patrons – will live in the space of Altay people memory for a long time. The land where the Great Wheel of World Knowledge was laid, where shrines of the first race are stored will exist as the Innermost Temple until darkness of the next world pralaya covers the planet.

Altay doesn't let me go away even for a short time. When I leave this place, I feel such disability, emptiness, and loss of something immeasurably dear, that I can't call this state in some other way but the call of home land. Altay became a spiritual motherland for me. All my children were born here. My aptitudes for literature and art were called-for here.

I began to make records long ago in my youth, when I tried to compose orthodox hymns and prayers, when I felt the blessing of the Mother of the World. The published records are just a small part of the work. There are many spiritual poems. There are drawings of apparitions and dreams.

Everything started with poems which intruded into my child consciousness like fiery whirl and were on a tip of pen. I could never foresee what poem or record will appear on the paper. As if I had served as a common recorder for an entity who was dictating me the whole words and phrases. Sometimes explicit wordings scorch my consciousness with urgent request to write them down. Such information comes like fiery impulses somewhere from above, most likely through the silver thread channel. Beating against center of the bell, it spreads over all centers, and literal translation comes out from the heart. Lightning of spirit pierces through Chalice of Accumulations, through layers of consciousness and strikes out a spark begetting a word thought-form. But more often this process is unnoticeable and differs from everydayness with special lofty mood which is called inspiration. As if someone sends you fiery inspiration of joyful force accompanied with specific sound or with subtlest scent. Words are like flowers in a meadow, they paint the field of consciousness with a pattern of uniqueness, and then feeling of significance and importance of what was written appears. Everything comes out of spirit in order to return back to it at the end of the ends.

Orion as an occult notion of Heart of our World or of Galaxy significantly affects both the planet and individuals. This current goes through hierarchical chain: from a human heart to the Heart of the Earth, then further to spiritual center of Solar System, and from there – to World Heart where from Chintamani has come, greatest spiritual treasure of White Brotherhood. Nowadays this treasure is at Altay in the innermost Stronghold of White Mountain, entrance to which is closed for mere mortals. There is only one day within whole year when rocks slide apart, and authorized knowers enter into this chamber. But Gates stay open for twenty-four hours only. Tops of White Mountain as a projection of Orion Belt, or Uch-Myigak are linked permanently with it with energy thread. Cosmos Magnet breathes power of the future.

Indigo Children are connected with Orion in many ways. Sent for the planet's aid, they continue learning there and visit studies in their subtle bodies. Community of Orion inhabitants now exists and always existed on the Earth. These are people of different social groups. They are everywhere. Their destination is to create fluid net which conducts higher Fire protecting the planet.

I repeat once more that Altay is the Wheel of Great Knowledge and greatest Temple of Spirit where hearts kindled with Aquarius era fire were praying, pray now, and will pray. Flaming Chalice of the World is kept by Masters of Light.

I can express my veneration of Altay in such words as immeasurable love, gratefulness, and devotion. I love country Gorny Altay and wonderful unpretentious hearty people keeping this land. This land is like second mother for me.

What is now called Nijnii Uimon curtains is the former center. Central street is the post address of my home. This name reflects real position of the place. Over one hundred fifty years Nijnii Uimon was the capital of Uimon Krai, but in late thirties of twentieth century it has lost its position. A badge of volost headman found here proves said above.

House in Nijnii Uimon which is now under construction we plan as a cultural center both for locals and for visitors. We are going to perform concerts and exhibitions here; to teach children painting, wood carving, and other kinds of crafts. We plan to build joiner's and locksmith's shops and military and patriotic club. Painters and artists mostly live in neighborhood. We want to establish a settlement with good infrastructure for orphans' and old people's home. But this project requires significant financial investments. There are people who are ready to realize such projects, and they are on alert. It will not be a community yet, but prototype spiritually close to it. In any deed hearts accord and goodwill union of souls are most important.

In ancient times Uimon Valley was named 'Umai Valley' and was dedicated to Umai – Goddess-Swan, Mistress of White Heavens, and Master Ulgen's spouse. Some people consider the Valley to be the New Time Ark where souls strongly suffered from 'benefits' of civilization and false religious trends will look for a shelter. Similar to old-believers, they are trying to escape persecution and seek for spiritual purification.

Uimonskaya Valley as focus of the planet's spiritual power builds up new formation of consciousness. Celestial Zvenigorod already constructed and exists in the world of ideas, but its embodiment on the Earth depends on humanity's aspiration and good will.

Unfortunately, selfness of false communities members is so great, that there is a tendency to nonacceptance and even rejection of spiritually close people instead of unity with them. But various groups of sectarians just discredit a good name of Agni Yoga followers. Such sectarians' activities cause just opposite results. Magnet of Power attracts many hearts. Hearty help comes from entire Russia and even from abroad. There are many people to learn from, and it is hard to part with them. But there are other ones which are like fetters on feet. First ones are coming to help, to learn something, and to teach something; second ones – of boredom, to kill own and other's time. But main tendency is to positive visits.

Space at Altay is living that is why spirits of elements of homes, mountains, forests, and waters appear quite often. Entities came from space and staying in densified bodies were observed. Their appearances do not differ from those of physical creatures, but they can suddenly appear or disappear. Elfs, brownies, water nymphs, and salamanders live not only in fairy tails and legends, but in stories of eyewitnesses who visited Places of Power and mountain areas difficult of access, not visited by people for a long time. There are people who can see spirits all around passing through them which live either under a bed, or in an attic, or at a bath-house.

Human factor is main component of any creative work. If my work were not welcome and there were no feedback, its usefulness could be considered questionable. For many visitors a meeting with me is just a curious event and a topic for society column and for yellow press. They suppose that they have met a hermit at Altay back of beyond, who is trying to carry on the tradition of Old Testament writing, and so long and so forth. But there is a category of visitors that all set to work together and feel usefulness and delight of collective work and even presence of Hierarchy, as it was last summer.

I never burden anyone with requests, all the more with orders. That is why I never force people, that have traveled five or six thousand kilometers, to work against their will. But if they are ready to render a help, I always welcome their aid as a response to ideas reflected in my books. Many of them go away with reluctance and strong wish to come back again.

There was a lot of unusual events. One of them stays in my memory: during museum construction, in the evening, we have seen a radiant object in shape of a circle with three dots inside, flying above our heads – living Banner of the World. There was strange sensation when heaviness of a body moved to upper part of a head. It seemed to me that next moment I will fly up high attracted with this remarkable show. There is a possibility for Agni Yoga follower to visit remote worlds and disclose his previous incarnations. Unusualness surrounds us. One has to be good at seeing it.

Conditions for receiving messages are various. Of course, countryside with beautiful landscape is an ideal place. When you can hear noise of river waters or feel wind blow at a mountain summit, that helps you to tune up. Cedar taiga and blooming slopes of alpine meadow is the best audience for space listening and the worth company. It is most interesting to receive messages on the fly. In this case dictaphone is necessary. Special conditions are not needed. The moment of heart cresset kindling up is most important. When flower of power unfurls, then nectar of celestial knowledge flows.

My first records belong to more early years. Their beginning is connected with knowledge of Living Ethics texts. Records start since 1976 and continue on regular basis up to the present time; I hope they will last for a long time, at least during the period of my physical body existence.

Let me express my cordial gratitude to readers which have found my modest work to be in accord with their hearts and have highly estimated my efforts. I consider the readers to be co-writers of my books: they alone can create a good aura of unity. I wish all of you inexhaustible joy, happiness from life comprehension, and good luck in going through hard trials on the proper path. I also wish you to become like flame – pure and everlasting. Take care of your health and of lofty mood of benevolence towards each other.

At the end of our meeting let me present you a quatrain which I like very much.

Endless variety, one of Beauty faces,
Enriches consciousness with new traceries.
Cosmos expands in billions forms,
It dislikes monotonous norms.

V. Pavlushin.
Nijnii Uimon.
August 25, 2007


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